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If Mitt Romney Is Going To Lose, He’s Going To Lose Ugly

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If Mitt Romney Is Going To Lose, He’s Going To Lose Ugly


Just imagine Mitt Romney’s inner monologue on the day he signed RomneyCare. There’s his old nemesis Ted Kennedy standing next to him, smiling that Kennedy smile. Finally the Heritage Foundation’s conservative alternative to single payer health care will get a chance in the nation’s most liberal state. This is how you become president, Ol’ Mitty, he must have thought. Just play it down the middle.

We know Mitt is a malleable guy, to say the least. For years, he pretended to be sincerely pro-choice. Now he pretends to be severely anti-abortion rights. But he’s always been, as Kennedy quipped, “multiple choice. What Mitt never expected back then was that a Democratic president would appropriate his signature achievement – and that it would then become the most hated thing in Fox Nation since Jimmy Carter.

So Mitt’s campaign has devolved into a charade where he is trying to become the lovechild of Limbaugh and Reagan — even more conservative than the nation’s foremost fundamentalist, Rick Santorum. He wanted to project strength, but somehow his contrail stank of weakness.

As former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum explains:

For the past year, we have watched him be pushed around by the radical GOP fringe. He’s been forced to abjure his most important achievement as governor, his healthcare plan. In December, he was compelled to sign onto the Ryan budget plan after months of squirming to avoid it. Last fall he released an elaborate economic plan. On the eve of the Michigan primary, he ripped it up and instead accepted a huge new tax cut – to a top rate of 28 per cent – that has never been costed (and that he now tries to avoid mentioning whenever he can). Romney has acknowledged in interviews that he understands that big rapid cuts in government spending could push the US economy back into recession. Yet he campaigns anyway on the Tea Party’s false promise that it’s the deficit that causes the depression, rather than (as he well knows) the other way around.

Mitt’s business and financial record, shrouded in secrecy, has been turned into a battering ram by the Obama campaign. No longer does the press corps swallow the idea that Mitt and Bain Capital created jobs. Instead, more and more, Bain is associated with a malignant force in our economy: gamblers who play with other people’s money, raking in big gains while socializing their losses.

Thus Mitt’s true weakness is revealed: He can’t get a grip his on his own narrative.


  1. Dominick Vila July 19, 2012

    Mitt Romney has changed positions so many times on virtually every issue that it is alsmost impossible to determine what he believes, let alone his vision. His persona undergoes instant metamorphosis dependent on who he talks to. In Ohio, he is a populist, like Miller Lite, and has no problem with with Unions. In the South he wants to eliminate as many social programs as possible to ensure the super rich can keep their loot, and in Florida the champion of spending reductions blames President Obama for, allegedly, destroying MEDICARE and NASA.

    1. Tom_D44 July 19, 2012

      Great Dominick – You just described every politician out there. Politics is a popularity game where the goal is to appeal to the most number of people while pushing the agenda you want. If you don’t play it right you will get nowhere fast. Obama has done this equally as well but I don’t see you calling him out on it. How about we show the hypocrisy on both sides here………or do you have an agenda of your own?

      1. Dominick Vila July 19, 2012

        Politician do cater to their audience, but until somebody shows me evidence that President Obama has promised to eliminate social programs, and changes positions on on social and economic matters as he travels across the country, I have to say that, for better or worse, he has been consistent on what he says. He supports Social Security, MEDICARE and MEDICAID; he supports healthcare for all Americans; he supports gay rights, he believes our country should invest in infrastructure to reduce unemployment and improve competitiveness, he supports veterans, he supports the right of American workers to organize, he has taken effective steps to protect American interests broad without resorting to deceitful tactics and he has been consistent throughout his tenure. There is nothing wrong changing positions when we learn that there is a better way to do something, but it is wrong to change tunes from day to day dependent on who we talk to.

        1. Tom_D44 July 19, 2012

          Come on Dominick-

          On your points you are exactly correct. He has played to the issues on the hard left very well…..but, he campaigned as a uniter and someone who would govern from the center and bring the country together on the issues. He made promises to stop spending, end the wars, make government accountable and transparent, close Gitmo and on and on and on. He sounded great to democrats, independents and some republicans which is how he won. Actually, he won because Bush did such a pitiful job that it was more of a referendum against Bush than a vote for Obama – but Obama played it up well and convinced many of us that he would work with everyone and help fix a system that is rotten to the core. Instead he has just proven he is one of them and you guys protect him with avengence.

          1. YepThatTell July 19, 2012

            The GOP and Tea Party are the great Dividers; they foster fear and prejudice, and I hope in November we’ll see how they actually united voters AGAINST their lunacy, irresponsibility, and obstructionism.

          2. heynorm6 September 10, 2012

            Still got that tingle up and down your leg, huh? You must be delusional.
            Romney 58% Obama 42%

          3. Dominick Vila July 19, 2012

            He ended the war in Iraq and is reducing troop levels in Afghanistan. Let’s not forget that when he proposed leaving Afghanistan 2 years ago the GOP came down on him with claims of endangering national security and compromising our national interests. Compared to other administrations, and Mitt Romney, he has kept his promise and made the Federal government more accountable and transparent. Funny you should mention Gitmo, have you forgotten what happened when he proposed closing the Guantanamo prison camp and bringing the remaining prisoners to stand trial in the USA? The barrage of criticism from the GOP made the alleged terrorists look like Supermen with kryptonite powers capable of bending iron bars, escaping, and singlehandedly subduing the American people. Making President Obama responsible for everything the GOP has blocked may play well within Tea Party circles, it remains to be seen whether mainstream America buys it.

          4. Lynda July 19, 2012

            You beat me too it. Gitmo was the obvious counter point to the argument. The GOP stopped that in its tracks. Well done.

          5. Ed July 19, 2012

            No ONE! I mean NO ONE. Could have foreseen that the people would elect a congress who refuses to work for the greater good ofthe country. Eric Canor asnd the tea party ccare not whether the nation survives. As long as they can destroy Oboma.

          6. joseph July 19, 2012

            It’s easy to villify the president for not accomplishing all of his goals. The prsident tried to work with the other party, but since his inauguration the republicans main goal was to make sure our black president wouldn’t be reelected. Many of the programs the repubs supported all of a sudden did not fit into their plans when Obama took office. In 2010 the congress got dumped on by the tea-baggers and took control of the House. Most of those tea=bagger reps don’t know what’s going that is for the good of the American people. Likewise in the Senate. Yes, the Dems have the majority, but, because of the hundreds of filibusters used by the repubs, a super majority was needed. There were no . supporters in most cases by the repubs

          7. Tom_D44 July 19, 2012

            Joseph, the president had control of the executive branch and both houses for the first 2 out of the 3 years he’s been in there. Your argument of obstructionism holds no water. He did, however, use that power to pass a completely partisan healthcare bill. Hardly a record of bring together the american people.

          8. Lynda July 19, 2012

            Wrong. You need to do a little reading and check the congressional record. Here is a brief breakdown to get you started.

            Jan 20, 2009 Democratic Senators 55, with 2 Independent. This is when Obama took office.

            April 28, 2009 Spector switched parties changing the numbers Demo’s 56, still 2 Ind.

            May 15, 2009 Kennedy ill, Minnesota seat still contested. Ttl number unchanged.

            June 2009 Kennedy cast healthcare vote, Sen Byrd in hospital.. Minnesota still not firm

            July 7, 2009 Franken sworn in. Numbers Demo’s 56, still 2 Ind

            July 21, 2009 Bird returned to Senate, Kennedy still out Demos 57, still 2 Ind

            Kennedy died Aug 25, 2009.

            Sept 24, 2009 Paul Kirk appointed to fill Kennedy’s seat. Demos 58, still 2 Ind. This is the only time Demo’s and Ind totaled the 60 votes needed to pass anything.

            Feb 4, 2010 Brown (GOP) elected to Kennedy’s seat. Ttl’s Demos 57, 2 Ind. This means Demo’s had control a little over 4 months.

            But here’s the most important detail that so many like you never mention.

            The GOP controlled the Congress and the White House from 2001 to 2007. SIX YEARS!

            I am assuming that you understand that it takes 60 votes to get anything to the floor of the Senate. Look up the recent filibusters to get the idea. As you will clearly see the Democratics never had control of the Senate without the help of the Independents and that was only for a little over 4 months.

          9. joyscarbo July 19, 2012

            What you forget, Tom, is that most people believe in issues that conservatives think are expressions of liberal leftists but really aren’t. Most Americans want and will support Medicare and Medicaid, Roe v. Wade, building infrastructure, etc. It is YOU that deem these liberal issues when they are actually issues supported by the majority of our country. Is all of our country somehow leftists? I don’t think so. Most Americans just want what is best for themselves and the greater good. That is neither left or right. You need to center your middle point- it’s not where you want to think it is.

          10. jbg9617 July 19, 2012

            Yes Tom, Bush did a pitiful job as President and we are still reaping what he has sewed during his two terms. The Republicans are desperately trying to blame Obama and failing to hide their racist subtext to the point where Republican Senator McCain has to rebuke Bachman for her xenophobic letter about Clinton’s Muslim aid (who happens to be married to a Jew). It doesnt get any crazier than that.

          11. highpckts July 19, 2012

            Obama like romney can’t do anything without the approval of our “do nothing” Congress! All these changes that Romney promises on his first day in office aren’t going to happen! Obama has tried to do what he promised but the Gop will have nothing to do with it! Go figure!

          12. Gammaanya July 19, 2012

            Congress will work with Romney because he is not Obama and he is white and rich. Unless we flip and give Romney Dem House and Congress and they will do the same to him what current Congress/House does to Obama. That would be a riot to see it. Romney will be flopping every hour on the hour and complain that Obama left him all these debts (NOT they come from Bush and some from Reagan – they just shifted numbers). That would be funny, how he would feel to walk in Obama shoes. I think he will just sell good old USA to the highest bidders Adelson,Koch or maybe Israel (they already own us anyway) or even to the Mormon Church, so he can declare himself a King.
            Long reign the king. – NOT

          13. Joan Maurer July 19, 2012

            How could one man, President Obama, unite the country when to do so he needs the likes of Mitch , John and Ryan? The tea party backed Congress has shown itself unwilling to compromise on anything. This was most evident in the budget talks – they would not accept a 10 to 1 deal. He could not close Gitmo because the GOP would not let him try and imprison terrorist here. One war is over – thanks to him. I suggest we give him some latitude on promises about the economy – he did not know how big a cliff Bush was going to throw us off of.

            As a liberal I am not happy with his transparacy. I will suggest that it is hard to be transparent when you are the focus of such malice fed by the Fox News, Rush , and Koch brothers lies, and distortions.

            I am in agreement with one aspect of the GOP – ANYONE BUT MITT!

          14. Chris Riley July 19, 2012

            Bullshit. Obama DID try to work. Instead of SINGLE PAYER healthcare (aka socialist healthcare aka the ONLY kind of healthcare democrats wanted), he went with the Heritage Foundation’s bullshit mandate.

            Remember the Grand Bargain where Obama offered an UNHEARD OF 85% spending reductions to 15% new revenues? That deal is the most conservative deficit reduction deal IN HISTORY. Republicans (except for the current crop of tea party radicals) would have done anything to get such a sweet deal in any other time. But not this time.

            Remember where Obama said, matter-of-factly, that regardless of what the Left says, Social Security and Medicare are ON THE TABLE in talks about deficit reduction?

            Don’t try to spout the Fox News “he didn’t try to work with us” bullshit.

            He spent two years offering fig leaves and all Republicans did was flip him the bird.

            Republicans PROMISED in a 2008 inauguration meeting to subvert every policy goal of the President. They PROMISED to not work with the President no matter what he offered.

            If you really think that Obama was the problem, you need your head checked.

            Republicans didn’t compromise with Obama BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT MODERATES. The Republicans in power today are Radicals who want ONLY what the tea-party says. They don’t want moderation, they don’t want compromise and they have thumbed their nose at every attempt.

            To blame the President is to be blind and ignorant.

          15. Gammaanya July 19, 2012

            Why Gitmo is not closed – ask Republican’s, War in Iraq ended on the date BUSH agreed. Osama was a lunch for fishies. Few other bit the dust. He did not declare war on any country, uses drones to do the dirty work not his own country man. He doesn’t flap his gums and put himself on a war ship with a banner Mission Accomplish. He risk his Presidency on Osama dead or alive. He took a chance and HE GOT IT?? He just came out and said. Osama Bin Laden is dead. I did not see a banner. He was rather somber and not smiling, after all he took another human being life, no matter friend or foe, still a human being. I don’t understand which part you don’t get it!? He is trying to bring the country together from the day 1, does FILIBUSTER MEANS SOMETHING TO YOU????? I am surprised how he carries himself with dignity, despite of all this bashing, name calling, Muslim, Socialist, Communist, Hitler,Marxist etc. Funny probably 90% of them do not even know the meaning of all these names. Even Hitler forced people to pay 1 year taxes in advance if they wanted to leave Germany. I don’t recall Obama saying, you have to???? I don’t recall Obama killing any of his own – Bush did 5K and counting not to mention Iraqis (200K +).
            What did legacy Reagan left? – No child left behind?,What did papa Bush left?? – Read my lips – no more taxes?? What did Bush son left?? USA near bankrupcy and laughing stock in the world.It awesome, famous and powerful. ??? What a dipstick.
            Do you know what legacy means??Politicians come and go, most of them become corrupted and selfserving, honesty and truth is not a virtue of ANY POLITICIAN. No matter if you are Dem or Rep, what counts is YOUR COUNTRY and what is best for your country as a whole with the warts, losers, winners, sinners and spinners, rich or poor. Life is short, enjoy every moment and leave a legacy of your good name with a good deeds not misdeeds.

          16. pattijo2 July 19, 2012

            Tom_D44, if you think Obama is hard left, then you are so far right the middle looks left! Obama is pretty much in the middle, at least where the middle has historically been.

          17. STORMENHARD July 19, 2012

            That was President Obama’s mistake…He made too many compromises to the right trying to work with them. They however decided that it was more important to make him a one term president then to do anything for the economy or the country…Their philosophy is that it’s better to run this country into the ground and make Obama look bad, then do anything that will help this country recover from the sh@@ hole the previous administration put us in!!

          18. DurdyDawg July 21, 2012

            We’re not protecting him nim nod, we’re protecting what he represents to us whether or not he fulfills those ideals, rather than standing with a man who say’s his first order will be to end Obamacare THEN focus on eliminating welfare, food stamps, disability, Social Security, Veteran benefits and any and all social programs (without an alternate solution except to ‘fend for yourself’) then eliminate firefighters, cops, the unions and 32oz sodas in order to lower the deficit but then turn around and says he’ll expand military spending and grant more tax breaks for the rich which will create jobs and continue the trickle down effect.. Now do you understand? We’re not for either of these bozo’s, only for and against what both stand for. When jobs are plenty and the country prospers, the welfare system runs at or below average.. When the shit hits the fan and people worry about how their going to feed their family then it’s the responsibility of the g’ment (whom we had created it’s prosperity in the first place) to come to our aid and help us get through these trying times then when better times arrive they will be more than willing to get off the welfare rolls and get back to work. Only those who are well off do not suffer in this manner thus they do not understand the suffrage of others and because they have never suffered to the point of poverty and living on the street and don’t understand those who are suffering in this manner, they call them moochers and accuse the g’ment of being socialistic communists for daring to spend their tax dollars on these low life’s. For some reason the rich think they made this Country.. Let’s say there are 1/2 million millionaires and 1/4 million billionaires AND 1/4 wannabe trillionaires in this country and each pay taxes that seem reasonable to them.. In the end it would be a spit in the bucket compared to approx 200 million workers paying what the rich say would be fair for us.. Which ones could make the Nation more prosperous? The middle class is an asset to logical thinking people and because of that asset, they should be reasonably cared for after those same rich screw up the nation and creates a depression. If nobody can see this logic than your all a bunch of sleepers who would just as soon spit on a beggar than drop a quarter in his cup unless you could declare it on your taxes. Pathetic.

          19. Justin Napolitano July 27, 2012

            As we have seen it is quite difficult for the president to do anything on his own. He must have some co-operation from congress and if that congress is determined to do nothing or oppose every single initiative of the president then we get what we have now: a dysfunctional government.
            Gitmo could not be closed because congress would not approve the funds and also because some of the inhabitants were impossible to prosecute after they were subjected to torture.
            There are many things that Obama has done that he promised including: getting out of Iraq, beginning to end the war in Afghanistan, killing Bin Laden, passing a comprehensive health care law that will allow 30 million Americans to have health insurance,
            saving the American auto industry and many, many more.
            Of course the right wing never wants to acknowledge anything.
            It is as if they exist in another universe.

        2. ObozoMustGo July 19, 2012

          uhhhh…. Dommy….. Wasnt Obozo against so-called “gay marriage” before he was for it? Obozo is as much a flip flopper as any other politician.

          The difference between Romney and Obozo = Obozo is a Marxist and Romney is not. Therefore, Romney is better than Obozo.

          Have a nice day!

          1. Arvid123 July 19, 2012

            Like a good conservative, you are unable to be straight with the issues and use name calling to show your point of utterdisgust with those you don’t aggree with.

          2. ObozoMustGo July 19, 2012

            Arvid… I try to keep it simple for simpletons like you!

            Obozo = Marxists/Socialist/Leftist/big government, big spender/whatever the label
            Romney = Free market man, and not those things.

            Conclusion: Romney better.

            Have a nice day!

          3. Lynda July 19, 2012

            Do you really believe that Romney is a ‘free market man’ and that he has not made a very handsome profit by gaming the system? Seriously?

          4. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2012

            And Obozo is??? Seriously???

            Half the problem with you leftist nutjobs is that you think that anyone who has been a successful business man has “gamed the system”. Not true. I know you leftist morons like cliche’s and live in a cliche world, but it’s just not true.

            Have a nice day!

          5. DurdyDawg July 21, 2012

            .. and your punch line is..??

          6. Scott Gill August 9, 2012

            uhm, I believe you have a fundamental misunderstanding of Marxism. It is highly unlikely that you have ever read Das Kapital, as the economic policies Obama has pursued are quite antithetical to Marx’s, while Obama is a Keynesian, that hardly makes him a Marxist. Last I checked, Obama has very little desire to create a centrally controlled economy. He does however believe that in a recession, government spending can and should displace the decreased spending of consumers and investment. Thus believing in a demand side outlook of the economy. Instead of romney who believes in the neo-liberal economic paradigm, a theory which is partially responsible for this entire economic calamity. But to believe that Obama is a marxist, is quite frankly, very stupid. Furthermore, it shows a complete and utter misunderstanding of the terms you are using. Just because you can spell “Marx,” doesn’t mean you know what the hell your talking about. My recommendation is to return to talk radio and leave the esoteric economic policies to those who truly understand and have spent extensive periods studying the issue. Thank you.

          7. ObozoMustGo August 9, 2012

            Scott… you are blinded by your love of the messiah, Obozo. How stupid can you be to say that Obozo “has very little desire to create a centrally controlled economy”? Look at what he has done! Auto industry control. Mortgage industry control. Student loan industry control. Banking industry control. Health care control. Energy control. And control over virtually EVERY aspect of American life. WHAT THE HELL ELSE DO YOU CALL IT, YOU FOOL???? How many friggin czars does he have to appoint that control one aspect of industry or another for you to say that he IS, in fact, trying to centrally control the economy? How many Boeings does he have to sick the NLRB on to prevent them from legally opening factories where ever they damned well please?

            Do you think there is a difference between outright ownership of property by government or behind the scenes governmental rule of property owners by bureaucratic fiat? Only in appearance, you idiot. There is NO difference.

            While Obozo may subscribe to Keynesian theories, they have been proven WRONG and seriously misused by politicians seeking excuses to pay off the electorate today with money from future taxpayers. What moron in today’s world, with all the evidence of FAILURE of Keynesian policies, still believes that a country can spend their way to prosperity? Only the most committed leftist freak believes that lie, and even then, I don’t think they really do. They only use it an an arcane excuse to do what all leftist pieces of shit do – – spend other people’s money!

            I think you not only don’t have a clue what your talking about, you’re caught up in the cult of personality that is Obozo the messiah! You obviously have enlightened your way to the status of complete fool!

            Have a nice day, you fool!

            “Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right – a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.” – Abraham Lincoln

          8. ObozoMustGo August 9, 2012

            one other point, Scott…. Obozo IS a socialist by his own admission.

            The evidence for this one comes straight from the horse’s mouth – namely, Obozo himself. On page 122 of “Dreams From My Father,” one discovers this passage:

            “Political discussions, the kind that at Occidental had once seemed so intense and purposeful, came to take on the flavor of the socialist conferences I sometimes attended at Cooper Union or the African cultural fairs that took place in Harlem and Brooklyn during the summers — a few of the many diversions New York had to offer, like going to a foreign film, or ice-skating at Rockefeller Center.”

            Your messiah IS an admitted socialist! Sorry. It’s sad AND true!

            Have a nice day!

            “By rendering the labor of one, the property of the other, they cherish pride, luxury, and vanity on one side; on the other, vice and servility, or hatred and revolt.” – James Madison

          9. mynx1 August 9, 2012

            Romney = selfish, greedy, arogant, dispassionate, two faced, elitist, out of touch

            Conclusion: Obama is the People’s real choice for peace and prosperity for all

          10. ObozoMustGo August 9, 2012


            selfish, greedy, arogant, dispassionate, two faced, elitist, out of touch = Better than a Marxists/Socialist/Leftist/big government, big spender/whatever the label for Obozo

            Reminder… Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Mao, Polpot, and even Kim Jung Il were ALL supported as “the people’s choice for peace and prosperity”

            All of which is a reminder that, unlike vampires, there’s no driving a stake through the heart of a bad idea. Karl Marx will always be with us, at least in the DemoncRAT party. So will Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the patron saint of environmentalists even if they don’t know it. And so will John Maynard Keynes, godfather of Obamanomics. History is only repeated as farce to those who either have forgotten it or enjoy the sick humor of a disaster foretold.

            You can go back to your crack pipe now! It’s calling you. Can you hear it?

            Have a nice day!

            “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
            the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
            its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
            — Winston Churchill

          11. STORMENHARD July 19, 2012

            Well look who’s back!!! OMG the GOP’s very own professional blogger…Where have you been my red neck friend??

          12. ObozoMustGo July 19, 2012

            Yo Storm! What up? I was on vacay for a couple of weeks. Dropped off the grid. It’s better that way. But now I’M BAAAAAAAACCCCKKKKKK!!!!! hehehehehehehehe

            Have a great night, my friend!

          13. phantomoftheopera July 19, 2012

            your logic, as usual, is totally assailable. a flip flopper changes his message rapidly, without explanation. someone who is maturing does so slowly, and with explanation.

            romney wants to help establish an upper class with rights and priviledges not afforded the common riffraff. he seems to believe that money makes you a better person. hope you’re rich!

          14. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2012

            POTO… you leftist nutjobs all get on Mitt for flip flopping. My point is that all politicians can be called flip floppers. Witness a sampling of your messiah’s flip flopping:

            Posted by rgray222 previously.

            Keep in mind that there are two sides to this coin
            Obama used to be anti-war now he sells himself as the war president
            Obama used to be anti lobbyist, now he has more on his staff then any other president
            Obama used to be anti patriot act, not only continued it he strengthened it
            Obama used to against negative campaigning, now he has spent 4x the Romney amount
            Obama used to be against increasing the debt ceiling now he is for it
            Obama used to be against gay marriage now he is for it, good but a flip flop for politic only
            Obama used to be for immigration and disability reform now he is having second thoughts
            Obama used to be against executive orders to block information now he is for it
            Obama used to be for transparency and now he is against it!

            Have a nice day!

          15. Stephena Helms Held July 19, 2012

            Like many of us his thinking about gay marriage has evolved. When we know better, we do better. Throwing around inflammatory terms like “Marxist” doesn’t make it true, as people with any common sense at all know. Obviously, you believe what you need to, regardless of the facts.

          16. Tim Tourke July 19, 2012

            Who’s Obozo? I’ve never heard of this person.

          17. ReasonablyMyself July 19, 2012

            Hey, I get that you don’t like Obama. But honestly, you’re not doing yourself any favors by calling Obama a Marxist. He’s not that, he’s not even a socialist. He’s a capitalist just like the rest of us.

            The difference between him and Mitt is that he favors more regulation on the financial sector and higher taxes for higher income earners or job-creators depending on which side of the spectrum you fall. If you don’t like that and you believe this ideology will lead to economic disaster, that’s fine and that’s a perfectly good reason to not like him and to prefer Mitt.

            I know there’s probably a lot of anger in you towards Obama, but you can’t let that make you lose sight of the truth. It’s not good to be radical in either direction whether liberal or conservative. I hope you’ll be more thoughtful in your future remarks and I honestly wish you the best.

          18. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2012

            Thanks for the thoughts, RM. Regarding Obozo… you are correct. I don’t like him. Not even a little bit. And I think that I AM accurate in calling him a Marxist/Socialist/big centralized controlling government guy. Whatever the label you apply, they mean the same thing pretty much. That it’s government’s job to level the playing field through:

            redistributionist programs and transfer payments;
            highly progressive income taxes;
            extremely tight and excessive regulation over most if not all sectors of the economy;
            government control over individuals’ healthcare;
            and where possible, government control of natural resources.

            Further, like have have posted before… …. let’s see… hmmmm…. Why do I know that Obozo is a Marxist/socialist/whatever similar meaning label? Maybe because there are many facts that are known that prove this conclusion. Things like:

            1) Obozo’s sire from British East Africa (that’s what it was in 1961 despite the fact that his released birth certificate says it was Kenya when Kenya didnt even exist) was a known anti-colonialist and communist sympathizer.
            2) Obozo’s mother was a socialist.
            3) His grandmother who raised him was a socialist.
            4) His mentor Frank Marshall Davis was a socialist revolutionary and card carrying membor of the Communist Party USA.
            5) His own book states that he chose to hang out with the socialist, communists, radical professors, and radical punk music poets.
            6) His attendance at the Black Liberation Theology church of Jeremiah Wright for 20 years.
            7) His association with admitted terrorists and radical revolutionaries Bernadine Dorn and Bill Ayers and the leftists Annenburg Foundation.
            8) His appointment of Van Jones, the card carrying and openly admitted communist.
            9) His appointment of off the charts leftists Cass Sunstein, and the litany of radical socialists and leftists that he has surrounded himself with in his Administration.
            10) His own speeches when he goes off prompter and talks derisively about business owners.
            11) His CONSTANT narrative of class warfare, bourgeois vs. proletariat garbage.

            How many friggin things do you need to see before you realize that the scumbag in the White House is either a) not what you thought he was, or b) is exactly what you want because you too are a radical socialist. Which one is it?

            Have a nice day!

          19. Matthew July 19, 2012

            pardon me, Troll, as I get my tin foil hat.. The idea of Obama being a Marxis… ahh screw it you’re dumb….

          20. Newborn July 19, 2012

            OMG! this guy Obozo again!

          21. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2012

            Unmurdered Baby… err…. Newborn…. You leftist nutjobs dont like getting a dose of your own medicine back, do you?

            Have a nice day!

          22. Chris Szeliga July 20, 2012

            It’s much easier to make the case that President Obama is an Eisenhower Republican than a Marxist. Oh, excuse me, I was looking at facts, nevermind.

          23. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2012






            Thanks for the laugh, Szliggy! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!

            Have a nice day!

          24. Lucy Cox July 20, 2012

            another American parroting words they don’t understand

            look up what marxist really means before commenting again and looking like a fool 🙂


          25. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2012

            Luuuuuuucccyyy!!! You leftist nutjobs kill me!! You don’t even believe your own ears and eyes, despite the evidence in your face. Witness:

            Obozo says to Joe the Plumber ON TAPE: “I think it’s better when we spread the wealth around”

            Karl Marx famously said: “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need”

            More evidence? let’s see… hmmmm…. Why do I know that Obozo is a Marxist/Socialist/whatever label you want to give him? Maybe because there are many facts that are known that prove this conclusion. Things like:

            1) Obozo’s sire from British East Africa (that’s what it was in 1961 despite the fact that his released birth certificate says it was Kenya when Kenya didnt even exist) was a known anti-colonialist and communist sympathizer.
            2) Obozo’s mother was a socialist.
            3) His grandmother who raised him was a socialist.
            4) His mentor Frank Marshall Davis was a socialist revolutionary and card carrying membor of the Communist Party USA.
            5) His own book states that he chose to hang out with the socialist, communists, radical professors, and radical punk music poets.
            6) His attendance at the Black Liberation Theology church of Jeremiah Wright for 20 years.
            7) His association with admitted terrorists and radical revolutionaries Bernadine Dorn and Bill Ayers and the leftists Annenburg Foundation.
            8) His appointment of Van Jones, the card carrying and openly admitted communist.
            9) His appointment of off the charts leftists Cass Sunstein, and the litany of radical socialists and leftists that he has surrounded himself with in his Administration.
            10) His own speeches when he goes off prompter and talks derisively about business owners.
            11) His CONSTANT narrative of class warfare, bourgeois vs. proletariat garbage.

            How many friggin things do you need to see before you realize that the scumbag in the White House is either a) not what you thought he was, or b) is exactly what you want because you too are a radical socialist. Which one is it?

            Have a nice day!

          26. Justin Napolitano July 27, 2012

            I can re post as well Bozo.

            Obozo, I always welcome your stupid and ridiculous remarks. I would be disappointed if I didn’t get to read the complete drivel that emerges from your keyboard.
            It would be better to characterize Romney as a Plutocrat and Obama as a middle class elected president intent on giving the average American a fighting chance.
            To respond to the Marxist comment would give it a modicum of validity; instead I will say you wouldn’t know a Marxist if one bit you on the ass.
            Continue sniffing the glue, it makes your posting even more fun.

          27. Ben Evanson July 20, 2012


            Please try again.

          28. Toni Anthony July 20, 2012

            i have seen this guy everywhere..
            he is a Romney surrogate..i don’t care much for Obama,
            but he spews stuff out that are totally fabricated..

            you can change your views on a couple of issues.
            2,4 ,10 maybe, but on every issues,
            like Romney does, makes me want to puke.

            and i am republican..there is no way in hell
            i will vote for him..he is a disgrace to this party
            and the tearepublicans have muddied up the party so bad i
            am quitting..

          29. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2012

            Toni.. don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out!

            Have a nice day!

          30. DurdyDawg July 21, 2012

            Yo’ Bozo, we don’t know WHAT Romoney is.. We’re just assuming.. I did get word that he will reveal exactly what he is once he get’s in office. No one can hardly wait.

          31. ObozoMustGo July 21, 2012

            Yo Dawg! What up?

            While I agree that Romney may be a little bit of a wild card, what we do know for sure is that he is NOT inclinced toward socialism/Marxism/big centralized governmentism. Therefore, he is a better choice for America than B. Hussein Obozo. Obozo would be a better choice for, say, Cuba, or Venezuela, or North Korea, or a Euro Socialist state. But not America. Sorry! What he’s doing is harming America, not helping. It’s really that simple.

            Have a nice day!

          32. DurdyDawg July 21, 2012

            What you seemingly don’t realize is the rock and hard place these parties have subjected us to. Either an evil despot (according to you) or an evil capitalist that cares only for his personal wealth (according to us). Four years away from the monstrous situation Dubya put us in (in his awesomeness) has not been long enough to overlook the party he represented and now they want to put a clone into office who wants to rape the poor and middle class by eliminating (not replacing) social services that is needed in this depressed recession that’s still going on. For Obama it was like a foot race where the lead runner must give his challengers two minutes head start on a 220 race. Obama may not be the choice anyone wants but he hasn’t threatened the starving, the needy and the poor with their livelihood that all Americans should see it in their heart to help at a time when help is needed. No, we’re not ready for Pub leadership because Dubya and his GOP convinced us of that reality. You have no assurance that the Mittens will be any better than Dubya then we have of assuring you that Obama might. Talk to the GOP, convince them that if they put a real person with real honesty and dedication for America in the place of this ho-hum then we will gladly listen to and if legitimate,, will vote in but up until then accept our personal choice as we accept yours. By continually ragging on our beliefs and tossing leftards, commies and marxists in our direction only reveals your true ‘pub’ nature. Anyway, hope you enjoyed your vac.

          33. ObozoMustGo July 23, 2012

            Yo Dawg! What up?

            Believe me, buddy, I know the rock and hard place the 2 parties put us voters into. It sucks. You should Google “George Washington’s Farewell Address” and read what he said. He was looking into the future and was warning us. It is eerie to read.

            And don’t think for a second that I am a Bush fan or defender. I am not. Bush was progressive big government Republican, and he ran the debt up from about $5.5T to $10.5T in 8 years. He did nothing about our open borders. He bailed out the banks. He had no clue what the free market system is or how it works. He only vetoed 12 bills in his 8 years… one of the lowest in history. Bush was a disaster for the Republican party. But guess what, the combo of Bush AND Obozo is the best thing to happen to the conservative movement. More people are reading the Constitution and the Federalist Papers than ever before. More people are standing up to incumbents and they are being thrown out everywhere. New people are coming on the scene in the Republican party that actually ARE constitutional conservatives. The Dem party needs an equivalent of the Tea Party to do the same. And Occupy Wall Street is NOT it… they are anarchists and radical socialists, and that is exactly the problem with the Dem party already. You guys need new common sense Americans and normal citizens to start running for office. You should know this, Dawg, but I’m not a “party” guy. Far, far from it.

            I actually don’t think I’ve ever used the term “leftard”, but I should probably start doing so. It’s quite accurate! 🙂 LOL

            Have a great day, Dawg!

          34. DurdyDawg July 23, 2012

            First off I consider myself an Independent (I don’t ‘whore’ myself out for any party) although I do lean toward the lib ‘s motto of “help thy neighbor” rather than the con’s, “only the rich survive” or is that ‘strong’? No, it’s rich because the Dems have many strong hulks that can show their teeth while the pubs cower then regroup by HIRING thugs to remind the dems that, “We are in charge” so in reality it is, ‘only the rich survive’.. We also know that both have their assets and their failures but those who butt sniff their chosen party don’t recognize their frailties and secondly, I think both parties know this reality (“You guys need new common sense Americans and normal citizens to start running for office”) yet the powers that be continue to nominate anybody and everybody that seems less intelligent than them and with that knowledge under their hat what are the partys’ members (both side) going to do about it? Vote the lying bastards out just to replace them with other lying bastards? You haven’t left anyone with an alternative.. You haven’t given them a way out, only more Publoney and Demwits that the party numb nuts keep shaking in front of their faces. In the mean time, everyone else suffers because THEY don’t have a clue either else their incapable of offering an alternative to zombies who wear either dem or pub blinders, so it’s (as has always been between these two acme’s) a lesser of two evils and the National public falls for it because they think the phrase has been sanctioned by their creator (either pub or dem). To me, it all seems to be honing down to another civil war but this time the good guys may not win because our enemies will be in control of the big guns that WE furnished them through taxes. I don’t know about you Bozo but I’d like to just piss on everything and short out the insanity. Of course, that’s only my opinion (I can only hope).

          35. ObozoMustGo July 23, 2012

            Yo Dawg! What up? You know, I have a philosophy that the vast, vast number of Americans are actually libertarian in their own lives. I know I am, and everyone I know except the very far left political activist type that actually DOES want to tell people what to do and make everyone so-called “equal”. My philosophy is “live and let live” combined with “if you’re able bodied AND able minded and you dont work, you dont eat”. Certainly, the infinitecimally small number that are NOT able bodied and able minded should be treated and handled well. But the able bodied and minded that’s sucking off the labor of others for years on end, tough crap!

            You want to smoke pot and do drugs, fine. Just dont expect us to pick up the tab for your weaknesses. I don’t care what you do with your money. I don’t care what you do in your bedroom, or whether your gay/tran/whatever. I don’t care what you eat, drink, drive, where you live, who you worship or if you don’t. I dont care what kind of refrigerator you have, what kind of lightbulbs you use, whether you have smoke alarms or not. I dont care if you own a gun, what kind or how much ammo it can hold, or even if you own a tank. I DONT CARE!!! And no one I know who is a conservative gives a damn, either. You live your life as you see fit, earn or dont earn your own way. But damit… let me do the same! And keep your friggin grimey hands off of my property and earnings. I’ll be charitable to whomever I want to be charitable, not who you say I MUST be charitable to by allowing you to steal my earnings.

            I will bet you that you agree closely with what I wrote. Am I correct?

            Have a great day, Dawg!

          36. DurdyDawg July 23, 2012

            Oh, I couldn’t agree more but tell me, what have you done to the g’ment who keeps taking your tax monies and shipping millions off to ‘ten buck too’ in an effort to buy their friendship? Do you give to the charities of your choice because they are the one’s who offer tax write-offs? That’s not charity, that’s posing to the public while taking it back from the people. I’ve always seen the idiocy of giving to able bodied ‘moochers’ without retribution.. there are parks to clean, freeways to collect litter, g’ment buildings that need their trash cans cleaned out.. We don’t need felons to do this, we don’t need armed guards making good pay baby sitting these freaks, they can maintain their own environment, cook and serve to each other and grow their own food.. Welfare recipients aren’t felons (on average) they should pay for their pittance. The g’ment should make them do part-time work and then teach them a trade with the remaining hours (of the day) and if they can’t do it then evaluate them as to why they can’t and make them do what they can do and to those who won’t do what they should for what they get then just like the vote, when their contract expires DO NOT RENEW UNLESS THEY DO AGREE!! Part of our problems with welfare is lack of enforcement (for whatever reason). For a year or so I was out of a job, no insurance, no savings.. I was forced to seek free medical care.. While the Dems controlled the WH I was able to get this care (not like a highly paid physician) but enough to be a little pain freed, then the Pubs took over and right off I had to produce four means of identification. I was living with my son who paid all bills yet I was told I needed two bills in my name to prove residency which I did not have and which they would not accept proof of residency from my family. I was then kicked out of the system before I was scheduled for an MRI.. My point is both parties work on extremes (never compromise) I could have died during that period in my life had it not been for the compassion of the Dems.. I was booted out by the Pubs and had they been in charge at the beginning then odds are I would have died with no sympathy on their end. This is why I favor the lib’s in their ideals.. If I were rich I would most likely side with the Pubs because all those months that I was being medically cared for, I felt like a second class citizen, a ‘moocher’ if you will but it was necessary else die alone with no sympathy from my country. Bozo, a simple program that would make both parties happy should be introduced instead of, “We’re going to give it all away” vs “We’re going to take it all away”.. It only hurts the people, never the elites but take away their perks, drop their pay.. eliminate their insurance and put them on S.S. when they retire and watch the $hit hit the fan. We all need to play fair but to do that, everyone needs to accept compromise because without compromise and a tad amount of sacrifice, we will always tug both ways on the rope until nobody wins but the one’s in power.. Are you willing to allow that to happen?

          37. ObozoMustGo July 23, 2012

            Yo Dawg! What up?

            Couldn’t agree more on foreign aid to countries that hate us. For that matter, kill the whole dang thing. I’m tired of going to work for some jackwad’s benefit in a foreign land. How about no foreign aid, no nation building either. You or some jackwad yelling “alahu akbar” kill Americans here or abroad, we bomb you into the stone age and leave you to pick your own damned self up. I’m sick of that crap. Can you tell????

            Re: charity… what exactly do you mean by:
            > “Do you give to the charities of your choice because they are the one’s who offer tax write-offs? That’s not charity, that’s posing to the public while taking it back from the people.”<
            Please clarify what "taking it back from the people" means in that context.

            In the first place, what charities you or I or anyone else gives to is none of anyone else's friggin business. Secondly, since you bring up the issue of taxes, I want a flat rate, no deductions, no loopholes. Everyone pays the same rate. That's the definition of "fair" when we are ALL treated the same.

            Agreed with requiring work for benefits. One other thing, dont punish, but encourage marriage and families that stay together. For decades, welfare programs rewarded women for the men leaving. This has been a huge cultural cancer in the black American communities that has destroyed their families and great traditions of strong, close knit communities. It has been spilling over into the white Americans too. Everyone that becomes dependent on g'ment has a piece of their dignity stripped every check they take just like the heroine addict does with every hit. No difference, frankly.

            You see, Dawg, we actually agree a great deal more than you may first think.

            I gotta run, Dawg.

            Have a great evening!

          38. DurdyDawg July 23, 2012

            When you give to charities, you GIVE to charities not donate a certain amount in the knowledge that you can get some (or most) of it back at tax time.. By doing this you (whoever) are not (A) paying your share of taxes by receiving that much back, and (B) Not actually giving to charities. My argument isn’t about what charities you donate to (I couldn’t care less) but how much you expect to receive back from (or rather deducted off) your taxes. Do you see my point? The money (or services) you donate is one of the many ways that you can deduct off your taxes otherwise what you give to charities is what you give, no refund.. No perks and you can’t tell me this isn’t happening, we all do it (which is wrong) but the average person can’t play with big donations thus it’s being used as a b’ness endeavor by the wealthy.. Wining and dining a potential client (that will only benefit the company), saying a sentence or two while your both munching down a t-bone then declaring it as a b’ness deduction. ABSURD!!. I say blow this out of the water and let those who donate for humanitarian reasons not be seen as hypocrites. I don’t seek tax breaks such as this, one.. because I don’t believe in it and two, I don’t want to feel the aftermath of such hypocrisy.

            “You or some jackwad yelling “alahu akbar” kill Americans here or abroad, we bomb you into the stone age and leave you to pick your own damned self up.”…

            Was this a misprint or are you calling me a jackwad who would do such nonsense? I bring this out because it seems we have this habit of hating, and thus use the word ‘you’ instead of ‘they’.. I do not practice nor have I ever stepped in this “alahu akbar” that you speak of. I would hate to think your thinking that your speaking to an enemy.. I am not ANYONE’S enemy! I am a realist who knows that this Nation is splitting in half just as we did during the civil war and our hatred of the invisible monster is irritating everybody into blaming everybody else for the mess instead of themselves. Secret out, In the end, I’ll honor who ever becomes the big house barker and take the benefits and failures as it’s doled out but I’d rather do it with a clear conscious rather than disregarding the many who will suffer from ending the help that should be given (to those in actual need).

            You must be as curious as I am on this welfare subject and why there isn’t sufficient monitors keeping everybody honest.. I don’t think it has to do with the state we’re in, the lack of funds or the assumption that it would cause more growth in g’ment.. I think it’s another ploy for the feds to ignore what we know (or assume) is fraud.. Their not that stupid except in the fact that it will further enrage the populous thus look to polls for change that will never materialize no matter who get’s in. So to say that both are unworthy so take the lesser of two evils doesn’t actually comprehend what the word ‘evil’ represents. We only have two choices (the political machine has insured that) when are we going to realize we’re voting on a double headed coin that tries to hide itself by playing both extremes? I wanna walk in the middle of the road for a change.. Take the best from both and incorporate it into a workable policy that the greatest majority are happy with. Welfare is a moral necessity for God loving Christians and civilized individuals, able bodied ‘moochers’ working and being trained while on that welfare is not a sin and the best employment for these people is civil service which would help the Nation and boost their worth. (sorry, I’m rambling now).. Oh yes! Love the flat tax rate.

          39. ObozoMustGo July 24, 2012

            Yo Dawg! My apologies… I meant “you”, not as in personally you, but “whoever”, as you clarified in your post. Sorry! No offense meant whatsoever.

            In taking offense, I think you may have missed the point I was making regarding foreign aid to people that hate us and nation building from war. No money to anyone that hates us, and if they kill or attack Americans at home or abroad, we bomb the snot out of em and and come home leaving them to their own devices. That was my point.

            Re: charitable giving. One who gives does NOT actually get anything back from the g’ment. That would be a TAX CREDIT, which is a dollar for dollar reduction in taxes owed, or return of money paid in excess of what is calculated as owed. Rather, charitable donations are TAX DEDUCTIONS which only lower your taxable income which in turn has the net effect of lowering your tax owed by the amount equal to the deduction times your top marginal rate for your income bracket. In other words, if you donated $100 and your top marginal rate is 25%, you would only lower your tax owed by $25. That’s all.

            The theory, and under current tax code which I agree with, is that by encouraging charitable donations, we are lessening the burden for dealing with that which the government would otherwise do. For example, if we in my community donated enough money to take care of the poor and help them to get out of their situation, there would not be a need for g’ment assistance in my community because it is taken care of at the local level, and personally. I know this is the extreme example, but I give this to make the point as to why charitable donations are, and with a tax system like we have, should be tax deductible. Further, I can assure you that NO ONE gives $100 (or whatever) to charity so they save $25 on their taxes. It’s foolish to think that they do because the economics, if that’s one’s only reason for giving, do not work in their favor. It’s a net loss of $75.

            The final point I will make is that I agree with you on the false choices we are given by the 2 party system as it currently is. It’s very difficult to pinpoint why this is because it’s actually for a myriad of reasons. I think it boils down to a growing culture of corruption. I honestly believe that we, you and me and all Americans, MUST get away from the party loyalty thing. If we both agree that we are given a false choice by the parties, in many cases, than we must agree that bickering amongst ourselves by saying “the R’s are at fault” or “the D’s are at fault” is foolish game that really only benefits those who are in power and cements their ability to continue in their positions of power. And it’s the culture of corruption combined with entrenched politicians that creates the situation where they not only look the other way at those “gaming our system”, they encourage it! Witness not only the welfare fraud (which I know personally is about 70% of the recipients from a good friend that is a case worker here in the Philly area) but also the fact that our political leaders have been turning a blind eye to illegal immigration for 20 years!!!

            Instead, I want politicians who are going to tell us the truth about our problems. Someone that will look us in the eyes and say here’s the truth. I can’t stand the ones that promise to “deliver goodies” that are paid for by someone else. All they are doing is buying my vote with other people’s money who are having their vote bought by my money. It’s a huge fool’s game. We have to get away from this. I’m not sure we can until we are staring into the abyss, or beyond.

            Financially speaking, America is WAAAAYYYYY beyond broke. We are out of money. Our debts exceed our income and are growing quickly. The till is dry, my friend. THIS is the biggest problem of our day. For us to fight over details is to ignore the fact that if we do NOT deal with this fiscal monster, all those programs and sacred cows will go away whether we like them or not. If we want to preserve some social safety net, we’re gonna have to cut back on them. 70% of the Federal Budget is transfer payments. That is, you and I work, they take from us, pay off a bunch of bureaucrats, and give what’s left to someone that has not worked for it. Fully 50% of American households get some form of government assistance in America. This is a massive disease, my friend. Why do people villify those few politicians who are telling us the truth???? Why?

            I honestly don’t care what party a politician is from IF they are going to be honorable and truthful. I know, I know… people can say those types don’t exist. But they do, in fact exist. Those are the politicians I am looking for. Real leaders who speak the truth despite the consequences.

            I gotta run. I have a very busy day, Dawg. Thanks for the great discussion.

            Have a fantastic day, my friend!

          40. metrognome3830 July 22, 2012

            I think I know who I am confusing him with, too. But like you, I can’t come up with a name. I’ll probably think of it while in my reading room (aka: the bathroom). But once you told me what plays he has written, I am familiar with them. I have seen some of them and enjoyed them.

          41. ObozoMustGo July 23, 2012

            “The Secret Knowledge” is a great book. Very funny. He is an exceptional thinker and has a vocabulary second to none. I highly recommend the book.

            Have a great day!

          42. metrognome3830 July 23, 2012

            I will read the book. If nothing else I enjoy and respect good writing. I also read a lot, OMG. If not for reading, I would have hardly any education at all. That’s always my disclaimer, “I am a highly un-educated person.” I get away with a lot that way.

            I hope your day is going well!

          43. Justin Napolitano July 27, 2012

            Obozo, I always welcome your stupid and ridiculous remarks. I would be disappointed if I didn’t get to read the complete drivel that emerges from your keyboard.
            It would be better to characterize Romney as a Plutocrat and Obama as a middle class elected president intent on giving the average American a fighting chance.
            To respond to the Marxist comment would give it a modicum of validity; instead I will say you wouldn’t know a Marxist if one bit you on the ass.
            Continue sniffing the glue, it makes your posting even more fun.

          44. Scott McArthur August 9, 2012

            mmmm the force is lacking in your comment is.

          45. ObozoMustGo August 9, 2012

            [click to enlarge image]

          46. Jim Wright August 12, 2012

            The White House resident (notice I can’t even call him President because he is a fraud!!) has lied to us from day 1. In his inauguration speech he warned ‘those that would attack innocents, we’re coming after you’. Now that was on Tuesday. On Friday of the same week, he released an executive order that allowed our tax dollars to be used for abortion in other countries. Now, how much more innocent can an unborn child be??!! The ONLY thing I agree with him on is that everyone should pay his fair share. The only way to ensure that is the FAIR TAX and with it, do away with the income tax and most of the IRS. While we’re at it, enact sunset laws on every department of the federal government, so that they must justify their positions. If it’s not needed, throw them out. That would greatly decrease the size of government and create a huge opportunity to grow our economy and allow us, the public, to keep more of our wages. THE BEST GOVERNMENT IS THE LEAST GOVERNMENT!!!

          47. ObozoMustGo August 13, 2012

            Jim… correct you are! The current couple occupying the White House needs to be thrown out. If the Repubs had any balls, they’d impeach the loser.

            In honor of your post, I respond with a picture.

            [click image to enlarge]

            Have a nice day!

            “Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.” – Ronald Reagan

        3. em20101 August 12, 2012

          um… you do know Obama cut 700 billion from medicare already, don’t you?

        4. Cleia Cavalcanti August 13, 2012

          Obama is the most CYNICAL LIAR that takes advantage of STUPID people to FOOL them with smart MANIPULATIONS. He FOOLED every single American that voted for him in 2008, and he is HOPPING to FOOL all again now. Awake up!

      2. YepThatTell July 19, 2012

        I see republicans playing hard at Politics when we have a President who is actually trying to achieve real progress. Our national media tends to cover the political game, not the actual work of governance or what’s really happening in congressional chambers. Therefore I can understand why you might erroneously lump President Obama in with ‘every politician out there’. If you can’t see any difference, I feel sorry for you.

      3. 1consernedcitiz July 19, 2012

        romney doesn’t appeal to anyone… wishy washy…
        All in Bain…..spoken like a true utah republican

        1. Tom_D44 July 19, 2012

          And that is why the polls show that he and Obama are virtually tied? Because he doesn’t appeal to anyone? There are plenty of people out there who can see past the Bain hype that the left is selling…..actually pretty effectively on this website.

          1. larrylunts July 19, 2012

            Polls also show that support for Romney is extremely shallow. Romney “supporters” are not so much Romney supporters as they are Obama haters. Not surprising, given the 24/7 propaganda machine the fringe right has with FOX News and talk radio, and the vast amounts of corporate cash pouring into unregulated Super-PACS.

            If a credible third party arose from the right, Romney would probably come in third in a three-way race, with Obama prevailing in a landslide.

          2. jarheadgene July 19, 2012

            Get it right…there is For Obama and there is Against Obama. But there really is no For Romney….didn’t you watch any of the GOP Primaries? FAUX news can take credit for most of the Against Obama. They never let the truth get in the way of a “good” story(spin).

          3. Dominick Vila July 19, 2012

            Who exactly is for Romney, special interests, the Koch brothers, a casino owner in Las Vegas? The evangelicals and social conservatives hate his guts. The fact that he is a Mormon and that Romneycare was the blueprint for ACA is driving them crazy. The reason they support him, reluctantly, is because he is all they got at the moment. If a conservative white knight emerged during the GOP convention he would win the nomination by a landslide.

          4. metrognome3830 July 19, 2012

            You also can’t see past the hype of polls. Polls have become nothing but another political tool. They are used to make people like you think the way they want you to think.

          5. DurdyDawg July 21, 2012

            This is absolutely true metro, just as they say there are four point two in an average family and expect you to believe it. How can one mediocre sitcom out do a great drama on TV? Because the ratings lean toward who’s buying what and where the commercials air. A speculator can guess who will win the Preakness but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen, only that people will believe him.

          6. metrognome3830 July 21, 2012

            Hey, we have a meeting of the minds here regarding polls. ObozoMustGo agrees they are mainly a political tool, as well. It makes me angry sometimes, to see the ways in which each side tries to make us think we all think the way they want us to think.

      4. highpckts July 19, 2012

        At least Obama knows what he wants to do unlike Romney who changes course with every state he’s in!!

      5. DurdyDawg July 21, 2012

        So, Tom.. What you want, is for the Democrats to brow beat the Pubs AND themselves while the Pubs will be privy only to speak ill of the Dems? Guess bizarro superman could understand that logic. You wanna hear what the ‘other’ side is saying? Go to one of those red right wing forums and that’s all you’ll hear there without equality as well.

      6. TEN-OF-WANDS July 22, 2012

        Superficially, you have an argument here. HOWEVER, there is one crucial, albeit subtle distinction between Romney and Obama: When Romney takes a political gamble by saying something real, he is not even aware of it; when Obama does the same, he actually is aware of it.

      7. Tom Minor August 13, 2012

        As if you don’t have an agenda Mr D44

    2. Elisabeth Gordon July 19, 2012

      Dominick – you make perfect sense, so don’t expect the right wing to do anything but argue with you on every point. It scares me half to death to know that there are so many people in what’s left of our country (thanks to obstructionists) that simply are to blind and/or ignorant to understand these issues and realize that the ONLY hope we have for redemption from this landslide into utter destruction is to vote for President Obama.

      1. Cleia Cavalcanti August 13, 2012

        Women that will vote for Obama: DRUG ADDICTS, ALCOHOLICS, GANG MEMBERS, LESBIANS, and DEPENDENTS OF FOOD STAMPS. As you see, only people WITHOUT ANY CLASS, like Obama, will vote for him. OH, let me include MENTALLY RETARDED that do not know RIGHT from WRONG.

        1. Allan J Krueger August 13, 2012

          You are a piece of work, Cleia! Remember election 2008? Good luck with Willard and Bobby (Munster) – you are going to need it!

          1. TruthVZ7 August 13, 2012

            Anyone who puts down and badmouths the innocent handicapped is one low life coward that lives in the cow pasture. No brain. No pain. Only spews forth blind vile baseless hatred. What a super low life blind coward it is, go figure a name like Cleia says it all. Waste of human space. Leave the handicapped alone jerk. I can only wish you where in a hit run like my brother, who after being in coma for 6 months came back with a week to live. Unfortunately, no fault of his own, he is now mentally handiicapped. Jackass. See if your brain stem gets severed by a drunk driver and you dont incur mental disabilities. I so pray you come back as a three legged blind ant in your next life because you deserve nothing less.

          2. Mike Gieser September 11, 2012

            Are you voting for Obama?

        2. Tom Minor August 13, 2012

          “people WITHOUT ANY CLASS”

          I’m sure you know them when you see them.

          1. docb August 27, 2012

            People do you realize that you are arguing with someone who has shown no attachment to reality or morality? The cleia’s of the World and those that operate in concert with them are playing the games of the insane!

            They use a thesaurus to excrete despicable ill-formed hate filled cruel rhetoric to divert your attention! Just like the insane throw dung around!

            Disabuse them of the notion that what they are saying is being read with interest! Step over them and engage with those that make real arguments not the insane drivel here!

          2. Monkey Head September 10, 2012

            Don’t waste your time argue with these trolls. Their heads are as hard as a bricks, as in, you can’t put anything inside. These people are completely immune to facts, i believe they can even swear that the earth is square if its inconvenient to them.
            Respond by voting, or better yet, convince your family to vote, convince your friends to vote, the more the better. If they win, its over. Show them who is in control of your life, you, or them?

        3. TruthVZ7 August 13, 2012

          You are less that an arrogant idiot. Mentally handicapped people are not retarded. You amoeba residue are a broken soul piece of harden rotten cow dung. You stink low life.

        4. Saju August 14, 2012

          Cleia – your comment clearly shows that you are mentally challenged. Do not forget Obama had almost a landslide victory – from all sexes and demographics nationwide. So are you saying USA is a country of your mentioned category of people ?

        5. Lucitia August 14, 2012

          I honestly can’t believe what I’m reading. I’m honestly hoping you’re a troll, I however, do not believe this to be true. I’m losing faith in humanity here, people.

          Elisabeth, you too are right. In every point you have stated.

          Cleia – you on the other hand are quite wrong, you have posted nothing that will support your argument. All you have done is prove to us that the people who will vote for Romeny are bigots, racists, cruel and shouldn’t be classed as “human,” or “having a soul,” because you clearly don’t.

          People who vote for Obama are everywhere, men, women, white, black, asian… People with mental disabilities will probably also vote for Romeny, just as some will vote for Obama.

          People who vote from Obama are rich, poor, middle class, all walks of life. Why? They know that Obama is the only thing, that as is so widely believed, the only person able to save that country you live in. If you put as much effort into fact checking as you did to being an idiot, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, if you can even call it that.

          Would you like me to type a bit less big words for you? I’m not poor, nor stupid, nor on welfare, nor on food stamps, I receive no money from the Government and have private healthcare insurance. Had I needed money to do well in life – ultimately to put that money back into the economy via taxes – Obama wold’ve given that, then seen the return of myself, then my children starting a family, their children and so on. Romeny on the other hand won’t see that return…

          So, why am I voting for Obama? Oh, before you say “because you’re mentally “retarded””, no my dear, I am not mentally disabled.

          I simply see everything as it is – how people should have common human rights and deceny.

          And not be huge gigantic dick heads. You know, I originally had no intention to vote… But reading your comment has made me decide to vote. I already know where my votes going and it’s clearly not going to the person you spport, Romney, because that’s like slitting your own throat and you are holding the knife helping people vote for Obama. Well done.

          Go Obama! I now actually care for politics and voting because I don’t want to see people like Cleia get ahead and rule. Otherwise you might as well be prepared for another Nazi regieme the way she goes on.

          Think about that for a minute Cleia, everything you are on about doing, your attitude, it all just has a huge stench of Nazism. (Yes, that is a real word.)

          Just so you know, in case you don’t, or in case you “deny” it ever happened, the Nazi’s were the bad guys in World War 2 and they committed the holocaust.

          You, you are one of the people, along with Romney, who is leading the once great country down the path to hell, bigotry, discrimination and ultimately death.

          Enjoy your stay in hell.

          1. Stan De San Diego August 14, 2012

            Cleia is dead right on her assessment. Great to see you lefties panicking over the impending Obama implosion in November…

          2. Stan De San Diego August 14, 2012

            “Just so you know, in case you don’t, or in case you “deny” it ever happened, the Nazi’s were the bad guys in World War 2 and they committed the holocaust.”

            Nice smear tactic when you can’t refute somebody else’s logic. You’re about as bad as that nimcompoop Biden..

          3. Robin August 16, 2012

            I think she did address the post. Your so use to your party telling you what each state wants to hear. Even if it is total BS. Speaking of racist, and bigoted your party has it locked. No man should be telling a woman what she can do with her body. Oh yeah some days Mitt is Pro-life some days Pro-Choice make a decision and stick to it for a change. He is just as scary as Bush.

          4. A j CARIAGA jr August 22, 2012


          5. embrewer August 26, 2012

            ,,but there was no logic in any of Cleia’s comment, just name calling and smears. ‘Lesbians’ are the type of women who vote for Obama? That makes a good argument to you? What about the many many more educated women who are pro-choice and pro ACA? What about the women from poor families who don’t want to pay for Mitt Romney’s tax cut? Logic? don’t make me laugh.

          6. Richard Dean McMichael August 26, 2012

            I see no logical statement in Cavalcanti’s post, hence no way any of the gibberish can be refuted. And if you want to talk nincompoop, let’s talk Todd Akins, new poster boy for all that’s wrong with the repugnants.

          7. CATFACE T-SHIRT September 6, 2012

            Haha seriously? Admittedly this was a long silly screed, but there was no “logic” to “refute” in the original comment, just a bunch of pejorative REFERENCES to UNDESIRABLE categories of humans being BLATHERED via CAPS LOCK.

          8. antione bonner August 26, 2012

            Amen i support yo statement all the way

          9. Mike Gieser September 11, 2012

            One comment made you decide to vote?

        6. Robin August 16, 2012

          Drinking that Repuke Kool-Aid. You are a good sheep Romney must love people who will believe anything he says. Even if it is different in every state.

        7. Lisa Mitchell-Harris August 22, 2012

          Clueless on REALITY. YOU SEEM LIKE THE MENTALLY RETARDED yourself.

        8. A j CARIAGA jr August 22, 2012

          AND WOPS!

        9. astroguy54 August 24, 2012

          Dear Cleia, why don’t you simply admit that it was LIBERAL thinking that gave women the right to vote, and LIBERAL thinking that allowed women to own property as men do, and it was LIBERAL thinking that gave women the freedom to earn enough of a living on their own so that they weren’t dependent on men, and on and on and on. YOU’RE the one who’s blind and literally can’t see the forest for the STUPID TREE you’re facing. I hope you come to your senses someday.

        10. antione bonner August 26, 2012


        11. Richard Dean McMichael August 26, 2012

          Of course no smart and articulate people like yourself will be voting for the president either. Get in touch on November 7.

        12. Dr. Alexander Hamilton August 27, 2012

          I will not insult you by suggesting that you really believe in what you just said.

      2. Dr. Alexander Hamilton August 27, 2012

        Very true and Thank you for your great insight. I cannot believe people do not see through Romney either. It is very disappointing. And scary for our precious nation.

    3. Cleia Cavalcanti August 13, 2012

      You MUST be another Mentally Retarded Liberal that is completely blind and moron enough to TWIST all the facts that happen around you. GET REAL!

  2. Don B July 19, 2012

    Well one thing is certain, there deosn’t seem to be any politician that has vision and statesmanship, not to mention being for the average person. I think its time that we as a country call for a Constitutional Convention and that we as a people DEMAND that all elected officials be subject to term limits.

    1. YepThatTell July 19, 2012

      Vision – Statesmanship – ‘For’ the average person…a short yet apt description of President Obama.

    2. Tom_D44 July 19, 2012

      Absolutely. Term limits. And while we are there, let’s fix that little part in their compensation package that guarantees them lifetime salaries after only 1 year in office. Don’t they already make enough with all of their book sales, speaking engagements, specualtion as pundants, lobbying skills, and insider trading and land deals? And let’s put them into the healthcare exchanges that we are all going to be in and when their job is done and they are out they should be on their own. And then let’s make it beyond their ability to vote, again, on their own incomes.

      1. Joseph Hemphill July 19, 2012

        hear, hear…..

  3. bigsurmac July 19, 2012

    There should be at least a dozen debates after the two conventions.
    That way Mitt can argue for every side of every issue he has committed to for life, during at least one debate.
    Possibly a reason he does not want to show his 2007-2008-2009 tax returns is being forced to admit his investments went so far down under the last Bush/Cheney term, he had nothing to declare. His investments lost in those years.
    So not only will those tax returns show he paid no taxes for some or all of those years — They will also reveal how much damage Bush/Cheney did to even wealthy folks.
    When Bush/Cheney wrecked the world’s economy, everyone was hurt.

  4. larrylunts July 19, 2012

    Don’t forget a lifetime ban on lobbyists running for public office, and a lifetime ban on former officeholders becoming lobbyists. Pick one or the other. Don’t use the personal contacts and the insider information learned in one role to subvert the democratic process in another.

  5. mhuff255 July 19, 2012

    this isn’t about obama it’s truely about what the republican party has become and who supports them…. question one is how in the world did you guys get mitt romney that’s the core problem,,this isn’t the person conservative want or trust and they’ve said so in droves. Money not voters is what mitt believes will get him thur…he believes that. as long as your about only money and don’t believe you still need a good candiate…please mitt sucks …you’re going to run into this…. quit complaining about obama and get your own house in order because everyone’s watching dems are amused by it and indenpent embrassed,,,what are you republicans… you get what u pay for…hahhahahah

  6. mhuff255 July 19, 2012

    wait till romney unveils the paul ryan budget that he’s endorsed..in florida with the massive cuts to seniors medicare and social security (voucher ha) but give away’s to the rich…what old folks aint watch…yes they are and they vote… taxes returns will be the least of mitts problems… paul ryan =doom

  7. nhpoet July 19, 2012

    I made the prediction last spring, and it appears even more likely now – that Mitt Romney will achieve the same results as Barry Goldwater in 1964. (The Arizona senator did not have the likes of John H. Sununu – the worst governor in New Hampshire history with the exception of one-term Craig Benson who despoiled the governor’s mansion with his late night exploits.)

  8. bcarreiro July 19, 2012

    money is his force to drown out the peoples voice and choice…..he needs it

  9. joyscarbo July 19, 2012

    This is what I’ve been saying about Romney for months. He has no stance and is clearly squeamish at the neo-conservative rigth wingnut stances that they want him to take. You can make anyone embrace a position that they truly cannot get behind. Mitt Romney thought he could sell his soul to the Fox News company store, but its’s increasingly more and more obvious that we can see that Mitt doesn’t believe it himself.
    Obama will win because he is consistent and sends the same message out there time and time again. I hope voters remember this republican, get nothing done congress and send their dumb ass packing back to their states.

    1. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2012

      Hi Joy! I hope you are doing well. And also, I hope Mr. Joy is doing well. Please send my kind regards.

      I love you Joy, but you can’t get away with a silly statement that Obozo is consistent. He is anything but consistent. Witness:

      Posted by rgray222 in a different post….

      Keep in mind that there are two sides to this coin
      Obama used to be anti-war now he sells himself as the war president
      Obama used to be anti lobbyist, now he has more on his staff then any other president
      Obama used to be anti patriot act, not only continued it he strengthened it
      Obama used to against negative campaigning, now he has spent 4x the Romney amount
      Obama used to be against increasing the debt ceiling now he is for it
      Obama used to be against gay marriage now he is for it, good but a flip flop for politic only
      Obama used to be for immigration and disability reform now he is having second thoughts
      Obama used to be against executive orders to block information now he is for it
      Obama used to be for transparency and now he is against it!

      Have a nice day!

  10. Bigspender July 19, 2012

    Win or lose, the republicans and especially Mitt Romney have shown the true face of ugliness.

  11. Melvin Chatman July 19, 2012

    I want to see “SUNUNU’s” Birth Certificate!

  12. 2hheels2 July 19, 2012

    What does Mitt really in his heart want to do. He was a man than knows how to make money. Will the Real Mitt Romeny please stand up. Do you want the huge tax cut? How will you pay for them. What do you want to do with Healthcare? How will you Fix SS and Medicare? You want to be President tell us specifically what you want to do. No more bending with the pressure of making people Happy. If you cam out gave specific’s even if people think your stiff and don’t understand the little guy. No more lies or smoke and mirrors. What is it you want to do specifically.

    1. Hillbilly July 19, 2012

      During the Republican primaries when Romney was asked what was his plans for the country if elected his answer was “If you knew that, you wouln’t vote for me”. 2hheels2 that statement there shows why Romney isn’t telling what his plans for the country are for if they were known no one would be voting for him unless they are very exetreme rights. Any one that aren’t in the top 1% needs to very afraid of what Romney is planning if elected for we the 99% are going to be in worse shape than we were when Bush2 left office and there will more jobs shipped overseas than there was under Bush 2 and the Republican Congresses that Bush 2 had. Heaven forbid that Romney gets elected and ends up with a Republican Congress, we will all end up homeless and starving . Both of my parents said that every time there is a Republican President that the country has a recession while he is in office or right after he leaves office and what they were saying came true under Bush 2 in both ways and will be the truth if Romney is elected.

  13. highpckts July 19, 2012

    And you, of course don’t see anything wrong with the present standad of health care?? Many Presidents have trid ti improve health care in this country but it always get shoved to the back burner. It’s time and if that’s you have then live with it. He isn’t taking away any of your rights as a citizen by making sure you don’t have to pay for all the people that can’t afford or choose not to carry insurance.

  14. howa4x July 19, 2012

    Mitt turned tail and ran the minute the tea party bashed the ACA. He should have stated early that Obama stole it from the Republicans and it’s an idea that revolves around personal responsibility and away from the Nanny state. This is bedrock tea party logic for a group that has made social darwinism the norm. But he couldn’t do that and survive a primary season that turned sharpley to the right, so being the multiple choice person he is, one with out strong convictions outside the Mormon church, he went into the phone both and emerged as a right wing super hero. Problem is it dosen’t fit him well since he is formost a pragmatic person. So now strange as it seems he has to attack his former self, and disavow what he stood for. The conservatives still don’t trust him so he has to constantly make statements about how great their principles are, and the more he does that the further from the center he is. The conservatives also want to talk about the social agenda as much as the financial one, so he has to put up with Fox and Friends trying to define him on a daily basis. His religion is still an issue with evangelicals who call mormonism a cult, and 18% have said outright they won’t vote for him. Lastly he has let Obama define his business expertise as one of outsourcing jobs and offshore accounts. He is resisting calls from all over the political spectrum to release more of his tax returns, and the SEC has documents that tell a different story of when he left Bain. The only reason he is still close is that America is a racist country, and can’t come to grips that a Black man is president, and that is really Romneys only hope. So watch a Sara Palin redo of the theme that he is not one of us, and hope the red neck racist crackers come out in force.

  15. highpckts July 19, 2012

    So true! Most people are in favor of Obama’s policies but they have been inundated with such hate ads that they can’t see past that the hype! It’s perfectly ovious that it galls the heck out of most people that a “black” man is running this country!

  16. highpckts July 19, 2012

    True! If the President has term limits, why not the other elected officials? Want to trim our deficit? Stop the lifetime salaries and health insurance for anyone who is no longer in office! A job is a job and once gone there are no more perks! Also, I am tired of seeing congressmen that have been in office so long that they have to be wheeled in for the meetings and can barely stay awake during sessions! Ludicrous!

  17. TheOldNorthChurch July 19, 2012

    Running in the middle was fine in 1996 and 2000, but as was learned in 2008 and 2010 a candidate needs a bold agenda. Americans do not want to hear that we are going to go gently down the path to our demise.

    If the path we are on is not working, and it is not since Bush 2004 and Obama 2008, then we need a decisive change.

    1. David Fields July 19, 2012

      You mean like forcing the current Congress out of their offices? For the last four years, all we’ve heard from the Right is “No, No and yet NO!”, “Repeal Obamacare!”, “Don’t let Obama succeed with anything!” To tell you the honest truth, the only group that’s even been trying to help the People are the Democrats; the rest have all been “It’s MY (Republican) Way or No Way!”

      1. TheOldNorthChurch July 19, 2012

        Obama did not accomplish anything with his “Super Majority” for two years.

        His ideas do not work and he has no new ones. The Democrat agenda did not work either because it is just a rehash of the “Political Class”. This President does not have what it takes to succeed.

        Needs to be replaced. To bad Hillary didn’t run.

        1. Joseph Hemphill July 19, 2012

          never had a “super majority”, go back “retroactively” and see the senate was never a super majority, and I also blame Dems for obstructionism during the first two years due to politricks as usual pandering to the lobbyist waving the most cash under their noses.

        2. David Fields July 20, 2012

          As Hemphill said, Obama never had a so-called supermajority–he was two votes short of that prior to the mid-term elections and the tea party worked hard to whittle away those few extra he did have.

          If you want to replace anybody, then why not replace everybody and start with a clean slate, hmmm?

          1. TheOldNorthChurch July 20, 2012

            Correction accepted. What he had was a filibuster proof Senate – what he lacked was the ability to reach consensus on issues.

            As you suggest it maybe necessary to replace everyone, go back to what the Federal Government is suppose to be and start over. When a company or institution is so far out of sync then it is most often necessary to take a hardline approach to correcting it.

            Only 22% of Americans believe the Federal Government has their consent to govern. Last time it was this low there was a great revolution.

        3. Lynda July 20, 2012

          Sorry friend, but you are incorrect. Here are the facts.Aug 25, 2009 Kennedy died and the Demo’s had 57 seats with 2 Independents voting when them. That is 59. Sept 24, 2009 Paul Kirk appointed to Senate bringing the total to 58 Demo’s and 2 Indies. Total 60. Feb 4, 2010 GOP Senator Brown elected to Kennedy’s seat. Demo’s back to 57 with 2 Independents. The Democrats had a super majority for a little over 4 months. Look up the facts yourself on the Congressional Web pages. It is not that difficult and the numbers are there for all to gaze upon.

          1. TheOldNorthChurch July 20, 2012

            Stand corrected, however this inexperienced President still was unable or unwilling to reach any compromises. It would have taken only one Senator to have a filibuster proof vote. Hillary would have known how to do this and the Ernst-Boles budget would have been enacted.

            Not and effective President – any change will be a move in the psoitive direction for the country.

    2. metrognome3830 July 19, 2012

      If you consider Romney a “decisive change,” I think you need to go back to your dictionary and look up the meaning of decisive.

      1. TheOldNorthChurch July 19, 2012

        Romney may not be decisive change – but the current agenda is not working and will not work in MHO. This type of agenda has never worked in the history of the US.

        Peak employment occurred in July 2007 at 147,315 million by January 2009 it was at 144,607M. After two years of this agenda, January 2011 it was at 137,599M only 800k more that the low in January 2010. Program doesn’t work.

        Time for a change.

        1. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2012

          TONC…. great post. I actually think the total number of employed is now down around 131 million. They keep dropping the total number of available jobs as a way to manipulate the unemployment numbers and make them look better. Unfortunately, most of the useful idiots on this site will never bother to look at the real numbers and facts. Total TRUE unemployment (U6 in BLS stats lingo) in America is actually closer to 15% than it is to 8%. You wont hear that on the nightly news, either.

          Have a great day!

      2. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2012

        Metro… I think the OldNorthChurch guy got you on this one! I’m just sayin, buddy!

        Have a great weekend, my friend!

        1. metrognome3830 July 20, 2012

          I forgot exactly what OldNorthChurch said. Was he talking about a “decisive” change? Frankly, decisiveness is in very short supply this election season — by anyone. Now, if you want to talk “silliness,” . . .

          1. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2012

            Hey metro! ONC supplied numbers about falling employment levels since Obozo has come into office. His stats only went to 2010 though. Now, total employment is at about 131 Million Americans. That’s down like 8 or 9 million people since Obozo enacted his so-called “stimulus”. It’s not working. New unemployment numbers that have come out continue the bad news.

            Watch, the more and more the Obozo campaign focuses on strawman arguments like Mitt’s tax returns, outsourcing, or Bain Capital, the more you know their internal polling is telling them they are in big trouble because they cannot run on their record. It is a record of failure, except Obozocare, which 60% of Americans want repealed. Obozo can only continue to stir the hatred of class envy, and create strawman arguments, which will not work, except with the useful idiots that write for The Memo, NY Slimes, MSLSD, etc. etc. Obozo’s only prayer comes from the fact that he controls the mainstream media that keep hiding his failures. Hiding them from the average clueless moron American who’s more interested in Dancing With The Stars than they are in who’s running the country and what the hell their doing with their tax dollars.

            It will be interesting to see, but I’m still predicting Romney in a landslide victory. He’s not my ideal guy, but he’s not a Marxist/Socialist/big government, big spender/whatever label you want to convey the message. And that’s good enough for me.

            Have a great weekend, Metro, my friend!

          2. metrognome3830 July 20, 2012

            Hi, OMG. I think my reply to ONC had something to do with polls. I don’t believe in polls. I am highly suspicious of polls no matter who conducts them. I have long regarded them as simply another political tool to brainwash people into thinking they actually believe what the polls say they believe. You say 60% of Americans want the ACA repealed. That is a poll figure, not any real figure. Just look at the polls. The figures can be different from one to the next. They are a business, and no longer terribly relevant. What do the pollsters do? They have different groups of people they contact that will give them the answer their client or their political party wants. They then print their “official” results and the sheep all bleat and nod their heads and say, “Yeah, that’s what I say.” If Romney or Obama win, it won’t be a landslide. Hell, if it goes the way of most elections since 2000, one side or the other is going to claim the election was rigged. As for ideal guys anywhere on Capitol Hill? Who are they? And where are they hiding?

            As for the useful idiot writers, You have a point. There are multitudes of them. Probably more than there used to be, but there are good ones still. And they are on both sides of the political debate and in the middle. There have always been hack writers. I blame Woodward and Bernstein. Since they brought down Nixon there have been all these Wannabes but they just don’t know how. Lots of them have blogs, probably because they can’t get work at a responsible newspaper or magazine. I am not going to mention any names because it would only reflect my opinion and open me up to being called vile names from their fans. My real “favorites” are the slimy little devils who send around their anonymous e-mails, almost totally devoid of facts and full of misinformation and outright lies. I get them from people who believe them. They send them to me thinking that somehow, someday, I will become a ranting right-wing clueless looney like they are.

            But you are 100% right on when you say the people would rather watch Hines Ward doing the Tango than watch any in-depth news show. Read the headlines and skip the rest of the story. Headline news, don’t bore us with the rest of the story.

            Well, as Dennis Miller used to say, “Well, that’s my opinion, I could be wrong.”

            Have a great weekend, OMG!

          3. ObozoMustGo July 21, 2012

            Hi Metro! I hope you are well this Saturday. Take Mrs. Metro out for nice steak dinner tonight. I’m grilling some huge fat poterhouse steaks tonight. 2 inch thick and a little over 2lbs each. Seared up at 800 degrees and done perfectly medium rare in about 9 minutes. YUMMMMMM!!!!!!!! Maybe get a bushel of cherrystone clams for appetizer.

            Re: polls. No doubt, manufactured news. And I love Dennis Miller. Do you ever listen to his radio show? It’s pretty good.

            You should get that book “The Secret Knowledge” by Mamet. I’m telling you the guy is an absolute genius and the book is funny. You’ll like it.

            Have a great weekend, my friend.

          4. metrognome3830 July 21, 2012

            I am assuming Mamet is David Mamet, the actor (and one of my favorites)? I will look that book up when I get my next “entitlement” check from the Marxist Regime.

            Your menu sounds great. A little Surf ‘n Turf tonight. I haven’t fired up my grill in over a month because it’s just too hot on my patio. I’m waiting for cooler weather — like when it gets down to 85 in the evening. Enjoy. As for Mrs. Metro, she went out with her lady friends last night, so she is too tired to go out tonight (that will save me some money for the book). She is still a long way from 100% since her illness.

            Have a great weekend, OMG!

          5. ObozoMustGo July 21, 2012

            Metro… yes, it is David Mamet, but he’s not an actor. He’s a playwrite, screenwriter, film director. Famous for plays Glengarry Glen Ross and American Buffalo. And movies Untouchables, Wag the Dog, and The Verdict. I think I know who you are confusing him with, though I can’t place the name.

            And yes, dinner will be good. My 15 yr and 21 yr old sons will eat one of those steaks each. Unbelievable appetites. My wife and I will split the other.

            And yes, get the book.

            Have a nice weekend!

          6. ObozoMustGo July 31, 2012

            Hey Metro! Just saying hello. How are you? Long time no chat.

            Say hello to Mrs. Metro for me.

            Have a great day!

          7. metrognome3830 August 2, 2012

            I’m in Minnesota, OMG. My mother passed away July 31. Will be back in Arizona next week. The weather here in MN has been great. It almost makes me homesick.

          8. ObozoMustGo August 2, 2012

            Metro, my friend. I was worried something like that was keeping you away. I am very sorry for your loss. My heart is aching for you now. 🙁 🙁 🙁 Will include your mom in my prayers today, and you also.

            God bless you, and your mother, Metro!

          9. metrognome3830 August 5, 2012

            Thank you for your prayers, OMG. Poor Mom was recovering from a fairly mild stroke when she fell, breaking her elbow and hip and pelvis. The injury was just tootraumatic for her to recover from. She was prepared for her death. She lived a good Christian life and was greatly loved and admired by her 7 children, her 18 grandchildren and her 34 great-grandchildren.

            Talk to you later.

          10. ObozoMustGo August 5, 2012

            🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. BRTaft July 19, 2012

    For too long, the job creators haven’t created jobs but are enjoying tax breaks anyway and in some cases are using the tax breaks to load the trucks to ship jobs abroad.

    I’d be willing to let the wealthy keep their tax cuts AFTER they really create jobs with the cash they are piling up. Republicans like accountability. Let’s apply some. The tax cuts for those making over $250,000 disappear until and unless jobs are created, and THEN you qualify for a tax cut. Raise the tax rate enough on every other dollar to give a real incentive for job creation to those not convinced the tax cut is worth the cost of job creation.

    If job creation is the name of the game, the correct tax policy can make it happen.

    1. David Fields July 19, 2012

      Correction: “Republicans *claim* to like accountability” yet all we see is that the farther right you go, the harder it is to get accountability out of them.

    2. Joseph Hemphill July 19, 2012

      corporations are sitting on RECORD amounts of cash, not opening up and hiring more people, jobs are still being offshored and those companies are rewarded both by an increased bottom line at the expense of American industry and by a government that allows them tax breaks and exemptions for their behavior.

  19. rgray222 July 19, 2012

    Keep in mind that there are two sides to this coin
    Obama used to be anti-war now he sells himself as the war president
    Obama used to be anti lobbyist, now he has more on his staff then any other president
    Obama used to be anti patriot act, not only continued it he strengthened it
    Obama used to against negative campaigning, now he has spent 4x the Romney amount
    Obama used to be against increasing the debt ceiling now he is for it
    Obama used to be against gay marriage now he is for it, good but a flip flop for politic only
    Obama used to be for immigration and disability reform now he is having second thoughts
    Obama used to be against executive orders to block information now he is for it
    Obama used to be for transparency and now he is against it!

    1. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2012

      rgray…. Thank you for the bit of objective analysis and honesty in this post. There’s not much of that in this sea of leftist insanity called “The Memo”, not even from so-called professional columnists on this site.

      Have a great day

  20. Elsa July 19, 2012

    I personally do not care how he loses, I will be happy to have him go back and finish he 55 million dollar garage with his head held high or low. He is not the man to run this Country.

  21. jcurtis595 July 19, 2012

    This article makes a number of valid points about the polls and Romney’s vulnerability (albeit self serving and wishful thinking for us supporters of the Democrat party).


    This morning’s polls shows Romney leading Obama in popular vote by a fraction of a percentage point overall.

    Polls show Obama killing Romney with Hispanics, with Women, with Students and voters under 35 years old.

    So how is it that a general poll shows Romney a fraction of a percent ahead.

    Somebody’s math is screwed up. Perhaps we should take all this with a grain of disbelief. Figures lie and lairs figure. Polls used to be objective but like so called “NEWS” today, we really can’t trust anyone or anything not to have their own agenda perverting data to serve their own ends.

    If it weren’t so serious, if our country weren’t so in need of cooperation, leadership and solutions, it would be the greatest comical farce ever written.

    Jay Curtis (author of THE CODE and TREASURE)

    1. metrognome3830 July 19, 2012

      Thank you Jay, for backing what I have been saying for some time. Polls are nothing but a form of mind control for those who believe they actually mean something.

      1. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2012

        here, here, metro. People need to understand that polls are nothing more than a news outlet’s way of generating attention which in turn sells advertising. They are almost meaningless to anyone outside of the campaigns, and even then, the campaigns have their own internal polling that IS NOT made public.

        Have a nice day!

  22. grammyjill July 19, 2012

    I agree with Dominck. Yes the President has not done everything he set out to do, yet. No he didn’t close gitmo. Do you know why? Because he could find NO country that would take the prisoners there. Should he have just turned them loose?
    The jobs act has been sitting in the House for three months now, but will the republicans do anything. NO! They have stated that they will not even look at it until after the election. Instead they are trying their best to get rid of every right to any kind of health care for women.
    And ole Romney is right in lockstep with them.
    The only truth that has come out of Romney’s mouth is that he intenda to get rid of Family planning and anything that Obama has done to help the middleclass. And now he is attacking the President on a personal level. Totally NOT right.

  23. montanabill July 19, 2012

    This is really outrageous of Romney, especially since the President is running a clean campaign on his record just like he promised.

    1. ObozoMustGo July 20, 2012

      Hi montana! Long time, no chat… I hope you are well.

      If you think the whining and kvetching is bad now, just wait until the Romney machine really gets rolling with all of the truths about Obozo. You’ll have to wear head phones when you come in this site! LOL 🙂

      Have a nice day!

      1. montanabill July 21, 2012

        Actually there are a lot of good commercials being run around the country right now. The common thread is that they are on Obama in Obama’s own words. Most of this group listens to him speak and has forgotten what he said 30 minutes later, so they don’t catch the conflicting positions and ridiculous statements. The 30 second ads hit even their attention span.

        1. ObozoMustGo July 22, 2012

          Good morning Montana! You are probably correct about the TV ads. I really can’t comment about them too much because I don’t watch TV other than sports or Food Network, and occassionally Fox. I mostly read. Recently finished a great book I highly recommend. “The Secret Knowledge” by David Mamet. He also wrote an article in the Village Voice entitled “Why I am no longer a brain dead liberal”. The book is fantastic and Mamet is brilliant.

          Have a great day!

        2. RUKIDENME August 13, 2012

          Come on bill, don’t start agreeing with OMG. Your an intelligent person. You don’t need to support Obama or agree with him but please don’t lower your intelligence to OMG. OMG spews hate and insults towards the President and anyone who dares to disagree with him.

  24. Barbara Stover July 19, 2012

    Mitt’s “Cheshire cat” grin when talking about his tax returns (that he WON’T be releasing) is all I need to know…he’s a WOLF in sheep’s clothing.
    He and much of the empowered rich in this country can wait…and wait…and wait, because they have the FAT WALLETS to get them through the tough times. They can and will wait indefinitely, or until the rest of us become so desperate that we succumb…THEN they will go for our jugular and FINISH OFF THE MIDDLE CLASS PERMANENTLY!

  25. grammyjill July 19, 2012

    Finally Tom you’re making sence. Term limits. No full pay pentions, and get their own health care.
    They get their full pay the rest of their lives. Yet our military, who fight for us have to stay in for 21 years to get half for their pention. That sucks and is not right!

    1. metrognome3830 July 19, 2012

      grammyjill: Tom would make sense if he had his facts straight, maybe. They don’t get full pay the rest of their lives. They get too much, but not full pay. We need to try and keep the facts factual. Otherwise we sound like politicians.

  26. grammyjill July 19, 2012

    The current republicans will not pass the tax breaks for middle class unless they can also pass them for the rich. The Dems have come up with the only idea that will work. They are calling it Off Thr Cliff. They are going to let the whole thing expire. That means NO tax breaks for anyone starting on new years eve. Then they are going in on new years day and get the tax cuts for the middle class passed then. So, you may pay higher taxes for a couple weeks but will get it all back.

  27. rustingdreams July 19, 2012

    Good day Tom D44,

    I must say, I am a little dissapointed that Pres. Obama has not been able to deliver on all of his promises. I disagree that his agenda has been hard left, but rather I see it as mostly centrist, perhaps leaning left. His foreign policy policy has leaned right, if anything. Most of what he has not accomplished, is due to the republican refusal to compromise on anything with the slightest hint of a tax increase on the wealthy. In my opinion, the biggest stumbling block to any kind of progress is a fellow named Grover Norquist, and incidentally, I don’t recall seeing his name on the ballot in 2008, do you?

  28. Lynda July 19, 2012

    If is the big question isn’t it. So many of the recent polls indicate a dead even tie at this point. How it is possible that half of the country is still considering Mitt as a plausible alternative? The is no character in his empty suit. No core value that he is not willing to cast aside for political purposes. Does he believe in anything of value..beside the almight dollar? Kennedy’s comment that Mitt is ‘multiple choice’ seems appropriate indeed.

    1. Joseph Hemphill July 19, 2012

      people are impatient and the economy sucks, no thanks to the continued obstructionist congress, the former regime so wrecked our and the entire worlds economy, it will take at least a decade to recover. meantime, non critical thinkers and racist fox robots buy into the GOP propaganda. This election will be close, and God save us from the greedy old party.

  29. ObozoMustGo July 19, 2012


    This is irrelevant. What is relevant? Obozo the utter Failure in Chief who cannot talk about his record so the useful idiots at The Memo try to distract us from what is really important in this election year… Obozo’s record of failure.

    BH Obozo has had a sum total of 1 (one) success. Ordering the killing of OBL. That’s it. There is nothing else in 4 years. Nothing. And even that isnt really as big a deal for him as it is for the soldiers who actually did the mission. But the narcissist-in-chief is always quick to claim credit for himself.

    Lets take a look at some of Obozo’s other “successes and accomplishments”…….

    1) Obozo comes into office $10T in debt. 3.5 years later, $16T in debt
    1A) Obozo is first President in American history to be so fiscally irresponsible that he and his DemocRAT Congress caused US Credit Rating to be cut. Nice accomplishment Mr. Obozo!!!
    2) 2 years complete control of the government. NO budget as required by the Constitution. Still has no budget. The one budget he presented that was actually voted on by the Senate wend down to defeat by a vote of 97 to 0. Nice work Mr. President!!! THAT IS an accomplishment!
    3) A new bankrupting entitlement program called Obozocare jammed through congress against the vast majority of Americans who were against it (and still are) and with the blessings of the idiot Nancy Piglosi who said “we have to pass the bill before we know what is in it”. And after all that, the crowing achievement of this president will be struck down like a rabid dog by the SCOTUS. Nice work, Mr. President!
    4) Persistent unemployment that has been the worst since the Great Depression, especially among blacks and young people. His administration keeps claiming unemployment is going down, but in reality, they manipulate the formula by reducing the # of jobs available. And then they claim that over 8% unemployment is good! Quite an accomplishment in propaganda, but not economics, Mr. President.
    5) Promises to close Gitmo…. instead, he spends $750K on a soccer field for terrorists. Dont get me wrong, Gitmo should stay open. This is an example of how stupid and naive Obozo really is. Nice accomplishment, Mr. President!
    6) Gas prices are up 100%++ across the nation. And Obozo is so dumb he actually believes that increasing supply has no effect on prices… what an idiot! Blocking EVERY permit that has come before his administration and blocking pipelines that increase supplies does HAVE consequences, Mr. President. Gas prices are through the roof! Nice going Mr. President!
    7) Real inflation rates are close to 8% or higher. Who measures inflation without food and fuel??????? Obozo does! Another strong achievement in propaganda, Mr. President!

    [the following items 8 – 11 are about Obozo’s failed PUBLIC EQUITY business]
    8) SOLYNDRA!!!!!!!! need I say more? Nice job paying off your rich buddies who bundle campaign cash for you, Mr. President! You can probably count on some of those dollars coming back to you.
    9) SOLAR TRUST… another BILLION DOLLAR boondoggle in your attempt to play venture capitalist with taxpayer money that actually goes to your FAT CAT financier friends who are big donors. Nice money laundering accomplishment, Mr. President! Should I say more? OK.. I will…
    10) ECOTALITY – Another “green” Obozo investment disaster. Obozo gave them $115 MILLION. The SEC investigates fraud at the company. While that’s going on, Obozo gives them another $26 MILLION…. What an idiot! Nice accomplishment Mr. President!
    11) Fisker Automotive – yeah, that company that you gave $200MILLION to so they can build cars overseas, right? Great job creating jobs overseas, Mr. Obozo, you friggin clown!
    12) Fast and Furious!!!!! If this was a Republican Admin, all of you nutjobs that write on this web site would be going justifiably ballistic!! It would be the lead story on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSLSD, CNN, etc. etc.
    13) Same with the crook Jon Corzine. He steals $2B in client money, much of it farmers money, to cover his own bad bets. Then he gets to continue on raising money for Obozo like nothing ever happened. Where is Eric The Incompetent Holder? ……… crickets………. crickets……….. crickets………. Thought so!
    14) 88% of Americans say they are spending way more on groceries now than we were 4 years ago.
    15) 50% of Americans have had to give money to a relative at least once to help them get buy in the past 4 years.

    I’ll continue to refocus the discussion on what is important and not these foolish smokescreens the left throws up to obfuscate Obozo’s true failure as a socialist in the White House.

    Have a nice day!

    1. pattijo2 July 19, 2012

      1) irrelevant. It would have been that much no matter who was in office. Result of the depression left by the first 10 years of the century.
      2)He has presented a budget. The current congress will not pass it. or present a budget that does not gut the life out of this country.
      3)ACA is making all persons responsible for buying insurance to bring down the cost of health care. when you do not have to pay higher premiums for persons who are not covered, or more taxes for county run hospitals, it will bring down insurance premiums because the insurers will not be able to
      4) government layoffs are responsible for at least 2% of unemployment. This did not happen during the 80’s.
      5) Republicans stopped closing gitmo.
      6) The president does not have any control over gas prices. Those are controlled by speculators on the open market.
      7) Ronald Reagan.
      8)Yea, I’ll give you that one.
      9)No, not quite.
      10) they have not been accused of doing anything illegal…
      11)The Fisker loan did not stem from the stimulus, however, coming instead from a bipartisan 2007 energy law that created the Energy Department’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program. – Bush…..
      12)that is not what was reported… check your facts and it was a lead story on all those networks.
      14) of course… the drought in the South last year and in the Midwest this year and higher gas prices didn’t have anything to do with that…. right.
      15) I am glad that they had the money to do so !

      You are the only fool on this discussion with your rants, raves, name calling and otherwise boorish behavior.

      Have a nice day!

      1. ObozoMustGo July 19, 2012


        1) That’s a nice way of saying that Obozo did not do what we all saw him do, and that he has been an ineffective and basically useless piece of crap at the helm with zero influence. The facts speak for themselves. Obozo has added $6TRILLION to the national debt on his watch. Too bad. It’s true. Everyone knows it. Cant run away from it now.
        2) He has presented a budget that NOT EVEN A SIGNLE DEMOCRAT VOTED FOR!!! Who the hell are you kidding? Plus he had COMPLETE CONTROL over the Congress for 2 full years. TWO FULL YEARS!!!! Why no budget then?
        3) Only a moron actually believes that HC costs are going down under this stupid Obozocare. There is no way you can add to the demand side of the economic equation and costs go down. It’s not possible. The laws of economics are not suspended because your messiah Obozo says they are. Besides, 60% of Americans are against it and want it repealed. God willing, it will be repealed under President Romney.
        4) What kind of useful idiot are you? The fact is that government unemployment is almost no unemployment at atll. It’s half what the private sector is. I know, the leftist nutjobs and morons out there actually believe more government workers would be a good thing. Who’s going to pay for those government workers?
        5) Thank God! I think this was Obozo’s ONLY example of pragmatism he’s ever exhibited.
        6) If all of you leftist hacks in the media kept blaming Bush for years and years over gas prices, then it’s fair to blame Obozo. Especially since he has said it in his own words: “under my Administration, energy prices will neccessarily skyrocket”… What the hell does he mean if he doesnt mean he wants higher prices?????? You leftist idiots amaze me with your ability to manufacture new meanings to words.
        7) It has been measured in multiple configurations of data, but Obozo Admin has taken this to an art form. It used to reported in it’s multiple configurations. I have not heard it reported that way since Obozo took the helm.
        8, 9, 10, 11) Who the hell is Obozo to criticize Private Equity when he has a HORRENDOUS RECORD with Public Equity???? He should keep his fat mouth shut. What a hypocritical pig! Oh… and those Fisker jobs… yeah, all in Denmark!
        12) Bullsheet, and you know it. It made the news cylce for a day or 2, and at that, was only marginally mentioned and then quickly dismissed. You know for a FACT, that if that was the Bush Admin, the coverage would be incessant, non-stop, and would have an article EVERY DAY somewhere on the front page of the NY Slimes. You know I am absolutely right about that! Be honest and admit it.
        13) I suppose you dont mind the fact that Jon Corzine stole $2BILLION from farmers, and the Obozo Admin is looking the other way.
        14) This has been going for 3.5 years. This stat is a barometer of how pathetic Obozo has been with the economy.
        15) Same with 14. This is a sad indictment of our economy.

        Here’s 2 more:
        16) 47 MILLION Americans are on Food Stamps, and that number is growing quickly. In fact, Obozo has created more dependency than any other US President in history. Nice accomplishment, Mr. Obozo!
        17) Obozo was caught bribing Joe Sestak to NOT run against Specter. A clear felony. What is Eric “The Incompetent” Holder doing about it? Crickets….. crickets….. crickets……

        Have a nice day!

    2. Joseph Hemphill July 19, 2012

      perfect and classic example of the gop’s propaganda mechanism, I’m sorry but the world is not black and white, it resides within the grey and both parties are so polarized and vitriolic, I fear for our very existence as we now know it.

  30. B Etty Hill July 19, 2012

    Mitt Romney is such a “WEAK” candidate for the leader of these UNITED States!!!!! If he isn’t making money (masterfully- I might add) he is lost! In other words, “if you don’t stand something-you’ll fall for anything!” That’s Mitt in a nut shell!!!

  31. Steve Schoner July 19, 2012

    Which way does the “wind blow” ? Ask Romney he knows.

  32. Justin July 19, 2012

    i will revolt if this hypocriticle peice of sh*t becomes president and turns our democratic republic into a plutocracy in the guise of a theocracy

  33. dcarpent July 19, 2012

    To coin a term not yet to be found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Romney is a “closet sociopath” — a psychiatric condition characterized by an externally pleasing persona which thinly conceals a basic core of insensitive arrogance and deception that manifests in serial lying in the service of maintaining self-perceived superiority. The popular political term that has developed for this is “flip flopping.” A prominent theologian friend of mine said this is all just fancy psychiatric talk for “the man has no soul.”

  34. LeftRightLef July 19, 2012

    The man (Mitt) and his supporters have reached below the lowest level I have ever seen…Pathetic!

  35. ayaya July 19, 2012

    This guy – Mitt Romney is insincere and biggest liar in American presidential politics. Read newspapers about Romney outside the US. Romney outside the US may have been arrested for felonies and crooked unpatriotism since a long time. In India, a Detroit-owned firms outsourced by Romney connection are employing workers daily in Asia. People did not listen to Perry and Santorum about how fake Romney is during the primaries. Romney’s hideous secrets and insincerity is making Republicans begin to feel serious cold in a hot summer season. Sorry Mitt, you must show your taxes and records to be president.

  36. ayaya July 19, 2012

    This guy – Mitt Romney is insincere and biggest liar in American presidential politics. Read newspapers about Romney outside the US. Romney outside the US may have been arrested for felonies and crooked unpatriotism since a long time. In India, a Detroit-owned firms outsourced by Romney connection are employing workers daily in Asia. People did not listen to Perry and Santorum about how fake Romney is during the primaries. Romney’s hideous secrets and insincerity is making Republicans begin to feel serious cold in a hot summer season. Sorry Mitt, you must show your taxes and records to be president. Time for Republican party to look for another candidate to replace Romney before it is too late.

  37. Arlin C July 19, 2012

    The real point is there is no narrative content in this debate. If tax cats work, where are the jobs-because by all accounts we have plenty of tax cuts-the Bush cut, the social security tax cuts.acelrated deprecation allowances-solar energy breaks. With all that fire power-where are the jobs?
    So it can’t be tax cuts that are the solution.
    The problems are more fundamental. America needs an industrial policy-China has one,Jana has one, Germany has one and they are the leading export conutries.
    Why are IPad made in China and not here? These Chinese have industrial policy to enoourage this-we do not.
    As the lare Steve Covey used to say yu can put a ladder against the house and climb as high as you want-it is still the wrong huse. The problen is no ttax cuts. That’s the wrong solution

  38. sophiathursday1st July 20, 2012

    The comment from Obozo has show how much of a Bozo HE REALLY IS! Obama on the other hand show how much he can handle these kinds of snarkies!

  39. Chris Szeliga July 20, 2012

    But then, to a Teahadist there is no difference between and Eisenhower Republican and a Marxist.

  40. Sandra Mursu July 20, 2012

    Romney is as malleable as a lump of Silly Putty. His self-serving persona and lack of vision as to plausible policies for solving our country’s issues make him a no-go for any high office; much less the highest in our nation. The last time the Republicans tried to make a silk purse of a sow’s ear was in 2000 and we see how well that foray into fashion worked. Romney has not the substance of a sow’s ear.

    1. CAThinker July 20, 2012

      I think the problem Mitt is having is that he doesn’t see the profit motive for running for president… There’s no incentive for him, so he half-asses it and it shows… He doesn’t seem the least bit prepared… and the man can’t think on his feet… Looking forward to the debates.. Here’s a thought… It’s a conspiracy – Maybe Mitt is the democratss version of the manchurian candidate??? Deep mole and he’s programmed to implode some time during the election season…

  41. Clemens Harmon July 20, 2012

    I really am not going to vote for Romney. He does not know the truth if it bit him in the neck.
    I am still going to to vote for Obama no matter what Romney says about him in those not
    true ads . Besides I think that for the most part Romney got his facts mixed up. Most of
    what Romney said about Obama , that was Bush’s mess from along time ago.
    Romney, before you say another untruth about Obama, get your facts straight.

  42. Toni Anthony July 20, 2012

    please cut it off, with the “have a nice day”
    crap, you wouldn’t know it if it hit you in the face..
    Romney= dog poo

  43. Todd July 20, 2012

    Pure BS. You Obama coolaid drinkers continue to print lies. Josef Goebels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, would be so proud of you. Tell the big lie often enough and it becomes the truth. The only thing that’s getting ugly in this campaign is the Obama campaign and its’ propaganda arm of the MSM and rags like the National Memo. I don’t have any problem with pointing out the faultss of their opponent if it is the truth, but ,when even the Washington Post says what Obama’s surrogates are saying are lies, then those who continue to print and say those lies, knowing they are lies are despicable low lifes.Sort of like pond scum. Oops, that would be an insult to pond scum.

    1. CAThinker July 20, 2012

      Is your last name Palin? Aren’t you Todd Palin? I’ll bet you’re Todd Palin… or is there another Todd that is equally deluded… I think there is… at least one.. probably more than one… Sad.

  44. Rev Jim July 20, 2012

    See Slick Mitt Rmoney a pretty pinwheel spinning in the wind.

  45. Michael A. Steede July 20, 2012

    Ole’ Mitt is turning into the male Michelle Bachman. He’ll have the clown cap on any day now.

  46. PortoMac July 20, 2012

    Oh America! I thought you knew better; the best positive way for this trick called politics. NOW LOOK HERE! You have FAILED!!! You can’t just contain just a common man from a Mormom Faith. Why? I heard your fore-parents believed in FREEDOM; freedom of worship, association and what have you. No wonder you go after the non-Christians; You have demeaned the fight of your founding fathers…. SHAME!!! If Mitt is that bad, the gay right activist Obama, should be worse!!!

    I know you still know better! Get Up! Just remember what all that fight was for. One day an someone from Iran will become the president of America!


  47. PortoMac July 20, 2012

    Aparently, Americans do not care about the most petinent issues challenging them; Health, Taxes, Jobs, – The ECONOMY…. They are interested in the fables that only paints good images dirty! Mitt can be a very good man…. helping you to improve your living shouldn’t cost him to talk his head out… rather, the wise, prudent and SMART Guys will understand him!

    Now, I think we Africans no better…. what it takes to make wise decisions deviod of racism, religious affiliations or cultural background…. WE BELIEVE IN WHO CAN BE A GOOD LEADER!!! TURNING DEGRADING THINGS AROUND – UPGRADING…

  48. Fern Woodfork July 20, 2012

    Mitt Has Been Flip Flopping All Over The Place!!

  49. overpaidCS July 20, 2012

    We already know that no one goes uglier earlier than Obama. he’ll end up going down just like Nixon by using federal agencies to go after his “enemies list”

  50. Eugene Antonio Pitts July 21, 2012

    For anyone to vote for him is unreal. This guy would say anything to win. The way he act is like he think everyone is suppose to vote for him because he has run so many times. Winner win and looser lose. To elect him for office would be the destruction of our country. Between him, his rich friends and the Republicans the country would be turn up side down. None of them know how to tell the truth about anything. The American people are waking up to him and them and yes it will be ugly for them in November.

  51. onedonewong July 21, 2012

    Obama has continued to lead the dirtiest campaign in US History. Imagine the chutzpa of the current WH occupant who released a birth certificate doctored by photo shop, who has never released his passports, applications for student aid as a foreign exchange student. His land deal with the mafia and his anti troop mentality having the gall to ask Romney for his tax returns

    1. ObozoMustGo July 22, 2012

      one… Greetings! I trust you are doing well today.

      Good post. It’s amazing how these leftist nutjobs on this site are so friggin ignorant and hypocritical, isn’t it? Cracks me up. They cannot see truth right in front of their faces. Probably because the formerly mainstream media is so in the tank for this Chicago Thug In Chief, they would never highlight anything negative about him.

      I say, you want Mitt’s tax returns, show us your college records – ALL of them.

      Have a great day!

      1. RUKIDENME August 12, 2012

        Tax returns=college records? What planet are u from? Mitt show us all those draft deferments (4 or 5) you received during the Vietnam War, you know the religious sabbatical in France.

        1. ObozoMustGo August 13, 2012

          URNA$$HOLE …. college records – full blown – applications, scholarships, classes, grades, papers…. until then, no taxes. So STFU!!

          Have a nice day!

          “Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.” – Ronald Reagan

          1. RUKIDENME August 13, 2012

            If u don’t have a valid argument YOU call people names. Nice mouth, do u eat with it? A sure sign of ignorance!

  52. Faye Ward July 21, 2012

    Mitts going coming out with a Rush Limbaugh Bill next lol

  53. TEN-OF-WANDS July 22, 2012

    1. Playing down the middle does not always work even in GOLF, where one may have to address DOGLEGS. Our present political and economic DOGLEG is the ever-shrinking event horizon for political, tactical, insurgent, ecological, and economically significant events. Our present and pervasive imbalance WILL REQUIRE A BOLD COMMITMENT TO AN EXTREME AGENDA. Romney has not the balls, intestines, or brain for this, having lived in the rarified milieu of East Coast Gentry.
    2. The only hope for Romney is that he campaigns on the pathetic platform of being the MOST ADMINISTRATIVELY QUALIFIED TO IMPLEMENT OBAMACARE.
    3. There is, actually, a second way Romney can win this election: HE CAN RELY ON THE EVER ESCALATING SKILL-SET OF THE GOP IN THE TECHNOLOGY OF ELECTION-RIGGING.

  54. JamesBenson August 9, 2012

    This is a boring story. Is there anything important we need to know about this candidate?

    And why does anybody care what David Frum thinks or writes?

  55. Mark Bottai August 9, 2012

    I agree, this writer is boring. It is just sad that Obamacare has not licked in yet. If it did and the people saw how much more their taxes were or better yet, how less the paycheck was the vote this year would be a no brainer. Obama has started the dis-mantling of our laws by Executive Orders from ICE to DEA to IRS. So who needs Congress.

    1. ObozoMustGo August 9, 2012

      Mark… you won’t find too many of the useful idiots that swim around in this sea of leftist insanity that will agree with you. After all, the leftist freak dream is that Obozo makes himself king and converts America into North Korea where we are all equally miserable and broke. But, hey, Obozo will be king.

      Keep fighting the good fight.

      Have a nice day!

      “Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right – a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.” – Abraham Lincoln

  56. Jack Deal August 9, 2012

    The plain truth is the Romney campaign stinks…it is directionless and when it does make a statement, it’s a gaffer, like his recent goofy strategy that “Obama wants to take away your religion…” …not even Jr. High stuff…he should be way ahead, not struggling to find his mojo…GOPers can’t believe it…unreal…

    1. BananaCharger August 22, 2012

      Yeah unlike the other campaign, Biden is such a pro, isn’t he. Only a moron, a socialist, or someone with severe loathing for America thinks this crew deserves another four years. Yeah, I know, it’s all Bush’s fault.

  57. june78 August 10, 2012

    everyone do to suit themselves when it comes to voting just remember u have either 4 or 8 yrs. to live with your decesion,so come on Nov. let the voting begin

  58. Marq Goldberg August 12, 2012

    Take a sheet of 8.5 X 11 paper and lay it on its side. Now draw a line from the bottom left corner to the upper right corner. That line represents the growth of American productivity after WW II.

    Then draw another line just below the first line but only go up about a third of the way then turn the line and continue it straight across the page with a downward angle at the end. That line represents American wages which flat lined in the 1970s. Average American wages have not gone up one dime in almost 40 years. That’s when “trickle down economics” or “Reaganomics” became popular.

    Now there are two rational ways of viewing those two lines:

    If you’re in the richest 1% you can look at the difference between what 99% Americans produce and what portion of that that they get and say, “That’s all mine. I don’t want to share it. I want it all for myself.” Now that’s a pretty selfish position to take. But at least its rational.

    The other rational stance is the half of the 99% that looks at the difference between the two lines and says, “I worked my butt off to create that. I should get some of that too.” That is a rational position. Even some in the top 1% might rationally think that the 99% should get some of that wealth.

    The third position is the half of the 99% who look at the difference and say, “I worked to create that wealth. But I don’t want anyone in the 99% to get any of it. Because I think I might somehow find myself in that top 1% and if I do I don’t want to have to share it. I don’t have a CLUE how I might possibly do that. But that’s how I feel about it. I’m sure that my greatness as a human being will somehow, someday, get me there. And when it does I don’t want anyone else having any.” That view is generally tied to religious delusions ie “God will reward me.” And it is so out of whack with reality that its just pure insanity. Those people are simply not thinking rationally.

    Now take that same wealth thats the difference between increased productivity (the top line) and the 99% flatlined wages (the bottom line) and share it among the 99% so that the 99% have more money to spend. Will consumption of goods increase or decrease? Obviously it will increase because peolple will have more money to spend.

    And if consumption increases then it follows that jobs will be created to provide the added goods and services for people to consume. And if we want those jobs to be created in the US instead of China we need to add tariffs to imported goods.

    It also follows that the reason the economy is stagnant is that government policies over the past few decades have allowed all the profits of that increased productivity to go to the 1% who then HOARD the wealth. They can do that because they aren’t being taxed highly enough on their income. Taxing the 1% will allow more money for teachers, police, firemen, road and bridge crews etc. Which will GROW the economy.

    Thus any economic policies that takes money from the middle class and the poor and give it to the rich (like the Ryan budget) will further harm the economy. That’s how we got in this mess in the first place. While policies that take money from the richest 1% and give it back to the workers (like raising taxes on the 1%) will help the economy.

  59. Cleia Cavalcanti August 13, 2012

    OBAMA´S VOTERS: People that PROFIT from his CORRUPT government; BLACKS that vote for Obama ONLY because he is BLACK (what a poor judgment) LOW IQ people (no intelligence) JERKS that always buy Obama´s LIES and FALSE PROMISES; GAYS (the crook Obama gave his support only to get their MONEY and VOTE)

    1. ObozoMustGo August 13, 2012

      Cleia… you could not be more correct! Either Obozo’s supporters are “takers” from the government (corrupt businesses or those on the dole), or if they are not takers, they are stupid! There is no other explanation.

      Have a great day!

      “Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.” – Ronald Reagan

  60. TruthVZ7 August 13, 2012

    You are also a absolute super spineless coward. Everyone of you pathetic teabag idiots are as blind as your foolish hatred. Your comments illustrate you are as ignorant as the blind robotic sheep that you are. Sick Foolish Coward.

    1. Hentai September 11, 2012

      Whereas you clueless Obamaniacs are just flat out morons.

  61. tedsfrozenhead August 13, 2012

    His ugly loss will be quite beautiful for America

    1. Hentai September 11, 2012

      By extension, the only way Romney can have an ugly loss is if Barry has an even uglier win…which of course poses no problem for the lying, unethical, hypocritical, clueless liberal Dems…

  62. Stan De San Diego August 14, 2012

    The fact that you Lefties are panicking only reassures us that Romney made a smart move picking Ryan as VP.

    1. Hentai September 11, 2012

      And an even smarter move having Eastwood speak at the RNC…That reaction was like pouring holy water on the Possessed! Liberal heads spinning around on their necks, spewing green vomit! PRICELESS!!! Clint nailed it.

  63. Ken August 15, 2012

    Well, you certainly have an agenda.

  64. Robin August 16, 2012

    Well read what you wrote anybody who is not your definition of normal are sub-human. I guess you have to be white christian and closed minded, just like you

  65. ToddSmitts August 19, 2012

    A politician from Massachusetts attempting to challenge an incumbent president picks up a reputation as an elitist and a flipflopper. Hmmm… How has this played out before?

  66. Yeshuratnam August 21, 2012

    Don’t give importance to tax returns and Akin’s blab.Team Obama’s calculated strategy is to divert the attention of voters from burning issues and to focus on flimsy issues such as ‘rape,’ ‘tax evasion,’ etc., America is seething in economic recession and unemployment. Obama’s impotence has been exposed in the Syrian crisis. He has lavishly given several billion dollars of loan to Morsi’s Egypt, and he is now emerging as another Khomeini and the Muslim Brotherhood Egypt shows signs of another Iran. In a speech delivered in front of an enthusiastic crowd on May 13, 2012 Morsi said that the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood is,”The Koran is our constitution. The Prophet Muhammad is our leader. Jihad is our path. And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.” Like Iran, Egypt will plan a jihad against America. Taking advantage of Obama’s weakness, Putin wants to revive the old Soviet Union. Obama wants to camouflage these dangerous trends by raising the issue of rape.Unless Americans elect a strong president like Reagan, America is earmarked for a collapse.

    1. Jacob Smith August 24, 2012

      rape and tax evasion. pfft. so trivial.

      1. Hentai September 11, 2012

        It is compared to reducing America to either a 3rd world country, or devastation. Get a clue already.

  67. A j CARIAGA jr August 22, 2012

    his lucid dream is his nightmare. don’t let him make it yours!

  68. antione bonner August 26, 2012

    Romney is the biggest flip flopper i ever seen he is screwed because he went against everything he believed in for political purposes he adopted a budget that deep down i know he hates thats why he’s trying to back away from it that guy has no character he has no values he has no morals he make John MCcain look like a saint i mean this guy is so terrible im a Democrat always will be but wow this guy makes my decision so easy i cant even watch him talk this election will give my guy President Barack Obama the political capital for four years to get real things done the republican party is heading to ruin America is changing for the better or worst but its changing women latinos blacks asians and these dummies just dont get it they will sooner or later cuz when the the democrats control everything they gonna wonder why and when they turned into the green party billionares is keeping this party afloat thats all lies spins bull that wont last the president really cares about the average citizen and i love him for that ill be donating 1000 dollars to his campaign im from Michigan and we been through so much loss and heartache we switch between republican and democrat governors every election but Obama is gonna win Michigan by at least 8 points he havent even campaigned alot here Romney Ryan disgust me they represent something that average americans shouldnt stand behind they represent Bush and his failed policies even more than MCcain Palin and thats a losing stragedy because we know what to expect from men like this and where its gonna take our country Obama is moving us forward and i gurantee at the end of his second term America will be a better country if we stick with him Democrats isnt perfect but the alternative really is scary wow. LTown Veteran representing lansing Michigan

    1. Hentai September 11, 2012

      And yet Obama makes Romney look like a freakin’ genius by comparison. In fact, YOU make a slug look intelligent…and you don’t represent anyone, much less Lansing.

  69. antione bonner August 26, 2012

    He is scarier

  70. balloons September 11, 2012

    Obama is going to take the $100b extra he gets from the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts and when it hits the sizzle it will go POOF. Even Biden, in his claims the rich will get $500b they don’t deserve admits it is over 10 years, or $50b per year. Likewise to Obama’s claim of raising the budget the least. That is because it went up 25% in one year and was never intended to be permanent. Blame that on Bush too. Finally comes imploding the dollar. Which will be Obama’s coup de grace to our beloved republic.

  71. Mike Gieser September 11, 2012

    There’s a lot of excited talk and activity out there in support of Obama. You don’t hear too much about Romney, and there are very few antics of his that make the news. If you want to know who the next president will be, just look at the last election and compare it to the voting demographics of today. Obama has become what he ran against in 08. The economy is now in the toilet, whereas in 08 voters went with their “hope and change” mentality. We tried hope and change and it got us in deeper. We want “tried and true”; a cold-hearted businessman who can foresee real improvement, not some shyster with some cockamamie plan he pulled out of his asz and sold as a bill of goods to the American people.

    1. CAThinker September 11, 2012

      Clearly you’re just another Talibpublican troll newly unleashed from the failed RNC. Interesting how you and your ilk have come out of the woodwork to publish your mindless bile here. The only thing that makes sense is that you, and other like you that post here is that you are paid for your effort – the internet equivalent of the scruffy guy on the corner holding a sign begging for alms. What are you getting, a nickel for every post? Why don’t you just go away – if you are a true believer, you would be lurking on the conservative sites rather than here. Consider yourself exposed and go away.

      1. Hentai September 11, 2012

        Yes, because as we all know, and can see by virtue of your post, liberal Dem idiots cannot tolerate their BS being exposed to the light of day. Liberal sites like this only want their own sheeple parrotting the approved talking points posted to DailyKOS each day. Any dissenting voices should just go away, unless you pollute the ‘good vibes’ of those faithful to their Anointed One.

        You and those like you are the internet equivalent of a useless dirtbag, since your inane posts aren’t even worth the proverbial plugged nickel.

        Consider yourself ridiculed by your own display of ignorance, curl up in a ball, and rot in Hell.

        1. CAThinker September 11, 2012

          Go away troll… You and your kind are not going to sway the majority of the people here. I’ve seen your stuff and it hasn’t warranted effort or response on my part. Why are you here? Your drivel convinces no one of the virtues of your “side”. This “useless dirtbag” hit one of your nerves hard enough for you to respond. I say again – just go away. You will never find anything of use here and I have yet to see you offer anything useful. Just go away. Dumbass.

          1. workingstiffdad September 11, 2012

            Here we have the Jackass Demokrat calling the Republican dude dumbass. Precious.

          2. David A. September 15, 2012

            Who is this Mitt Romney person that everyone is talking about?

        2. Aaron Bahr September 11, 2012

          Hey Hentai, people don’t tend to listen to comments from people who’s username is synonymous with “animated pornography”. How’re you liking that hot cartoon tentacle rape action?

          Just a heads up, you should probably be more careful with your username in the future. I’d like to figure out you’re an idiot based upon your comments, rather than just your handle.

        3. ProfitOverLife September 14, 2012

          You are PROOF of why the Republican Party has only had losers, idiots, clowns, fascists, criminals, and assholes running and mostly losing, since Eisenhower quit. Congrats on being at least 5 out of those 6!!!

          LOL, Nixon, Dole, McCain, Palin, Bush the DISASTER, Reagan wouldn’t even get NOMINATED now, and now Mint RawMoney, LOL!

      2. John Anthony September 15, 2012

        CAThinker I agree with you as many people do. Ignore trolls.

    2. soloarts September 11, 2012

      You must did not read the article…

    3. tony fixer September 12, 2012

      Dude; You have amnesia, or you have not been in touch with the news for the last dozen years or so. In the 51 years since Kennedy took office Republicans held office of the white-house for 28 years. The Democrats 23 years. there were 66 million private sector jobs created. 42 million under Democrats & 24 million under republicans. Since the Obama stimulus 4.3 million jobs in private sector created. that is 40% more than the 2.6 million created in the 7 years of the bush admin. before the meltdown. So what have you been pulling out of your @$$? ….Tonydfixer…..Seattle

    4. D.w. Skinner September 14, 2012

      bad day to quit sniffing glue?

    5. ProfitOverLife September 14, 2012

      LOL. I dare you to post SPECIFICS of what Mint Rawmoney will do about “repealing” Obama(Romney)Care. SPECIFICS about what tax deductions he will get rid of. SPECIFICS about his foreign policy, entitlement reform, or even his own tax returns.

      I DARE YOU!

  72. jblee726 September 11, 2012

    I think that one of the silliest claim in politics that reducing taxes and relaxing regulations will enhance job creation and employment. I think that the truth of the matter is that there is only the factor of DEMAND that will generate jobs and employment because why would anybody get into business if there’s no one that will buy its product or service Even the stiffest regulations will not prevent people from getting into business where DEMAND exist because of the profit that it generates. Take the example of illegal drugs trade. People risks getting into jail if they’re caught and still a lot of people gets into it because there is a great deal of money that can be made due to the tremendous DEMAND FOR THE PRODUCT. So I think that the President is right to have the public works (road buildings and fixing other infrastructures, adding teachers, police, firemen, etc.) initially finance the recovery of the economy. Since when these people have the money, they would be buying clothes, cars, homes,etc. and this will generate DEMAND and have a rippling effect to the rest of the economy. I hope that people will just open up their eyes and exercise their common sense to realize the facts and truth of the matter and not succumb to political rhetoric. The economy is not moving as fast because the REPUBLICANS HAS MADE IT THEIR MAIN GOAL TO ENSURE A ONE TERM PRESIDENT

  73. John Major September 11, 2012

    Whats fair is if Romney is going down , we should get all Obama’s records , school and otherwise you know what I’m talking transparent all the way around, and never let this happen again. President should have all his records out on the table!!!!

  74. jason stewart September 11, 2012

    The bad news is $16T national debt. The lowest employment in 30 years. Inflation (due to the increasing debt) is exploding (food and fuel).

    The good news is that Obama says he has a plan.

    I’m confidant that the President has a plan, but after four years of cronyism, not so much that he will ever be successful.

  75. workingstiffdad September 11, 2012

    Watch Dr. Zhivago for the scenes of Amerika under a another Obamski Reign of Error. Fascists like him feed off the brainless adulation of sheep like you, Elis. If you’re cute, you may find a job with “The Party”. We used to call it prostitution.

  76. Steve Wimer September 11, 2012

    Romney was for Romneycare in Massachusetts before he was against it (now known as Obamacare). He was pro-choice before he became pro-life. He believed in man-made global warming before he became a denier. Romney is in favor of strapping dogs to the roof of his car on long family road trips, and playing chauffeur to corporate fat cats because “corporations are people too”, and they get to ride in the car.

  77. S. September 11, 2012

    Fortunately Owebama will not win…There aren’t enough misfits in America to get him re-elected…Lets face it, that’s all his base consists of at this point…Anyone with half a brain, which is a half more than a Democrat has, would never vote for a man that has failed at everything he promised.

  78. Nicholas Sampsidis September 11, 2012

    H.L. Mencken once noted: “A professional politician is a professionally dishonorable man. In order to get anywhere near high office he has to make so many compromises and submit to so many humiliations that he becomes indistinguishable from a streetwalker.”

    The problem with Mitt is that he’s not likeable – no warm, fuzzy feeling. He can’t sell himself because his adeptness is robber capitalism. It’s why he is Mr. Multiple Choice on key issues – extremely dangerous in the world, today. Debacles in London, Poland and Israel proved it. Trying to make Russia the enemy is irresponsible. Expect an Obama landslide in November.

    1. Charles Jones September 14, 2012

      You forget how gullible the US populace is…

  79. tony fixer September 12, 2012

    Romney is a sack. This guy just wants to become president for personal gain. Romney tailors stump speeches to his audiences, ditto for Ryan they are both pants on fire liars….Tonydfixer……..Seattle

  80. Katchaturian September 12, 2012

    Romney knows many will vote for him because of the lousey choice. However, when he makes spontaneous comments abot the Libyan killings he is stretching his luck. Mormon missionaries have been killed in several countries. You don’t blame the president of the U.S., or as in the case of killings in Columbia some years ago, the president of Columbia. Having to deal with Islam is one thing, but dealing with Moslem terrorists is the worst case scenario. Add to that the fact that tape exists wherein Obama has said he is Islamic. WE ARE STUCK WIWTH ROMNEY OR RON PAUL.

  81. Myriam Obadia September 12, 2012

    Come on Mike, be honest. The economy has been going down the toilet since the middle of Reagan’s second mandate, with a short recovery during Clinton’s second term. The supply side/trickle-down/ voodoo economics have ruined the country, left our infrastructure derelict, our industry moribund, our poor on the sidewalk, and our middle class in shamble. Sure, Obama didn’t fix much, but then, even if he had been a second FDR, he couldn’t have done a lot with the relentless obstructionism of the GOP in Congress. I will, reluctantly vote for a second term for this president. I do not like his lack of grasp on international relations, I do not like the fact that he is at best tepid in his commitment to the people who voted him in, but the Romney-Ryan project is a disaster of astronomical proportion not only for our economy, but also for the civil rights of half of the US population. To top it all, the man is mercenary and is willing to defend anything, provided it gets his votes. So far, his political career shows as much directional constancy as that of a weather vane.

  82. Polygamyman September 13, 2012

    . For 182 years Mormonism has violated the rights of woman more than any other anti christ cult. They have been consistent in this area. Polygamy and marriage to underage children was their mainstay for many years. They believe that woman who are single will not go to their number one heaven (Celestial) as they are inferior until they experience marriage. They will end up in Terestial and Telestial heavens..which is the home of people that convert after they die. Woman are commanded to have multiple children but are forbiden to go to the Temple with their husbands..they are forbidden to speak out i
    n the Church and if they do they face excommunication. Romney invests millions of dollars to finance the conversion of born again christians to the one true Church. They believe all Churches from Pentecost to 1830 are false and they are the Church of Restoration. They reject Israels future. The New Jerusalem will not be established in Israel but will be built in the USA. Elijah appeared to Joseph Smith in the 1830’s and told them this. They believe that all people will go to one of their Heavens..the only people that wont are fallen angels and a small group of evil people. Proxy baptisms are conducted in secret for the dead. They believe when your dead you can reconsider your life time decision re Salvation.Mormonism is a cult that prevents you from making informed decisions..they have laws for nearly everything..what you eat and drink, what you give to the Church, when you are commanded to go to church (sunday and monday evening), forfeiting your rights to your children for 2 years (forced drafting of missionaries that have to leave their families for 2 years and can only call back twice per year to their family)compulsory temple rituals for men only, compulsory baptism (not saved if you are not baptized) and compulsory obedience to the modern day dictator Thomas Monson (16th Pope/President). Mormonism manipulated governments for years to perpetuate polygamy and underage marriage..Romney is committed to do the same for the ONLY TRUE CHURCH. In a recent CNN interview Romney said that he couldn change womans rights as he was bound by the dicates of His Church. His moraslity encompasses firing thousand of workers to make hundred of millions of dollar, changing positions continously with the winds of change (threw Ryan under the bus in less than 48 hours), lying about his life, draft dodging and tax evasion. He talks about a Jesus that is not the Son of God but is a composite personna that is not Divine or exalted. he and Joseph Smith are equal in functions. This Jesus has been conceived from their 4 Books of Divine Revelation. 1. The Book of Mormon 2 The Pearl of great Price 3 Doctines and Covenants 4 An edited Bible. Christians ignore the teaching of scripture re apostates.2John 4v10-11 if you greet (endorse) these antichrists you become “partakers of their evil”…do not entertain them..do not give allegiance to them. Your blind endorsement of Mitt Romney may be okay if you choose to act in ignorance, but to encourage others to drink his koolaid is controversial at least

  83. Ken September 13, 2012

    I am voting for Romney.

  84. Charley Deisla September 13, 2012

    Romney has to be forceful and attack in such a way to where it will garner attention, even if its bad attention. The media is protecting Obama.

  85. Trevor Hall September 13, 2012

    Mr. Romney will say and do anything to win the election. He did that in the primary, and he is trying to do that in the general election. However, to be president of the United States you must believe in something, you cannot win by believing in nothing. Mr. Romney’s major problem is that he refuses to release his tax returns. Voters cannot trust a man who is worth hundreds-of-millions of dollars, who refuses to release his tax returns. The man says that he will cut the federal budget, will not cut taxes on the wealthy, will increase defense spending, and reduce the national debt. There is only one way he can accomplish that; he has to make radical cuts in programs for the Middle Class. Mr. Romney is hoping that a few days before election day, terrorists will launch a deadly attack, and he will step up and clain OBAMA is responsible for this attack, because he is weak. Yet, it is not over, until it is over. Maybe, Romney will turn things around–release his tax returns, take positions on the economy, and foreign policy, and win all the debates. I would not bet on that; however, the Obama team should keep on governing the nation, and let Romney be Romney.

  86. D.w. Skinner September 14, 2012

    Romney has lost the election. It’s just how bad the numbers are gonna be that has the people in Vegas scrambling to make the odds. I’m waiting for the debates… we all know the minute Romney opens up his screwed up mouth (the trees are the right height. I like firing people) the polls will skyrocket for Obama and plummet for him. I think the more interesting phenomenon going on is how much he is screwing up the rest of the Republican’s chances by sending the Independents scurrying to the Democrats. Lots of incumbent Republicans look like they’re gonna be on the receiving end of Romney’s flubs and lose their seats. This may end up being the democratic sweep of all time.

  87. richard jenkins September 16, 2012

    mitt would benefit using medical cannabis every morning

  88. platonas September 16, 2012

    Why is it, that the most religious country in the world, the USA, is also the most violent?
    Perhaps it is because the Bible is such a violent book and the people of the USA draw their inspiration from it.


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