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#EndorseThis: A Closer Look At Trump’s Curious Cabinet Choices

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#EndorseThis: A Closer Look At Trump’s Curious Cabinet Choices

Seth Meyers examines Trump's dubious Cabinet picks

Most Republicans with any brains and experience are shunning the nascent Trump administration, which means various non-entities are emerging as potential leaders of major government departments.

While this exceedingly limited talent pool is bad news for America, it is comedy gold for Seth Meyers, who takes “a closer look” at potential nominees Rick Perry and Ben Carson (whose spokesman has admitted he has no qualifications whatsoever for any cabinet post).

And then there is Trump’s self-serving statement on conflicts of interest – including his relationship with the Bank of China – which evokes memories of another crooked president.




  1. Daniel Jones November 26, 2016

    So… he mixed up the Bank of China with the Franklin Mint? They do plates.

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  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 30, 2016

    If Trump intends on appointing Petraeus for Sec. of State, he should read the small print on the court’s decision against Petraeus for sharing secret information with a paramour.
    (” ‘…The defendant shall notify the probation officer within 72 hours of any change in residence or employment, ‘ read a court judgment “).


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