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How Obama Can Heal His Rift With Business

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How Obama Can Heal His Rift With Business


U.S. presidents’ second terms often turn out to be failures in domestic policy, largely because lame ducks are almost by definition political figures of the past. Yet President Barack Obama’s winning coalition is aligned with the future of the country, giving him a fresh chance to lead.

To do so, he must repair his badly damaged relationship with the business community, which overwhelmingly supported Mitt Romney. It’s doable. From avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff, to an overhaul of immigration laws, to tax reform, there’s much more common ground than the combatants could acknowledge during the campaign.

The first task is for both the White House and the business world (Wall Street and Main Street) to acknowledge where it was wrong about the other side.

From the start, Obama failed to include enough business executives in his administration. His friend and senior advisor Valerie Jarrett once ran a Chicago real-estate company, but she was seen by business as more of a gatekeeper and liaison in the White House than a true friend. Otherwise, there was no one around the president who had met a payroll, unless you include aides who had run political consulting firms.

The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness did some good, if little-noticed, work, but it was never fully integrated into the policy-making apparatus.

During his tenure as administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Cass R. Sunstein, a Harvard University law professor and now a fellow Bloomberg View columnist, eliminated more burdensome regulations than he was given credit for. Still, important business activity — from obtaining a government contract to getting a mortgage — remains mired in red tape.

For its part, business must stop acting whiny and petulant about the president. I’m astonished that so many wealthy people were wounded because Obama generically referred to “fat cats” three years ago on 60 Minutes. They need to grow up and recognize that he needed to position himself as the champion of the middle class to get re-elected.

Top executives also need to cut out the “Socialist” talk and admit that the president is anything but a radical. (Obama’s health care law, for instance, is pretty much the Bob Dole-Mitt Romney plan).

And just because the rest of the world reveres business leaders and pretends to listen to their wisdom, Obama doesn’t have to follow suit. He’s the president.

If chief executive officers can put aside their regrets over the outcome of the election, they can be important brokers between the administration and Republicans in Congress.

Jonathan Alter

Jonathan Alter is a bestselling author and journalist who served as senior editor for Newsweek from 1983 to 2011. He is currently a lead columnist for Bloomberg View as well as a contributing correspondent to NBC News. Alter's 2010 book, The Promise: President Obama, Year One, reached #3 on the New York Times Best Seller list.

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  1. nobsartist November 9, 2012

    I dont think he needs to do anything with business. he needs to harness wall street and put the health care insurance industry out of business.

    1. Clarence Swinney November 10, 2012

      Harness Wall Street=Amen Amen
      Since 1995, Only rich are in Hedge funds and Casino Derivative Of America
      gambling one on one. Not creating industries or jobs.
      Repeal repeal of Glass Steagall—today 10 Too Big carry 80% of all bank deposits in 7000 Banks. Monopoly?? Yes! Where is anti trust dept? Justice Dept?

      $$$$$$$$$$$$$ OWN GOVERNMENT $$$$$$$$$$$$$ GOD

    2. Sandra November 10, 2012

      PO needs to bring back Glass Steigel or something similar, Wall Street must be regulated to avoid another financial crash, some or all tax loopholes need to be closed, too many business’ and rich are abusing these loopholes which disadvantages the country and ordinary working Americans who have to pick up the slack in tax revenues.
      Everyone must pay their fair share.

      1. nobsartist November 10, 2012

        as an example, lets talk about corporate jet usage. how come when a jet is used, the occupant does not have to add it as income? Ford Motor flies the 2 top idiots home every week to boca raton and seattle. why dont those two idiots have to claim that as income? Ford feels that claiming poverty is reasonable but behind the scenes, they can 3 salaried employees every week to pay for the jet usage.

        Not only that but ford gm and chryco do not have to pay tax on profits for 8 more years. Why dont those that lost jobs due to those being sent to china get the same deal?

    3. Clarence Swinney November 10, 2012

      Thanks. I agree.

  2. amarquez647 November 10, 2012

    We do not have a need to fix presidential rift with business. We need all of government to do the people’s business. Make all corporate political contribution illegal. Create regulation that protect humans not corporation and the uber-wealthy. Business needs consumers and fair competition. Well thought out regulations can assure both public safety and an equal playing field for business. Have fair usury laws. Have protection for workers. Abolish right to work laws. We as citizens must be aware how language is used to fool us. Right to work means no collective bargaining. It assures that unions have a harder time getting funds. Freedom is not reserved to the rich and powerful. We lived for centuries under this type of freedom, it was called serfdom. What is good for John Q. Public is good for business.

    1. Clarence Swinney November 10, 2012

      $$$$$$$$$$$$$ out of Washington
      Fed Fund Campaign/Election–6 mos–3 primary 3 general
      Free equal tv time–debate a week=12=adequate to evaluate candidates
      No $$$$ used

      Crime for fed employee to accept/offer anything with a financial value
      Closes K st bribery

      Progressive Flat tax by group.
      28% tax rate on ALL income balances our budget
      Total Income 14,000 Billion
      28%=3900B—- budget 3800.
      Tax top 10% at 40% lets lower incomes pay far less

    2. Fern Woodfork November 10, 2012

      Our President Has No Problem With Business Business Needs To Stop Making Their Own Rules They Can’t Be Here In American And Make All The Money They Want And Think They Don’t Have To Play By The Rules!!!

    3. Virginia51 November 10, 2012

      Amen. And let’s not forget the Rule of Law. Live by it and indict those that break and abuse it. Letting the wealthy (business) buy their way out of massive fraud and Ponzi schemes without having to admit their wrong doing(s) is more than a moral hazard – it’s a virus in our society.

      1. Clarence Swinney November 10, 2012

        A disgrace how we fined instead of punishing violators.
        Petty change to them.
        Obvious crimes. Proven crimes.
        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ buys anyone

    4. Clarence Swinney November 10, 2012

      Here is simple one—fed fund campaigns/elections–6 months
      3 primary 3 general—free equal tv time-debate a week=12=adequate to evaluate candidates—no $$$$=0—–

      No need to raise campaign money so stay on job not on road

      Illegal for fed employee to receive anything with a financial value.
      Illegal to offer it. Closes K St Bribery Shop–Puts Democracy back in hands of voters

      It is easy just do it—–No $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$===OOOOOOOOo

      It is disgraceful the amount of time the President spends away from his job
      raising money. Stop it. Now. Right now.

    5. CPANewYork November 12, 2012

      Well said. National Memo: Tell “business” to go to hell. They need to be taught a lesson for wantonly breaking the law. The banking sector senior management especially should be targeted for criminal punishment, i.e. they should be jailed.

      Oh, and while we’re at it, tell Israel to get rid of that obnoxious piece of crap Netanyahu so that we don’t get an unnecesary war in the Middle East.

  3. turtlewoman1039 November 10, 2012

    I fail to see why I should be so concerned about the hurt feelings of business when they suffer no qualms about sending US jobs out to other countries – even if they are profitable with US labor, they see MORE available with the slave wages elsewhere.
    It is well established how Bain Capital, and companies like them, have used the current business / corporate climate to make a very few wealthy at the expense of us all.
    The extraction industries and their political lackeys fight to retain their tax advantages and decry government stimulation of CLEAN, RENEWABLE ENERGY while they continue to amass the greatest profits they’ve ever gained. Health, resources and the environment are destroyed HERE while coal/oil/gas from this country is sold on a global market increasing the corporations’ wealth.
    Regulate wall st and corporations to the benefit of ALL in this country, and get busy on a ‘Manhattan Project’ for CLEAN, RENEWABLE, GREEN ENERGY that will create US employment, free us from dependency on foreign resources – let the oil corporations go fight their own wars then – and have the US producing products that are in international demand.

    1. commserver November 10, 2012

      Just remember 1 thing: where are the jobs?

      Where is the money that is borrowed coming from?

      Where is the money doing all of the investments coming from?

      Obama has to work with business, as he should.

      1. turtlewoman1039 November 10, 2012

        Yeah, I’d like to know where all the jobs are – ‘trickle down’ for 30 years, while manufacturing has been sent to other countries with a tax break as a bonus. Corporations are sitting on their profits, and the extremely wealthy are hiding their money offshore. What incredible patriotism.

        1. commserver November 10, 2012

          With your attitude then nothing will ever improve.

          1. turtlewoman1039 November 11, 2012

            What I said is the absolute truth. Unfortunately for the reich wing, truth, reality, facts, and science have a ‘liberal bias’.
            MY ATTITUDE? It was McConnell – or a republican by another name – who stated after Obama’s 2008 election, ‘our goal is to make him a one term president’. The Democrats / progressives / liberals, whatever people choose to call them, compromise to an absurd extent. The ACA is nothing but a rehash of robme’s MA health care, but the reich wing still screamed that it was socialism.
            The republicans believe in socialized risk and privatized profit – NO regulations for business, NO environmental protections, and NO TAXES ON THE PROFITS.
            TWO UNFUNDED WARS OF CHOICE – this country isn’t in debt from what social programs we have. We’ve borrowed to send our men and women to be killed and maimed for nothing. But Halliburton, et al., are rolling in$$$ after cheating this country and its troops.

  4. steve sexauer November 10, 2012

    Is this author in 3rd grade?

    1. Lisztman November 10, 2012

      Ah. That’s it. Let’s hear it for productive discussion.

  5. latebloomingrandma November 10, 2012

    When the pitchforks were out by the people towards the bankers and Wall St. honchos, the President bailed them out, and then they smacked the hand that fed them. They turned on him because he “hurt their feelings”? Though the depths of this recession are multi-factoral, the big business people of this country are smack at the center of it. All the despair, unemployment, food stamps, violent crime increase, homelessness can be laid at their feet. And they have hurt feelings? They rallied around Romney so they could continue the huge inceome disparity and consolidate their power even more. Thank God it didn’t work. The mouthpeice of Fox News didn’t come out on top. They are lucky they aren’t in jail with Bernie Maddoff, and should intend to fully cooperate with this President who was elected by regular people, to put this country back together. The jig is up.

  6. Jerpell November 10, 2012

    Congress should work hand and hand with President Obama, these are the items they should work together on.
    1. Repeal Obamacare, government cannot and should not run healthcare.
    2. Strengthen immigration, come in the front door not the back door.
    3. Make voting laws in all states thew same, photo ID then vote.
    4. Lower taxes on all Americans regardless of income, and gut Government starting by 15%
    then watch this economy boom, more money in the hands of people less in the hands of government.
    5. Start limiting the war effort and start returning our troops home.
    6. Strengthen all our American borders.
    7. New law, campaign commercials are limited to talking about yourself, not everyone else.
    8. Diligent drug testing for anyone accepting government hand-outs.
    That’s it for now but I will think of more

    1. turnipgreens November 10, 2012

      Your side lost, get over it. Lowering taxes on billionaires has been shown that they do not spend it on jobs for you and me. When you help the water rise, all boats float higher. Why can’t rich people see that when you help the bottom 90%, the money always filters up to them anyway. They apparently have been fed too much slop from the right wing pig feeders for so long, they believe things contrary to the lessons learned in the Clinton administration.

    2. ALLLLAMERICAN November 10, 2012

      Heeeyyy , that’s a Good one!!!

      Jerpell—-You need to get a job in the White House and help them out—-

      I like that—-Drug testing for anyone accepting government hand outs

      Also, if they want FREEE

      Give them The BIRTH CONTROL SHOT: Depo-Provera
      it last up to 3-months!!

      They need a shot to last up to 7-years

      Also—You are only allowed to have two babies if you on Government hand-outs

      You DON’T get more money the more kids you have!!!!

      ONLY for two!!!!!!

    3. Lisztman November 10, 2012

      What’s this “photo ID then vote” crap? I don’t know where you are. In New York, one produces proper identification (e.g., birth certificate — or driver’s license (now with photo) for which one had to produce a birth certificate) when one REGISTERS to vote, along with proof of residency (e.g., a bill from the power company with your name and address on it). After that, your signature at the polls verifies that you are the person that goes with the name.

      Exacting photo ID from citizens who don’t necessarily have one, on Election Day, makes for long lines and excruciating paperwork. The massive “voter fraud” is a fraud perpetrated upon states with Republican governors/legislators in a vain attempt to limit the voting public to a certain segment of society.

      “Obamacare” is NOT federally-run healthcare. It only makes rules for the health insurance industry, and requires, essentially, that if you want health care, you have to be part of the system that pays for it.

      “Diligent drug testing” — how is it paid for? Who determines what drugs are covered? I believe you’re addressing a very small issue. Yes, there are people who collect a welfare check and buy marijuana (I don’t think they’re doing cocaine on a welfare check). What’s your solution to food-stamp recipients who buy beer? Outlaw beer? I do believe suddenly we may be intruding upon your cherished freedoms.

      Lowering taxes will exacerbate the federal budget problems. It’s been proven and reaffirmed several times now that this doesn’t work — it creates budget deficits. Eleven years after the tax cuts of 2001 the government has a massive deficit.

      Most of your list reflects the stuff that was repudiated by the voters in the election just completed. Get with the program.

  7. commserver November 10, 2012

    It would be a good idea for the President to have business leaders be part of his administration.

    For example how about Treasury? How about Commerce?

    He should set up a Council of Business Leaders that will provide some feedback and be the portal to business.

    He should work with business on creating more jobs and returning outsourced jobs.

    Of course it requires a 2 way street. Obama should at least listen. It seems that many business leaders didn’t bother to discuss their concerns.

  8. Walter Gregory November 10, 2012

    Amarquez647 and all who are aware of our real challenges, AMEN.

  9. howa4x November 10, 2012

    The business community has to start creating jobs and not in Ireland but here. They took the Bush tax cuts and moved the money out of the country. Look no further than the canidate they put up to run. He stashed his tax cut fortune in off shore accounts. To get respect and to be listened to they have to earn it. Wall st should hang it’s head in shame for what they did to this country with their greedy ways. In another country they would have been executed. The gift they got was that they weren’t all indicted. How about the coal companies blowing the tops off of mountians in WVA, creating a moon scape. Should Obama sit down with them and be friendly? We have a giant navy to protect corporate intrests especially oil in the gulf. They don’t pay for that the middle class does. We start wars so that the military industrial complex can make billions, and lower class kids have to die for that. What does the business community want? Should we give more to them?
    How about giving them a tax cut for every job they create here. Want less regulation? Then have them say they will extract natrual gas in a enviornmentally responsible manner, or have big pharma make drugs that won’t kill you. We have regulations to control the excess of the business community. Look what happened on Wall st with no regulations, they brought the economy down with their greed. So the business community has to stop the crap and start acting like responsible citizens and then everyone will sit down with them

  10. greghilbert November 10, 2012

    We need more Wall Streeters in jail, not in govt.

  11. Brian P Mc Carthy November 10, 2012

    Wall Street and “Big Business” are the minority of what most small and medium sized businesses want or expect from government. In the case of government support and intervention. SMEs will continue picking and choosing what support they desire from our federal , state and local government officials.

    Businessmen and women definitely have different priorities than any government officials.
    The old adage that, “change imposed is change opposed” still rings true in this politically charged environment. More people need to utilize proven problem solving methods like P-D-C-A to properly identify problems, and systematically solving them with more of a cross-functional team approach!

  12. elw November 10, 2012

    I have to join the voices here that feel the President does not have to fix the rift with business; rather, it is up to business to fix their rift with him. The President was put back into the White House by the American people, not the business community. They choose to support Romney. Not that they should be punished for that, it is their right. But elections have consequences and they took a gamble and lost. If they have any moral fiber at all, they will drop the demands and take a more humble approach to working with the President. Business and the very rich have had it their way for decades which has resulted in a weaken Middle-Class. The truth that no one wants to talk about is the fact that without a strong and healthy Middle-Class this Country cannot survive; it was the hard work and labor of the Middle-Class that built this Country in the first place and made the 1% rich. They could not have done that without us, and the Country will not survive in the future if policies that are undermining the Middle-Class are not changed. This election and the last one have shown the power of the 47%, let us not forget that and make sure that the President knows we have his back. I believe President Obama heart favors those of us who fall into that 47% the Romneyites disregard; but he needs our support and I for one will do everything I can to give him mine.

  13. Big Poppa November 10, 2012

    and yet we see everyday that the stock market is booming big business profits breaking record after record so what is the RIFT they are enjoying more revenue and benefitting more than anytime in the last decade so again what is the TRUE BEEF

  14. mbm November 10, 2012

    Well, I’m not Rodney King either, but I am sick to death of partisanship. The obstructive behavior and outrageous statements coming from our Congress is shameful. Do the job you were hired to do as servants of the people for the betterment of the entire country. As a nation we have allowed entirely too much leniency for childish antics & irresponsibility simply because of the ‘norms’ in Washington. Enough of petulant tantrums-do your job, Congress and get along.

  15. Clarence Swinney November 10, 2012

    years in presidency—28——22
    Jobs create/yr———-24M—42M
    Stock Market——— 109%–992%
    Income Growth/yr—-0.6%—2.2%

    1. ExPAVIC November 10, 2012


      Very clear information I will use.

  16. Michael Ross November 10, 2012

    Obama’s relationship with business was never in question. It wasn’t business that heavily favored Romney — it was billionaire businessmen.

    Beyond them, business only supported Romney because Citizens United made it legal for their billionaire bosses to threaten to fire them.

  17. Patrick Henry November 10, 2012

    You have to understand it won’t be that simple to just get along and have everything work out! The problems that got us into the serious debt are still there. S.S. & Medicare still hasn’t been dealt with the last 4 years, Millions of Americans are still unemployed and with Amnesty it will become much worse, We are Trillions more in debt and the Party in Power doesn’t want to balance the budget. These are serious issues and if the President and Congress really care about the People they will do things much different than have been done under this administration. We can not continue on this path, the debt is too great and raising taxes on the wealthy won’t even put a dent into the debt.

  18. onedonewong November 10, 2012

    Barak’s 1st term was a domestic disaster….does anyone really think the leopard will cahnge its spots the 2nd time around??/ Barak has a huge ego that has ZERO foundation. His method of dictating to congress and business hasn’t worked and won’t.
    No business will start to expand until the demand is there since they have ZERO confidence in this amateur

    1. ExPAVIC November 10, 2012


      As a lame duck POTUS Obama will hang back? In a pig’s butt he will. Watch to see when he does his paybacks for first term crap he took.

      1. onedonewong November 11, 2012

        1st term crap???? He was placed on a pedestal by all those who thought him their Messiah, no different than Jim Jones

        1. ExPAVIC November 12, 2012


          Show me in the Congressional Record any time or place when POTUS Obama was placed on a pedestal. Get your facts straight before you comment or are you being a typical American Taliban Republican?

          Obama has been ball busted and sand bagged through all congressional proceedings leading to the stalemate that currently exists. That is now until Obama uses his new mandate to address prick Boehner and the other pricks like him.

          So all of the rampant fear monger went for nothing, not to mention the wasted $1 billion dollars in crummy ads and wanton misinformation. Suffer now GOPers.

          1. onedonewong November 13, 2012

            Lets see Chris Matthews , Brian Williams, Katie Couric, opra Winfrey just to name a few that used the term “messiah”
            Obama has a huge majority in Congress for his first 2 years and it was filibuster proof. He had Nothing to offer then and his 2nd term will yield even less seeing as how he got less of the vote this time around. Chances of him being impeached increase EVERY day.

          2. ExPAVIC November 14, 2012


            So when are you and the rest of the American Taliban Republicans joining the age of reality?

            Impeach? You should get up to date and have your physician check your meds. Are you reacting adversely to your current prescriptions or you are just plain nuts?

            When you get into the 21st century, watch good things happen when Boehner and his sand baggers step in line.

          3. onedonewong November 14, 2012

            You mean if they don’t barak will bring his brown shirts into play like his idol Adolph??

          4. ExPAVIC November 15, 2012


            Brown shirts? You have gone from stupid to moron and on to maniac.

            Please seek help because you are speaking like a dysfunctional idiot.

            Do you need gas money to relocate to Canada? I will help with that need.

          5. onedonewong November 15, 2012

            Hitler belonged and built the socialist party and so did Barak in the 1990’s.
            Hitler stomped on the rights of others to achieve his socialist agenda identical with Barak’s executive orders. Hitler was a racist and Bark is as well.
            Sorry when you look at Hitler and Barak your looking at 2 peas in a pod

          6. ExPAVIC November 16, 2012


            Get real you dysfunctional, fear/rumor mongering a–hole.

            Try associating with normal people and refrain from listening to Rush and watching Fox.

          7. onedonewong November 16, 2012

            Your trying to deflect barak’s intentions and hero’s sorry it doesn’t work that way. he’s shown his true color and it ain’t black

          8. ExPAVIC November 16, 2012


            Keep it up. The more you persist in your fear/rumor mongering epistles, the more you appear as the moronic, nearly maniacal, conservative radical.

            Your people lost (gave away) this election and will loose
            more in the future. Join the Gooney Bird in their extinction.

          9. onedonewong November 18, 2012

            As Europe is now seeing that Socialism can’t succeed so Baraks goal of turning this country Socialist is destined to fail, just like Hitler in the 30’s and 40’s

          10. ExPAVIC November 18, 2012


            First, send back your Social Security check. Next, tell your story to Neo-Nazi Karl Rove and his Nazi-like rantings and ravings.

          11. onedonewong November 18, 2012

            The only socialist in this country trying to mimic Hitler is your messiah Barry Soeroto

    2. ExPAVIC November 12, 2012

      See above

      Horse shit

      1. onedonewong November 13, 2012

        Hmmm $10 Trillion in new debt 14% unemployment guess that qualifies as success on Bizzaro world where you must live

        1. ExPAVIC November 14, 2012


          Still more old, old, used up GOP bull shit. And you people wonder why Romney-Ryan got their asses handed to them.


          1. onedonewong November 14, 2012

            The people who don’t pay taxes don’t’t those who make this country grow and provide for their families do

          2. ExPAVIC November 15, 2012


            Where were they on election day? Out buying FOREIGN cars?

          3. onedonewong November 15, 2012

            the last census report now show that 51% of the population doesn’t pay taxes and then add in 10,000,000 illegal voting which is the dem base

    3. ExPAVIC November 14, 2012


      Your imagination is running rampant. Get real or seek professional help. You do enjoy showing people how nutty you are really.

      And you wonder way your buddies got blasted vote wise.

  19. ExPAVIC November 10, 2012

    You Have It Wrong

    Obama heal his rift? Obama has no rift or gripes with business, they have a gripe with him.

    In fact, after the bankers held on to $2 trillion dollars in deposits and granted no loans “until after the election,” business should bend over and kiss Obama’s light brown butt cheeks and possible one directly on the crack.

    I sincerely hope Obama is staying up late at night to think about ways he can bust bankers’ and business’ chops during the next four years for not cooperating and providing obstacles in this country’s progress out of the Bush recession (depression).

  20. ALLLLAMERICAN November 11, 2012

    ALLLLLLLLLLL you LIBS hate the Wealthy—-
    How you going to like it when our Counrty crashes???

    “YOU” aren’t going to make our counrty run on what YOU make.


    HOW YOU LIKE THAT???????

    The money is going to STOP trickling down—


  21. daniel bostdorf November 11, 2012

    ALLLLAMERICAN who is really NOT All American…


    306 million dollars for what?

    LIKE YOU….The right wing fascists called Republicans and/or Teaparty had its propaganda mastermind, Karl Rove, its billionaire friends like the Koch Brothers, and the media outlets of Fox”news,”, Limbaugh, Beck, and a dozen others to shove down the collective throat of American their intentional lies, distortions and bizarre theories about Obama.

    This “playbook” by Rove and others is nothing new. Fascists need to create imaginary enemies. They play off the 6th grade education and racism of their fanatic followers who are conveniently in a depression era economy created by Bush and Wall Street/big bank greed.


    Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels (like Foxnews, Limbaugh, beck and Rove believe) said it best:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    or as Adolph Hitler stated:

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it
The 1930’s had the Brown Shirts.

    The 1950’s had Joseph McCarthy

    The 1980’s had Ronald Reagan

    The late 1990’s had George Bush JR…

    Today we have you and The Teaparty and the “red shirts.

The American Right invented it’s imaginary Obama to try and get us to by into their fascism.
It didn’t work.

    I suggest that you read two things before you post here or anywhere else again;

    The 13 volume set of Will and Ariel Durant’s “The History of Civilation,” and “The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich,” by William Shire.

    If you don’t….keep lying to us AS YOU DO ALL THE TIME just like your fascist propagandist friends…

    Say hello to your fellow fascist “Obozomustgo” for me!
    You two and a few others that post here play by the same Rove playbook.

    1. ALLLLAMERICAN November 11, 2012

      US is going to CRASH!!!!!!!!

      The money is going to run out

      and then let’s see who the smart ones are with their hands out

      If YOUR bank acount has NO MONEY—-
      Your not going to help it buy spening more and more and more and giving
      more hand out!!!!

      WE, own companies—
      WE have to balance our budget
      or WE WILL BE OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!!
      We CAN NOT run a business in the RED!!!!!

      Have “YOU” EVER ran a business or even balanced a checkbook? Try it

      1. ExPAVIC November 12, 2012


        Horse shit

      2. ExPAVIC November 14, 2012


        Have your doctor check your meds. You are almost beyond living with reasonable people.

        The more you express yourself, the more you show why Romney-Ryan got their asses handed to them.

      3. ExPAVIC November 15, 2012


        The old white people who sit in the board rooms have been running this country into the ground “own” the companies. Where do you get the “we” crap? This is going to change starting very soon.

  22. CPANewYork November 12, 2012

    You’re as big a jerk as “ObozoMust Go.”

  23. CPANewYork November 12, 2012

    Citizens United has created the need for two more Supreme Court justices, to be nominated by the Democrats.

  24. CPANewYork November 12, 2012

    The domestic disaster occurred during Dubya Bush’s administration.


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