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Gunman Kills 2, Wounds 7 In Louisiana Theater Before Killing Himself: Police

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Gunman Kills 2, Wounds 7 In Louisiana Theater Before Killing Himself: Police


By Dan Whitcomb and Victoria Cavaliere

(Reuters) — An Alabama drifter fired at least 13 shots inside a crowded movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, on Thursday evening, killing two women and wounding seven before taking his own life, police said.

Gunfire erupted during a 7 p.m. CDT showing of the film “Trainwreck.” Two people died in the hail of bullets before the 59-year-old suspect, identified as John Houser, killed himself with a .40 caliber handgun as officers rushed to the scene, Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft told a Friday morning press conference.

The shootings took place almost three years to the day after 12 people were killed at a cinema in Aurora, Colorado, and follows several mass shootings in the United States in recent weeks.

Authorities said seven people were wounded, three of them critically. One person underwent surgery and “was not doing well,” Craft said.

The two victims were identified as Mayci Breaux, 21, and Jillian Johnson, 33.

Police did not immediately offer a motive.

“The shooter is deceased. We may never know,” Craft said, adding that the man had criminal history that he described as “pretty old.”

Craft told the press conference that the gunman tried to sneak out of the theater with the crowd after the shooting. He was forced back inside by the quick arrival of police, before shooting himself.

“It is apparent that he was intent on shooting and escaping,” he said, noting that Houser’s car, a blue Lincoln Continental, was parked outside the theater near an exit.

Houser was “kind of a drifter” who had moved to Lafayette recently from Alabama, Craft said.

Police found wigs and glasses and disguises in his motel room, he added.

Gunman Silent

Witnesses said the gunman abruptly stood up in the darkness of the Grand 16 Theater about 20 minutes into the movie and began shooting.

“He wasn’t saying anything. I didn’t hear anybody screaming either,” Katie Domingue, who was watching the film with her fiancé, told the local Advertiser newspaper.

The bullets sent people scrambling from the theater, situated on a main thoroughfare in Lafayette, a city of about 120,000 people roughly 55 miles southwest of Baton Rouge, police said.

President Barack Obama, who was traveling to Kenya on Friday, received a briefing about the shooting during a refueling stop in Germany, said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

“The thoughts and prayers of everyone at the White House, including the President and First Lady, are with the community of Lafayette, Louisiana, especially the families of those who were killed,” a statement said.

“Trainwreck” actress and writer Amy Schumer tweeted, “My heart is broken and all my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Louisiana.”

Republican Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal went to Lafayette to meet law enforcement and victims.

“This is an awful night for Lafayette. This is an awful night for Louisiana. This is an awful night for the United States,” said Jindal.

Two of the wounded victims were teachers, he said, one of whom told him that she survived the attack because her friend rolled over her as bullets rang out. That teacher then managed to pull a fire alarm in the theater, he said.

The shooting came three years after a gunman opened fire at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of the Batman film, “The Dark Knight Rises,” killing 12 people and wounding 70 others.

James Holmes, a former neuroscience graduate student at the University of Colorado, was convicted last week on 165 counts of murder, attempted murder and explosives in the July 20, 2012, rampage.

Jurors in that case were trying to determine if Holmes should face the death penalty or life in prison.

The United States has witnessed several mass shootings in the last two months.

A gunman is accused of a racially motivated shooting at a black church in South Carolina that killed nine church members in June. More recently, a gunman attacked military offices in Tennessee last week, killing five U.S. servicemen.

Jindal, who last month announced his candidacy for president, said he had ordered National Guard members at offices and other facilities to be armed in the wake of the Tennessee attack.

(Reporting by Dan Whitcomb and Victoria Cavaliere in Los Angeles, Letitia Stein in Tampa and Laila Kearney in New York.; Editing by David Adams and Dominic Evans; Editing by Steve Orlofsky and Meredith Mazzilli)

Photo: Bystanders watch over the scene at a movie theatre where a man opened fire on film goers in Lafayette, Louisiana July 23, 2015. REUTERS/Lee Celano



  1. Eleanore Whitaker July 25, 2015

    Oh big surprise…Louisiana gunman kills 2, wounds 7 and then the coward offs himself. Gee…how unusual in the red states…NOT

    1. DEFENDER88 July 25, 2015

      And Adam Lanza(Sandy Hook killer) was from?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker July 25, 2015

        And Charles Whitman was from? And Dylan Roof was from? Need more? Every one of the last shooters who were mass murderers were white males from a red state. Adam Lanza was the only one from up north. 94% of mass murders are committed by angry white males from hugely dysfunctional families. Try again hot shot.

        1. DEFENDER88 July 26, 2015

          It is a shame to see someone as intelligent as you seem to be so ignorant about how things really are in the “Red States” now.
          It would seem you have not actually spent much time in the “Red States” lately.
          Your information seems to come from headlines, far past injustices, etc (And false, broad assumptions) and you ignore how things actually are “on the ground”, “every day”.

          Bashing the whole South for actions of the few is like bashing all of Islam for the acts of the Terrorists.

          I know it is your “comfort zone” to bash the South, you have all your past grievances saved up etc.
          But you need to consider if time has passed you up when it comes to the “South” – as it is now.

          Its hard to know what is really going on on the ground from such a high and distant perch and “looking backward”.

          As for headlines – you have not seen the likes of Ferguson and Baltimore in the red states lately. hmmm
          You conveniently ignore these troubling, more recent, trends/facts.

          Here are just 2 small examples – I assume you consider Tenn a “Red State”, since it “factually is”.
          ps From certified independent news sources. ie journalistic integrity.

          I could send the whole(Chatt Times Free Press) article but will summarize:
          After the shooting in Chattanooga by a “Muslim” Terrorist(no less), here is what happened:

          Here are your Red State racists:

          From News Channel 9 TV
          1) Muslims pray with Christians. and Whites with Blacks
          At a large memorial service in a large Black Baptist church it was a mixed congregation of Black and White.
          In the back of the church were about 50 Muslims. They were asked to stand. The mixed(Black and White) church body of “Southern” Baptists, then stood, turned, and applauded the Muslims.

          From Chatt Times Free Press Article
          2) Christians pray with Muslims
          Yesterday at a service at a large Muslim Mosque in Chattanooga, several “White” Baptists attended the service and stood with the Muslims in solidarity against all violence.

          ps Now, of course, there are still Racists in the South, and pockets of racists(but it “has” & “is” changing), but so are there racists in the North.
          I am not “guessing here” I have lived thru all of it/seen it for 70yr. And traveled a lot up North also.
          My dad, personally, knew MLK, had dinner with him.

          Caveat – some dumbas* redneck(or group of) probably will attack the Mosque – but that is not the norm in the South as it is now.
          But Blue States also have their bad actors.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker July 26, 2015

            Wrong again. I have relatives in NC, GA, MD, TX and FL. I know what their lives are like. My information would NEVER come from headlines….because those of us who live up north, know how biased most media is today. When 6 billionaire men OWN the entire media and demand ONLY what THEY want published, it’s pretty hard for you to make such a silly Assumption.

            And, in case you missed it…the topic of this thread is “Gunman Kills 2, Wounds 7 in Louisiana…a bloody red state. Just like the VA Tech shooter, the Chattanooga shooter, the Aurura Shooter…need more?

            If people in the south lived in the present and not their Plantation days, maybe your states wouldn’t live off the Blue states. Every red state gets a return of from $1.35 to $1.87 for the $1 they pay in taxes. Every blue state is lucky to get 55 cents for their $1…sorry…once again, your prejudice is showing and not FACTS.

          2. DEFENDER88 July 26, 2015

            Exactly – you have not spent a significant amount of time in the South and you are working from 2nd Hand information.

            Some if not all of your relatives may live in areas that are not progressive at all.

            There are pockets and areas where race relations have not improved much.

            But the South (as a whole) has made a lot of progress in the last many years toward better race relations.

            Most media sources do seem to be biased, but more typically toward the Liberal Left.

            For the record – Virginia and Colorado are Not Red States.

            They are deep bluish purple and typically favor Liberal/Northern policies.

            ps “I” am neither Liberal nor Conservative, I am Independent

            It depends on the issue.

            On Gun Control – I am Conservative

            On Womens Rights to her body, equal pay, etc – I am liberal.

          3. hicusdicus July 27, 2015

            Moose knuckle is vehemently hostile to any one who does not see eye to eye with her. I should know she loves to poke me in the eye.

          4. DEFENDER88 July 27, 2015

            She may have talked herself into a corner this time.

            Saying “my” prejudice is showing when I have shown none what-so-ever while “she” is clearly prejudicial against People from the South.

            And trying to Bully me and everyone else.

            People like her usually do that to hide/mask some character flaw they know they should be inwardly ashamed of and embarrassed about if truly revealed.

            Nor did I not get into her “name calling bully game” – where she is comfortable. Another mask to hide their own flaws they don’t want revealed or have to face.

            Or just cant provide good argument to support their position.

            Something in the past about Southerners has emotionally damaged her.

            I am trying to dig down to it(what her real problem is) but may run out of time here.

            And not being in the psyc field it is not really my expertise.

            I am just an engineer, and fire arms instructor.

            And sounds like she has not actually traveled much of this country to get to know the regional cultural similarities(we are all Americans, we all have smart phones) and differences(Rebels, Yankees, West Coasters, Texans, etc).

            So un-educated/experienced from that stand-point.

          5. hicusdicus July 27, 2015

            You just wait until she unloads her resume on you. The only place she has not been is under the sheets with the opposite sex .As of yet there has been no determination what that is. She is valedictorian of the camel toe club. The last I heard she had stubbed her toe and been put on administrative leave.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker July 27, 2015

            “She” is the cat’s mother as the saying goes. You bimbos of the right always try to insist you are right. Colorado is a red state…just try telling anyone who lives there they are a blue state.

            I can’t stand men or women who think they have all the answers. You don’t and now it’s time you admitted that the last 7 mass murders were committed by angry white males from dysfunctional families bred in gun toting Wild West shoot ’em up states. Only the shooter in CT was not from a red state.

            As for your BS attitudes, no one but you 2 righties think your bowel movements are exiting in 14K gold. Think again joy boys. Your days of bully boy routines are over.

          7. DEFENDER88 July 28, 2015

            “She” is, in fact, “Factually Wrong” about Red states.
            I freely admit I don’t have “all the answers”.
            Now you need to admit you are wrong here.
            And you don’t have all the answers either.
            I wont be holding my breath.
            Colorado is not a Red state.
            Virginia is not a Red state.
            You should stop lying and putting out wrong information.
            You are Wrong about Colorado and Virginia.
            And all the shooters being from Red states.
            Just one small example of how you spew out bogus info to promote your biased, prejudicial and – “Factually Wrong” rants.
            Get your facts straight.

            FACT CHECK
            Both Colorado and Virginia were, in fact, “Blue” states in the last election.

            In the 2012 election


            9 Electoral Votes – Obama

            Aurora Theater shooting 2012

            James Holmes killed 12 wounded 70


            13 Electoral Votes – Obama

            VT shooting, 2007

            Seung-Hui Cho killed 32, wounded 17

            In addition I have been to Colorado many times and can confirm the above.
            Been to Virginia recently also.
            When was the last time “you”(personally) were actually in these 2 states? Seems you are again depending on 2nd hand info from prejudicial cousins there also.
            More likely you are just lying to try to support your claims, as you do so often do with just lies and bad info.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker July 27, 2015

            One of my relatives lives in Houston…Big Oil country. The other lives in Tampa Florida. Another lives in Atlanta suburbs and a third lives in Scottsdale AZ. Three nephews live in Goldsboro NC and Fayetteville and my niece only recently moved to the outskirts of Baltimore…since Baltimore Proper is such a gun loaded city with high crime.

          9. DEFENDER88 July 26, 2015

            Well we know “you” are painting with a pretty broad brush being prejudice against all Southerners(ie your “Red States”).

            You say : “once again, your prejudice is showing and not FACTS.

            But I fail to see who “I” am prejudice against?

            ALL of the school killers were on or coming off a psychotropic drug.

            And so was Dylan Roof.

            These killings are more of a drug issue than a gun issue, or race or region.

            On race as an issue – I urge you to consider the following quote from The local Paper re Dylan Roof and racism.:

            “… blame and labels and painting with a broad brush won’t move the needle of racial issues in America forward. In fact, they can only make things worse.”

            “Whatever Roof is, thinks or believes should not be used to paint the rest of one race, one region of the country or one political thinking. That rhetorical group-think is undistinguished, unhelpful and untrue.”

            And this is where “you” seem to be coming from.

          10. hicusdicus July 27, 2015

            The president of camel-toe;s anonymous is intelligent??????????????????? I would have never thought.

        2. DEFENDER88 July 26, 2015

          Charles Whitman 1966 Texas Tower – You call that recent?
          Killed 14 Wounded 42

          I “call” your Whitman and ‘raise” you
          Seung-Hui Cho – Korean American
          Virginia Tech
          Killed 33 Wounded 25

          Most mass murders done by young white males – TRUE.
          (Also, virtually, all on psychotropic drugs.)
          And most all commit suicide when confronted by someone(anyone else) with a gun.

          Every one of recent mass murders done by someone from a Red State – FALSE.
          Colorado – Theater James Holmes : 12 killed, 62 injured
          Santa Monica Calif (Car/knife/gun): 6 killed, 4 injured
          Binghamton, NY : 13 Killed, 4 injured – hmmm – Bluest of Blue
          Redlake Minn : 10 killed, 7 injured

          Try again.

          1. hicusdicus July 27, 2015

            Yeah! be he cheated it was a no gun zone.

        3. 13factfinder July 27, 2015

          If we are talking about murders…….. let’s not forget the daily black on black crime! I think if we are talking TOTAL numbers of murder in America; “mass murders” pale in comparison! Next case please.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker July 28, 2015

            First of all, you coward males…You know WHY there are so many black on black murders. In May 2013, three Georgia Gun Runners were selling guns illegally in New York City….One of them was found to have been a Georgia gun runner for more than 17 years.

            You know why the 5 biggest gun manufacturers are located in VA, GA, NC, SC and MO…all bigot states who figured out that if they can take their guns into inner cities, heavily populated by blacks and other minorities, they will “cull the herds” these bigots hate.

            There is NO reason any country of the world should allow the manufacture of 2 million Saturday Night Specials every year. That is more BS than you cowards can make a case for.

            The reality is unless the government puts the same kind of controls on gun manufacturing it does on dangerous chemicals, the Stars and Bar jerkoffs will continue to invade inner cities, make the sale of guns so cheap and then more black on black, Hispanic on Hispanic, Oriental on Oriental, Russian on Russian, Irish on British and any other culture your backward, regressive antebellum BS red states can decide is not’ WHO WE ARE, (Lindsay Graham R-SC July 2015, regarding the removal of the Stars and BARS) will continue to kill each other.

            Just try and make the case that selling guns illegally in big inner cities has no link to bigots of the gun manufacturing states laughing up their sleeves at the profits they earn from selling illegal guns. Try again asshats.

          2. 13factfinder July 28, 2015

            Your tone sure is racist! Black violence has nothing to do with guns! It as everything to do with “culture” and personal responsibility! I hope I wasn’t too “politically incorrect” but if so, too bad!

          3. Eleanore Whitaker July 28, 2015

            No YOUR tone is racist. But, since you insist your boolah boolah southern and midwestern “cultures” are “Who YOU ARE” and so hoity toity…do explain where the hell you KKK came from and don’t even go there with claiming it was the fault of Democrats. It was the fault of one former CONFEDERATE Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forest who started the KKK because he was a sore loser who hated the Yankees abolitionist movement.

            Now..since your BS is that black violence has nothing to do with guns…Can you explain to us why white males according to the last USA Today study on Gun Violence showed that 94% of all of the mass murders of the last 10 years where committed by WHITE males from extremely dysfunctional families?

            And you white males don’t get off so easily. You use guns to kill women more often than black men kill black women. Women are the prime targets of men who have anger control problems. Once you add in the southern and midwestern lynchings, church bombings and the rest of your racist “culture” BS, you have no leg to stand on Grandpa Mutton Chops.

          4. 13factfinder July 28, 2015

            Please understand that over the last 10 years if all the “mass murders” combined were by white males from dysfunctional families……….. that total number doesn’t amount to squat. On the other hand; Black gun violence amounts to a huge number. So, what you are saying is that; it is either the blacks fault or the guns fault or that blacks can’t be trusted with guns. Nonetheless, to address this problem are you proposing that we prohibit blacks from owning guns? But in doing so you would be discriminating….. kind of like if a drunk driver killed someone with a car and you wanted to take everyone’s car from them as a result……… and that wouldn’t be fair would it? Is your problem with blacks, guns or whites or everyone in general? Next case please.
            Signed, the “judge”………. heea come da judge!

          5. Eleanore Whitaker July 29, 2015

            OH I see now…Men like you whine and bitch about 4 people who died in Benghazi but the last 10 years you angry, white, bully males have killed 11 kids in their own classrooms “doesn’t amount to squat?”

            Well, why didn’t you tell us and the parents and relatives of the dead that those murdered lives “doesn’t amount to squat?”

            So, when you drop dead and your Mommy and Daddy drop dead…their deaths will ALSO amount to “squat?”

            The reality is that with the mass murders your white boy frat club is murdering, the US now has the highest gun murder rate in the world. The proof of that is in every single poll taken in the last 10 years since the Rodeo Boys came to DC.

            Enough with your callous BS. Do yourself a favor. Shut your mouth, open your ears and stop trying to play know it all.

          6. 13factfinder July 29, 2015

            If you could read……… I referenced the number doesn’t mean squat. You will never get whitey’s guns as the NRA won’t let you! The polls you reference are from people in countries that have no guns and they don’t speak for Americans despite what Odumba thinks!

          7. Eleanore Whitaker July 29, 2015

            I did read…and that is YOUR problem, isn’t it Mr. Master of the UnderUniverse who knows all and sees all through the Goth glasses you wear. Not true…those polls I referenced were from CNN, USA Today and one of your own right wing polls…the Quinnipiac. Try again..OhDipshitto.

    2. hicusdicus July 27, 2015

      Well hello EW how is the ole toe doing? Have you stubbed it lately?

  2. ralphkr July 25, 2015

    Well, I am not surprised since that would be the expected reaction from someone who suddenly discovers that he is in an enclosed area surrounded by menacing tentacled aliens from a far off planet.

  3. 13factfinder July 27, 2015

    How was he able to obtain a drivers license to get there? He must have told them at DMV he as an Illegal alien! They must immediately take away everyone’s car so others won’t have access to transportation for the purpose of perpetrating violent crimes using autos to get there.


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