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#EndorseThis: Trump Adviser Admits He Is “Playing Us” On Russian Hacking

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#EndorseThis: Trump Adviser Admits He Is “Playing Us” On Russian Hacking

Trump adviser admits he is playing us on Russian hacking

Like so many aspects of Donald Trump’s impending presidency, his style of communication will require no small adjustment. Whenever he comments on important matters of national security, such as Russian hacking of the presidential election — via Twitter, of course, to ensure no inconvenient questions — we will all have to remember that he is almost certainly lying. If he says, for example, that he knows more than the intelligence community, and will reveal that fresh information in a few days, well…don’t count on it.

As Trump adviser and former CIA director James Woolsey describes it in this droll CNN interview, we can expect the president-elect to keep “weaving around and attracting everybody’s attention.” Or as Woolsey essentially concedes a moment later — as tactfully as possible — Trump is “playing us,” the American public, to deflect scrutiny from that Russian hacking outrage.

Such cheap tactics are not exactly presidential, but who could have expected otherwise from this hustler? It’s still remarkable to hear Woolsey admit that his preferred candidate constantly plays these transparent tricks. Because mainstream media play along with his deceptions so reliably.



  1. Dan Slaby January 4, 2017

    Trump is playing America for fools, and Putin is playing Trump for a fool

    1. White Rose January 4, 2017

      You deserve the first and may be lucky to get the second.
      Basically your all system has been skewed for a while!
      Time to forget the Edgar doctrine that has been imprinted in your reptilian brain for 48 years plus 44. No doubt about it! Bring yourselves to justice!
      The Russians were in there!
      They will be all over you since you ask so much for it !!!
      You might even raise your national IQ in the process!

      1. Theresejpickard January 5, 2017

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  2. notafoxfan January 4, 2017

    trump admitted in a tweet that putin is very smart..well, duh…!he is crafty and sly like a fox..he was kgb for years,remember?? he most assuredly is “playing” trump and rest assured,there are reasons behind it..

  3. TZToronto January 4, 2017

    OMG!!! Playing the American people is OK. Bobbing and weaving with the truth is OK. When will he start his rope-a-dope?

    1. Bonissima 91910 January 4, 2017

      Never, he is too mentally and emotionally sick to even know what he is doing. And America not being used to the level of narcissistc personality disorder he has continues to lay at his feet.

      1. TZToronto January 4, 2017

        There are a lot of people who do not believe in mental illness. They think it’s laziness or lack of morality. They don’t think that there can be something wrong within the brain that causes mental illness, and that’s partly because they have no idea about brain chemistry or how the human brain functions. So for them, narcissistic personality disorder does not exist. For these people, Trump’s inability to remain consistent on anything and his constant lying and denigration of facts represents cunning, not some mental disorder. After all, he’s a multi-billionaire (he says), and he’s being hounded by the IRS auditors (he says), and he never settles lawsuits (he says), and he has a large, well, you know (he says), and he’s very attractive to women (he says), and he’s a scratch golfer (he says), and so on, and so on. Since, for many of his admirers, he can’t be mentally ill since mental illness does not exist, he must be a very superior individual, one who can do anything successfully if he wants to. After all, one of his favorite phrases is, “Believe me!” It doesn’t take very long for children to realize that the bully on the playground, the one who claims to be better than all the other kids, the one who’s a couple of years older and a couple of years bigger than the other kids but in the same grade with them, isn’t really the successful one. His bullying and bluster are simply an effort to bolster his self-esteem, to make him appear better than he knows, down deep, he is. This is the Trump who will be president in a couple of weeks, the man who can’t be successful at running a casino, the one who can’t get a loan from a U.S. bank and needs to turn to foreign banks for cash to stay afloat, the one who cheats people out of the money they’ve earned, the one who knows nothing about how government works, the one who probably has never read the Constitution voluntarily, the one who doesn’t realize what he’s saying when he suggests using nuclear weapons like they’re spitballs, the one who wants to drain the swamp but, since he doesn’t know anything about the swamp, hires swamp creatures to show him how it’s done. If it weren’t for the fact that this man will soon have control (along with a Congress that will tell him what they want and expect him to acquiesce) of the United States government, one might feel a little sorry for the bully who needs his defense mechanism (bully and bluster) to function from day to day. This, however, is not the playground, and there’s no principal to punish him for his misdeeds. The mental illness is apparent, and the people who know he suffers from it can do nothing about it.

        1. Sterling Harris January 4, 2017


  4. Taalibdin Shabazz January 4, 2017

    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; have been sold out, it is not a We THE PEOPLE.
    Hate is such a strong emotion that people destroy their on selves, and being complacent also like shooting self in foot. The goal is freedom,justice, and equality, as long as we believe that bad things won’t happen because something like that don’t happen in civilize society. High tech do not equate to civilize.

  5. InformedVoter January 5, 2017

    So the left still believes that the Russians “hacked” the system. The 3-letter agencies are not in agreement on this. And just look what Podesta’s password, on his e-mail account was – “password”. Yup, all lower case to boot. And, as of Monday, it still had not been changed!
    So Obama and the Dems knew about attempted hacking a way back in spring 2015, but they didn’t know who it was, and, guess what, they still don’t.
    The attempted hacking wasn’t a problem and Obama bragged that the upcoming election would not be compromised.
    Then Obama donated $385000 to try and alter the outcome of the Israel election, but that’s just fine.
    Then HilLIARy and Deb W-S, et al, ACTUALLY worked to rig the primaries. Sanders exposed these actions and was soundly called a liar. At least old Deb had the decency to resign. But altering the primaries is just fine.

    The Dems are running scared and are in great disarray. So to stop the ship from sinking they reelect Pelosi. What a stroke of wisdom.

    They’re tripping over themselves trying to unite on who to blame for the MANDATE handed to President Trump. They should start with HilLIARy, who has admitted she never wanted to run in the first place. Yup, let’s just keep those lies coming.

  6. priscilla.roman January 8, 2017

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