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Hillary Summits On The Hill

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Hillary Summits On The Hill

Photo: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the 2014 Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola, IA. (Gregory Hauenstein/Flickr)

WASHINGTON — Under Capitol chandeliers in the Senate reception room, a hundred Senate pages, and a scrum of staffers and reporters waited for leading presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to leave a private lunch talk with Senate Democrats (and opponent Senator Bernie Sanders, a Socialist). This time, compared to 2008, the gleaming marble mountain was all hers — like when Sir Edmund Hillary conquered another summit.

At 67, Clinton may become the first American president who went to Wellesley College, one of the “Seven Sisters.” On her second chance, she’d be wise to speak of sisterhood. Foes say she’s “joyless,” a silly code word Republican operative Stuart Stevens slyly tried to pin on her — as if Gov. Scott Walker is a barrel of fun. (Still breaking the code, Stu.)

A flashback: As Senator Clinton, running for president, she couldn’t get arrested in these halls, among friends and comrades. The late Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Senator Harry Reid, chiefs who decided which way the wind blew in their caucus, chose to back a freshman senator from Illinois with a soaring way with words instead. A sport, Clinton took the cuts with amazing good grace, marching on to a hard loss to Barack Obama.

While waiting, I felt a rush. The room’s din had a Beethoven-esque brio, a rustle like nothing lately in this torn chamber. This was no ordinary Tuesday. Even the portraits of Senators Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, and Robert LaFollette seemed excited, like nervous suitors on the porch.

To top it off, the news from Vienna that day lit up the dome: an Iran nuclear arms deal at long last. Slay Bibi (as the Israeli prime minister is known) with a feather. President Obama and artful diplomat, Secretary of State John Kerry, got to the endgame. But as “Madam Secretary” in Obama’s first term, Clinton opened the delicate dialogue with an implacable enemy.

In sync with the White House on a rare happy day here, Clinton briefed about 45 Democratic senators on the Iran deal’s parameters (not yet reviewed by Congress.) This conspired to remind lawmakers that only she brings “stateswoman” (or statesman) to the campaign. She flew and mended fences all over the world after George W. Bush’s chaotic wars of choice.

Maybe that was Clinton’s cosmic chore for the colossal unforced error of voting for the Iraq War as a New York senator in 2002. She was in office, a freshman, when the World Trade Center towers fell in fire on 9/11, but supporting the war was a tragic mistake, as she finally owned. Way too late: Humiliation is her forte; admitting when she is wrong is her weakness. Strong women are that way.

As first lady, Clinton told senior White House advisor George Stephanopoulos:

“Whenever I go out and fight I get vilified so I have just learned to smile and take it. I go out there and say, ‘Please, please, kick me again, insult me some more.’ You have to be much craftier behind the scenes, but just smile.”

Clinton grew up in Illinois, her bedrock base camp. The Midwest has a cheery grit going for it.

The wait went on. Vermont senator Pat Leahy, the most senior Democrat, wandered out. So the old guard was gone. Who else could Clinton be talking to in there? “She must be staying until the last D dies,” I said lightly to a Senate staffer, a bit young to get the joke.

The Arkansas hunting line — “until the last dog dies” — was a favorite Bill Clinton expression that defined his presidency. Oh, that seemed like a long time ago when I looked into her eyes. A faraway land of peace and prosperity. But it didn’t feel like a fairy tale then, when I was walking these halls as a rookie reporter. There was never a dull day in the Clinton ’90s.

Spitfire Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) told reporters: “I was pleased with everything. I think back to the Clinton brand — 23 million jobs — she is the Clinton brand. She unified everyone in the room.”

Resplendent in raspberry, Clinton’s throaty voice wafted over the realm. She spoke to the pages: “It’s wonderful to see you. Are you having a good time?”

The broad smile was real. Broad and high.

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Photo: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the 2014 Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola, IA. (Gregory Hauenstein/Flickr)



  1. Dominick Vila July 17, 2015

    Joyless? Does this mean that in the minds of a Republican electioneering is the same as a sideshow at the local circus? An interesting comment considering all the dire allegations and predictions voiced by the GOP.

  2. The lucky one July 17, 2015

    Better to be joyless than witless like all those in the GOP clown car.

  3. 13observer July 17, 2015

    Trump is not a “politician” which gives him the edge! He has plenty of money! Plenty of friends! Plenty of time! He says what Americans want to hear! They make fun of his hair….. big deal. If that’s all they got…they’re in trouble. He will end the P.C. era that ties our hands! Trump talks about what everyone is sick of and wants to change!
    Trump/Cruz 2016. Making history as first Billionaire President and first Latino Vice- President to win over the Latino votes. Sorry Hillary & Jeb, we’re all tired of Clintons & Bushes!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker July 17, 2015

      13observer…Try again…If “hair” was all “they’ve” got…you need to think again..Ask any of the thousand Trump unemployed in Atlantic City what they think of him. This from the man who demanded a private “helicopter” landing pad to fly his rich boy friends in and out of AC.

      You can be as tired of the Bush Dynasty as you like. Hillary is not part of the Clinton Dynasty..She’s a wife…not a sister, brother, aunt, uncle or child of former President Clinton.

      Donald Trump is, as anyone who worked for him would tell you, is a tyrant who sees things ONLY his way. We do not need some billionaire tycoon playing “FIRE” with our tax dollars. This is not a business…it’s a democracy. The sooner you boys face that fact, the better off this country will be.

      Give your vote to Trump, go ahead..Just don’t bitch when your tax dollars end up paying the taxes Trump believes billionaires shouldn’t have to pay.

      Oh and by the way…His immigrant hostility? Check out how many this phony hired were were illegals in Trump’s Taj Mahal. Two faced, bad hair and a selfish greedy phony…that’s what you want for president?

  4. Eleanore Whitaker July 17, 2015

    Joyless…so let’s see…Bolton, Cotton, Gowdy, Issa, Inhofe, Cruz, JEB…these men are jumping with joy? Ever take a look at the pusses on Gowdy and Cotton’s mugs? You’d think somewhere stole their appendices without unbuttoning their shirts.

  5. LCR78 July 17, 2015

    Can anyone be more joyless than Senator McConnell?

  6. geraldhoey July 17, 2015

    The right is trying desperately to tarnish Hillary Clinton before the election. Bernie Sanders hardly draws a mention from them because they are pretty sure that he is unelectable while Hillary is kicking the butts of every clown on the clown bus. So they keep investigating Benghazi, hoping desperately to dig up something, anything. Benghazi was invented by Fox News to destroy the re-election campaign of President Obama. It didn’t gain any traction so now they have recycled it to use against Hillary. Benghazi has become Republicanese for ” Boy do all of our candidates suck. ” They attack the Clinton Foundation which is one of the best run charities around.


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