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How Democrats Can Hold GOP Accountable For Healthcare Fix



  1. dbtheonly February 12, 2017

    Republicans agreeing?

    Really now.

    1. Christinatandrews February 13, 2017

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  2. Eleanore Whitaker February 13, 2017

    This is so laughable that comedians around the world yanked this comedy routine from their acts half a century ago. FACT: The GOP never had ANY plans to reform healthcare. How could they? That would mean slashing millions from their campaign funds that come directly from Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big HMOs. FACT: The GOP knows that either it either their campaign donations from corporate thugs who prey on the sick and the dying or it’s actually admitting that healthcare in the US is the biggest extortion crime in US history.

    First of all, they knew from the get go their grandiose scheme with HSAs was never going to work. The math was atrocious. You start and HSA and three days later you are in a car accident and end up with half a million dollars in hospital bills.

    The problem with Republican men is they are totally math challenged. To them math is a magical mystery trip “waiting to take you away.” (Beatles). To the real world, dollars and sense only add up when the numbers are correct.

    This Republican Regime is the second act of their canned comedy routine. Act One is now tattered around the edges and the seams are about to burst.

    So what they want now is to lie, dare you to call their lies “lies,” and then force those lies down everyone’s throats. They know they are lying, they know YOU know they are lying and like that mindless corporate robot, Singer, they don’t care if you KNOW they are lying.

    Hearing the theme song from Twilight Zone yet?

  3. FireBaron February 13, 2017

    Back when the guy they tried to make a “One-Term President” was in office, the GOP had the leisure to keep sending ACA repeal bills to the President, knowing it would not sustain a veto. Now that they have the whole shooting match, they need to be really careful about what they send to Teflon Donnie. Whatever they send he will likely sign, they it will really be “You broke it, you own it.” This is already paying off in the raking over the coals GOP representatives at their town hall meetings, telling them about the benefits they have received from the ACA and if they break it, they may be looking for work in two years.


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