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Hurricane Sandy To Make Landfall Monday Night; Presidential Campaigns Suspended

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Hurricane Sandy To Make Landfall Monday Night; Presidential Campaigns Suspended


Hurricane Sandy picked up speed Monday afternoon as it churned its way up the Atlantic Ocean, moving 28 mph along a collision course with the eastern coast. The storm is expected to make landfall by Monday evening in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Schools and public transportation were shut down across the region, where an estimated 60 million people will be affected. For the first time in 27 years, the New York Stock Exchange has been shut down because of severe weather, and will continue to be closed through Tuesday.

Experts are warning that Hurricane Sandy could be a storm of historic proportions, and are urging those in its path to take appropriate measures.

“This is the most catastrophic event that we have faced and been able to plan for in any of our lifetimes,” Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy said.

Meteorologists predict a storm surge up to 11 feet high — made worse by high tide, resulting from a badly timed full moon — by midnight tonight, which could cause widespread damage across the eastern seaboard.

The latest update from Weather.com described the imminent situation: “The highest storm surge is expected along Long Island Sound and New York Harbor with the next high tide this evening. Surge flooding will also reach its peak during high tide tonight along the Jersey Shore and the south coast of southern New England.”

In response to the extreme weather, both presidential candidates have suspended their campaigns. President Obama has transferred back to the White House, where he will be monitoring the latest developments. Gallup has suspended its tracking poll indefinitely and will “reassess on a day-to-day basis.” IBD/TIPP has also suspended polling until further notice. Public Policy Polling (PPP), meanwhile, will continue polling but will reassess its numbers depending on the level of damage Tuesday morning.

The highly anticipated October jobs report, originally set for release Friday, could be potentially delayed due to the storm. U.S. Labor Department Spokesman Carl Fillichio said the government would be making every effort to release the report on schedule.

“The employees at the Bureau of Labor Statistics are working hard to ensure the timely release of employment data on Friday, November 2,” Fillichio said. “It is our intention that Friday will be business as usual regarding the October Employment Situation Report.”

Photo credit: AP/Mark Lennihan


  1. DukeDacat October 29, 2012

    I wonder how long it will take the talking heads at Faux Noise to blame the storm on that socialist/commie in the white house or better yet, how long will it be before the Right Wing Nuts will claim it is God’s will and hold Obama responsible.

    1. turtlewoman1039 October 29, 2012

      there’s already some fundie pastor blaming it on ‘the gays’.

    2. oldtack October 29, 2012

      Very shortly the Self Righteous Zealot Hypocrites will say that GOD is punishing America for their idolatrous ways and for having a Muslim Communist President.

      This is GOD’S will. HE is pouring out his wrath for our sins and iniquities. And GOD wills that women be raped and conceive bastard children. so-you women subject to the demands of a Rapist -just don’t resist and remember that if you are impregnated it is the DIVINE WILL of GOD.

      This is tantamount to Westboro Baptist Church in Wichita, Kansas picketing Funerals of fallen Soldiers. Telling the World that GOD is punishing America for our laxity concerning Homosexuality. They carry signs proclaiming the fallen one to be in Hell for Serving in our Military.

      How soon will the Evangelical tares begin this diatribe? No more than 4 days at most.

    3. sigrid28 October 30, 2012

      Mitt Romney has already beaten them to it. In his convention speech, he coyly chided President Obama about his concern that sea levels are rising. This in-joke was a Republican dig at the progressive view of climate change. Now that Romney’s campaign may be swept out to sea by the very rising tides he made fun of at the convention, he and his cohorts as Fox News must find this a very scary Halloween trick, indeed.

    4. Fern Woodfork October 30, 2012

      I’m Hoping And Praying For ALL My Fellow American To Come Out Of This Hurricane Alive And Safe With Little Or No Damage To Life Or Property!!!

  2. mssas October 29, 2012

    I wish the POTUS would suspend his presidency permanently! Stand Down! Obama! And BTW.. don’t go harping about what you’re going to do about the Sandy victims… people in the northeast don’t need any of your hot air right now!

    1. DukeDacat October 29, 2012

      See, it has already started……………………….

      1. Kent October 29, 2012

        Dear Duke, fortunately in this situation, not all Repubicans are like MSSAs. i reside abroad, and Dem. But knowing the state of century old dams in the State of Pennsylvania, I sent a few e-mails and made a few very urgent phone calls to
        1% republicans in the state of Pennsylvania to have the PPG and the governor lower the reservois level as fast as possible to avoid the possibility of a full reservoir and full dam break when it hits tonight. I can only pray that measure
        will save a few century old dams from breaking. See MSSAS some progressive engineers and ex-pat vets are good for something and know a little about
        1st repsonse.and preventative measures.

    2. David L. Allison October 29, 2012

      mssas: “Blather, Blather, Blather, BS” says the trollete who likely does not live in the flood zone of the NorthEast and would rather see innocent people die than get help from the Obama administration. This person demonstrates indications of emotional illness.

      1. oldtack October 29, 2012

        Nah – I think this person is a good Tea Party Christian imbued with the Spirit.

    3. northroader1775 October 29, 2012

      get bent punk…we’ll fix your shit even if you don’t like it….OBAMA BIDEN 2012 the only way forward

  3. David L. Allison October 29, 2012

    Why is no comentator even mentioning global climate change. NOAA is ignoring climate change and talking about how they need new satellites for better predicition. The MSM is talking and showing the damage but refuses to say a word about the cause. It is bad enough that the presidential campaigns are gutless on this issue but CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC are all ignoring the causes and dealing only with the effects. This is crazy

    1. DukeDacat October 29, 2012

      David, don’t you know. there is no global climate change, it is all an Al Gore plot. to tax Big Bidnesss..

      1. David L. Allison October 29, 2012

        i wish so much that you were wrong about the crazies but I fear that you are correct. They all love to hate too much.

        1. billybookworm October 29, 2012

          Our local paper that usually is straight down the rightwing line had an article in the business section on global warming yesterday! I think it is the first time they have ever mentioned it.

    2. oldtack October 29, 2012

      I channel surfed a a few minutes ago and Chris Matthews was asking a Weatherman in the Battery in New York “what is going on?””I don’t want to get into Global Warming but what’s going on?”

      The Weather man explained to Matthews – this is caused by Global warming and proceeded to explain what was causing the Hurricanes to move more toward the North. Matthews changed the subject and began talking of other things like he was afraid to mention the big “LIE” Global Warming.

      Whether this is man made Global Warming or this is a natural phenomenon that has occurred many time in the Earths existence is a matter of conjecture. But the fact remains that Global Warming is happening.

      1. David L. Allison October 29, 2012

        thanks. 97% of climate scientists say the global climate change is human caused. I don’t understand why so many of the right wing radical republican trolls want to be associated with that 3% of Science losers.

        1. sigrid28 October 30, 2012

          There has always been an anti-intellectual branch of protestantism in the U.S. since its inception, particularly with respect to the Bible as a document of truth. For many seeking religious freedom in the New World, the Bible replaced the entire social hierarchy of elites from whom pilgrims wished to escape, both among the aristocracy and within the Catholic church.

          These anti-intellectual roots had a revival in the 1950s, until Sputnik and McCarthyism shook the country out of its stupor. The current right wing branch of the Republican party yearns for the simpler days of the 1950s and the social values of that era. Creationism and climate-change denial fit right into the anti-intellectual bender they are on. Witness Santorum calling college-educated people “snobs,” watch “Mad Men,” think of the trend among fundamentalists for home schooling and their complacency about dismantling public education, their claim to know the whole truth in tandem with their toleration for outright lies. It is all of a piece: anti-intellectualism in American life.

  4. Canistercook October 29, 2012

    too bad he did not suspend his campaigning to find out what had happened to 4 brave Americans in Libya. Guess we need an investigation AFTER the election!

    1. DukeDacat October 29, 2012

      And yet, another TROLL strikes!!!!!

    2. David L. Allison October 29, 2012

      Your efforts to attack our president while he is trying to help some of the millions of people affected by this storm are shameful but I assume that, from your posts, you have no shame.

      1. Canistercook October 29, 2012

        There is no one needing help until it arrives! He does not help them anyway, the American taxpayers do. He just contributes words and hopefully his fair share of taxes!

        1. David L. Allison October 29, 2012

          no shame at all.

          1. Canistercook October 29, 2012

            The only shame involved is if those 4 Americans could or should have gotten more help. Guess we will never know!

          2. David L. Allison October 29, 2012

            So now it is ok to politicize national security issues as long as it is done with to attack, however subtly, President Obama.

          3. Canistercook October 29, 2012

            It’s not a national security issue any more – there was perhaps too little security. If the shoe fits Obama should wear it. He has had plenty of opportunity to defend his position and allow the American public to access the video and reports along with E-mails. He just keeps saying “All is not known we are investigating” Guess we have to wait till after the election! Prior terrorist attacks have been totally revealed to the public in a matter of hours not weeks!

          4. David L. Allison October 30, 2012

            Your comment indicates a much more limited understanding of national security than I think (hope) you actually have.

            Obama does not have to defend his decisions to the right wing media nor to know-it-all bloggers and trolls. He has no responsibility to draw conclusions, many of them internally inconsistent, based on partial information. All prior terrorist attacks are not yet revealed at all, let alone within a matter of hours or even weeks and many of them may not be revealed for a long time depending on security needs. Even the full information on the Bush failures leading to and following from (9/11) are not yet public knowledge nor should they be. This is the 21st century. It is not WWII any more dude, nor even Korea nor Vietnam. Security needs change.

            Disclosure of national security information may make you feel all giggly but it is not necessarily the right thing to do if the Commander in Chief and his generals believe it is not appropriate.

            Your positions, though you try very hard to make them sound reasonable, are simply reflections and reiterations of commentators with limited knowledge and less understanding of national security, very large egos and massive pressure to influence the presidential election and the potential for having one more giant war in the middle east.

            Make no mistake, I am not an unqualified supporter of some of this administrations failure to disclose internal domestic actions and decisions nor of this administrations’ attacks on whistle blowers and even some of those who have spoken out on the problems of the administration’s conduct with Guantanamo and drones. But I will support Obama a hundred times over Romney and Ryan who have demonstrated time and time again that they will defer to the worst of the Bush advisors on national defense and war powers and lead us into another destructive and self destructive war.

          5. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            I have no doubt you will support Obama and cannot ever think of considering any other alternative. You and 98% of the Black people. However, releasing the information as to whether the Ambassador had in fact requested additional security and why there was an attempt to blame it on the video when the rest of the world knew it was a terrorist raid is not something that would compromise our security. Obama’s has a responsibility to ALL Americans not just his supporters. We have a right to know if he and those he employs are competent! Perhaps I have a lot more understanding of national security than you. It makes it look like a cover up since he is still hedging on releasing information that has absolutely nothing to do with security at a burned out embassy.

          6. David L. Allison October 30, 2012

            I think Gov. Johnson is pretty cool and would have been a far superior choice than Romney/Ryan and hey, 98% of the black people, 80% of the brown people, 67% of the yellow people, 65% of the female people and a few of us old white male people are enough to beat the bejesus out of the wealthy old white menwho have been running this country for far too long.

            You don’t have to like the fact that Obama is following his responsibilities as commander in chief instead of pandering to your simplistic simpering demands but you are failing in your unwillingness to recognize that you are beating a very dead horse on this issue. Your position has been demonstrated to be invalid (i.e. without a basis) repeatedly over the past month. Even Romney has backed away from the Fox/Rush BS on this point.

            The U.S. voting public, in the states that count, are voting for Obama and his advisors rather than Romney/Ryan/McConnell and their Bush II advisors who took us into two unjustified wars founded on lies and Republican testosterone.

            Wadr, you have demonstrated that you do not have “a lot more” or more clear understanding of national security than I do.

            Nitey – nite.

    3. DukeDacat October 29, 2012

      Hey Cantcook,
      What about the 5,000 or so Killed in Iraq…….
      The 2,000 or so killed in Afghanistan…….
      The 60,000 and still counting, Wounded/disabled/Mental issues…….

      Where were you during the Bush/Cheny years 2001 to 2009………..????
      Until you can explain this, give it a rest and keep your trap shut…….

      1. Canistercook October 29, 2012

        I was in the same country as you were – Where Congress voted to go to war with Bush and Chaney including most Democrats. I was with you where a black general testified in front of the U.N. that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. I was with you when terrorists struck New York and London and we felt we had to stamp out their terrorist training grounds in Afghanistan. I am with you that Obama is still in Afghanistan trying to prevent it becoming another terrorist training camp. Obviously you put all the blame on Bush and Cheney for what we both feel was in hindsight an error of judgment in going to war in Iraq, but I suggest before you attack others you check the Congressional record and see how many Democrats voted to support Bush and Chaney! America is fighting a terrorist war and we have never fought this kind of war before and I am not sure we still know exactly how to fight this war but it is still out there and still remains a threat and I am sure whoever is in power they will do what they think is right. Whether is will turn out to be or not only time will tell. We still hear criticism of those who dropped the A-bomb on Nagasaki but that is hindsight on those that felt they were saving American lives at the time.

        1. DukeDacat October 29, 2012

          Again, one more time………..
          Where were you during the Bush/Cheny years 2001 to 2009………..????
          Until you can explain this, give it a rest and keep your trap shut…….

          1. Canistercook October 29, 2012

            Well I guess some people really don’t believe in free speech and are very rude as well. Par for the course!

          2. David L. Allison October 29, 2012

            Free speach allows you to repeat your trollspeak with impunity. You are forgiven by most for your rudeness because we understand your limitations.

          3. Canistercook October 29, 2012

            Just wonder who is limited!

          4. oldtack October 29, 2012

            Canistercook states that he was Serving in the Army in London during WWII when America was embroiled in war with Germany and the Axis nations.

            Giving an average age of 20 for Service in England he would have been about 78 years old in 2001 and 86 in 2009.

            If he was like the rest of us in that close age range then he was probably sitting on his retired cushions marveling at the stupidity of the entire Government.

            Where were you?

        2. David L. Allison October 29, 2012

          You do not answer simple questions. Congress acted as they did because they trusted the Commander in Chjief when the Commander in Chief lied to them and to the public and then sent an honorable public servant, General Powell, to lie to the U.N. General Assembly.

          Bush and Cheney lied and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands. None of the right wing a..holes complained about the lies, even when they were proven to be made up by the war mongers of the right. Lying to Congress, the public and the world through the United Nations is not an error in judgment it is treason and a series of war crimes.

          Bush and Cheney let the perpetrator of 9/11 escape in order to attack Iraq. The right (even “moderate” Romney) attacked Obama for even discussing going into pakistan to kill Osama. The “war on terror” could have been over long ago. Give up your racism and hate for moderation and progressive politics and politicians and get a grip, for God’s sake.

          1. Canistercook October 29, 2012

            Like Powell they, including the Brits, were all fed false and misleading information. The CIA unfortunately failed them all including Powell. If what you spout is Progressive Politics may God or someone help us! Looks like we are going to need a lot of help!

          2. David L. Allison October 29, 2012

            Hmmm. Thought the final responsibility was the President’s. or is that just for Libya? isn’t consistency a bitch?

          3. Canistercook October 29, 2012

            Yes. The final responsibility was with the President, in the case of Iraq war, Bush, and he and Powell and Congress and all the others bought into the intelligence reports. The buck stops with the Commander in Chief. He should be questioning the others he hired to do the job of protecting the Libyan Embassy and should come up with the answers to the public. Bush admitted WMD’s were not found in Iraq. Will Obama admit that they did or did not properly act to defend the 4 men killed. At least give us an answer!

    4. oldtack October 29, 2012

      They were employees of the U S Government. They were “Warriors” They were well paid for their Service to their Country. They were well aware of the Danger in Lybia but they did their assigned duty. It cost them their lives.

      You jump on this damned band wagon about the lives of FOUR Warriors and you don’t open your mouth about the thousands of Young Military Warriors that have sacrificed their lives carrying out their assignments.

      Did you ever raise your right hand and take the oath to protect and defend this Country? Did you ever serve in Combat? I doubt it. You are probably like all the other non-caring yellow- liver cowards in this Country that are content to let someone else defend this Country while they sit on their asses and bitch and moan.

      1. Canistercook October 29, 2012

        On the contrary I feel sadness for them all. I contributed to fighting Hitler in London during WWII so I probably am more familiar with the horrors of war than you are unless you have served in a war front. I’m ‘bitching’ because our President didn’t even have the courtesy to go back from campaigning to the white house and find out if everything was being done to save them and if they were in fact properly guarded. Still wonder in this day of video’s and e-mails what is taking so long to get the facts out. Guess we will know after the election. With your head in the sand I guess you will not ask for answers. That is all I have asked for and as a citizen I believe I am entitled and should ask that question and expect an answer.

        1. oldtack October 29, 2012

          I have no reason to doubt your Service to this Country in WWII.

          If you did indeed serve as you state than I thank you for your Service.

          I don’t have my head in the sand. I just wait for all the facts rather than going off on a tangent before everything is investigated and resolved.

          Before you expound on your duty in London perhaps you should reflect on my three cousins, Roy Nichols, Foy Drew and James Elliott.

          Foy was Killed in Action when his B- 24 exploded over Das Kaltenbrunn, Austria, Nov 2, 1943.

          Roy was drowned at sea when his B-17 sank 10 miles off the coast of Cyprus Nov. 11, 1943.

          James was Killed in Action at St Lo, July 24,1944.

          I would wager that any of those three cousins would think you had pretty cushy duty in London.

          But – thank you again for taking the oath and serving this Great Country.

          1. Canistercook October 29, 2012

            We should thank all who have served and accept responsibility for making sure our country is going in the right direction to reward them for their service.

  5. Canistercook October 29, 2012

    There sure is climate change; trouble is we have too many ‘experts’ trying to make a living out of it. It has happened before and it will happen again and no one is really sure how to change the change. We should do only what we think makes sense since we cannot control the whole planet!

  6. bud2011 October 29, 2012

    It is going to be interesting to see how Obozo handles this crisis. The brain dead will blame it on global warming. The Kool-aid drinkers will blame it on Bush. Now is the time to see how this loser handles his Katrina.

  7. David L. Allison October 30, 2012

    To my friends on National Memo. I have violated my own mantra of never feeding the trolls. I promise that I am now recovered and will stop allowing the trolls on this site to pretend to be entering into rational discussion, conversation and debate.

    1. Elsie Yarham October 30, 2012

      I’ve always wondered: do trolls get paid by someone for their work? I hope they aren’t working for free – that would be communistic. I agree with David that National Memo should not let rational discussion on this forum be drowned out by zombies.

  8. Elsie Yarham October 30, 2012

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if one of the candidates had addressed the perilous global warming issue during the debates, as the proverbial elephant in the room has decided to make a dramatic grand appearance right at election time? Mother Nature is demanding attention. Instead both candidates, sadly including Obama – intimidated by the right-wing-controlled press – have pretended nothing is amiss. How perfectly ironic. This can only get worse. How long will it take for them to finally react and abandon the denial? Probably some time after it’s too late, which may already be here.

  9. Solomon Quist October 30, 2012

    I read somewhere else that Gov. Romney is to resume campaigning on Wednesday. Is this true? in this harrowing time of a section of the American populace? Then it shows how bent he is to occupy the Oval Office and I wonder how he will feel if his desire does not materialise


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