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If Speaker John Boehner wants to make the 113th Congress the least effective ever, he has a tough record to beat — his own.

The Boehner-led House in the 112th Congress passed the fewest number of bills since that number started being tracked in 1947.

But the congressman from Ohio isn’t going to let an impressive record like that stop him from making American history again.

“At this point in 2011, when the House was beginning its least productive session ever, the House had passed 23 bills which became laws,” The Daily Kos‘ Jed Lewison points out. “That compares to 15 so far this year.”

This gives House Republicans a clear head start in their pursuit of the “least productive” title. And they’re not going to let anything get in their way.

Not working is part of their two-prong strategy, along with only voting on pretend things, like fake Obamacare repeals.

“In fact, while the House passed fewer bills than any previous House during the last Congress, it actually cast the fifth-most votes ever,” Lewison points out.

Today, Boehner was asked about his role in leading the least productive House ever. He displayed his typical modesty:

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