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Federal Layoffs Loom As Trump’s Meat-Ax Targets EPA And IRS

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Federal Layoffs Loom As Trump’s Meat-Ax Targets EPA And IRS


Reprinted with permission from The Chief.

The draft of President Trump’s first Executive Budget indicates he will make double-digit funding cuts to dozens of non-military agencies as diverse as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Coast Guard, the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. State Department.

If his budget gets Congressional approval, the spending reductions would result in thousands of layoffs, according to members of Congress and the unions that represent the Federal workforce.

The Federal fiscal year starts in October, and critics of the proposed cuts are hoping that they can limit their scope in the Senate, where the GOP has only a four-seat advantage and members may be concerned about next year’s elections and falling into line behind a scorched-earth agenda that was not a key component in Trump’s upset victory.

On the table is a proposed 24-percent cutback at the EPA, which would downsize its headcount of 15,000 by 20 percent; a 37-percent rollback for the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development, and a 14-percent cut to the IRS.

The Trump cuts also zero in on agencies that are part of the core of the Department of Homeland Security, including a 14-percent slash to the Coast Guard and 11-percent reductions to both the Transportation Security Administration and FEMA, according to the New York Times. The savings resulting from these cuts would allow increases in headcounts for border and immigration enforcement and for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico that Mr. Trump made a central campaign pledge.

In an email exchange with THE CHIEF-LEADER, Mi­chael Chertoff, the former DHS Secretary under President George W. Bush, was critical of the Trump strategy to shift resources to the Mexican border by cutting funds that go to protect the nation’s vast coastline and airports. “It’s a little like putting an extra lock on the front door and none on the back door,” he wrote. “You are not protecting the house. It these cuts happen, it would be counterproductive.”

“These budget cuts will make a difficult job even harder for the women and men who protect our skies, patrol our waters, and help us prepare for and respond to emergencies,” American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr. said in a statement. “President Trump promised to ‘make American safe again,’ but the drastic budget cuts he’s proposing will do just the opposite. You don’t improve security by slashing budgets for programs that prevent terrorists from hijacking airplanes.”

One of Mr.Trump’s first official actions upon taking office was to impose a Federal hiring freeze “to be applied across the board in the executive branch.” The executive order excluded the military and gave the heads of all executive-branch departments the latitude to grant exemptions if they deem it “necessary to meet national-security or public-safety responsibilities.”

Back in January, the President also directed that within 90 days of the executive order, “the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, in consultation with the Director of Office of Personnel Management, shall recommend a long-term plan to reduce the size of the Federal Government’s workforce through attrition.”

The significant spending reductions under last week’s budget draft call for cuts in the form of billions of dollars in domestic grant aid passed down to states, counties, and local governments, as well as the reduction in Federal headcount. The dramatic realignment in priorities is being driven by Trump’s plan to use the $54 billion in cuts to fund new spending for the Pentagon, offset significant tax cuts, and wind down agencies like the EPA. Trump contended throughout his campaign that it was “killing American jobs” and gave an edge to the country’s foreign competitors.

In comments made last month at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Bannon, the White House’s chief strategist, flagged the “three verticals” that would shape the President’s priorities going forward: “national security and sovereignty, economic nationalism,” and “the deconstruction of the administrative state.”

But in addition to making plans for dramatic cuts to the civil-service workforce down the road, Trump has yet to fill more than 1,000 top political positions with job titles like Deputy Secretary which would require congressional confirmation, according to National Public Radio. While many news commentators saw this as a sign of incompetence, Paul Light, a professor of public service at New York University’s Wagner School of Public Policy, said it was the sign of a disciplined strategy of “deconstructing” the government. “They may look chaotic, but they are crazy like a fox,” he said in a phone interview.

For Light, the most compelling evidence of the Trump administration’s intention was the 14-percent cut it wants for the IRS.

“Think about it. What better way to break the back of the government than by undermining the ability of the Federal Government to fund itself?” Light asked. “It fits right into the deconstruction agenda. Like removing the electrical wiring in a house. You start sawing off big parts of these agencies and under-staff them enough so they can’t function; you break morale and finish them off by strangling their funding.”

Light said that in selecting Congressman Mick Mulvaney from South Carolina to lead his Office of Management and Budget, Mr. Trump picked a “really smart guy” who knew the ins and outs of the budget process better than anyone and would “be the most-effective Budget Director in the last 20 years.”

 Light, who spent time working on Capitol Hill and retains good sources there, said he was closely following a proposed House measure that would give new clout to political appointees over their civil-service subordinates.

“It would give Cabinet-level officials the prerogative to demote anyone of the 6,000 members of the Senior Executive Service, the highest-paid career people inside the government,” he said. “Any one of these measures by themselves would be significant, but taken in their totality, it is a well-executed deconstruction strategy.”

The combined impact of the hiring freeze and the previous elimination of close to a third of the IRS’s personnel could leave taxpayers frustrated in future years, warned Tony Reardon, president of the National Treasury Employees Union. NTEU represents 160,000 workers across dozens of Federal agencies.

He said last month in a phone interview, “When you look across government, we certainly have many agencies that have been underfunded. If you look specifically at the IRS since 2010, the IRS has lost almost $1 billion of its funding. That has resulted in the IRS losing on the order of 20,000 employees; that is roughly 30 percent of their workforce.”

According to a senior Federal official not cleared to speak with the news media, the last large-scale reduction-in-force layoffs happened back in the 1990s at the Department of Defense. Reduction-in-force guidelines were first codified after World War II, when the national government wanted to downsize.

Those basic parameters, still in force today, require that civil-service employees subject to termination be ranked into a retention register based on their veteran status, length of service, job performance and the type of service, assuring that provisional hires would be first to go. “The concept is to make sure the newer employees and the poor performers go first,” the source said.

Those employees may retain the right to “bump” other employees, depending on their own work history, how high up they are on the retention registry, and the nature of the cutback.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, told the Denver Post that a voluntary buyout program across the government could be more feasible than just reducing the size of the workforce. “It’s something we’ve been contemplating putting together,” he said. “We have not yet figured out the final equation.”

IMAGE: FILE PHOTO: Mick Mulvaney testifies before a Senate Budget Committee confirmation hearing on his nomination of to be director of the Office of Management and Budget on Capitol Hill, January 24, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria/File Photo



  1. Lynda Groom March 15, 2017

    So making America Great Again begins on the backs of Federal Workers losing their jobs. Just how does this match up to Trump’s promise of more jobs???? Most of these, not eligible for retirement, will be put on the unemployment line receiving unemployment benefits, and perhaps in many cases being added to the food stamp program.

    1. TZToronto March 15, 2017

      Oh, don’t be too concerned about unemployment benefits. Those will get cut, too. So if you’re out of work, it’ll be your own fault. You can always join the army! The cuts to agencies that provide security will yield big savings. After all, who needs security when ISIS is going to be totally destroyed? Oddly enough, though, the federal deficit will keep on rising, as it always does under Republicans. That will be explained away when Sean Spicer tells reporters that they’re reading the number upside down. Trump will also tweet that he’s saved bigly by negotiating the best deals ever and that the huge red numbers are fake news. Finally, everyone working for the federal government will be out of work when Trump declares the USA bankrupt, and no one gets paid. And since there will be no one to guard the Treasury, Trump and his henchmen will simply go in with wheelbarrows and take out everything they can get they tiny hands on.

      1. FireBaron March 16, 2017

        TZ, one thing to note, during periods of low employment there are practically waiting lines at military recruiting stations. Conversely, during periods of high employment, you practically have to shanghai people to get them to join!

        1. dpaano March 21, 2017

          Unfortunately, if people HAVE to join in order to feed their families, what kinds of people are you going to get to run our military? Not the top-notch soldiers that we used to have. It used to be very difficult to get into the military….lots of tests and questions and paperwork. Nowadays, if you’re breathing and stumble into a recruiting station, they have you signed up and on the bus before you can say, “Oops, I didn’t mean to stumble into your office!”
          This is the problem we have with our military today….it’s full of people who have no business being in the military for various reasons! These are people who are criminals-in-waiting!

      2. itsfun March 16, 2017

        How did the federal deficit do under Obama?

        1. latebloomingrandma March 16, 2017

          It decreased. The debt did not.

          1. Lynda Groom March 17, 2017

            Far too many don’t understand the difference as itsfun post shows.

          2. itsfun March 17, 2017

            I asked how the federal deficit did under Obama. You just put your typical lying spin on what I said.

          3. Lynda Groom March 17, 2017

            It went down. That’s a fact which for some reason you want to pretend is fantasy. Indeed debt continues to grow and will do so under our new m management.

          4. itsfun March 17, 2017

            Where did I ever say it didn’t go down?

          5. Lynda Groom March 17, 2017

            What was the meaning of your post to TZToronto? If you realize the answer why ask the question? Maybe you were trying to be cute, and maybe you succeeded.

          6. itsfun March 17, 2017

            Maybe only the shadow knows

      3. dpaano March 21, 2017

        This seems to be the usual way that 45 does business anyway. He will probably hire some group to build the wall and then screw them out of their money while he waits until hell freezes over for Mexico to pay for something they don’t want or need! After all, you don’t see too many Americans running over the border to Mexico (although this might be a good thing if this government goes to pot)!

    2. itsfun March 16, 2017

      How many are just performing the duties another is doing? I doubt if anyone loses their jobs. New people just won’t be hired after someone retires or quits.

      1. Lynda Groom March 16, 2017

        If you make major cuts to an agency, just how do you not lose jobs within that agency?

        1. itsfun March 16, 2017

          Organizations have been doing that for years. They stop hiring new, don’t replace retired or people that quit. Its not a over night process.

          1. Lynda Groom March 16, 2017

            It seems you’ve yet to research before making your claims. Just since 2010 the IRS alone has taken a $1 billion reduction in funding, which accounted for the loss of 20,000 jobs—which was 30% of the workforce. We can argue if they needed the full force or not, but you can’t say it doesn’t cost jobs.

          2. Just A Citizen March 16, 2017

            Not enough. Eliminate the IRS. There, solved that for you.

          3. Lynda Groom March 17, 2017

            Do you believe the government can function without the collection of taxes? How will military buy ammo and fight ISIS?

          4. Just A Citizen March 17, 2017

            Fair Tax………. collected by the vendors and States. Sent to the Treasury Dept.

            Make paying of taxes voluntary. Lets see just how much of this Govt. you love so much people are willing to actually pay for.

          5. Lynda Groom March 18, 2017

            Its not that I love government so much…i don’t hate it. There is big difference. It is laughable that you suggest that taxes should be voluntary. If so the Dept of Defense would be tossing rocks. LMFAO!

          6. Just A Citizen March 18, 2017

            Well if you and others are not willing to give to National Defense then so be it. We don’t deserve to be protected if we are unwilling to contribute to our own defense.

          7. Lynda Groom March 20, 2017

            What gives you the very strange idea that I would not be willing to pay my share of taxes? I’ve gladly paid into the system since 1961 when I got my first job.

          8. Just A Citizen March 20, 2017

            Your the one claiming that voluntary payment is a silly idea. Now you claim you would willingly give. So which is it?

            If you will give why won’t others?

          9. Lynda Groom March 21, 2017


          10. dpaano March 21, 2017

            As have ALL of us except for 45, who we already have figured out hasn’t paid his equitable amount of taxes and has screwed the government out of much money due to his so-called “loss” 10 years ago! BTW, he’s under investigation by the IRS for that trick….no wonder he wants to cut the IRS!

          11. dpaano March 21, 2017

            Trust me, if I had the choice NOT to pay what I owe to the government without getting put in jail, I’d certainly choose to keep MY money rather than let this administration throw it away on a stupid wall! I’m sure many of us would agree if taxes were voluntary!

          12. itsfun March 17, 2017

            They still have enough people to illegally target conservative groups. Not hiring someone for a vacant position isn’t firing or laying off anyone, it is simply saving money.

          13. InformedVoter March 17, 2017

            Hello itsfun, keep up the good posts. These “experts” are on the run now.
            Here is a copy of what I send to lynda groom. Enjoy!

            Sorry Lynda, but your logic doesn’t add up. Both the EPA and IRS had major hiring sprees under obozo. The EPA has been chasing the imaginary climate change hoax for years and never found it. The massive amount of new hires in the IRS were to chase down those who didn’t purchase obozocare plans.

            Since the government employs last hired first fired logic, it will not be those near retirement being let go. Instead, it will be the newly hired to carry out obozo’s plans that will be let go. And you wonder how obozo was able to lower unemployment numbers? Look no further than his hiring thousands of wasted effort employees.

          14. itsfun March 17, 2017

            Thank You: You do have the right handle; so sad there are so many uninformed on this site. Keep up the good work!!

          15. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 22, 2017

            How charming—“itsfun” and the uninformed teaming up as the unDynamic Duo.

          16. InformedVoter March 22, 2017

            Yup, we are the Dynamic Duo. Between us, we have destroyed dozens of your low information, hate-filled, close-minded, intolerant posters. Meanwhile, the so-called intellectuals like you, who just hate getting your hats handed to you with our facts, just join your mediocre actors. That’s all you lefties have left, if these out of work comics who are making a living by giving you what you want, didn’t have you, they would be out of a job.
            But, in 2018, when the Dems have to defend many more seats than the GOP, your party will fade away. Under obozo, your party lost over 1000 seats. The cries from Maxine W for impeachment is just a ploy to get you fools to contribute. Remember the Green Party asking for contributions to pay for the recount? The collected many more millions from fools like you than they collected for the election.

            Yup, itsfun and I enjoyed making the following link after HiLIARy’s horrible defeat.

          17. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 23, 2017

            Destroy–That’s a strange attribute you chose for yourself; and name-calling is a sign of immaturity.
            On your planet, referring to sentient beings by resorting to infantile behavior may be the norm, but on earth, we’re striving to outgrow that. Your chances of “destroying” and name-calling works best on your home world orbiting Sirius-B in the “Dog Constellation”. But if you think you’ve destroyed anyone, you’re only flattering yourself.
            Your obsession with Hilary is lamentable—Your constant reference to her as a liar implies that Donald doesn’t, nor do Napolitano and others at FOX as well. Nothing could be further from the truth.
            All of you arrive from Sirius-B on the same space vessel? Whatever data you’ve collected may prove useful back on your home world, but your presence here is a mere nuisance.

          18. InformedVoter March 23, 2017

            It’s truly ironic (or moronic in your case) that you call me out as “name calling”. What do your party, fake religion and the FAKE MSM have in common except your FAKE name calling of President Trump and conservatives as being racists, bigots, etc, WITHOUT one shred of evidence or proof. Don’t bother to refer to all those FAKE claims were the accusers recanted and spilled the beans that they had been paid to lie!
            So once more, your FAKE logic has been destroyed. You make this too easy.
            Time for you to face the truth, HilLIARy lost because voters recognized that she was a liar and could not be trusted.
            Now that Judge N and President Trump have been vindicated that obozo ordered surveillance on the Trump team, the egg dripping from your face is almost as hilarious as the Laurel & Hardy team of itsfun and me celebrating HiLIARy’s humiliating defeat.

          19. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 23, 2017

            Thank you, Batman. I see “Robin” agrees with you. What an outstanding job you’re doing. busily “destroying” your foes in a fine Christian manner—Christian according to your distorted view of Jesus. Don’t forget to wipe the blood off your weapons.

            Keep up the good work, getting rid of those left-handed people(“lefties” as “mike” likes to call them).


          20. InformedVoter March 23, 2017

            I just loved the way you proved that the left, without proof, called President Trump names. This speaks volumes of your hypocrisy.
            The FAKE MSM attacks any GOP star. GW never fought back thinking the FAKE MSM would sooner or later come to his side. So now we have President Trump shoveling back to the FAKE MSM what they are shoveling out and they are going bananas. Even you low information lefties don’t know what to do.

        2. InformedVoter March 17, 2017

          Sorry Lynda, but your logic doesn’t add up. Both the EPA and IRS had major hiring sprees under obozo. The EPA has been chasing the imaginary climate change hoax for years and never found it. The massive amount of new hires in the IRS were to chase down those who didn’t purchase obozocare plans.
          Since the government employs last hired first fired logic, it will not be those near retirement being let go. Instead, it will be the newly hired to carry out obozo’s plans that will be let go. And you wonder how obozo was able to lower unemployment numbers? Look no further than his hiring thousands of wasted effort employees.

          1. Lynda Groom March 17, 2017

            You’ve not addressed the question. It is really simple. How do you cut over 30 percent of an agency budget and believe jobs aren’t impacted? If you wish to be taken seriously try dropping the bozo stuff. We are in a time when serious discussion is needed, so join or keep such nonsense to yourself.

          2. InformedVoter March 17, 2017

            You display your naivety. The question is NOT how do you cut over 30% of an agency budget and believe jobs aren’t impacted.
            The issue is that the two agencies are way overstaffed to begin with. In the case of the EPA, obozo (if you lefties can mock President Trump, then mocking obozo comes with the territory), staffed up to continue his witch hunt for global warming. Cutting that staff is a bonus and saves money too.
            In the case of the IRS, President Trump has already issued an EO informing the IRS to stop pursuing those who didn’t purchase health insurance. The IRS hired over 10,000 new folks just to handle that portion of the obozocare fiasco. So once more, eliminating those unnecessary positions are both a bonus and cost savings.
            These employees should never have been hired in the first place, but they helped reduce the unemployment numbers that obozo was manipulating trying to show job growth. Every economist knows that the private sector is where real job growth has to come from. That way, the jobs are justified by the company’s bottom line.
            The private sector has budget reductions and budget justifications annually. Once jobs are created by the government, unless there are serious budget cuts, the useless jobs just keep draining money.
            That is what itsfun was addressing in his comments to you. You just don’t seem to grasp job justification when you keep repeating that “folks are going to lose jobs”. This is what President Trump was fighting when he challenged the auto makers to stop shipping jobs overseas and bring the jobs back.

          3. Lynda Groom March 17, 2017

            You are not paying attention to the exchange between myself and the other. No surprise since you continue to come forward with the same old bromides. Try something original.

          4. InformedVoter March 18, 2017

            If you’re referring to itsfun, then it is you who is not paying attention. Cuts in funding for agencies that are no longer needed or relevant will mean jobs will be eliminated, but that is a good thing. Why waste our country’s dollars are repetitive services?
            I still claim that obozo padded the EPA and IRS to help his job numbers. It’s time to weed out the moles in those agencies and make them productive once more. No more wild goose chases for climate change or non-health care buyers.

          5. Lynda Groom March 18, 2017

            Let me make this easier for you. My discussion with ‘itsfun’ is regarding the job losses that will happen with a 30% + funding reduction. Here is his quote ‘I doubt anyone loses their jobs’ which on its face is flat wrong. Well at least you are admitting that jobs will go….thats a start.

          6. dpaano March 21, 2017

            Lynda…I agree! I’m not sure where Itsy gets the idea that cutting these departments does not mean jobs will be lost! Just goes to show how uninformed he is about how our government is run!

          7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 22, 2017

            The uninformed one just has to keep saying nothing to appear as though he knows something. His goal is never to elucidate or use logic—it’s all a game to bolster his ego.

          8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 22, 2017

            The uninformed voter has a talent for dodging the issues by the artful dodge of smokescreens. He has myopia and can’t think outside the box.

    3. Just A Citizen March 16, 2017

      Good. A 50% reduction in total cost. Apparently you don’t understand the old math.

    4. dpaano March 21, 2017

      Which, by the way, will end up costing our government MORE money than it did to keep them in their jobs!

      1. Lynda Groom March 21, 2017

        Indeed and a fact that is conveniently forgotten when some make their case for massive cuts.

        1. dpaano March 21, 2017


  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 15, 2017

    Is it my imagination, or does the GOP have some sadism that gets mentally imprinted on its members once elected to office as a form of initiation?

    From race-baiting by Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes, and now Trump, to immigration laws intended to inflict both material and psychological stress, next threatening healthcare, and now burdening the physical and mental health of Americans with a threat to layoff federal employees—-the GOP is dedicated to becoming the most horrific political entity in American history. Maybe this is all a form of punishment that is required to get all our attention on what is lacking in America, and what we have become to accustomed to—that is, lack of spirituality, and attachment to ease and comfort, respectively.

    1. dpaano March 21, 2017

      As I’ve said before, Aaron, I read the newspapers every morning and it’s all I can do to not cry for the sheer horribleness of what’s happening to our country! The stress on people in this nation is very high, and it’s going to come to a head soon. I still think that 45 is going to take us into a major war within the next year or so (probably with North Korea, which makes me nervous since they have a bomb that will be aimed at Los Angeles, where I live) or any other country that he’s pissed off! People are going to get killed, but he’ll blame it on “the generals” or anyone else he can push it off on because he certainly won’t blame himself! It’s just getting worse and worse every single day!

  3. itsfun March 16, 2017

    How many federal agencies do the same job. How many jobs are just duplicates of jobs in other departments? Duplicate duties should be cut. How many IRS employees spend their time on things like illegally going after political parties and people they don’t like. They need to be drained also. DRAIN THE SWAMP

    1. Bill P March 16, 2017

      You pose several questions, why don’t you do the research and provide the fact based answers to these questions? You seem to put out questions or innuendo without offering any provable facts to back up what you insinuate.

      1. dpaano March 21, 2017

        Itsy doesn’t do homework…..he just listens to FAUX News, Breitbart, etc. and parrots their BS! It’s pretty clear to most of us on this site that he has no idea how to use his brain to do research before he opens his mouth…..kinda reminds me of someone else, doesn’t it? You know, the orange-haired idiot and his cohorts in the White House!

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 22, 2017

        itsfun is just having his usual trouble with thinking clearly. FOX & Friends has that effect on weak minds.

    2. Lynda Groom March 16, 2017

      The salary of federal workers makes up about 15% of the discretionary portion of the federal budget. The latest budget projects cutting the State Dept by 37%, another cut to the EPA of 24% and even more cuts to IRS of another 14%. The IRS has already lost 20,000 jobs over that past 7 years. These cuts if enacted would cost tens of thousand of jobs, but don’t save the taxpayers a dime. If fact the cost go up. These folks go on unemployment, possibly housing assistance, food stamps and on and on. The funding cut from those agencies is not a saving or deficit reduction since it goes to the military complex. Net zero in deficit or government spending.

      1. itsfun March 17, 2017

        If two or more agencies are doing the same duties, we don’t need one or more of them. The IRS has enough money and people to illegally target conservative groups. How much more do they need to target more conservative groups or others an administration doesn’t like. The EPA makes bs regulations one after another. Are you saying it is cheaper to hire people, give them full benefits then it is to not hire people? If what you are saying is right, why not just give everyone on unemployment a position in the federal government and pay them for doing nothing.

      2. dpaano March 21, 2017

        And, by cutting the IRS, for example, you cut down the staff that goes after people who have committed tax fraud….you know, a job that brings money INTO the government and pays for itself then some! As for cutting the EPA….I guess you really don’t care if the air you breathe or the water you drink is polluted by big oil or big coal…..I know quite a few people who DO care about this, especially for themselves AND their future families and children! As for the State Department….these are the people that work to keep this country safe. Cutting this department will be detrimental to this nation! Unfortunately, if you can’t see this, then Itsy and his gang need to have their heads examined because apparently, they’re EMPTY!!!

        1. Lynda Groom March 21, 2017

          Did you mean to address your comment too me? We are in agreement that the cuts are horrible and misapplied.

          1. dpaano March 21, 2017

            No, Lynda, sorry. I meant the reply for Itsy. I didn’t notice my error until later, and I added the last sentence. I agree with you 100%!

  4. Phil Christensen March 16, 2017

    This reads like a reduction in the Federal Government’s payroll is a bad thing.

  5. ray March 16, 2017

    Trump’s wall is a big waste of money that could be better spent on health care.

    1. dpaano March 21, 2017

      Exactly!!! But 45 has this misbegotten belief that he will be able to get Mexico to pay us back for the wall, but in the meantime, he’s taking this country down to the bones, which makes it unable to do its job! He ran on the theory that he would bring back jobs, but all he’s doing is adding to the unemployed list! These departments are NOT able to do the jobs that they are entailed with if he cuts them to the bone! And, doing this is going to end up costing the American taxpayers more money in the long run! Sorry, but I don’t like the thought of my hard-earned taxpayer dollars going for this administration!

  6. carolyn.murawski@mail.ru March 17, 2017

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  7. dpaano March 21, 2017

    As I said in an earlier post, this is the case of Bannon and his alt.right cohorts getting rid of “deep government,” but the problem is that this is going to go against everything that 45 campaigned against; i.e., losing jobs! How many jobs will be added to the “lost jobs” calculation when he cuts all of these very-much-needed people? How can the IRS go after tax fraud when you cut their numbers down to almost nothing? None of these departments can run with such small numbers of people! This smells very much to me like something that Hitler would have done in order to push his dominance! It isn’t good for this country and someone has to stop this megalomaniac and his equally megalomaniac advisor! He’s going to take this country down to nothing and this is NOT how you make America great again!
    Additionally, his idea to cut all of these departments and the functions that they deal with just so he can build a wall that no one wants is totally ridiculous! I don’t know WHY other Republicans in Congress don’t see this and stop it immediately! The most we can hope for is that they throw his budget out totally!!! This reeks of the same thing we see in California to some degree….with our governor cutting here and there just to build a “bullet train” that no one wants! It does NO one any good!

  8. Fur Hunter March 23, 2017

    Well…..I will say this about ‘meat-axing’ government workers. As far as I am concerned, 3/4 of them are imbeciles. Every time I have to call a government office, I cringe, because no one knows their job or what to do. I have to tell them what form I need and what needs to be done. They are IDIOTS. And they get paid! Excuse me!!! I am all for firing most of them and starting over with those who are reliable and responsible and can do the job. Especially the IRS. Those people are STUPID MORONS! I could tell you stories, trust me.


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