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Conspiracist Alex Jones Tries To Scrub Pizzagate Content From Infowars

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Conspiracist Alex Jones Tries To Scrub Pizzagate Content From Infowars

Alex Jones, Pizzagate

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters. 

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is scrubbing online content pushing the false and dangerous conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton’s campaign trafficked children through a D.C. pizzeria. A man who recently entered the pizzeria with a rifle and fired shots reportedly shared a piece of Jones’ content before the shooting; the video he shared is still on the website.

Jones is a radio host who has claimed that the government perpetrated the 9/11 attacks and the tragedies at Columbine, Oklahoma City, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon. Jones has also repeatedly accused the Clintons of murder. He has been elevated from the fringes to the mainstream by President-elect Donald Trump, who appeared on his show and praised his “amazing” reputation. Trump adviser Roger Stone is also a regular Jones guest and contributor.

Jones and his Infowars website have promoted the false conspiracy theory dubbed “Pizzagate,” which alleges that top Clinton associates such as campaign manager John Podesta are trafficking children through the Comet Ping Pong restaurant.

The false claims took a dangerous turn when Edgar Maddison Welch fired an assault rifle inside the pizzeria because he was trying to “self-investigate” the conspiracy theory. FBI special agent Justin Holgate stated in a criminal complaint that Welch said he sent a video on the night of December 1 with the message “Watch PIZZAGATE: The Bigger Picture on YouTube” to a friend before the shooting:

“Pizzagate: The Bigger Picture” is the headline Infowars used for a December 1 article — still online — promoting a video from Infowars producer Jon Bowne that pushes the Pizzagate conspiracy theory. Jones tweeted the headline on December 1. The headline was also used on YouTube by a non-Infowars account to promote the Infowars video.

Welch also told The New York Times that he listens to Jones, and he reportedly liked Infowars on Facebook.

Jones and Infowars appear to be scrubbing commentary about Pizzagate. Jones’ YouTube channel posted a November 23 video headlined “Pizzagate Is Real: Something Is Going On, But What?” The video has since “been removed by the user,” though it’s not clear when.

The video has been re-uploaded or re-upped by other toxic conspiracy theorists (some of whom speculated about why Jones deleted it). During the video, Jon Bowne states that Clinton allies are “using a code to communicate child sex trafficking as casually as ordering a pizza.” The video then states that Comet Ping Pong “may be competing for the lucrative Washington, D.C., pedophile market right out in the open.”

Jones promoted the video on his Facebook account but has since deleted the post. Infowars also deleted a November 27 article by Bowne that promoted the video.

While Jones has removed content related to pizzagate, his website still contains false articles promoting the conspiracy theory. For instance, Kit Daniels posted a November 5 piece headlined “Law Enforcement Begs World: Read Hillary Emails To Find Child Rape Evidence; Hillary Linked To Child Sex Ring, Emails Suggest.” The article suggested that John Podesta was potentially involved in “child molestation” and “child pornography” because his hacked email account contained “strange” references to “pizza”:

Jones has been attempting to distance himself from his clear promotions of pizzagate. Yet Jones’ own content — scrubbed or otherwise — proves that he can’t run away from it.



  1. dbtheonly December 14, 2016

    Well duh.

    You think Jones believes the manure he spiels? You think he wants to be responsible for the foreseeable consequences of his statements or articles?

    Welcome to laissez faire broadcasting.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 14, 2016

    There should be some specific legislation enacted by the US Legislature and at the city and state level that impose stiff penalties, including jail time, for those who purposely spread false rumors. What Alex Jones does is similar to someone in a theatre shouting fire just to cause panic and to get a rush of pleasure, endangering others in the process. He and Trump should be given jail time for knowingly telling lies to further their greedy ambitions, and simply for the purpose of maligning anyone who stands up against their childish and dangerous antics.
    Alex’s sense of responsibility as an adult is non-existent, and more importantly, shows a complete severance from Christian and Baha’i values.

    1. dbtheonly December 15, 2016

      GM Aaron,

      I’m inclined to agree but I think we’d be wandering into a swamp of almost limitless depth.

      Who’s to determine what’s truth or lies? Look at climate change; the Polluters have paid for enough studies that you get guys here insisting that it isn’t true. How do you prove pizzagate isn’t true? How much time, money, and energy do you spend playing wack-a-mole?

      Have you noticed the Trumpistas demanding proof that 3 million illegals didn’t vote? We can’t even agree on the Burden of Proof.

    2. Godzilla December 15, 2016

      There should be some specific legislation enacted by the US Legislature
      and at the city and state level that impose stiff penalties, including
      jail time, for those who purposely spread false rumors.

      Let’s see: The Benghazi attack was caused by a video.
      Harry Reid’s comments about Romney’s taxes on the Senate floor
      Hillary will win the election in a landslide
      About every article on this website
      Most of your comments

      Merry Christmas!

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 15, 2016

        Godzilla, the Benghazi attack was done by jihadists who didn’t need a video to inspire them. Were you with the terrorists during their planning and saw the same video you purport they watched? Do you work as an agent behind the lines to report your weird findings? Or are you in a mental hospital, typing your comments from the facility’s computer?

      2. I Am Helpy December 15, 2016

        How about the false rumour you posted yesterday – the one about Russian uranium? How much jail time do you think you should get for that? Personally I think they should throw away the key.

      3. I Am Helpy December 15, 2016

        PS The Benghazi attack was, in fact, masked by riots UNDENIABLY caused by that video. The terrorists took advantage of Republican racism to attack Americans that had had their security stripped by Republicans.

        I hope that helps!

      4. Thoughtopsy December 16, 2016

        Dumber than a sack of hammers.

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 14, 2016

    At the end of the day, and as the dust settles around the nefarious and toxic behavior that is stamped on Alex, we find a fine example of the extent of damage done to anyone who submits to a fanatical attachment to a particular political Party, or to any Cause, religious or otherwise.

  4. Thoughtopsy December 15, 2016

    Oooh Jonesy in twubble….

    Apparently he knows he’s a liar… and is trying to cover his ass.
    Must be amusing for his viewers to find out they’re his suckers.

  5. bojimbo26 December 15, 2016

    Petulant Little Boy .

  6. Godzilla December 15, 2016

    Things have gotten so bad for you guys your now attacking the King of Conspiracy theory. BWAHAHAHA!

    1. I Am Helpy December 15, 2016

      You literally posted a thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory yesterday.

      1. deanne.mcdonald December 15, 2016

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    2. Thoughtopsy December 16, 2016

      You don’t get it, idiot.
      Jones knows he’s peddling lies.
      He watched as someone almost massacred a pizza joint directly because of his lies.
      He’s now purging everything he can about how he pushed the Pizzagate conspiracy theory before the next moronic listener of his fake news garbage believes it and actually murders people.

      You know why? Because he’ll be charged with a crime.

      Let’s look at what Jones would do if he actually believed the tripe he spews:
      1) Double down. (Dirty Donald’s favorite tactic) Claim that the police are in on it. Claim there is actually a basement.
      2) Dig deeper… Defend his sources. Call for an investigation.
      3) Yell louder… Ask all gun-wielding, small-dicked conspiracy theorists to go to Comet Pizza immediately with their weapons and search the place.

      What does he do instead?
      Freaks out.
      Deletes stuff
      Tries to pretend he never said anything.

      Here’s the lesson for you:
      These Right Wing Media organisations KNOW they are lying their asses off to you. They base their business model on it. You’re the marks. They know that posting ever more horrible stories spurring your outrage and confirming your biases keeps you coming back.
      Have you ever wondered why they tell you that specifically the *mainstream* media is lying to you and not to listen to them?
      I’ll give you a hint… It’s the same reason that cults tell you to sever all your ties with your friends and family.

      It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so terribly sad.


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