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Is The Race In Ohio Already Over?

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Is The Race In Ohio Already Over?


As both presidential campaigns ratchet up their efforts to capture Ohio’s 18 electoral votes, recent polling suggests the race might already be over—for Mitt Romney.

Certain key data from the latest polls suggest that President Obama’s victory in the Buckeye State could be a foregone conclusion — because each survey suggests that President Obama holds a double digit lead among those who have already voted.

SurveyUSA’s poll showed Obama leading 57 to 38 percent — a 19-point margin. Rasmussen Reports, a Republican-leaning pollster, found Obama leading by 29 points, 63 to 34 percent. The Wall Street Journal/NBC News showed Obama ahead by 26 points, 63 to 37 percent. A PPP poll found Obama leading by the largest margin of all, 76 to 24 percent. In all of these cases, the numbers cited reflect only those who have already voted.

Another important indicator that bodes well for Obama can be found in the registration numbers. According to a memo released by the Obama campaign, four in five in Ohioans who have registered to vote this cycle are either female, younger than 30, or African-American or Latino, which are all demographics that lean strongly Democratic. Additionally, almost two-thirds of Ohioans who registered to vote live in counties where Obama won in 2008.

Other  favorable statistics for Obama can be found in the early voting data. Specifically, 55 percent of the early-vote ballots requested in 2012 come from women, which is 3 percentage points greater than in 2008.

Part of the reason the Obama campaign has been doing so well in Ohio (and swing states in general when compared to his national polling numbers), is that Ohio’s economy is doing better than the national average. Unemployment is currently at 7 percent, down from 7.2 percent, or 0.8 percent below the national figure in September. Many of those jobs are in manufacturing and were created by the auto rescue — sectors that have been a centerpiece of the re-election campaign.



  1. Dominick Vila October 22, 2012

    I expect President Obama to win Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Obviously, he will carry most Northeastern states from Maryland to Maine (except perhaps for New Hampshire), the West Coast and New Mexico. Things don’t look to promising in Florida and North Carolina, with is bad news considering that FL casts 29 electoral votes. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one. If Obama loses Florida his re-election will depend on the outcome of the election in Virginia, Colorado and Nevada. He needs two of those states to be re-elected.

    1. Ed October 22, 2012

      Politically correct or not, a few prayers won’t hurt!

    2. Courtney Simpson October 22, 2012

      Based on the scenario you describe here, I think you will find that the President doesn’t need to win any of the three states you list in order to get the required number of electoral votes. Without Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, Colorado and Nevada, (and let’s face it–he’s not likely to lose every single one of these states) the Obama EV count is 271.

    3. mary October 23, 2012

      If Obama loses this race. I will lose all faith in my fellow Americans

  2. nobsartist October 22, 2012

    I know how ridiculous this sounds but I watch the 7/11 cup polls. They have been accurate within 1/2 point the last 4 elections. I figure it must be because the largest voting block is working folks.

    Right now, the working folk have President Obama up by 19 points NATIONWIDE.

    I also find it funny that as soon as the unemployment numbers dropped below 8%, willard the rats numbers jumped by double digits. The 7/11 cup poll has held steady, I figure willard the rat knows he is cornered like a rat and is desperate.

    Plus, I figure willard the rat has cheated his way thru life so what is one more cheat?

    1. pawleysisler October 24, 2012

      Spoken like a deep-thinking, well informed, blowhard.

    2. Thomas Daniel October 24, 2012

      those numbers are jethro adding 2 plus 2 is 5

      1. nobsartist October 25, 2012

        at least they add up unlike republiCON numbers that show 106% voters.

        you sound like another loser that voted for the AWOL coke head that lied us into two wars, twice.

    3. jvaljon1 October 24, 2012

      Well….there IS the fact that he formed an investment company this past month—called “closely held”. And it is. H.I.G. Capital, owned by Rat Romney, his wife Ann, and his son Tagg—BOUGHT the company that makes the voting machines now in use in Ohio—Interstate Electronics Systems, IES for short— earlier this month.

      But…..oh my, you wouldn’t call that CHEATING, would you?

      But take heart; Ohio doesn’t have the electoral vote count that allowed Bush/Cheney to steal both elections. They used to have 20 E votes. But (ever since giving those votes to Bush/Cheney) , Ohio has bled jobs like Bush opened an artery (instead of just sending them all to China)—and so a lot of Ohioans have moved elsewhere.

    4. Nathan Klein October 25, 2012

      LOL I’ve been grabbing those 7-11 “poll cups” every morning without even realizing it’s a real poll! Wow I had no idea.

  3. frida October 22, 2012

    I have been skeptical all way through, when I hear there is enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Dems. That is not true. If republicans were enthusiastic, why didn’t they show up first to vote especially in Ohio. Why are they not leading there in the case of voting? My fellow Dems, stay focused and engaged. Don’t listen to those who are trying to establish things which do not exist. Go one, go all and vote. There all signs that this election is not going to escape our hands.

    1. Soapm October 23, 2012

      Republican’s are enthused about voting Obama out. They don’t like their candidate so the enthusiasm there is low.

      This creates a problem where the non-bigot and Republican’s that don’t hate Obama but also don’t like Romney may not turn out to vote. I’ve heard many say both candidates suck so what’s it matter who wins…

    2. Larry Yocum October 23, 2012

      Amen Freida, keep the faith

    3. Gustav2 October 24, 2012

      After the first debate, Romney/Ryan cut the Obama/Biden lead by 50% in most Ohio polls, but that still left Obama/Biden with a 5 point lead. I keep joking with my female friends, “Isn’t nice to see a white male CEO have a glass ceiling for a change?”

      1. Robert Allen October 27, 2012

        The kind of joke a bully and a jerk makes

        1. Thomas October 27, 2012

          You are a complete loser and a sore sport and you know it what a typical repucitian

  4. Bill Duncan October 22, 2012

    I don’t know what numbers you’re reading, but I clicked on the Rasmussen link, hoping to see the 63/34 numbers you indicate, and it shows Romney ahead by 1: 49/48. SurveysUSA also is not the 57/38 indicated but also a nar dead heat.

    Dang on you for getting our hopes up, fix your numbers.

    1. Kathlyn Clemons October 22, 2012

      The numbers quoted above are for OHIO only!!

    2. Joel Sorenson October 22, 2012

      READING IS FUNDAMENTAL….DUUUUUUHHHHHHH the numbers are for OHIO shit for brains

      1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 22, 2012

        Your obviously and IDIOT talking like that!!!!!!!!!!

        TYPICAL LIB TALK!!!!!!!!

        1. AHard Left October 23, 2012

          “You are” obviously “an” idiot.
          Exclamatory, though, I’ll give you that.

  5. Ed October 22, 2012

    I still think the repubs have the election rigedd, and probably a few dirty tricks up their sleeves.

    1. lkreu October 22, 2012

      I kinda feel the same way. They scare me. Florida especially. Don’t know why, but I just think they are up to no good.

      1. irishtap October 22, 2012

        Ikreu you have every right to be scared – THEY ARE UP TO NO GOOD. They can’t win without stealing our votes. Make sure you do!

      2. mary October 23, 2012

        It would not surprise me. They are a sleezy group of people.

      3. DurdyDawg October 23, 2012

        Well, they tried it once, it worked.. Time to try it again. If those supreme court bung heads stay out of it, we’ll have a much better chance this time.

      4. Larry Yocum October 23, 2012

        If they pull the same crap they in 2000 Florida, I hope to hell the justice Department fries their butts

        1. jvaljon1 October 24, 2012

          Well then I sure hope the Justice Department gets going; this month one of Romney’s firms, H.I.G. Investments, BOUGHT THE COMPANY THAT MAKES OHIO’S VOTING MACHINES.

          Who knows, where ELSE this company’s machines may be being used???

          This firm is described as being ‘closely held’ which as close as I can ascertain, is when the family and one other person holds it. In the case of Romney, the ‘other person’ is his political adviser from his failed 2008 primary run. I forget the guy’s name…

          But the company’s name, is Interstate Electronics Systems. Owned by Romney capital investment firm H.I.G. Investments.

          You listening, Mr. Holder???

    2. Stephanie Parks October 22, 2012

      It also occurred to me that Romney is behaving like a man who believes he has it locked. All that money has worked for him in the past. Imagine the shock and surprise if the people defeat billions of dollars. Too bad most of the expenses were media buys … right back into the pockets of the donors…but when the people show that the giant has awakened, all politicos should take note. As for the people, well, we have to stay awake and push for at least a third party.

    3. ShredderFeeder October 22, 2012

      Just by virtue of the billionaires still being willing to sink tons of cash into it… I don’t think they’d be willing to spend the cash if there wasn’t some guarantee..

    4. Wendy Gilson October 22, 2012

      Republicans always have dirty tricks up there sleaves. They are going destore Obama care, Romney hates food stamps, which spoke about twice in his 2nd debate, other intitlements. medicare ss cuts and medicade, high unemployment, ression, and wars we don’t need. I read some where he will put up job training program educate americans into work program. I went to one bush sr had, got training as dislocated unemployed worker and no job not of my fault. they wanted me to have year or more job experience with certification in medical assistance training. I never got hired in profession, excepted employment in another field of interest. He may say understands people are hurting so, can get into white house. this will not wash well with americans who struggle just put food on table, may still need food stamps off set cost of living for poor working families. This point and time my choice is to relect Obama, he cares about poor and middle class americans still struggling pay bills everyday. Yes one last thing, Obama told Romney off on american tv, Who is boss when comes to his forgein policys, That he is Camander and Chief and in charge not Romney. He really has done a great job, even though economy is coming back slowly. Thank you Mr. [resident for speaking on 47%.

      1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 22, 2012


        NO BODY WANTS OBAMA CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        We want to pick our own Doctors

        obamacare is costing to much

        We don’t want to have to go to obama’s End-Of-Life Counseling

        obama has done a great job with WHAT????

        Raising gas prices???

        Raising Food Stamps to a record high of 47 million Americans taking Food stamps

        Unemployment ski high

        I could go on and on —He has done a GREAT JOB ALRIGHT!!!!

        1. mac macey October 22, 2012

          25 million want medicare. Get your facts right.

          1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 22, 2012

            No, Alllllll American people that work hard to make a living and pay their taxes DON’T WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. AHard Left October 23, 2012

            I work hard.
            I pay 12% more in fucking taxes than Romney.
            I DO want it, I’ve ALWAYS wanted it, and to be honest, I actually want single payor.

            The only person you are speaking for, is YOU.

            Don’t EVER presume to think you are speaking for all tax paying Americans. The millions of people who can never be turned away from an insurance company because of a pre-existing condition, who still work AND pay taxes…you are not speaking for them, either. The millions of women who can now obtain FREE birth control…boy, I bet you’re wetting yourself over that one, aren’t you? You don’t speak for THEM, either.

            Go crawl back into your cave, troglodyte. Lose yourself in Fox News. You’ve lost. Deal.

        2. irishtap October 22, 2012

          I WANT OBAMACARE! So do the fifty million other americans without health insurance! For your information the end of life provision you mention was the suggestion of a REPUBLICAN you FOXING idiot! The only way you would not be able to pick your own doctor is if your PRIVATE insurance doesn’t let you! The increases the past two years the Affordable Care Act has been implemented have been the lowest in 50 YEARS! With far lower increases as the law becomes fully implemented. Unemployment could be at 6% if the anti-american Tea Party traitors had the best interests of our citizens in mind instead of defeating this president. Oil is a world commodity you fool, speculators are the reason for high gas prices: NOT THE PRESIDENT! You are so remarkably STUPID ALLLLAMERICAN I would be amazed to know your brain has sufficient current to allow you to blink while you chew a stick of gum. You say you could go on and on? Well by all means, go on and on and over the nearest cliff you useless imbecile. Your vapid, lazy brain and others that inhabit the FOX/Limbaugh sphere is a direct reason for the politics we suffer with today. Their propoganda OWNS YOU.

          1. Sandra October 22, 2012

            Irish, I love, love ‘Foxing idiot.’ The rest of your post is spot on. I really can’t add anything to it. The foxing idiots will be the ones bawling their heads off next year if that pustule Romnesia wins because they will be the big loosers but too stupid to realise it.

          2. irishtap October 25, 2012

            Thanks Sandra, I get a little worked up with some of these morons. We’ve taken too much garbage from them over the last several years; it’s time we stand up to these imbeciles and put them in their place.

          3. ALLLLAMERICAN October 22, 2012

            YOU NO GOOOD SPONGES!!!!!!!!!!!!

            What DO you do for your country?

          4. irishtap October 22, 2012

            Hey idiot, I do buy my own insurance. The point of ACA is to allow everybody to buy insurance. There are tens of millions of people with pre existing conditions (sorry FOX stupidity doesn’t qualify yet) but are rejected from our current unethical/immoral health insurance system. Also before I waste too much more of my time you should be aware that the law that was passed was originally written by the right-wing ‘think tank’, Heritage Foundation. It’s the very same law ROMNEY PASSED IN Massachusetts! I find it hilarious that Obama shoved their own law down their throats! As for what I do for my country I do my best to combat the ignorant FOX drones out there, that are too stupid to be allowed to vote. Like you.

          5. mary October 23, 2012

            Nice try Irishtap but you’ll never get through. Sounds like he has this condition…….I think it’s called stupidity.

          6. WTexas October 27, 2012

            You can always negotiate a cash deal with the doctor and the hospital. You don’t need insurance to get healthcare.

        3. Sara Landers October 24, 2012

          You just proved your an idiot. You can still choose your own doctors. It never has been an issue. If you’d stop listening to Fox you might learn something. The insurance companies still run the health care system, it is just that Obama made sure they can’t deny you coverage for pre-existing conditions, there is no ceiling or cap on how much they have to pay for your health care, the donut hole for senior citizens has been closed, parents can keep their kids up until age 26 on their health care and a myriad of other things. Oh and women can now get free cancer screening and mamograms. You just prefer to stay stupid

          People are on food stamps because Bush blew up the economy and the job market crashed. Why do you prefer to be stupid? Don’t you want to know the truth about anything.

    5. emadis41 October 22, 2012

      Watch for Florida.. where the GOP stoll the the 2000 and 2004.

      1. mac macey October 22, 2012

        GOP might be able to rig a few states, but all of them? Not likely. democracy is a winner.

        1. Sandra October 22, 2012

          The more Dems and Ind. leaning Dems vote, the harder it will be for R’thugs to steal it. Increased numbers of Dems who have registered to vote will be an added advantage.

    6. Silent_Fate October 23, 2012

      Given that Tagg Romney semi directly owns the voting machines in many states, might not need a”few” as Joseph Stalin said it doesn’t matter who votes only who counts the votes

    7. Soapm October 23, 2012

      Ohio is sure to have surprises. You can’t expect that tea party dude running the votes to give up that easy. He has something up his sleeve for sure.

  6. Marie Bano October 22, 2012

    Democrats have done a great job this year through all of you who have volunteerd to help in registereing new voters, early voters and campaigning. This campaign succeding has been down to a solid ground game. We cannot get complacent and need to keep working hard to ensure a win in the Presidency and both Houses.

  7. Upon Further Review 980 WONE October 22, 2012

    I’m encouraged (as an Ohioan who voted early), but the early voting numbers themselves are nothing without context. Precisely, how do they compare to 2008?

  8. DownriverDem October 22, 2012

    Ohio knows what Obama has done for them _ tires, steel & auto related jobs Also I just can’t see them voting to make women second class citizens.

  9. Hvacrpro October 22, 2012

    Romney Say’s Don’t Look At My Record or Reagan’s Deficit, Never mind Bush !
    Anyone can Say look how bad the other Guys is, but look how good I am, based on a half truth.
    So if a Half truth is still a lie then what is the truth?
    Romney, at the second debate Mentioned the following;

    1. President Obama, Took on a Debt from the GOP George Bush of 1 and a half Trillion , and raised the debt to another 3.5 Trillion.

    When in all actuality, it was more like Bush Deferred the Debt and Deficit to the Next Admin as Bush left office, as ever GOP Predecessor has done before since Ronald Reagan.
    The actual Debt left by George Bush was 8 Trillion, break it down and that is spending 1 Trillion per year, and left another 5.5 Trillion added to that in Debt to the Tax Payer and the Following Admin. Now that is the same as raising taxes, just call it deferred debt to the Tax Payer and Following Admin. If it was another GOP President who would of Taken office of the White House again after Bush, the whole deficit and debt would of not mattered and would of been sustained with a false inflated economy, as Bush left it to President Obama and the Tax Payer.
    Even though, taxes are at their lowest since over 50 years. Still the holes of lack of revenue are not being maintained to sustain the Burden of the Side effects of these failed Economical GOP Policies of Bush, aka such as the Tax Cuts .
    Tax Cuts of this magnitude , are trickle down economics, for the wealthy to have corporate entitlements or corporate welfare.

    2. Romney still fails to show his taxes beyond a two year period, as most every single president has to provide trust to the American People he is capable to handle their funds.

    3. Romney Does not mention his failure to protect his country and put it first when it came to Deserting the War through deferring his Call to Protect Democracy , Life and Liberty for all Americans as a Man would before God and His Country, even though others have and died during his desertion through religion first in France. What kind of Commander in Chief would that be to support for anyone.

    4. Romney asked America, in a eerie Reagan Ghost Voice of the Past, and using Reagan gestures with the whole head nodding and bobbling, meanwhile using Reagan Quotes to debate and Make his same Point Reagan did as if he were Pretending he himself was Ronald Reagan…. would not apply Where would Romney’s Governed state be today had he not Governed so lousy himself, or if Commonsense would have asked the People where would America be today, if the GOP Congress would have worked with All of Americans by Compromising with the President as the Dem’s did in the past with Bush and with GOP Congress under every GOP admin in the White House.

    There seems to be a record of Romney Policy Failures and GOP Obstruction of Progress and Economical Growth , including Jobs and help for the Military as well , when it comes to Romney leaving out his big governing role in big government and his GOP Congress as well.

    Gov. Romney did NOT balance budgets in Mass. Left state w. 1.2 billion debt and 3 rd worst job rate in nation. Mass. voters reject him.
    Nor, did a GOP Congress provide any Jobs or grow the economy as they promised to be bi partisan at midterms. Including Scott Brown, and Governor Walker.
    Romney walked away from Detroit to let it go bankrupt, as easily as Ronald Reagan helped Japan with Tax Incentives to farm out the Auto Industry in America, leaving behind a recession with trickle down economics and a high deficit for the tax payers and the next admin as he passed the buck as well as Bush had to Obama.
    Gas Prices also, were left to Bush at the Price Romney Mentioned they were left to President Obama by Bush, which is false or incorrect…. fact of the matter is, they were left to Bush at a $1.86 a Gallon.
    Bush left it at $4.75 to $5.00 a gallon. As soon as President Obama became Commander in Chief, the Price of Gas dropped to $2.29 to $2.65 a Gallon .
    Romney distorts the facts and truth to his benefit, counting on Amnesia or short term memory of the Voter.

    Many of the Voters who voted for Bush twice, are willing to face voter reconcile responsibility for their votes of the past and ask themselves was i better off with a GOP Congress Under President Obama?
    Was I better off with Romney in his home state ?
    If the answer to that is No, then it is Obvious who one would vote for.

    New Chart Shows Reagan and Bushes Increased Deficit Seven Times as Much as Clinton and Obama
    A new chart based on Treasury Department data shows that the deficit increased by 189% under Ronald Reagan, 55% under George HW Bush, only 37% under Bill Clinton, 115% under George W. Bush, and only 16% so far under President Obama.

    Location: Washington, DC, USA
    Labels: Romney Deceitful with Facts Passing the Buck before elected

  10. elw October 22, 2012

    I find it hard to believe the Mitt could win at all. No one in thier right mind would vote for him, unless they are very rich and really do not give a big, fat rat’s tail about the Country.

    1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 22, 2012

      It’s hard for me to believe that alllll of you can’t see the lies that obama has been telling our Country!!!
      It doesn’t matter what they PROVE to you allll that he has done—-

      YOU ALLLLL go on wanting a Terrorist to be our president and take down our country.

      He LIES about the attack in Libya—Fast and the Ferrace and tons more he has been called out on and should have been IMPEACHED!!!!!!!!!!!!


      1. mac macey October 22, 2012

        BS. get your facts right.

        1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 22, 2012

          This is the FACTS and ONLY THE FACTS

      2. mary October 23, 2012

        Keep watching Fox news, you racist bigot

    2. Sandra October 22, 2012

      RACISM is playing a big part in Romney’s #s lets not forget. Unfotunately racism is alive and well. as is bigotry and the pseudo christians ie evangelicans/fundamentalists who hate anyone who does not think, look, believe or act like them, The R’thugs base.

  11. Joe Narusiewicz October 22, 2012

    Great news! I believe the media wants a real race for their own agenda but the truth is Ohio is the race in many ways.

  12. anyasnote October 22, 2012

    R/R will win no matter what, too much money was put in for R/R election and the Koch, Adelson, Rove brats do not like to looosseee so much money. R/R are losers no matter what but their spin in Florida have the half wits old retired and half senile scared out of their minds that Obama took their SS away and they will pay more. gullible, scared, stupid,ignorant, uneducated and lazy people are easy to manipulate. Romney and Repukes know it and they will play them like a guitar. Tonight debate Romney will become very moderate and all for women rights.
    Money and stupid debates and polls should not decide who wins, FACTS AND TRUTH and a RECORD of INCUMBENT/RIVAL SHOULD be the deciding factor. Not who look more presidential or dresses better or whatever. This country was sold to Republicans under Reagan, piece by piece, and now ROmney is buying, will bankrupted and they all will make money.
    Corp. in Freeport is a proof even if you make a huge profit, take Gov. money for expansion, he still is closing the plant and ships jobs to China. It seems to me SOME PEOPLE just DON’T get It, blinded by hate, ignorance and know nothing. They are followers and will fall of the cliff, even if it cost them their livelihood. That’s why R said the things he said about the 47% including military. SO even if your family mamber loses life or limb for your country Republican’s do not appreciate that at all. Coburn was the one who tried to block the Veterans Job plan – NOBODY IS ASKING WHY. WHY?? Do you Republicans and Romney lovers have answer? They lost limbs/lives and they don’t deserve a job???They are moochers??
    All Rich are moochers – they mooch of most of us middle class and Government and it’s not enough., they want more. They want the cash cow SS to put in the WS hands – we know how the stock market crashed in 2007-2008.. By the way anything you buy at any large store, grocery, gas stations fast foods etc. – you are supporting R. He has hands in everything that sells or going down. He also have corp. in China and creating more therefore he WILL NOT get hard on China – that would be a suicide. Talk is cheap for dumb’d down people and wanna be rich.

  13. Jesse Fell October 22, 2012

    Throughout most of the early history of our country, every second or third president was from Ohio — my home state. Then came Warren G. Harding. There hasn’t been a president from the state since.

    So I am happy that Ohio is at least being allowed to choose our presidents. And happier still, that it is choosing Obama!

    Go, Buckeyes!

  14. irishtap October 22, 2012

    Hey everybody, anyone with a shred of common sense knows the president is heading for re-election. And what we all must count on to happen , like our next breath, is that the GOP will do everything they can to steal this election. It’s a given. They’re unscrupulous we all know it. Look at their ads; lie after lie after lie after lie, with mega doses of fear mongering for good measure. The GOP cult has no populist platform from which to wage an honest contest. Name the issue ‘they’ve got NOTHING’. Does a political party that bases it’s best chances of winning on gargantuan expendenitures to push an ocean of prevarication, really care about the best interests of those voters? The republican mission has been to defeat this president from the moment he removed his hand from Lincoln’s bible, never have they considered the needs of their fellow countrymen. Never.
    Representative government is in peril – NO JOKE. Plutocracy awaits us, if we do not defeat this evil entity we once knew as the Grand Old Party. Ladies and gentlemen this is truly a time to stand up and ‘ask what you can do for your country.’ Please give what you can to give your democratic candidate a fighting chance in this ideological war for representative government. Above everything…VOTE!

    1. ALLLLAMERICAN October 23, 2012

      BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!!!!! Is allllll I hear

      just like out of obama’s mouth Blah Blah Blah and nobody is saying anything
      that MATTERS.

      1. nobsartist October 25, 2012

        thanks for the input, allfullofshit.

        1. Greengranny October 25, 2012

          As the expression goes, it’s time to quit feeding the trolls.

      2. irishtap October 25, 2012

        That’s all you hear because FOX made you deaf to intelligent, critical debate. Now do us all a favor and go play in traffic.

  15. mac macey October 22, 2012

    Obama for a second term. Go man go.

  16. ALLLLAMERICAN October 22, 2012

    Bring the Muslims in!!!!!!!!!!

    Let them take over our Country!!!!!!!!!! yeeeee haaaaaa

    1. AHard Left October 23, 2012

      Meffy, I’ve had about as much of this bigoted asshat as I can take.

    2. nobsartist October 25, 2012

      considering the bush crime family brought them over as part of the hand holding and kissing arrangement, you should blame them.

      then again, you sound stupid enough to have voted for them numerous times.

  17. lana ward October 22, 2012

    Obama won’t be ahead for long, Americans want an adult as president, not a Red Diaper Baby

    1. nobsartist October 25, 2012

      get your noose ready to hang yourself when the black master is re-elected.

      by the way, obamacare covers self inflicted wounds.

      1. lana ward October 25, 2012

        Obama’s not black–He’s RED and a muslim, and Obamacare is destroying our healthcare providers. Got Obamacare? It does no good if there are no Doctors!!!

        1. nobsartist October 25, 2012

          you must have him confused with willard who is in business with the RED CHINESE ARMY. typical.

  18. SeekingOut October 22, 2012

    Please be vigilant. Don’t forget this state has electronic voting which leaves no audit trail, it has a GOP Attorney General and you can put nothing past these GOP crooks.

  19. Hillbilly October 23, 2012

    Since I have found out that Romney’s son Tag is a partner in a company that makes the machines that we vote on and is used by many of the states, I wonder just how many votes won’t be counted or changed from the vote for one person to another person when we vote. I know that we have a lot of laws on the books but I feel that we need a law where if a person is a partner in a plant that makes voting machines and they become a partner in that company after someone in their family is already running for an elected office that the machines from their company can’t be used by any state where their family is running for office in order to make sure the voting is legal with no votes not counted or no votes changed. Also that every state should also have paper ballots as a way to make sure that no balloting machines are messed with before, during and after the voting and as away to keep the makers of voting machines, the people that work on the machines and the counters of the votes stay honest.

    1. nobsartist October 25, 2012

      i hope tag tries something. there will be a nice steel and concrete room ready for him.

  20. gregg lapkin October 23, 2012

    its a strange situation. Obama is tied or down in the National polls, but up in Ohio. Is that enough?

  21. mfan2 October 23, 2012

    The whole reason for skewed polls is to energize a given base, and demorilize the other side. Maybe we should give out a Nobel Prize sized award to the most accurate national polling operation so the public would know who to trust. The polling people I trust indicate a Romney landslide with Republicans retaining the House, and probably winning the Senate. We’ll see if I’m fooling myself soon. I’ll be voting (Republican) this year for the first time since I was disappointed early on by the Bush presidency.

    1. Dave October 24, 2012

      And your proof for all this is where?

    2. nobsartist October 25, 2012

      I can guarantee that nothing that willard the rat says or does is accurate or on the level.

      your guy will lose by double digits.

      enjoy your obamacare.

      1. WaitOneMinute October 25, 2012

        Why, are you in a plan with the 1000 + waivers? Regardless, millions of Americans are in for one big surprise.

  22. Frank John Barkman October 23, 2012

    HA HA HA HA HA, seem like whistling in the dark. Stick a fork in Barack, he’s done.

    1. nobsartist October 25, 2012

      Get that noose tied up and find a tree, you will need it to hang yourself when the black master wins.

  23. C465Kelly October 23, 2012

    Well, as I watched the third presidential debate, I realised that Mitt Romney is playing another character in order to win the election. He agreed with almost all of President Obama’s foreign policies, without saying that they are President Obama’s foreign policies.

    I don’t know who is the real Mitt Romney. Sometimes he is a moderate and sometimes he is a self conservative.

    1. nobsartist October 25, 2012

      Then how did he win?

  24. C465Kelly October 23, 2012

    Brian Hughes a Examiner columnist felt there was no victory in the third presidential debate on foreign policy, and he feels Mitt Romney did better in the debate in the foreign policy debate than President Obama. I am not surprised brian Hughes felt Mitt Romney did well in the foreign policy debate

    However, read below how Russian President Vladimir Putin felt about Mitt Romney’s remarks on geopolitical foe:

    Putin Thanks Romney For Reckless Remarks

    September 13th, 2012 1:48 pm Henry Decker


    Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked Mitt Romney earlier this week for labeling Russia as America’s “number one geopolitical foe,” explaining that Romney’s position has helped to justify Russia’s strong opposition to a NATO missile defense shield in Eastern Europe.

    “I’m grateful to [Romney] for formulating his stance so clearly because he has once again proven the correctness of our approach to missile defense problems,” Putin told reporters, according to Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

    Russia has long opposed NATO’s plans to build a ballistic missile defense shield, which would theoretically be able to destroy incoming Russian warheads over all of Europe by 2018, and over the United States as well by 2022. According to Putin, this would irrevocably damage Russia’s nuclear deterrent. An interim version of the shield has been up and running since May.

    The United States has claimed that the shield is not meant for use against Russia, but to protect from rogue states such as Iran. Russia has demanded that the United States back up that claim with a legally binding treaty. In May, Russia’s top military official went as far as to threaten a pre-emptive military strike if NATO doesn’t alter its plans.

    Although Putin has called President Obama “a very honest man” who is “quite sincere” in his willingness to negotiate with Russia over the issue, he believes that Romney’s aggressive stance vindicates Russia’s refusal to compromise on missile defense.

    “The most important thing for us is that even if [Romney] doesn’t win now, he or a person with similar views may come to power in four years. We must take that into consideration while dealing with security issues for a long perspective,” Putin said.

    Putin’s comments reinforce the serious policy implications that come along with Romney’s bombastic rhetoric. Although his stance on Russia has primarily been met with mockery — as when Senator John Kerry joked at the Democratic Convention that “Mitt Romney talks like he’s only seen Russia by watching Rocky IV” — nuclear security is clearly no laughing matter. That Romney has managed to damage U.S.-Russian relations without even holding a government job should be filed along with his bungled response to the current crisis in Libya and his reckless remarks in Jerusalem over the summer as reasons to seriously doubt his capacity to manage American foreign policy.

    1. nobsartist October 25, 2012

      yes and people believe that it will be 70 degrees all winter long in Toledo.

      you must be another that voted for the AWOL coke head twice.

  25. prsteve11 October 24, 2012

    It ain’t over until it’s over. I still believe that Mitt Romney will carry Ohio.

    1. Dave October 24, 2012

      What you believe is irrelevant. What statistics and facts show is relevant. Statistics and facts are working against you.

    2. Siegfried Heydrich October 24, 2012

      ‘Clap your hands; don’t let Mitt die!’ He’ll win if you all just BELIEVE hard enough!!! So hold your breath and furrow your brow and believe with all your might!
      The rest of us will just go out and vote for President Obama.

    3. Caribou "QUIT" Barbie October 25, 2012

      Highly doubtful

    4. nobsartist October 25, 2012

      get that noose tied up so you can hang yourself when the crook that you support loses.

      by the way, where are willards tax returns? China?

  26. Ssider October 24, 2012

    I would like nothing more, however unless I see the RNC abruptly pull out financial support for Mittens I do not believe it.

  27. Thomas Daniel October 24, 2012

    ohio has a rep gov nothing to do with obama

    1. nobsartist October 25, 2012

      Ohio will vote for Obama and he will win by double digits.

      I suggest you get the noose tied up and get ready to hang yourself.

  28. nobsartist October 25, 2012

    I find it odd that the government announces that the unemployment rate dropped below 8%, willards people accuse the President of manipulating them and then 2 days later willards numbers mysteriously skyrocket.

    When you consider that willard has cheated on every test that he took from high school, where his daddy donated large amounts of money to guarantee his passing to college, where his daddy donated large amounts of money to guarantee his passing, I think its feasible that willard would pay large amounts of money to skew polling numbers in his favor.

    willard is a crook and desperate.

    I think it is entirely feasible that he will lose the election by anywhere from 15 to 20 points and that right now willard feels like a cornered rat.

    his supporters cannot stand the fact that they will have a black master for another 4 years.

  29. heyyouman October 25, 2012


  30. Alex Y Kakala October 25, 2012

    The polls we see being released by media right now, showing Romney leading Obama, are designed by republican to try to sway voters who are yet to vote. They are now spending money on the media to manipulate polls for them. Very simple , they just call in republican concentrated areas, so the sample is contain more republican than democrats. what results you get? Romney leading!

  31. WaitOneMinute October 25, 2012

    Why is it that states that usually have the lowest unemployment are managed and handled by a Republican Governor, but the Dems vote and rest on the laurels off the success of the Republican’s.

  32. heyyouman October 25, 2012

    Seriously though….whoever you choose to vote for…VOTE. It is wayyyyy to important an election to not vote. Get up. Get out. And Go Vote! #VoteOrDie
    (that last part was a joke)

  33. Thomas October 27, 2012

    alllllamerican this is for you You are a complete idiot you and fox the fart news are dumb as they come. do you really believe that crap they tell you. bush can start 2 wars over nothing, lose 700,000 jobs a month for almost 2 years, crash the complete housing market, kill340,000 people in iraq 240,000 of them woman and children and you the complete asshole think its great. you are a loser a complete LOSER and you know it, ask someone in your family to tell you the truth about you being a complete asshole, they will tell you the truth, YES.

  34. Thomas October 27, 2012

    I think he can do it with only one of those states but either way he’s going to win

  35. Thomas October 27, 2012

    alllllamerican please read what I wrote about you above under the name Thomas

  36. gloria black October 27, 2012

    This is the same trick that was pulled in NC. The early voting ballots are kept under lock and key until election day.

    Obama said he was winning the early vote in NC by 56% to 39%.

    Two days later he pulled out and his campaign spokesperson Paul Begala said they were pulling out of NC because Romney had the vote.

    Now they are trying the same trick in Ohio.

    Obama is sounding desperate.

  37. Foctris October 28, 2012

    Wishful thinking is not productive.


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