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Kennedy Leaves Trump And O’Reilly In The Stardust

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Kennedy Leaves Trump And O’Reilly In The Stardust


Reprinted with permission from Creators.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep…

WASHINGTON — John F. Kennedy spoke this passage of Robert Frost’s New England poetry often in speeches, capturing a snowy evening on horseback. The point was not to dwell on his state of Massachusetts.

It was a sure way of saying to people that he’d keep his promises. One made in his first White House spring: to land a man on the moon “before this decade is out,” the 1960s. Kennedy would not live to see his vision happen on a summer’s day in 1969. Yet the promise was kept, poetically. His 100th birthday comes in May. Could the time chord be any more bittersweet?

Thoughts of Kennedy hang heavy, given a president who publicly promises an “armada” steaming one way, when in fact our aircraft carrier and other ships were headed the other direction. Who knows what the world must think of us.

President Trump’s churlish ways were clear from the campaign — remember his vulgar words about women? “Carnage” was not a nice word in an inaugural address, especially compared with “Ask not what your country can do for you…” The broken promise to release his tax returns stings like a jellyfish in April. And he said NATO is obsolete — then again, it’s not.

Less than a lifetime ago, it was a pleasure to hear a president speak. (Barack Obama’s prose could soar, too.) Now Trump has murdered presidential truth and promises with less than 100 days in office. The American circus is on its final farewell tour, but who needs Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey when we have the meanest clown in town and country?

In Boston, Kennedy looms large as the city prepares for the centennial celebration. Here, the Kennedy Center is already alive with anticipation; the postage stamp is out.

Born the second son in 1917 to Rose and Joseph Kennedy, the boy’s grandfather was mayor of Boston. He grew to have a sharp intellect, a Pulitzer Prize, and a cool temperament that might have rather taught as a history professor. But the first son, Joe, died in the sky on a World War II mission. In the ferociously competitive clan, Jack was elected president, first in his father’s eyes.

It does make you wonder how we survived a thousand days of the Kennedy presidency with no tweets trumpeted in the darkness before the dawn. Our president also offers running commentary on popular culture, like this gem: “I don’t think Bill (O’Reilly) did anything wrong.” Wrong again.

Enormously popular with Trump voters, the cable show host was just fired by Fox News for mounting millions of dollars in lawsuits by several women who presented evidence of sexual harassment.

Trump spoke as if he’s an expert on harassment — maybe so.

The pictures were too perfect, the day O’Reilly was fired, of the sneering, brash 67-year-old standing in St. Peter’s Square, hanging with Pope Francis. The pope’s stardust provided the ideal time and place to confess.

For me, O’Reilly’s firing was second only to the Women’s March as a bright spot during the dreary winter of Trump’s days. I speak for many in saying this is vindication for the women who told truths, forming a pattern.

His public shaming will act as a serious deterrent, becoming a larger victory for all women in the workplace. The advertisers who fled the show touched the stone heart of the company. But the owners, the Murdoch father and two sons, did the right thing. O’Reilly’s poison has left the well, and the sneer has left the foxhole.

(I know, I know. Tucker Carlson, tapped to replace O’Reilly, wears a first-class sneer.)

A word of advice to gruff billy goat Trump, 70, and pal Bill. Go back to graceful Jack Kennedy, who charted courses for the country, but never combed gray hair. Self-deprecating wit is the secret sauce to disarming people. Try it sometime. Though it might be easier for these men to land on the moon.

Yet it works wonders. Asked how he became a war hero, Kennedy said with brio, “It’s easy. They sank my boat.”

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  1. TZToronto April 21, 2017

    Trump does not even know what self-deprecating wit is. He wouldn’t attend the Correspondents’ Dinner, knowing he’d be the butt of many jokes, and he can’t stand criticism, even when made in jest. Historically, the Jester was the one who could criticize the king without losing his head, but Trump knows nothing about that. He doesn’t know that criticism is the way we learn what we are doing wrong–and what we are doing right. Trump doesn’t want criticism of any kind because he knows that we know that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he doesn’t want us to know that he knows it. Oh, but we know!

    1. Victoriasewers April 22, 2017

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  2. mike April 21, 2017

    The inconvenient truth is Kennedy was quite unfaithful to his wife and protected by the press. You remember “Camelot” and how it was played up. Bradley protected Kennedy from being exposed having an affair with a women associated with the mob. How about Marilyn Monroe with Jack and Bobby?

    All three, Kennedy, Trump, O’Reilly are all flawed but Kennedy is no angel when disrespecting women which is sadly being ignored by the left.

    1. JPHALL April 21, 2017

      It is not being ignored by the left. Up until recently all presidents were protected by the press. No women have come out complaining about how Kennedy treated them. Most brag about their time with Kennedy. You cannot say that about the two Repugnicans mentioned plus Roger.

      1. mike April 22, 2017

        Another of your stupid posts. While in office he had multiple affairs and was protected but in your world that’s fine since the women didn’t complain. What an asinine comment.

        At least you admit Kennedy committed adultery and was protected by the press. Today he wouldn’t have gotten away with it. Different time. Different world. Different press. Many different “news” outlets.

        1. JPHALL April 22, 2017

          YOU REALLY ARE THAT STUPID! I only thought you were playing at being stupid. So sad.

          1. mike April 23, 2017

            How funny coming from you, the clueless one.

          2. dpaano May 18, 2017

            Unfortunately, JP, there are a lot of them out there!

    2. JPHALL April 21, 2017

      By the way, the only complaints about Clinton came after he had dumped the women he messed with and stayed with Hillary.

      1. mike April 23, 2017

        Hey douche bag! When did I mention Clinton. Clinton Adultery in Oval Office then lying to country about it as President is quite a role model. Democrats who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  3. idamag April 21, 2017

    Of course, trump would not see anything wrong in assaulting women. That is what they are there for, in their eyes.


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