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If Paul Wins Caucuses, Iowa Is Loser

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If Paul Wins Caucuses, Iowa Is Loser


Dec. 21 (Bloomberg) — He who surges last surges best. Newt Gingrich rose from the dead too soon — or at least with too little money to protect himself on the cluttered airwaves of Iowa.

Three weeks before Republicans vote in the Jan. 3 caucuses there, Gingrich is being hammered by negative ads from rival campaigns and their supporters and he’s slipping badly. Nate Silver, the numbers wonder at the New York Times, gives Gingrich, the front-runner just weeks ago, only a 15 percent chance of winning Iowa.


  1. annonamous December 24, 2011

    Us seniors better get any ID or birth certificate we need and get out and vote as if our lives depended on it because it surely would if Ron Paul or any of them on the right ever became President. Ron Paul and his supporters are insane and heartless people.
    I have talked to his supporters and no matter how much you try to explain that there are many of us seniors whose only income is their Social Security and only health insurance is Medicare and Medicaid . They don’t care if these other programs like HUD put a roof over your head or Food Stamps that helps put food on the table or HEAP that helps you with the high heating bills in the winter . They want these programs gone !
    They are convinced that somehow magicly we could survive because Ron Paul tells them we would because we did before these programs were in place. They don’t seem to understand that back then the cost of living wasn’t very high and it was balanced with wages, today wages are so low compared to the cost of living which has risen dramaticly over the years . They are either stupid, heartless or both .

    One Paulite even had the gall to blame my generation for the bad economy !
    I suppose he didn’t think that his consumer generation did anything to raise the cost of living in this country .
    I think its a sad country that puts its most vulnerable in society in constant fear of becoming homeless. They presenting us with candidates not just Paul but any of them on the right and the Bluedogs who are so greedy and heartless they care nothing for the quality of life of the people they are suppose to represent.
    Even the Democrats have strayed from their parties idiology and have no fight for us people . Where are the real Liberals ?
    I never in all my years thought I would see the day when so many people hated the elderly ,disabled and poor because they think we are all paracites on the system costing them in tax dollars . Greed seems to be spreading like wildfire in our country not just with the 1% but with many of the middle class who would blame the most vulnerable for all their problems .Even many of the 99% who I have supported have fallen for Ron Pauls, Ayn Rand idiology of survival of the fittest !
    I always loved life now I am just scared of how I will be living the years I have left . I am not being dramatic I am being honest .Who wants to live in fear every day of a slow death homeless, cold and hungry ?
    I don’t recognize this country I was born in any more !

  2. Bellagram December 24, 2011

    Good grief – not sure what all the fuss is about. I did not know that the first caucus state had to pick the eventual winner every time. What in the world would the media and pundits have to talk about if Iowa went smoothly. The caucus process in and of itself can be bumpy at times – but I love being able to stand up and verbalize who I support and why. Way more fun than marking a ballot. And what is this fluke of 72 thing? Iowa also chose Obama in the 2008.

    Did something happen in Iowa that I am unaware of? I certainly did not have to produce any ID or birth certificate when last I voted (November 2011, local elections). But you are right in that we seniors need to vote for our interests, and the GOP is not it.

  3. NathanNieuwsma December 25, 2011

    I find it so funny that the Republican establishment is going crazy about this. They are so scared of Ron Paul they have resorted to scaring Iowans to thinking that they would loss all credability of being the first to vote in the nation. We have been able to see the history and Iowans have gotten it wrong numberous times and they are still voting first. Like this elections is any different. It’s a scare tactic plain and simple. I would bet money you wouldn’t find one state that has picked correctly every election. STOP TRYING TO CHANGE MINDS AND VOTES WITH SCARETACTICS !

  4. kurt.lorentzen December 26, 2011

    The Republican establishment is being picked apart littl by little. Not because the stated ideals of the Republican party are bad, but because of how rank and file Republican politicians have corrupted them. As the Tea Party rallies to replace the corporate-owned, self-serving “old school” Republicans with a young, idealistic corps of leadership that ascribes to the fundamentals Abraham Lincoln that he and other founders of the Republican party died for, we find the party elite clinging to their old ways, pushing the likes of “Mr. Wall Street” (Mitt Romney) to the forefront in hopes that he will secure the nomination and extend the old ways for another brief moment. People like Ron Paul scare those people to death. It’s comical to see how the Obama campaign simply ignores Paul as a non-threat, while the like of FoxNews goes out of it’s way to marginalize him, helping to insure that a “complaint” candidate will be the nominee. Paul’s view of the world may be over-ideallistic, but it’s far less ominous than the war-mongering, resource-grubbing politics of the mainstream Republicans or Democrats. Paul is the closest thing to an independent we’re likely to see (only because he’s technically running as a Republican), and that has the old school in lockdown.


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