New Fox Poll Shows Biden Surging Ahead, So Trump Shrieks 'Trash!'

New Fox Poll Shows Biden Surging Ahead, So Trump Shrieks 'Trash!'

Laura Ingraham

Fox News

Fox News released a new poll Wednesday showing a three-point shift toward President Joe Biden, putting him ahead nationally at the highest number since last October.

Biden is ahead of Donald Trump at 50 percent to 48 percent, and there was an even bigger swing in an extended poll that included Robert Kennedy, Jr., Cornel West, and Jill Stein. In that poll, Biden now edges out Trump by 42 percent to 41 percent, a four-point shift from May.

Not only does this poll indicate that Trump's conviction was not an automatic boost for his campaign as so many Republicans have claimed, it also shows the best numbers on the economy that Biden has received in a Fox poll.

Meanwhile, Trump has discovered that he hates Fox News.

Naturally, Fox, which has made a habit of blasting out even the most unlikely results from polls that showed Trump ahead, has gone silent about these new results.

As The Washington Postreports, evening news host Bret Baier handed out the top lines on the Wednesday night broadcast, saying that the difference between Biden and Trump was “within the margin of error.” Which it is.

Baier swung immediately to a story about immigrant violence, though he did have a Washington Times commentator on at the end of his segment to explain how elections “don’t turn on amorphous things like the future of democracy” but on things that really matter—like the danger of immigrants.

For the rest of the evening, hosts focused on other topics, like defending their heavily edited videos claiming that Biden had “wandered away” or had forgotten the name of a Cabinet secretary.

Earlier in the evening, pundit Jesse Watters—the latest to hold the Sean Hannity/Tucker Carlson chair of fear and loathing—appeared on another program to insist that the polls were “locked in” with Trump in the lead. When it came time for his own show, Watters forgot to mention that the polls had moved.

Laura Ingraham also apparently didn’t get the new numbers. She not only didn’t mention the new poll results on her program, but she was insistent that Trump is ahead. Ingraham was also on message about why democracy doesn’t matter.

“The top concerns of voters remain the economy, border, inflation, the cost of everything. And Biden has made it all worse,” she said.

Hmm. The economy, inflation, and the cost of everything? That’s almost like … all the same thing.

But it’s funny that she would focus on this, as the Fox poll also had some changes on that front.

Fifty-nine percent say they are getting ahead or holding steady financially, up 5 points since last summer, and 44% feel optimistic about the economy, up 9 points compared to 2023.

The economic numbers don’t sound great. They’re not. But the movement is all in Biden’s direction. Despite the concerted efforts of a news media that seems fixated on telling people how bad things are, it seems like they might have noticed all of the not-collapsing around them.

But even worse for Ingraham—and Trump—is that she is fundamentally wrong about voter concerns. Because the item at the top of the poll, the one that voters found most important about the coming election, was “the future of American democracy.” The economy slid to second place, with “stability and normalcy” a close third.

It was this suggestion, that Americans are concerned about America, that really put Trump on full boil.

“The #1 issue in this Country is not protecting democracy,” Trump railed. “It is INFLATION and IMMIGRATION!”

Funny how Trump and Ingraham were so exactly aligned. Guess they didn’t mention this poll when everyone was getting together for the morning talking points.

Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos.

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