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#EndorseThis: The Tremendousness of Michael Flynn

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#EndorseThis: The Tremendousness of Michael Flynn

Trevor Noah explains why he worries about Michael Flynn, incoming National Security Adviser

However reassuring the announced nomination of James Mattis for Secretary of Defense may be, the country still faces the prospect of Michael Flynn serving in the closest proximity to President Trump (ugh) as National Security Adviser.

Last night Trevor Noah and Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj explored just how awesomely bad a choice Flynn is. You may have forgotten why President Obama fired him as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. You may not recall the hate messages on his Twitter feed. You may not even know about his promotion of Islamophobic extremism  — while his consulting firm took money from a Muslim businessman closely connected to the Islamic government of Turkey.

This clip delves into all those troubling facts — and if you haven’t followed Flynn, you may be astonished that this person ever had important government responsibilities, and is about to assume them again.

But it’s better to be prepared. Just click.



  1. TMZ1928 December 2, 2016

    General Flynn is but one of a long list of high-ranking military personnel ousted by the Obama administration because they didn’t agree with Obama’s pronouncement of ISIS as being nothing more than a JV team, Obama’s failure to call the enemy what it is – Islamic Extremists, and Obama’s decision to pull out of Iraq at a vulnerable time. It’s shameful, really, and a scar on Obama’s tenure.

    1. dbtheonly December 2, 2016

      I’ve got some bad news for you. You’ve been following some “Flynn Facts”.

      George Bush negotiated the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq in 2007. The Iraqis essentially asked us to leave. President Obama had nothing to do with it. He just followed Bush’s agreement and the Iraqi wishes.

      1. dpaano December 2, 2016

        But, db, you know what Trump said…..it was President Obama’s and Hillary’s fault that we drew down the troops in the Middle East. What, another lie? Unbelievable…..Trump doesn’t lie (LOL)!!!
        Just another BS lie that Trump put out there to his troops that they believed because this is something that they wanted to hear….to hell with the truth!

        1. dbtheonly December 2, 2016

          While they were busy creating ISIL.

        2. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 December 5, 2016

          Are you crying….awwwwwwww ru crying, ru crying awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww crying liberals who lost awwwwwwwww crying awwwwwwwwwww crying

    2. greenlantern1 December 2, 2016

      Ever hear of FinCen?
      It is part of the Treasury Department.
      It levied, a $10,000,000 fine, against Trump Taj Mahal.
      That fine was paid!
      It was used, by terrorists, to launder money!

      1. Otto T. Goat December 2, 2016

        Ever hear of Risperdal? Obviously not.

        1. dbtheonly December 2, 2016

          The autism Medicine?

          Really Strumbannfuhrer, you’re being more obscure than normal.

          Perhaps a few choruses of the Horst Wessel Leid would restore you.

    3. pisces63 December 2, 2016

      I will agree to that when white Christians are also called white Christian terrorists like that idiot who shot up 9 people in church and other crimes committed by them. They have terrorized the continents for over 400 years. Ask Geronimo, Sitting Bull, White Antelope, Africans, African Americans, need I go on? Really!!

    4. Independent1 December 3, 2016

      Say, have you heard much about ISIS lately?? No huh!! Guess why, because despite what you say, Obama’s tactics of dealing with ISIS have virtually resulted in the idiot terror group slowly dwindling into oblivion!! (Or have you taken your butt far enough out of your rearend long enough lately to realize that the Iraqis have been kicking the ISIS fighters’ butts the past month or so??) Talk about an irrelevant comment.

    5. Independent1 December 3, 2016

      And you prove your idiocy with your comments about Obama deciding to pull out of Iraq – as dbtheonly pointed out to you, the Iraqi legislature nixed every alternative Obama tried to work out with al Maliki about keeping our troops in Iraq beyond the departure date that GWB had negotiated. It was the Iraqi legislature which refused to let our troops stay – not Obama deciding to pull them out – the Iraqis basically said – GET THEM OUT NOW!!!

  2. greenlantern1 December 2, 2016

    What did Ike, and Patton, do to Hitler’s ATLANTIC WALL?
    What did Joshua do to the walls of Jericho?
    Were they qualified?

    1. dbtheonly December 2, 2016

      Err. Yes.

  3. dpaano December 2, 2016

    Unfortunately, MOST of Trump’s choices for this administration are problem children! As several people have already pointed out, he’s drained the swamp alright….right into his administration….much against what he told his followers he would do! Now we have a bunch of billionaires that will be telling the rest of us…you know, the poor and middle class….how to run our lives when they have absolutely NO concept of how we live from day to day! Should be interesting watching them change the laws to benefit them and their 1% elite cronies!!

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  4. InformedVoter December 2, 2016

    What a waste of time! If this is the best they can produce about Flynn, then it proves that President Trump made an excellent decision in appointing him.
    Their skit wasn’t even remotely comical. No wonder they’re losing viewers.


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