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Why Joe And Mika Owe America An Apology

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Why Joe And Mika Owe America An Apology


 Most media reports have portrayed Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski as aggrieved victims of Donald Trump’s Thursday Twitter tantrum. It can’t be pleasant to be attacked so personally by the president, but Scarborough and Brzezinski are fighting back. On their MSNBC show Morning Joe on Friday and in an op-ed column in the Washington Post titled “President Trump Is Not Well,” they chastised Trump for his vicious and vulgar attacks on her appearance, for referring to her as “low I.Q. Crazy Mika” and him as “Psycho Joe.” They denied Trump’s claim that she had plastic surgery and that she was “bleeding badly from a face-lift” when she and Scarborough visited Trump’s private club at Mar-a-Lago in Florida last year. They also levied a serious charge that Trump tried to blackmail them by threatening a negative story about the couple in the National Enquirer unless they asked Trump (who is close to the tabloid’s publisher David Pecker) to have the story killed.

America is aghast but hardly surprised by Trump’s latest social media assault. It is totally consistent with his regular attacks on women, his efforts to bully and intimidate his critics, and his narcissistic need to get revenge on anyone who does not swear uncompromising loyalty to him.

Understandably, Brzezinski and Scarborough are attracting lots of sympathy for being the targets of Trump’s vile comments. Democrats have used this episode to remind Americans about the president’s unhinged personality, his disrespect for women, and how he demeans the office and embarrasses the country with his crude and repugnant remarks. Republicans have been relatively tepid in rebuking Trump. They have sought to distance themselves from his comments against the influential MSNBC co-hosts and particularly his sexist remarks about Brzezinski, but not one Republican so far has proposed a motion in Congress to censure the president for this and other outrageous statements.

On air, Brzezinski said that, “I am very concerned about what this once again reveals about the president of the United States. It’s strange,” adding, “It does worry me about the country.” Scarborough pointed to the “alarming” pattern of Trump’s insults toward women. And in a tweet directed at Trump, Scarborough wrote, “Why do you keep lying about things that are so easily disproven? What is wrong with you?”

President Donald Trump is continuing his personal attacks on the anchors of Morning Joe. After facing criticism for a spat of Thursday tweets, the president continued to lash out at Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on Twitter Saturday. From his New Jersey golf club, Trump wrote: "Crazy Joe Scarborough and dumb as a rock Mika are not bad people, but their low rated show is dominated by their NBC bosses." The president also took a shot at CNN, which he slammed multiple times over the past week after the outlet had to retract a story about Russia, claiming he was "extremely pleased" that the network "has finally been exposed as #FakeNews and garbage journalism."

But Scarborough and Brzezinski are hardly emblems of journalistic integrity or political courage. Let’s not forget that the Morning Joe cohosts, particularly Scarborough (a former Republican Congressman from Florida), are partly responsible for Trump becoming president. They’ve known Trump for over a decade and were once among his biggest fans.

In late 2015 and 2016, when Trump’s campaign was gaining momentum, they defended him against his critics and offered him advice. For example, at an event at New York City’s 92nd Street Y in November 2015, Scarborough proudly recounted how he frequently called Trump to offer political guidance. Returning the bromance favor, in January 2016 Trump talked about Scarborough with Boston talk radio host Howie Carr. “He’s a great guy, and he has a great show … and we have a lot of fun,” Trump said. After Trump won the New Hampshire primary in February 2016, Trump appeared on Morning Joe and told the co-hosts: “You guys have been supporters, and I really appreciate it.”

A few days later, CNN reported that MSNBC officials were concerned about “Scarborough’s friendship with Trump and his increasingly favorable coverage of the candidate.” According to CNN, MSNBC insiders called Scarborough’s admiration for Trump “over the top” and “unseemly.” The Washington Post observed that Trump received “a tremendous degree of warmth from the show,” and that his appearances on the show, in person and over the phone, often felt like “a cozy social club.”

That coziness was caught on tape during an MSNBC town hall with Trump in New York that Scarborough and Brzezinski hosted in February 2016. An unaired clip of banter between Brzezinski and Trump between segments revealed the two of them colluding about what questions she’d ask him. “Nothing too hard, Mika,” Trump says. “OK,” she responded.

Even after Trump’s most disgusting and troublesome traits were revealed to the entire country throughout the campaign – his abuse of women, his attacks on Latinos, immigrants, Muslims, and people with disabilities, his profound ignorance of basic issues and government policy, and the corruption and scandals surrounding Trump University and the Trump foundation – Scarborough (and to a lesser extent Brzezinski) continued to lend Trump their support.

Trump and Scarborough’s relationship was a bromance of convenience. Trump got sympathetic coverage. Scarborough got inside information and frequent interviews that boosted “Morning Joe’s” ratings. But inevitably the two big egos clashed, with Brzezinski (slightly more liberal but less outspoken than her partner) collateral damage.

During the spring and summer, however, the relationship waxed hot and cold. In June, for example, Scarborough blasted Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders for endorsing Trump despite his “racist statements.” He warned Republicans that if they don’t “back away from those endorsements” they will “lose your standing as a national party.” That month Scarborough also said that Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric “sounds a lot like Nazi Germany” and that Trump’s suggestion that Barack Obama was complicit in the shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub was “beyond breathtaking.”

In July, however, Scarborough parroted Trump’s criticism of FBI director James Comey for not recommending criminal charges against Clinton. After Trump gave a speech in Ohio that month, Brzezinski said that the candidate “got his groove back,” while Scarborough claimed that Trump looked “re-energized” and asked, “Is this guy really 70 years old?” On July 27, a week after Trump won the GOP nomination, however, Scarborough slammed Trump’s views on Russia. “He’s been an apologist for Vladimir Putin for a very long time,” he remarked, adding that Trump’s raise of Putin was “disqualifying.” By the end of July, Scarborough was calling on Republican leaders to “cut [Trump] loose.” But in August, reversing course, Scarborough backed Trump’s false claim that he had opposed the Iraq war.

In September, the couple met with the GOP nominee at Trump Tower to “rekindle” their relationship, according to CNN. After that meeting, they fawned over Trump for the next six months. They defended Trump’s call for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service detail to disarm, his ugly comments on veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, and reports that he misused his charitable foundation to support his private businesses. After polls revealed the Trump lost his first two debates with Clinton, they defended his performance and questioned the polling results. Scarborough argued that Trump’s shouldn’t be judged by normal debate standards. He even declared that debate moderators don’t need to fact-check statements made by the candidates – clearly a defense of Trump’s long-distance relationship with the truth.

At a September press event, Trump falsely claimed that Clinton had “started the birther controversy” (about Obama’s birthplace) but that he (Trump) had “finished it.” On their September 19 show, Brzezinski called on Trump to apologize for his long “birther” crusade but Scarborough quickly dismissed her comment. (This was not the first time that he publicly treated her with disdain and disrespect. He once told her, on air, that her political analysis “means nothing” because she is a Democrat).

In October, after the New York Times reported that Trump may have avoided paying federal income taxes for almost 20 years, Brzezinski came to his defense, claiming that he was “brilliant” for bragging how he had exploited the tax code to his advantage. Scarborough lashed out at journalists who criticized Trump for refusing to say if would accept the election results if he lost.

After Trump won the election, the duo continued to defend him, while Scarborough continued to give him advice during the transition. When Trump picked Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a climate change denier, to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scarborough insisted that “I just know” that Trump “has to believe” in climate science. After Kellyanne Conway got a top White House job, she thanked Brzezinski for her “counsel and friendship.”

The MSNBC couple attended Trump’s New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago. Once Trump took office, he solidified his relationship with them. Scarborough bragged how he and Brzezinski have “known and have been friends with Donald Trump for a decade,” praising him as “the master of many things.”

By April, however, the duo stopped their love affair with the new president. While hardly joining the ranks of the “resistance” movement, their comments became more and more negative. As Trump became increasingly mired in scandal, Scarborough criticized Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris environmental accords, which, he said, risked alienating China, India, and the U.S. business community. In May, Brzezinski bluntly stated, “This presidency is failing day by day by day through lies.” They began questioning Trump’s mental health.

In early June, while discussing Trump’s tweet rampages, including his attack on London’s mayor following a terrorist attack in that city, Scarborough observed, “There is not a sane rational human being who would have tweeted what he tweeted.”

Trump clearly took this about-face as a personal betrayal. Not unexpectedly, he overreacted and began attacking them via Twitter, even while falsely claiming that he rarely watched their show. Thursday’s Twitter tantrum was the latest, most personal, and most vulgar of his rants, but it was hardly out of character.

On Friday, the day after Trump’s attack, Scarborough said, “The guy that’s in the White House now is not the guy we knew two years ago.” Brzezinski agreed: “Not even close.”

That’s a lie.

People who have followed Trump’s career for years have remarked about his megalomania, vanity, need for flattery, hunger for adulation, nasty temper, thirst for revenge, instinct for humiliating his critics, sexist attitudes and abuse of women, racism, insistence on total fidelity, willingness to toss overboard anyone who fails his test of loyalty, and ignorance of history and current events. Scarborough and Brzezinski, who’ve known Trump for over a decade, had to be willfully oblivious to avoid seeing the true Trump.

All of Trump’s traits that they now find so objectionable were clearly on display last year when they embraced him and his campaign. They chose to ignore the obvious. Whether they wanted to get closer to power, out of personal loyalty, or (in Scarborough’s case) partisan allegiance, they helped normalize Trump even while he was violating every standard of decency expected of a presidential candidate and a president, while putting the nation at risk with his chaotic and impulsive behavior and unsteady leadership.

It is good that Scarborough and Brzezinski have finally recognized, or at least publicly admitted, that Trump is unfit to be president. If their recent critiques of Trump are the result of buyer’s remorse, a mea culpa for their previous fealty, atoning for past sins, or simply jumping off a sinking ship – well, better late than never.

But we shouldn’t forget or forgive them for helping this vile man become our nation’s president. We are reaping the consequences of their poor judgement and their unwillingness to speak truth to power. They should apologize to the American people.



  1. Godzilla July 1, 2017


    They started the personal attacks and now are getting exactly what they deserve. Liberal pigs.

    1. Independent1 July 2, 2017

      Nice try but no cigar! Mika and Joe are no liberals – they’re somewhat sane Republicans who are smart enough to see how mentally ill Trump is just like most of the right-wing journalists on the Washington Post – Will, Palmer, Rubin and others.

      What you may want to be aware of, is that if Trump and or his cohorts actually threatened Mika and Joe with some kind of negative stories in the National Inquirer – he and his cohorts could be in for prison time if Mika and Joe chose to press charges.

      Harvard law professor: If the White House threatened ‘Morning Joe’ hosts with a National Enquirer story, it’s a crime

      If President Donald Trump or members of his administration told MSNBC’s
      Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough that a National Enquirer hit piece would be published unless they provided the president with better coverage, that would be a crime, a Harvard law professor said.


      And it’s no wonder you do nothing but post idiot videos, photos and whatnot – like I just told itsfun, you’ve been made mentally ill by Trump just like s/he has.

      Trump is making America more hostile and mentally ill: New England Journal of Medicine study

      A new review paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine reports that a growing body of empirical evidence shows how presidential elections can have effects on physical and mental health, and can influence behavior.
      Specifically, they found evidence that suggests that the campaign and subsequent election of Donald Trump has had a negative effect on the mental well-being of Americans, and in particular those in marginalized groups who are vulnerable to discrimination. According to lead author David R. Williams of Harvard University, “Elections can matter for the health of children and adults in profound ways that are often unrecognized and unaddressed.” In the article, the authors summarize specific studies to support their claim and provide potential solutions to the Trump-induced negative health effects.


      1. dbtheonly July 2, 2017

        I1, good Buddy, don’t get hung up on the labels. “Liberal” is anyone Trump or the Republicans don’t like at any given moment.

        1. Dominick Vila July 2, 2017

          …including fellow Republicans!

          1. dbtheonly July 2, 2017

            Indeed Dom.

            Haven’t seen you around much. Hope it was pleasure.

            But the labels are meaningless buzz words.

            I’ve told you how a Republican Candidate in my last Congressional Election ran an ad against an Opponent claiming, “Opponent is a Liberal.” As if the mere assertion of the label is dispositive. My reaction was half derision at such a vacuous “attack” and half horror that Candidate thought it a winning plan.

          2. Independent1 July 2, 2017

            Yes, I think the GOP has brainwashed Americans to believe the term ‘liberal’ represents someone who is a big spender, is weak on protecting America and is in favor of handing out free gifts (taxpayer dollars) from the government to anyone who claims they are being deprived of a job or earning a livable wage and is anti-Christian (which is often not true).

            Which is why a said to lizard that Mika and Joe are not liberals; at least I’m not aware those two support those things (but then again, I don’t watch their show).

          3. dbtheonly July 2, 2017

            I go further.

            Liberal, Conservative, are meaningless labels. They mean different things to different people at different times and different places.

            It is an exercise in futility to try to determine who is or is not a “Liberal”. Perhaps I just rely on the answer to, “What’s in a name?” Perhaps I’m just tried of slogan politics.

          4. Independent1 July 2, 2017

            What you’re saying may be true of rational people, but it’s my feeling that to the GOP base and even many independents they mean what I described. And that’s to whom GOP politicians are appealing – within their gerrymandered districts.

          5. dbtheonly July 2, 2017

            As I said to Dom, I don’t know whether to laugh that there are those who consider politics reduced to labels, or cry because they can be successful.

        2. Independent1 July 2, 2017

          So anyone other than extreme fanatical right-wing terrorists? Which is exactly what Trump and his cohorts are – terrorists! They’re just going about the destruction of America which includes killing people in a different way than ISIS would.

          1. Bonissima91910 July 2, 2017

            Yes, it is called GENOCIDE AMERICAN STYLE.

      2. idamag July 2, 2017

        Trump is not responsible for the dumbing down of itsfun and godzilla. They have been posting a long time and never, even showed even a spark of intelligence.

    2. Independent1 July 2, 2017

      And exactly why would you be supporting someone sitting in the Oval Office that in 5 months has essentially accomplished NOTHING THAT’S MEANINGFUL TO THE COUNTRY??

      Why are you right-wingers supportive of a mentally ill president who is virtually accomplishing nothing?? Are you really that retarded????

      Even politico knows that Trump IS A NOTHING!!!

      President Trump Has Done Almost Nothing

      The uproar over the president’s tweets grows louder by the day, as does concern over the erratic, haphazard and aggressive stance of the White House toward critics and those with different policy views. On Sunday, White House aide Stephen Miller bragged, “We have a president who has done more in three weeks than most presidents have done in an entire administration.”

      But Miller was dead wrong about this [in other words he lies]. There is a wide gap, a chasm even, between what the administration has said and what it has done. There have been 45 executive orders or presidential memoranda signed, which may seem like a lot but lags President Barack Obama’s pace. More crucially, with the notable exception of the travel ban, almost none of these orders have mandated much action or clear change of current regulations. So far, Trump has behaved exactly like he has throughout his previous career: He has generated intense attention and sold himself as a man of action while doing little other than promote an image of himself as someone who gets things done.


      And psychiatry experts say that Trump is dangerously mentally ill. And you still support him?? Someone who should really be locked up in an asylum???

      Psychiatry experts claim that Trump is unfit for presidency due to ‘dangerous mental illness’

      Several of the nation’s leading psychiatrists declared during a conference at the Yale School of Medicine Thursday that President Donald Trump is not fit to be president because of “dangerous mental illness.” The event focused on how to address psychopathology in a national leader.

      Without having personally examined the president, the experts cited paranoia, delusional and grandiose thinking, and even compared Trump to murderers and rapists in prison.

      Dr. John Gartner, a psychotherapist and previous resident adviser at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, told his fellow psychiatrists in attendance that they had a duty to warn others about the dangers of Trump.

      “We have an ethical responsibility to warn the public about Donald Trump’s dangerous mental illness,” Gartner said, according to The Independent.


      1. Dominick Vila July 2, 2017

        And the little he has done is either part of a vendetta against President Obama, or detrimental to our well being.

        1. Independent1 July 2, 2017

          Yes. And the ‘little he has done’ is virtually all detrimental to either the country, the earth’s environment or both.

          Did you catch on another thread where I posted an email from the White House where the Trump team is boasting about how supposedly Trump has really increased the creation of manufacturing jobs in 2017 over 2016? Pretending he’s been a great president who gets things done?

          But what the WH email failed to acknowledge is that although manufacturing jobs are up in ’17, virtually all the increases (45,000 out of a 55,000 increase) occurred in January through March; long before any affect on new jobs that Trump could have had; and the monthly increases actually fell in the 4 months since he took office; the largest increase was in January, the next highest in February with May actually showing a 1,000 job loss in manufacturing jobs. And even Trump’s economic adviser had acknowledged that even March’s fairly good jobs growth had nothing to do with a ‘Trump Effect’ the job growth was built into the system Obama had created.

          Talk about conflating numbers to try and make a president look like he’s really doing something. But sadly, Trump’s supporting puppets will probably buy right into the conflated numbers and believe he’s really spurred jobs growth when in reality he’s setting America up for another Great Recession.

          1. Dominick Vila July 2, 2017

            Not only has Trump not created any jobs, he has been taking credit for job gains in January, when President Obama was in office, and job creation fueled by Obama’s policies. Fear not, if there is a downturn, El Trumpo will not hesitate to blame President Obama’s policies for it. This guy has no shame.

          2. Independent1 July 2, 2017

            You sure got all that right; including Trump deflecting the blame for any of his many failures that will come up.

          3. dpaano July 6, 2017

            Which is why he’s given all the military power to the Pentagon and “his generals.” This way, if it goes wrong…..he can blame them. He doesn’t realize that he can divest himself of the military decisions, but they still will end up on his desk!

          4. Independent1 July 2, 2017

            This email, which doesn’t sound good, just came in from right-wing propaganda website BlabberBuzz:

            BREAKING: Trump Preparing Possible North Korean Strike, Contacting Japanese & Chinese Leaders Today

            President Donald Trump will hold separate telephone conversations Sunday with the leaders of Japan and China. A White House announcement did not say what Trump would discuss with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

            The talks, however, are likely to be about Trump’s growing frustration with North Korea and its series of recent missile tests. “The era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed, many years it has failed,” Trump said recently. “Frankly, that patience is over.”

            “The era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime
            has failed, many years it has failed,” Trump said recently. “Frankly, that patience is over.”


          5. Dominick Vila July 2, 2017

            I would not be surprised if the consultations with our allies involve informing them of our decision to launch nuclear strategic strikes.

          6. Independent1 July 2, 2017

            I’m not convinced NK has a missile that will deliver a nuclear warhead to America’s shores, but unless a U.S. strike knocks out all NK’s nuclear launch capabilities at the first strike, they could do severe damage in SK and Japan. And setting off nuclear weapons no matter where on the planet is never good – radioactive fallout can travel long distances depending on the winds.

          7. Dominick Vila July 3, 2017

            I don’t believe NK has ICBM capabilities either, and I question their ability to build nuclear warheads as well. What is different this time is that our leader is as narcissistic, immature, and unpredictable as Kim Jon Un. Hopefully McMaster, Mattis, Litterson, and other influential Cabinet members will convince El Trumpo that the odds of 28,000 U.S. troops repelling a 700,000 NK invasion of SK are not very good. NK is not the same as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, or Yemen. Trump’s supporters are likely to wake up when we have no choice but to re-institute the draft.

        2. Independent1 July 2, 2017

          Dominick, note that as in other states, Republicans are so focused on themselves and their power, that they actually vote down initiatives that have been passed by voters with good majorities; or which polls have shown have significant voter support; such as when the GOP voted down increased gun background checks even when polls showed improving gun background checks had almost 90% support from all Americans.

          See this article from the Bangor Daily News where Maine Republicans are looking to vote away several initiatives that the voters had approved over the past several years to improve education in Maine. Apparently, the GOP in Maine like in many other states wants to keep working at dumbing down the intelligence of their support base, so they can continue hoodwinking them into believing their pack of lies.

          Gorden Weil who is a contributor to the Bangor Daily News asks a good question:

          Can there be too much democracy? Legislators veto voters.

          Voters in many states are more often deciding major issues that have been dodged by state legislatures. In Maine, three recent questions, decided by popular vote, have come under legislative review this year.

          The clash between the Legislature and voters on boosting taxes to pay for education has led to the state shutdown crisis.

          Voters adopted a three percent surcharge on the highest incomes to pay for an earlier referendum decision, adopted several years ago but ignored by the Legislature. That vote set the amount of state payments to school districts for education, but it was never funded.

          Republicans favor reversing the voters’ surcharge legislatively,
          because they oppose the tax increase. Schools would get less than the voters intended. Their demand to block the tax increase without making up the funding loss has been the underlying cause of the legislative deadlock.


        3. KW July 9, 2017

          I would say both.

    3. I know a joke July 2, 2017

      Hahaha the stench of desperation off you failures today is AMAZING.

      1. dbtheonly July 2, 2017

        It is amazing what one can do with Photoshop, isn’t it?

        1. idamag July 2, 2017

          What is amazing, is that a low life, poorly educated thing like godzilla learned to use it. He hasn’t even learned reading comprehension yet.

        2. I know a joke July 2, 2017

          I turned media off on Disqus long ago; it makes no difference in responding to Godzilla.

    4. Mary Jane Wilcox July 2, 2017

      Fake picture

      1. FireBaron July 2, 2017

        And you expect anything else from our “favorite” purveyor of fakery?

    5. Jinmichigan July 2, 2017

      Fake, so this suits the FAKE PRESIDENT.

    6. oldabatt July 2, 2017

      Godzilla ? Did your mother engage in coitus with a reptile? A snake yes, but a lizard? With you as an offspring, one would believe your mother’s conjugal partner would be an an ass.

    7. johninPCFL July 2, 2017

      Wow. A fake picture! Is anyone surprised that lizard-turd has fake pictures?

      Now how about a real picture…


    8. KW July 9, 2017

      Lol really?? Are you 12?? Go away ya pos loser.

    9. KW July 9, 2017

      You’re a disgrace to the great Grade C movies of old. Such a horses azs should not be using such a great name.

  2. Lynda Groom July 2, 2017

    I can’t see that they owe the nation an apology. The nation was naive enough to fall for Trump’s con all by themselves. Of course Joe & Mika and the rest of the fawning media did not put up much of a fight.

  3. bojimbo26 July 2, 2017

    And all because Mika said ” NO ” to the #FakePresident .

  4. yabbed July 2, 2017

    They are all users. We’re users. So let’s use Mika and Joe for what we can get from them that speeds up Trump’s exit from the Oval Office.

  5. Dominick Vila July 2, 2017

    Peter, what difference does it make if Scarborough is a conservative Republican, or Megyn Kelly use to be an anchor at FOX? The issue is that regardless of whether Trump’s vulgar, immature, comments were designed to distract from issues he did not want to talk about, or are a reflection of his character, we have a President that does not behave like an adult, let alone a man of integrity. There are no excuses for what Trump did. He is an arrogant narcissist, immature, vulgar, and vindictive. He does not hesitate to use the power of the Office he occupies to lash out against those that express even the mildest form of criticism…and millions of Americans see absolutely nothing wrong with his behavior! As embarrassing as Trump’s behavior is, the worst part of it is the danger it represents as foreign leaders, especially our competitors and foes, identify and exploit the weaknesses that are readily apparent in the current occupant of the White House. The Saudis and Israelis played him like a fiddle during Trump’s recent trip. I fear Putin will do the same, and so will Xi and Kim Jong Un, the “smart cookie”.

    1. Independent1 July 2, 2017

      Can you even begin to imagine what it would have been like in America during Obama’s 8 years if he had been like Trump and lashed out at everyone who made a derogatory comment about him? The nasty comments said constantly about Obama from right-wingers was on a totally different, much worse scale, than what Trump feels he has to retaliate about. Fortunately, Obama was a class act while Trump is a gutter dweller.

      1. idamag July 2, 2017

        Those nit-picking right wingers would have had a hey day.

        1. dbtheonly July 2, 2017

          Ms. ida,

          It is almost funny how the entire RWMO now defends in trump the things they imagined and condemned in President Obama.

          Including, but certainly not limited to:

          Expansive Executive Orders.
          Writing legislation in secret.
          The swamp.
          Russian connection.
          Calls to violence.
          Presidential vacations.

          Jon Stewart made a career out of pointing out the hypocrisy of the Bush Admin. I see Seth Meyers beginning to do the same for the current.

      2. KW July 9, 2017

        Ya, I miss Obama, almost miss “W”…..Almost

    2. KW July 9, 2017

      Ya, well said.

  6. rednekokie July 2, 2017

    I have no great love for Joe or Mika — but tRump is a last-class jerk. He has not one drop of the milk of human kindness running through his veins, and anyone who stands up to him gets my vote 100 percent.

    1. KW July 9, 2017

      I agree. Just read about Trump and his nonstop lying. He lied for the first 40 days straight since inauguration. He has lied at least 113 out of a 175 days so far. Nice. What an embarrassment.

  7. apzzyk July 2, 2017

    As Commander in Chief, he is subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice and has definitely made himself guilty of Conduct Unbecoming and Officer and a Gentlemen, and should like anyone subject to the Code be subject to the same punishment as any other. He makes the officers who participated in “Tail Hook’ look like candidates for saint hood, and is clearly unfit for command, and should be removed from that office. He would be the first President, but not the first commander to be relieved. Gen Gorge Patton was removed for just slapping an enlisted man who was suffering from ‘shell shock’ – now PTSD. He is obviously composed of non-human tissue, and may, in fact be ‘the missing link’.

    1. cthetruth July 2, 2017

      Here Here! I applaud you for your truths.

    2. Richard Prescott July 2, 2017

      Great comparison, haven’t seen anyone else put this slant up. Yes, it is true, he is subject to the UCMJ and he has failed there as well as just about everywhere else.

      1. Darlenegjones July 3, 2017

        my neighbor’s step mother gets $69 an hour from home… she’s been fired from work for 5 months.. the previous month her paycheck was $15761 just working on the internet a couple of hours each day.➤ check➤ out

      2. Sand_Cat July 14, 2017

        Again, have you any actual legal support for your position?

    3. Mama Bear July 2, 2017

      From what I can research the President, since he is not a soldier is not, in fact subject to the code of Military Justice.https://www.reddit.com/r/AskSocialScience/comments/2un80m/is_the_president_of_the_united_states_subject_to/

    4. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 2, 2017

      shot in office even better the world would send the USA thank you cards

    5. Sand_Cat July 14, 2017

      I doubt that the president – a civilian – is subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The whole idea behind declaring the president commander-in-chief was to assert CIVILIAN control of the military.
      Are you aware of any court decision or other legal opinion supporting your position on this?

  8. cthetruth July 2, 2017

    Trump is the one who should apologize to the Country and the World. He has humiliated us as a Nation and continues to do so daily. I have zero respect for the Republican enablers! This is the most pathetic excuse for a President that I have seen in my lifetime and shame on the voters for accepting this classless, clueless, dangerous individual as our leader.

  9. stsintl July 2, 2017

    Once again, DJT confirms the diagnosis that he is suffering with NPD [Narcissistic Personality Disorder]. There is a constitutional clause which provides for the Congress to declare that POTUS is unable to carry on the duties of his office and declare the VP as “Acting President”. All it takes is the WILL of the Republican party to act.
    As for American journalism, it died when Rupert Murdoch took over the mass media in the US and established FOX [Faux] News.

    1. Independent1 July 2, 2017

      The unfortunate part here is that the VP (Pence) may possibly even be worse than Trump. Although Trump is a rambling, narcissistic idiot, Pence is a diabolical right-winger with alt-right notions that he could implement with a GOP congress and Supreme Court; changes to our society that would set America back 150 years or more in social justice, income inequality and every other form of human equality. It’s not by accident that in less than 4 years Pence turned Indiana into what Gallup-Healthways awarded the distinction of being the 3rd most miserable state to live in; and with the 3rd worst quality of life.

      1. stsintl July 2, 2017

        I agree with you. But, how do we get the last election voided on the basis of Putin’s manipulation of the voters? We now have US Mafia in control of Capitalism as well as Democracy. Revolution??

        1. Independent1 July 2, 2017

          I have two maybe pie-in-the-sky hopes which may depend on the American populace to achieve.

          If Mueller’s committee can prove that the Trump administration colluded with the Russians to sway the 2016 election to the point that the Russian and GOP interference actually biased the election outcome, I’m hoping that the American public voice their outrage enough to force the election committee to void the GOP’s tainted win, and declare Hillary the true winner. It’s my sense that if this doesn’t happen, if the GOP who colluded to steal the election isn’t punished to the point of nixing their 2016 electoral wins, then there’s no reason why they wouldn’t try stealing another presidential election.

          Should the above not happen, it’s my feeling that Trump and GOP are setting America up for another Great Recession, maybe depression. Despite the hype Trump is getting, economic results since Trump took office has actually been sliding downward.

          Trump’s deportation of illegal immigrants will eventually take its toll on the economy as illegals do work that not only keeps thousands of business in America running but also supports millions of jobs held by native-born Americans. And the GOP’s actions to repeal Obamacare and deprive millions of health insurance, along with the GOP’s efforts to essentially destroy Social Security is going to cause a large segment of the American population to revert to savings mode which will reduce consumer spending which is the prime driver of the American economy. In addition, the Trump administration’s destruction of many government initiatives like greatly reducing the EPA’s presence and not filling many government positions is working to trash jobs and will add to the reductions in consumer spending.

          And even just the total uncertainty that the GOP’s lack of governance skills is creating with businesses and consumers will eventually take their toll. I’m hoping that a sharp economic downturn will force enough Americans to start complaining to Congress that in 2018, voters will smarten up and vote out the GOP from Congress and install Democrats who will nix a lot of the devious ideas that Pence and the alt-right GOP idiots have in mind.

        2. KW July 9, 2017

          Ya I agree, how was this joke of an election considered legitimate???? And how is this azs hole of a joke a legitimate Pres???

    2. idamag July 2, 2017

      Sadly, trump is a culmination of what the Republican Party has become. Removing him from office doesn’t leave much better if any. Let him become worse and worse. It will take more than what he has done to wake the low informed ideologues up.

      1. Tina July 3, 2017

        At one time, the Repub Party was the party of the “elite”. Reagan was for gun control and found it asinine that the average person should want to own a ~military style firearm. George Will, William Safire, Jr, Bill Kristol and others would never consider trump a Republican or a conservative. Conservatives were educated and eloquent, the ‘elite’ who were utilized the benefits of advanced education combined with public service to promote a balance of public & private sector success.

        Mayor Bloomberg said it best “Trump is a con man”.

    3. dpaano July 6, 2017

      Unfortunately, the Republican party HAS NO WILL! That’s the problem…..they think that since they are now the majority, they need to protect the president, but this may change in 2018 if we all get out and vote many of these old, white men out of office and into retirement where they belong!

  10. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 2, 2017

    THE DUMPSTER is and will have each country turn against America one at a time until the time where we are alone against the world . burn all bridges destroy all friends and then what ? the troops then want to fight the world because of a deranged twitter child minded clown ? JFK. CIA the country is needing you and begging you to save the country before its too late !!///// //// THE JOKE is his cult staff that all feel he is ok acting the deranged child minded clown he is ? WHAT DOSE THIS SAY ABOUT THE STAFF ??????????? more of them the same child minded clown . JFK CIA save America before its too late TIME TO DUMP THE DUMPSTER . if he acts like the deranged NUT JOB like he dose and is then how dose he discipline his kid? his kid if acts like his deranged daddy WOW TO BE ANOTHER KID FROM HELL A SATAN CHILD LIKE DEAR O DUMPSTER DAD and what dose this say about the GOP gang of pinheads that keep defending this CLOWN ? yes stand up for the DUMPSTER CLOWN im sure the country wants all the seats filled with the same deranged children clowns makes the world want to be like the USA NOT ! NO WAY !

    1. Karen_in_KC July 2, 2017

      And take Pence and all 45s cabinet members with him. They all have dirty hands in regards to Russia! And everything else. Pence is more dangerous than DT in many ways.
      I stopped watching MJ when they were singing Dts praises! I yelled at them that they got him elected b4 I stopped watching them. NOW they want to badmouth him???? Idiots! I’ve just recently steeled myself enough to watch them again. Sometimes I Have to turn all cable news off! Makes me gag except for Rachael, Lawrence, Joy, Chris Hays and a few others. Glad to see the end of Greta, refuse to watch, listen to Hugh Hewitt and most conservative lying mouthpieces. Gag!

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 2, 2017

        /// the crazy part about every thing is these days the GOP gang of pinheads find some stupid thing to say to defend the DUMPSTER FULL OF BULLSHIfT he’s truly mentally retarded plain and simple a child minded tweeter clown ! funny I too enjoy Rachael, Lawrence and hard ball a little he is like Morning Joe he dosent let the people answer his question . I CAN ONLY TAKE CHRIS FOR A SHORT TIME but enjoy Rachael, Lawrence the most

        1. KW July 9, 2017


      2. dtgraham July 2, 2017

        Some dt’s aren’t half bad.

  11. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 2, 2017


  12. idamag July 2, 2017

    Joe, I remember your remarks against the last real president we had. I don’t feel sorry for you. There is an old adage about lying down with dogs.

  13. Florence Portell July 2, 2017

    They don’t owe me an apology! I am all for free press, even Presidents avail themselves of using freedom!

  14. notafoxfan July 2, 2017

    in political circles,”friendships” are more often a matter of convenience,rather than just plain old you have my back, I have your back and we stand together no matter what..yes, most who have watched “morning joe” at any time,know joe and mika were once big fans and trump supporters,and spoke with him on air frequently..i don’t think they owe the public an apology because what trump said was rude,disgusting and belittling,as well as very undignified for the president..they have every right to decide the “friendship” they had with mr trump was more of a “social convenience”,and they should admit to that..as with “friends dont let friends drive drunk”..friends also should tell friends that rude and nasty tweets are not acceptable for a man in his position,and stand by that..nastiness such as what he tweeted is not friendship,but just hate filled words..(which by the way, trump has been known for..i cannot imagine being married to that man!!)

  15. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 2, 2017

    To say that Trump is psychologically imbalanced, emotionally immature, a narcissist, and basically a dunderhead, is mild and only deal with outward symptoms of a peson deeply disturbed.

    What is much more troubling, and will cause even more unstable individuals to act out their insecurities and vile antisocial thoughts, is Trump’s singular gift to touch the most satanic impulses within other unstable people. Some of these people are already ticking bombs ready to explode, as in the case of the recent tragic encounter which lead to a young high school graduate to be shot fatally in the head and be because of road rage by a male who felt no restraint about exercising his 2nd Amendment Right to carry a gun in order to resolve any conflicts that might arise—King George and the British are no longer a threat, but fellow human beings are. And then, there are those who fervently adore Trump, and see no harm in Trump acting as a vile ass, with a vitriolic personality, and who just “tells it like it is”, no matter how anti-Christian the sentiment Trump expresses are. These same individuals, in a way, are as guilty as Trump by providing him with (im)moral support to do and say whatever he pleases.

    The entire planet is in turmoil because of a major dysfunction as expressed in major focal centers of instability such as America, Russia, China, Syria, Britain, Germany, Somalia, etc. And to think that this is going to be solved by holding hands and singing about how are politicians will craft some nifty legislation is ludicrous, unrealistic, and absolves us from doing the more difficult task of looking in the mirror and asking ourselves—“What role do I play in this, by trusting that someone else will arise and champion the call for rehabilitating the spiritual lives of each person on the planet?”

    Well, one role might take the form of investigating in an objective and unbiased way the claims of Baha’u’llah, who has sounded the clarion call while a prisoner of the Ottoman Empire, locked in a cell in Akka, Israel(Palestine at the time), calling for the humankind to recognize the urgency of adopting an entirely new way of thinking and interacting with fellow human beings the world over. This in order to achieve the last plateau remaining, for humankind at this stage in its evolution, which is the establishment of a unity that is world embracing, and not restricted to a “limited unity” that just embraces those of the same race, skin color, religion, linguistic group, nationality, or economic class.

    1. Tina July 3, 2017

      please don’t blame the devil or Satan with this orange buffoon- he is 100% the champion of the christian fanatics. Evangelicals supported him at 82%, higher than any other presidential candidate.

      You mention trump’s ‘spiritual nature’… when.. where… did that ever appear?

      The irony- his campaign song was “Sympathy for the Devil”!

  16. Whistleblower47 July 2, 2017

    Living here in Australia, I cannot believe that the American populace as a whole is so stupid as to put up with Trump’s vile misogynistic and bloody-minded ravings on Twitter.

    Any country that allows itself to be governed by such a self absorbed fool that thinks that 160 character soundbites are sufficient to allow expression of complex issues is doomed to implode as a consequence of its collective stupidity. It is a sad reflection on the quality of the US education system that at least half the country allow this complete idiot to assume most powerful position in the country and possibly on earth.

    Having once had great admiration for the US, it’s Justice systems, and social institutions, all that has now being trashed. We have now taken the US off our “bucket list” where it will remain until the Republicans return sanity to the US political environment. I suspect we will never set foot in the USA again.

    1. Tina July 3, 2017

      Sadly, I agree with your observations- trump is beyond incompetent and unfit for public (or private) office. Where some of my conservative friends said-

      “oh, but he’s a great businessman and he will assemble a powerful Cabinet with the best”

      To them, I say- WRONG!!!

      I can accept the widespread anger we all have with a do-nothing Congress. They have been co-opted and corrupted by private sector interests, from the NRA to Koch, all funded by Citizens United and protected by gerrymandering. They no longer represent We the People.

      But trump has done nothing to address this- he is PART OF THE PROBLEM- perhaps the epitome of crony capitalism.

      To them, I say- “Fine, you wanted to elect a CEO to run the US like a business? Well- We are the Board of Directors and trump has shown that he is incompetent and unqualified for the Office. Zero accomplishments and too many lies, even for a politician. Lies re Carrier (700 jobs gone, not saved), Ford (10,000+ jobs gone), Mexico laughing at the US- you pay for the wall, gringos!. Absolute failure re healthcare reform (trump: “who knew that healthcare was so complicated?”)

      Incompetent on foreign trade, disregard for our constitution (Emoluments Clause & self-dealing). Proof of collusion with foreign entities now being confirmed… and then there’s the 42+ weekends of golf, all on US taxpayer $$$.

      We are assessing where on this planet we can retire to- that is, places where sane, civil, fun Yanks will be welcome.

  17. robrothman July 3, 2017

    I just read the piece and wonder what version of Morning Joe the author has been watching. I heard constant comments and critiques of Trump and his antics morning after morning. They warned the GOP to take this guy seriously. Although I wanted Bernie Sanders as President I frequently warned my wife that Trump could win because he was appealing to the basest of ignorance in the American voters. As outrageous as each tweet and speech was, he was winning over people by speaking to their fears. Joe and Mika constantly reported accurately on his antics. I think the author of this article needs to listen to some of the shows that he is reporting on rather than just reading the transcripts.

    1. Tina July 3, 2017

      We watch the show quite a bit but, like many, observed a ~warm & cozy relationship between the hosts and trump. Too many times, Mika would make a mild ‘charge’ while Joe would run roughshod over her to pander to #OrangeJulius. We then found out that Joe was covertly counseling trump, offering guidance on his communication skills and such.

      Joe violated my sense of independence and objectivity by failing to either recuse himself from commentary on trump or stating that he was providing (free?) advise to trump. We realize that the NYC scene is well connected and that trump loved/s media attention, in spite of his hostility. trump was a ‘common’ (frequent) in-person guest on Howard Stern, after all- even after Stern asked them if he could refer to Ivanka as “a piece of ass” and even after Stern asked them if he could call trump “a sexual predator” (all this and more can be readily found on youtube btw).

      trump turned on Morning Joke & Mika when they started to vent their own anxieties re the monster they helped unleash on our nation. At that point, it was too late- their chance to challenge trump’s lies, mischaracterizations, scary legacy of business failures and, during the debates, his many ‘untruths’ and outright ignorance- their chance to hold him directly accountable- fell by the wayside.

  18. vamrse July 3, 2017

    Thanks Peter, yes sometimes I would look at the Morning Joe show and wonder who they were praising as, Trump did his best to be awful and now that the worm has turn they are so “hurt”, imagine how we the American people feel, so cry me a river , Joe and Mica.????????????????

  19. Ronald Weathersby July 4, 2017

    So true but the writer forgets MJ’s constant criticism of HRC during the GOP’s endless investigations into the manufactured Benghazi scandal and the subsequent private server affair. Joe was always talking about the “Clintons” while Mika sat and nodded.

  20. KW July 9, 2017

    Yaaaa, baloney.

  21. harleyblueswoman July 10, 2017

    this is very true….I wondered at the time if they thought it was a big joke and it backfired in their faces that Trump could actually ever become President….it is hard to feel sorry for them now that they are reaping what they sowed…I rarely watched them back in those days because their love of Trump was sickening….morning after morning….then one day I tuned in and all of sudden Trump wasn’t so cool any more to them….especially Joe….who I find to also be a pompous ass like Trump…and when Mika doesn’t stand up to him it really pecks my ass….but she seems to have gained a backbone as of late….I thought at the time….Be careful what you wish for…and sure enough….it came back to bite them in the butt….karma usually isn’t kind…and I am afraid that they got what they deserved for helping the Moron in Chief get elected!!!


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