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House GOPers: Yes, Benghazi Committee Is Political — Or No, It Isn’t!

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House GOPers: Yes, Benghazi Committee Is Political — Or No, It Isn’t!


Republicans are still reeling in the wake of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) public boast that the Benghazi select committee was put together in order to bring down Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers. The latest person to speak up about the problem is, guess who, a Republican congressman.

In an interview Wednesday morning with local upstate New York radio host Bill Keeler, moderate GOP congressman Richard Hanna made acknowledged the Benghazi mess while discussing the turmoil going on in the House GOP.

“And Kevin McCarthy basically blew himself up with that comment over the Benghazi committee, you know, which — sometimes the biggest sin you can commit in D.C. is to tell the truth,” Hanna said. “And I — this may not be politically correct — but I think that there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people — an individual, Hillary Clinton. And you know, I think there’s also a lot of it that’s important that we needed to get to the bottom of this. But this has been the longest investigation, longer than Watergate.”

Hanna noted that he is not on the committee himself, but has watched the hearings and read the transcripts. He also added: “After what Kevin McCarthy said, it’s difficult to accept that at least a part of it was not — and I think that’s the way Washington works — but you’d like to expect more from a committee that’s spent millions of dollars and tons of time.”

The key moment comes at about the 9:30 mark in the audio below.

Thursday afternoon one of the Benghazi committee’s members had a chance to respond to Hanna, when Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) appeared on MSNBC.

“It’s just false. I’ve been on this investigation with Chairman Gowdy and six other Republicans for 14 months,” Pompeo said. “I’ve watched — I think the American people will see that next Thursday.”

Hillary Clinton is set to appear at a public hearing of the committee next Thursday — which will surely be some interesting political theater, in the wake of McCarthy’s comment.

“They’ll see that we’ve conducted dozens and dozens of interviews with people no committee had interviewed before,” Pompeo continued. “Our investigation isn’t complete next Thursday, either. We’ll continue — you all may lose interest in it, but we won’t. Because we have an important mission to solve the riddle of how this preventable incident led to the deaths of four Americans. And no one, to this date, has been held accountable for that.”

Photo: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a community forum campaign event at Cornell College in Mt Vernon, Iowa, October 7, 2015. REUTERS/Scott Morgan



  1. Daniel Jones October 15, 2015

    I do hope they actually let her talk and spare us all the misleading bullshit graphs.

    If they do unto her like they did at the planned parenthood interview..

    1. JPHALL October 15, 2015

      Isn’t it funny that despite all the investigations and leaks, no proof has been presented?

      1. FireBaron October 16, 2015

        They don’t need proof. They have Rush Limbaugh!

    2. BillP October 16, 2015

      I agree Chavetz’s chart at the Planned Parenthood hearing was the most ridiculous chart I have ever seen The bias shown by the people is so blatant. Chavetz’s explanation only made it worse!

  2. Eleanore Whitaker October 16, 2015

    First of all, what kind of rinky dink investigation committee hides the fact that the only reason for the investigation is to destroy Hillary Clinton? What kind of moron investigation committee uses a bogus video as “proof” when it was edited by Chaffetz and his GOP attack dogs to take down Planned Parenthood?

    So, first Issa, then Gowdy head up 8 Benghazi investigations which the FBI, CIA, NSA and Justice Dept. already stated that Secy. of State Hillary Clinton committed NO crime. Now..let’s look at which Secy of State was investigated and also called on the carpet for ignoring all the red flags of 9/11. That would be Condi Rice. Although, in fairness, it was always that dog devil Cheney behind it all. After all, when you owe Halliburton for campaign donations, you do have to have a war to pay them back, don’t you?

    Notice how the GOP never once mention Rice’s numerous crimes? You have to wonder why the GOP men are so scared of Hillary they are stooping lower than snakes to make sure she can’t become president. After all, as we all know, only a white, moneyed, middle aged, well connected GOP boy is entitled to the presidency right?

  3. Grannysmovin October 16, 2015

    “because we have an important mission to solve the riddle of how this preventable incident led to the deaths of four Americans. And no one, to this date, has been held accountable for that.” There have been:
    Not including the current select committee hearings:
    • 9 different House and Senate committees have already investigated the attacks
    • 13 hearings have been conducted
    • 50 briefings have taken place
    • 25 transcribed interviews have been conducted
    • 8 subpoenas have been issued
    • more than 25,000 pages of documents have been reviewed
    • 6 congressional reports have been released

    No one in there you could hold accountable? Well 9/11 Bush received prior notice that an attack was forth coming – does that mean we should hold President Bush accountable? Were any of the of the embassy attacks under Ford, Reagan, Bush and Bush preventable and who was held accountable?

  4. John Murchison October 16, 2015

    The hand writing is on the wall now. Give that committee a single figleaf of political cover and they will collectively run away from this failed adventure.


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