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Hey, Hillary: Smile, Girl

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Hey, Hillary: Smile, Girl

Clinton speaks to supporters during a campaign stop in Saint Louis, Missouri

You know, the world would be a happier place if a girl would just smile more.

Just ask the guys on Twitter.

Now, by “girl,” I mean a former U.S. senator and secretary of state who is likely to be the first female president of these allegedly united states.

As for “the world,” let’s narrow it down. We’re talking mean men who apparently spend much of their day breathing into paper bags because they’re not even allowed to ask a secretary to grab them a cuppa joe anymore without someone from HR signing them up for diversity training.

What? No more office wife? Evidence of hell in a handbasket right there. Just ask them.

So now we’ve got this Hillary woman going all presidential on us. She’s everywhere. Giving speeches. Declaring victories. Starring in one town hall after another. How much suffering must a good ol’ boy endure?

“God,” they pray, “pick another name.”

On Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton did what even Hillary Clinton thought she wouldn’t do: She swept the primaries. Missouri (barely), Illinois, North Carolina, Florida — she won them and my home state of Ohio, which is in the Eastern time zone, people. Boy am I tired of (SET ITAL) that (END ITAL) question.

Clinton strolled her conquering self across the stage in Florida as results poured in, and she delivered a victory speech while some of the white guys in TV-land offered their critiques via Twitter.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: “Smile. You just had a big night.”

Because nothing says “commander in chief” like a girlish grin for the camera.

Fox News’ Brit Hume: “Hillary having a big night in the primaries. So she’s shouting angrily in her victory speech. Supporters loving it. What’s she mad at?”

Well, golly. Let’s take a look at what she was saying.

This, for example:

“Our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it; engage our allies, not alienate them; defeat our adversaries, not embolden them. When we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all Muslims from entering the United States, when he embraces torture, that doesn’t make him strong; it makes him wrong.”

Banning Muslims? Torture? Rounding up immigrants? Where are the punch lines, Madam Secretary? If you can’t find a joke in this material, how will you ever make us laugh about the Islamic State group?

Or this:

“Our campaign is for the steelworker I met in Ohio on Sunday night,” Clinton continued, “who’s laid off but hoping to get back to work. It’s for the mother I met in Miami whose five children haven’t seen their father since he was deported. She dreams of a day when deportations end and families are reunited on a path to citizenship in America. And it is for the mothers I stood with in Chicago yesterday, who have lost children to gun violence.”

Not one smile during that whole paragraph.

See what he means?

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz tweeted: “Hillary shouting her speech. She has the floor; a more conversational tone might be better for connecting with folks at home.”


Kurtz’s follow-up tweet: “Getting attacked for saying Hillary shouted. Was not saying she was shrill. I’ve just heard her deliver more effective speeches.”

This reminded me of another primary night — the one two weeks ago, when MSNBC cut away from Clinton’s live victory speech so that three guys could talk about how she needs to speak more softly.

At a rally.

Okey-dokey then.

Politics is still a home away from home for women, apparently. Takes me back to a moment a couple of years ago when a Republican U.S. senator, who clearly had no idea that I was married to one of his Democratic colleagues, asked me what I do with my days.

“I write for a living,” I told him.

“Good for you,” he said, swinging his fist across his chest. The smile on his face made me think he’d misunderstood me to say that I had just learned how to make my own aprons.

Some men hear what they want to hear, and too many men don’t want to hear from women at all. This is an unhappy century for them, and it’s only going to get worse. One grandmother barreling her way toward the presidency is bound to work up all kinds of other women who’ve had it up to here with the catcall mentality of men who measure our worth by our ability to make them feel better about their limited view of us.

“Where will it all end?” they wonder.

At the White House, I’d guess.

I’m smiling as I say that. Does that help?

Connie Schultz is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and professional in residence at Kent State University’s school of journalism. She is the author of two books, including “…and His Lovely Wife,” which chronicled the successful race of her husband, Sherrod Brown, for the U.S. Senate. To find out more about Connie Schultz (con.schultz@yahoo.com) and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at www.creators.com.

Photo: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters during a campaign stop in Saint Louis, Missouri March 12, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Connie Schultz

Connie Schultz is a nationally syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicated. Schultz won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for commentary and was a finalist for the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for feature writing. She has also published two books: Life Happens: And Other Unavoidable Truths -- a collection of her previously published columns -- and ...and His Lovely Wife: A Memoir from the Woman Beside the Man, which chronicled her experiences on the campaign trail with her husband, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.

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  1. Richard Flynn March 17, 2016

    Yea, what’s up with the oratorical vs conversational appeal? The former lacks sincerity. You would think these people never listened to public speakers before.

    1. theghostwriter March 17, 2016

      way to miss the entire point of the article

  2. yabbed March 17, 2016

    Ah, yes. Men find women so much less threatening and hence more acceptable when they smile sweetly. Men like women to stay in their place, you know, and be nice. 🙂

  3. FT66 March 17, 2016

    They can say whatever they want, they can belittle her as much as they can, who cares. Hillary is our presumptive nominee as her insurmountable lead she has now, will take her to the last destination we all are looking forward for. Some of us don’t care her being a woman, gender means nothing. What we care is: she is very intellingent, articulate, and capable for the job.

    1. laurele March 18, 2016

      No, she is not. A “presumptive nominee” is a candidate who has the most delegates AFTER ALL the primaries are over but before he/she is officially nominated at the party convention. Last I checked, we still have 30 states to vote we get to that point. Don’t count your delegates before they’re elected.

      1. FT66 March 18, 2016

        May be am getting ahead of myself, but the reality is, according to the counting of delegates she will be our nominee. Even by doing easy math, the delegates she has now after 20 or so states voted, she has more than the half of delegates needed to clinch the number. 30 states still to vote means even more than half of delegates to be awarded to her.

        1. laurele March 19, 2016

          You’re getting way ahead of yourself, and your statement is opinion, not “reality.” There is a reason Hillary is pushing this notion of the race being over–she’s trying to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy because she’s feeling threatened by Bernie. Unfortunately for her, he is not going to drop out.

          1. debzp March 19, 2016

            Hillary actually said Bernie should stay in the race. Mustn’t feel all that threatened.Maybe it’s you who is out of touch with “reality”

  4. Baakus March 17, 2016

    We dudes, even liberal ones, are often only comfortable with “relative equality.” What does that mean? That means that we’re okay with, even excited about, women’s progress… so long as it doesn’t eclipse our own status.

    That’s why you’ll see so many (White) American guys wax poetically about women’s rights in the Middle East or Africa or Asia or even the South, only to become bitter misogynists just because a little hottie turned them down at the bar last weekend. #Misandry!

    You see, it’s easy to be “progressive” when it means making absolutely no concessions in your own personal life. But more female politicians, female protagonists, and female leaders of all kinds necessarily means fewer male politicians, male protagonists, and male leaders. Sad fact is that it is kind of a zero-sum game and some women’s gains will come at men’s expense. But we guys shouldn’t have had that glut of opportunities in the first place, so we’re not really giving up anything. But when you’re privileged, even equality feels like discrimination.

    Ms. Schultz, you are awesome. Also, please convince Sherrod to accept the VP slot!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 17, 2016

      Men like you are a joke…Baakus says…”so long as it doesn’t “eclipse” our own “status.” Translations…Me Heap Big Mr. MAN and no woman better dare try to be smarter, more successful or richer.

      You men need to be seen to and altered. You can’t think outside of your own befrigged gender can you? Does it EVER occur to you Testosteronies that women know you game better than you think?

      Women have to deal with spiteful little boys growing up all the time. What would make any man think by the time a woman becomes an adult she isn’t onto your Mr. MAN games?

      YOu had since 1916 when women were Constitutionally equal to your votes to put a woman out there for president…As such, your post only proves what doofuses men like you really are…You want “status” YOU decide, YOU choose and YOU get first crack at? Think again…not when women today are paying equal taxes on salaries you MEN keep deliberately lower than yours just so you can have that “status.”

    2. Humanicus21 March 17, 2016

      Speak for yourself. These are all just random assumptions and personal anecdotes.

  5. I of John March 17, 2016

    She’ll have time to smile later. The fight has just begun.

  6. itsfun March 17, 2016

    I wonder how much she will smile when she is indicated?

    1. darkagesbegin March 17, 2016

      what are the indications that she will be indicated?

      1. FT66 March 17, 2016

        She has to raise her hand up and show left or right. Haha, ha, ha!

    2. stcroixcarp March 17, 2016

      Do you think your Trumpette will smile when he gets beaten by a girl, or will he hold his breath until he turns blue and end up on the floor in a kicking screaming baby tantrum?

      1. itsfun March 17, 2016

        Not a supporter of either Trump or Hillary.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker March 17, 2016

          No course not. From all of YOUR posts you want a Canadian Oil boy for president right? And what precisely do you do when Texas is found guilty of rushing Cruz through INS so he could broker the Keystone deal while not having eligibility to be a Senator much less President.

          1. itsfun March 17, 2016

            Many feel he is more qualified than the Kenyan in the White House nowl

          2. Sand_Cat March 17, 2016

            “Qualified”? You mean he supports your nasty agenda, so that makes him “qualified.” He’s a first term Senator as Obama was, but not a very good one. Even the Repubs in the Senate seem to be more discerning than you, and given their know-nothing dishonesty, malice, and partisanship, that says a lot about you.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker March 18, 2016

            My friends who live in Calgary would tell you to your face you are a moron when it comes to Cruz. His mother voted in many Alberta elections. In Canada, your mother’s citizenship means she is eligible to vote just like here in the US…So…tell us oh great liar genius…why hasn’t Daddy or Mommy Cruz voted in US elections? Is it because Cruz, born in Calgary Hospital is a Canadian citizen?

            You love to toss around the BS that President Obama is a Kenyan. Let me be the first to post this about you…you are a Bigot. Why else would it bother you that someone has a Kenyan father?

            It doesn’t bother you that Texas will get its ass in trouble for putting Cruz ahead of millions of immigrants on the INS waiting list so he could be Senator even though he is a Canadian citizen?

            Men like you can’t ever do what’s right. With you mental cases, it is always “MY way or the Highway” like your hero Bush said.

          4. itsfun March 18, 2016

            I find it hard to believe you have a friend anywhere in the world.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker March 19, 2016

            I find it hard to believe your are a haterade boozer. Your posts NEVER EVER provide any real value. As a matter of fact…I have about 235 Facebook friends and another 100 or more on other sites. Have another drink of that haterade…you hateful jerks never shut the hell up.

          6. debzp March 19, 2016

            I think you are thoughtful and insightful. itsfun is what is called a “hater”

          7. iLLuSioNaTi March 19, 2016

            Why don’t you go live with your moron friends in Calgary since you don’t like it here? Get lost bitch!

          8. debzp March 19, 2016

            People like you are the reason the Republican party is going down in flames. Can’t say I regret it. Keep up the good work!

          9. iLLuSioNaTi March 20, 2016

            I’m not a Republican, SMART@$$. You too can go with your goofy girlfriend Eleanore on Warren Buffet’s oil freight train to Canada! The more LWNJ’s we can send there the better off America and U.S. Citizens in general will be.

          10. debzp March 20, 2016

            Never said you were little man. I’m not going anywhere this is MY country. It belongs to us You might remember President Obama winning RE-election by over 5 million votes. Nobody wants what you’re selling. Take your miserable ass to Iraq or Iran or someplace where pathetic little boys like you can tell women what to do. If you choose to stay, get ready to bow down to MADAM President.

          11. iLLuSioNaTi March 20, 2016

            ROFLMAO Ah yes, the wrath of the FemiNazi…In case you haven’t figured it out yet, all national elections have been rigged since before you were born, genius. They don’t want that old washed-up hag Hitlery as President any more than you wanting to have a normal relationship with the opposite sex. Get a clue, you’re so blinded with your extremist left-wing ideology you can’t even see the forest for the trees!


          12. debzp March 20, 2016

            AHAHAHAHA Typical right winger. Can dish it out but can’t take it. Don’t worry about my relationships, I’ll bet the ladies are just beating down the door for a charmer like you (if you ever leave the basement)lol Now go finish that bag of cheetos and remember it’s MADAME president. And you still haven’t gotten over the black guyHAHAHAHAHAHA

          13. iLLuSioNaTi March 20, 2016

            Typical LWNJ, assumes he-she-it has won the argument when in fact they lost before they openned their big mouth.
            #1. I’m not a right winger. I’m a Moderate Independent. ;~P
            #2. I’m happily married and wouldn’t dream of cheating. :~D
            #3. Hitlery will probably suffer a heart attack and/or brain seizure before the election (not wishful thinking, just a flash of intuitive insight and/or sound educated guess…you pick), in which case she will not be electable (as if she is now LMAO). And Obama is not black, he’s more of a shade of purple due to poor circulation, especially around the lips after smoking crack.

            Alas, I don’t think any true patriot will ever get over Obama’s usurpation of the position of President of the United States. To understand that one must throw off their roll as sheeple and accept the truth.

            One of the main problems with FemiNazi’s is you tend to assume too much and jump to conclusions without checking out the facts!

            BTW ~ I don’t have a basement; I live on the 13th floor of a high-rise. In closing, black LIES don’t matter, all LIVES matter, including the pre-born! Get over yourself, you’ll live longer.


          14. northstate March 20, 2016

            His mother was an American; he was born in Hawaii, a State. He is American. Please move on from that old blowhard on the radio; he isn’t even on anymore.

          15. debzp March 18, 2016

            Say no more, Another birther kook.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker March 17, 2016

      Hillary already is “indicated” …She’s won more states that the barely known until he decided to run against a woman, Sanders. And, she’s indicated she intends to win…Learn to spell genius Mr. MAN.

    4. iLLuSioNaTi March 20, 2016


    5. iLLuSioNaTi March 20, 2016


  7. laurele March 17, 2016

    She will NEVER be president and knows it. That’s why she won’t smile. #Bernie2016

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 17, 2016

      Sanders is already losing. And don’t you Sugar DAddy women hate that?

      1. laurele March 18, 2016

        No, he is not. Stop repeating corporate media propaganda. This is very much a close race.

    2. RetDem March 17, 2016

      Can’t wait to see your reaction when the Republicans take back the Presidency as well as the House and Senate! Your zeal for this 67 year old man will backfire then. He might find a way to win the Primary, but he will never win the office of POTUS. And just wait to see how much the quality of your life improves when those Right-wing T-bags are in control of our government.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 17, 2016

        There is no hope the Republicans will end up with Trump as a president. Why? Simple…The Donald as we in the Metro area know is only running …mostly to run for 159 pending lawsuits. Why do you think Christie, a Bush appointed U.S. Attorney is sidling up to Trump? Christie is desperate to be VP because he knows he will have to litigate Trump’s lawsuits..and then oops…Christie will sink Trump if he is president and then YOU will rue the day Christie EVER become president in situ. Those of us in NJ are already paying higher taxes for all of the corporate tax cuts Trump got for the casinos he closed due to those lawsuits.

        Sanders isn’t going to win even in the primary. He hasn’t the delegate votes and he is now beginning to say he “never was a Democrat.” You bet he wasn’t. He was always one of those lazy college students who attended protests to get out of work. It took Sanders 7 tries before he was elected mayor. His VT Dem Senator, Patrick Leahy is far more well known to the public and the Congress than Sanders ever was or will be. He’s just a flash in the pan and was supposed to be the first Jewish male president…that’s why he ran against Hillary. IN that religion, men come first. So Sanders figured he’d get the Jewish vote. The problem is he didn’t because of his intention to take down Wall Street. Everyone of his policies would fail miserably if they even got off the ground…that’s his record in Congress..pushing legislation that went NO WHERE.

        1. RetDem March 17, 2016

          Although I didn’t go into as much detail, t agree with everything you write here. Smile : )

        2. Phil Johnson March 17, 2016

          I have a heavy feeling that you were not smiling when you wrote all that …. drivel. Read Bernie’s “Outsider in the White House”, at least. Then check out the candidate “trust” factor published daily. Read the 1956 Republican platform, read something about FDR’s programs that pulled this country out of a 1920s ditch, and recognize that, since the days of yclept “trickle-down” Reagan economics, the middle class has been taking a beating, no matter who was in the WH. Do you really think that HRC will be better for those of us who are on the outside looking in after all that?

          I don’t.

          I will vote for HRC, if Bernie does not prevail — despite her complicity with the DNC’s bete noire, DWS, who should have been run out of town on a rail for rigging the game. And it has nothing to do with misogyny. Talk about lording-it-over women! She is the great brain trust who decided to limit the debates, advertised at every opportunity that ‘superdelegates’ were already committed to HRC because that’s the way the mop flops at DNC, ousted an Ohio mayor who dared cross HRC at the Cleveland “rally” last week (his name escapes me, but he was unhappy at being publicly neutered). And we wonder why HRC is shrill?

          I don’t. She’s not in charge, Ms. I-don’t-know-the-diff-between-a-democrat-and-a-socialist (courtesy “Hardball’s” Chris Matthews) is.

          Good luck with THAT.

          aures lupi

        3. laurele March 18, 2016

          Sanders can win the primary; it is a close race, and the next states to vote are much more friendly to him than the previous ones. The fact that you have to resort to a personal attack against him means you don’t have any real, legitimate arguments on your side. People do not protest to “get out of work.” They protest to fight injustice, whether that injustice is segregation, abusive working conditions, corruption humans rights violations, poisoning of drinking water, etc. Protesters are the reason this country has labor laws, environmental laws, and civil rights laws.

          Who cares how many times a person ran before they were elected? Sanders’ earliest races were third party protest runs. The fact that he persisted and eventually was successful is a tribute to his character and dedication rather than some type of liability. I guess you would have had a problem with Abraham Lincoln too since he lost a lot of elections before winning any.

          Sanders’ campaign is not about religion or gender. It is about taking back our country from the corrupt corporate establishment that has grown way too powerful. It is about restoring the ideals of the New Deal that got us out of the Great Depression.There are many denominations of the Jewish religion, and quite a few are egalitarian. Sanders is not even religious, so trying to portray him as being anti-women is ridiculous.

          As for his policies, they already succeeded in bring this country its era of greatest prosperity through the New Deal, Great Society, and GI Bill. Those policies gave us the strongest ever middle class and longest period of prosperity in the post World War II era. Bernie’s plan calls for us to abandon the failed trickle down policies both parties have embraced in the last 35 years and return to the paradigm that gave us our best years, a paradigm that has been very successful in almost every industrialized nation in the world.

          1. meridaest March 18, 2016

            I actually voted for Clinton enthusiastically in the Florida primary, but I agree with much of what you just wrote. Most of us are not that far apart. I believe now is the time to discourage the more extreme and hostile voices from both Clinton and Sanders partisans. My first choices hardly ever win the nomination but I’ve always supported the final winner on the Dem side. I also support many of these protesters and will be happy to vote for Sanders if he pulls this off.

          2. debzp March 18, 2016

            I guess then you would agree that all of the Bernie supporters who “resort to personal attacks have no real arguments on their side” And I am including innuendo as to her character, honesty and trustworthiness. All Republican witch hunts that Bernie people seem too anxious to accept. And fyi all the policies that you admit brought the country its era of greatest prosperity are DEMOCRATIC policies.

          3. laurele March 19, 2016

            Yes, they are Democratic policies–policies that predate the Clintons, who spent their political careers actively trying to move the Democratic Party to the right through the DLC. They are the ones who have abandoned the party’s ideals.

          4. debzp March 19, 2016

            The Democratic Party has been in a constant state of evolution. There is no elected official who can avoid compromise. Unfortunately, politics is the art of the doable and not everyone in the country shares the same values. The Clinton Policies include Family and Medical Leave (long opposed by republicans), The Brady Bill (hard fought against by gun lobby), increased the minimum wage, Child Health Insurance Program, and HIPPA to name a few. Hardly an “abandonment of party ideals”. Would you like us to ignore those things? Was he perfect, certainly not. But no one is. Some politicians are good at talking the talk, but getting things accomplished is a lot different. Was Bernie able to muster the votes in the Senate for single-payer or even the public option. So when you resort to personal attacks against Hillary, I must believe that you have no real arguments on your side”(your own words)

      2. laurele March 18, 2016

        Actually, Bernie consistently wins against Trump in polls and does so by a much larger margin than Hillary does. Who cares how old he is? He clearly has the energy and stamina needed for the office. Ageism is just another form of bigotry–not to mention Hillary and Trump are only a few years younger than Bernie is.

        1. meridaest March 18, 2016

          All candidates, pundits, hacks, and supporters should stop using polling 9 months out to make any arguments over who can win the general election. However, I agree with you on Sanders’ terrific energy and stamina and the ageism bigotry. Unfortunately, past experiences show that ANYBODY can get elected, including Trump.

  8. Aidan Hart March 17, 2016

    Men still believe that the World revolves around their wants and needs. Growing up is apparently very difficult for many of them.?

  9. latebloomingrandma March 17, 2016

    Maybe Hillary should learn how to shoot moose to gain more supporters.

    1. plc97477 March 17, 2016

      That didn’t seem to help palin any. Thank the heavens for that.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 17, 2016

        There is absolutely NO comparison of Palin to Hillary. Hillary had a professional career by the time she left college. She married and raised her child…in her home..unlike Palin …who only conceived in the back seat of any guy’s car.

        Chelsea’s breeding is so far ahead of any of the Palin brats. And, Hillary doesn’t go around the country preaching morals she doesn’t practice herself…Palin now has 2 illegitimate children thanks to her “Morals”…It’s time for some women to practice what they preach.

        1. laurele March 18, 2016

          Chelsea’s “breeding?” What century are you living in? The very concept of “good” vs. “bad” breeding is racist and classist, a vestige of the old concept of aristocracy.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker March 17, 2016

      She’s already culling the Vermont Sanders herd…rofl.

      1. Sand_Cat March 17, 2016

        Better she cull the GOP horde.

      2. laurele March 18, 2016

        Only in your dreams. Almost no Sanders supporters have switched over to her.

  10. Leftout March 17, 2016

    Hillary is realizing that all of his is for naught since she will be indicted . If she just would have been satisfied with playing a natural person she would have been ok.

    1. iamproteus March 17, 2016

      Say what??!! That doesn’t even make sense!

      1. Leftout March 17, 2016

        Typos sorry, pushed post to early

        1. iamproteus March 17, 2016

          OK, then. If that’s the case, I’ll stick with my original response.

          1. Leftout March 17, 2016

            You are related to Proteus Vulgaris evidently

          2. iamproteus March 18, 2016

            You take my disagreement with your post as evidence that I am related to some entity that you identify as “Proteus Vulgaris”? That is a common fault among conservatives, to wit: when you are challenged on a point for which you have no intelligent response, make an accusation based on an assumption for which you have no evidence other than your own imagination.

          3. Leftout March 18, 2016

            I apologize for the Vulgaris , but I thought that I had answered the reason she is sad, is that is she made all this effort for nothing if she gets indicted and again she misses out on the presidency .

          4. iamproteus March 18, 2016

            Apology accepted and I wish you an enlightening day.

          5. Leftout March 18, 2016

            Similarly. For your day.

  11. A_Real_Einstein March 17, 2016

    Hopefully she will draw Trump in the General election. That is the only Republican that she could beat. She is incredibly uninspiring. Anybody try reading her book? She is totally incapable of creating the political movement necessary to drive the people to the polls who benefit the most by progressive policies we aspire to. In her defense no candidate has ever been able to get those people to the polls. But that is what we need to win back the senate and turn around the complete domination of the GOP in the states. Bernie has the right message but is the wrong messenger. Unfortunately the DNC and the media have done everything to stop this revolution. How many of the 20 million who now have health insurance as a result of the ACA vote? Very few and those that do often vote Republican. Why is that?

    1. laurele March 18, 2016

      Bernie will defeat Trump in the general election. All the polls show him doing better at beating Trump than Hillary would.

  12. RetDem March 17, 2016

    This article was written by another media person at a loss for a deadline article–with no worthwhile, informative topic in mind. So she comes up with this!!!! How trite, unnecessary, and a true example of media overkill. Hillary will tell jokes at the first press dinner that traditionally requires the POTUS to do so.

    1. OpenMind6 March 17, 2016

      Please tell me Why you don’t agree with the content in this article.

    2. charleo1 March 17, 2016

      I disagree. I thought the piece, though light, was pretty spot on when describing the defensive, and dismissive tone in some of the comments from well know men. Sound familiar?

  13. Eleanore Whitaker March 17, 2016

    Don’t you love it? Has anyone anyone anyone told Cruz or Trump to smile? Hillary Clinton is a shoo in to be president. The only women who won’t vote for her are the ones who are so totally MAN dependent their lives revolve entirely around what men say, do and think.

    When some idiot woman tells Hillary to smile, she’s the same one who while being raped says, “Thank you Mr. Man….I deserved that. ”

    You know why some women in the US want Sanders for president which he will NEVER be…It’s because these are teh same women who fall for every word out of any man’s mouth. These are the women who were rasied as Daddies” little darlings and now can’t function unless a man is at the top of the rank making her decisions for her…Right Connie?

    Smell that gender bias when they tell Hillary to smile and be a good little girl? Women who can’t live without a Sanders Sugar Daddy to hand it to tem for FREE, must smile at men to get where they are, so often their face muscles are frozen in that cutesy, coy, girlish smile.

    You do have to wonder how women like this manage to bear kids without a man’s help. While shes in labor, he’s off with the boys passing out cigars.

    1. plc97477 March 17, 2016

      Drugs, good drugs. That is the only way they get through labor.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 17, 2016

        No thanks…too many men are in prisons for drugging…Time to get off the drug addictions and face life the way it comes at you…with courage and strength…not a crutch.

        1. Carolyn1520 March 22, 2016

          Not many are in jail for having epidurals. 🙂

    2. laurele March 18, 2016

      Wow. Just wow. You cannot even imagine some women voting based on a candidate’s ideals and positions on the issues. It always has to be something personal. You’re the poster child for women being other women’s worst enemies.

    3. pbasch March 18, 2016

      There have been (by my probably faulty count) only two comments on men smiling in this campaign. One is about Bernie’s shouting and anger (and not smiling), and how if he were a woman he’d never get away with it, much less with that hair. The other is more interesting – it’s about Cruz’s difficulty smiling, because his smile is horizontal and looks like a rictus of pain. Also his peculiar alternative to an emphatic fist, in which the fingers don’t curl in but bend against the heel of his hand. He seems to be an alien borrowing a human body but not quite operating it right.

  14. Eleanore Whitaker March 17, 2016

    Look since Bush/Cheney, the Republicans’ major campaign was to divide the country into red and blue. In red states, MEN make ALL the rules for women. In blue states, women have to work harder, longer and for less just to pay the taxes that support the Corn Pone Queens and Dixie Belles who lay in bed until noon and then play Walmartian Queens.

    The reality is that by dividing the country, the Republicans weren’t too smart. Their states are failing, failing, failing, miserably…Look at what’s happening in Kansas and Iowa…They had to close schools before the official end of the school because thanks to Republican slash and burn conservatism, they can’t afford to keep them open.

    Jindal in Louisiana bankrupted his state and the GOP governors in Michigan and Maine are bankrupting theirs. Not to worry. The Republicans love that House and Senate power to use your tax dollars to flush 65% of every budget to Republican, not Dem states.

    When you get fed up with Republican BS, maybe you’ll realize why the Republican conservatism is a replica of Russia in the early 1900s…broke, under totalitarian control and depressingly lacking in any advancement.

  15. nana4gj March 17, 2016

    The very idea of a woman being so upset about the colossal mess men have created and are creating, as candidates for the highest office there is anywhere. Nothing so troubling as a woman shouting and not acting, “ladylike”. It’s so unattractive for a woman to be impassioned about injustice, inequality, and disgusted with their needs for full public display of which of them has more testosterone than the other.

    Frankly, there isn’t much to smile about for any of us lately. The women are more concerned about cleaning up the mess. We do not like presidential wannabes who act like bulls in a china shop; who roar obscenity, insults, slander, insults, against individuals of all walks of life at home and abroad; who incite violence and alienate and divide; who take their deliberate obstruction to new heights in government by refusing to do their jobs.

    None of them are smiling as they do it. With all that testosterone, that is the only way they can make their point; red faces contorted with violent and offensive rhetoric and lame excuses for not doing their jobs because the people who voted this President into office twice are not as worthy as those who may be foolish enough to vote their kind into office.

    If anyone expects any of us to be demure and sweetly smile in the face of this chaos, they can look for the next beauty pageant or they can give us something to smile about, not something to be offended, insulted, and legitimately angry about.

    They can start behaving as responsible, adult, mature men, if they still know how, if they ever knew how, otherwise, go get smiles and sweetness from their Mothers, who may be the only females who still even like them.

    1. Dominick Vila March 18, 2016

      Most importantly, she smiles when there is a reason to smile, and is stern when the situation warrants it. I wonder why we have not heard anything about The Donald not smiling…

      1. nana4gj March 18, 2016

        I understand she has a great sense of humor when something is humorous. And we have all heard her laugh, you know, the laugh that they then criticize and deride? If Hillary had to try to please everyone on her hair, her clothes, her short stature, her laugh or no laugh, her voice, her ankles, her wonkiness on policy, my, my, she’d have no time to do anything else, would she? Clearly, she’s into other concerns. She’s come quite far in the world without making all that stuff her priority.

  16. Otto T. Goat March 17, 2016

    She smiles in private, listen to the tape of her laughing about getting a child rapist acquitted if you don’t believe me.

    1. johninPCFL March 17, 2016

      Wow. So she’s a great attorney too?

    2. northstate March 20, 2016

      An old Republican lie. She was laughing at the Prosecution. She was defending an accused, because that was her job; she was the Public Defender. Go read something about what Public Defenders are required to do, whether they believe in the innocence of the accused, or not. If they won’t do that, they are not doing the job they were hired to do. If you have a job, look around and see how many of your fellow workers do not do their job. Get a clue.

      1. Otto T. Goat March 21, 2016

        She was gleeful about winning, even though it meant a child rapist got away with it.

  17. Linda Bullock March 17, 2016

    Connie Schultz, Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States not a Miss America contest. WTF?!

    1. JPHALL March 17, 2016


      1. Linda Bullock March 18, 2016

        Ah…that’s because I didn’t read the COMPLETE story.

  18. Bobby_Goren March 17, 2016

    This is the biggest load of effluent I’ve read in a long time. You do realize that painting a picture of some kind of XY conspiracy against Hillary Clinton is as sexist as it comes. Your proof? A few quotes from right wing news shows. These would be the same ones who made a stink over John Kerry putting provolone on his Philly Cheese Steak or John Edwards’ haircut.

    I like Hillary Clinton. I will be voting for her in November. Do I think she’s too close to Wall Street? Yeah I do. So was Bill. Is she head and shoulders better than any of the GOP possibilities? Absolutely. But she ain’t without fault.

    Misandronist attitudes are no better than misogynist ones.

    1. laurele March 18, 2016

      But she won’t be on the ballot in November. Bernie will.

      1. Bobby_Goren March 18, 2016

        Unlikely – but if Bernie should win, I’ll be voting for him.

  19. captcrisis March 17, 2016

    No one says this about other female politicians. That should tell you something.

  20. lemuria March 18, 2016

    Sexists in the media are annoying. If hillary wants to shout about Trump, I say let her. Regardless, I won’t be voting for her if she’s the Dem nominee. Green party for me from here on out. Also, in reply to some of the absurd comments here, progressive women who want Sanders to be president, favor him over Hillary because Hillary is too centrist for their liking. Seems rather obvious to me, but not everyone wants to see the nuance in this issue.

    1. northstate March 20, 2016

      Good for you. No Green Party candidate will be elected, most won’t even get on a ballot. So, do what they did in Florida; that gave the election to Bush. Maybe you can go even further and write in someone from your local Garden Club.

    2. Carolyn1520 March 22, 2016

      If you are voting for anyone other than the dem who wins the primary, then be prepared to be happy with what the right offers. NOTHING. If you want anything remotely green that’s your only choice.

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