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Gingrich Nomination Could Hand Florida To Obama

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Gingrich Nomination Could Hand Florida To Obama


Even if Mitt Romney remains the Republican the Obama re-election campaign is most comfortable running against, Newt Gingrich might be the lowest-hanging fruit next fall, especially in the key battleground state of Florida.

Newt’s surge continues as he gains ground — and large leads over Romney — in fresh polls of Republicans in Florida and nationally. He went so far as to declare bluntly to ABC News’ Jake Tapper on Thursday that “I’m going to be the nominee.”

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor is the political correspondent and staff reporter at The National Memo. Previously, he was a staff reporter at The East Hampton Star, where he wrote about politics and the arts. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Michigan in 2010 with a B.A. in political science. You can follow him on Twitter @matthewt_ny

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  1. homesalesguy December 2, 2011

    Matt Taylor obviously doesn’t know Florida. No State has been hit harder by the real estate market collapsing. They don’t like Obamanomics down there. Obama’s disprespectful attitude towards Israel has alienated the Jewish Vote. Gingrich would win this state by at least 10 points.

  2. Adam December 2, 2011

    Because of his decades in WA.D.C., Newt can never be new. He has a reputation of fiascoes that would require 21 published volumes to document.

    New GetRich’s major flaw is that his one-dimensional ideas cannot stand in a three-dimensional reality. Thus, this glitzy orator revels in platitudes like Palin revels in lipstick. It’s all only for a show that he secretly hopes is collecting an admission fee.

    This profile is the same age as Newt.
    Adam of CA.

  3. Marina Roberson August 3, 2012

    well obama take your vitamins get your rest you will defintely be in the white hous another 4 years–those gop clowns do not hold a candle to you—the white house is yours


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