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How The GOP Base Can Crush Jeb Bush In 5 Simple Steps

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How The GOP Base Can Crush Jeb Bush In 5 Simple Steps


Tea Partiers, this is going to be uncomfortable, but you need to face an actual fact.

There’s a reason that a Bush has been on the Republican ticket in six out of the last nine presidential elections. They’re better at this than you are.

The guys who helped bring us Willie Horton and John McCain’s “black child” don’t just know how to remain mainstream darlings while dipping into the racially tinged politics of personal destruction. They are also better at cloaking their support of the conservative policies that are choking the middle class (and the planet) in “compassionate”-sounding lies.

Jeb Bush’s first big campaign speech in Detroit sent the media a message: I won’t get tarred with embracing Mitt Romney’s dismissal of the 47 percent, even as I espouse the exact same policies and ideology that feed the philosophy that dismisses the 47 percent.

Jeb was literally raised to thrill “centrist” pundits like the National Journal‘s Ron Fournier with a passion for shrinking the promises we’ve made to our seniors.

A few weeks before his campaign hired a Chief Technology Officer who didn’t know how Twitter works and dumped thousands of Social Security numbers and some malware online, Bush was at his “wonky and provocative best, ” according to Fournier. The smarter Bush brother raved about how a “tech-juiced new economy” based on models like Uber could completely displace an economy where people actually had benefits, job security, and some hope of kids doing better than their parents.

There’s no better example of children failing to exceed their parents than the Bush brothers. Still, America doesn’t deserve another Bush campaign. Not now. Not while the embers of wars that George W. Bush lost are still burning.

The 2016 election is the most important in our lifetime because the 45th president could appoint as many as four Supreme Court Justices, when only one appointment is necessary to reverse not only Roe v. Wade but many of the principles that have girded Medicare and Social Security for decades.

Despite the fact that every GOP candidate trails likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Republicans — including those who were sure that Mitt Romney would win — believe they have an advantage heading into 2016. And some non-partisan experts agree.

Americans rarely send the same party to the White House three times in a row. Even when they do, the Supreme Court — with the help of a sitting governor operating on behalf of his brother — has been known to stop it from happening anyway. And America has never sent a non-penised person to the White House, as far as we know.

You’ve got all the advantages, GOP. So let’s do this. Let’s have a real debate.

I want Scott Walker — and not just because his deficit-inflating tactics have stagnated wages and left Wisconsin’s economy in the dust behind its fiscally responsible neighbor, Minnesota.

The Republican candidates all want to gut public education. They all want to destroy the remnants of the labor movement that built the middle class. They all want to funnel billions of taxpayer dollars to private companies that have no record of outperforming their public counterparts. But Jeb Bush is better at hiding it.

Bushes know how to cloud their middle-class-shrinking beliefs in the mist of “reform.” Remember when George W. Bush suddenly grabbed on to the “Reformer with Results” slogan? Jeb helped slightly raise Florida’s high-school graduation rates from among the nation’s worst. But along the way, he made sure his cronies got big government contracts with little to no government oversight.

As much as duping taxpayers, de-professionalizing teaching, and defenestrating unions appeals to you, surely you don’t want to nominate yet another plutocrat to run under the GOP banner. Walker has that regular guy, new “con” smell. And he’s won election after election in a blue state during the eight years in which the GOP has been trying to pretend the Bushes don’t exist.

Bush has the money, but you’ve got the numbers. But you don’t have discipline. Since you’re even worse at beating Bushes than we are, here’s a simple plan that you’re going to need to stick to, if you want to take Jeb down.

1. Stick with Scott Walker.
Rand Paul has the memes and has inherited his dad’s ground game. But here’s a guy who has an economic plan written on tinfoil, empathizes with Obama on foreign policy, continually says things that he has to pretend he never said, and will self-destruct under the slightest pressure. Ted Cruz sounds the most like an Internet commenter, but that’d be like nominating a rodeo clown to ride a bull. Dr. Ben Carson occasionally comes off as a human being, and Chris Christie is almost unpopular enough to be taken seriously by Republicans. Maybe Huckabee or Jindal? Snap out of it! This is how you lost to Romney. Stick with Walker.

2. Forget about immigration.
You’re going to find out that Scott Walker — like any politician who wants to win in a blue state — supports or supported immigration reform. So what? He’ll parrot the requisite “secure the border first” nonsense — even though the border is more secure than it’s probably ever been — and reform isn’t happening until there’s a Speaker of the House who can bring it to the floor without losing his job. Reform didn’t happen under George W. Bush and it won’t happen under Walker. If immigration is your issue, just scare the shit out of your congressman with photos of him with Eric Cantor.

3. Keep Marco Rubio in the race.
This is the key. Bush currently only leads in one out of the three first primary states — New Hampshire. If Walker stays close, Bush could blow him out of the water in Florida, which could be even more important this year thanks to changes that Mitt Romney’s team made to the nominating process in 2012. Rubio will at least deny Bush a dominating win in their home state. And if that happens, much of the rationale for Jeb — he could win! — disappears.

4. Don’t question Jeb’s conservative credentials.
There are two names that guarantee the failure of any attempt to turn Jeb into a RINO: George W. Bush and Terri Schiavo. You’re not going to convince people that a guy who put a husband “through hell” to keep a woman in a vegetative state alive is insufficiently pro-life. If the right does pursue this angle, George W. Bush will rise up with great vengeance to defend his brother, the way Jeb defends everything George did. And that will be most persuasive, emotional endorsement any conservative could get this cycle. Secondly, arguing that Bush is a moderate — when all the evidence shows otherwise — will just make the argument that Jeb is electable to the blue-state Republicans who actually pick your nominee.

5. Attack Jeb’s failed policies and crony capitalism.
You hate Common Core, but a huge chunk of your party probably has no strong opinion on it, except being against it because Obama is for it. This isn’t going to be good enough. You nominated the friggin’ creator of Obamacare last time around. You need to broaden the attack on Jeb to point out how his cronies benefit from his policies while taxpayers suffer. More than anyone alive, Jeb Bush has benefited from a political system that comforts the comfortable and afflicts the afflicted. This case was effective against Mitt, but you couldn’t stick to an alternative. So, again, stick to Scott Walker.

Surely you’re suspicious of anyone on the left who would want so badly for Walker to win the nomination. Aren’t you afraid of a guy who was able to organize more door knockers in an off-year election than Team Romney could pull off in a presidential year? He could sway the region that has given Democrats the White House in four out of the six last elections!

I’ll be honest. It’s definitely self-serving, and it reminds me of one of my favorite political stories.

“What are you giving that S.O.B. all that publicity for?” aide and advisor Kenny O’Donnell asked President Kennedy, after a White House photo op with Barry Goldwater.

“Leave him alone,” answered Kennedy. “He’s mine.”

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr



  1. CrankyToo February 16, 2015

    Hey National Memo, did all your editors get the weekend off? I’m no fan of Jeb Bush, but whoever wrote this tripe needs to take some remedial writing classes.

    1. plc97477 February 16, 2015

      It’s a holiday.

    2. Sand_Cat February 16, 2015

      That’s true. They were much too easy on him.

      1. joe schmo February 18, 2015

        That’s because he is a psuedo Republican and leans more toward the Left. We all know it. Surprised you all don’t…..

  2. Dominick Vila February 16, 2015

    I don’t know about the Tea Party, if nothing else because Republicans always fall in line behind their leaders and are extremely loyal to their party, even when the GOP does things that are offensive to them. They may even hold their noses at the idea of a Latina First Lady, if that’s what it takes to win the White House.
    Jeb is an intelligent, articulate, moderate Republican. In addition to a Mexican-American wife and children, what he is going to have to deal with is his record. From dealings with shady Cuban entrepreneurs before he became Governor, to his unsolicited and questionable involvement in the Terri Schiavo case, to his active participation in the selection of his brother as President of the United States, this is a guy that carries a lot of baggage. Add to that his image of moderation, and he is going to take a lot of flak from all sides.

    1. pmbalele February 16, 2015

      Do you know TPs and Repubs were abused right after birth? If not I am asking them to explain why they are so stupid. Just imagine in Wisconsin they elected Walker who wants to get rid of Universities and replace them with 2 year-colleges; wants to get rid of the judiciary, DOJ, DPI, women rights to their bodies; equal pay; and remove Wisconsin from the Union. At the same time Walker wants to run for the WH in 2016. Is that not a contradiction in terms? If Wisconsin is out of the Union, then Walker will be an alien, unqualified for the WH job.

      1. Dominick Vila February 16, 2015

        Logic has never been their forte. I would not be surprised if the folks in Wisconsin find comfort in knowing that their hero’s idea of evolution involves greater Wisconsin cheese exports.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker February 16, 2015

    JEB has a lot of questions to answer before he can become the third in a Bush Dynasty to screw up the economy. All 3 of the Bush sons dumped bankruptcies on taxpayers: Bush ’43 – Arbusto Oil, Neil Bush? His Silverado S&L that his daddy bailed him out of with OUR tax dollars and John Ellis Bush (JEB) and Neil (again) bankrupting the Miami Federal.

    Of course, the two names you won’t EVER hear JEB mention are Padrera and Recarey. His 2 Miami “associates” who bilked Medicare and HUD of tens of millions.

    Ain’t it grand? When your last name is Bush, you just run to your ultra conservative billionaire media moguls and they suppress any and all “negative” news.

  4. underledge February 16, 2015

    Damn, are we that deep in the bottom of the barrel that all comes up is another Bush?

    1. ericlipps February 16, 2015

      If the “tea party” kicks Jeb Bush out of the way in favor of Scott Walker, it’ll be slitting its own throat in the general election.

      Walker appeals to the kind of folks who think union leaders should be burned at the stake, and he could probably pull in a lot of those on the religious right who think believers in evolution should fry as well, but that’s not enough to win a presidential election. It night not even be enough to win the GOP nomination in the face of really determined opposition by some less divisive candidate.

      That said, Jeb carries a lot of baggage. Americans have never elected three members of the
      same family to the White House, and I doubt they’re about to start now. Then there’s the fact that a lot of people—even a lot of Republicans—are less than pleased with what George I and George II did in the Oval Office, and are likely to look at Jeb in that light. Then there’s Jeb’s own record, which includes his meddling in the 2000 election in support of his brother and an assortment of other unpopular moves.

      So if Walker won’t fly, and Jeb would have to run with a ball and chain around his ankle, who does that leave?

      Well, er . . . nobody obvious. The “tea party” may have to resign itself to four, or eight, more years of sniping from the sidelines. It isn’t true, after all, that Americans are all that reluctant to give the same party the White House three times running. They did it for the GOP in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, for the Democrats in the 1930s and ’40s, for The Republicans in the eighties, and for the Democrats in the nineties and 2000 (as far as the popular vote goes). Even if, as people keep insisting will be the case even though she hasn’t actually declared her candidacy, Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee, that won’t be enough to put the Republicans over the top. Only if some insurgent liberal third-party candidate drains off enough Democratic votes in crucial states as Nader did in 2000 will they have a real shot. (So watch for Republicans to quietly encourage, and perhaps even fund, such a candidate.)

      So it’s back to Jeb. The tinfoil-tricorn-hat wearers may just have to hold their noses and back him, even if they do so behind a screen
      of pretend-criticism. Baggage or no, he may be their only hope of, as they see it, bringing the White House back to God.

      1. pmbalele February 16, 2015

        TEA Party wants Sharia law in this Country. It is already started in Wisconsin. Women in Wisconsin can be paid lower than men doing the same job. They are also not allowed to control their bodies. But I am surprised women in Wisconsin voted for Walker.

        1. paulyz February 16, 2015

          Your statement about the Tea Party wanting Sharia law is so blatantly false that you are either a complete uninformed useful idiot , or blindly believes MSNBC.

          1. Sand_Cat February 16, 2015

            Certainly less blatantly false than all the right-wing alarmism about it. And the TP’s ideas on women and minorities and people of the wrong (or no) religion have far more in common with Sharia law than those of the Dems on any issue.
            But, I guess that – like most right-wing zealots, or zealots of any kind – you’re totally irony-deaf.

          2. joe schmo February 18, 2015

            I suppose you think Dr. Ben Carson is one of that crowd? Are you way off……

          3. joe schmo February 18, 2015

            I have an issue with the non-religious. As for the Sharia law comment. Head in the sand, you need to decide whether you want women to have rights or wear a Burka. You are the pacifiers of all that is wrong with the world.

            I believe Jesus would have a problem with these issues, however; Jesus would try to convert them, peacefully. Every one of them:)

          4. ericlipps February 17, 2015

            See my comment above.

        2. ericlipps February 16, 2015

          Not Sharia, but rather Old Testament law. That way, they could stone homosexuals and uppity women to death.

          1. pmbalele February 16, 2015

            Please turn on your TV. Some White guy shot three Muslims at the University. We are told he is a TEA Party member. So there is no difference from TPs and radical religious groups.

          2. joe schmo February 18, 2015

            Gosh and that makes up for all the mass shootings doesn’t it. if you look it up you will find that most of the people committing these crimes were Liberals. Two Muslims and the rest Liberals:)

          3. ericlipps February 18, 2015

            Joe, I don’t know what you’re smoking, but it can’t possibly be legal.

            And I’d love to know where you’re getting info on the political orientation of mass shooters. Through the fillings in your teeth?

          4. joe schmo February 18, 2015

            Who are you referring to as uppity women? Don’t you hate Palin and Bachmann because they have a voice and they are STRONG women?

          5. Magnus Thunderson March 3, 2015

            I hate Palin as she stupid but thinks here ideas have merit but has has harmed the path she been in from family to her home town due to a self important ideal she important

        3. joe schmo February 18, 2015

          No, you are the party of Sharia. Conservatives are against the whole idea of Islam infiltrating the U.S. like it has Europe. You people pacify Muslims (Remember it is your president who constantly makes excuses for them. I believe he is one). We don’t discriminate against them, but when someone wants to change the American belief system (like you all are trying to do) and put women and men in bondage….those are fighting words.

          You must be a woman? Tell me, do you reside in Wisconsin? Last time I checked American women have more rights than they used to and you are the people who are pacifying Muslims. Give me a break! Which is it, either you want women’s rights or your want to end up wearing a Burka. As far as Bachmann and Palin go….. I don’t see how these two are not strong women? That’s why you hate them. I really don’t think I would want to mess with Palin on her home turf.

          Hillary Clinton has excepted 20 to 25,000 dollars from the Saudi Arabian government. WOW, just who’s side are these people on?

    2. Magnus Thunderson February 16, 2015

      That the problem of the party moving so far right as while they can gerrymander districts to hold local office which both the GOP and democrats are guilty of they have a diminishing chance to every hold the presidency

  5. FT66 February 16, 2015

    Jeb is beatable so easily. He can pick up all the pennies he can in this world, but if a candidate is not a good campaigner, as he shows, all the money will be flashed to the cesspit. He has to blame Pres. Obama. The man (Pres. Obama) since 2007 introduced a kind of New Politics, that if you can’t inspire people, you can’t get people fired up, all the effort put on will end up in vain. This is what killed McCain and Romney in their bid to become president. Unless and until GOP Chairman finds the way to get rid of people like: Cruz, Rand Paul and Scott Walker as such they don’t enter the contest, the man (Jeb) is really in big trouble.

    1. Magnus Thunderson February 16, 2015

      what killed McCain was Palin as could you see her as president if McCain heath failed and Romeys Past killed him as he a vulture capitalist which are no better the a thief. As what would you call a hostile takeover of a profitable company with a realty good benefits and retirement plan and after taking millions he walked away with the company so far in Debt it collapsed a few months later and the employes found out there pension plan was no longer worth the paper it was printed on

      1. FT66 February 16, 2015

        Agreed Magnus.

        1. joe schmo February 18, 2015

          Well, what did we end up with. An anti-colonial/Marxist puppet who does not know how to be a leader and who has divided the country so much that I’m not sure it will ever be the same. You know what they say about a house divided? You tell me who the winner is in all this?

          1. FT66 February 18, 2015

            Joe, what are you going to do come January 2017 when Hillary will be sworn as the first woman ever being President of US. Will you go to the Beach again as you did during Pres. Obama inauguration? Or will you hang up yourself on trees together with your other fellow republicans?

          2. joe schmo February 18, 2015

            Oh, won’t you be overjoyed. More Communism. I see it. I know a person who immigrated here from former Communist ruled Romania. They see it. I have talked to multiple family members who lived during the very regime you are welcoming in. They see it and you turn a blind eye. What a bunch of fools…. You’ll see.

            Oh and by the way, I never addressed Mao Clinton in anything I said. My only hope is that we keep Congress and that ole Mao will dig deep into her Conservative roots and work across the aisle.

            First Black President. First Woman president. Seems that’s all you care about. You don’t give a hoot as whether or not they will make a great president. I really don’t give a flying ‘F’ what the color of skin or gender is, for that matter, just as long as we can come together once again as AMERICANS.

            I simply don’t want another Communist in office.

          3. xian March 2, 2015

            What has happened to our education system?

            I don’t mean the bizarro use of communist to describe center-left (by US standards), center-right (by world standards) economic (or other) policies.

            I mean that strange way of capitalizing random Words.

          4. Magnus Thunderson March 2, 2015

            you an idiot who seem to not even have finished elementary school as i know the difference between Communism. dictatorships socialism and democracy and totalitarian back in 6 grade
            First there is no such thing as a Communist government as it only works in Small groups such as a family group and as large as a 60s commune but fails any larger group. also socialism is a good ting but country’s that call then self that were not as there all dictatorships or totalitarian rule/ in fact the most socialist county in the world is Sweden and with out soclism blend in our county democracy there be no unemployment medicare medicaid disability public education interstate highway or capital dams as that all socialist ideas which is why I feel a soclist democry is the best from of government which is why the US is a great county

          5. xian March 2, 2015

            funny you use the word puppet while repeating ridiculous ideas like “anti-colonial/Marxist” worth of d’souza.

            you know what has divided this country? your hatred for this president and for the half of the country that sees him fighting for all of us every day.

          6. xpatYankeeCurmudgeon March 3, 2015

            “you know what has divided this country? your hatred for this president
            and for the half of the country that sees him fighting for all of us
            every day.”

            And nothing says ‘fighting for all of us’ like starting the three hundredth round of golf played during your failed presidency five minutes after delivering a desultory denunciation of transnational Islamofascists who behead American journos, eh.

          7. xian March 3, 2015

            ah, golf. the last refuge of scoundrels.

      2. xian March 2, 2015

        Pailin was the final nail in his coffin but he already on track to lose (which is a big reason why he made that maverick-y hail mary play).

        1. Magnus Thunderson March 2, 2015

          McCain had a serious shot of becoming president as his numbers were very good and if he had a decent running mate who did not come as a complete egotistical idiot as Palin did he would of most likely won it as this county is very racist proven by the ever constant unfounded attack s on the president

          1. xian March 3, 2015

            No, his numbers were not good. What are you basing that on? He never led in the polls except briefly after the Palin bump. And Bush’s economy was tanking. He knew a “decent” running mate would not do the trick so he tried a desperation move.

            I don’t think there’s any evidence he was on track to win. The country was tired of Rebublicans and ready for change. Yes, there are plenty or racists, as you see, but Obama won twice in that environment.

          2. Magnus Thunderson March 3, 2015

            he won again as the best the GOP could do as they moved from Central to extreme right was a heartless vulture capitalist which makes most look lawyers look saintly

    2. tdm3624 February 16, 2015

      The electable Republicans are boring. The ones who fire up the base like Cruz are anathema to the general public.

      1. xian March 2, 2015

        which are the electable ones these days (nationally, in terms of electoral votes)? i don’t mean to be too cocky. i know they can win and also the D candidate can implode, external circumstances could put any R candidate in, even a Cruz – god help us all – but outside of “acts of god” I don’t see which GOP candidate right now flips enough Obama/Kerry states to win.

  6. Magnus Thunderson February 16, 2015

    lets also not forget the Terry Shivo case were he gave here care to her mother and father not her husband who should of had legal right

  7. fortunev February 16, 2015

    Installing the Bush criminal syndicate in the White House again stinks of permanent mendacious malfeasance in a so-called democracy but actual plutocracy. You get what you pay for: in this case stupidity.

  8. pmbalele February 16, 2015

    People, have you not been wondering why Repubs and TPs are not serenading or talking positively about our Wisconsin governor as true contender for the 2016 GOP WH nomination. Usually FoxNews, Rush and
    others talk well when a Repub candidate scores highest in Iowa. You remember in 2012 Michele Bachman scored No. 1 followed by Romney. Repubs and TPs thought Romney or Bachman would do it. Not this time. Republicans are quiet. Why do TPs and Repubs hate Walker? Please
    tell me.

    1. Paul Bass February 16, 2015

      Being anti-education is a big problem. Also GOP establishment types would prefer their voters to be stupid, not necessarily their candidates.

    2. FT66 February 16, 2015

      Because he is not an intellectual. Who wants a dumb to hold an hand of another dumb? Where will they reach to? Nowhere.

    3. joe schmo February 18, 2015

      No one on the Right has said a thing because maybeeee they don’t want the candidate annihilated before the person even runs. Maybe it’s a diversion of sorts to confuse the Left into believing a certain way….. LOL

  9. Kurt CPI February 16, 2015

    None of the above are electable. Bush is closest but, as the article implies, if the hard-right deems him “not conservative enough” leading them to throw their support toward a “true conservative”, it’ll muddy the waters and spread the Republican vote very thin.
    I don’t believe this will even be necessary. As “good at it” as they are, hearing the name “Bush” immediately conjures up visions of cronyism, imperialism, government for oil, government for the rich, government for the Bush family. Let’s face it, Bush leads because he’s the best they’ve got. Sad.

    1. joe schmo February 18, 2015

      Looooser! Funny thing, Conservatives are not huge fans of Bush. If he wins then I believe we will have two Liberals running for President. Mao Clinton and MoreOftheSame old same old Bush.

      ….and by the way, Bush is not the best we’ve got!

  10. paulyz February 16, 2015

    The “non-penised”?? I have never heard of that idiotic term, though it sounds quite discriminatory. Who says Republicans wouldn’t like Gov. Walker, be much better that Bush, or Christie. Personally (a labeled racist by you Lefties) would like to see Dr. Ben Carson as his running mate or as President himself.

    1. joe schmo February 18, 2015

      Dr. Ben Carson:) Now we’re talking……

  11. Independent1 February 16, 2015

    I’m not sure the #1 option: Stick with Scott Walker is really a good idea. I think Walker’s latest moves are going to sink any chances that he may have had to be a serious 2016 contender for the presidency and according to this article by Robin Marty posted in Care2, so do most Wisconsinites.

    See these excerpts:

    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is very likely planning to run for president. If he does, don’t expect him to be getting too much support from the voters back at home. Recently, about the only thing everyone in the state can agree on is how much they all dislike him. In order to really get his GOP campaign running, Walker is doubling down on his far right push to cripple public education, break unions and defund pretty much anything that could be seen as potentially progressive. Not content to be part of his presidential makeover, however, the state is fighting back.

    Writing from the Marquette Education blog, Wisconsin High School Teacher of the Year Claudia Klein Felske first clarifies that Walker mentioned the wrong person when he told a story about a first year teacher of the year being laid off, then chastises him for his bad education policies. You failed to mention these details as you used Sampson’s lay-off from her first year teaching position as an opportunity to bash Wisconsin schools on the national stage,” she writes. “You blamed the seniority system for Sampson’s lay-off when, in good conscience, you should have done some serious soul searching and placed the blame squarely on your systematic defunding of public education to the tune of $2.6 billion that you cut from school districts, state aid to localities, the UW-System and technical colleges.”

    Educators aren’t the only ones angry, either. While Walker puts cutting education costs as a sound business plan, and believes it will help the state’s economy grow, most people in Wisconsin disagree. The latest to vocally do so is a most unlikely source: the small business community. They think many of Walker’s conservative policies are driving the state’s economy into the ground.

    “Meet Lori Compas. Compas is the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Business Alliance, a nonpartisan organization for businesses in the Badger State,” reports Huffington Post. ”Compas told me that drug testing was ‘not something any small business has come to me about.’ Overall, she was ‘utterly perplexed by [Walker’s] approach to jobs and economic growth,’ which prioritizes ‘things that don’t have anything to do with economic development.’ Walker’s push for drug testing and strict voter identification laws make good politics in a Republican presidential primary. But they are bad policies for hardworking Wisconsinites.”

    Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/wisconsinites-unite-to-trash-scott-walker.html#ixzz3RyWiG8eV

    1. pmbalele February 18, 2015

      I guess you do not know TPs and Repubs who graduated from 4 years colleges hate Walker because he is a college drop-out. Yesterday Megyn Kelli of FoxNews destroyed Walker as WH candidate.


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