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FBI Director: Agency Has Found New Emails ‘Pertinent’ To Clinton Probe

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FBI Director: Agency Has Found New Emails ‘Pertinent’ To Clinton Probe

Hillary Clinton boards campaign plane, October 28, 2016

By Steve Holland

MANCHESTER, N.H. (Reuters) – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign was hit on Friday by the FBI’s reopening of its investigation into her use of a private email server while secretary of state, eroding a political boost from a strong U.S. economic report.

With just 11 days to go before the Nov. 8 election, FBI Director James Comey said in a letter to several congressional Republicans that the agency had learned of the existence of emails that appeared to be pertinent to its investigation.

However, he said the FBI did not know if the emails were significant and did not provide a time frame for the probe.

Republican Donald Trump’s campaign reacted with glee. His campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, said on Twitter that “a great day in our campaign just got even better.”

The resurrection of the email issue, which has dogged Clinton’s campaign from the start, dimmed a day that had featured good news for her effort to win the White House.

The Commerce Department reported that the economy grew at a 2.9 percent annual rate in the third quarter, its fastest pace in two years and higher than the expected 2.6 percent, thanks to a surge in exports and a rebound in investment.

The report had bolstered Clinton, who has positioned herself as the best candidate to continue years of economic expansion under Democratic President Barack Obama.

More Americans say jobs and the economy are their No. 1 priority when they decide who to vote for than any other issue.

Trump argues that as a successful businessman and political outsider, he is the best person to take a new approach to rebuilding an economy that has sent too many jobs overseas and left many Americans struggling to find decent jobs.

His campaign said the figures are still not good enough.

“America can do better than the modest growth of 2.9 percent recorded for the 3rd quarter and the dismal growth of 1.5 percent for the past year,” Dan Kowalski, Trump’s deputy policy director, said in a statement.

While many voters do not follow economic indicators closely, outside experts said the release was still a good one for Clinton. She is seeking to solidify her lead in opinion polls as the Democratic Party works to win as many seats as possible in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, where Republicans now control majorities.

Clinton has also been looking to broaden the electoral map. Her campaign said on Friday that she would campaign in Arizona next week.

“Today’s release will likely improve the perception of economic conditions in the U.S. and slightly increase the odds of a Democratic president remaining in the White House,” said Brian Schaitkin, senior economist at the Conference Board.

Clinton’s camp said Friday’s report showed “real progress” since Obama took office in 2009, when the country was struggling to emerge from economic recession.

“With more than 15 million jobs created since early 2010 and real median incomes growing more than 5 percent last year, it’s clear we’ve made real progress coming back from the crisis,” Clinton senior policy advisor Jacob Leibenluft said in a statement.

But he added that there is still more that can be done.

Clinton was campaigning on Friday in Iowa, where polls show she and Trump running neck-and-neck, and in Michigan, a traditionally Democratic state hit hard by the movement offshore of many formerly well-paying American manufacturing jobs.

Trump was holding rallies in Iowa as well as in another closely contested swing state, New Hampshire, and in Maine, where his campaign sees a chance to grab one of four electoral votes.

(Additional reporting by Doina Chiacu and Patricia Zengerle in Washington; Writing by Patricia Zengerle; Editing by Alistair Bell)

IMAGE: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton boards her campaign plane in White Plains, New York, U.S. October 28, 2016.  REUTERS/Brian Snyder



  1. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

    The fact that Hillary used a non secure email server means her emails were out there ready to be hacked. Looks like the truth about Hillary is about tine revealed.

    1. bobnstuff October 28, 2016

      The term is private server, it was secure.

      1. Mama Bear October 28, 2016

        he’s an agitating troll and I heard they get paid by how many comments they can garner. Block him and starve him away.

        1. dbtheonly October 28, 2016

          I thought that the clicks and responses accrued to the site and were the basis of the advertising revenue received.

          How/why would (Trump) pay someone to come here and incite us? It would only increase the traffic to a site that routinely hammers the Republicans?

          Unless you’re saying the site owners are trolling us so that we come back several times an hour to continue the discussion.

          1. Mama Bear October 28, 2016

            clicks and responses can be counted from anywhere. They use one server for several sites much like a call center (which is actually is). I have been communicating with a troll and had responses from a different person giving the troll instructions about what to say. It was a mistake on their part but nonetheless it showed up and then “whap” the entire string disappeared along with the troll’s handle. And just like a call center they get paid on how much havoc they can create. From curiosity I responded to a newspaper ad for “political call center” and I found out it had nothing to do with actual phone calls but was trolling on liberal sites like this one.That is why I keep saying block them.

          2. dbtheonly October 28, 2016

            Thank you. Will do.

        2. Anna Maria Yoakum October 28, 2016

          Thanks for the advice Mama Bear – after I blocked loveofcountry this thread suddenly became much more readable.

      2. AgLander October 28, 2016

        Are you a stand up comic because that’s a funny, funny line!

    2. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

      Except that her server wasn’t hacked.

  2. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

    Hillary just stated at her rally she will wake up every day ready to help children. This, while Cecil Richards, head of Planned Patenthood stands right behind her.

    1. bobnstuff October 28, 2016

      You don’t think prenatal healthcare helps children. I guess education on birth control doesn’t help children. You do know that most of what planned parenthood does is healthcare. In fact less then a third of their clinics even do abortions.

      1. Jon October 28, 2016

        I don’t now what country loveofcountry loves but it is not the USA. A theocracy like Iran’s seems to be a possibility.

    2. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

      And? Oh, right, you think abortion harms children because you’re an idiot. Abortion affects only fetuses.

      1. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

        Abortion affects only fetuses? These aborted fetuses are human. A 12 week fetus looks and is a human child and has a beating human heart. It it not a dog or a cat or a plant. Yes abortion does more than harm unborn children. It murders them in what should be the safest place.
        Their mother’s womb.

        1. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

          Yes, I get that you’re super stupid. Your every post has made that crystal clear. A clump of cells is not human.

          1. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

            Hillary has no problem aborting babies the moment before natural birth with partial birth abortion. This is more that a clump of cells. By the way, these cells are human with human DNA.

          2. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

            Yes I get that you’re super stupid. I just said that.

          3. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

            These clump of cells contain human DNA.

          4. bobnstuff October 28, 2016

            So did the hair that fell out of most peoples heads, not yours but most people.

          5. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

            So what?

  3. Mama Bear October 28, 2016

    What the heck is this? More witch hunting? More WikiLeaks garbage?

    1. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

      Witch hunting is an interesting choice of words!

  4. Emily October 28, 2016

    This has already been debunked.

    1. Mama Bear October 28, 2016

      where? can you share that with me?

      1. greenlantern1 October 28, 2016

        Trump’s “word” has already been debunked over and over again!!

    2. AgLander October 28, 2016

      A whistler in the graveyard!!!

  5. yabbed October 28, 2016

    Comey needs to lose his job for this. Putting his finger on the scale is not acceptable. This “device” is not Hillary’s, does not contain any emails to or from her, and is nothing but a means by which Comey opens the door for nonsensical speculation beneficial to Trump and the GOP candidates. Comey and the FBI have joined the Basket of Deplorables. I hope Hillary fires him on her first day in office.

    1. Mama Bear October 28, 2016

      what’s the whole story? Where were these “questionable” emails found? WTF is going on?

      1. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

        Looks like her bathroom illegal, unsecured server is coming back to haunt her.
        Happy Halloween!

        1. bobnstuff October 28, 2016

          You keep saying unsecured when the right term is private. It proved to be more secure then the state departments that was hacked, just like most government agency. In case you didn’t know the governments systems are out of date and not very secure. That’s why the State Department doesn’t send the really good stuff over the internet. They still use hard copy.

      2. dbtheonly October 28, 2016

        Indeed Mama, Comey is investigating unspecified emails which turned up in an unspecified outside investigation(?)

        Amorphous does not begin to cover it.

        And you see the Trumpkins are off and running with the wild speculation.

  6. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

    This is either Comey committing career suicide or he does have something big coming. He is throwing a nuclear missile at her campaign. Hillary should come out immediately and demand to know what is going on. My guess is she will wait to test her focus group intell to see how to handle this.
    She should either withdraw or get out there and demand to see what they have on her. This is bad people.

    1. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

      “He either has nothing or maybe he doesn’t! She should do nothing or maybe something! This is bad, unless it isn’t!”

      1. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

        Helpy. Exactly. Either way, she is cooked.

        1. bobnstuff October 28, 2016

          You really underestimate Clinton.

        2. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

          Sorry you can’t read good!

      2. Anna Maria Yoakum October 28, 2016

        LOL – that’s pretty much what I also got out of I Am Helpy’s comment.

  7. FT66 October 28, 2016

    This is the way I see it. It is about immunity for Hillary incase she is elected. If FBI will be continuing with their investigation and as James Comey has indicated, they don’t know how long it will take, this will prevent republicans to initiate any investigation while that of FBI is going on. Nothing to worry about voters as no one knows what emails are about and where they came from. Let us all not be discouraged. Investigating something doesn’t mean indicting. Let us all continue with our voting and elect Hillary so we can avoid the mad man not be closer to nuclear code. It is more important to think about our safety than thinking about emails we don’t know and no one will die because of them, but we will die letting Trump lead us while being in worries by not knowing when he can decide to press the button.

    1. Mama Bear October 28, 2016

      thanks FT….I’m like everyone else just sick and tired of the witch hunt and wondering what dirty tricks are next.

      1. FT66 October 28, 2016

        The news are in and starting to be clear. They are 3 emails which have been found by FBI.They were not withheld by Hillary instead it was Anthony Weiner. These emails MIGHT be relevant to the case and might not as well. Nothing major here and everyone of us has to take a deep breath.

  8. msnyc10 October 28, 2016

    Why is WikiLeaks “garbage’ when it comes to Hillary and not the NSA? Why are unsubstantiated charges ok when leveled at Trump by women from 15 years ago but not substantiated charges being investigated about matters pertaining to both National Security and a flagrant disregard for the law by Hillary? I am NOT a Trump supporter but ineffiably tired of the inability of people to have the slightest big of objectivity. If these emails were a Trump or Bush or Condeleeza Rice’s or any other Republican candidate people would be seething about the Republican lack of respect for law or privacy. You can question Corney all you want and make him ‘the bad guy’ there is a smoking gun that should concern EVERYONE.

    1. Mama Bear October 28, 2016

      Congress requested document from the Bush Administration in 2007 and discovered 22 million emails were missing. The administration was using a private internet domain with off-site servers. 88 off-site email accounts were used by WH administration officials. Emails for 51 of these officials were not preserved or ever recovered. Yet not one bitch from the Dems, nor no calls for a witch hunt. So…you want to back pedal your allegations a little bit?

      1. msnyc10 October 28, 2016

        Not one bitch from the Dems re-ight. There is no ‘Wtich Hunt” going on:

        “the act of seeking and persecuting any perceived enemy, particularly when the search is conducted using extreme measures and with little regard to actual guilt or innocence”

        Extreme measures? Little regard to actual guilt or innocence? But an unsubstantiated claim that Trump tried to kiss a woman in 1992 is fair game. AGAIN not a Trump supporter, just anyone with 1/2 a brain would want to know what transpired and anyone who can support the Whistelblowing against the NSA but not the FBI’s legitimate investigation against Clinton has an agenda not objectivity.

    2. jmprint October 28, 2016

      Why is Trump threatening to sue NBC for the video, because it was supposedly a private conversation, aren’t emails private conversations?

      1. AgLander October 28, 2016

        You’re drowning, don’t fight it….just relax and let the water do its thing!

      2. msnyc10 October 28, 2016

        Isn’t a locker room talk ‘private conversation’? Isn’t a phone-call? Isn’t the information that Binney leaked confidential? We can’t just apply terms when they suit our agenda is my point. I WANT Trump to lose and I WANT Hillary to beat him. I just don’t think that means I have to excuse everything she does and says and villianize and trivialize everything he says.

        1. jmprint October 30, 2016

          When he calls for her jailing and has no further proof, but this letter that says nothing, it has to be called out. A smoking gun doesn’t make his statement true. I want Hillary to beat him too, because Trump has issue just being a good human.

  9. FT66 October 28, 2016

    The Market doesn’t like Trump at all. The Equity collapsed once the news were broken and now has rebounced again after chewing up the news. We must elect Hillary folks otherwise the economy will go down the toilet.

  10. AgLander October 28, 2016

    Oh my! The rats are scrambling to the deck on a sinking ship! Oh my, what do we have here? The lesson is being driven home once again…….when you associate with the Clintons expect to get splattered with #hit, because they ARE #hit! What person can possibly consider voting for a free roaming felon who likely will be serving her time not in the White house, but in the Big House!! Two weeks out from election day and SHE IS UNDER A REOPENED CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION….let that sink in…..A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION! There is a God after all because for awhile it looked like he was turning away from America.

    1. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

      “This time it’ll work! THIS TIME!”
      – you, a desperate woman-hating coward

      PS: you gonna lose

      1. dbtheonly October 28, 2016

        But all they need is once.

        And all they have to do is raise questions. You saw what it did to the stock market today?

      2. AgLander October 28, 2016

        Heh, heh! You’re going to end up eating that last sentence that you love to use. I look forward to watching you choke on it!! Heh, heh!

        1. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

          Heh, heh I get that you’re an angry racist grandpa heh, heh but thanks for the heh, heh old person mannerisms heh, heh

          1. AgLander October 28, 2016

            Your anger need to be directed towards Clinton not me. She let you down, grasshopper and you stupidly believed EVERYTHING she told you. Betrayal is so painful!!

          2. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

            The smell of desperation coming off you dumb neo-Nazis is intoxicating.

            You gonna lose!

          3. AgLander October 28, 2016

            Your mommy is making you an egg salad sandwich right now….go on, go upstairs and enjoy it rather than getting kicked around like a soccer ball!

          4. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

            OK sorry you got nothing but feeble insults – that’s not actually a change from normal, but today it’s even sadder than usual.

        2. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

          ps you gonna lose

    2. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

      Excellent summation. Amazing to me that people who can see this disgraceful woman for who she is, are labeled woman haters. Are men who dislike criminality in men labeled men haters. Ridiculous.

    3. bobnstuff October 28, 2016

      I think Trump is going to end up in jail long before Clinton. They can prove Trumps crimes, election fraud, misuse of campaign funds, violation of election laws, and that’s just from last week. The fraud case coming up in November and the rape case in December should be interesting. Trump has done a very good job buying his way out of trouble but I think he has pushed it to far. Did you notice that the FBI didn’t say the word criminal.

      1. AgLander October 28, 2016

        You win the whistling through the graveyard award for today……I know you libs don’t believe in God and like to mock Him, but this would be a great time for you to learn how to pray!

        1. bobnstuff October 28, 2016

          Tell me oh great one, how much money has Trump paid out to settle law suits against him. How many outstanding cases are there right now? Do you think that if the civil suit for fraud goes against him they will go ahead with the criminal case that they are preparing for him?

          1. BDD1951 October 28, 2016

            Let’s hope so.

  11. A_Real_Einstein October 28, 2016

    Nominating HRC with all of her baggage and very low approval ratings was irresponsible. Now we will pay the price. Can we survive 4 years under Trump and conservative SC for the next generation? I doubt it.

    1. Mama Bear October 28, 2016

      That “baggage” you mention is 99% fabricated. Don’t forget that.

      1. dbtheonly October 28, 2016

        But no less real.

        If you repeat a lie often enough…

      2. A_Real_Einstein October 28, 2016

        I wish that were true but it isn’t. When it comes to the server and the emails she has been lying through her teeth for nearly a year. It may cost us the WH.

        1. dbtheonly October 28, 2016

          What lies? I’ll give you the RWMO and the Lamestream Media has been hammering her over it.

          But I delete dozens of emails a day. Hillary should have kept hers?

          Btw, I can imagine what the RWMO would ave done to Socialist Sanders. Trump’s Crazy Bernie was bad enough.

          1. A_Real_Einstein October 28, 2016

            Bernie would have defeated Trump by 20 points like all 100+ polls indicated. Instead we nominate this totally flawed candidate who puts our democracy at risk because she is so beatable. The American people will decide on November 8th and in light of this news I am terrified. Comey has done a great job for his party by allowing her to be the nominee and then tearing her apart 11 days prior to the election. A perfect late October surprise. What comes around goes around and the Dems will pay a price for rigging their primary. Sad but true.

          2. dbtheonly October 28, 2016

            Bernie never enunciated any coherent policies and was as amorphous as Trump when it came to specifics. There’s a reason he lost by millions of votes.

            Rigged elections? You and Trump.

            Actually I am part of a conspiracy to insure the only way Donsld Trump sees the inside of the White House is with a tourist ticket. We’re called Democrats.

          3. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

            Wonder why Debbie Wasserman Shultz resigned. Why didn’t Hillary come to her defense?

          4. jmprint October 28, 2016

            Trump would have chewed Bernie up and spit him out, and would be winning by 60%, as he did the rest of the chumps. The reason Hillary is winning is because of her work for the American people and her experience. She is not perfect, she lies, but who in congress does not.

          5. bobnstuff October 28, 2016

            Sorry but I think almost anyone would beat Trump because he does all the work for them. Of all the people to head the republican ticket Trump was the most beatable. Bernie has some good ideas but I fear he wouldn’t be a great President. Yes Bernie would have beaten Trump.

          6. BDD1951 October 28, 2016


        2. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

          What lies? Oh, right, she’s a woman.

      3. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

        Hillary needs to come out and try to refute this. I guess they are looking for some tape on Trump again.
        This is a criminal investigation. Why couldn’t they clear this up a year ago.

        1. Jon October 28, 2016

          Why didn’t Trump release his tax returns months ago like he promised to do? What is he hiding?

          1. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

            And why, oh why, did Hillary have her 12 phones smashed, her emails bleached and her unsecured emails, waiting to be hacked in her bathroom? So many questions, so little time.

        2. Anna Maria Yoakum October 28, 2016

          I think they’re just rehasing old news have brought up an investigation like they’ve done so many times in the past just to thwart Hillary. They decided to play dirty again and start another senseless investiation now, almost one week before election day, in hopes of ruining Hillary’s chances in this election. The RepubliCONs are desperate and are now digging deep into their bag of dirty tricks.

    2. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

      Yes, just because she is unpopular with Republicans (something something) Trump.

      You are garbage.

      1. AgLander October 28, 2016

        Are you ready to chew on your own words on Nov. 9th, little boy?!

        1. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

          Bookmarking this.

          1. AgLander October 28, 2016

            Save yourself, the water is rising! Unless you’re a fish you’re gonna drown!

          2. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

            Yes I get that you live in a Stormfront bubble. Your child-molesting white supremacist candidate isn’t going to win except in your JO fantasies. You’ll never have a job or know the loving touch of another human.

            I hope that helps! You gonna lose!

          3. BDD1951 October 28, 2016

            Personally, I’m going to be jumping for joy on Nov. 9th. Because then we will have President-elect Hilary Clinton. Whoopee.

    3. jmprint October 28, 2016

      ” Can we survive 4 years under Trump and conservative SC for the next generation?”

      HELLo NO.

  12. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

    So you think Comey is trying to protect Hillary? I thought He said she was extremely careless by not using a government server and closed the investigation. Why would Comey want to protect her with immunity.

  13. Jon October 28, 2016

    This will turn out like all of the other screaming headlines suggesting that Hillary is guilty of something. All blow and no show. Go back to lying to the media Kellyanne. You have shown a lot of talent at that. Don admits on video about his methods of sexually assaulting women and 10 plus women confirm what he said was true but Trump and his sickening surrogates claim they are all lying. Now more emails are found and they’re building the gallows before they know the contents of them.

  14. greenlantern1 October 28, 2016

    Just a couple of observances and questions.
    Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
    Our ONLY VP, to enter a plea bargain. was Nixon’s first, Spiro Agnew!
    Our ONLY president, to accept a pardon, was Nixon!
    Perfectly clear?
    Rush Limbaugh CLAIMED to have Benghazi stand down cables.
    Why didn’t he simply show them to Trey Gowdy?
    Thanks to Loretta Lynch, and her DOJ, Ahmed Abu Khattala is in custody!
    The charges?
    The murders of Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards!
    Did Khattala use the movie, THE INNOCENCE OF THE MUSLIMS, to incite his mob?
    Was either Limbaugh or Gowdy interested?
    What did they know and when did they know it?

    1. dbtheonly October 28, 2016

      GL, Warren Harding’s AG was convicted and jailed as I remember. I seem to recall it was over kickbacks.

      What would be called “campaign contributions” these days.

      1. greenlantern1 October 28, 2016

        Ever hear of the TEAPOT DOME scandal?
        Harry Daugherty SHOULD have been tried!
        He SHOULD have been convicted!
        He wasn’t!
        Perfectly clear?

  15. Mama Bear October 28, 2016

    Just saw an NPR news flash -it was the Anthony Weiner investigation (his wife, remember?) That was all the new info.

    1. dbtheonly October 28, 2016

      Thank you. I’m still waiting to see the relevance.

    2. Jon October 28, 2016

      Another effort to smear Hillary by withholding information initially until the misleading information was burned into the brains of Hillary haters and those still on the fence. What would they do without their propagandists?

    3. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

      Is that the Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Hilary Clinton’s Chief of Staff and Campaign aid, Huma Abedin, who was caught sexting with an underage girl?

    4. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

      By the way, there are thousands of emails sent and received. FBI found the emails and had to release this before the election. It is a criminal investigation. But, then again, feel assured Obama said she is in the clear. Obama would not comment today. Oh no, they think she may not have bleached all of her emails. This doesn’t look good.

      1. Bob Eddy October 29, 2016

        They did not have to release this before the election and they absolutely should not have unless there was strong evidence that it was not only pertinent, but there was strong evidence that it would change the conclusion in the case. The very fact that Comely stated that it could be misinterpreted indicated that more discretion should have been used in the wording and this being an open investigation it should have remained confidential. This is a breach of protocol and a serious breach in ethics by Comley and especially of Republicans that deliberately mischaracterized it as “reopening the Clinton investigation” obviously in an attempt to sway the election with false information.

  16. Jake Hawkes October 28, 2016

    This Comey guy is a real piece of work. Once he was appointed to the job he started thinking he was the reincarnation of J. Edgar Hoover as he began “wielding the powers of dictatorship” with an aggression not seen since J. Edgar. He has undermined many of Obama’s initiatives, inappropriately offered his opinion without being asked and even lied about the “secret” emails from Hillary’s server.

    From Politico:
    “[Comey] is totally acting inappropriately,” says criminal defense attorney Nick Akerman, a former U.S. attorney and special assistant Watergate prosecutor. “There’s no question about it.”

    I hope Obama runs him out of office in disgrace.

  17. Jake Hawkes October 28, 2016

    Why doesn’t he investigate House Republicans for leaking CLASSIFIED material from an ongoing investigation.


  18. Anna Maria Yoakum October 28, 2016

    Lordy here they are again that busload of Russian paid trolls. They hop on a warm pile of dung like it was a real story. I personally think it is just another RepubliCON ploy like all the hundreds of others, to try to save their sorry asses in the election. They are all so dishonest I would not trust any one of them as far as I dould toss them – which would be NOT at all.

  19. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 28, 2016

    strange with all the time and money wasted on Hillary’s email not one thing on any of a DONNY DUMP emails funny . this clown dosent show his taxes . maybe because he is dealing with Russia’s PUTTHEAD and all this email BULL coming out now just when DONNY DUMP is in the place he belongs the DUMPSTER one has to think why the FBI just sent this B/S out like thy did not first sending notices to either the GOP gang of pinhead idiots or the DEMS seems closer to a GOP trick now . first off between the WIKILEAKS and the hackers who ever its all done by breaking the laws all is illegal this way . then again the GOP has already admitted that thy do what ever it takes to try to make Hillary look bad . (ADMITTED THIS ALREADY ) this is just more wasting time and money a last ditch afford to try to save the DUMPSTER and B/S Hillary . I say when its all over and Hillary is in the house I believe she owe the country to tell the AG to put on special DA’S and look in to all this B/S that been going on . and she should not just say well I won so I don’t have to do that now . BULL YES SHE SHOULD AND DOSE HAVE TO STILL DO IT TO FIND OUT AND DIG UP AND OUT ALL THE DRIT IN THE GOVERNMENT

  20. AgLander October 28, 2016

    Members of the press riding in the rear of Hillary Clinton’s campaign plane have just reported that they are hearing a witch like screech coming from the front of the cabin crying out: “I’M MELTING, I’M MELTING!!!!!”

    1. bromeando October 28, 2016

      You’re dreaming, you’re dreaming

    2. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

      I get that your unpopular racist candidate is so far behind that you got to make up stuff to make yourself feel like less of a loser. It won’t work, though.

      I hope that helps! You gonna lose!

      1. AgLander October 28, 2016

        I’m begging you to save yourself…..don’t go down with the Clintons. Get to the lifeboat because they sure as heck don’t care if you drown!

        1. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

          See previous post.

          You gonna lose!

          1. AgLander October 28, 2016

            Are you in the skiff yet?

          2. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

            So very sad that you think this will work.

            You gonna lose!

          3. AgLander October 28, 2016

            You already lost……you got nothing to work with. Go upstairs and ask mom to make you an egg salad sandwich

          4. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

            Yes I get that you are 100% behind a child molester and think that somehow you can come back from that. You can’t. Also, you gonna lose!

          5. AgLander October 28, 2016

            Egg salad sandwich…..mmmm good.

          6. bobnstuff October 28, 2016

            My guess you are speaking about your first hand experience with living in your mothers basement. I bet that egg salad does taste good to you. Don;t put to much salt on it.

          7. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

            See previous post. You gonna lose!

          8. sharkbait4711 October 28, 2016

            AgLanger – I can’t wait to see your posts on 11/9…

            I’m with HER – along w/the population at large. Get on board or pack your little agmobile and move yourself to Russia.

            You’re vile, narcissist, 3-legged orange tripod is GONNA LOSE!

          9. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 28, 2016

            she feels right at home losing

          10. AgLander October 28, 2016

            Does this mean you’re going to have to find honest work since Hillary is not going to be needing paid butt sniffers for much longer?

          11. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

            Imagine being so desperate and so terrified of women that you think some made-up gibberish about emails would make up for your support of a child-molesting racist.

    3. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 28, 2016

      are you sure the press are not outside your house and open window ?

      1. AgLander October 28, 2016

        If they were they’d be hearing the loudest laughter you can imagine!

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 28, 2016

          ya I guess your right you using your car battery BILL Clinton toy

        2. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

          How could they hear people laughing at your dumb-ass posts over the internet?

          1. AgLander October 28, 2016

            Reading comprehension problems again?

          2. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

            Sorry you’re like this!

  21. Moderate Black Woman October 28, 2016

    Kurt Eichenwald and Sam Stein are tweeting that the investigation is not being reopened, there was nothing being reviewed that was withheld by HRC, and Comey informed Congress because they had completed their investigation. Hopefully, all the cable tv journalists acting like their hair is on fire will settle down. Nonetheless, I agree with all who think Comey has handled this entire investigation poorly. Indeed, it’s been a tough 36 hrs for our justice system … acquittals of those welfare kings in Oregon, police attacks on peaceful Native American protesters, still one SCOTUS justice short, and now this.

    1. Phil Johnson October 28, 2016

      Great summary of our current abject state of affairs. But – “cable tv journalists”?
      You are too kind. Read Harper’s “Swat Team” by Thomas Frank. There is nothing about tv talking heads that resembles good old-fashioned, gumshoe, arrogant, meddlesome and in-your-face journalism of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. These pasty-faced, speed-talk people are a mile wide and an inch deep.
      aures lupi

  22. Anna Maria Yoakum October 28, 2016

    First of all “the device” in question “is not Hillary’s” ! and the FBI doesn’t even know if the emails will even be considered pertinent to the investigation. Sounds much like a smoke screen to me. But don’t you know that Trumpty and his circus will blow up this little pimple of news into a full blown Mt. Everest.

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 28, 2016

      that’s the only game the DUMPSTER has

    2. latebloomingrandma October 28, 2016

      Sounds like Russian fingerprints are all over this. They would like nothing more than Trump to be elected. Putin could play him like a fiddle.

    3. Box October 29, 2016

      The device is Wieners smartphone and the info are Hillary emails given to Huma-Wiener for storage. If the info is classified then it meets the definition of espionage at the very least since Huma-Wiener had no clearance.

      Where is the smoke screen? Do you know how this happened in the first place? FBI already had Wieners phone and picked out sex pics from it. When they looked further around the phone someone must have said “holy cow……” and here we are. The GOP had nothing to do with it, and certainly not Trump.

  23. bromeando October 28, 2016

    Multiple federal officials told NBC News on Friday afternoon that the Clinton emails referred today by FBI Director Comey were found as part of an on-going investigation into Anthony Weiner.

    These are NOT emails from Hillary Clinton. This is NOT going to be a GAME CHANGER!!!

    The Associated Press reported that the emails the FBI is investigating did
    not come from Clinton’s private server. NBC’s Pete Williams noted that the
    emails were not from Clinton and were not withheld by Clinton’s campaign.

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 28, 2016

      yes it was said that it had nothing to do with Hillary . I still believe its the GOP gang of pinhead idiots last ditch afford to try their best snake scum pitch

      1. Theresajmitchell1 October 29, 2016

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  24. AgLander October 28, 2016

    If I was Hillary Clinton right now, what I’d do is fly home to her mansion, apologize to Bill’s “energizer bunny” girlfriend for popping in so unexpectedly, and then go straight to her room and stay in bed until election day because anywhere she appears in public now will be like wearing a big red letter “F” on her chest for FELON!!

    1. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

      OK sorry that you think these Weiner emails are somehow anything to do with Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, your moron racist candidate is on tape bragging about sexual assault.

      I hope that helps! You gonna lose!

      1. AgLander October 28, 2016

        The boat is sinking and you’re playing the violin on deck….are you a crazy man??? Get to a lifeboat you idiot!

        1. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

          Yes these emails that have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton are SURE to turn the race around for the least popular Presidential candidate ever! That is definitely not a hilariously stupid thing to think!

          1. AgLander October 28, 2016

            At least slip into a life jacket will ya!

          2. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

            See previous post; you gonna lose!

      2. Box October 29, 2016

        Actually, the “device” is a smartphone and the information, which Comey required to be blockbuster to reopen the case, are Hillary emails given to Huma-Wiener for storage (safekeeping?). But that passage of (presumably) classified material when those two had no clearance to handle classified material is probably going to be the crime charge. So now, its gone beyond a private server at home and involves all three people.

        This passage of info, like the huge mistake in the 3rd debate, constitute espionage. (Find Judge Napolitanos youtube video which defines espionage). Previously Comey said he couldnt indict Hillary because “intent to commit crime” wasnt there. Judge Napolitano says there is nothing in the law about “intent.” The measurement of crime is the passage of information itself and thats it. So she is guilty.

        1. I Am Helpy October 29, 2016

          OK sorry that you live in a world of fiction and lies; not my problem. Everything you just said was 100% false, starting from the fact you called a laptop a smartphone and proceeding from there.

          1. PrecipitousDrop October 30, 2016

            Hope that helps!
            Box needs more of that than most of us do.

          2. I Am Helpy October 30, 2016

            It’s amazing how mad people get when I try to Help them. Maybe I need to try harder?

          3. PrecipitousDrop October 30, 2016

            We all appreciate your firm and gentle guidance, Helpy.
            Some people just made their tinfoil hats too tight. They get cranky.

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 28, 2016

      you mean you only work with battery’s for BILL ????? the question really is would DONNY DUMP touch you ???????????/ him being a nasty dirty old man as he is I think he would still pass on touching you he will say naaaaaaaaaaaaa some things are worse then me and you win that crown

  25. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 28, 2016

    its just a matter of time now when DONNY DUMP start asking for hitmen to rubout Hillary . and that moron DUMPSTER will do it on his tweeter account the idiot

  26. AgLander October 28, 2016

    Hillary should be very concerned if she’s sent to a women’s federal prison because it’s likely half the women serving time there were probably previously targeted by her for character destruction in her role as leader and CEO of the “Bimbo Eruptions War Room”! Can you say “get even time”?

    1. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

      Yes, we get that you’re terrified of women. Literally every day you tell us.

      ps: you gonna lose!

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 29, 2016

      Like others have said, the thought of women smarter than you sends you into a state of apoplexy. Your potential for an impending stroke will only increase if you remain as stressed as you’ve been this past week alone.
      I’m sure the mounting tension, and the increasing fear of women based on some trauma from your past, is just piling up waiting to pop.

  27. Phil Johnson October 28, 2016

    “With just 11 days to go before the Nov. 8 election, FBI Director James Comey said in a letter to several congressional Republicans that the agency had learned of the existence of emails that appeared to be pertinent to its investigation.”

    In the land of the Fourth Estate’s quiet descent into the nine circles of journalistic hell (read “Swat Team” by Thomas Frank, an essay about media politics), comes a piece purporting to leave its readers with sweaty palms and in eager anticipation about HRC’s imminent demise.

    Skipping over the merits of Frank’s essay on the defunctness of the bloated remains of journalistic mettle because its purveyors “have met the enemy and they are us”, a salute to the mesmerizing siren call of Foggy Bottom ladder-climbing, the real story, as I see it, is the fact that Mr. Comey, a political mugwump if there ever was one, decided to fire one more salvo and only to Republican red-meat solons.

    Whither this? why don’t Democrats count? who are these favored people, anyway? will any of them shed light on yet another ersatz story, an attempt to stay afloat in a rising tide of journalists who, in the inimitable words of Frank, “like buffalo nuzzling the rifles of (their) hunters” because their punditry days are over? Or shall we call this just another sophomoric false alarm in the season of false alarms?

    After all, as Frank surmises, there was a day when journalists were vexatious gadflies, seeking neither comfort nor solace from the august news sources they knew were severe people, all with sharp edges. But those were the salad days when journalists did what journalists were supposed to do — ferret out the news that is fit to print, not fishwrap news that is fit for nothing. Now, most scribes are in bed with the mandarins of power and do not care that the rest of the journalistic world is caving in behind them.

    Frankly, I don’t care for any more salad before November 8th. I am up to here with salacious, yclept sagas about this or that pseudo-crisis designed to keep the nation up at night and make yet more appointments with shrinks who are probably suffering from the same angst. I can only hope that there are more of us, including sage journalists, who will refrain from feeding the Foggy Bottom beasties of whatever ilk and let them starve. But, since MSM has fed red meat to the bread-and-circus throngs out there for over a year now, that will be a hard habit to break.

    C’mon, November 9th. We can deal with whatever happens. As long as we turn off the TV and our ubiquitous apps and i-phones and ignore the incessant rain of drivel, find some silence and contemplate our individual selves, I think we will come out better as Americans. Too bad the Fourth Estate is not intent on getting us to that stage. We all need to call time out and talk to the Creator who loves us and just wants to give us what is best for the country — if only we took the time to talk to Him about it.

    aures lupi

    1. CrankyToo October 28, 2016

      Wonderful post! Cheers, Mate.

  28. AgLander October 28, 2016

    Hillary is thinking “doggone it, where’s a nice vast right wing conspiracy when you need it”?!

    1. I Am Helpy October 28, 2016

      OK sorry you jump on this moron bandwagon too early and now look like an idiot. Oh well; you already did, tbh.

      You gonna lose!

  29. AgLander October 28, 2016

    Priceless!! Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Hillary, who doesn’t like dick, is brought down by a dick (Weiner).

    1. Box October 28, 2016

      its already hilarious and we are not even there yet.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 29, 2016

        No, Donald has some court dates coming up. Will you be in the family box?

    2. I Am Helpy October 29, 2016

      Hahaha yeah you hate and fear women, we GET it already. No need to keep telling us!

    3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 29, 2016

      What nice Christian words you chose, just the way Trump likes it. The Taliban have better manners than you despite their barbarism. Which leaves you a notch or two below them.

  30. Todd Nelson October 28, 2016

    This may be a case of Comey having to quell an open rebellion among those that worked on the original email case. They have been leaking info for the last month about it., and probably threatened to release ALL the data about the investigation, and how Comey sold his integrity by failing to recommend sending the findings to a grand jury. Her committing perjury in front of congress, her lying to the FBI by saying se couldn’t “remember” 39 times during the interview with the FBI, and her ordering the erasing of 33,000 emails after they were already under subpoena from congress. These are all intentional felonies Comey overlooked when he said the FBI would not prosecute. Wikileaks has since given us all the proof that Comey was dead wrong when he did that. As of right now, the destruction of those emails is good for 6 felony counts, including destruction of government property, because those emails were generated from the same account as her official email account.. While the illegal, unsecure server was , technically hers, any emails generated through it are government property. Two felony counts are generated right there 1) destruction of government property, and 2) because she ordered someone else to do it, she get conspiracy to destroy government property thrown in for good measure. The destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice charges get the conspiracy as well because she told others to do the actual destroying. WHile Comey did not bring charges on those counts before, there is nothing to stop him from doing so now. It is going to get interesting.

    1. CrankyToo October 28, 2016

      Sounds like you’ve got it all figured out, Perry Mason. Case closed! Lock her up!

      1. Box October 28, 2016

        Be careful what you wish for.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 29, 2016

          Some men don’t learn until we let Trump pull the same skankage he pulled here in NJ.

          You better face facts pallie. NY and NJ pay the highest taxes in the country. Trump screwed over both of these states who are now paying off on his bankruptcies. If we pull out our tax dollars, your two ton butt will have to work so hard you won’t have time to be a bully big mouth.

      2. Todd Nelson October 29, 2016

        I used to hold a top secret security clearance. If I had done less than 1/10 of what she did, I would be in an 8×10 windowless cell in a federal penitentiary for the rest of my life. What she did is worse because she was one of only 20 people in the US who could make something naturally classified. Her illegal unsecure server was used to avoid FOIA. For Comey to say there wasn’t any intent is pure bull excrement. She intended to never have anyone see any of her emails, ever. That, in and of itself, is against the law because all correspondence while in office is considered property of the federal government. You are right, she should be locked up, but then there are no laws if your name is Clinton.

        1. CrankyToo October 29, 2016

          So, you used to hold a TS clearance, huh? Wow! I’m sure that little tidbit impresses the sh!t out of all the other goobers at the Saturday night fish fries down there in Hootin’ Holler. Me? Not so much.

          I held a TS clearance for two decades (with several special access caveats), and made a living doing security reviews and compliance inspections at Dod and contractor facilities, so I’d be happy to talk classification issues with you until you’re blue in the face. Let’s start with your wildly overblown assertion that had you done 1/10 of what Mrs. Clinton did, you’d be locked up for the rest of your life. (You’re quite the drama queen, aren’t you?)

          Mishandling classified is not usually considered a “crime”, but a security “infraction” – a faux pas which generally results in administrative (not punitive) action. The very idea that “mishandling” is tantamount to “espionage” and therefore reason to lock up a SecState should be summarily dismissed by any rational, thinking person. Unfortunately, wingdings like you are incapable of rational thought.

          The implication that you’re a security mogul by virtue of having held a TS clearance once upon a time is patently absurd. That’s like saying you’re a transportation expert because you take the bus to work every morning.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 29, 2016

            Trump will not be president. How do you plan to allow Trump to be president even if he wins which you already know is highly unlikely when he is going to court for 2 rapes in Florida on Nov. 28?

        2. Eleanore Whitaker October 29, 2016

          No it is not against the law. If it is, why aren’t Powell and Rice being investigated and their emails all disclosed? You know why…it would prove they knew an al Qaeda was coming and they did nothing.

    2. I Am Helpy October 29, 2016

      Hmmm yes that makes total sense and isn’t an amazing pile of horsecrap spun from absolutely nothing.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 29, 2016

        So, you are a horsecrap expert? That figures.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker October 29, 2016

      If you watched the last deposition by Comey on CNN during the investigation of the last batch of emails, you’d have seen how pissed off Gowdy was when Comey refused to take a partisan side. Comey said more than 3 times that the FBI and DOJ do not take sides of any party.

      This is why when Bush was president (really Pres. Cheney), AG Alberto Gonzalez hired ONLY Republican lawyers for the DOJ. Law is not partisan. It can NEVER be partisan. The GOP and right wing don’t seem to get that.

      So you know what this really is…the end of the GOP Party because they are trying to force law to be Republican for THEIR, not our benefit.

  31. Bren Frowick October 28, 2016

    Another ridiculous pile of you-know-what. Comey finds some emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer, because *gasp*! emails! On a computer! and since Weiner is the spouse of a Clinton aide they are “pertinent”???? what’s next, after he discovers Hillary had nothing to do with any of them? OMG, we found…. EMAILS! … on Weiner’s second cousin’s third grade teacher’s computer! Clearly, the twisted losers in the GOP House Caucus, led by Issa, Gowdy, and Chaffetz (who is the one punking the media with this BS) dragged Comey onto the carpet and told him “What do you MEAN, you closed the investigation without finding anything?!? Don’t you know how these things are supposed to work? Now REOPEN it, and KEEP it open until you DO find something! Because we KNOW she’s a crook, and we KNOW it because we KNOW it, and therefore it is an article of faith as rock-solid indisputable as if God himself handed down the knowledge!”


    1. Box October 28, 2016

      in your DREAMS.

  32. loveofcountry October 28, 2016

    The emails on Weiner’s server are in the thousands. Comey is either trying to commit career suicide or there is something substantial here.
    Could it be classified information on
    Huma Abedin’s server? She is Clinton’s right hand person. Perhaps Huma lied to the FBI.

    1. CrankyToo October 28, 2016

      Perhaps you’re smarter than you appear to be…. Naaaaaaaah!

    2. Box October 28, 2016

      Only “perhaps?”

      But the info in question is on Weiners phone. Anyway, previously in a TV interview Huma was extremely nervous on the topic of what she was exchanging and kept stammering.

    3. I Am Helpy October 29, 2016

      Yes let’s indulge in baseless speculation about what might be (but isn’t) in these emails, which have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, Trump is going to court over child molestation, has been giving cocaine to underage models in exchange for sex, and is on tape bragging about sexual assault. One of these things is not like the other!

  33. Box October 28, 2016

    “pertinent?” Comey said he wouldnt reopen the case unless there was blockbuster evidence. Well he reopened the case.

    1. Imagine being done in by Dikileaks Huma, the only person on the planet you trust even more than your husband. You have to admit, thats pretty freakin funny.

    2. Comey, in light of protests by the public and revolt within the FBI, may have had a change of heart.

    3. Comey, perhaps working on weak evidence in Weiners phone, may use it as an excuse to convict Hillary on now the entire case as an insurance policy against firing by Trump. By showing some professionalism and loyalty to the job now, Trump will still sack him but maybe he can keep his pension.

    4. Dont blame the GOP, Comey is Hillarys man and they go way back.

    5. Hillary must be on the phone to Obama 24/7 either to plead for intervention or to threaten him when she takes him down with her.

    1. 788eddie October 28, 2016

      James Comey, a Bush appointee, is definitely NOT Hillary’s “man.” He’s a Republican. It seems as if lately, a lot or Republicans are just interested in tearing the country apart. The ones who are doing this should be tried for treason, and shot!

      1. Box October 28, 2016

        Search back, there are a variety of Clinton-Comey links that go back 20 years, including the Clinton Foundation.

        As you well know, being a Republican doesnt mean being a Trump supporter, what with the Republicans who have announced support for Hillary, like Bush Sr., of all people.

        Im not getting that Reps want to tear the country apart but that they want to maintain the way of life we have had and not go further left. Is BLM a GOP organization, for example? Are Black Panthers GOP?

        Here is an example people have forgotten about. Obama, who I voted for, PROMISED (with capital letters!) to abolish the Patriot Act. But when its sundown time came he push for its permanence. At any time when Obama has dented any Amendment and said things like “i can govern with a pen and a phone,” people got angry. Is that anger called “tearing the country apart?”

        Whats tearing the country apart is the fight between capitalism and socialism, black vs white, christian vs muslim vs. atheism, questions about the future of the Constitution, to name a few. GOP was not the author or instigator of those fights, valid as they may well be. Most of all, people are broke. I know people who lost their jobs and never regained similar employment; socialists fear no hope of the ending of real or imagined employer exploitation; there is the perceived end of the american dream. In the end, fights are about the haves and have-nots and in that sense no one person is to blame. The wealth gap ever widens, people are frickin angry. So its not about tearing the country apart, but apart is coming as the situation marches on. Civil war can easily come at this point, we are right on the edge.

        Im not against you. Im saying unless opposing sides find the way to lay down the fight and build on common ground we WILL be in civil war. Im not wishing for war, just looking at the trend.

        1. 788eddie October 28, 2016

          I agree with your last point, Box. This could be a dangerous time for our democracy (and the world).

          I just find it amazing that there are so many people who call themselves conservatives who think Hillary Clinton can tell lies for decades, and yet never be caught. Nobody, simply Nobody is that good! Unless one can accept the idea that everyone else is incompetent.

          I am willing to accept the idea that she is, and was telling the truth. Were her decisions always judicious? Probably not, but then again, is anybody’s?

          I will vote for her mainly because, of the available choices, she (IMHO) is the best one.

          We will get a chance to do this again in four years. If, in that time, I see that Republicans in Congress are continuing in their obstructive ways, and not work for the good of our country by taking care of the country’s business, them she will have earned me as a tireless ally and supporter.

      2. Box October 29, 2016

        I forgot to ask, for what position did Bush appoint Comey? He has only been FBI Director 2-3 years, so Obama had to appoint him for that, yes? How does Bush come into this since he is already gone 8 years?

        1. 788eddie October 30, 2016

          Please re-check, Box; James Comey was appointed by G. W. Bush. Also, the Director of the FBI, like most other directors, must follow stipulated guidelines for their positions (our Democracy safeguards to help prevent abuses of power). It just may be that Director Comey had no choice to inform Congress of the new emails (unless, of course, the FBI already knew of the emails, in which case one could ask if there was another agenda which precluded the letter to Congress).

          Interesting machinations, eh?

    2. I Am Helpy October 29, 2016

      Haha yeah, I get it – you are terrified of women.

  34. Box October 28, 2016

    Hey what happened to the WELD article?

    It turns out it was a complete lie, National Memo printed a total lie, and all of you fell for it without even checking to see if it were true. Only me and one other person questioned the source. You all fall for lines every time and adopt them as facts.

    1. PrecipitousDrop October 29, 2016

      Nothing happened to the Weld article, Box — or your comments.
      Use the Search function, m’K, Jethro?

  35. Box October 28, 2016

    If Hillary has done nothing wrong, then why these words in the video–“if Trump wins we all hang from nooses.” If the video is true, why would she say that? About what?


    1. I Am Helpy October 29, 2016

      OK thanks for sharing the latest deeply stupid conspiracy theory making its way around the neo-Nazi media bubble. Sorry you hate America!

      1. PrecipitousDrop October 29, 2016

        The Box is SO… square.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker October 29, 2016

      Do you have Proof? The U.S. Constitution is clear: Innocent until proven guilty. So why do scumballs like you think you can make her GUILTY when you have NO proof?

      As for what she said, surprise, surprise, surprise…you male morons of the bully brigade should know women all say the same. The only women who don’t are your delicate flowers of southern and midwestern womanhood who get their palms buttered by Big Daddy’s paycheck every week because these women know they can’t make it ON THEIR OWN.

      This is 2016 buster. Women don’t need men. We are financially INDEPENDENT. We pay equal taxes on salaries men like you keep unequal. Those days are over and you’d better face it Big Boy!

    3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 29, 2016

      You’re more demented than the previous week.

  36. Theresajmitchell1 October 29, 2016

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  37. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 29, 2016

    this FBI clown should be fired back when he stated that no charges should be filed on Hillary it should of been all he had to say . his opinion wasn’t needed on anything else after he said that . every thing else he said had a bias to it leaning to the GOP gang of pinhead idiots personality to it and only helped the GOP with more BULL thy use putting the king of BULL DONNY DUMP with more trash he spits out his DUMPSTER trash mouth . there seems to be no low for these GOP clowns as it is now the world laughs hard at the USA the farther that started our country have to be rolling in their graves . and 200 years from now thy will be writing books on how messed up the GOP made the country these days . one book will be how the country let a DONNY DUMP clown run for the white house with all the frauds ,cons, and scamming he did to 1000’s of people of the country and got away with it also how he sexual assaulted and raped women and case still to be heard a 13 years old little girl . I CAN SAY IT TODAY HOW MESSED UP THE GOP MADE THIS COUNTRY this is big time messed up . how sick is it that the country lets a clown run for the house that talks about having sex with his own daughter . never mind all the other bull this clown has done and said this country now is the comic show for the world . and we want the world to respect us when we cant even respect our self this is a very saddest time in history for sure .

  38. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 29, 2016

    The desperation on the part of all involved in this recent installment of a system of governance that is nearing its end of usefulness in today’s changing world speaks volumes about the need for change.

    On the one hand we have a candidate who unfortunately is weighed down by an sexually immature and mentally deficient political figure associated with Hillary and whose emails are being contorted to implicate Hillary directly for Wiener’s indiscretion.

    Then, we have juxtaposed with this, a sexual predator, Trump, who admits to taking advantage of women even while he is married, on camera so as to leave no doubt as to how he thinks and acts. The RNC, the AgLanders, are so delirious as to think that the two issues have equal weight, and even go so far to say that an indirect connection with Wiener carries the same severity as the rantings of a racist along with his misogyny and boasting of tax evasion.

    That the counsels of Jesus are lost on Trump and the generality of the GOP is as plain as the noon-day sun on a clear day. Yet, like bats in a cave deprived of sight, they vainly imagine that we can’t see the difference between emails and email handling and Trump’s satanic nature that defines the very core of his being.

    Sorry to say for Trump and the AgLanders, all of your rantings and gloating won’t change the leopard spots that cover Trump. His sordid record will stand as is—Believe me!

    1. 1standlastword October 29, 2016

      Have our modern politicians of late done anything beyond to demonstrate their intent to bring this country down for lifting themselves up! 90% of U.S. politicians deserve to be castrated for the safety of future generations!

  39. Eleanore Whitaker October 29, 2016

    First of all, the GOP had nothing to lose demanding Comey and the FBI dig up more emails. The GOP figures it will get Trump elected and failing that, will get Hillary impeached within days of her election.

    Anyone who watched how pissed off Gowdy and Chaffetz were when Comey testified and blew a gasket when they tried to force him to side with their party, saw how furious Gowdy and the Republicans were that the last email investigation and Comey’s testimony failed to indict Hillary for ANY crime.

    What the GOP is facing now is a massive libel and slander case based on their attempts to frame Hillary as guilty of a crime. The U.S. Constitution as we all know allows that we are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. And aye, there’s the rub for the GOP and right wing. They MUST PROVE GUILT.

    If they continue their attempts to frame an innocent woman, they will end up not just having their party disbanded but some of them thrown in jail for framing an innocent person through constant cries of “Throw her in jail!” This is not 16th England where the cries of the least educated get to determine innocence or guilt and when there is no proof, it’s the “Tower” for them anyway.

    Sorry but all this is doing now is showing women all across the US why we MUST have a female president NOW.

    The GOP stupidly is smearing the wife of Anthony Weiner just like they have been doing to Hillary. Weiner commits a lewd act and his wife is smeared? Pres. Clinton stupidly fell for the frame up by Karl Rove with Monica Lewinsky and Hillary gets the blame?

    This is getting to be all too obvious to women in the US that some American men cannot accept women in leadership roles. If Hillary was Sen. Elizabeth Warren, you can bet these same rabid dogs would be smearing Sen. Warren too. They smeared Ann Richards because they knew she was popular with both Dem and GOP women and just might have been the 1st female president of the US. Then, they smeared Wendy Davis, Geraldine Ferrara and Hillary.

    The picture gets all too too predictable.

  40. Eleanore Whitaker October 29, 2016

    First of all, this is pure Trump BS braggadocio. As usual, all of HIS private business stays that way but he and his dirty low down Republican rabid dogs think they have a right to smear someone they can’t prove is guilty of anything.

    If this EmailGate fails, so does the right wing and the Republican Party. If Comey cannot bring Hillary into court, it will be the last time the GOP DARES to try and frame Hillary and she just might go after them with a vengeance which she has every right to do to get justice for the smearing, lies and frame ups.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 29, 2016

      No one should go after anyone, but I share your sentiment. Hillary just needs to remain calm, responsible, and intelligent about all this, and continue to be the “adult”, leaving Trump behind to be the snotty-nosed, ill-mannered, mentally deficient cry baby.

      But the GOP and its apparatus has to pay a steep price for sure, by Americans showing restraint yet insistent on making sure that justice is firmly applied.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 30, 2016

        Actually, it is my personal opinion that when, not if, Hillary is elected, she will bide her time now before acting on the massive frame up by the GOP.

        What I saw of the way Trump treated his hotel and casino employees here in NJ was disgusting. When they demanded their back pay he owed them, he said, “It’s your fault for trusting me.”

        Who says that kind of thing?

        The GOP thanks to this latest Comey mess will end up having to be investigated. Comey, as a federal employee violated the Hatch Act.

        Americans are fed up with this. We need some peace and quiet. This country will not survive another 8 years of Republican investigations, dirt digging, sabotaging, defunding and using our tax dollars to make the1% richer and the most powerful in this country. Their power games must end if we are to raise children in a civilized, cooperative society.

  41. Bob Eddy October 29, 2016

    Amazing! “We have found emails that may be pertinent” (neither sent by her or recieved by her and not on her private server) quickly morphs into “they’re reopening the investigation” then into “she’s guilty!” Republicans are scum!

    1. CrankyToo October 29, 2016

      That’s an outrageous affront to scum.

    2. loveofcountry October 29, 2016

      The fact that Hillary had a private server that she used as Secretary of State to send government emails is a crime and disqualifies her from holding any other government office. This is law. Now couple this with the fact that she destroyed government property when she bleached her emails and destroyed her phones I think they said a hammer was used, what was she trying to hide, again disqualifys he. This is law and she broke these laws.

      1. Bob Eddy October 29, 2016

        Using a private server was not against the law. That should have ended the “investigation.” Prior to Hillary Clinton Secretaries of state were given the discretion to delete what they considered to be personal in nature. Your distrust and paranoia doesn’t negate this convention. As Comely stated originally, there was no actionable crime.

      2. I Am Helpy October 29, 2016

        Not a crime, does not disqualify here in any sense. Not the law. “Bleaching” her emails is a thing that didn’t happen, as is the destruction of phones. Does not disqualify her. Did not break any laws.

        Meanwhile, the serial groper you slack-jawed racists nominated has been charged with molesting a child. That IS against the law.

        I hope that helps!

  42. Box October 29, 2016

    Huma, who is now at the center of the new investigation has a little problem. She already testified under oath that she gave up all devices. All, that is, except Wieners phone in which she stored Hillarys mails.

    Plot thickens! Someone is going to swing. Will Hillary make Huma fall on the sword to save Hillary from prison for espionage? Will the FBI even accept the lie that Hillary “didnt know until she read in the news that there was even a phone storing emails and, my god, how could that horrible Huma do that to me?? I trusted her and I had no idea she was storing emails!! I knew she was no good and i was going to fire her but the pressures of the campaign made me forget to do so! Please believe me!!”


    Moreover, this article says mutiny in the FBI staff caused the additional looking for information because the staff knew Comey was wrong.


    Now Comey looks like an idiot for re-opening because the investigation was supposed to be thorough and wasnt.

    Donna Brazille says Comey cant re-open the case. Nice frickin try, Donna. Right, another person who suffers from cognitive dissonance.

    1. I Am Helpy October 29, 2016

      OK thanks for letting us know how white supremacists are misinterpreting this non-scandal. Meanwhile, the thin-skinned lunatic who brags about sexually assaulting women that you nominated is going to court over child molestation charges.

  43. loveofcountry October 30, 2016

    Doesn’t it make anyone pause for a moment and wonder why our Secretary of State would use a non secure, private email server to send government emails even while traveling abroad and then delete and smash devices when asked to release this information that is government property and belongs to the American people? Why, oh why, would she do this? Especially since she is so transparent and honest?

    1. PrecipitousDrop October 30, 2016

      Maybe because the FBI, State Department, Department of Defense, and Executive Office — not to mention Trey Gowdy’s Congressional investigation — found no evidence of malfeasance?

      1. loveofcountry October 30, 2016

        Have not answered the question which is, why our Secretary of State would use an unsecured server and then destroy government property. Could she be trying to hide something? By the way, 650,000 emails on Huma and Weiner’s email relating to the Secretary of State. Could the missing 33,000 be there?

        1. PrecipitousDrop October 30, 2016

          There is no law against maintaining a private server.

          The State Department, FBI, DOD, and Trey Gowdy’s Congressional committee confirm no loss or harm to sensitive documents.
          Private citizens — even when they hold high public office — have every right to protect and destroy personal communications.

          No one, not FBI Director Comey, or any other representative of the State Department, Department of Justice, of Department of Defense alleges any of the emails on the computer used by Huma Abedin or Anthony Weiner were sent to, or received from, Sec. Clinton.

          It’s a non-story. A nothing-burger. Just like “33,000 emails”.

          1. loveofcountry October 30, 2016

            You are absolutely correct. There is no law against having a private server. But when you are the Secretary of State of the United States of America and you send classified information, that is government property over an unsecured server that any bad actor, be it, Russian, Chinese, etc. has access to,there is a problem. Comey did not prosecute Hillary because with our Department of Justice headed by Loretta Lynch, remember Bill’s little airplane visit with her, wasn’t going to go anywhere. Weiner’s computer, with the 630,000 emails they have recovered pertinent to Hillary’s email covered up may have that nasty 33,000 emails we have been looking for. This is not good.

          2. PrecipitousDrop October 31, 2016

            “But when you are the Secretary of State of the United States of America and you send classified information, that is government property over an UNSECURED SERVER…” (Sorry, no italics on this device.)
            So, Sec. Powell’s and Sec. Rices use of unsecured servers like NetZero, MSN Outlook, or AOL were OK?
            Doesn’t add up.

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