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#EndorseThis: Trump Surrogates Cover Up Their Candidate’s Immigration 180

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#EndorseThis: Trump Surrogates Cover Up Their Candidate’s Immigration 180


On Wednesday, Ann Coulter released an… anticipated book, In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!, her attempt to cash in on the Trump wave that has swept the conservative entertainment industrial complex this past year. In it, Coulter endorses Trump’s “America First” brand of nativism, and pledges her support to the nominee on one condition.

“There’s nothing Trump can do that won’t be forgiven,” Coulter writes. “Except change his immigration policies”

Well, bad news for Ann Coulter. In front of a packed town hall even hosted by Sean Hannity Wednesday night, Donald Trump betrayed his supporters on the number one issue of his campaign: That one Day 1 of his presidency, all 11 million people living in the U.S. without proper documentation would be forcefully ejected from the country, “Operation Wetback” style.

Trump broke the news in the form of a straw poll, to heckles from the crowd:

Today, Trump surrogates and supporters, including Ann Coulter, are in the ultimate bind: If even Trump gets boo’ed for his total flip-flop on immigration, what will happen to them?

As it happens: They are laughed at for falling for a con.

Here’s Katrina Pierson, defending Trump by saying he didn’t flop — he just used different words!

And here’s Kayleigh McEnany, saying the change “is not a major flip”:

And here’s Ann Coulter, contradicting her entire career of anti-immigrant nativism by saying it might be a good thing that Trump abandoned the hard-right of his base:

It’s just… so beautiful.

Video: Fox News, CNN, Washington Examiner.



  1. 1standlastword August 25, 2016

    Ah yes! The lovely “horse necked” man Coulter!

    1. dpaano August 25, 2016

      Not meaning to malign the transgenders, but she DOES look a little like she might have started out life as a “he.” No matter what….she’s still a typical RW idiot who has been brainwashed into believing every little conspiracy theory that she’s fed by the GOP!!! It’s comical to watch them squirm now! It’ll get even funnier as he changes his mind several MORE times before the election! It’s always fun to watch the losers wiggle!

      1. marriea August 26, 2016

        Coulter would find a reason to support Hitler.
        She’s just that Arian.

  2. Bob Eddy August 25, 2016

    In all fairness, let him finish his sentence and another 180 puts him right back on track. Listening to Trump is like reading the Bible. You just take it all in, then pick out the parts that work for you. Maybe that’s why so many evangelucals support Trump.

  3. Dominick Vila August 25, 2016

    Listening to the same Trump surrogates that went to great lengths justifying and supporting his plan to deport 11 million illegal immigrants, suddenly do a U-turn and now support a nebulous new – compassionate – plan to be determined, and dependent on whether or not Latinos vote for Trump, is nothing short of comical. In fact, it is as funny as listening to Trump tell an audience of white supremacists that African Americans have nothing to lose, since they presumably have nothing of value, and should all vote for him. This guy is either crazy or so full of it and he can’t see how duplicitous and stupid he sounds.
    Having said all this, Trump is leading in Arizona, tied in North Carolina, and gaining ground in other battleground states. How can so many people be so gullible?

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 25, 2016

      They’re gullible because they’ve allowed themselves to become morally lax over the past few decades, have adjusted to a lazy attitude as far as thinking hard and deep on issues, prefer a fast-food way of information gathering and forming opinions on events of the day, turned away from the norms of decency as a result of steady a barrage of materialism and the self-centered messages from the media, to name what I think are the key factors for our decline as a whole and of theirs to a dangerous extent.

    2. dpaano August 25, 2016

      Because they’re brainwashed!!! I keep telling everyone that…..can you say “Stockholm Syndrome?”

    3. marriea August 26, 2016

      Because they are looking at Trump’s pockets and pocketbook and think some of his ‘riches’ will flow down to them.
      It’s been proven many times and over the years, people gravitate toward those with reported money.
      They ignore the obvious, Trump will cheat his grandma if there is something in it for him.
      Everything he calls Clinton, one can honestly say Trump is talking about and speaking of himself.
      The kicker, he’s telling folks that and they refuses to hear him.

    4. jmprint August 29, 2016

      Read a blog in SA paper a man is blaming Lochte’s behavior (the swimmer) on Obama administration, ACA, Benghazi, and $400 million ransom. These people act like they are pure and white as snow and if they are touched by anything the democrats do it corrupts them, they can’t seem to understand fault of their own.

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 25, 2016

    Frau Coulter is a bit perturbed at the flip-flops of her darling Herr Drumpf.

    Sieg Heil, y’all Trumpsters.

  5. dpaano August 25, 2016

    All of them are such idiots! Who cares what they think…..they are empty-headed RT idiots! The Donald has conned them also! They get what they vote for!

    1. FireBaron August 26, 2016

      Unfortunately, too many people listen to them.

  6. VIRGILIO August 25, 2016

    Katrina Pierson has lost her credibility and Donald Trump should have fired her already.

    1. FireBaron August 26, 2016

      Katrina Pierson never had any credibility from when she first attempted to defend Teflon Donnie by declaiming “He is playing a role” regarding one of his idiotic bombasts that was 100% incorrect.

  7. Jon August 25, 2016

    Losers.. All pathetic losers.

    1. FireBaron August 26, 2016

      Nah, they would have to have personalities to be losers. As it is, the old Norse term “nithing” – something that no longer exists in the mind and heart of the one expressing the sentiment – better applies.

  8. I of John August 26, 2016

    It is truly rare for anyone, in politics or not, to be so oblivious to other people. Here we have a candidate, Trump, that truly irks a great many demographic groups but at the same time he has some folks trying very hard to defend him. Yet every time a group or individual does so, he switches direction and catches his defenders in impossible positions. The GOP en masse really, really, wanted to take up his candidacy yet he kept stabbing his fellow repubs in the back. How does anyone dare trust this man?


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