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GOP Tax Plan Will Ruin Families With Sick And Disabled Members

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GOP Tax Plan Will Ruin Families With Sick And Disabled Members


Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.


The House and Senate Republican tax bills continue the GOP’s war on financially vulnerable Americans, underscoring yet again that the GOP will stop at nothing to take away benefits from any person, in any state, who might vote blue.

Both chambers’ slightly differing proposals eliminate the current federal income tax deduction for state and local taxes, hitting hard at blue high-tax states such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California, and amounting to a big transfer of wealth to lower-tax red-state America. In addition, the mean-spirited and brazenly partisan fine print would deny deductions for fire and earthquake victims (California), but keep them for hurricane losses (Florida and Texas).

But most of all, the poster child for the GOP’s latest version of “I’ve got mine, go get yours” public policy is the House bill’s proposal to end a federal income tax deduction for medical expenses if those costs exceed 10 percent of one’s adjusted gross income. Should that measure, or some version of it, emerge in the final bill—such as imposing a cap limiting deductions—it would be devastating to households with disabled family members or those who incur high medical costs, such as seniors or children.

“By taking away medical deductions from personal income taxes, the Republican proposal would hurt older citizens with greater medical needs, people with disabilities and chronic medical conditions, and families with children who have congenital or genetic disorders and disabilities,” said a fact sheet from Sen. Bob Casey, D-PA, the top Democrat on the Senate Special Committee on Aging. “Almost 8.8 million households claimed the medical deduction in 2015. The average deduction claimed was close to $10,000 and the cost of deducting long-term care could be ten times that amount.”

The real-life implications of ending this deduction would be nightmarish for people with disabilities, seniors facing mounting chronic conditions, their families and caregivers, noted Elizabeth Picciuto in tThe Daily Beast.

“Depending on individual circumstances, people who pay out-of-pocket for personal care assistants and durable medical equipment would be among those experiencing the most calamitous repercussions,” she wrote. “Someone who needs a new power wheelchair to get to work and recreational events may have to fork over tens of thousands of dollars. A caregiver who can only maintain a full-time career if she hires a personal care assistant to provide care for an aging parent may be forced to quit her job. A disabled person who can live independently in the community so long as he has a personal care assistant may have to live in a nursing home instead.”

These scenarios are exactly the opposite of what the Trump administration’s salespeople are saying in their scripted appearances across America.

“President Trump believes the time has come to cut taxes across the board for working families, small businesses and family farms,” Vice President Mike Pence said at a tax forum on Friday in Plainfield, Indiana, his home state. “Congress is making steady progress on what President Trump believes will be nothing short of a ‘middle-class miracle.’”

“It’s going to be tax cuts that’s focused on working families, small businesses and family farms,” he continued. “It’s going to be tax cuts that are focused on making American businesses more competitive by lowering the corporate tax rate in America so companies here in Indiana and around this country can compete with companies anywhere in the world.”

The Senate Special Committee on Aging Democratic staff have looked at how the proposed tax bills, in tandem with the GOP’s budget plan, would impact the healthcare expenses of typical households. It would not be a miracle, but a medical, emotional and fiscal disaster, depending on one’s personal health and savings, because Republicans want to offset their $1.5 trillion tax cut by cutting about the same amount from government healthcare safety nets for seniors and the most vulnerable.

“This tax scheme is part of a two-step plan: cut taxes for the wealthy now and pay for tax cuts later,” the Senate Democratic analysis said. “The Republican tax plan increases the deficit by $1.5 trillion, and the Republican budget plan would cut approximately $1 trillion from Medicaid [the state-run program for low-income people, including those receiving Obamacare assistance] and $470 billion from Medicare [the federal healthcare program for those age 65 and older].”

“To realize these cuts, Medicaid per-capita caps or block grants could be instituted, requiring states to increase taxes or cut needed care, like nursing home services and home care,” the Senate analysis continued. “Proposals to cut benefits or shift higher health care costs to older adults and people with disabilities could also be used to pay for tax cuts, such as turning Medicare into a voucher program, raising the eligibility age from 65 to 67, or increasing cost-sharing.”

The GOP’s tax-cut salesman like Pence are talking in broad strokes with bumper-sticker generalities. They know that’s not how government programs work. In real life, these programs are interconnected and layered, especially when it comes to taxes and healthcare. The GOP knows what it is doing and wants to gut federal social safety nets or force states to pay for these programs—especially blue states.

This juncture is where the GOP tax proposals and budget plan are particularly insidious. The GOP proposal to end the local and state deduction would not just raise taxes for residents of those states. (The House bill caps it at $10,000; the Senate bill ends it). Ending this deduction in tandem with a GOP budget that reeled in federal safety nets would leave the hardest-hit states facing additional local tax increases to keep current government-supported services.

“Removing the deduction would make it harder for states to raise revenues, further squeezing already tight budgets that help pay for Medicaid, education, transportation, and other local services important to older Americans, people with disabilities, and families,” the Senate Democratic analysis said.

If states don’t raise taxes to make up this loss—and nobody in power in blue California proposed that earlier this year when the GOP was pushing its Obamacare repeal—then families would pay.

People in affected states would be left with no choice but to tap life savings—many of which were set aside in pre-tax accounts, the Senate analysis said, which would then be subject to taxes. Thus, if the GOP tax plan and budget become reality, it would not be a “middle-class miracle.” It would become a middle-class bludgeoning.

“If older Americans and individuals with disabilities can’t deduct their medical expenses, many will likely need to draw down more resources from tax-deferred accounts,” the Senate analysis said. “Distribution from this type of account is considered income. The more income reported, the more an individual’s Social Security benefit could be taxed.”

Congressional Republicans are so desperate for a political victory built around their pledge to cut corporate taxes that they are doing exactly what they did in last summer’s Obamacare debacle: throwing anyone who might be served by federal safety nets—people they assume are more likely to vote for Dems—under the bus. They are also trying to seize tax revenue from blue states to send to red states.

However, anyone with an elderly family member who has serious medical needs or a disabled relative or child with chronic conditions is about to get slammed—if these tax and budget plans pass as is.

It remains to be seen if the Democrats will mount as forceful and personally resonant an opposition as they did with Obamacare, where House members noted how many tens of thousands of people in Republican districts would be hurt if the GOP’s bill passed. But the Democratic staff analysis by the Senate Special Committee on Aging suggests that the party grasps the big picture and how harsh it is.

Steven Rosenfeld covers national political issues for AlterNet, including America’s democracy and voting rights. He is the author of several books on elections and the co-author of Who Controls Our Schools: How Billionaire-Sponsored Privatization Is Destroying Democracy and the Charter School Industry (AlterNet eBook, 2016).



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  1. HappyEmeritus November 14, 2017

    TheRepublican argument seems to be that if you have 20 kids on the
    playground and one is handicapped and you beat up the handicapped kid
    and take his lunch money and give it to the others you have benefited
    the “majority” . This is of course the same argument Hitler used to
    exterminate the mentally retarded. Sick people are an expensive
    minority. Imposing the cost of illness on the sick always benefits the

    House Republicans defend their approach.

    In a statement, Ways and Means GOP spokeswoman Lauren Aronson said the
    bill would allow people to “keep more of the money they earn for
    expenses that arise throughout their lives — such as medical bills —
    rather than providing a myriad of provisions that many Americans may
    only use once in their lifetimes, and only if they go through the hassle
    and frustration of itemizing.”

    Of course currently sick people don’t have any choice. So Alzheimer’s families get handed a huge tax increase

    1. idamag November 14, 2017

      Great analogy.

    2. Independent1 November 14, 2017

      And of course Republicans ignore looking back at what they’ve accomplished in the states they govern which would prove to them, if they cared which they don’t, that their philosophy of living as you’ve described it is a disaster just like their fantasy of trickle-down economics.

      It’s not by accident that people living in red states live shorter more miserable lives (up to 6 years shorter) than people living in blue states. And during their unfortunate lives they endure more obesity, more drug and alcohol use, higher rates of gun-related murders, higher rates of virtually every terminal illness, higher probabilities of dying in an auto accident and higher rates of poverty, living on the verge of bankruptcy and with far less free cash to purchase personal consumer goods for their enjoyment; partly because workers in red states make 18-23% less than people in blue states doing the same job (and in red states that’s primarily blue collar (grunt work) or farming type jobs).

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 15, 2017

        the GOP’s form of trickle down is them taking a wizzzzs at the top and the POLPLE catch their waste at the bottom

  2. Dominick Vila November 14, 2017

    I doubt this part of the Republican Tax “Reform” (read welfare for the rich) will stop the man that mocks people with disabilities from signing the Bill. In fact, he may keep the pen he uses as a souvenir.

    1. Independent1 November 14, 2017

      Dominick, the unfortunate part is that Trump and the GOP leaders are so determined to benefit themselves, corporations and other wealthy folks that they’re not listening to anyone with an ounce of common sense, including a large number of economists, including conservative economists, who are convinced implementing a large tax reduction now is wrongheaded.

      Alan Greenspan sums it up this way:

      The most compelling criticism of Trump tax plan

      By 2040, revenue falls between $3.6 trillion and $4.4 trillion, whereas debt increases by $6.4 trillion to $6.9 trillion.” Added debt after the budget window raises the potential that the bill will not comply with the Senate’s reconciliation rules. As for growth, the model confirms the past pattern — a brief surge in growth that fades. (“By 2027, GDP is between 0.4% and 0.9% larger than current policy in that year. However, this initial boost fades over time as more debt accumulates. By 2040, GDP is between 0.0% and 0.8% larger than current policy in that year.”)

      Others agree that the debt accumulation essentially cancels out any economic benefit. Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan argues, “We are premature on fiscal stimulus, whether it’s tax cuts or expenditure increases. We’ve got to get the debt stabilized before we can even think of those terms. … Economically, it’s a mistake to deal with sharp reductions in taxes now.” His warning can be understood as an admonition about both a growing mound of debt and the downside of using debt-creating tax breaks now, when the economy is humming along. If we face an economic downturn in the next couple of years, we’ll have fewer anti-recession tools at our disposal.


      If Trump and the GOP follow through with their foolhardy plan, which would include repealing ACA, it would seem that their move would drive America into a deep recession in the not too distant future – especially where they’re targeting with added tax burdens the blue states that are today actually providing the tax revenues that are keeping America running (many of the 14 blue states that are the only states that get back less than 90 cents on the tax dollar of federal aid).

      1. Dominick Vila November 15, 2017

        Interestingly, the proposed tax “reform” includes elimination of the ACA mandate.

        1. Independent1 November 15, 2017

          Yes, and even though the GOP lost big in the VA election about a week ago by about 9 percentage points, and the main thing that brought people out to vote was fear of losing their healthcare. It can’t be more clear that Republicans don’t give a hoot what the voters want.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 15, 2017

            I feel the things that’s going to happen is those ones who stayed home on voter day next time will get out and vote the whole Gang Of Pinhead =GOP party out of the government . all of then none of them seem worth the air thy breath . a waste of any type of air

          2. idamag November 15, 2017

            Here is where the Democratic Party needs to wake up. The people, I know, who don’t vote, give me two reasons: 1. Both parties are crooked. 2. Their vote doesn’t count. The Democrats should start speaking to those who feel disenfranchised. A am one of those who feels disenfranchised. I do vote because they haven’t purged me, yet.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 16, 2017

            TRUE both party’s all have their sides of bad eggs but the latter is more true that their vote don’t matter thy think . one can only hope that thinking could change with the more of the DUMP 45 clown in the house . ive always felt that the next election should start the very day after the last election . even now I feel that Hillary should of started a go ahead Gang Of Pinheads prove me wrong kind of campaign . seeing how all the times and money the PINHEADS wasted on all the investigations on her between all the different things and still came up with nothing . /////

          4. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 16, 2017

            the GOP had been planning on Hillary running for the white house for years before the last election . flinging anything at the wall to see what sticks . and at the end nothing stuck . I believe DUMP 45 is still thinking she may run again that’s why he throws his B/S out . if Hillary was to have started the day after the election telling all to find things wrong . that some point even the BRAIN DEAD DUMP 45 followers would say the GOP still found nothing Hillary should of kept calling out all those morons GOP to find something then her news report could been HEY CLOWS FIND ANYTHING YET ? even if she choose not to run again still could of put it out there .

          5. idamag November 16, 2017

            They do start campaigning the day after the election. I think what you mean as they should be out there, is a positive way, the day after the election. No matter if the Democrats have a few bad ones, they are are only hope right now. Without them, we will lose our democracy. Once, they get in, we can demand they fix the problems. First eliminate the electoral college which lets the few decide the presidency for the many.

          6. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 16, 2017

            im thinking more (yes thy should all start the next one on the first day as the last one starts ) but my thinking is more to bring up and show and tell of the wrongs that were don’t in the last election more so . enlighten the people of just what kind of B/S was done . and by starting fast thy can try cleaning up the B/S so when the next one comes its not a short amount of time for one to research . seems the GOP would rather his with a lot of B/S just to confuse votes. now the Dems can be doing ads saying things like is this what you GOP voters wanted and how many of the promises have been filled ? what has the new party done ? to start now ads and enlighten all voters of nothing getting done and only broken promises . could wake up the ones that didn’t voter and make them want to vote .as far as the (democracy) go’s the electoral college system is B/S and go’s against every thing DEMOCRACY stands for its one votes and the one with the most votes at the end wins that the American way not this BULL one has about 3 million more votes and still lose that spits on the USA’s DEMOCRACY

          7. plc97477 November 16, 2017

            I guess they are sort of right. Their vote won’t count if they don’t vote.

          8. Dominick Vila November 15, 2017

            Trump, and Republican elected officials are trying to satisfy the ideological wishes of the 1/3 of voters that support Trump unconditionally. They understand that most Americans oppose their policies and are embarrassed by Trump’s behavior, but they also know that their 1/3 controls a majority of sparsely populated states, which guarantees victory for the foreseeable future. For that 1/3 Trump is the last White Hope. A man whose policies guarantee the continuance of a way of life that has been fading away for decades. Add to that the fact that having Trump in the WH, and the GOP controlling both chambers of Congress guarantees more Supreme Court appointment, leading to issues such as over turning Roe V Wade, and their devotion to Trump is not surprising. In that context, it is not too difficult to understand why so many voters in Alabama, including women, say publicly that they will vote for Moore even if the allegations against him turn out to be true. What is happening in the USA is not too dissimilar to what happened in the early days of the Third Reich, and it is just as dangerous, if not more.

          9. Independent1 November 15, 2017

            What may save America is that these greedy Republicans you describe do not seem to see, is that if their tax plan with the repeal of ACA succeeds, they may well be killing the golden goose that is keeping these GOP voters in sparsely populated states supporting them. Even Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s ex chief of staff could see it; that it was the tax dollars from blue states, especially CA and NY, that were being sucked by these sparsely populated states which was keeping these states from becoming nothing but similar to countries like Bangladesh with total abstract poverty.

            The new GOP tax plan is shifting the burden of future taxation onto these blue states that are already supplying the money to keep America running, in order to pay for their corrupt legislation. Shifting more of the tax burden onto blue state people by specifically targeting the tax deductions many people in those more highly taxed states already pay,e.g, not allowing as tax deductions expenses incurred from earth quakes and fires, but allowing those from flooding and hurricanes, may just kill the golden goose that’s been keeping these Republicans in Congress.

            At some point, even people as clueless as those now supporting the GOP will have to start seeing just who’s creating the misery that they’re having to live with in their lives with no healthcare, no unemployment benefits when they lose a job, little or no support from their government when a disaster strikes, little or no adequate police and fire support, virtually no social benefits whatsover. As their quality of life continues to plummet into the abyss (10 GOP states are already the 10 most miserable to living in the nation), hopefully, sooner than later these clueless rabble will wake up with vengeance and retaliate as did the people of France against the elitists there; and hopefully vote these greedy tyrants out of our government.

          10. Dominick Vila November 15, 2017

            Incredibly, or perhaps not, the tax reform plan being advanced by the House is benign compared to the one being proposed by the Senate, which sacrifices the healthcare of millions of Americans to offset the fiscal largess associated with the irresponsible handouts to corporate America and the wealthiest Americans. This is Robin Hood in reverse, and most Republicans don’t seem to mind.

          11. idamag November 15, 2017

            If you have read my posts, you will know I have been saying this for a long time. I think I have told people that I was a child when WWII ended. What we seen in the newsreels was horrific and real and there was no digital photography then. It disturbed me and I wondered how an entire people could follow a madman like hitler. I stared reading everything, I could, about nazi Germany. Yes, what we see happening is what happened in the early days of the Third Reich. We are going to pay a heavy price for ignorance.

        2. Patricia November 16, 2017

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  3. FireBaron November 14, 2017

    Not one to defend our cheeto-headed President, but has everyone else noted that no matter what Teflon Donnie promised on the campaign trail ends up doing a one-eighty once Congress starts drafting the bills? And he is either too stupid to notice, or he is so blinded to eliminate anything that has the taint of Obama on it, he lauds whatever bill they attempt to produce as exactly what he wanted, even though it ends up the exact opposite? I blame Stupidity.

    1. idamag November 14, 2017

      Teflon Donnie is akin to the man who drives up to a little girl walking alone. He promises her candy. Donnie made a bunch of promises to get us into the car so he could proceed to rape us.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 14, 2017

        Very appropriate metaphor. You should add that he was blowing the horn loudly.

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 15, 2017

        and it was all his BRAIN DEAD DUMP 45 followers that believed the POS pathological LIAR

    2. Richard Prescott November 14, 2017

      Well that begs the question then, “Were these his intentions all along, and he just simply lied on the campaign trail to get elected?”.
      I said then, and I will reiterate it now. He embraced both sides of every issue. Many didn’t see that, but if you go back he would say one thing at a rally in the south, another side for a rally in the midwest. And so on. He flipped and flopped more than an itchy orangutan.
      John Oliver put one of his interviews into print, and reading what he actually stated gave me a headache. Anything, he will say anything at any time in any way and has flight of ideas like a schizophrenic.
      This is what was elected!

      1. Independent1 November 14, 2017

        And that’s because Trump rarely intends to actually follow through on what he says unless he’s pushed into following up or it’s a personal hot button of his – like building a wall and trashing immigrants; or trashing everything Obama did probably because he was black, etc.

        Donald generally speaks for the moment, mainly to solicit a favorable response from his audience; it’s all about what he thinks will get him the most praise at the moment. He’s rarely ever thinking about following up which is why he sometimes will contradict himself within minutes.

        Which is why most foreign leaders have learned that if you give Trump a resounding reception when he comes to visit – really dazzle him with praise; he’ll buy almost anything you want to sell him and he’ll often overlook whatever it is about your policies that he has previously been trashing – even to the point of forgetting to bring up (probably intentionally) what were supposed to be hot button issues .

  4. idamag November 14, 2017

    I hate republicans.

    1. Independent1 November 14, 2017

      What Republicans and even many investors and economists either fail to realize or are overlooking, is that everything Trump and the GOP are doing is setting our economy up for a huge economic crash. It’s 14 blue states that are feeding America’s treasury with the monies to keep our country running (the only 14 states that get less than 90 cents back on the tax dollars they send to Washington in federal aid). If the GOP idiots so hamstring people in blue states such that blue state tax revenues plummet – America’s debts are going to skyrocket and the nation is going to have trouble coming up with cash to keep running.

      Not only that, but if they go ahead and trash America’s healthcare support (repeal Obamacare), the vast majority of at least the elderly will have to severely cut back on spending; along with many not so elderly who will have to cut spending and start stashing money away again to cover a potential major illness; thereby starting to stall the economy and drive it into recession/depression.

      If they go through with their moronic goals, it’s only a matter of time before another crash.

      1. idamag November 15, 2017

        Everything you say is correct. The sad thing is that people will have to hurt big time before they wake up. I had lunch today with some close friends. There was a television in the restaurant. At my request, they turn the sound off when I come in as I go there to socialize, not to be inundated with noise. The situation with Somalia was on. One of my friends said how awful it would be to live there. Another said that they do not even have clean water. Another said we do not realize how good we have it. That sentence rang loud and clear. We have food, shelter, clean water and no war on our shores, unless you count the nazis and KKKs. And people have the unmitigated gaul to complain about taxes and government as a whole. When they have let the idiots destroy what we have, they probably will not even be smart enough to realize they did it. The strange thing is if you study the quality of education across the country, it is the red and poor states that have the lowest quality of education.

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 15, 2017

      more now and today then ever before I also hate then . for the Gang Of Pinheads =GOP has the body of a snake with the DUMP 45 PEE FOR BRAINS ON IT

  5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 14, 2017

    The Party that ostentatiously promotes itself as all out for ‘trump’eting “Family Values”
    has a decidedly odd way of expressing such a code.
    Time to unveil a new slogan—“The Immoral and Dissolute Majority”, as we survey the Electoral map of 2016 and the beginning of the end of “The Trump Era”, as we wind down the year.

    Tis the Season to start putting the crews to the less fortunate in America—that’s the Conservative way!!

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 15, 2017

    GOP Tax Plan Will Ruin Families With Sick And Disabled Members // these are just a few of all the people DUMP 45 loves to put down when he can .even just him and his inner ways of EVIL he has . as I stated he dose this to all people but the POS with his little hands gets more excited doing it to disable people . then a Sessions clown comes in and says I CANT REMEMBERAAAAAAAAAAAAA and the evil DUMP 45 gets his evil laugh I ask all the time where’s the JFK , CIA ? the country and the world needs you to save us all from the DUMP 45 CLOWN fast and now !!

  7. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 16, 2017

    the GOP had been planning on Hillary running for the white house for years before the last election . flinging anything at the wall to see what sticks . and at the end nothing stuck . I believe DUMP 45 is still thinking she may run again that’s why he throws his B/S out . if Hillary was to have started the day after the election telling all to find things wrong . that some point even the BRAIN DEAD DUMP 45 followers would say the GOP still found nothing Hillary should of kept calling out all those morons GOP to find something .then her news report could been HEY CLOWS FIND ANYTHING YET ? even if she choose not to run again still could of put it out there !

  8. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 16, 2017

    here go’s the GOP doing their B/S . Page transcripts came out against the wishes of both sides . with this it only means that all that are involved in this whole abortion will know now just what Page said and either make up their own story’s and just build them around Page’s transcripts so in truth now thy can state their own statements all around P[age’s B/S that’s why it shouldn’t of been made pubic . if it wasn’t public then others would have to come up with their own story’s and not something thy can make a base around . the GOP knew this .its the GOP that are the ways of obstruction of justice . his transcript (PAGE’S)should stayed sealed .letting this be aired now in the middle of DUMP 45 ‘S ties with the whole Russian hacking and ties with the clown DUMP 45 is B/S just giving the DUMP 45 clown more chances of changing things more then he has already . doing that the GOP will make it harder for Mueller to find more of the DUMP 45 KAOS /

  9. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 16, 2017

    with any of the things that come out now will be more like smoke screens so PAGE’S transcripts for the CLOWN to get into and hide more of his snaky ways . //// NOW this stupid VP Pence more like (DENSE ) is in it deep now very deep . he will be going down at some point for the DUMP 45 CULT ,KLAN. & STAFF he has said all kinds of things he says I never heard that or I don’t know about this and that . but people are saying thy told him and he knew all about these things . he is one of DUMP 45 pathological liars now just like DUMP 45 himself .. but when DENSE go’s down he dose this all on his own he will be thrown under the bus by DUMP 45 like every one else . as much as DUMP 45 wants to think he is the Godfather he’s not . he’s only a I wanna be one .. at the end it comes time when all are to ask them self’s who’s going to do the time in jail for DUMP 45 ? the latest CLOWN 45 Judicial Nominations, one never tride a case the other one is so tied up with the KKK in his life and these ones will be in the judge’s chairs for life .

  10. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 16, 2017

    as for ROY MOORE DUMP 45 knows that Moore sexual assaulted those women . most reasons for him knowing this is its the same thing he has done so much of him self . and today so many GOP’S are saying the believe the women stating what Roy Moore did to them . one can be sure these same GOP pinheads also believe the women that stated that DUMP 45 sexually assaulted them . but with the DUMP 45 in the house the GOP have no stones or pebbles to say it to the DUMP 45 clown pervert . the thing with Roy Moore and DUMP 45 is the fact that the DUIMP clown is getting a DEJA VU with him knowing heck ive done all that too but knowing the DUMP 45 CLOWN m sure he thinks and feels that he did it better . and the women that DUMP 45 sexually assaulted DUMPS EGO you know ! the reason why you might not hear much from the DUMPSTER DONNY on Moore is that he is scared that what ever he says might tee off one that he sexual assaulted and is worried more might come out and talk also . thy keep on coming on Moore now . just like im sure thy would be on the DUMP 45 clown pervert . . as for the Dossier and even if Hillary did pay for it it came out after the election was over . and as it seems to be showing more every day its all true . so one should say to Hillary if she was to help the dossier to come out a big THANK YOU HILLARY for bring out the truth . to DUMP 45 its all fate news . But it really the true news about the DUMP 45 CLOWN . that’s one thing for sure and all know this to the DUMPSTER DONNY THE TRUTH HURTS

  11. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 16, 2017

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s public suggestion of a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton has alarmed current and former Justice officials who fear it would further politicize the agency. “I think the vast majority of people at DOJ would be completely disgusted and demoralized by it,’’ one former deputy special counsel said. /// this would only give DUMP 45 more smoke screens to try to hide behind .

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 16, 2017

    something just came out about Al Franken about something that happen years ago and AL remembers it and has said he was sorry it happen . at the time it was the days of AL being in like the Saturday Night Live and it was meant to be funny . he admitted it wasn’t funny . and mow Ditch McConnell just said that an investigation should be done on Al Franken he admitted it and said he was sorry it was just a joke at the time todays he says it was a bad joke . he wasn’t in office nor was he running a big business . he was just a comedian at the time and it was a joke . so DITCH MCCONNELL you want a full investigation of this ? REALLY DITCH ???????????? and you want an ethics committee to do the investigation ? then how about the same road for DUMP 45 ??????????? be-careful for what you wish for DITCH MICH !

  13. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 17, 2017

    this DUMP 45 & GOP tax plan makes ones making $10,000 to 75,000 taxs go up but still giving each of the greedy rich 1000′ of $$ bucks in breaks . never mind big businesses BIG MONEY BACK all with this now about 13 million more losing their health care ins . that 13 million more then the ones already were going to lose their health care . the number were all ready in the millions of people losing their health care now its another 13 million added to that being thrown off health care . its so SICK AND SAD . how stupid can these brain dead DUMP 45 &GOP followers be ????? don’t thy understand its them that are being hurt ? but thy still vote for them . a saying should be VOTE NOT TO GET HURT

  14. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 17, 2017

    as for the gang of pinheads =GOP &DUMP 45’s tax plan these people in government should make a deal that would work for the USA and us people seem like the DUMP 45 CLOWN & GOP always want to put the cart before the horse . here’s what the government should do make a deal with the big money ,businesses & company’s show them a tax plan maybe like the one the crooked DUMP 45 &GOP has now and then tell them ok BIG MONEY and businesses & company’s the deal is if you can bring the GBT (or its called ) tell them if you can bring the country’s GBT up to 3 and 4 percent and hold it for say for a few to 5 years then the government will give you those tax breaks . should be for once for the sake of the country and us people to get it first for a change better for all . then the people wont get screwed like we always do .


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