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How Republican Budgets Affect Your Vagina

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How Republican Budgets Affect Your Vagina


This video parodies the set of new abortion restrictions clandestinely placed in the Ohio state budget by Republicans and signed into law by Governor John Kasich (R-OH).

Ohio has been at the vanguard of abortion restrictions for years but these new measures make it even more difficult for women to access abortions. The budget — which was never even debated in public — even redefines where life begins, possibly making a popular form of birth control illegal.

This video does ask you to suspend disbelief as it exaggerates the new restrictions slightly and asks you to accept that a guy who looks like this:

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 4.44.56 PM

is playing a guy who actually looks like this:


Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) also signed restrictions on women’s health, including mandatory ultrasounds, last week — in private.

Walker’s plans to not talk about these restrictions were complicated when a judge placed a temporary restraining order on the new laws.


  1. MasterWes July 10, 2013

    Looks like the way they want to do business in all the states as I see it. Government small enough to fit in a vagina…

    1. dtgraham July 10, 2013


  2. Lorr July 10, 2013

    Isn’t it nice to know they respect their right to privacy but don’t respect a women’s right to privacy.

    1. GreginPottsville July 10, 2013

      If you don’t want the gov’t in your vagina, don’t use the gov’t to support your vagina.

      1. Lorr July 10, 2013

        How is the government supporting women’s vagina. Planned Parenthood can not use Federal Funds for abortions, those funds come from donations. People who go to PP for health exams, are you supporting their vagina? People who go to PP for birth control why would you object to that, less abortions.
        Don’t complain about big Government and than pass laws that deny a women’s right to privacy regarding her reproductive choices. If you do not believe in abortion – DON’T HAVE ONE.

        1. BillP July 10, 2013

          Don’t pay any attention to GreginFoxville, all he does is write unproven and usually illogical statements. He’s just another right wing troll on this site.

          1. Lorr July 10, 2013

            Thanks for the heads up.

        2. GreginPottsville July 10, 2013

          You just answered how the gov’t is in the vagina business.
          Secondly, I am not a lawmaker Ms. I don’t pass laws. You must have me mistaken for someone else you hate.

          1. Lorr July 10, 2013

            I apologize – I meant your party passes laws. I do not hate anyone, I disagree with people, I am as with all on these posts passionate about my POV, I can dislike people or not respect people, but I do not hate or wish them ill will sir or ms.

      2. Futile Democracy July 10, 2013


        And that folks, is a typical Republican in 2013. Putrid.

      3. ralphkr July 10, 2013

        Actually, Greg, once a woman is forced to have a baby that she can not afford she shall then go on welfare since child care costs more than what she can earn and THEN the government shall be supporting her vagina.

        1. GreginPottsville July 15, 2013

          So you think money is more important than the life of a child?

          1. ralphkr July 15, 2013

            Well, Greg, I never put it that way but merely pointed out that you had put the cart before the horse in your post because the government would support the vagina AFTER the child is born. I certainly do believe that money is most important in having a child. Proper nutrition is the most important thing for a child for at least the first 6 years of life because when a child has malnutrition during that period they tend to grow up mentally challenged (and become Republican voters) and only able to survive on welfare.

          2. GreginPottsville July 16, 2013

            There you go again. You say “money” is the most important thing for a child for at least the first 6 years. Not love, not proper upbringing, not teaching manners, not teaching to be thankful, not teaching your child to say “please” and “thank you”. When we had our first child, I was unemployed basically, being a day worker just to put food on the table. My wife was looking for a job at the time. Only parents who don’t care would have malnourished children. Ours never lacked food and we never sought government assistance. I would be the first to say money is NOT the most important thing for a child in the first 6 years of life, and you should be ashamed of yourself for suggesting such.
            By the way, my wife and I now both have full time jobs, and we each have a part time job. Our children are in a private school, well mannered, healthy, respectful. Yet, money wasn’t always there.

          3. ralphkr July 16, 2013

            Sorry, Greg, but I I am definitely not ashamed but I AM proud to pass along that bit of wisdom that money is the most important thing for children. All the stuff you mentioned are nice but of no value if proper food and medical care are not available because of lack of funds. You can love a child and teach it proper manners but to no avail if it grows up spindly and mentally challenged because of malnutrition.

            You say money was always there, how fortunate but you reminded me of a friend of ours whose husband was always working. She told me that one year she noticed that her husband had had 13 jobs that year when she was doing the family taxes. And she also told the story of how she laughed every time someone used the quote, “Let them eat cake” because more than once she had so little money that all she could afford was a cake mix (cheapest item in the store) to feed the family.

            You say that you were a day laborer and there was never any lack of food so I gather that you had free housing of some sort since a day laborer normally would not make enough to pay rent and be able to feed a family.

            At my age the question is usually “Which is more important, Health or Money?” and the expected answer is “Health” but I always answer “Money”. Health is fine but everyone needs medical care from time to time and without money you have to do with out care and many times that neglect shall lead to death.

          4. GreginPottsville July 16, 2013

            Well, at least you are not a mud slinger like most of the posters here. I respect that and your opinions, even though I disagree. It is nice to have a civil discussion here. You didn’t call me any derogatory names, didn’t say anything about my mother, and didn’t mention anything about my sexual organs. I am not used to this coming from this site. Thanks for that.

            No, I didn’t have free housing. We were renting an apartment at that time and worked out with the landlord a payment plan, which we did honor and paid in full. I was a day laborer for about a month and a half, then eventually we worked our way back and now we own a nice little 3 bedroom home, front and back yard, nice neighbors, low taxes!
            Money is important but a good, very successful friend once told me, money will always be out there to earn. The most important thing is to love and spend time with your children and wife. Best advice I ever got.

          5. ralphkr July 16, 2013

            I truly am glad that things worked out well for you Greg. There is nothing worse than knowing someone is working their heart out and just falling farther and farther behind. I was fortunate to grow up during much less expensive times. For instance, I was born by Caesarean and was in the hospital with my mother for about 3 months. The hospital was overjoyed that my father was able to pay the bill in full in cash ($150) because they were tired of being paid in chickens and beeves. I just read the other day that a normal birth cost $20K.

            Houses were a lot cheaper then although interest rates were in the 6% range. Of course, wages were also less ($100 a week was considered fantastic pay) but you could still make a decent living while today I see all too many jobs at less than $10 hour. I was paying the lawn mowing guy $40 and hour which is a bargain in this area since most companies charge $60 an hour (have to pay for the fancy sign on their trucks and their yellow pages ad). I also fear that the $0.79 pound T-Bone steak and the $0.10 loaf of bread have disappeared forever. Speaking of changing costs, I was looking through my parents’ ledger for 1947 and noticed more than one meal at a very nice restaurant cost less than $5 with tip for the 3 of us (Parents did not drink) & I still remember how upset we all were when coffee went from a nickel to a dime..

      4. TheGorf July 14, 2013


  3. SibyllasStuff July 10, 2013

    Good video, particularly at the end when the mother says she cannot afford to feed the baby, she’s told, too bad, not the state’s problem.
    I think those who oppose abortion should have their name on a registry list so that when a baby is born who is NOT wanted, they can get that baby they are so concerned about, and take care of it for the rest of their lives.

    1. Jim Myers July 10, 2013

      The problem is that your comment makes too much sense for anyone to take it seriously.

    2. ralphkr July 10, 2013

      As I have posted before, all those holier than thou anti-choicers should all contribute to a fund to cover the cost of having and raising a child instead of an abortion. There should be a minimum of $328K put in trust for the child in addition to the $20K to pay for the delivery of the child. Amounts to be adjusted for inflation. The only requirement to receive the funds would be for either parent say that they had wanted an abortion. Let the anti-choicers put their money where their mouth is.

  4. Pamby50 July 10, 2013

    Great video. We should run this thing in every state. Just change the governor’s name. The only one that we would have to change is Iowa. That governor has the final say so as to whether a woman can have an abortion.


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