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Fearful Trump Supporters Hold All Of Us Hostage

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Fearful Trump Supporters Hold All Of Us Hostage

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a church service, in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., September 3, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

On Aug. 31, Donald Trump delivered a mind-boggling speech on immigration, striking for its anger, its mendacity, its hostility, its cruelty and its frank bigotry. Trump has once again defied the expectations of longtime political observers with behavior that sets the bar for presidential candidates ever lower, that veers wildly outside the mainstream, that competes with history’s most dangerous dictators in its audaciousness.
Even as Republican strategists have advised a more welcoming attitude toward voters of color, Trump has cemented his party’s reputation as the home of racially resentful white people. He has virtually guaranteed that the Republican Party will struggle to attract Latino voters for the next generation.
So the matter of whether the GOP nominee can “pivot” to a style of campaigning that more closely resembles the conventional — and that doesn’t scare the socks off most reasonable voters — ought to now be settled: No, he cannot. This is, in the language of his Twitter handle, the real Donald Trump. He is hateful, bullying and vile. Period.
Moreover, Trump’s noxious views will likely set back the cause of comprehensive immigration reform even further. Since President George W. Bush tried to push forward a reasonable solution to the plight of 11 million or so undocumented immigrants living in the shadows, congressional Republicans have balked, afraid of a backlash from the far-right precincts that can determine GOP primary elections. Given the way that Trump’s bashing of Mexicans and Muslims has resonated with the ultra-right, mainstream Republicans are unlikely to sanction even a mention of immigration reform.
That’s despite the fact that most Americans disagree with Trump’s proposals. According to a July CBS/New York Times poll, 61 percent of Americans believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay and apply for citizenship. Fifty-seven percent oppose Trump’s “beautiful” wall.
But there is a deep partisan cleavage here. While 83 percent of Democrats oppose Trump’s wall, as well as 56 percent of independents, only 27 percent of Republicans do. According to a Bloomberg poll, 73 percent of Democrats oppose Trump’s plan for blanket deportations, but only 54 percent of Republicans do. It’s no wonder, then, that Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., faced with opposition from the right-wing fringe, fled from his previous support for sensible policies to legalize the illegal immigrants already here.
That cowardice hurts not only the Republican Party, but also the country. Our refusal to pass comprehensive immigration reform has cut off opportunities for countless bright, hard-working young immigrants who’d like to go to college but can’t afford it because they don’t have the papers that would allow them to get scholarships and reduced tuition. Our failure to act has stifled countless illegal workers who would like to own homes and start businesses. They are Americans in virtually every way. It makes no sense to leave them in limbo.
But Trump has managed to persuade many working-class whites that illegal immigrants destroy neighborhoods, peddle drugs, murder innocents and drive down wages. They take well-paying jobs, he says, from citizens who deserve them. (To be fair, most of those claims aren’t original to Trump. They’ve been bandied about on the right for decades now.)
Much of that is simply not true. The population of criminals among illegal immigrants is lower than the percentage among native-born Americans, according to criminologists. As for the economic competition, there is no doubt that low-wage workers can be hurt by an influx of undocumented workers. The biggest burden falls on those without high school diplomas, who may see their wages fall by anywhere from 0.4 percent to 7 percent, research shows. That is certainly cause for worry.
But the answer to that is to make those undocumented workers legal, which would force their employers to pay them a higher wage. Too many employers get away with paying illegal workers less money and placing them in dangerous conditions.
If the solutions are all too obvious to most Americans, they represent a bridge to a treacherous new world order to many Trump supporters. And, for now, we are all held hostage to their prejudices and fears.
(Cynthia Tucker won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007. She can be reached at cynthia@cynthiatucker.com.)
Photo: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a church service, in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., September 3, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Cynthia Tucker Haynes

Cynthia Tucker Haynes, a veteran newspaper journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner, is a Visiting Professor of Journalism and Charlayne Hunter-Gault Distinguished Writer-in-Residence at the University of Georgia. She is also a highly-regarded commentator on TV and radio news shows.

Haynes was editorial page editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper for 17 years, where she led the development of opinion policy. More recently, she was that newspaper’s Washington-based political columnist. She maintains a syndicated column through Universal Press Syndicate, which is published in dozens of newspapers around the country. Besides winning the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007, Haynes has also received numerous other awards, including Journalist of the Year from the National Association of Black Journalists.

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  1. PrecipitousDrop September 4, 2016

    I refuse to be held “hostage,” Ms. Tucker. This proud Progressive Democrat — in a deep red state gone wild-eyed crazy for Donald Trump and his malignant bigotry — rises in revolt.
    I will speak up. I will write. I will advocate. I will protest, and I will gladly face whatever mortal peril his cowardly supporters threaten.
    Trump will win my state, but he will lose the general election. The Republican party, however, will carry the Trump brand of stink for generations.

    1. charleo1 September 4, 2016

      I don’t know what deep red State you’re posting from. But there’s no doubt in my mind, Trump’s mean spirited lunacy has hastened the demise of the Right Wing’s stranglehold on its politics. Perhaps as no other election, because of the kind of Right Wing extremism Trump so unashamedly bullhorns. This election is a clear referendum on the identity of the Country. Demonstrating in the clearest of terms, who we are, or that Nation we may have become, that is so much different than the one we’ve always been. Trump standing in as the antithesis, if you will, of the aspirational election of Barack Obama. That served to illustrate the Nation so many dreamed we could become, that his historic success proved for so many, we were finally becoming. A Trump victory would repudiate all that, and so much more.

      1. Karen Randolph September 4, 2016

        “So much different than the one we’ve always been”. I disagree- the bigots have always been with us- Trump has just emboldened them to come out from under their rocks. Its now OK to sucker punch someone who disagrees with their platform, Trump will offer to pay for their defense. People with these views have always been among us, and they refuse to admit they are a part of the problem.

        1. charleo1 September 4, 2016

          I agree, the Trumpite types have always been with us. The selfish low brows, the anti-intellectual, me first nativists, and nationalists, and single cultural proponents. But they’ve not won. They’ve lost a Civil War, and have never been counted in the majority. But I do believe Trump offers them the best shot at reversing all that, since
          at least the early 1930s. When was seen 30,000 KKK members marching down Pennsylvania Av. in Washington D.C.

          1. Tellthetruth September 4, 2016

            It seems to me that the election of President Obama, and predictions that white people will no longer be the majority in this country has set off a backlash (i.e.- the birther movement and the Tea Party). I honestly believe that some white people are afraid that they will be treated as harshly and unfairly as minorities have been treated. What they need to realize is that a change in the racial makeup of this country is not a transfer of wealth. The color has never been black or white (or brown or red), it has ALWAYS been GREEN.

          2. charleo1 September 4, 2016

            Exactly! What they fear is race based, and is commonly referred to as becoming a majority-minority. Where the combination of all other minorities add up to a larger voting block than the traditionally majority Caucasian. And thus interrupting, or even they fear ending the predominantly White European cultural, and political power structure make up of the lower 48. Personally I believe it stems from the age old fear of slave revolt. Where plantation owners wind up murdered in their beds.

    2. Buford2k11 September 4, 2016

      I know what you mean by living in a Trump luvin’ area…I have Trump supporters as neighbors, and there are Trump supporters deeply entrenched in the local republican party machine…a Koch supported republican machine…But that is changing…there is daylight ahead…

    3. AgLander September 4, 2016

      Translation: Anyone daring to have an idea that interferes with your make believe world will be oppressed by you and your fellow deranged liberals.

      1. PrecipitousDrop September 4, 2016

        Exactly, Aggie.
        Your positions are harmful and your candidates suck.
        The majority of the general electorate rejects you.
        Oh, your “oppression” consists of uninterrupted life-as-usual.

        1. AgLander September 4, 2016

          Thank you so much for confirming the premise of my comment. I know you did it unwittingly, but thank you non the less!

          1. PrecipitousDrop September 4, 2016

            Happy to help.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 4, 2016

    Cowardice is an essence of what the GOP has become since the days of Nixon. No longer stout enough to stand up against the assault on Christianity by the bestial fury of racist elements in the country, they have chosen to substitute God and the ideals of Religion in favor of a fleeting temporal power which they can’t take with them to the Next World. Part of the baggage they have been forced to take on is the acceptance of racist elements, groups which stand in defiance by their very nature against the Will of God as elaborated at length on by Baha’u’llah in His scores of Tablets and Epistles.

    All temporal power, material gain, greed, hate, and the like are qualities that are tied to the material realm and have no existence in reality—they are illusory and transient.

    Trump’s billions and real estate will stay behind while he’s on track to enter the next realm worse off than a pauper in this realm.The GOP as an entity has been equally focused on these ephemeral qualities, and may wind up totally threadbare as well when its most spiritually careless members step through the door of death.

    The partisan-political systems in the world unfortunately have designed themselves to channel their energies on material gain and have become spiritual deserts in return.

  3. yabbed September 4, 2016

    Donald Trump is a scam artist. He’s a scam artist in business, borrowing money and hiring services providers that he ultimately stiffs. He’s facing a trial in the fall for conspiracy to commit fraud in the “Trump University” case. He has a rape trial on the court’s calendar, facing accusations from 3 women including one who was 13 years old at the time. He refuses to show his taxes because he is a total fraud and he has to hide his negative net worth, his enormous debt to the Chinese government and to the Russian oligarchs and the fact that he has a years long history of paying no income taxes. No US or European bank will loan him money after their past experiences with him. His history is littered with mafia connections, felons, drug dealers. His personal history is rife with adultery and failed marriages. There is a video of a Howard Sturm show in which Trump says his avoidance of the Vietnam draft was okay because he fought an even tougher was against STDs those years. The man is vile. He disgusts every decent person with his racism, his misogyny, his white supremacy hate rhetoric. This man would make a laughingstock of our great country if we put him on the world stage as leader of the free world. It would be the end of our leadership dominance in the world.

    1. FireBaron September 4, 2016

      And those are his good points!

    2. itsfun September 4, 2016

      Bill Clinton avoided the Vietnam war by writing a letter saying he was afraid of getting hurt in Vietnam.

      1. yabbed September 4, 2016

        Nonsense. What fool would believe the Selective Service would allow a fear of harm deferment? Bill Clinton received student deferments like many other young men of his generation. Donald Trump ridiculed those like John McCain who went to a war Trump laughed about avoiding. Trump’s contempt for vets is long standing.

        1. itsfun September 4, 2016

          Ever heard of having friends in high places?

          1. yabbed September 4, 2016

            A poor boy from Arkansas had “friends in high places”? That’s a laugh. Now, if you are talking about the rich guy’s ner’ do well son, Donnie Doofus, you may have a point.

          2. itsfun September 4, 2016

            Maybe the “poor boy” knew a General in the guard and got help from that General. The “poor boy” got to Oxford.

          3. yabbed September 4, 2016

            Bill Clinton got into Oxford by his intelligence. No one ever accredited Donald Trump with intelligence. What kind of smart businessman goes broke owning casinos? 🙂

          4. itsfun September 4, 2016

            Now days casinos are going out of business on a regular basis. Check out how many in Vegas have been shut down. The Riviera even got shut down recently.

          5. yabbed September 4, 2016

            The Riviera was from the ’50s and was taken down because it was too old to be competitive with the extravagant new casinos. No one but an idiot like Trump bankrupts casinos. Ask Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson. Trump borrowed what he couldn’t pay back and he lost it all.

          6. itsfun September 4, 2016

            Who cares what Wynn and Adelson think? Trump is a very successful business person and always will be.

          7. yabbed September 4, 2016

            Well, Adelson and Wynn are real billionaires and they got that way with casino ownership while Trump went bankrupt on his casinos. In fact, Trump has bankrupted 6 times. He is heavily in debt to the Chinese government and to the Russian oligarchs. The Saudi princes have bailed him out repeatedly just like they did GWB. He’s a scam artist. There is a date set for the fraud trial involving the defunct, failed “Trump University” which defrauded ordinary Americans out of their life savings and his rape trial involving 3 women, one of whom was 13 when she claimed Trump raped her repeatedly, has a court date scheduled. He may well end up sentenced to a prison term in both cases.

          8. itsfun September 4, 2016

            Maybe he will get the cell next to Hillary.

          9. JPHALL September 4, 2016

            Another right wing wet dream! So sad.

          10. charleo1 September 4, 2016

            “Maybe?” Maybe, Hillary offered up her coven of sex slaves to the Joint Chiefs of Staff? And that’s how Bill Clinton skipped out on Viet Nam? Or maybe…Maybe, “The devil went down to Georgia, he was looking’ for a soul to steal…” “He was in a bind, and way behind, and, willin’ to make a deal…” And that’s how Bill Clinton got out of the draft. And so it has gone between the Right Wing and the Clintons forever.

          11. PrecipitousDrop September 4, 2016

            As a college student?
            Yeah. I met the dean of my Department. Once. By accident.

      2. stcroixcarp September 4, 2016

        Irrelevant nonsense.

      3. charleo1 September 4, 2016

        And what was Trump’s excuse? Affluenza?

        1. itsfun September 4, 2016

          I don’t know but unless it was a physical disability, or a religious reason. I have no respect for dodging the draft. One of my best friends was a CO, but he still served. Actually he was a medic in Nam. That was one heck of a dangerous job.

          1. charleo1 September 4, 2016

            And so you’re supporting which veteran for President?

          2. itsfun September 4, 2016

            I am not supporting any of them. I just know I can’t believe any words that Hillary comes out with. Especially after reading the FBI interview that came out Friday. I have no idea what kind of President Trump would make. I doubt if it matters as much as may want, because our country is so divided now, no one is going to get much done one way or another.
            What would you think of any person on trial used can’t remember or don’t recall around 40 times. Would you think the person is a liar, incompetent, or has terrible memory problems? Any of the three should disqualify anyone from being President.

          3. InGen12 September 4, 2016

            Trump’s deferment was for bone spurs, a condition that can be corrected by surgery. Funny, now when he’s asked which foot it was that had the spurs, he says he can’t remember! My mother had bone spurs and if he still has them, he would be unable to wear normal shoes – and obviously he didn’t have surgery since he can’t remember which foot had bone spurs!

          4. itsfun September 4, 2016

            Maybe he had surgery after getting past the draft eligible age, or he drew a high lottery number and had surgery. I have only known one person that had bone spurs and I can remember him being in pain and not even being able to bowl or play golf, much less football or baseball. He didn’t want surgery (afraid of I think), but finally did. Surgery did correct his problem. He still complains about not have surgery at a younger age.

          5. InGen12 September 4, 2016

            I seriously doubt he had the surgery or he would have said so. Instead, when asked which foot, he claims not to remember. My mother could tell you up to the day she died what foot was operated on. It’s fairly obvious that Daddy Fred called in a favor to keep him out of the military.

          6. itsfun September 4, 2016

            My guess is you are probably right.

        2. yabbed September 4, 2016

          A heel spur that miraculously disappeared. Didn’t stop Trump from playing sports, just serving in the military.

  4. itsfun September 4, 2016

    The writer talks about taking jobs away from Americans. Did anyone see the interview with Bill Clinton where he says the results of the depression could help 10,000 immigrants from Syria. They could move into Detroit and rebuild the 10,000 homes that are structural sound. My question is why not let the poor white and black American citizens in Detroit rebuilt the houses? Why does the Clinton family want to put foreign immigrants over poor Americans? What is wrong with helping Americans? Maybe they just want 10,000 new votes.

    1. Patrick Drazen September 4, 2016

      This debate has been around for some time, and often comes down to jobs that American citizens do not–or will not–apply for. It’s not a new phenomenon. I’m sure that there are displaced American workers who would be willing to rebuild housing in inner-city Detroit, but there are other forces who do no want to see that happen because it might strengthen building trade unions, which would cut into the profits of the construction companies. So we’re going to see volunteers like nonagenarian Jimmy Carter building those homes through Habitat for Humanity, and little else, for some time to come unless there is meaningful immigration reform.

      1. itsfun September 4, 2016

        Do we really need immigration reform, or do we just need to enforce our current laws?

        1. charleo1 September 4, 2016

          No, we really need comprehensive immigration reform. And we really need to support political leaders that have the courage to take on the rich powerful lobbies that like the status quo policies just fine, thank you very much. The fact is, we’ll never get a handle on uncontrolled illegal immigration until the incentive is taken away to cross, or be smuggled across, and linked up with sub contracting companies that provide work for the undocumented for the thousands of willing employers who hire them, without a fear in the World of ever suffering any legal consequences for breaking the law as it is currently written. Which begs the question, is the RW really that stupid, or gullible, or uneducated they can’t read the law for themselves? Or is pounding on, and blaming the illegal immigrant, just another way to be a bigot, and get away with it?

    2. charleo1 September 4, 2016

      No I didn’t see that interview, did you? Or did one of the talking heads on Fixed News just tell you about it? The problem in Detroit is jobs. With so many of the jobs dependent on the car factories. GM, and Chrysler nearly going broke. And the reality that GM is building, and selling more cars in China than in the U.S.
      But of course, it’s all about Syrian refugees!

      1. itsfun September 4, 2016

        Yes; I watched a replay of it today at 8:30. Whats wrong with 10,000 jobs for poor American citizens? Wouldn’t they learn a trade while doing this? Wouldn’t that make them qualified for a good paying job in home construction?

        1. Jan123456 September 4, 2016

          If you watched it, he is talking about an urban homesteading project in Detroit. They need people to MOVE into those houses to rebuild the population of this urban area. Not just rehab and leave.

          1. itsfun September 4, 2016

            I know what he was talking about. My question is still what is wrong with having the poor folks in the Detroit area or even all of Michigan get paid to fix those houses. They would make a living and learn a good trade.

          2. Jan123456 September 4, 2016

            Nothing wrong with it at all.

            I am not sure you are aware of the entire context of the discussion. Many people in Syria live in a situation that’s beyond hopeless. Some people here object to taking in the refugees saying we don’t have facilities for them. Detroit (as one example) does. Citizens here simply do not want to live in the city. Now, compared with what these folks are enduring in Syria, the city of Detroit is heaven.

            We can rescue the refugees and repopulate the city. That’s a two-fer.


          3. itsfun September 4, 2016

            How do you know the people living in Detroit don’t want to live there? How do you know they wouldn’t want the chance to fix up and build new homes, while getting paid and leaning a new skill. That skill could keep them employed for a long time with various companies. Why do you want to keep our poor citizens in Detroit on welfare when they can be given the opportunity to make Detroit a first class city? Everybody is screaming give opportunities to the poor, help the poor to grow and be a big part of society. Lets try that, instead of keeping the poor in a getto and giving non-citizens all the opportunities.

            Helping our own citizens has to take priority over foreign countries.

          4. Jan123456 September 4, 2016

            How do I know people don’t want to live in the city of Detroit? Look at the statistics. According to the Detroit blight task force, there are 78,000 abandoned buildings and 91,000 vacant lots in the city. The population of Detroit has plummeted from about 1.5 million in 1970 to around 700K in 2010. It was even higher in its heyday. (source US census)

            The homestead project is not limited to refugees. If you read the Forbes article I posted, the idea is it’s open to all. The refugees are just one group, but as I said, it’s a two-fer.

          5. itsfun September 4, 2016

            Jobs, jobs, jobs. Make jobs, the people will come back.

          6. Jan123456 September 4, 2016

            We have a chicken or egg situation here. Until there is demand, businesses won’t open and there won’t be jobs. So there will be no jobs until there is population.

          7. itsfun September 4, 2016

            yep: If our country would do something to entice the auto industry back, then Detroit would be a ideal location. They have empty factories, a ready and experienced labor market. We need to make our country look as good to a manufacturer as others have done.

          8. Jan123456 September 4, 2016


            We have the party of “Government is not the solution, government is the problem.” running congress and they refuse to do anything. As you said, we need to make our country look good and who can do that but a country’s government.

            In addition, there is the situation with robotics now. We don’t need the manpower to build automobiles that we once did. Robots take care of a large part of the process so whether the cars were built here or not, it’s not like the assembly line jobs of the 1970s and 1980s would come back.

            It would take government intervention to start the process of retraining workers for the jobs that do exist. My dad was able to raise a family on the education he got in high school. That’s simply not the case anymore. No one company is going to lead the fight for such massive retraining. Like I said, it’s a chicken and egg situation…the companies won’t come back until there is a reason to and until there are jobs the people won’t come back.

            It’s a difficult situation all the way around.

          9. JPHALL September 4, 2016

            The auto industry did not leave! It just uses more robots and now Mexico to produce the cars. Great American businessmen like your god Trump! ????

          10. itsfun September 4, 2016

            They are not making cars in Mexico, China, Canada and South Korea? I am sure that will come as news for the auto industry, especially the folks that are employed in those countries.

          11. JPHALL September 4, 2016

            Just take your meds and go to sleep Dopey!
            Subject: Re: Comment on Fearful Trump Supporters Hold All Of Us Hostage

          12. itsfun September 4, 2016

            just more name calling by you. I have come to expect that from low class people. Do us all a favor and don’t read my posts any more.

          13. JPHALL September 5, 2016

            Subject: Re: Comment on Fearful Trump Supporters Hold All Of Us Hostage

          14. itsfun September 5, 2016

            I never lie you just can’t deal with the truth

          15. JPHALL September 5, 2016

            I always deal with truth. with you I have to deal with lies!
            Subject: Re: Comment on Fearful Trump Supporters Hold All Of Us Hostage

          16. itsfun September 5, 2016

            Nope you can’t deal with truth and facts, so you just call names to make yourself feel important.

          17. JPHALL September 5, 2016

            Typical right wing liar. You get caught then you try to bull s*t your way through. It does not work. Try presenting the truth and facts sometimes. But keep the right wing BS to yourself! Subject: Re: Comment on Fearful Trump Supporters Hold All Of Us Hostage

          18. itsfun September 6, 2016

            you accuse me of lying – PROVE IT! Your bullying BS will never shut me up.

          19. JPHALL September 6, 2016


          20. itsfun September 6, 2016

            I don’t lie or make anything up I post. I have either read or seen the information on TV news. When I post my opinion, that is what it is, not a lie.

          21. JPHALL September 6, 2016

            Of course you do! Thay is why you should watch your posted opinions. They are not fact just ideology. Subject: Re: Comment on Fearful Trump Supporters Hold All Of Us Hostage

          22. JPHALL September 4, 2016

            By the way, the US does not keep people in ghettos. Also, if Americans wanted those houses they would have taken them by now. You know, squatters! Ask the banks who foreclosed on many of those homes during the recession.

          23. itsfun September 4, 2016

            More BS from you.

          24. JPHALL September 4, 2016

            Again, just te truth. Life on the right wing must have seriously damage your brain! Subject: Re: Comment on Fearful Trump Supporters Hold All Of Us Hostage

        2. charleo1 September 4, 2016

          Again, nothing wrong with renovation, if it makes economical sense for Americans. It doesn’t right now. That’s why acres of these previously occupied, now abandoned homes are being bull dozed to the ground. The point is, we are a Country that should be part of the solution. And as such we need to be doing more for the Syrians fleeing what is a hell on Earth right now. Instead of behaving like a bunch of moral less, un- Christian heathens. What goes around always does comes back around. So you get back 10X what you give out. So sayth the Good Book.

          1. InformedVoter September 4, 2016

            The solution is so obvious. The UN should build a sanctuary city where the Syrian refugees could stay in their own country and be protected by the UN force. Then when the unrest is over, they merely have to move back. Putting them into Germany, Denmark, the USA is NOT the answer. They will NEVER assimilate and thus there will always be problems. But the Obama administration has listed as one of their goals to “destroy the US”. When will you low information dummies realize that?

          2. yabbed September 4, 2016

            Steve Jobs was the son of Syrian immigrants. 🙂

          3. InformedVoter September 4, 2016

            And your point? Of course many who enter LEGALLY do assimilate into the US society. And of course they entered as refugees from a war torn areas and at a time when terrorists are saying they will destroy our country by entering radicalized terrorists into the country. Why you low information folks try to pass off drivel as being meaningful.

          4. yabbed September 4, 2016

            You haven’t a clue. You just are spouting your bigotry. The US has a severe vetting process. Syrians seeking consideration as refugees must have lived in a UN refugee camp in Jordan or Lebanon for at least 2 years and have a through vetting from the UN camp. They must be husband, wife and children. They must have work skills. They must pass a battery of tests. We do not share a border with Europe. Get a map. Pay attention. Give up Fox News. It’s making you say stupid things.

          5. Paul Anthony September 4, 2016

            Vetting people from a war-torn region is next to impossible. There are no official records to check. Taking someone’s word for things is all that can be done, and that’s not enough.

          6. yabbed September 4, 2016

            Did you read what I said. There are, in fact, official records on anyone who has lived in a UN refugee camp in either Jordan or Lebanon for at least 2 years. There are extensive records. No one takes anyone’s word for anything. They are vetted throughly. You are letting your bigotry and your wish to discriminate cloud your ability to learn the facts.

          7. Paul Anthony September 4, 2016

            There are no records. You do understand these people have been living in a war zone, where one side, then the other side has occupied the towns? How do you propose checking official records when ISIS in holed up in the town hall?

          8. InformedVoter September 4, 2016

            You must live in Flint, Michigan and have been drinking the water and eating the lead paint too.
            All your statement are nothing but lies and you know it! Just examine your statement about “be husband” etc. So all those 20 something males that are trying to get in are married to each other? Your comments are not even worth responding to.

          9. yabbed September 5, 2016

            The US only takes families, families which have a record of conduct and stability in a UN refugee camp in either Jordan or Lebanon. The US does not accept single men. The US is not taking 20 something single males. The family unit must be that of husband, wife, and children. There are no trains or trucks driving into the US from Syria on which single young men can catch a ride into the US. The USA is not connected by land mass to Syria or any Arab country.

            You seem massively confused about geography. You seem to have no contact with reality. Please post a picture of young male terrorists entering the United States borders from Syria. Please post a US State Department directive saying that the USA is accepting young male Syrians to come singly to this country. If you can’t do that, then just go away.

          10. InformedVoter September 7, 2016

            You know not of what you speak. The US is taking in single males in their 20’s. Even you have to admit this seems like a recipe for disaster. The refugees from Syria are flown in, and under the cover of darkness, they are shipped off. Even the flight logs are classified. If, as you say, nothing but families are being let in, then why the secrecy? Michigan has taken in 10,000 Syrian refugees with the majority being single 20-something males. This was made public. The justification was that Dearborn already has the highest concentration of Arab decent outside of the middle east. The latest shipment was to Hamtramck. Again, only a few families included.

          11. PrecipitousDrop September 7, 2016

            Hi, Misinformed. It’s me. Again.
            Where are you getting these imaginary, absurdly inferior Brand X factoids?
            You are LYING.

          12. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            There is no policy that says single 20-something males are not allowed. They are getting let in as “cousins”, “brothers”, “nephews”, etc. Just look at what has happened in Europe. Germany, the most liberal in letting in people, has had enough bombings and rapes. So you’re going to claim that it was families that committed these violent crimes? Germany just had an election and the party that was promoting immigration got soundly defeated and thrown out of office. The Brexit vote was for the same reasons.
            So all you are left with is your own crowd of low information folks who believe the lies that Obama has been spewing.

          13. PrecipitousDrop September 21, 2016

            What you’re experiencing, Misinformed, is called a psychotic break.
            The doctor will explain it to you after the EMT’s take you to the hospital.
            Please don’t struggle.

          14. yabbed September 7, 2016

            No, they are not. What you are describing is nothing but conspiracy theory crazy talk from right wing extremist websites. MI has had a large Muslim community for decades. It has nothing to do with recent Syrian refugees.

            I feel sorry for anyone so hindered in life as to live on half baked conspiracy theories and in consuming fear as you clearly do.

          15. InformedVoter September 21, 2016

            The only thing you are correct about is that MI has a large Arab population. They now have 2 cities that practice Sharia Law and Detroit Police will not chase anyone who flees into these cities. There are zones of “no go” for adjacent city police. You are incorrect about single, 20-something males being let in. There is NO policy that requires that only families are to be admitted. You are just lying when you made that statement.

          16. PrecipitousDrop September 21, 2016

            You are having a break with reality, Misinformed.
            Someone needs to call 911.

          17. JPHALL September 4, 2016

            Wasn’t hat was tried in Sarajevo in 1992? Didn’t work so well did it! Remember?

          18. itsfun September 4, 2016

            Our country has given and given for years and years. We have foreign aid and we send money, food, workers, etc to every national disaster there is. My point is we are a country that needs to help our own citizens. Charity begins at home. We can worry about every other person in the world after we take care of our own.

          19. charleo1 September 4, 2016

            Here’s what the people of the Mid East see. They see an American President invade a Country on false pretenses, and Jordon a small impoverished Country of 10 million accept 2 million displaced Iraqis because of it. And that’s fine. Jordon does this. And while the consequences of that invasion has been to destabilize the region, and in part help to precipitate the Syrian Civil War, one political faction thinks accepting even 10,000 Syrian refugees in a Country of 300 million is an outrageous thing to ask. It’s called hypocrisy and much of the wider World says it stinks. And it does.

          20. itsfun September 4, 2016

            Those people also see a President that draws red lines, and lies about it. They see a country that pays ransoms. They see a country that has given in to Iran. They see a country that runs out on them. They see a country that allows its servicemen and women to be captured and then thanks the people that captured them. The see a country that calls ISIS a JV team.
            Lets help our own citizens for a change.

          21. yabbed September 4, 2016

            What ransom? That money belonged to Iran. They paid it to the US in good faith for military equipment we failed to deliver decades ago. We simply gave their money back. To get the money there and hold it until they released our citizens is simply good business. And if you think a ragtag bunch of killers with no army, navy, or air force isn’t a JV team up against the mighty United States military then you are the acclaimed the No. 1 ‘fraidy cat in the world.

          22. itsfun September 4, 2016

            ISIS goes and murders innocent people in clubs, meetings, etc. They don’t go up against the military. They are not a ragtag bunch of killers. They are terrorists that have killed thousands of innocent people. Why did one of the released hostages say he wasn’t allowed on the plane to come home, until that plane with the ransom on it landed?

          23. yabbed September 4, 2016

            So, President Obama outmaneuvered the Iranians. That’s good thing, not a negative in anyone but a right wing bigot’s mind.

            Of course ISIS “goes up against the military”. Who do you think the coalition is bombing and attacking in Syria every blooming day? It’s not ISIS who is attacking in night clubs. It’s local misfits who are attracted to the ISIS jihadism over the internet just like the white American terrorists are just individuals who have been attracted to act based on the racism and bigotry they are fed daily over the internet.

          24. itsfun September 4, 2016

            Obama hasn’t outmaneuvered anyone. Check out what the Germans are saying about the nuclear program in Iran now. Ransom is never a good thing. It just gives terrorists and others a good reason to take hostages. So individual members and supporters of ISIS are not attacking innocent people.
            On his current trip Obama is the only leader to not get the red carpet from China. They didn’t even give him a stairway.

          25. yabbed September 4, 2016

            That was Iran’s money. They paid the US for military equipment decades ago and we just kept their money and didn’t give them the equipment. We had a legal and moral obligation to return the money and that is what we did. That President Obama outthought the Iranians is a good thing.

            The entire world has watched Iran adhere exactly to the nuclear agreement between themselves and Germany, France, Britain, Russia, China, and the USA.

            President Obama got a great reception from the Chinese government. The Chinese security service doesn’t understand the concept of free press, you know, so they were surprised that the American press corps was allowed on the tarmac by the Secret Service. You’re trying to make something out of nothing. China agreed with President Obama and signed the Paris Treaty.

          26. yabbed September 4, 2016

            America cannot be the leader of the free world and retreat into itself. If we want to be the most powerful and influential nation on earth, we have to act like it and live the obligation.

          27. itsfun September 4, 2016

            We have to take care of our own first! We have no obligation to take in the whole world and feed, house, educate them. We have that obligation to our citizens. We have to get rid of gettos, give opportunities and educational opportunities to the people in gettos. Just look at Chicago, Detroit, and other big cities in the U.S. We can get rid of getto living if we act and quit just giving lip service to the people living there. They represent a huge number of people that can be successful if given the chances. Get rid of drug dealers, gangs, and help the people in the getto.

          28. yabbed September 4, 2016

            Well, you should be talking to your Republican Members of Congress because they are the ones blocking every job program, educational opportunity, and social programs. They are the ones giving outlandish tax breaks to the ultra rich and big corporations and starving out opportunities for regular Americans. Your hero Trump hires undocumented workers and refuses to pay them and your hero Trump outsources his branded clothes to cheap labor in other countries. Get real.

          29. itsfun September 4, 2016

            Which Republicans are blocking job programs, educational opportunities? Or corporate tax is the highest corporate tax in the world. How many undocumented workers has Trump hired? Where do you think the clothes Hillary wears are made?

          30. yabbed September 4, 2016

            I think I’m talking to a nut cake here. Maybe you should expand your field of knowledge beyond Fox News. 🙂

          31. itsfun September 4, 2016

            Just asked you where you got your info. If that is a nut case so be it. You just used one of the progressive big 6. 1: call a bigot. 2: call a racist: 3: call a hater 4: call sexist 5: call names and 6: the good ole blame George Bush.

          32. yabbed September 4, 2016

            You don’t have to get all bent out of shape. Just look for information outside of Fox News. I didn’t call you a bigot, a racist, a hater, sexist or blame GWB. I did suggest that it was difficult to try to talk to a nut cake but I smiled when I said it.

            I’m a NYer. I have seen Donald Trump through all his scandals, his crimes, his unsavory affiliations, his mob connections, his frauds and bankruptcies, his thousands of lawsuits, his fines and court losses. He’s an endless sewer of foulness.

            Trump admits hiring undocumented workers. He abuses them. Google Trump and Bonwit Teller and the Polish illegals. Trump has outsourced the products bearing his label to 13 foreign cheap labor markets. I don’t know where HRC’s clothes are made but I suspect she uses American designers or Italian ones like most well to do American women.

            On the books we seem to have a high corporate tax but no one actually has to pay it. At times in the ’70s, ’80s, 90s DJT admitted in various filings that he paid no federal taxes whatsoever. If he had paid taxes like the Clintons he wouldn’t be so reluctant to let us see his taxes. His debt load is known to be huge. He can only get financing from the Chinese government and the Russian oligarchs now. Not even the Saudi princes will loan him money now. He’s a dud.

            Banks took his casinos. Banks took the Plaza Hotel and the waterfront from him in bankruptcies. He’s an extremely unsound businessman. If he’s not a fraud, then why won’t he show his financials like the Clintons and every other presidential candidate?

          33. ivory69690@yahoo.com September 4, 2016

            who is this guy itsfun ? something’s wrong here the itsfun guy I know only likes debating because he thinks itsfun fighting . these are words that don’t match no itsfun I know

          34. PrecipitousDrop September 4, 2016

            What are you thinking, FunnyHead?
            You want to restrict aid to allies and UN humanitarian aid so that our government can increase the domestic aid programs you spend half your time complaining about?
            You make no sense at all.

          35. itsfun September 4, 2016

            ole dunghead with just more blah blah blah

          36. PrecipitousDrop September 4, 2016

            Ole to you too, Senor FunnyHead.

        3. ivory69690@yahoo.com September 4, 2016

          easy fix let those 10,000 people say thy want the jobs . get a fund of some kind going so thy can do that .

    3. ivory69690@yahoo.com September 4, 2016

      maybe because the house’s in Detroit been the way thy are (not fixed up ) seem thy don’t want to fix them up so why not get ones that want to fix them up ? if it be that the poor any race people want to fix up those house’s then let them speak up and say that thy want to do that job .

    4. JPHALL September 4, 2016

      Why not the refugees, the people left in Detroit do not want them that is why they are empty! Even the American homeless do not want those houses. Who wants to live in abandoned areas? You? No public services (Police, Fire or garbage pickup), no working water, heat or electricity? Get real!

      1. itsfun September 4, 2016


        1. JPHALL September 4, 2016

          Not BS, just the truth. It is sad that you have let ideology overcome your common sense. Subject: Re: Comment on Fearful Trump Supporters Hold All Of Us Hostage

  5. Patrick Drazen September 4, 2016

    Tucker writes: “Too many employers get away with paying illegal workers less money and placing them in dangerous conditions.” And for decades Donald Trump has been one of those employers. Whether the Polish construction workers in the Eighties or the more recent teen models from Russia, there is ample evidence that Trump is guilty. He not only knew his workers were illegal, he COUNTED on their status, and used it to leverage them, to pay them lower wages, to offer them fewer protections under law, and to keep them legally off-balance and personally afraid. Is this the kind of President he’d make?

    1. Jmz Nesky September 4, 2016

      But of course.. Old dogs never learn new tricks. He can’t just take a shower and come out squeaky clean..He built his reputation upon the less fortunate and disposed those who pointed him out about it so don’t expect that any positive delegating will stand up if he’s ever sworn in and when he takes away welfare and food stamps it will mostly affect the red states, the very same bobble heads who voted for him. I wonder how they will defend him when it starts to affect them.

  6. TZToronto September 4, 2016

    That is one small hand he’s showing in the picture. Is that really his? Yikes! That’s small. I’ll bet he has to have pens specially made (Mont Blanc, no doubt), small ones, so that he can hold them. Small hands, small . . . brain.

    1. Jmz Nesky September 4, 2016

      No, that hand belongs to the woman behind him but your not very far off about his real hands.. They are small.. just like his mind, and should I say it? His penis. He’ll tell you different but if you heard him brag about in the past then you should have seen the smirk on his cougar’s lips when he did.. I think her eyes rolled as well.

      1. TZToronto September 4, 2016

        There’s nothing wrong with having a small penis unless you’re a bully. Then you have to have yuuuge one. Otherwise you can’t be the alpha male. The only other way you can get women, if you feel you are sexually inadequate, is to have a yuuuge amount of money that you can dangle in front of them. Of course, before they agree to be with you, they have to agree not to touch your money, only the other thing.

        1. GayEGO September 4, 2016

          That is why Trumpa Dumpa is confused with his small penis when he wants to act like a bully. Apparently he did not demand the President of Mexico to pay for the wall in his face.

        2. Jmz Nesky September 4, 2016

          I’m sure the majority of women wouldn’t quite agree with you on your first statement unless the person involved had a very good technique beyond his size and sorry but only hair brains look at money in a sexual way so that would essentially eliminate real women and I do believe that’s the reason the Turnup found his women in other countries (1) no one here was interested and (2) no one there had a clue what kind of skin waster this clown is. as for being an alpha, well he had to buy many yes men in order to accomplish that feat.

    2. charleo1 September 4, 2016

      That’s one small hand for^man, and one giant leap in the gutter for mankind!

    3. GayEGO September 4, 2016

      Right on! That is why Trump looks like he has an orange wig to cover up his small……..whatever! Oh wait, I was just being sarcastic! :>)

  7. TZToronto September 4, 2016

    How so many people can believe that a yuuuge wall can actually be built and that Mexico will pay for it boggles the mind. Given the history of cost overruns in building anything the government buys (they take the low bid and the low bid is often unrealistic), a $25 billion wall would end up costing $200 billion–and it won’t even get finished. I envision a new tourist attraction along the southern border, a crumbling (bad concrete), 30-foot-high wall with huge sections missing, Trump’s Wall, a tribute to Republican stupidity. It will be unfinished for two reasons. (1) It can’t be built and (2) Republicans will lose both houses of Congress and the Presidency, and funding for the wall will be cut off. The only power the right will have left will be the Supreme Court, the overtly Republican members of which will be hounded so ferociously by public protests and revelations of graft that they will be forced to resign since they’ll be facing criminal charges.

    1. plc97477 September 4, 2016

      You could add (3) It will prove to be inefficient.

    2. charleo1 September 4, 2016

      I heard about these vacation packages for sale the other day where the buyer tells this travel agency a few of the elements they’d like in their trip. And the agency sells them tickets to a random location anywhere in the World. And they agree to go. At least agree to their no refunds policy. Trump voters I thought?
      Oh, it’s going to be great! “The wall is going to be magnificent!” He said the other day. “I’ll make sure you have plenty of terrific high paying jobs,” He told the African American community in Detroit the other day. “I’ll make you safe” He says. I want one of my children to become a Silicon Valley billionaire to take care of me in my old age. I wonder if Trump could help me too!? I’ll bet he would promise to, if I ask him. I’ll bet that!

    3. Leftout September 4, 2016

      “61% of americans think immigrants should be allowed to stay and apply for citizenship.” It is exactly what Trump suggests . 80% of Americans oppose amnesty and suggest by some mechanism that illegals be documented and stand in line to applying for citizenship . Is that unreasonable ?

      1. vdpphd September 4, 2016

        Current law does not allow illegal entrants to apply for legal status here. All new legal entry now must begin at a US Consulate in the person’s nation of origin. Illegals sneak in here because they can’t get visas, or at least can’t wait a year and a half to get one.

        1. Leftout September 4, 2016

          That is correct , but they can be issued work cards to come and go until They decide what to do , so no one would feel to be ” living in the shadow” .

          1. vdpphd September 6, 2016

            Actually, no. Work permits can only be granted to legal residents. The most that the executive can do for an illegal entrant is to give them a reprieve paper so that they will not get deported. This does not allow them to work or to apply for ANY public benefits. President Obama attempted to issue permits and grant benefits to reprieved illegals who arrived as minor children, and the court struck that down. Only when Congress enacts a new law allowing reprieved illegals to be issued IDs or permits or benefits will they be able to get any of these. Some States may allow them to obtain drivers licenses, but others do not, and the Feds have no jurisdiction over drivers licenses.

          2. Leftout September 6, 2016

            There are a lot of loopholes for granting work /visa/ permits. My concern is that everyone combing to the US should have a permit so that they do not feel like second class people’s and are not terrorists . My concern is only a security issue for the US. These permits would be an easy fix by our congress and everyone would be happy.

  8. ivory69690@yahoo.com September 4, 2016

    on DONNY DUMP’S chat in Detroit looking at him there he truly looked like the WHITE CANCER SPOT on the black race . and any and all race’s now that I look at the clown and think about it

    1. GayEGO September 4, 2016

      Uh, I don’t know, uh duh, I was just being sarcastic! :>)

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com September 4, 2016

        and I was being truthful as I can . DONNY DUMP only seeks the attention like a retard child minded clown . he want nothing more then just the title to be pres. he would do nothing if he got there just tell others what thy should do . he wants to run (and yes rule like a DIC) he would run and rule the country like his business (one of them and or all ) to the ground and them some burying the country . his business’s ne ran like a moron and bankrupted them . he plays the roll (that he thinks he is a good business man . but in all fairness he is just a DUMPSTER full of B/S as for what he knows about business is pretty much just his EGO and in his own mind more like an IWANNABE . his thinking is a minus he thinks and his EGO makes him loss . on pretty much all the clown touches if all is taken in (and why he wont show his taxes ) the plus and minus of all his life he will owe a lot more then he owns

        1. GayEGO September 4, 2016

          Right on! I say Bump the Chump Trump in the Rump with a Stump into the Dump! :>)

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com September 4, 2016

        im loss you was being sarcastic to and or about what ?

  9. jakenhyde September 4, 2016

    The most important thing to remember about drug pushers and kingpins, regardless of where they’re from, is that there is a market for their product. And that market is Joe Six Pack who lives right next door to all of us. There evidently are enough people in the USA who are using drugs to keep the market alive. No users….no dealers, pushers, and kingpins. Pretty simple.
    So if The Donald wants to complain about drug dealers from anywhere in the world, he needs to remind the American people to look in the mirror.

    1. Karen Randolph September 4, 2016

      This is why I do not understand why so many “Americans” are up in arms about people fleeing from Mexico and Central America to the US. The drug trade has made life hell for most of them. And we will not address the fact that the drug trade is driven by our addicts. WAKE UP !!!

    2. vdpphd September 4, 2016

      Supply Side economics is erroneous. In the absence of demand supply has NO value. Same for drugs, or shoes, or music. It is the demand than makes for value!

  10. AgLander September 4, 2016

    Fact #123 regarding liberalism:
    “Agree with a liberal and they praise you for being bi-partisan and smart……..
    Disagree with a liberal and they accuse you of holding the country hostage”

    Liberalism is actually intellectual oppression…..there is no room, no room whatsoever, for any deviation from their strict orthodoxy.

    1. Dan S September 4, 2016

      And what do you call Mitch McConnell refusing to let the senate vote for Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court vacancy ? I promise you 1 thing, not only will we have a President Clinton in 2017 but the Senate will also flip to the Democrats. Right now nothing is getting done waiting for the November election

    2. Bonissima91910 September 4, 2016

      Oh, really????? hmmmm And what is Conservatism? Please define Funny I and my liberal friends feel totally asphyxiated with conservatism, ways from the right and ultra-right. No, I was not born nor live to be oppressed, stagnant, rotting alive mind and spirit.

    3. GayEGO September 4, 2016

      Your comments seem to reflect the Republicans, not the Democrats.

    4. vdpphd September 4, 2016

      These are NOT facts. They are OPINIONS. You get an F in high school English!

    5. yabbed September 4, 2016

      That’s about as dumb as a comment gets. I understand right wing bigots believe that racism and misogyny is flexible enough to include Christians but it’s a laughable premise. If being inflexible about refusing to accept bigotry in any form is a sign of liberalism, well, then all the decent people on earth are liberals.

      1. King of America September 4, 2016

        Rest assured, AgLander can get even dumber than this.

    6. King of America September 4, 2016

      OK thanks Stormfront guy. Of course, as an actual neo-Nazi your opinion about America is totally invalid.

    7. Ricky Wilson September 5, 2016

      I absolutely agree with you AgLander. Disagree with them on anything and their whole world will come crashing down…..King of America sounds like the spawn of Himmler. They would liquidate us just for disagreeing with them. For that they deserve nothing better than being lined up against a brick wall. #Trump2016 #maga

      1. AgLander September 5, 2016

        Yes. and “King” is a special case. He’s an ISIS loving sympathizer (if not one himself) who is rather limited in ability to debate so he takes the easy road by simply barking like a little Chihuahua…….if it weren’t for the ISIS association, he would be harmless.

      2. The lucky one September 6, 2016

        Agree on KofA and there are many others too, but this kind of my way or the highway speech is common among right wingers as well

    8. The lucky one September 6, 2016

      Gee aggie, I didn’t realize you are a liberal. All your points about being close minded and derogatory toward those with a different view apply very well to you.

    9. johninPCFL September 6, 2016

      “Republican states rely more heavily on federal dollars as a share of their budgets than do more Democratic states, largely because Southern states, especially, are more likely to have a higher percentage of residents living in poverty.”

      1. Paul Anthony September 6, 2016

        Yes, but have you bothered to wonder why? The Industrial Revolution started in the North while the South relied on more labor-intensive industries. Most of those jobs are gone. Businesses that manufacture things have been enticed to move south and west because most of those states are right-to-work states, but labor unions have fought against relocation plans for companies that have unions.

        Headlines are great, but you have to dig a little deeper if you want to understand what the headlines mean.

        1. PrecipitousDrop September 6, 2016

          I live in a southern, deep red, poverty stricken state. It’s easy to see where the money goes. It’s White. It’s a member of the Country Club. It takes turns holding high elected office, and filling administrative chairs that, of course, control the money.
          The desperately poor, aged and disabled just need to be more responsible. That’s why they’re poor.

        2. johninPCFL September 6, 2016

          Odd then that one of the states that receives the most federal dollars per dollar of taxes paid is Mississippi. So if the jobs moved to Mississippi, why are they still on the dole?
          Kansas has strict GOP ownership of the state government, so I guess it’s a happy coincidence that 40% of their state budget is filled using federal money?

  11. FT66 September 4, 2016

    While going through all postings here, I have realised how angry people are of Trump abnormal behavior. Being angry won’t help anything. The medicine of all these is to defeat Trump. We need to mobilise people, educate them and let them know how dangerous it will be, by electing a leader like Trump.

    1. Bonissima91910 September 4, 2016

      FT66, did you go see the movie ANTHOPOID yet? Dont miss it. It is a window of what a Trump presidency would be, and with the negative sentiments he is fueling supported by the tabloid quality media, it would not be too long to have such a disaster in our very own country.

  12. stsintl September 4, 2016

    Donald Drumpf is a sad combination of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Idi Amin of Uganda, and Col. Qaddafi of Libya. Mugabe and Idi Amin championed against non-Africans to make their countries “Great” for the Black Africans. All three claimed to be the only ones who could solve the problems their countries faced. Idi Amin drove out all the South Asians and Whites from his country and to handover their economic enterprises to Black Africans. Mugabe did the same for Zimbabwe. Col. Qaddafi wanted Libya for Libyans only and tried to drive out non-Libyans White Europeans. If history teaches us lessons, then Trump supporters better watch out, what they are wishing for.

  13. GayEGO September 4, 2016

    Trump is not a presidential nominee as obvious by at least 40 top Republicans walking away, some are even supporting Hillary.

  14. vdpphd September 4, 2016

    Reality Check!

    It is impossible to receive any public benefits without proof of US citizenship.
    It is impossible for illegals to get a job requiring any kind of background check
    Illegals who work using false identity pay income taxes but cannot file tax returns
    Only cash daily jobs can be taken by persons unable to prove legal residence
    Illegal aliens work harder and complain less than blue collar Americans
    The Federal government profits from employment of illegals under false identities
    State and local governments with income taxation also profit from illegal employment
    Illegals cannot get knowledge worker jobs because they cannot show a resume
    Illegals cannot get skilled trade jobs because they cannot show a work history

    Current emigration back to Mexico exceeds current illegal entry from Mexico
    Walls do not work: Great Wall of China, Hadrian’s Wall, Berlin Wall, etc.
    The immigration problem is actually about visas not about borders
    The problem is not at the border, it is in a Congress
    “First secure the border” guarantees that the real problem does not get solved
    The drug problem is entirely separate from the immigration problem
    There are not enough Federal cops and jails to catch and hold the illegals we have

    Most of the common tropes about immigration are factually false

  15. Paul Anthony September 4, 2016

    Whenever someone talks about reducing immigration (legal and/or illegal) liberals scream about protecting “people of color”. Black is a color, too. American blacks are hurt more by immigration than whites. Democrats claim to care about blacks but won’t protect their jobs.

    1. JPHALL September 4, 2016

      What jobs are you talking about? Minimum wage? Not even those on Welfare are willing to do those jobs. Why would the vast majority of Blacks. By the way, most Blacks are not living in poverty.

    2. King of America September 4, 2016

      Who knew that the racists were only thinking of the black people all along?

    3. johninPCFL September 6, 2016

      Half of all “illegals” are whites and asians, who arrived through international airports. Why isn’t Trump screaming to build a wall around them?

      1. Paul Anthony September 6, 2016

        If you got your news from sources other than MSNBC and Nationalmemo.com you’d know Trump also talked about tightening controls on people who come here on guest visas and work visas in order to track them and deport them when their visas expire.

        1. johninPCFL September 6, 2016

          I stomach Fox as long as I can, and I’ve seen Trump talk about the wall, about the wall, about the wall, about the wall, about the wall, about the wall, etc.
          He has NEVER in a public address talked about anything other than the wall. Oh, and about deporting American kids born to families in the US to keep them together with their families.

          1. Paul Anthony September 6, 2016

            FOX is part of the “nevertrump” crowd. It’s interesting, we’ve never had a major candidate opposed by BOTH parties.

          2. PrecipitousDrop September 6, 2016

            Where ya been, Paul?
            Fox is Trump’s sole media outlet. He sends his surrogates to the other networks. He appears on, or calls into Fox News several times a week.

          3. johninPCFL September 7, 2016

            Give it a rest. Hannity, O’Reilly, and Van Susteren have their heads so far up Trump’s ass they can’t even see a competitor. As for the rest, Ailes built the Trump campaign – and he ran the whole company.

  16. Jon September 4, 2016

    Prejudice and fear has been the Republican message for decades now. Trump has just been more open and transparent. Now some Republicans are abandoning him pretending he isn’t representative of their beliefs. Hypocrisy is alive and well.

    1. Box October 24, 2016

      Really? Then explain this. Show me the fear and prejudice, who has it really?


  17. OTTMAR September 4, 2016

    Let’s give all unemployed the jobs that immigrants do, pay them the same and remove them of unemployment like it or not. Let’s put them to work with the farmers 10-12 hrs a day 8 days a week for less then minimum wages. I believe they have plenty openings.

    1. King of America September 4, 2016

      “What’s wrong with slavery anyway?” – you.

      1. OTTMAR September 5, 2016

        But Trump said the illegals take all the good paying jobs from the rest of us.

  18. woodrose September 5, 2016

    California voters sent forth a primal scream against large scale undocumented, uncontrolled immigration in 1994 with the passage of Prop 187.
    The DC Establishment ignored them. Business interests love the cheap labor of easily exploitable illegal immigrants – they hold down wages for the entire working class.
    So, people are allowed to live for decades in America, no documents required. The children they bring with them grow up to be Dreamers, the children they have here are American citizens.
    The federal government won’t enforce the immigration laws, and states and cities can do nothing about it. At the current rate of deportations it would take 25 years to remove 10 million people. But some people get deported five times and keep coming back, like the killer of Kathleen Steinle, so really there is no progress being made at all.
    The longer we go without enforcing immigration laws, the harder it will be to finally do so.
    Since the DC Establishment ignored people’s earlier cries against widespread illegal immigration, a demagogue has now arisen in 2016, feeding and inflaming the anger and rage.
    I can’t understand why the powers in Washington thought that allowing widespread illegal immigration, coupled with unscrupulous greedy exploitative employers in sector after sector of working class jobs, would be acceptable to the American people over the long term.
    As California goes, so goes the nation. I won’t be surprised if Trump gets elected in 2016, on the same issues that caused voters to pass Prop 187 22 years ago. The problems were never addressed the first time around.
    President Bill Clinton’s refusal to enforce the labor and immigration laws (and Bush and Obama, too) may yet cause his wife to lose out.

    1. vdpphd September 6, 2016

      Presidents do not get to refuse to enforce the law. What they do get is laws to enforce and not enough money appropriated to do the job.

      The courts dictate conditions of incarceration, terms for bail, and what constitutes due process of law. The executive gets to try and put ten pounds of flour into a five pound sack, or, worse, try to get ten pounds of flour out of a five pound sack. Executive discretion is limited to selective prosecution. One can only file so many cases in a single court with a single judge. One US Attorney can prosecute only so many cases at a time. The volume of persons to be prosecuted far exceeds the capacity of the system, so the executive practices triage, and only prosecutes cases of the worst offenders that are likeliest to be convicted.

      In addition, most crimes are State, but immigration violation is Federal, so a great deal of coordination is required for Federal deportation to be applied especially to the worst State felony offenders. If they are prosecuted by the State for anything less than murder, they can make bail and disappear. If they are prosecuted by the Feds for illegal entry, they cannot be held without bail and there are not enough jail cells to hold them all anyway, so the system is FORCED by lack of funds to let them go on their own recognizance pending their deportation hearing.

      The solution is for Congress to appropriat4e enough funds to enforce the laws they have enacted. Presidents have zero control over that.

      1. Box October 24, 2016

        What you are saying simply isnt true. Obama ordered the Border Patrol to stand down, it wasnt about money since they are already on the job! If what you are saying is true, the Border Patrol wouldnt be coming out for Trump. Yes, Obama refuses to enforce the laws already on the books, which, not to digress, is exactly the NRA argument too. NRA asks, why arent we enforcing the laws already on the books? If money was the problem that prevents enforcement, why is there endless money to create more and more laws? Why didnt Obama simply tell the Border Patrol to do their jobs? Thats all the Border Patrol wants to hear.

        1. vdpphd October 25, 2016

          This is a lot of crap. Federal cops almost always support Republicans by reflex, on the false assumption that Democrats are soft on crime. Presidents do not get to “refuse” to enforce the law. Any citizen who is harmed by Presidential discretion in this regard can sue in Federal court and have the President ordered to carry out the law. The President does not command the country, or even wholly command the Federal cops. The Courts decide what the President must do – not his subordinates, not you, and certainly not the right wing media. Presidents can be impeached for refusing to carry out the law – that was the charge against Andrew Johnson! Go back to High School and retake the Civics class – maybe after you study up you will finally actually know what you are talking about.

          There is not one pot of money to be used as needed. Each purpose is appropriated a specified amount, which can be spent only on that purpose. It does not matter how much Congress has with which to enact laws. The Border Patrol gets only so much money, which is in fact not enough to actually secure the border. The President cannot simply tell the Border Patrol to “do their job.” He has to direct how the job will be done given not enough money to do it right.

  19. vdpphd October 25, 2016

    Sworn officers of the United States are required to disobey the unlawful orders of their superiors. That is why Oliver North went to jail – he obeyed the unlawful orders he got. The President cannot tell the Border Patrol to “stand down.” Congress has appropriated funds that must be spent on Border Patrol operations. What does happen is that Congress does not appropriate enough funds to carry out the law fully as enacted. The Federal government does not have a budget, i.e., a flexible spending plan, it has mandates, so money appropriated for one purpose cannot be used for any other. Money appropriated for Congress to enact laws cannot be used by the Executive branch to carry out laws. There is NO executive discretion in spending – you spend what you get, no more no less, on each item in the appropriations bill. If the designated purpose does not use up the appropriated money, it goes back to the Treasury, not to any area where funds have run short. Unspent Defense appropriations cannot be carried over. Other unspent appropriations may carry over to the same purpose the next year, but no funds can be transferred. The fact is that Border security is not funded sufficiently to patrol everything all the time, and it is Congress, not the White House, that has the power to change that.


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