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GOP Resists Calls For Independent Russia-Trump Probe



  1. Lynda Groom February 27, 2017

    It seems we are to admire such displays of profiles in courage, but I for one will continue to see them for the hypocrites they truly are. If Obama had winked at Putin just once they would have called for impeachment or claimed treason. Then again we are now living in the time of Trump and his ‘ism.’

    1. Martha Bartha February 27, 2017

      You make it sound like a bad thing. Trump & Putin are Butt Buddies.

      1. Lynda Groom February 27, 2017

        Which the begs the question who’s on top, or is that who’s behind?

        1. Martha Bartha February 27, 2017

          Oh My!????

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 27, 2017

            “WELL, I NEVER!!”

            Now, now, ladies—shame on you(SMILE). I’m appalled(NOT).

          2. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

            Aaron…Trump, for all of his efforts to keep women in “their place,” has managed to turn some pretty docile women into raging lioness whose cubs are in danger. rofl.

          3. Martha Bartha February 28, 2017


        2. bobnstuff February 28, 2017

          Now I have that image stuck in my head, thank a lot!

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 27, 2017

    Absolutely no one within the GOP structure should be allowed to carry out the extensive investigation of Trump the nation desperately needs to resolve issues regarding Trump, a person with a rap sheet of duplicity and dishonesty that stretches for miles.
    Besides, they are already too biased and blinded by party ideology—and the angst expressed by everyone in Trump’s Administration, as well as among key GOP figures, can only mean that there is far more at stake.
    Why else would a bevy of blindly ideological partisans within the GOP who were thirsting for blood and so eager to search under every rock regarding Hillary’s emails, and beat the dead horse called Benghazi so relentlessly beyond recognition, yet balk strongly against a similar investigation of Trump’s hidden secrets??

    A shroud of deceit and hypocrisy draped over the entire GOP, and a dark cloud of mischief hovers over Trump and his Administration, yet they’ve become so inured to deceit that reality and truth are now falsehoods, and lies and cover-ups are their “reality”. Trustworthiness and honesty are now the new curse words to the GOP, and may as well be in the category of “Political Correctness” in their estimation.

    1. dpaano March 3, 2017

      Yeah, but if it’s only the Democrats doing the investigating….do you REALLY think the Republicans will care about the results of their investigation? They’ll just blame it on partisanship! We need a truly independent board….no politicians from Congress, the Senate, OR the House on the committee!!

  3. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2017

    So two of the chairs Burr and Nunes, handpicked by Republicans to head what is supposed to be an independent investigation and Burr has a back room meeting with Spicer and Bannon to discuss how to quell the demand of the public to know what Trump and his aides links are to Russia and Putin.

    The idea of Republicans is to do what they do to people in their states: Pretend they are oh so much smarter and can pull the wool over their eyes. Sorry if they can’t fool ALL of the people of this country ALL of the time.

    There is NO WAY the Republicans can deny that Paul Manafort WAS Trump’s campaign advisor. Once you uncover Manafort’s past as a link to Putin who helped overthrow a Ukranian election, you see that Manafort’s chief job in the Trump campaign was to take down Hillary Clinton even if it meant using Russian hackers. This we do not allow.

    Now, there is no way not to feel suspicious of whether the Republican Majority in Congress was also not as rigged as the presidential election of 2016.

    Even President Bush ’43 stated yesterday, we need to “have the answers.” At least, there is still one Republican out there who has a sense of patriotism and honor.

  4. FT66 February 28, 2017

    These republicans don’t get it at all or they are just pretending. The main problem is: the foreign country interfered in US election. The investigation is needed to know why did they do so? From there everything will be known like: who were involved, why did they hack DNC and not RNC? what relation the hackers had with one of the candidates? where there any communication between the Russians and Trump campaign? Was Trump aware of what was going on? Why did Flynn find it was important to talk with the Russian Ambassador during sanctions? Who ordered him to do so? Did Trump speak with Flynn to explain to him about the call? Why Flynn did lie to Pence? Why didn’t Trump ask Flynn to apologise instead of firing him? Does Trump think Flynn talking to the Russian Ambassador is the bigger mistake than Russians interefering in US elections?
    There are so many questions to be answered, and without an independent investigation to be carried out, the problem will continue to exist. If this problem is not solved now, there will be more and more of interference in many elections to come, thus killing democracy of which no citizen should allow to happen.

    1. Dan S February 28, 2017

      The longer the GOP lets this problem fester the uglier it’s going to become later on. Just like Trumps tax returns which need to be shared with the American people we need a thorough independent investigation free of any political bias to determine if Trump had any knowledge of Russia’s hack of the DNC and influence in the general election. By not doing anything just makes Trump look guilty until we know otherwise. Do Republicans want his entire Presidency hanging under a dark cloud of coverup ?

    2. dpaano March 3, 2017

      Personally, I think Flynn was 45’s scapegoat. He figured if he fired him, the nation would calmly forget the Russian thing……not so!

  5. rkoenn February 28, 2017

    This Russian connection goes to the very heart of our system of democracy and independent and honest elections. This makes their Behghazi investigations pale in comparison. To have any possibility of an adversary swaying our election process and possibly have collusion with upper level management of Trump’s campaign is extremely dangerous and the implications need to be fully brought to light. Even Watergate pales in comparison so it is obvious the Republican congress’s, for the most part, attempts to sweep it under the rug are simply totally partisan politics. If Clinton were the one in the hot seat there would have been an investigation started in December. Finally, when you throw into what we know the fact that Trump’s flunkies are attempting to prevent any investigation it really makes one wonder what actually happened. If there was no ties to Russia they should be happy to get it out into the open.

    1. dpaano March 3, 2017

      There’s absolutely NO lack of hypocrisy in the Congress lately!!! Apparently, what’s good for the gander…….not so good for the goose!

  6. stcroixcarp February 28, 2017

    Sarah Huckabee is as bad as Kellyanne. Not quite so ugly, but just as good at non answers.

    1. Dan S February 28, 2017

      I’m assuming Sarah is Mike Huckabees wife ? ????

      1. stcroixcarp February 28, 2017

        His daughter. But, like the trump family, where she is from, it is hard to tell the difference.

        1. Dan S February 28, 2017

          His daughter then. Thanks for the info ????

  7. dpaano March 3, 2017

    Apparently, there are ALOT of foxes in the GOP henhouse!!!


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