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#EndorseThis: John Oliver Exposes Alex Jones’s Snake Oil Empire

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#EndorseThis: John Oliver Exposes Alex Jones’s Snake Oil Empire

Alex Jones

In his first ultra-long-but-incredibly-well-worth-it segment after returning from hiatus on Sunday, “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver examined Alex Jones “in his full context.”

For the none of you unfamiliar with Jones, he founded conspiracy-based media outlet InfoWars.com and then ate a “big bowl of chili” and lost custody of his kids.

Of course, there’s much more to the Sandy Hook denier. But we’ll let Oliver explain.



  1. Dapper Dan July 31, 2017

    It was a beautiful takedown by John Oliver last night. I just know Alex Jones as an overhyped conspiracy theorist who just lost custody of his children. I wasn’t familiar with his hawking crap at exorbitant prices. It’s no surprise Trump another classic snake oil salesman comes on his stupid show

  2. Da FrogMeister August 2, 2017

    I have a friend who thinks that AJ is just the greatest. It got so bad on cluttering up my feeds on Facebook that I finally blocked anything about Alex Jones. He is just slightly better than tRump, because I can listen to about 2 minutes of him before I have to shut it off or go puke, where I can last just under 2 minutes with tRump before I want to strangle someone. This clown has definitely had his cheese slide off the cracker, and the dogs are fighting over it.


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