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Police Clear Out Occupy Wall Street Protests

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Police Clear Out Occupy Wall Street Protests


UPDATE (5:15 P.M. EST): A New York judge has upheld the city’s dismantling of the Occupy Wall Street encampment, saying that the protesters’ first amendment rights don’t entitle them to camp out indefinitely in the plaza.

UPDATE (12:44 P.M. EST): The National Lawyers Guild has obtained a court order allowing Occupy Wall Street protesters to return with tents to the park. The guild said the injunction prevents the city from enforcing park rules on Occupy Wall Street protesters. Zuccotti Park remains closed, however, until local courts can rule further. More as this develops.

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor is the political correspondent and staff reporter at The National Memo. Previously, he was a staff reporter at The East Hampton Star, where he wrote about politics and the arts. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Michigan in 2010 with a B.A. in political science. You can follow him on Twitter @matthewt_ny

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  1. Mike B November 15, 2011

    I agree with freedom of speech and the right to protest in an orderly fashion and within the laws representing everyone’s rights. But it seem the approach to disrupt and break up these protest seems a little byzantine, the use of discourse should be engaged before such extreme actions are taken, if laws and someone is being abused or violated then police action is needed to protect all citizens. We are in the 21st century and should start action so.

  2. wilty707 November 15, 2011

    We have not won, and declaring victory is both premature and foolish.

    This is NOT the time to walkaway from our mission – if we do, the 1% will claim victory
    and we, the OWS movement will be remembered, if at all, as a nanosecond event in our history!!

    This IS the TIME to double up on our efforts, and continue to reach our objectives, PEACEFULLY!!

    p.s. – Did Gahndi or Martin Luther King just walkaway when things got a bit more more challenging? Well, HECK no!!!!!

    Wil T.

  3. SDDarlin November 15, 2011

    From what I have seen and heard in the Occupy Wall Street movement by the police is against our constitutional rights to assemble and the freedom of speech. This is communism at its best. In over fifty years I have never seen the police enforce their laws against people and their constitutional rights.
    If this continues all I can say is that I pray that it does not start another civil war in America.
    Who ever gave them the orders needs to be put in prison for communistic actions.

  4. DuBose November 15, 2011

    What happened to the 1st Amendment to the USA Constitution?
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  5. coach November 15, 2011

    You are not going to achieve your goal following your current path. You have lost to much public support, which is vital for ultimate success. Instead of calling your movement OWS it should be OPA Occupy Pennsylvania Avenue. Wall Street will never change how they operate until Washington changes how it operates. You will also find that over 50% of the members of congress are part of the 1%.

  6. H.j.Sartain November 15, 2011

    They are killing democrace in our Country they must be stoped or there will be no
    future in this Country…!

  7. slm1984 November 15, 2011

    where were the police when the teabaggers were out there? where are the police when the religious cult who keeps protesting at our soldiers funerals who were killed in war? they shout things at them like you deserve to die when you are fighting for a country with gay people in it. they didnt come because even though it is vile,the right of speech was protected for them. this has been a peaceful protest and one long past due! and did you ever think after so many have lost their jobs and homes that maybe, just maybe these tents were the only homes these people had! my husband has been a cop for 30 years. we have lost a major part of his salary, pension, and our health care is a joke $1000 a month in health care premiums then $8000 deductable for each member of family until they will pay a dime of any thing including prescriptions. a guy he worked with went to the er feeling sick. they wanted his $8000 deductable up front he didnt have it. he went home and died of a heart attack an hour later. you know why this protest is the “bad protest” to politicians and michael bloomberg in particular? its because its wall stree. the God of all Gods to them!

  8. VanceDaddi November 15, 2011

    All across the nation OWS affiliates are being violently targeted by the police; although I’m not certain how Public employees dressed in military combat gear, carrying automatic weapons in many cases, and having been trained by the U.S. Military in urban warfare and control, can be called Police. Gestapo would seem to be more apropos. The violence has been initiated because, just like in 1971 when the State got tired of the “hippie protesters,” Nixon sent the National Guard to Kent State, and we discovered that we could die that day. And, the movement began to disintegrate.

    These “geniuses,” with guns and nightsticks ever at the ready, are the same Public employees who are being targeted and portrayed nationwide by our elected officials, as sluggards. It has been stated on more than one occasion that they, who have been making too much “Public” money, and have way too many “Publicly” paid for employment benefits, are responsible for our fiscal problems and must lose all of their collective bargaining rights in order to put our fiscal house in order.

    That, to me is ironic, however it is a terrifying irony because it means the power elite (whoever they may be…want to call them 1%) are unhappy with the “great unwashed,” and so they have set the dogs, which they have very recently beaten, upon us. And, damn it if it isn’t is a hoot…the dogs are biting the hell out of us; after we stood up for them. Now that’s irony.

    They’ll be back; now that’s terrifying.

  9. Carver November 15, 2011

    “This is communism at its best.”
    @SDDarlin no this is capitalism at its best.

  10. hjheinz57 November 15, 2011

    Anyone who has lived through Civil Rights Movements… Kent State U…Vietnam War protests..or any similar citizen action KNOW..that Freedom of Speech is allusion…the right to demonstrate peacefully is a myth….and the powers that be…can pretty much do whatever they want…whenever they want…and even KILL whenever they want. I don’t like saying it but I have witnessed it first hand and the power that they weld is scary. There is mob action and than there is sanctioned violence. Don’t fool yourself it can happen!!

    The protesters have a valid platform as varied as it is…it is still valid. IT IS OBVIOUS that the law enforcement does not understand the importance of the protester actions. A lot more people than in some other actions including older folk. Be nice if someone just listened…said huh??..they are making a valid point..let’s hear them out…set up a place they can go speak to officials…no one has any interest in helping these protesters no matter what age they are..trust me I unfortunately know!!

    I think it is more than just “cleaning up the park” but I would love to be wrong.

  11. j_berry50 November 15, 2011

    the tea party people would gather and be specific about their protest.They cleaned up after themselves and were orderly and law-abiding. They agreed to a certain amount of time and vacated. Then, they got their people together who were going to run for office to make some changes and did it. Wall Street protestors should do the same to make make some political changes. Wall Street is subject to laws made from our lawmakers.Go to Washington !!!!Go tell it to Obama,the Senate ,and the Congress.Then, find your candidates and run them for office.It’s not rocket science!

  12. Pat November 15, 2011

    The “Tea Party” protesters were radically different from the OWS protesters. They broke no laws, got proper permission to demonstrate, and left the areas clean (or cleaner) than they found them. Never were there overnight tent camps.

    Honestly, folks, don’t you realize there wouldn’t BE any parks if there weren’t businesses and corporations to fund them?

    The OWS crowd is uninformed, and obviously most viewed the sit-ins as another Woodstock. And the majority of Americans have come to view the movement as offensive.

  13. Orrin La Monte Donohoe November 15, 2011

    If we allow peace full demonstrations to be outlawed–then there is only one alturnitive left

  14. Pat November 15, 2011

    This OWS crowd ARE outlaws. They refused to abide by laws which make the city streets safe for everyone. They can protest peacefully all day, every day, but not set up unsanitary camp sites. Hard to believe intelligent people don’t understand this simple concept.

    And, by the way, get a dictionary.

  15. salamah mahdi November 15, 2011

    The “occupiers” should carefully study the tactics used by Gandhi to push the British Humpty Dumpty from the Indian Wall and what a fall HD had! He tried many tactics, each for a short period of time and then asked his ‘followers’ to give each up after a short time. Then, just when the less than 1% Brits could sigh with relief and congratulate each other, came another tactic. Small things like refusing to buy cloth imported from Britain and spinning their Indian cottage industry yarns and weaving them into Khadi cloth. Another time it was salt. Make your own salt at the 4000 miles long Indian sea-shores and do not use salt imported from Britain. Small things like this, all peaceful and non-violent NON-COOPERATION but they made a big difference. They felled an Empire which had trampled on Indians, 400 odd millions at that time and what an end for British Raj. It went with a whimper!

  16. Pat November 15, 2011

    You failed to note that Indian nationals had little or no say in the governing of their country under British rule. Every citizen (the legal ones) involved in OWS has a vote, and, if they worked at consolidating that strength, could definitely make a difference in the voting booths.

    But just gathering to smoke pot and beat drums (not to mention collecting over half a million dollars from their “foes”) is hardly a comparison to Ghandi’s efforts.

  17. Dianrib November 15, 2011

    Few trouble makers are trying to discredit OWS Do not fall for their scare tactics

  18. domingo November 15, 2011

    I would take OWS a little bit seriously if they would move their protest to the White House where the Chief Activist/Agitator resides. Obama is the Lap Dog of the one percent or more precisely the five to ten percent who control the wealth AND the political clout in this country. The socialist dream for a hundred years in this country is a classless society where the ninety percent are ruled by the ten percent. OWS is just an Astroturf movement funded and maintained by the Unions and activist groups like Acorn to energize Obamas base during the election run-up.

    Obama bailed out the big players GE, GM, the Banks, the Unions, the BIG evil Corporations etc. etc. with trillion dollar bailouts and crony socialism like Solyndra and LIGHTSQUARED,

    In exchange they fund Obamas re-election with money taken from the tax payer and allow themselves to be used as scape-goats to impress the MSM and rank and file idiots who buy into class warfare and vote democrat and believe in this OWS charade.

  19. Dianrib November 15, 2011

    Bunk Tea Party folks carried signs that said Hitler Fascist Anti US
    Beck called Obama’ hater of whites’ Palen said ‘Obama is ‘ not like us ‘
    Newt called him a ‘ Kenyan Mao Mao’ Fox & Rush slam Obama daily.
    I call that hate speech ! OWS is a movement to make Corps
    / Wall St play fair and stop being so incredibly greedy.

  20. Pat November 15, 2011

    Yes, there were some unpleasant signs at Tea Party events. There are always some who take advantage of protests, just like at OWS. But at least the Tea Party folks took their signs home, instead of squatting on private property, and blocking public streets.

    And Palin was right. Obama is NOT like us. Not like the conservative-minded Americans who want smaller government, short term limits, and taxes as low as possible. Actually, who mostly want government out of our business, out of our lives. The Constitution doesn’t provide for ANY money to be extracted from American citizens to pay those who won’t work. That’s all been done by liberal Democratic do-gooders. Who mostly want to “do good” with other people’s money.

    Americans need to put on their big-boy britches and get some personal responsibility.

  21. Syd November 15, 2011

    This is not communism at its best, this is fascism at it’s worst.

  22. DebbieBrady November 15, 2011

    The first Amendment to the Constitution trumps any and all park rules and regulations. The Mayor and the police are in volitaion of the constutition. Those who ars arrested should demand jury trails, as is their right. Tie up the courts and take it all the way to the Supreme court. Let the 5 right wing justices declare the Bill of rights unconstitutional.

  23. Pat November 15, 2011

    You deem those upholding the law, and protecting the majority, fascists?? Hopefully I misunderstand your comment. But as for “communism at its best,” …communism HAS no “best.”

  24. Pat November 15, 2011

    The First Amendment does NOT permit violation of laws governing private property. The First Amendment guarantees free speech. Not unmitigated squatting and forming little “Obamavilles” by a bunch of anarchists, mostly dumber than a box of rocks.

    These people do NOT represent the 99% of Americans who wish to have a peaceful country with as little government interference as possible. They represent the DREGS of America, who simply want “stuff” because someone else has “stuff.”


  25. JohnRandolph November 15, 2011

    It is plain to see that the protests are not doing much, the Tea Party has already infiltrated it’s trouble makers within the legit protesters, so the next thing to do, would be! everybody go home, everybody!! go home!! do nothing for a week or two, stock up with food, provisions, don’t go to the BANK, WORK, school, movies, stores, don’t buy gas, did i say,”BANKS”!! BUY Nothing!!
    yeah right! try to get Americans on the same page with that one! that is what it will take to bring down the capitalists and the Republican party!

  26. lauriedobson November 15, 2011

    People whether or not you went to zucotti park, understand that you have an obligation to support your local occupation or start one up now. if not, you may never in your lifetime have another chance to protest on such a unified scale as this, with the hope of effective change on the issues so specific to the true crimes which occurred to our nation. they are doing this because they are afraid of thursday’s actions and are trying to arrest and hold those who would take wall street and show the world our strength. we must support them in any way we can.

    memorize this, you’ll need it: What happened to the 1st Amendment to the USA Constitution?
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  27. Pat November 15, 2011

    Did you not notice your quote includes “orderly assembly?” This herd of pot-smoking, drum-beating, low lifes who have ignored every possible local law, is never going to be supported by the majority of Americans. Actually, they’re an embarrassment. My guess if their parents would never admit they’re a part of this ridiculous “movement.”

    There is no clarity of purpose; mostly it seems to be “let’s have a new Woodstock!”

    And, Johnrandolph, as for their “buying nothing,” I doubt the business world would miss their contributions. Most of them live on their parents’ largesse, and it’s a small percentage who actually contribute to the economy.

  28. JeanneSpinelli November 15, 2011

    What do you expect from a mayor that’s one of the 1%???????

  29. VstarGuy November 15, 2011

    No, it’s not the end of OWS! As long as Americans are dissatisfied with their govt’s performance, OWS will continue to live on. They may lose a battle here and a battle there but, they won’t lose the “war”, just as we didn’t lose the war in the American Revolution, it won’t be lost now! In spite of the media projecting some negative things about OWS, especially the FOX Network, the simple truth is the OWS are grassroots America! Traditionally protests are met with violence. That is nothing new and it is to be expected. The OWS will work through the violence because they have legitimate reasons to protest! Let the naysayers say what they want, OWS, as we know it, will continue! Granted, maybe under a different name but, what’s in a name when the core reason/reasons are the same! Think of the OWS as a Japanese finger puzzle, the harder one tries to remove their fingers from the puzzle, the more the puzzle prevents removal of the fingers. This condition was brought on the American people by inept and greedy govt. and corporations. The OWS wont stop until their reasons for protest are met with compliance.

  30. Blue Indy November 15, 2011

    Showing with every word it writes that IT supports the Fascist tactics employed on the streets of New York City. News copters can’t even fly overhead? Media blackout? All worthy of the best the Gestapo had to offer to Hitler.

    The fact is, with every word they say, or write, the Reich Wing in this country just CAN’T help showing what they are. The so-called Tea Party is NOTHING but the New American Nazi Party. George Lincoln Rockwell would have been soooo proud…

  31. Pat November 15, 2011

    If you assign a love of liberty, a passion for individual responsibility, and total respect for the Constitution to the Tea Party, you’re absolutely “Reich!”

    If you recall, the Nazi party wanted to run the world, and govern every aspect of people’s lives. That is the total antithesis of what those in the Tea Party, and most other Americans, want. It is the Democratic Liberals who want to get into our homes, our doctors’ offices, our businesses, and our lives. A goal all true Americans despise.

    Your sympathy for the “We Want Everything For Nothing” mob is indicative of the usual mush-for-brains liberal.

  32. Pat November 15, 2011

    Perhaps there would be more tolerance for these OWS mobs if they would articulate what exactly their “reasons for protest” actually are. Compliance?…a rather nasty term, indicating reasonable Americans should bow to the wishes of the pot-smoking, drum-beating Bums-R-Us mobs. I wonder, if they were given the corporations of America to run, how long it would be before we’d all be back carving on cave walls.

    How ironic that they rage against corporations who have furnished everything they use in everyday life. Everything from safe food, to warm shelter, to Iphones. Sadly…ironic.

  33. REBogart November 15, 2011

    Let’s get a few facts straight. First the so called “Tea Party” has absolutely nothing to do with the American Revolution. The tea party was an event. The real revolutionists were “The Sons of Liberty”. They were the catalysis behind the revolutionary tactics that were used during that period to show defiance against the tyranny the suffered through. The were forward looking, liberals and not the conservatives we have been led to believe that the Tea Party has portrayed them to be. The Tea Party is nothing more than a group of people who think they are representing the American values that this country was founded upon. History says otherwise.
    As far as a majority of this country condoning the OWS? Please provide us or at least me with the supporting evidence because the poles I have seen indicate otherwise. This country is as close to a revolution than I have ever seen. People are fed up with the Federal Government. We are all tired of the rich and wealthy making money while the majority foots the bill. Ask any American if they think Congress is doing their job, ask any American if they think our armed forces should be over seas dying for those who decided to send them in the first place. Ask any American if he or she feels the country is on the right path. This country is miserable and the anger is reaching a boiling point. Most Americans I talk to are seething at the amount of corruption, the loss of privacy, and the disconnect between “We the people” and those elected officials that make decisions without considering our wants and needs.
    I myself no longer see a reason to vote anymore. Do you or anyone else for that matter think voting will change government? No, it will not. The government has become too large and has protected it’s self with laws that no longer allow the common person to cause any change that would threaten it. You will be arrested as a traitor.
    Our constitution is no longer in effect and hasn’t been for a long time.

  34. Pat November 15, 2011

    I agree with almost everything you’ve written. However, I take exception to your statement that so-called “tea parties” across the nation do not represent American values on which the country was founded. Also, the definition of “liberal” (as were the Sons of Liberty) is not even close to the “progressive liberals” of today. They respected the right to private property, and all other rights granted us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Tea Party Americans AGREE that the country is on the wrong path, and the corrupt government we have. That’s why they voted out so many Congressmen, and tried to install “constitutional” representatives. Just look at what a hard time those newly elected reps trying to get anything done with the “old guard.”

    Otherwise, I think you’re dead on.

  35. Blue Indy November 15, 2011

    “If you assign a love of liberty, a passion for individual responsibility, and total respect for the Constitution to the Tea Party, you’re absolutely “Reich!”

    Ahhhh! The chief buzz words of the Reich Wing. That is ‘Liberty” for those YOU agree with, who conform as YOU think they should, “individual responsibility” , meaning all OWs are pot-smoking, worthless, wanting free hand outs, the poor are poor because they’re lazy, and all the other strawmen the Reich is so good at creating.

    But I have good reasons for calling the Tea Party the Reich Wing. It is far Right, it is mostly Republithugs and Blue-Dog Democraps. And here’s why I call them that:

    During WWII, which US political party took $30,000 in NAZI money to help keep America out of the war, thus giving Hitler a freer hand in Europe? Any guesses?

    Do I REALLY need to tell you?

    OHHHH!! And AFTER the war, several members of the Nazi Propaganda Ministry were brought to the United States to help “Spin” the war news and the aftermath…to put the US in the best light possible, of course. This, needless to say, upset a lot of people because many felt THEY should be on trial for war crimes.

    So these imported Fascist liers wandered around without a political home for awhile until, they finally FOUND a home in the FAR RIGHT WING of which political party? Now I know I don’t have to answer that, do I?

    But I will add, where their intellectual and MORAL descendants continue doing what they do best: LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. And you have NO idea how much you have been and are, being lied too. They are, indeed, the Reich Wing AKA New American Nazi Party.

  36. Pat November 15, 2011

    You have obviously tried to re-write history. If I didn’t have to join my husband for dinner, I would expand on this….but I do. More later.

  37. ThomasB November 15, 2011

    Your comment procedure doesn’t work. Please remove me from your email list.

  38. Pat November 16, 2011

    It is true the Republican Party did not favor U.S. involvement in Europe’s WWII. So desperate were they to keep America out of it, one (and only one) Republican Congressman asked the Nazis for $30,00 to finance a series of newspaper ads entitled “Keep America Out of It.” Not an admirable approach, but it did NOT involve the whole Republican party.

    It is also true that present day Democratic/liberal ideology closely mirrors some of the Nazi regime’s socialist policy. That doesn’t mean Democrats are Nazis. There were both Democrats AND Republicans who did not favor American involvement in WWII. There were also many Democratic leaders opposed to U.S. involvement. But that’s history.

    Until the Democratic party created programs to encourage dependency on government payouts, most blacks were Republicans. That, too, is history. And now, over 47% of Americans are dependent on the government dole.

    The majority of both houses of Congress, and occupants of the White House, are now corrupt. What else is there to do but expose and replace?

    My blinders were off long ago. You need to remove yours.

  39. Blue Indy November 16, 2011

    Nice way to rewrite history yourself. It was NOT a US Congressman, it was a US Senator. AND he promised to “Stock the Republican Convention with pro-isolationist (50) members” who would support isolationism.

    I noticed you chose NOT to address the fate of the people from the Propaganda Ministry. To a person, it’s something Republicans don’t like to talk about, or have known.

    There is SO MUCH historically wrong about your above post, I hardly know where to start. I know, in the history revisionism of the Reich Wing, the cool thing to say is Fascists were Left Wing – a BAD joke if there ever were one.

    Private ownership continued. Businesses were expected to work for a PROFIT, as long as the governement got priority -thus, allowing some like Oscar Schindlar to resist them. Heck, they even held competitive biding on the GAS CHAMBERS. Hitler, in fact, PURGED the Nazi Party of the true Socialist, they all wound up murdered by the Gestapo in Berlin jails, or dying in SS concentration camps.

    Why? Because he wanted the billions of Marks Big Business, Big Insurance companies, the large farmers and, of course, the arms makers could give him. And he got them. He couldn’t get that being too Socialistic, could he? He sucked up to them the same as YOU do, the same as the Tea Party does, and Republicans in general.

    One last note for now. I don’t remember WHO gave this quote, but I sure remember IT:

    “When Fascism comes to America, it will come talking Americanism and ANTI-FASCISM.”

    In other words, it will wrap itself in the American Flag, and call everyone else a Fascist. But you will know them, because the first thing they ALWAYS do is what Hitler did in Germany…BUST THE UNIONS.

    Your blinders are firmly in place, Quisling.

    The Tea Party IS the New American Nazi Party.

  40. john werneken November 16, 2011

    Let’s suppose a bunch of billionaire bankers and high bureaucrats making over $200,000 a year occupied the Social Security Office to stop the checks, claiming it represented an irrational project tending to bankrupt the country, taking from the productive immorally, and giving to undeserving only because they were empowered by votes, and finally saying all this was justified because they were right, determined, numerous, angry, and had First Amendment Rights. Would you put up with it? And if so, for how long? After all, aren’t bankers and bureaucrats notorious themselves for pushing things that sometimes work to the point of collapse, sometimes apparently irrationally, sometimes endangering the whole economy, benefiting themselves and impoverishing others in the process? Would they not be attacking a pillar institution the whole community relies upon, whatever its defects, and one sanctioned by law in a supposedly democratic country?

    That’s OWS. People who have, have had, or want good modern jobs, good incomes, consumption way above poverty. Calling others immoral, accusing them of taking their money away unjustly, of giving it to the undeserving, empowered by their ownership of stocks bonds and deeds, and claiming a Constitutional right to do so? OWS are people notorious for their own excesses of various kinds, from wage demands to credit card debt to radical political stands or unusual personal lifestyles, sometimes appearing to endanger the whole economy, to the benefit of themselves, without regard for affects on others (and not just their “enemies” but those perhaps in the middle but affected by it all nonetheless)? Are they not attacking Capitalism, also a pillar institution relied upon by all, despite its known defects, and also sanctioned by democratically adopted law?

    But you say OWS has a moral point. They sure do. Capitalism alienates, it dis-empowers, and these are not good things. It also has lifted most of the human race out of universal abject poverty for the first time in history, and enabled some degree of freedom for most, quite a bit for hundreds of millions. Not lightly to be trashed.

    Folks can mischaracterize Capitalism but they also can do the same with OWS, seeing only heroes or bums, when in fact we are all human, with hopes and grievances. OWS aren’t nuts but the issues they stand on are better directed at the political classes who made the decisions, and at the voters who allowed it, and may well in 2012 re-elect the same gang. Capitalism isn’t nuts either. Sure it means money measures worth, a two edged sword, both offensive but also useful, it is not biased you see. Sure it means money directs investment, largely to produce ever more money. But in the process the money is spread around. Most get to earn some, most others can be provided some by a caring State. And the most, in the aggregate, have and spend most of the money, defining where profit can be had by their purchases, thus bending the Capitalist machine to their individual and collective will. This needs to be unforgotten, it’s the whole point of why Capitalism and democracy depend on need and in fact create each other!

  41. Newfriend November 16, 2011

    Stop comparing our present gov. to communism.
    It gives communism a bad name.
    Of course you can’t compare the OWS to the Pea Party.
    Most of the OWS have no home to go to and the tents stollen by the gastopo, were prolly there only home.
    How many Pea Partiers are unemployed and living on the street?
    I am 71 and am discusted with our Gov.
    I wont go on and on (I promise) But:
    Come on youth of America, don’t stand for it.

  42. Blue Indy November 16, 2011

    We have our great Global Economy today, and as John says above, many feel like it is the most “Equal” system on Earth. At one time?…maybe that was true. BUT IT IS NOT NOW. And Karl Marx in his book, “Das Kapitalist” predicted more than 150 years ago EXACTLY what we see happening today.

    Quote: “The only way a Global Economy can succeed is the Capitalist MUST DESTROY HIS OWN MIDDLE-CLASS”. Anybody who is in that Middle Class and denies this, is a fool. How do WE compete wth a Chinese factory worker who makes about 87 cents a day? Notice that’s A DAY. Will anyone here work for 75 cents A DAY? And even if you would, there are countries in Africa who make do with 22 cents A DAY, so you’d STILL be overpaid.

    Both parties, Republithugs and Democraps are NOTHING but the bought and sold wh@redogs of Capitalist greed – I excuse none of them. The real problem however, is NOT “Liberals” or “Conservatives”, the real problem is CAPITALISM. CAPITALISM today corrupts EVERYTHING it touches. It poisons everything it comes in contact with. It excuses ANY crimes if GAIN is the result of that crime. It locks up a Bernie Madoff but rewards CEOs with huge salaries while bankrupting their companies. And even old Bernie is still a hero in some quarters.

    Communism, as taught by Marx, was NOT the Communism of the Soviet Union, or North Korea, or Cuba, or even China. He advocated 1 person, 1 vote, long before sufferage was passed in this country. He advocated an ARMED CITIZENRY that could overthrow the government if they felt it no longer had the citizens best interest at heart. And Communism itself came about as a reaction to Capitalist greed and human abuse in the factories of England and the coal mines of America in the 19th Century.

    He also gave the SOLUTION to the problem: People who WORK for a living, whose work makes others rich, MUST strike off the golden chains that bind them, and seize control of the state. The whole structure of the state “Must be sprung into the air.”

    And it won’t always be neat. Or pretty. Civil Disobedience cannot always be “Civil”, especially when the NYPD -recipients of a large cash grant from the BANK OF AMERICA-remember them? – decides to employe Gestapo tactics on the streets of New York City.

    The game can be played any way they want. Capitalism is GOING DOWN.

  43. anna November 17, 2011

    congress is on a path to destroying this country,all because they want to make obama a one term president.mitch mconnel/john.b/republican cantor are the worst of the lot their sic selfish fools and bought politicans,obama may have a few flaws but i pray that hes reelected. hes for this country cant say the same for most of congress,we’d all burn in hell for all the care as long as they can keep kissing the 1% azz and being their flunkies things are going to get worse,so wise up people and re/elect obama. dont let these bought republicans pull the wool over your eyes.WAKE UP AMERICA STOP WALKING AROUND WITH BLINDERS ON/GET RID OF MITCH AND JOHN B.AND CANTOR THEIR NO GOOD EVEN For THEMSELVES.and most of those repoters on FOX ARE JOKES

  44. crystal64 November 17, 2011

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    left side female on right enough to connect 2 or more coat together sow one of
    those zip open hoods on top attach snaps to then in same fashion this way you
    can connect several coats together to make a tent and share warmth have some
    hoods that disconnect to be snapped in top to cover any remaining gaps at top
    3 bring lighter and candles if you can a wire folding frame sturdy enough to hold
    a small sauce ban use this to heat watter or soups if you cant bring in the wire
    frame the park should have metal trash cans and the such that can be used for
    this purpose with out dismantling or destroying the park property
    4 have people with vans minivans SUV delivery trucks park these as close as
    possible to the park in over night parking areas maybe a few can bring small
    generators use these as central bases for extra warmth as needed and community
    cooking centers and preparation centers and if you get enough maybe community
    shift sleeping centers use your imagination and hang in there remember there
    not going to take your clothes away or what you are drinking and the vehicle
    can hold the community food supplies and other needs good luck and we are
    behind you every one remember why you are doing this and please do not use
    this as an excuse to steal from the group or be greedy with the supplies
    stand together for the good of the country and for people like me who can’t
    be there for you because of income and or medical conditions you are our hope

  45. anna November 18, 2011

    why is it that the reporters if you can call them that on fox rarley report the truth, they twist things around and makeup lies just to support their on agenda.people like bill oriely and ann coulier oh and dont let me forget gleen beck, hes no longer there but that man was a true nut case.oriely seems to think the ows movement should end that tells you right there hes not for the american people hes another one of those robots that believe the middle class and poor should vanish off the face of the earth.well its the middle and poor thats working hard for next to nothing for these fat cats like the koch brothers ,their not the ones thats keeping their company going its the sweat and hard work of the people in their companies thats keeping their sorry azzes in business ,if they lose all their workers their lazy buts aint going to get in there and do the back breaking work themseleves.all they do is sit back and keep their feet on the backs of the ones thats made them rich in the first place.and then people like oriely and a few others on fox approve of this kind of behavior.its people like this that we need to get rid of their destorying this country,i just hope the american people is wise enough to see this.get rid of people like that the world will be a lot better off.

  46. marilyn let freedom ring November 22, 2011

    WOW it is so the time to stand together and change the system ………..America is being stolen by the less than one percent …………..who do not share our values of one country ……..free and honorable…….with justice for all


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