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‘Hamilton’ Cast Politely Engages Mike Pence – And On Twitter, Trump Whines

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‘Hamilton’ Cast Politely Engages Mike Pence – And On Twitter, Trump Whines

Cast of Broadway's Hamilton delivering a personal message to Pence

On Friday night, Mike Pence attended a performance of the Broadway musical hit Hamilton. In a curtain call since trending on social media — and sparking a right-wing “boycott” backlash — actor Brandon Victor Dixon (Aaron Burr) delivered a polite, respectful, and friendly but firm message to the incoming vice president.

We have a guest in the audience this evening.

Vice President Elect Pence, I see you’re walking out but I hope you will hear us for just a few more moments. [Audience begins to boo Pence and Dixon holds up his hands.] There’s nothing to boo here, ladies and gentlemen, nothing to boo. We’re all here sharing a story of love. We have a message for you, sir, and I hope you will hear us out…

We welcome you and truly thank you for joining us here at Hamilton…We, sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our alienable rights, sir. But we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us, all of us…

When Pence first took his seat, a smattering of cheers and a lot of jeering greeted him, and incidents of booing continued during the show. The audience interrupted the play with a standing ovation after Alexander Hamilton and the Marquis de Lafayette uttered the immortal lyric: “Immigrants – we get the job done.”

Following the performance, Dixon explained to Broadway Buzz that when they learned about Pence’s impending visit, author and former cast member Lin-Manuel Miranda and the rest of the Hamilton cast and crew saw an irresistible opportunity to speak out.

“When we first got the call that he was coming, there was certainly a question of what we would do,” he said. “These are the opportunities that you die for.” A half hour before the curtain rose, the cast came up a with plan during a phone conversation with Miranda and producer Jeffrey Seller.

“I saw him enjoying [the show] with whoever he was with, and I hope he remembers us,” said Dixon. “I truly believe we had an effect. It was a message from the producers, the creative, and the cast. If you have differences, say something! What better place than on this stage telling this story with these people? I hope he thinks of us every time he has to deal with an issue or talk about a bill or present anything.”

Naturally, Donald Trump’s reaction was a series of whining tweets. He first complained that the cast had “harassed” Pence and then issued an imperious demand:

The Theater must always be a safe and special place.The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!

Like so many other Trump episodes, anyone who watches the videotape can see and hear the truth — which differs diametrically from the president-elect’s invented version. As a New Yorker, he probably knows by now that nobody on Broadway is going to apologize for saying what they believe.

UPDATE: And of course nobody did apologize. But as Trump and his followers went low, the Hamilton crew went high. Answering the president-elect, Brandon Dixon wrote onTwitter: “@realDonaldTrump conversation is not harassment sir. And I appreciate @mike_pence for stopping to listen.” Show creator Miranda posted his own tweet: “Proud of @HamiltonMusical. Proud of @BrandonVDixon, for leading with love. And proud to remind you that ALL are welcome at the theater.”



Joe Conason

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Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 19, 2016

    “…Naturally, Donald Trump’s reaction was a series of whining tweets. He first complained that the cast had “harassed” Pence and then issued an imperious demand:…”

    His majesty, Trump, was upset that his VP was booed, and was booed for good reason. They didn’t chant “Lynch Him”, or “Lock Him Up”, in the same manner as throngs of boorish Trump supporters are wont to do, but politely booed him.
    At which point, Emperor Trump decided to go to his favorite ranting tool, Twitter, to demand an apology from his subjects in attendance at the theatre.

    Emperor Trump will continue to issue edicts, now that he’s about to be crowned as Emperor of America. For now, it’s best to ignore the Emperor and let him whine and pout.

    1. Mama Bear November 20, 2016

      how do you see the “dethroning” coming about?

      1. Dan S November 20, 2016

        Most likely it’ll be impeachment. You just have to know Trump won’t be any more disciplined as President as we was as a candidate. He’s already going low criticizing the Hamilton cast for voicing their concerns to Mike Pence. The list is long but I can easily see him jeopardizing national security among other treasonous acts in the near future

        1. Mama Bear November 20, 2016

          Impeachment has to be started by the House of Reps – all repubs, by the way, so small chance of that happening. Every President that has been impeached was subsequently acquitted. So I ask the question again…how will he be dethroned? My guess is he will not be.

          1. Dan S November 20, 2016

            Granted it’s a Republican house but as you know he’s had words with House Majority Leader Paul Ryan. There are still some Republicans who don’t feel Trump represents their party well & given the opportunity to impeach him they would then have President Mike Pence whom many in the party would prefer sitting in the Oval Office. The Republicans know if Trump goes renegade impeachment is the best way to put him down for good. Get all the Democrats in the House to align with some Republicans ready to impeach he’s history. Short of that there’s the midterm elections in 2018 where hopefully more Democrats can pick up some seats. Stay tuned

          2. Anna Maria Yoakum November 20, 2016

            Let’s pray that we get a good turn out for those midterm elections.

          3. CPANY November 21, 2016

            Trump isn’t going to be impeached any time soon. His party controls both houses ofvCongress?

          4. Jon November 20, 2016

            I am not sure if Trump should be impeached unless he is caught doing something treasonous which he may do. Trump is dangerous and dishonest. Pence is also dangerous and dishonest. If Trump is impeached, we are replacing one spawn of Satan with another.

          5. CPANY November 21, 2016

            There is no basis for impeaching Trump, so why don’t those who are putting that out just shut up. You’d have a better chance of getting the Electoral College to ignore the country’s mandate and vote for Trump. You have two chances of that happening: slim and none.

          6. Jon November 21, 2016

            What mandate? Losing the popular vote by at least 1.5 million votes to a woman who received the more votes than any white male, including your Glorious Leader, who ever ran for president is a mandate only in the minds of delusional morons. You obviously know nothing about the reason the Electoral College was adopted as part of the Constitution.
            Your ignorance is astonishing.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 20, 2016

        Trump has fatal character flaws, including a gigantic ego and a tendency to explode when things don’t go his way. This may force many to realize the liability he represents; then there is the issue of health. A man filled with so much anger, hate, and an obsessive compulsive attitude over so many decades is bound to have already suffered some subtle internal injuries from all the toxins such emotions produce. The stress of having to think and pay attention, without the luxury of jetting away to NYC on a whim, will produce more pressure on his internal organs.

        1. Mama Bear November 20, 2016

          Ah-ha….I see where you were going and you make perfect sense. His diet for at least the past year was completely atrocious – nothing but fast food, fried, greasy, nasty stuff that I would never put into my body. I thought that over the course of the last 6 months he began to look very bloated (beyond the obvious weight gain) and unhealthy – just the physical part I’m referring to. The seething evil inside his soul is another thing altogether and put those two together and you have one massive heart attack. I have searched but cannot find whether or not a sitting President is required to release the results of his physical exams while in office. I hope it is required, do you have info on that?

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 20, 2016

            No, I don’t. I presume that there will be reports soon on his mental and physical conditions, assuming he’s not impeached first.

          2. CPANY November 21, 2016

            The President’s health is a matter of public knowledge.

          3. Mama Bear November 21, 2016

            are you saying that when he takes his first physical all the numbers will be available for all to see?

          4. CPANY November 21, 2016

            No, but the President’s general health will be made known to the nation.

          5. Mama Bear November 21, 2016

            so in reality whatever he wishes to make public he will. Truth or lie is his call.

        2. CPANY November 21, 2016

          Perhaps he’ll literally explode.

  2. AgLander November 19, 2016

    Mike Pence is the ultimate gentlemen of class and manners. What a shame to be exposed to a low class breach of etiquette from a third rate stage actor, so typical of the alt-left whose mouths operate two speeds ahead of their brains. Just STFU and act you moron. We don’t pay those high ticket prices to listen to you whine like a pig with his tail tied to a tree! YOU LOST!!!!! GET OVER IT!!!!!

    P.S……Did I remember to remind you that YOU LOST!!!!

    1. angryspittle November 19, 2016

      You are fucking nuts. Pence is just another right wing racist pig.

      1. AgLander November 19, 2016

        Yes he’s a “racist”……as in racing at a fast pace to make America great again. Lot’s of work to do after you imbeciles screwed things up royally over the last 8 years. Help is on the way…..starting January 20th!

        1. angryspittle November 19, 2016

          Wow, are you brain damaged or what? The GOP damn near ruined the world economy by 2008 and they are gonna do it again.

          1. Thoughtopsy November 19, 2016

            Ignore “Trumplander”.
            He’s one of the most willfully ignorant trolls on this forum.
            He’s never actually answers the article… or your points.
            He typically just spews misogynist, racist rhetoric, and more recently repeats “YOU LOST” all to get a rise out of people.

            All-in-all he’s a polluted swamp of a human being, his primary mental illness demonstrably forcing him to sit on these forums all day and funnel his bullsh1t into otherwise reasonable conversations and wallow in the hate he receives.

            A thoroughly sick puppy.

          2. Anna Maria Yoakum November 20, 2016

            We did not lose – Hillary has the mayority of the popular votes and at the latest count (on Yahoo news, Hillary now has over 1.5 million votes than Dump. Can’t call that losing ! 🙂

          3. AgLander November 20, 2016

            She also is the candidate that owns the most gaudy colored pant suits. Should we change the rules to make that the decider in who wins the election?

          4. Michael Allen November 20, 2016

            Should we change the rules and have idiots like you take an IQ test before you are allowed to vote?

          5. AgLander November 20, 2016

            Since you refuse to acknowledge the rules of the election process, maybe next time we can change the rules so that the candidate who owns the most gaudy colored pants suits is declared the winner! Would that make you happy??

          6. Anna Maria Yoakum November 20, 2016

            And they’ll probably do it bigger and better than G.W.Bush did. After all Dump is the greatest at everything. lol He is also the greatest con America has ever seen. Did you see the Russian billboard that has Dump and Putin side-by-side? It stated; “Make the World Great Again – Together ” Saw it on Snopes, they said it was the real thing. Knew all along that Dump and Russian were rigging this election !

        2. The lucky one November 20, 2016

          Yes the 8 years prior to Obama went so well.

    2. LinGin November 19, 2016

      He needs to reread history. Being booed at a performance wasn’t the worst thing that happened to a Republican elected official in a theater. (And I had to laugh at that “we don’t pay those high ticket prices…” Somehow I don’t think you have ever paid for a theatrical performance.)

      1. AgLander November 19, 2016

        That was me that you ushered to my seat recently, sweetie.

        1. LinGin November 19, 2016

          So you paid at least $250 for a show that was full of third rate actors? Wow, that showed them! (And before you said you didn’t pay that price, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a ticket below $250. Unless you entered Ham4Ham – did you wait several hours on line for it? Or you are a child in the NY City School System for which there are performances set aside for them? And don’t try to outthink me on this. I am a baby boomer Broadway baby; been going to Broadway for about 50 years. I KNOW what’s going on.)

          1. AgLander November 20, 2016

            Yes….I am well aware of you at the theatre. And I always know you are approaching even before I see you because of the overwhelming smell of cheap perfume engulfing the area…..the kind of stuff bought on the streets by the gallon.

          2. LinGin November 20, 2016

            THAT’S the best you can do? Oh c’mon sweetie. You can do better than that.

          3. AgLander November 20, 2016

            Sorry, but for someone who has never navigated more than 5 miles physically or intellectually beyond whatever NY borough you call home, that’s the best you are going to get.

          4. LinGin November 20, 2016

            I give up! You win! I am no match for your intellect and your wit! (PS I live in Philadelphia.)

          5. AgLander November 21, 2016

            I misjudged you! My apologies……you are from a good Trump supporting state! Good work, keep it up in 2020.

          6. LinGin November 21, 2016

            Nope. Philly and Pittsburgh are proud blue. It’s the Alabama part – middle of the state – that voted for Trump. But that portion is dying (their kids are smart enough to move to the cities and turn blue.) By 2020 only cows will be alive.

          7. AgLander November 21, 2016

            Yep….Philly is the nerve center for voter fraud and ballot box stuffing. You should be so proud. It’s amazing how dead people are still on the voting rolls decades after they’ve been buried!

          8. LinGin November 21, 2016

            This was this was sort of fun while it lasted. But I don’t have the time or the inclination to continue this with someone who hides behind a pseudonym. So until you decide to stop being a coward I’m done.

          9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 20, 2016

            Agatha–I see you’ve added more detractors who are amused by your idiocy. Do you live alone, somewhere in a cave?

          10. AgLander November 20, 2016

            It’s funny you mention caves since that is the domicile of choice for so many of your ISIS brothers……do you ever go spelunking in search of new friends when travelling in the region of your beloved Oman?

          11. The lucky one November 20, 2016

            “Or you are a child in the NY City School System” Well that would explain his/her level of understanding, kindergarten that is.

    3. I Am Helpy November 19, 2016

      Do you need a safe space, you delicate, politically correct little neo-Nazi petal?

    4. I Am Helpy November 19, 2016

      PS Mike Pence wants to torture children into being straight and doesn’t believe in climate change or evolution.

      1. Mama Bear November 20, 2016

        and also tried to pass a law in Indiana that a woman who had a miscarriage had to hold a funeral and buy the fetus. How cruel is that!

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 20, 2016

          Now, that goes beyond the pale of decency! Pence is far more inhumane than I had previously thought.
          But Pence, and Trump, will pay—either in this world, or the world to come.

    5. Thoughtopsy November 19, 2016

      As is typical, you get almost nothing right, and respond almost entirely to your own imaginary straw men.

      Odd you didn’t mention F**kstick Von Clownface’s outright lie about what occurred… once again visibly checkable by watching the actual tape.

      You don’t seem concerned that F**kstick Von Clownface can’t determine the difference between fantasy and reality…


      NOW I see why you blindly suck up to him so much.

      1. Mama Bear November 20, 2016

        he is just another of evil’s little men

    6. Thomas Martin November 20, 2016

      Wow, you should be on Trump’s cabinet. Your statement reflects the exact opposite of what happened. The cast of Hamilton acted professionally and didn’t say anything disrespectful to Pence. Did you even listen to the statement? Truth hurts. NO I DID NOT LOSE. I voted for Clinton. The American people lose. The next four years will be a reality show beyond reality shows, especially when republicans battle each other on policy.

      1. Anna Maria Yoakum November 20, 2016

        The latest tallly (from states that have been still counting their ballots) Hillary now leads Dump by over 1.5 million votes. We certainly cannot call her a loser. 🙂 We really must abolish the Electoral College as it is outdated, our country has changed drastically in the last couple of centuries.

        1. Jon November 20, 2016

          The Electoral College has never served its intended purpose. Championed by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison it was supposed to serve as an anti-democratic measure to prevent a demagogue from becoming president. The concern was that a demagogue may win the popular vote but be completely unfit for office. The members of the Electoral College would vote for a candidate who was fit for office keeping the demagogue from the presidency. Not one time has it done that.

          1. AgLander November 20, 2016

            No….the Electoral College prevented a demagogue from becoming president. Hillary was defeated.

          2. Jon November 20, 2016

            Yes because under the current structure of the Electoral College, uninhabited land has a greater voice than people. An easy example that even you Russians should understand. If the number of electors represented the same numbers of voters in each state Wyoming would have its 3 electors but California would have 198 electors instead of the 55 it is allotted. I realize your kind doesn’t believe in democracy and it makes sense that you favor anti-democratic devices such as the Electoral College.

          3. AgLander November 21, 2016

            Yawn……another liberal out to shred the U.S. Constitution; this time the 12th and 23rd amendments.
            P.S. Do some study on the reasoning for the electoral college and you will hopefully begin to understand the genius behind its purpose. Oops! I mention the word “genius” which I normally don’t do around a group of liberals because they don’t know the meaning of the word.

          4. Jon November 21, 2016

            You must be brain dead as stupid gives you too much credit. Neither the 12th nor 23rd Amendments affects the workings of the Electoral College. You are scum.

          5. AgLander November 21, 2016

            Wow! Allow me to step back and watch you dig that hole you’re in a little deeper!

        2. AgLander November 20, 2016

          It’s too late, honey…..you lost, and you lost decisively! Do something more productive with your time…..like working on that hair!

          1. Thoughtopsy November 20, 2016

            I think the funniest thing is watching you incriminate yourself.

      2. AgLander November 20, 2016

        I bet you’re the type that invites people over to dinner and then when you have them in a state of “meal captivity” at the dinner table, unload on them with your personal grievances! I guess your parents passed on teaching you proper manners. It must be a liberal thing.

        1. Thomas Martin November 21, 2016

          Great comment there, Aggie. I don’t eat dinner around the table anymore. Proper manners? It is obvious you weren’t trained. Peace and flowers forever.

  3. angryspittle November 19, 2016

    Whiny ass little bitch.

    1. ruth-stone November 19, 2016

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  4. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 20, 2016

    no sorry needed for anyone that has anything to do with the DUMPSTER DONNY DUMP as it is more then likely he will make all sorry that he made it to the house

  5. Otto T. Goat November 20, 2016

    Trump owns clueless media again.

  6. itsfun November 20, 2016

    The man went to a play to be entertained, instead was preached to by a bunch of actors that live in a fantasy world. President Trump get use to it.

    1. Thoughtopsy November 20, 2016

      I can’t believe you’re still posting here.
      Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough?
      Or are you one of those amusing Russian paid Trolls we’ve been hearing about recently?
      It would explain the poor grammar.

      1. itsfun November 21, 2016

        Like I really care what you believe. You must be one of the tolerant left that preaches love and tolerance of the opinion of others, that is as long as they agree with you. Are you one of the rioters that broke windows, and beat people up will carrying signs of love?

  7. Jon November 20, 2016

    Trump is normalizing white supremacy and lying. He doesn’t care that there are audio or video records that prove he is lying. Trumpanzees don’t care either. They must feel being honest is being politically correct and they won’t tolerate it.

  8. melisasmall November 21, 2016

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