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How Right-Wing Billionaires Threaten To Undo 40 Years Of Voting Rights Progress

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How Right-Wing Billionaires Threaten To Undo 40 Years Of Voting Rights Progress


How did we go from a Republican Congress easily reauthorizing the key provisions of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965 in 2006 to the likelihood that the Supreme Court would throw out Section 5 of the law in less than seven years?

In his new cover story for The Nation entitled “Why Are Conservatives Trying to Destroy the Voting Rights Act?“, Ari Berman explains that Section 5 is the only remedy for historic discrimination against minority voters that has ever worked.

It obligates certain states and localities where barriers against voting have existed historically to clear any changes in voting with the Justice Department. The areas covered include Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia, and parts of California, Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina and South Dakota.

This basic provision forced the end of unconstitutional burdens like poll taxes and literacy tests, becoming what Attorney General Eric Holder calls the “keystone of our voting rights.”

Originally designed to expire in 1970 if states could prove they no longer discriminated against minority voters, the VRA has been renewed four times.

Meanwhile, right-wing billionaires including Charles Koch have funded  a 25-year long war against race-based government interventions, winning over “intellectuals” on the right, including Chief Justice John Roberts.

The Roberts Court will hear Shelby v. Holder this session and decide if Section 5 of the VRA puts an undue burden on states to protect the rights of minorities.

Berman points out that the widespread acceptance of a strategy of opposing voter rights would likely  never have taken over the mainstream of the Republican Party if it hadn’t been for Hurricane Katrina.

Before his administration’s mishandling of that storm, George. W. Bush fared far better with minorities than John McCain and Mitt Romney would. Following Bush’s re-election, the RNC engaged in an unprecedented outreach to minorities in the south. After Katrina, that effort disappeared.

In 2008, President Obama won 80 percent of the minority vote.

When the 2010 election gave the GOP safe majorities in the House of Representatives and legislatures throughout red and purple states, Republicans successfully redistricted an advantage that would last a decade and went about passing “tough new voting restrictions in 38 states.”

But many of those barriers were thrown out in federal courts and the all-out GOP war on voting rights backfired.

Thus, the frontline in the war has now moved to the Voting Rights Act and the Supreme Court, thanks to the legal interests funded by Koch and his allies.

And the Supreme Court is where the most damage can be done.

“The disappearance of Section 5 would be a devastating setback for voting rights—akin to the way the Citizens United decision eviscerated campaign finance regulation—and would greenlight the kind of voter suppression attempts that proved so unpopular in 2012,” Berman explains.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais


  1. ANN February 7, 2013

    In the South many voters would be able to vote. Close to(I belive)50,000(Thats one state) were born at home. Unable to afford a hospital. There are no birth records for these people. Some with very little education. What happens to thier rights to vote?

    1. ANN February 7, 2013

      I meant to say not be able vote,

    2. Tom_P February 8, 2013

      If they would, demographically speaking, tend to vote Republican, ways to help them will be found and they will be helped to vote.
      Now if they would tend to vote the other way… Well, they aren’t really Americans anyway, am I right folks? Folks?

      1. DarkSyn February 11, 2013

        Yep, that about nails it. Don’t want no soshializm voting donthcha know?

  2. charleo1 February 7, 2013

    The good news is many of the Governors that were so hot to suppress the vote in last year’s
    election, are now cautioning aganist changes in the way electoral college votes are awarded.
    Yes, I know. Knock me over with a feather. Bob McDonnell Virginia’s Governor, came out
    in opposing the change for his State. If enacted by the States now controlled by Republican
    majorities, Romney would have won the Presidency, even as he lost the popular vote by nearly
    5 million. So, make no mistake, it’s serious business! More good news is the Koch Brothers
    name is increasingly toxic. Who believes these 50 billion dollar Plutocrats have the best
    interests of the Country at heart? And, in case you missed it. President Obama is enjoying his
    highest favorable ratings ever! About time. And he stated his goal is to retake the House next
    year. And promised he will be campaigning hard in support of Democratic candidates across
    the Country! The mid-terms, and down the ticket races is where the Right makes it’s nastiest
    gains. (Remember 2010?) Please ask your friends to keep an eye on these Righties. And,
    we know when we all vote, good things can still happen for the regular folks in America!

    1. sigrid28 February 8, 2013

      On the state and local levels, ALEC has supplied Red state legislatures with the far right template to pass some of the most extreme forms of voter suppression, aided by local election officials intimidated–or in cahoots with–True the Vote. Voter rights will not be secure until Democrats recognize and target these initiatives effectively in order to eliminate them.

      One force bigots forget about in their fanatical desire to suppress minority voters in this country is the female vote, which cuts through every demographic, and dwarfs them all. ALEC legislation aimed at restricting women’s health choices and the short-sighted threat by Republican governors to refuse state-run ACA health exchanges (especially good for women and children) may spell the end of Republican control of state and local governments, because a majority of Americans of all genders and all ethnicities despise these policies.

      Hopefully, sheer numbers can dislodge these dinosaur state governments. When that happens, voter rights can be set right along with other vital but neglected legislation.

      1. charleo1 February 8, 2013

        You’re exactly right. The most egregious laws aganist minorities, and women
        are being written, and passed in these Republican dominated States, where
        they simply cannot be stopped, legislatively speaking. What it amounts to is
        a rebellion against the Federal Government. By being willing to pass laws that
        directly contradict Federal Law, and then using their Attorney Generals, and
        the funds of the State, to continue the defense of these clearly unConstitutional Laws. Meanwhile, the laws are being carried out, until all appeals have been
        exhausted. It is de facto, illegal law. Still it motivates the hard core radicals.

        1. sigrid28 February 8, 2013

          Some of these voter suppression efforts were blocked before the election through legal action taken by Democrats locally. In our town, local lawyers could be called to visit any polling site where voters were being hassled by TruetheVote activists. I’m encouraged that minorities, women, the young, and other Democratic constituents seem more alert to the incursions of this “illegal law.” One result might be an active voting public in 2014.

          1. charleo1 February 8, 2013

            Well, from your post, to God’s ear. We had better have a good
            turn out in 2014. If we don’t, they may decide not to hold elections
            in 2016! Nothing surprises me anymore out of the stupid Party.

          2. sigrid28 February 9, 2013

            To activate these voters Democrats need more than diffuse outrage. We need to direct that outrage by offering a “compelling future,” details about better legislation to support or specific action that would defeat nefarious far right initiatives. The recently reorganized BarackObama phone bank could unleash it million volunteers on potential Democratic voters and frame that “compelling future,” as well as giving polling place information and days/times to vote, etc. We could do the same long before any election, giving voters addresses and a simple message for elected officials, urging these voters reached by phone to send letters or post cards to lend support to the struggling postal system–a two-for.

    2. Don B February 9, 2013

      If only outside $$$ would be taken out of the elctoral process. The Electoral College was useful in late 18th Cetnury and 19th Century elections. At this time, I feel its outlived its usefulness. But its no surprise the Koch Brothers are in this like the Katzenjammer Kids.
      Apparently they don’t have enough to do running their billion dollar empire(s).

      1. charleo1 February 9, 2013

        You’re absolutely right about the outside cash screwing up the electoral process.
        I mean, for Christ’s sake! Where does it all end? When it takes upwards of a million
        dollars, to run for a Federal House seat in some of these more populous districts.
        And there is just no way for people who are raising their families, buying a home,
        and all the rest, to be able to afford to donate to these political campaigns on a
        scale that can compete with individuals who can single handedly underwrite
        a campaign. Then, when their candidate wins, what kind of representation can
        the rest of us expect? Sure, the Koch Brothers are the perfect example of corruption
        of the process, gone wild. Remember Herman Cain? He proudly professed his
        loyalty to the Kochs. Claiming himself, “A Brother, from another Mother! So,
        it’s obvious, at least Herman didn’t think the Conservative Right Wing, sees any
        problems at all, with having their elected officials being bought, and paid for.
        They will need to explain their non chalance, to me, if that’s the case.

    3. lana ward February 9, 2013

      Omuslims ratings are taking a nose dive and George Soros( Omuslims mentor) has more money than the Koch brothers

    4. kounjd February 15, 2013

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  3. Daniel Jones February 8, 2013

    If the court gets bought–and that is the only way I can imagine the Justices throwing away protection against racist voting rules–then there is no longer any point to *pretending* this is a democracy (as opposed to a plutocracy).

    1. Erik Nash February 8, 2013

      I used to believe this was a “democracy” (when they taught it school), but now I’m convinced (just like the rest of America)that everything that I was taught in school was just another sweet smelling bucket of B.S. with a super thick gravy of lies (Mmmmmmm gravy). Anybody for S.O.S?

    2. Ed February 9, 2013

      Daniel, the court was bought long long ago. Like around 1980, when the Attorney General of the United States declared “If they weren’t guily, the police would not have arrested them”.

  4. Budjob February 8, 2013

    If the middle class or,what is left of it desire to incorporate dignity equitability,and respect in the 2014 elections,they would be wise to eliminate any thoughts of voting for ANY republican in ANY capacity in the next election cycle.Personally,I wouldn’t vote for a republican even if it was Jesus Christ seeking political office as one!

    1. turtlewoman1039 February 9, 2013

      and yet, I believe that he would have nothing to do with them… he cast the money changers out of the temple – the republicans would be out on their asses at the side of the road…

      (yes, I really did get your point – it’s just that the whole lot of them and most of their followers are so far removed from ‘christian values’ that it boggles the mind… not a church or religion person, but I do remember the gospels read at Sunday mass through 8 years of catholic school…)

    2. Michael Kollmorgen February 9, 2013

      You are correct.

      During WW2 and partly before it, the Vatican knew full well what as going on with the Jews and the Holocaust and did nothing, said nothing. Because the Catholic Faith did and said nothing about what was going on, they were largely left alone compared to other religious denominations.

      Even up to today, it is said that the Catholic Faith, not only because they wanted their churches to remain untouched by Hitler, their plan was to eliminate the Jews as being competitors to the catholic faith. They just wanted the Nazis to do their dirty work for them.

      However, by the end of the war, even the catholic faith was targets of the Nazis. So, party, the Vatican’s plans even backfired.

  5. nobsartist February 8, 2013

    This should be captioned “How Democrats sat on their hands while right wing zealots changed ALL of the election laws to win”.

    It is beginning to look to me like Dems actually like what republiCONs do.

    Maybe they are both the same party.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen February 8, 2013

      There has been a conspiracy theory floating around for many years that the Republican Party is “allowing” the Democratic Party to appear to have some power and that people can actually affect things by voting.

      There is even a deeper conspiracy theory stating that a much smaller group of internationals are controlling everything.

      I believe this theory more than I do the first one. It makes perfect sense because the balance of power and the accumulation of wealth seems to gradually change over time from one country to the next.

      Us Pissons are just along for the ride.

      1. FredAppell February 8, 2013

        Hi Michael, I hope you and nobsartist are wrong but i’m more inclined to agree. I tend to sway back and on the conspiracy theories but there may be one that deserves our attention. When you get some time, look up the Bilderberg (not sure if I spelled that correctly) Conspiracy.

        Most of the time I tend to view these conspiracies with a bit of skepticism. Mostly because I just can’t bring myself to give people like that loon bat Lana Ward or conservative personality Alex Jones credit for being even just a tiny bit right.

        The NWO seems to get the most attention these days. On the face of it, it might not be a bad thing to have the entire world united under one banner. It tends to drive the Nationalists crazy just to think about it, but more ominously, people start to envision life being more like the novel 1984.

        If corporations take over than it could be a strong possibility and I don’t see the Dems running from the corporations so it does make me wonder if they know something we don’t or are they part of it. According to the conspiracy, both parties along with the IMF and the multinational corporations are all involved. It’s really not something I prefer to contemplate. I guess we’ll see.

        1. Progressive Patriot February 8, 2013

          You can count on the Conspiracy part Fred… throw out the “theory,” though.
          Follow the money. This is a very well orchestrated tactical move to establish radical free market capitalism as the law of the land. FOLLOW THE MONEY!

          1. FredAppell February 8, 2013

            That does seem to be the natural conclusion considering all the gerrymandering of Senatorial and Congressional districts and voter suppression going on. The sad thing is that this sort of thing has been going on since early humans discovered shiny bobbles. It has created a system of separation and exceptional individualism from the majority. The wealthy love to accuse the rest of us of feeling entitled but that works both ways.

          2. Progressive Patriot February 10, 2013

            Amen Brother Fred! Keep speaking the truth.


          3. FredAppell February 10, 2013

            I’m trying man! I have to be careful that it isn’t just the truth as I see it though, know what I mean. By the way, can you tell you tell me about Move2Amend? I notice you end a lot your posts with it and I am curious. Is it a movement or a petition or just something you’re expressing personally. I would be interested in coming on board.

          4. Michael Kollmorgen February 11, 2013

            I think PP is referring to that supreme court decision that gave corporations human rights.

          5. FredAppell February 11, 2013

            Thanks Michael, I forgot all about the Supreme Court ruling that gives corporations personhood. What A crock of shit that ruling is. Essentially that ruling gives some people more than one vote.

          6. Progressive Patriot February 11, 2013

            I wrote you on and off post. They may censor this. Move2Amend is an organization working to present legislation via States and nationally to amend the constitution to say that Corporations are not people, and money is not speech. The goal is to get big money out of politics, and restore democracy. Look them up and come on board. Spread the word! 🙂

          7. FredAppell February 11, 2013

            I did a little research but do you have a more specific link you could send me? Additionally, is there a way for us to have a more private conversation?

          8. Michael Kollmorgen February 12, 2013

            We ALL know this is a piece of crap.

            We’ll pay hell trying to reverse this ruling. It’s actually much harder to get something reversed than to institute it.

            Ever try pulling a Wisdom Tooth without Novocaine? That’s what this will be like.

            I signed the Petition though.

          9. Progressive Patriot February 12, 2013

            Don’t know how this will turn out. I just think that if we don’t speak out, and exercise our franchise in this country, then for sure nothing will happen. Actually, as I think of it, something will happen, we’ll continue to lose more freedom to the rich and powerful.

            Glad that you signed the petition!

            We’re all doing the best we are able, given the information that we have. Please keep sharing the truth.

            Never tried pulling a wisdom tooth without novocaine. That’s gotta hurt! But if we aren’t active, then we’re just bending over, and pulling something else out of you know where.


        2. Michael Kollmorgen February 8, 2013

          I can’t see this type of conspiracy actually taking place for a long time. Certainly not within the next half dozen or so generations.

          But, as Corporations gain more and more control of our lives and, as a well as governments, this will probably come to pass. I’m guessing perhaps in another 4 or 5 centuries. This is not only going to happen here, but worldwide.

          A perfect example of what all of our futures are probably going to be and I’m being quite serious, is quite similar to the movie Soylent Green.

          The similarities between the movie and our current condition, even on a very superficial level, is frightening.

          There are several very good books I would advise anyone to read.

          One is; X-Events by; John Casti (I’m about half way through this one)


          The Future by; Al Gore (just started reading this the other day)

          And finally;

          The Creature from Jekyll Island, A second look at the Federal Reserve. This book is very long hair, goes into a lot more financial stuff than I understand.

          All three is Scary Stuff, and all very true.

          1. FredAppell February 8, 2013

            The only thing I disagree with you on is your time assessment. I believe the
            foundation may already be being laid for this to take place before the next century.

            When you factor in the acceleration of life changing events from all the previous centuries compared to now, in accordance with the dumbing down of society, it is easy to estimate the possibility of this occurring faster than anyone anticipates.

            I like to think that somehow we are making a difference by discussing issues like this.
            Even if what we say seems outrageous to some, maybe it will make enough people think. That awful future isn’t written in stone.

          2. Michael Kollmorgen February 9, 2013

            I hope you are wrong only for humanity’s and other lifeforms on this planet.

            Yes, I’d like to think discussions like this could make an impact. But, because we don’t have a DR. in front of our names or some fancypants degree, we won’t impact much.

            But But Wait! There is a solution:) We could pay for documents ordaining ourselves as Minsters. At least, then, we’d have a title.

            Just think of it, Minister FredAppell and Minister Kollmorgen. Sort of has a nice ring to it:)

            We could start a new Religion, believe in The God Of Reality. Get a few free cable channel to host a program of ours. Fake tears included, is mandatory. I can cry on demand, can you? hehe

            If lucky, we might even be able to rent that big monstrous concrete tower in Akron called Rex’s Errection (Google Rex’s Errection) and broadcast nationwide.

            We’d rake in the dough:)

  6. nobsartist February 8, 2013

    pissons…..I like that. It sort of describes we chumps quite well.

  7. Lovefacts February 9, 2013

    The Koch brothers along with Rush and others want to do rescind the 17th Amendment, which grants direct vote for our Senators. They want it returned to state legislatures, which will cost less to control.

    IMO, both “H” & “W” Bush will go down as two presidents, who with their Supreme Court nominations, are responsible for the loss of our freedom and democracy. I’ve always remembered what “W” said when people questioned the Patriot Act. “There’s nothing wrong a dictatorship, as long as I’m the dictator.” When horrified gasps and outrage ensued, he said, “Only joking.” Yeah, right. Many a truth is said in jest.

    As for the people who shouted that Obama was a Fascist, it was obvious they had no understanding of the word or philosophy of fascism. As practiced, fascist governments are supporters of big business and the wealthy, while the rest of the population is under the thumb the government. As defined by Merriam Webster it’s: “a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.” To me, that reads like the current Republican Party.

    1. FredAppell February 9, 2013

      I am so glad you brought that up. You’re only the second person after all these years to mention those insidious remarks said by Bush. Where was the media when he said that? Consider this, we could have buried the entire Republican party if the media had done it’s job.

    2. Blake Faulkner February 9, 2013

      Lovefacts…one thing that may not be in dictionary definitions of fascism, but which was a key factor in the fascist movements in Spain and in Germany, was the staunch support of the main, established, conservative religion. In both examples here, it was the Catholic Church. I’m a little hazy about the Catholic Church support for Mussolini in his fascist rise to power, because I haven’t tried to research that specific example yet. In both Spain and Germany, it was Catholic church members who feared what they saw as the forces of evil in the left wing parties that had influence in their countries. In Spain, the fairly elected left wing leaning government had economic advisors from the Soviet Union. In Germany, the Weimar Republic had extremely harsh economic conditions to deal with in it’s post WW I Versailles Treaty reparations payments requirements and bad economy. Along with Communist agitators like the Spartacists causing more conservative and religious Germans to fear the ‘godless Bolsheviks’ coming to power. The Nazis played that fear to the hilt. When Hitler came to power in the 1930’s and began military mobilization…and then invasions of other countries, Nazi infantrymen had military-issue metal belt buckles stamped “Gott Mit Uns”…meaning “God is with us”.

  8. Johnnie Dorman February 9, 2013

    It’s is way past due time that we do something about these criminals, such as the Koch brothers. It’s time we slam a boot in their azzes.

  9. FredAppell February 9, 2013

    Have you seen some of the quacks with DR. in front of their names these days! Now a days the only requirement needed for one to have such a title is to be an expert in bullshit. Aside from that, I do believe we have all the tools we need to make such an impact.

    Social media can be a powerful force, the only thing lacking is the influence of it’s participants. It doesn’t happen over night but I think we are building something positive here. The trick is to get the young people engaged on forums such as this one, that’s already happening.

    By the way, I love your idea of starting The God Of Reality religion. Can I be a prophet instead of a minister though? Prophets have a much greater following and more control over the masses then your garden variety ministers do.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen February 9, 2013


      Tell ya what I’ll do, since I came up with the idea of a new religion, I’ll appoint you as one of many new Apostles. You might even become Pope eventually:)

      Not being conceded of course (wink), naturally, I’ll be the “jesus christ” of the religion:)

      I don’t know what to do about that “last supper” thingie though. Let’s leave the Crusifiction for later discussion, hehe.

      Huh, we might just have a good idea………………

      1. FredAppell February 9, 2013

        Damn you! I told you I want to be the prophet. Actually, I take that back, being Pope might be a nice gig. Don’t worry about the “Last Supper” thingie. Last Suppers are so passe’. We could have a party instead. I vote that we leave out the Crucifixion though, they’re so overrated and they take too long, who has that kind of time anymore.

        Now, if you insist on being the prophet, make sure that you are very clear and concise with your edicts because we wouldn’t want anything lost in translation now would we. Not like that’s ever happened before (sarcasm)!

        I definitely think your right, this could work.

        1. Michael Kollmorgen February 9, 2013


          My companion’s father used to tell him to get ORDAINED!

          One day, a friend Pastor came over the house and spoke to his father.

          The Pastor told his dad to start going to church. He replied by saying: “Why should I do that, I’m not done sinning”! He wasn’t pulling any punches either.

          He had a unusual sense of humor…………

          1. FredAppell February 9, 2013

            Did his father know at the time his son was gay? If he did than he must have been a remarkable man for the time. I remember when I was a teenager back in the 80’s and I had a gay friend. We also had a heavy metal band together and we would joke around about starting a Christian metal band. Long story short, I slept over his house one night and boy oh boy did I ever catch crap from my friends once they found out.

            It’s all good though, I had a thick skin back in the day, still do! The really funny thing that I remember about that night was watching porn with my friend. Go figure, he had an amazing porn collection, it actually got pretty boring after awhile.

            Almost 30 years later and I still think about him often. He was one of the most genuine people I have ever met. In light of today’s political climate, I hope he is happy and healthy. He deserves that considering I wasn’t always a good friend and he really needed me to be. Wow, I didn’t realize I needed to get that off my chest.
            You remind me of him in some ways, he too had a very wicked sense of humor and
            cleverness about him.

            Michael, I didn’t come to the National Memo to make any friends originally but i’m glad you became mine. It will continue for as long as you like. My hope is that I give you hope. On that note, I bid you a good night!

          2. Michael Kollmorgen February 10, 2013

            No, his father had no idea my companion at that time was gay. We started seeing each other around 16 years ago and I finally moved down here 15 years ago perm.

            Long story short, his father and I never got along. In fact, till the end of his life, him and I hated each others guts. He blamed me for his son turning gay, which we all know is pure bull crap. He pulled all sorts of crap on my to give up the relationship, putting it bluntly. Very Long Story…………..

            But, before I moved down here, he sensed something was going on because dennie changed his pattern of doing things, being away from the “home” longer than what his father thought he should have been. He even stooped to the level of checking the mileage on his sons vehicle. He father didn’t like dennis seeking his own identity away from his fathers influence.

            His dad was a pretty nasty SOB, not in a religious way, but just nasty in a controlling sort of way. It was ironic that I was his main caregiver under a Hospice Program when he was kicking off. I did what I had to do but no more.

            So far this house has experienced 3 deaths. The original owners grandmother, my companion’s father, and my mother when we brought her down here from Cleveland because of Altzimers, in which case she died in my arms under the Hospice Program 3 years later.

            We survived through all he put both of us through which made us a much stronger couple.

            Yes, I also didn’t come here to make friends. But, there are a few exceptions, you’re one of them. I hope we can continue this. My life and experiences are totally open to any discussion.

          3. FredAppell February 10, 2013

            I think you deserve huge kudos for keeping your sense of humor after everything you have gone through.

            It is a real testament to the human spirit (no religious connotation intended) that
            you haven’t become so cynical as to stop caring about your fellow human beings.
            I have seen some people throw in the towel after going through much less than you.

            I believe life is a character builder meant to strengthen us, not to weaken us. I
            myself sometimes forget that, but not often. “Always evolve” is the motto I live
            by and it has served me well. I still get pissed, selfish and closed minded at times
            (who doesn’t) but we are all a work in progress, some of us more than others of course.

            So you turned Dennie gay huh? Well, I better be extra careful that you don’t turn me gay too. With your powerful influence and all this gayness going around, there is no telling how many people you might turn gay.

            I swear, people who think that homosexuality is catchy are probably close to being
            gay anyway and they are too afraid to admit it. Their problem, not yours. It’s when
            homophobe’s deny you of your civil liberties or become violent that breaks my heart.

            For some reason, there is a segment of modern society that feels the need for a villain. If it isn’t minorities it’s liberals or gays or anyone different from themselves.
            It is as if they exist and take pleasure solely in denying others of their rights as

            The haters probably think to themselves that if only everyone could be like them they wouldn’t hate so much. What a world a buddy! FYI, i’m more than happy to continue this.

          4. Michael Kollmorgen February 10, 2013


            Would love to talk more to you on a more private level.

            If you wish, contant me by email via


            I use gmail to filter out a lot of junk. So, once we see we can get along well, I’ll give you my private email address.

            Need Villains? Hah, that’s how this country operates.

            I’m gonna cut this one short. I’m sort of beat at the moment. I stayed up last night from midnight till 3 in the morning smoking a 10 lb. Pork Shoulder. Then put it the oven for another 10 hours at 225 degrees. Literally fell apart:) Just had supper. Gonna take a cat nap.

            Catch ya later via email:)

  10. Jim Myers February 9, 2013

    It fascinates me that we spend huge amounts of Political Capital and money promoting Democracy worldwide, while enacting Right Wing obstructions to Democracy in our own Nation.

    Can anyone explain the “logic” in all of this?

  11. Alice Enix February 9, 2013

    when will the corrupt voter rights of the Unions get resolved? Unions are a cash machine for
    the Left Wing (Democrats ), and the amount of abuse of union workers, forced to work the
    ground game for Democratic party is shameful, disgusting and cheating in the worst way.
    Big Problem

    1. Blake Faulkner February 9, 2013

      Unions are practically non-existant anymore Alice!…Compared to the post WW 2 economic boom times, when only one paycheck was needed in an economy with a thriving middle class and U.S. corporations (with much less extreme CEO ‘rewarding’) that still knew what patriotism was. Quit swallowing your idiotic anti-union Koch-funded right-wing swill Alice. Nobody else is…except for know-nothing loony tunes that watch Faux News and/or listem to Limbaugh. Read a decent book for a change…will ya?

    2. oldtack February 9, 2013

      Hey, little Alice in Waterland – have you ever belonged to a Union? Do you have any inkling of the history of Unions? Do you even know what is the function of a Union?
      Have you ever worked in a non-union job? You are self-employed – am I right.

      If you haven’t been there then what gives you the right to spew out right wing aspersions that have not one modicum of truth?

  12. Alice Enix February 9, 2013

    in the beginning, only people who owned property, worked and paid taxes and were productive. people were only ones allowed to vote. Now, unions. provide a lunch, free ride to voter Booth and $50 dollars for voting Democrat. or whoever they tell you to vote for, your given a list of all the people to vote for on a piece of paper before you go in to vote. Great Way To Cheat.

    1. Dmullins84 February 9, 2013

      And Alice you really don’t appear to know what you’re talking about. Come on down here and i will give you a job working for a minimum wage, and dare you set down and take a break. You need to seek another network other than fox for news around the world. Nothing wrong in suggesting the best people to vote for, but $50.00 I haven’t seen none of that floating around. However, when I was a boy playing music at rallies I have seen a little money being passed around among people, more like a dollar bill. I never seen anything larger than that, and guess who had the money back then passing it around same as today the Republicans. Once a crook always a crook.

    2. english_teacher February 9, 2013

      In the beginning, Alice, only MEN who owned property could vote. Do you really want to go back to those times when women couldn’t vote and were considered chattel? Do you, as a woman, want to give up your right to vote?

    3. dissentist February 9, 2013

      You know they actually found someone in Pennsylvania trying to buy votes for gas money.. He was buying them for Romney. Google it you twit.

      1. oldtack February 9, 2013

        This is Ms Alice in Waterland from down in the red lands of Georgia. She has no clue on anything. She appears to be 100% true blue Old South with all it’s prejudice and racial hatred. Don’t waste time talking to her ilk.

    4. Hillbilly February 9, 2013

      Liar, unions don’t pay people to vote for Democrats, they do give people rides to the polls just like Republican supporters give rides to the polls but they don’t tell anyone how to vote. Then they give the same people rides back home otherwise those people would not had the chance to vote. By the way in the beginning the people who got to vote owned property and paid taxes but didn’t do the work that made them that way, the work was done by indentured servants, slaves, Native American and black. Also the only people that were allowed to vote where white men age 25 and up that owned property, if you were a merchant you didn’t get to vote. So is the way it should be today, just white men with property and paying taxes be the only ones to vote. You can take that idea and yourself and go jump in a polluted river.

  13. Todd Nelson February 9, 2013

    Shelby v Holder is about renewing the 10th amendment, not attacking voting rights. There has been no attempt to restrict voting rights, only to confirm that whoever each voter CLAIMS they are, they really are. Having photo ID is not a burden for voting, any more than it is to buy a beer, get a driver’s license, or to attend the democratic national convention.
    Just this week, an Ohio poll worker boasted she voted for Obama twice at the same place, and is proud of it. Had there been voter ID she couldn’t have done this. If you carry the logic of this poll worker to the extent that the author of this article does against the “evil rich”, then one would need to deduct 50% of the votes cast for Obama as every one who voted for Obama was able to do so twice.

    1. dissentist February 9, 2013

      Photo IDs cost money, and for many rural living folks requires a trip that can take hours and cost a lot of money, do get to their nearest department of motor vehicles. That is defined as a poll tax. The 24th amendment bars any form of poll tax. Why do you insane righties hold so much regard for one amendment(2nd) but so little for another?

    2. Hillbilly February 9, 2013

      Photo ID’s doesn’t stop voter fraud. There is a case in Georgia that is still being investagated where some man got hold of another man’s ID while he was in the hospital and used it to vote early. A week later when the man who had been in hospital went to vote and was told he had already voted the week before, the man was stunned and asked how could he have voted the week before when he had been in the hospital all of the week before. The man didn’t get to vote thus was denied his Constitutional right to vote even after proofing that there was no way he voted the week before. Picture don’t stop voter fraud and can cost as little as $25.oo to over $125,oo to get the “free picture ID” that some states offered before the election while over states like Texas made people pay for their state issued picture ID card, In other words a poll tax was being charged by states that demanded Picture IDs in order to vote and poll tazes were declared illegal back in the 1960’s.

  14. dissentist February 9, 2013

    You mean like the Massey energy workers that were forced by their boss to attend a Romney rally? You should google “projection” because you’re doing it.

  15. dissentist February 9, 2013

    Baubles 🙂

  16. Ed February 9, 2013

    Calling Chief Justice Roberts an “intellectual” is one heck of a long stretch. For openers tan intelectual wouldhave no trouble remembering the Presidential OATH!

  17. onedonewong February 9, 2013

    The law on its face is unconstitutional in that it only applies to some sates and not others…its called the equal protection clause in the constitution.
    If that law is fair then since CA and Ny and WA and OR all have sanctuary cities so that means the congress should -pass a law that only applies to those states that they must 1st get permission before they can not enforce them. Then how about homosexual marriages?? DMA is the law of the land so that CA, NY< MA MA should be required to get permission from the justice dept before they condone those "marraiges"

    1. Michael Kollmorgen February 10, 2013

      The equal protection clause of the Constitution wasn’t adhered to when blacks were slaves, now were they. The Constitution has been circumvented many times in our nations history to suit one group of people, or quash people in one way or the other.

      This is why I have advocated for a long time to re-write the entire document. It’s so full of holes, it looks like a piece of Swiss Cheese regardless how you, I or anyone else wants to interpret it.

      Anyway, seriously, would you really want to live your life strickly by the Constitution’s dictates? I doubt anyone could or would today. Standing alone on it’s own accord, without our Ammendments that have been passed over the years, it wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s printed on.

      1. onedonewong February 12, 2013

        They certainly were covered by the constitution slavery was legal no different babies being chattel today and can be killed at a mothers whim.
        Besides slavery was a boon for coloreds. They were taught a trade learned how to read and write and even saw a wheel something that they never independently discovered. Slavery was a win win for them the had mothers AND Fathers something that no longer exists today…Yep I certainly would prefer to live my life under the constitution far far better than the EO’s that barak thinks he can issue as if they are laws

        1. Michael Kollmorgen February 12, 2013

          I won’t reply to your comments, this time.

          Let someone else drive a Stake through your twisted heart.

  18. maximillyun February 9, 2013


  19. Richard Rech February 10, 2013

    i say arrest the koch brothers and all the other billionares under the patriat act as being traiters to this country and trying to organise a coo

  20. Phyllis Rogers February 10, 2013

    That is the reason Federal law super seeds state law, in point Alabama, Federal law protected the rights of special education students, in turn brought justice for a lot of people, some times we say to much Federal, but in reality we need it, if the Power hungry states got there way, you would rent from them

    1. Michael Kollmorgen February 10, 2013

      You are right.

      This is exactly what the Republican Party’s agenda actually is. Each state, if the Republicans had their ultimate way, would be kingdoms, only answerable to themselves. And, yes, there would be Border Crossing Gates between each state.

      There would be NO MORE a “United” States. We still would have an America. But it would look radically different.

  21. Pamby50 February 10, 2013

    We can’t get complacent. When we let our guard down, that is when those sneaky republicans will strip us of our voting rights. By the time we find out, it will be over. Stay vigilant.

  22. Debbie Kiesel-Ryan February 11, 2013

    So here goes to crotch brothers again.

  23. kounjd February 13, 2013

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    1. Michael Kollmorgen February 13, 2013

      As if we understand Chinese Characters.

  24. wambathefool February 14, 2013

    ‘Race based’ provisions are a tacit admission of the genetic inferiority of some groups. It is CONSERVATIVES who oppose them for this reason. Not gracious ‘plantation gentleman’ Liberals.

  25. Victor Sindoni February 15, 2013


  26. Keith B. Rosenberg February 20, 2013

    It always amuses me how the supporters of each side claims the other is out to destroy the country or its culture or its freedoms or something. And while they say they believe in Democracy, they do not think of the other side as the loyal opposition, but as a party that should never be elected.


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