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Israeli Woman Killed In West Bank, Soldier Wounded In Tel Aviv

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Israeli Woman Killed In West Bank, Soldier Wounded In Tel Aviv


By Batsheva Sobelman, Los Angeles Times

JERUSALEM — A young Israeli woman was stabbed to death outside a Jewish settlement in the West Bank on Monday, officials said, hours after a Palestinian assailant stabbed and critically wounded an Israeli soldier in Tel Aviv. Two others were injured in the West Bank attack.

The violence came amid a spike in tensions that followed months of street clashes in Jerusalem and a weekend of rioting in Arab towns inside Israel after the police killing of a young Arab Israeli man who battered a police vehicle with officers inside.

Details were sketchy about the attack in the West Bank, but the Associated Press reported that the young woman and the two others were assaulted at a bus stop outside the settlement of Alon Shvut. Initial reports described the victim as a teenager, but authorities later said she was 25.

In the other attack, in Tel Aviv, police officials and eyewitnesses said an assailant stabbed the soldier several times with a knife at the Haganah train station before being intercepted by two passersby, who chased him and alerted police as he fled.

The victim, described only as a 20-year-old soldier, was stabilized after resuscitation efforts at the scene and transferred to the nearby Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer with critical injuries.

Police forces pursued the suspect and apprehended him on the top floor of a building 200 yards away from the scene. He was taken into custody with reportedly light injuries sustained during a struggle and the arrest.

The Palestinian news agency Maan identified the assailant in the Tel Aviv incident as 18-year-old Nur al-Din Abu Haysha, from the Askar refugee camp in Nablus. According to Israeli police, the attacker had entered Israel without a permit.

“We regard this incident as extremely grave,” Tel Aviv police commander Benzi Sau told reporters at the site of the Tel Aviv attack. Preliminary information suggests the assailant had also tried to grab the soldier’s weapon, he said.

Sau urged the public to alert the police to any suspicious person or behavior. “This is part of the current vigilance we all live in, police and civilians as one,” he said.

The attacks are part of a spate of violence that appears to be spreading on both sides of the so-called Green Line.

Visiting the scene of the Tel Aviv attack, Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonowitz was heckled by citizens who asked, “Where is the security?”

“I had no doubt that terrorism would reach Tel Aviv,” hawkish lawmaker Danny Danon told local media. He urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Aharonowitz to “stop talking and start acting.”

Earlier Monday, Dannon announced he would run for chairman of the Likud party against Netanyahu, whom he said has “lost his way” and abandoned the party’s policy on diplomacy and security issues.

AFP Photo/Jack Guez

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  1. Water Dude November 10, 2014

    A reasonable person might begin to wonder – where was Obama on September 11, 2001? What was he doing? Does he even know what happened?

    1. JPHALL November 10, 2014

      Why is Obama so important to you? What does your comment have to do with the article? Where were you on 09/11/2001?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2014

        Water Dude can’t earn a decent living like you and I do. So, he sits on his computer scrounging around to find a tiny niche to spew his hatred of this president. Is this an American? Or An American terrorist handing our country over to ISIS?

    2. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2014

      Obama wasn’t president…get over it Joi Boi. That’s not the topic of this thread, you closet bigot.

  2. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2014

    This topic might have credibility if Israelis were not always playing their “victim” card. Recently, Germany uncovered several documents about Himmler. In black and white, the 6 million Jews who were killed were NOT the only ones that the Nazi Regime intended to murder. These Himmler documents show that the actual number to be murdered was 30 million Russians, Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, Catholics, elderly and retarded.

    When a militant Netanyahu tries to cover up the constant theft of land owned in the West Bank by Palestinians, the strategy is to play victim and bemoan the death of 1 Israeli woman and 1 soldier. To exact revenge, the Israeli army will then kill off another 1,000 or so Palestinians claiming what a threat they are. In any dispute, there is always, always, always a common denominator.

    No one wants to see Israel annihilated. But, neither should Israelis expect sympathy for the death of 2 Israelis when they are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Palestinians. One might assume that the Israelis are such “chosen people” that they have domain over the value of lives of others. Time to stop that Biblical BS. There are NO chosen people.

    There is NO Promised Land. If you can’t prove this on paper in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt, common denominators in their own instigation of trouble need to rethink their biased religious beliefs.

    And before the “anti-semitism” card rears its ugly head for daring to express an opinion based on truth, don’t bother.

    When the number of Palestinians dead outnumber the population of Israel, what will the excuse for that kind of mass extermination be then?


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