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For The First Time, A Majority Of Americans Polled Want Trump Impeached

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For The First Time, A Majority Of Americans Polled Want Trump Impeached

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Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

For the first time, more Americans would say “yea” to impeaching Donald Trump than would say “nay,” according to a new poll.

A survey from Public Policy Polling released Tuesday finds 48 percent of those questioned support impeaching the president, while just 41 percent would oppose the move. The negative feelings about Trump also affected prognostications about how long his presidency will last. Just 43 percent of respondents think Trump will remain in office for four years, while 45 percent think he won’t complete his term. Another 12 percent “aren’t sure one way or the other.”

Researchers behind the poll attribute the gloomy outlook on Trump to several obvious reasons; namely, respondents don’t buy the reasons given for FBI director James Comey’s firing; they suspect the Russians helped put Trump in office; they don’t like the GOP’s American Health Care Act; and they think Trump is dishonest. Plus, lots of Americans just think Trump is doing a bad job in general. The survey found “40 percent of voters approve of the job Trump is doing to 54 percent who disapprove.”

While a number of congressional Democrats have proposed impeaching Trump, no Republicans have echoed those calls. Many of those who call for articles of impeachment to be prepared point to questions about Trump’s mental competency. Under the 25th Amendment, the president can be removed from office if he (they’ve all been he) is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” The language in full states:

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

In April, a group of 35 psychiatrists gathered at Yale School of Medicine to address what they label Trump’s “dangerous mental illness.”

“As some prominent psychiatrists have noted, [Trump’s mental health] is the elephant in the room,” Dr. Bandy Lee reportedly stated. “I think the public is really starting to catch on and widely talk about this now.”

Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.

This article was made possible by the readers and supporters of AlterNet.



  1. Lynda Groom May 17, 2017

    I certainly understand the frustration with this president expressed by these extraordinary numbers. However it is always wise to be careful what you wish for. President Pence is not a viable option or result of dumping the trump. The self-nutering of Trump will damage his remaining time in office. In the meantime perhaps our wonderful Congress will step up to the plate and do the work and bidding of the majority of the American people. I won’t hold my breath in either case.

    1. rhetoric_phobic May 17, 2017

      I’m afraid if this is the route they go, less attention will be paid to the rest of the trump bandits in terms of the Russian investigation I don’t believe trump is in any of this alone. I would rather see the wide net cast and the investigation continue on the rest of them too. Many are complicit. We may not end up with pence if they do so. He’s an opportunist and has backed trump in some of his lies, even called it “refreshing” He never thought he’d get out of Indiana so his gratitude may well extend to aiding and abetting.

    2. Dapper Dan May 17, 2017

      If I had my one hope and wish granted rather than go with VP Pence next in line for the Presidency or House Speaker Ryan I would say pick Gov. John Kasich. He was a strong 2nd in play for the Republican nomination and there are even Democrats who like him. He can work with both parties and certainly is in no way tainted like Pence and Ryan are. You don’t have to agree with Kasich on everything but he’d be a stabilizing influence to bring some calm back to this country

      1. FireBaron May 18, 2017

        Dan, the order of succession is thus: Vice-President, Speaker of the House, President Pro-Tempore of the Senate, Secretary of State, then a progression of Cabinet officers in order of the creation of the position. That means Pence, Ryan, Orrin Hatch, Rex Tillerson, then Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Defense, Attorney General,
        Secretary of the Interior, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of
        Commerce, Secretary of Labor, Secretary of Health and Human Services,
        Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Secretary of Transportation,
        Secretary of Energy, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Veterans
        Affairs, Secretary of Homeland Security.
        So as much as it could be desired, Kasich is completely out of the picture.

        1. Dapper Dan May 18, 2017

          Agreed I know Kasich isn’t in the line of succession. But the House could override the rules since we’re not dealing with a national emergency where everyone from the President on down is taken out in a terrorist attack. It’s been mentioned of doing a reset and have a new election. There’s nothing in the Constitution prohibiting this option and it could bring back trust to the office that’s been greatly sullied by Trump. Bottom line do we really want any of these people for President going down the line ?

        2. latebloomingrandma May 18, 2017

          I vote for HUD Secretary, Kiefer Sutherland. (Anybody watch Designated Survivor?)

    3. FT66 May 18, 2017

      Don’t worry much. If next year both chambers will be in the hands of Dems, or even one chamber, Pence can be President as just only a figure. He won’t be able to change anything unless he uses Executive Orders of which people are already tired of them. The coming mid-term election will be as important as any other General Election to Dems. No one has to sit home as they used to do. Pence can be tolerated for only two years as he can’t make it again in 2020.

  2. jakenhyde May 17, 2017

    Impeaching Donnie would be a grave mistake. As Lynda Groom stated below, Pence would be even worse as a president.
    Face it. Pence hasn’t said one mumblin’ word about Donnie’s despicable behavior. That means that he either agrees with it, or he hasn’t the huevos to speak out about it. Either way, it proves that he is NOT presidential material either.
    I say, leave Donnie in there and let him continue to make a fool of himself. It’s bad for the country now. But it just might mean that by the 2018 elections, there may be enough people who get sick and tired of the republicon antics that we’ll get a makeover in the house and senate….with an eye toward the 2020 elections and a blockage of any of Donnnie’s hoped for bills that would be the total ruination of our country and world economics.

    1. FireBaron May 18, 2017

      Unfortunately, if Pence did speak out against his boss, Teflon Donnie could demand his resignation, too! (That “loyalty” thing he insists upon.) While Pence could fight against it, Teflon Donnie’s allies on the far right would be pushing him to comply. Then Donnie would have the right to submit a new VP to the House for their consideration. Could anyone imagine either Steve Bannon or “the Cookie Elf” as VP? It’s a possibility!

      1. jakenhyde May 18, 2017

        I can certainly envision your scenario. But, if Pence had even one hair on his ass, he’d fight that scenario tooth and nail. You’re probably right that he wouldn’t be able to ward off an onslaught from Donnie and his minions.
        But, I think even that would still benefit the democrats in 2018 and 2020 because that kind of infighting within the republican party would get pretty dirty with republicans ratting on one another and opening themselves to all sorts of political wounds.

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth May 18, 2017

    Trump’s mental health is cited as the elephant in the room and more people are waking up to this. Well, it’s at least a year overdue for the newcomers to have arrived at an obvious conclusion.
    Trump and family are a drain on the taxpayers, he’s a drain on the mental health of millions, he represents a symbol for hate-groups who derive their extra inspiration to kill, desecrate, and denigrate.

    Ailes has by virtue of Providence passed away recently, he who in name and deed is still the inspiration for one of the most virulent misanthropic media outlets ever conceived by human beings since Nazi Germany’s Goebbels. I would wager that Ailes surpassed Goebbels in the extent of FOX’s devastation on the minds and hearts of millions of American viewers. Trump is an integral part of that deadly legacy, which FOX continues to propagate.

    Impeachment proceedings AND removal will require a louder sustained voice to move forward on this front from the electorate, in order to shake Congressmen out of their strange sleep, that they may rise from the crypts of a Lazarus-like state of sleeping sickness brought on by some parasitic partisanship.

    “O Son of Being! Bring thyself to account each day ere thou art summoned to a reckoning. For death unheralded shall come upon thee, and thou shalt be called to give account for thy deeds.”

    (Baha’u’llah, from His ‘The Hidden Words’).

  4. TCarlucci May 18, 2017

    Not to be a stickler for details, but the last time I looked 48% was not a majority. Don’t get me wrong, Don the Con is a disaster, but somehow there is still not a majority in favor of impeachment.

    1. jakenhyde May 18, 2017

      48% is a majority when compared to 41% on the other side. Evidently 11% didn’t give a damn one way or the other.

      1. TCarlucci May 18, 2017

        Jake – it’s still not a majority, but rather a plurality. A majority requires 50.1% or more while a plurality simply means that more are now for impeachment than are against, but the total is less than 50.1%

  5. kep May 18, 2017

    Yet another liberal poll that reflects what the liberals want, even though not true. LIBERALS LIE. This is just like the polls that had Crooked Hillary winning the election and continuing the Obama regime that was “fundamentally changing” America into a Soviet style communist state. Not going to happen Comrades.

    1. johninPCFL May 18, 2017

      Yeah, but it slows down Putin’s puppet, so that’s a good thing.

      1. kep May 18, 2017

        Lol. Yeah, want to talk about Russian collusion? How about Hillary making a deal with Russia for twenty percent of Americans uranium? In exchange, Hillary got 2.4 million dollars donated to the Clinton foundation. Yep, pay for play, and it is the Democrats that have been and are playing footsie with Putin

        1. ralphkr May 19, 2017

          My, my, you really like spreading your BS lying nonsense don’t you, kep. You know full well that Uranium deal had nothing to do with Clinton or the Clinton Foundation. A gentleman who owned a Canadian company that owned the uranium gave money to the foundation. A few years later that gentleman sold his interests in the Canadian company. At a much later date that company was bought by Russian Oligarchs. Only a mentally deficient person tries to connect the unconnectable.

          1. InformedVoter May 19, 2017

            Sorry but you have shown you are truly low information. You can posts your opinion, but those who are informed can see through the lies.

          2. ralphkr May 19, 2017

            Well, UninformedVoter, the main problem with your uninformed opinion is that my lies happen to be the truth while your lies are only the truth in the fictional alternate conservative universe. I admit that I am a low information voter BUT that still leaves me with over 1,000% more valid information than those such as yourself & kep and such others that I waste my time correcting from time to time. I know that you are too slow and backwards to ever understand the truth and to correct your deplorable actions but I merely post corrections from time to time to make sure that moderately intelligent people understand your errors.

          3. kep May 19, 2017

            So you think it’s alright to have two sets of laws? One for the Clintons and another for everyone else?

          4. ralphkr May 19, 2017

            Actually, kep,, we do have one law but multiple methods of enforcement. For instance if you and your ignorant cohorts were to post non-stop lies about me the way you do about the Clintons & Obama you would be in court answering slander charges but slander laws do not protect those in public life.

            Enforcement of law varies greatly according to who you are. For impoverished people absolutely anything they do is illegal and subject to imprisonment including owing money. For middle class white people such as my self drug dealing merits a slap on the wrist and murder or theft may or may not result in jail time depending upon your lawyer. For the wealthy who steal millions from their business they often are given a bonus for their ingenuity by their board of directors

          5. kep May 20, 2017

            That’s not how our system is supposed to work, yet liberals seem to be alright with that, so long as it benefits liberals. The Clintons should have been in jail decades ago, but our laws do not seem to apply to them. America was a country of laws, but liberals, and career politicians want to have a ruling class. America was never ,nor should ever be ruled by ANYONE but WE the People.

          6. ralphkr May 20, 2017

            You are correct that that is not how our justice system should work, kep, but that is the way it is. By the way, kep, the founding fathers (you know those jokers that wrote our Constitution) made sure that WE the People would NEVER rule the US by setting us up as a Republic instead of a Democracy. They feared rule by majority (Democracy) even more than they feared a standing army.

          7. kep May 20, 2017

            I think you may have had an overdose of the liberal kool-aid. By the People, For the People. The American Constitution was written such that American citizens governed by appointing representatives. Those representatives felt it was an honor to serve their country. They went to Philadelphia, did their civic duty, then went home to their real jobs. Now we have politicians, that have become the ruling class. Something we were never designed to have. The Founders also ENSURED that no one could take power from the People. Hence the Second Amendment, stating that it is a RIGHT to own and bear firearms. You should stop listening to the liberal propaganda and lies you seem to embrace whole heartedly.

          8. ralphkr May 20, 2017

            My God! Kep, your absolute ignorance of Colonial America and the US Constitution is absolutely appalling. The US Constitution was written to make sure that the ignorant hoi polloi, such as yourself, would NEVER be in control but that the US would be run by the educated aristocrats.

            Only the lower house of Congress was subject to the whims of the common voters. The Senate was insulated from the common voters by being chosen by state legislatures (whom our Founding Fathers thought would have more common sense than the general electorate). The President was insulated from the common voters by being elected by an Electoral College. The founding fathers felt that the EC would be intelligent enough to NOT elect some dangerous rabble rouser such as Napoleon, Huey Long, or Trump but would override the popular vote and elect a sensible person. The Electoral College also swung power away from Northern States to the Southern Slave holding states to entice the Southern states to become part of the US.

            Anyone who thinks that the Second Amendment was meant to ensure that the Federal Government could be overthrown at anytime by the citizens has been smoking too much whacky tobaccy. The Second Amendment was written so local governors or the Federal Government could quickly produce a well trained army of civilians to protect the US (or in the case of the Whiskey Rebellion) to force the citizens to obey the law. Our Founding Fathers had good reason to fear the power of a standing army and the ease with which one can overthrow the government and the Second Amendment was their way of avoiding the need for a standing army.

            Our Constitution is set up with a series of counterbalances playing off the powers and limitations of each branch (legislative vs executive vs judicial) to make sure that no one branch could overcome the other branches and that intelligent educated (the Aristocrats) men would run the country.

          9. kep May 21, 2017

            I t love pseudo intellectual liberals. Do regale us with more.

          10. ralphkr May 21, 2017

            It is nice that you love liberals, kep. Personally, as a true conservative I don’t particularly care for liberals and have absolutely no time at all for pseudo intellectuals of either stripe but I must admit I do become rather bored with dealing with the truly ignorant such as yourself. I admit that from time to time I do find myself wondering why so many Fascist loving ignoramuses such as yourself have attached themselves to the Republican party and then I look at all the wannabe Fascists with an R behind their name and sadly realize that the true conservative party has been swallowed the Fascists.

          11. kep May 21, 2017

            Again, spoken like a true Liberal. Facism is alive and well within the Democratic party, or should I say the New Amerikan Communist Party. It is the left that are inciting riots and promoting violence, not the right. You fit right in with these crazies that resude on this site.

          12. ralphkr May 22, 2017

            Interesting, kep, that you constantly insist upon demonstrating your ignorance. First…it is impossible to be a Liberal and a Fascist and a Communist at the same time. True Fascism is the belief that government exists to serve big business and is the current guiding light of the Republican Party. True Communism is that everything belongs to the government and everyone serves the government and is given what they need to live by the government (sounds suspiciously like true Christianity which is liberalism in its purist form). Also note that there has never been true Christian, Fascist, nor Communist government. Yes, kep, I am very cognizant of the fact that facts are far beyond your ken and far above your pay grade.

          13. kep May 22, 2017

            Like I said…psuedo intellectual. Sound and fury signifying nothing.

          14. ralphkr May 22, 2017

            Yes, kep, you have just made an excellent summary of your posts, i.e., sound & fury signifying nothing.

          15. InformedVoter May 20, 2017

            Sorry ralph, but you are poorly informed. You can try to save face, but your lies are still lies and my posts are still true.
            Your problem is that you can’t handle the truth.
            kep destroyed your lies and quite easily I might say.
            Do yourslef a favor and just keep you mouth shut. That way you don’t look so low information.

          16. ralphkr May 20, 2017

            Tch, tch, tch, UnInformedVoter, just claiming that your lies are the truth is akin to claiming that the sun rises in the South because someone on Fox said so. Someday you should try reading a book for your historical knowledge instead of those comic books. Kep did not destroy anything except his own very fragile validity with his reply. Just shouting the same lies over & over never makes your lies true although it is my understanding that the orange one thinks that if he hears a lot of people say something that it must be true (I understand that he is organizing a moon expedition to mine the cheese).

          17. InformedVoter May 21, 2017

            Poor ralph, you know you’ve have your “logic” shredded by kep and me, and many others in other forums.
            You have produced zero information other than your lying opinions. We’ve produced solid facts.
            But that is typical for you low information lefties.

          18. ralphkr May 21, 2017

            You and kep, idiotVoter, are living proof that the dumber a person is the smarter they think they are. Uncomfortable fact for you jokers is that loudly repeating falsehoods does NOT make them facts.

          19. InformedVoter May 22, 2017

            Poor ralf (as in throwing up). You lost this one during the first salvo. During a debate, when one team begins to call the winning side names (like you started because your point was not defensible), the moderators know that side has lost.
            That’s exactly what you did ralf.
            Anyone reading through this forum can easily see you made zero points – gee what a surprise.

          20. ralphkr May 22, 2017

            Ah, poor idiotically misinformedVoter, the only thing I have lost is the time I’ve wasted in correcting your asinine illogical posts. By the way, I don’t ever call people names in print (but do when face to face) but do call them as I see them and I have seen many of your posts and they invariably show the thinking of a mentally impaired uneducated person with little or no grasp of the real world. I have a big surprise for you, Voter, the world IS actually round (another example of my wasting my time explaining facts to you because you shall dismiss the silly idea of a round world as lies since if it were round everyone would fall off below the equator)

          21. InformedVoter May 22, 2017

            Poor ralf; to further demonstrate you are clueless, The Flat Earth Society (the group you used as an example of dumb thinkers) ACTUALLY believe in global warming. Thus, by using them as “proof” makes you look foolish!
            As to your other false claims – my educational and grasp of the real world credentials: I was a professional athlete; possess a PhD in a science; taught graduate level science at two universities; live outside the USA almost six months a year; work for a group similar to Doctors Without Borders (not in the medical field) and pull down a salary of $140k/month (most likely more than you gross in a year).
            You keep posting your opinions (which several of us have shredded as being false) and ignore the truth.
            No wonder you’re such a loser!

          22. ralphkr May 22, 2017

            Thank you for explaining to us all what a complete and thorough scam artist you are, Voter. IF you are drawing $140K a month (yes that is usually a little more than I get since I am retired) then it is obvious that you are ripping off your organization big time. Of course, your last paragraph is complete and utter B.S. just like everything else you post.

          23. InformedVoter May 24, 2017

            I feel sorry for you. All you have left is a party in ruins. I bet you still think HilLIARy is going to win. Tell the truth, you still believe the FAKE MSM polls don’t you. I tried to inform you low information sheep that President Trump was winning, but no, you kept calling me “uninformed”. So how did that work out for you?
            You need to seek out one of those university safe rooms so you can go have a nice cry.
            Meanwhile, President Trump is just marching along wiping out EOs of obozo.

          24. kep May 19, 2017

            So, Crooked Hillary gave away twenty percent of Americans uranium to Russia for nothing? The head of the Clinton crime family would never do that. Far too corrupt and far too greedy. Nope, 2.4 million dollars donated to the Clinton foundation, and I forgot to mention the high priced speaking engagements for Bill. That was part of the deal too. It seems the Clinton said have a much closers relationship with Russia than President Trump ever will.

          25. ralphkr May 19, 2017

            So many errors in your post, kep, that if you were in school it would almost be obliterate with markups. First sentence…I hope that you shall someday meet a female at least 10% as honest as H Clinton (although be assured any sensible female shall immediately reject you) and it is impossible for H. Clinton to give away something she never had, i.e., uranium. Not 2.4 million but about 2 billion donated to Clinton Foundation. It was a Canadian company that owned the US uranium that was sold to the Russians.

            I am sure that you also believe that the Clintons have murdered 8 or 48 or 800 or whatever today’s tally is. From what I read there is a moronic segment of the US populace that believes that if a Clinton has ever been in a building and anyone dies in said building within the next 4 decades that it is a case of murder by the Clintons.

          26. kep May 20, 2017

            You have either drank far too much of the kool-aid, or you are just another stupid, brain dead liberal. I’m thinking the latter.

          27. ralphkr May 20, 2017

            You should be so fortunate as to be brain dead the same as I am. It would greatly improve your ability to solve problems and would certainly solve your problem of not being able to keep track of your lies. By the way, I never drink kool-aid but I do read real history books instead of your comic books.

          28. kep May 20, 2017

            See, you got things a bit crossed. I DON’T LIE.. LIBERALS LIE. Known and proven FACT.
            Apparently you are reading liberal propaganda and not history. I know for you, it must hard to tell the difference.

          29. ralphkr May 21, 2017

            Well, kep, you finally have come up with something that isn’t an out and out complete lie. Yes, LIBERALS DO LIE. I realized that many decades ago when our pastor said, “Jesus Loves You” to our lying backstabbing conservative mayor. Major difference between Liberals and Conservatives is that liberals lie some of the time “No dear, that dress does not make you look fat” while conservatives only lie whenever their lips move or whenever they are writing some stupid unconstitutional missives.

        2. InformedVoter May 19, 2017

          Keep up the good work. The lefties are squirming and twisting and just don’t understand why the majority of Americans despise them.

        3. johninPCFL May 20, 2017

          Yeah, the Canadian guy who bought the mines and sold them years later gave some money to the Clinton Foundation. And the Iran Republican Guard backed Trump Tower in Azerbaijan for Agent Orange. Then Agent Orange took tons of money from a Russian agent connected to Putin just in time to save his scrawny as from bankruptcy (again.) Then Agent Orange hosted the TASS agents into the oval office to plant mikes so that Putin could get hourly reports from his newest turncoat.

          Which worries your more? Current ownership of the White House by Russia, or a Canadian legally selling his own property?

          1. kep May 20, 2017

            All the Clintons have ever done was to enrich themselves at the expense of the American people. Twenty percent of Americans uranium sold off to Russia for 2.4 million dollars that went into the Clinton foundation. FACT

          2. johninPCFL May 22, 2017

            What a knucklehead you are! $Billions raised for African medical care, $Billions raised for American families.

          3. kep May 22, 2017

            Yeah, billions into the Clintons pockets. Anyidea how much m9ney actually reaches charities? Of course not, you’re a liberal so other peoples money means nothing to you. Charities are lucky to see 10 percent of the money raised. Clintons place most of that 90 percent in their pockets.. Of course, those donating, at least when Hillary was SS, got favors. Good ole pay for play.

          4. johninPCFL May 22, 2017

            Sorry, loser. 86.9% goes to programs (independently verified.)


            “On the upside, their foundation’s initiatives have helped many in the U.S., where it works to improve physical education and nutrition for school children, and millions abroad, where it provides cheaper AIDS medication and better seeds to the poor. Charity Navigator and Charity Watch give it good overall marks.”

            Then there’s Agent Orange’s personal moneymaker: “But when you look into the money that was given to the Donald J. Trump Foundation,” he added, “you haven’t donated any actual money.”

            From veterans to the homeless, he takes the money and only disperses it when a “left-wing newspaper” asks about it, often years later. I bet the veterans REALLY like the newspaper that finally got Agent Orange to pass forward the money donated for them, right?

          5. kep May 22, 2017

            Are you just that gullible or just that stupid. The Clintons ONLY enrich themselves.

          6. johninPCFL May 22, 2017

            “Are you just that gullible or just that stupid.” – well, the educated world agrees that you are both.

            When the charity watch group says 86.9% of donations go to the works they are donated for, that says a lot. Especially since 0% of the money sent to Agent Orange ever got to where it was intended until reporters began snooping around. Who knows, maybe he wanted another giant painting of himself and bought it with money donated for the veterans, just like last time.

          7. kep May 22, 2017

            Again, you seem to be too stupid to realize that you have been lied to. Liberals are like that.

          8. johninPCFL May 22, 2017

            Good to know you’re liberal. Agent Orange, the piss-head, has been lying to you for over a year.

            His British codename is ASSKISSER. We don’t yet know whether that’s referencing his “hair dye” sessions, or from his relationship with Putin.

          9. kep May 22, 2017

            Unlike the witch hunt now going on hoping to find a Russian connection with PRESIDENT TRUMP, there is actual PROOF of business dealings and deals with the Russians and the Clintons. Perhaps you should consider that YOU have been lied to for your entire liberal life?

          10. johninPCFL May 22, 2017

            More bullshit from you – “Among the ways these accusations stray from the facts is in attributing a power of veto or approval to Secretary Clinton that she simply did not have. Clinton was one of nine cabinet members and department heads that sit on the CFIUS, and the secretary of the treasury is its chairperson. CFIUS members are collectively charged with evaluating the transaction for potential national security issues, then turning their findings over to the president. By law, the committee can’t veto a transaction; only the president can. ”

            ASSKISSER, on the other hand, got $95million for a $41million house from Putin through one of his good buddies.

          11. kep May 22, 2017

            Keep believing the propaganda, Comrade.

          12. johninPCFL May 22, 2017

            Sure thing, Comrade.

      2. InformedVoter May 19, 2017

        Sorry john, but the public is growing weary of the assault from the left. They view it that you are nothing but sore losers.
        Many Dems are trying to distance themselves from the FAKE MSM stories by claiming they don’t care about the latest “scandal” and just want to get something accomplished. These are the folks running in 2018 and they see that their GOP opponents leaping ahead in the polls.
        But no one ever claimed that liberals were intelligent.

        1. D.ducks May 20, 2017

          Lol. So true


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