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#EndorseThis: Why Trevor Noah Isn’t Surprised By Trump’s Afghanistan Flip-Flop

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#EndorseThis: Why Trevor Noah Isn’t Surprised By Trump’s Afghanistan Flip-Flop


The Daily Show host on Tuesday dissected President Trump’s 180-degree turn away from his promise to withdraw the U.S. from its war in Afghanistan.

Acknowledging his reversal in a speech on Monday, Trump instead called for the deployment of thousands more troops to be deployed.

“I don’t know why we’re surprised — like, ‘Oh, why didn’t Trump pull out?'” Noah joked. “He’s got five kids; he was never gonna pull out.”



  1. greenlantern1 August 23, 2017

    Ever hear of FinCen?
    It is part of the TREASURY DEPARTMENT.
    It levied, a $10,000,000 fine, against Trump Taj Mahal!
    That fine was paid!
    It was used, by terrorists to launder money!
    No wonder Trump wants to defund it!

  2. CPANY August 23, 2017

    Trump is definitely a nut job.

  3. notafoxfan August 23, 2017

    you go trevor! your humorous way of looking at real lunacy is why we watch..

    1. Angelacratliff August 24, 2017


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  4. Dominick Vila August 24, 2017

    Trump’s decision to increase troop levels, and prolong the longest war the U.S. has ever been engaged in is not a joking matter. Trump’s decision is not surprising because the centerpiece of his agenda has been to overturn everything President Obama did, and denigrate his record at every chance. The sad part of this issue is the lack of a long term strategy, including what would constitute victory for the USA. Afghanistan is an impoverished country, with a corrupt government, and a military more inclined to take bribes and participate in the drug trade (heroin) than defeat the Taliban. The Afghan society is tribal, with tribal leaders controlling their respective enclaves, and all determined to live the way their ancestors did centuries ago. They have no interest in democracy, Western style freedom, or embracing our embracing our way of life, which they consider evil. With all this in mind, what exactly are we planning to do? Kill a few hundred members of the Taliban? Kill a few ISIS sympathizers? The sad truth is that we have been sacrificing our young, and our treasure, to instill values in a society that rejects everything we stand for.


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