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The Khan Family Defies Trumpism

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The Khan Family Defies Trumpism

Khizr Khan speaks during the last night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia

In the end, it wasn’t even close.

After a GOP gathering in Cleveland that had all the incandescent joy of a biblical plague, the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia was as bracing as snow down your back on the most scalding day in August. In terms of star power (Meryl Streep versus Chachi from “Happy Days”), production values and substance, there was no contest. One was a sixth-grade talent show, the other a matinee of “Hamilton.”

If you doubt the difference could have been that stark, perhaps you’ll take the word of disaffected Republicans like former Jeb Bush strategist Tim Miller, who asked on Twitter “why an 18 year old watching the conventions would want to be a Republican?” Or conservative blogger Erick Erickson, who tweeted: “I’m so angry at my own party right now.”

Their pessimism was understandable in the wake of powerful, conscience-calling speeches by the president, the vice president, the first lady and the Rev. William Barber II, an organizer of the Moral Mondays movement in North Carolina. Even Hillary Clinton, whose oratorical skills are not formidable, rose to the occasion. The history-making first woman to win a major party presidential nomination issued a stinging rebuke of her thin-skinned opponent, Donald Trump.

“A man you can bait with a tweet,” she observed acidly, “is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”

For all that, though, the emotional center of the convention might have been someone who wasn’t much of an orator at all, whose first language isn’t even English. With his wife at his side, Khizr Khan, a Pakistan-born immigrant, addressed the crowd. “Tonight,” he said, “we are honored to stand here as parents of Captain Humayun Khan and as patriotic American Muslims with undivided loyalty to our country.”

Humayun, a soldier, was killed in Iraq in 2004, running toward a suicide bomber to save his men. Yet, as his father noted, if it were up to Trump, he of the hateful rhetoric, the Mexican wall and the Muslim ban, Humayun would never even have been in this country.

“Donald Trump,” said Khan, engaging the bully directly, “you are asking Americans to trust you with their future. Let me ask you: have you even read the United States Constitution?” In the thunderous ovation that followed, he produced a booklet from his pocket and held it up, saying, “I will gladly lend you my copy. In this document, look for the words liberty and equal protection of law.

“Have you ever been to Arlington Cemetery?” demanded the grieving father. “Go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending United States of America. You will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing, and no one!” he cried, voice rising with barely suppressed outrage. “We cannot solve our problems by building walls, sowing division.”

And one is reminded that no one believes in America’s promises — liberty and justice for all — quite as fiercely as the immigrant does. Trump’s thesis is that we can no longer afford to strive for those promises in a world he says is more threatening and scary than ever before.

The Democrats’ response was to remind us of us. “America is great,” quoted Clinton , “because America is good.”

November, then, is not just an election, but a moment of truth. We are called to decide whether to affirm our nation’s promises, and thus validate the faith and sacrifice of families like the Khans, or whether to burn it all to ash in the fire of our own anger and fear.

And that’s something else that shouldn’t even be close.


Photo: Khizr Khan, whose son, Humayun S. M. Khan was one of 14 American Muslims who died serving in the U.S. Army  in the 10 years after the 9/11 attacks, offers to loan his copy of the Constitution to Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump, as he speaks during the last night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. July 28, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar

Leonard Pitts Jr.

Leonard Pitts Jr. is a nationally syndicated commentator, journalist, and novelist. Pitts' column for the Miami Herald deals with the intersection between race, politics, and culture, and has won him multiple awards including a Pulitzer Prize in 2004.

The highly regarded novel, Freeman (2009), is his most recent book.

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  1. Dominick Vila July 31, 2016

    The contrast between the unruly crowd in Cleveland that engaged in chants such as “Hang Her”, and that had to be restrained from attacking Heidi Cruz when she left that 3-ring circus, and the Democratic convention in Philly was a Tale of Two Cities.
    The speech delivered by Mr. Khan was, indeed, very powerful, not only because it was delivered by a Muslim and an immigrant who believes in the promise of America, but because of their conviction that their son sacrificed his life fighting for the country he loved, and to protect his fellow soldiers. Mr. Khan was not the only one, however, who delivered powerful speeches, not only designed to rally the Democratic, but to remind us of what our true values are, and what our vision ought to be. Our First Lady, President Obama, former President Clinton, Cory Booker, Gen. Allen, a medal of honor recipient, a Rear Admiral, the mothers of victims of gun violence, several Latino immigrants and first generation Americans, and so many others offered an indictment of what was said in Cleveland, and a an unmistakable message of hope and optimism. Some, such as Gen. Allen and Michael Bloomberg, exposed Donald Trump as the fraud he is, and reminded us that relevant experience and competence are not a liability and are, in fact, essential elements when we consider who to vote for in November.

    1. Lorettaasmith4 July 31, 2016

      <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!fn360m:….,…..

    2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

      Crooked Hillary belongs in Jail!

      1. Dominick Vila July 31, 2016

        People must break the law to go to jail, and since she did not break any laws when she decided to use a private server, prosecution would end up the same way all the other claims of wrongdoing ended up.
        Raping a 13 year old, on the other hand, is a crime that would put the rapist in jail for many years, if the charges are proven. Feel free to photo shop The Donald.

        1. CrankyToo July 31, 2016

          GBRA!!! comes to us from a parallel world, where pedophiles are exalted and respected public servants are vilified. He’s an immigrant alien of the lowest form….

  2. charleo1 July 31, 2016

    What more need be said about Mr. Trump, after Mr. Khan?

    1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

      Crooked Lying Hillary will never ever be President! Ever!

      1. King of America August 1, 2016

        I’d start practicing saying “President Hillary Clinton” now and avoid the rush.

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

          Start practicing Crooked evil Lying Hillary for Prsion that’s where the Liberal belongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. King of America August 1, 2016

            OK thanks Stormfront poster #3662772

          2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

            Can I crush that Tomato head I need to make some Italian pasta… I hope its not contaminated.

          3. King of America August 1, 2016

            See previous post.

  3. stcroixcarp July 31, 2016

    I love Tim Miller’s tweet asking why any 18 year old would want to become a republican. Why would any sane adult want to become or remain a republican after the GOPer convention?

    1. itsfun July 31, 2016

      Maybe because they want to keep what they earn and not have the government take it in taxes to give housing, medical care, free education, etc to illegal immigrants.

      1. Aware July 31, 2016

        I agree.

        1. CrankyToo July 31, 2016

          One con lies and another one swears to it….

      2. RobertCHastings July 31, 2016

        Illegal immigrants do NOT receive the public assistance you and your BFFs so fear. Illegal immigrants remain in the background for fear of deportation. FYI Obama has deported far more illegals than Bush did.

        1. Aware July 31, 2016

          If they have american born children, they get benefits for them and this can include housing. Also they get a free education. You cannot ask their status.

        2. itsfun July 31, 2016

          Ever hear of sanctuary cities? Did you know the average illegal immigrant on welfare gets more than a legal American on welfare.

        3. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

          HELLOOOOO!!! Did the Truth blow your liberal racist hateful brain!!! Ever hear of sanctuary cities? Did you know the average illegal immigrant on welfare gets more than a legal American on welfare.

  4. Michael J Contos July 31, 2016


    I was so moved with the gentleman’s speech that I wrote a Blog where I admitted to crying. Me a Vietnam veteran who go the Bronze Star and, unlike the brave captain, went on to law school making my immigrant father quite proud.

    1. CrankyToo July 31, 2016

      Kudos to you, Brother.

  5. nancyminter July 31, 2016

    The Kahns were a miracle, and thank you for your article. I liked the “incandescent joy of a biblical plague” in particular. ROFLMAO

  6. yabbed July 31, 2016

    Donald Trump is sub human and totally unfit to be an American. He should be stripped of his citizenship and deported.

    1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

      Crooked evil Lying Hillary is a traitor and slimy person! She should be deported or put in Jail with other liberal racist thugs!

  7. itsfun July 31, 2016

    Their son was killed in a war 12 years ago that was supported by Hillary and opposed by Trump.

    1. The lucky one July 31, 2016

      Trump didn’t oppose the war until it became obvious to nearly everyone that it was a debacle. At that point Hilary opposed it too. Hindsight is 20-20.

      1. RobertCHastings July 31, 2016

        At the time, as is so familiar to those who follow Republican antics, any who opposed the war were looked upon as unpatriotic. While we had valid evidence that the Taliban had the support of the Afghan government, making our invasion of that nation a valid act of self-defense, the subsequent invasion of Iraq (LONG before matters were finished with Afghanistan) had no such support in evidence, the Bush Administration going so far as to expose the name of a CIA covert operative who was the wife of an ambassador who proved the Bush assumptions wrong.

      2. Aware July 31, 2016

        Why is Mr. Khan bashing Trump bc he wants to build a wall and keep illegals out of the country? In all due respect to Mr. Khan, I assuming he entered this country the legal way. I observe the entire liberal media is slanted against Trump and Clinton has a lot of baggage, but it is not defined in the media on a constant basis. Illegals are ILLEGALS, however it is defined and it takes a LOT of tax dollars to assimilate them in this country. Btw, Trump also stated to stop the flow of Muslims from the terrorist countries, not all countries. No one is vetted anymore, this is not right. We now have bedbugs in this country, whic eere eradicated in the 50’s. Just take a closer look at the EU countries and the killings and bombings of late. I’m not in total agreement of Trump, but my personal approval percentage of him is higher than Hillary and I don’t feel I will ever be 100% with any candidate when I see the state of affairs in the world today.

        1. ulfur July 31, 2016

          Your fear is showing. The NRA thinks you’ll feel better if you have a gun to hug. You can get one at Walmart at an inflated price.

          1. Aware July 31, 2016

            Dont confuse me with Hillary. That is the only fear showing. I don’t need a gun for liberalso, just my moderates views.

          2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016


          3. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

            You can get a wicked Wasserman blow up doll and enjoy….at a discounted democrack price!

        2. charleo1 July 31, 2016

          The answer to why Mr. Kahn is bashing Trump is obvious. Mr. Trump is disrespecting the sacrifices they and their Son made for this Country, and the Constitution, while sacrificing nothing himself. The more important question is why are you defending that?

          1. Aware July 31, 2016

            It called stating an opinion.

          2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

            Crooked evil Lying Hillary is disrespecting Real America and families who sacrificed the sons…she is a phony like you!

          3. A. D. Reed July 31, 2016

            Then how come real American families who sacrificed their sons are supporting her?

        3. The lucky one July 31, 2016

          “Trump also stated to stop the flow of Muslims from the terrorist countries, not all countries.” Not true see below.

          “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on,” a campaign press release said.

          1. Aware July 31, 2016

            He altered that view at one of the debates to state coming from terrorist countries. I’m not trying to change anyone views, just clinging to my own.

          2. The lucky one August 1, 2016

            If Trump wants to backtrack on his incredibly stupid call to ban Muslims he should specify exactly who he means by “terrorist countries”, In some, probably a majority outside the US see us as a terrorist country.

        4. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

          Exactly Khan speech was scripted By Crooked evil Lying Hillary and wasserman what a disgrace!

          1. Aware July 31, 2016

            Exactly……this election is not about Trump and Khan, but Trump and Hillary. Enough of the distractions.

          2. A. D. Reed July 31, 2016

            I wish you could come up with another line, and at the very least come up with some evidence that Mr. Khan didn’t write his speech himself. He is a lawyer and professor of law; he’s quite capable of writing his own speech. Of course, if your evidence is that “people are saying” — well, that’s what Donald Trump cites as his evidence, even though the “people” saying such BS come from the StormTrooper and other white supremacist websites.

            In one case Trump tweeted in the morning that he “had heard” some latest BS story about HIllary. In the afternoon, when asked about it, he cited the tweet that he himself had sent out! This was his “source.”

            I take it yours is the same.

          3. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

            AD why are you so Liberally Bankrupt & Ignorant. I ll tell you why you are brainwashed you are a globalist you are a moron, a Liberal wacko. a hater and a typical low energy Demorat!!! The Truth to you is a lie and a lie is a truth All you do is spin you can never answer a straight question.

            He was a political clone for Hillary they wrote the script he is muslim and he talks out against Trump …its political theater..

            Khan didn’t write the speech Hollywood liberals did you fool it was staged!!!

            It isn’t working you lost!!I know you have hatred and disdain for the Grewat powerful President Trump but you know what you can’t do a thing but rant.,…TRUMP IS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT Whether you like it or not !!!

          4. A. D. Reed July 31, 2016

            You really should learn English, GBRA. Professor Khan speaks and writes much better than you, with proper grammar and spelling and orthography. Where did you grow up? Somewhere without schools? Or did you just drop out in fourth grade?

            Funny thing is, I don’t hate anyone. I hold and display contempt for those of limited insight and unlimited gullibility, but I leave hate to the haters like those who attend Trump rallies.

            And what on earth makes you think I’m “low energy”? Just because it takes only four or five of my idle brain cells to respond to the entire output of your amygdala doesn’t mean my other hundreds of billions of cells aren’t busy and active.

          5. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

            Stick that Nose up your Liberal Ass! You moron!
            Crooked Lying Hillary !!

          6. A. D. Reed July 31, 2016

            I have to assume someone with talent and a brain did the photoshopping, since clearly you’re not of that caliber.

          7. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

            We did it we are smarter than Liberal thugs as yourself! I can buy you out you Pos!

          8. A. D. Reed August 1, 2016

            Tee hee.

          9. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

            TEE HEE HEE LOL

          10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 1, 2016

            You and Drumpf need to see the same shrink. Donald will pay for your sessions for being such a devoted stooge.

        5. Gerry Francis July 31, 2016

          “The liberal media is slanted against Trump”? Have you been watching the same guy?

          1. Aware July 31, 2016

            All the baggage Hillary has, how did you miss It? I don’t just let the liberal media be my guide.

    2. RobertCHastings July 31, 2016

      Trump’s support of the war in Iraq is really irrelevant as, at the time, he was not an elected official, nor did he represent anyone but himself, and he certainly did NOT speak out in opposition to it. Clinton supported the war for the same reason the large majority of US Senators supported it – she was lied to by the Bush administration. That she supported it, voting for the AUMF, seems to, in your mind, overshadow the simple fact that so many others did, also, as did most of the nation (or Bush would NOT have been re-elected).

      1. itsfun July 31, 2016

        Bush didn’t lie to anyone, the whole world used the same information Bush had given to him. Trump’s non support of the war is relevant, as he is a U.S. citizen.

      2. A. D. Reed July 31, 2016

        She did not “support the war”; she voted to give the Bush administration the leeway it asked for, based on the information the administration provided to Congress … which later turned out to be lies. Her fault was in trusting a single word that came out of the Cheney administration.

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

          She Crooked lying Hillary supported the war and vote Yes on it you Moron!

    3. johninPCFL July 31, 2016

      When interviewed about the speech, Trump said it was “unfair”, that he’d made plenty of sacrifices for the US. When asked to enumerate them, he said he’d created “thousands, tens of thousands of jobs”. Probably mussed his hair, too.

      1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

        Wav dat fist on high!

    4. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

      Bad move by the Liberal DNC it ain’t working,,,,Crooked evil Lying Hillary is a fraud!

      1. itsfun July 31, 2016

        They also stick a illegal immigrant on their stage. There will be no borders if she is elected. Typical of them to put a illegal on stage and then call them undocumented. What a bunch of sh_t.

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

          I know just spread the word and vote Trump!!!!

          anyone bothers u on these boards get me..I got your back!

          1. Gerry Francis July 31, 2016

            “Vote Trump” and cut off our noses to spite our face! We’ll teach them to mess with America’s trailer park folks.

          2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

            Gerry Crooked Lying Hillary will not win Crooked Evil Hillary will never ever be President Trump is winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now your Liberal idiotic low energy response to Trailer park folks shows me your a Democrackhead low energy Pos! I will say that to your face!!! You will do nothing but cringe like the liberal; low energy thug you are! Go wav dat fist fool! We comin to take America back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. Gerry Francis July 31, 2016

            Forget to take your meds this morning?

          4. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

            No meds just TRUTH which you can not comprehend…

            lay off dat Democrack…it’s showing.

          5. itsfun August 1, 2016

            Have you ever been to Florida and other warm weather states where thousands of senior citizens live in trailer parks and pay taxes, live peacefully, treat others with kindness and love?

          6. Gerry Francis August 1, 2016

            Too bad the Republicans won’t allow a COLA in Social Security. Maybe they could afford something more befitting a person that worked all their life.

          7. itsfun August 1, 2016

            Who decides how much of a raise or if seniors get a raise each year?

          8. Gerry Francis August 1, 2016

            You’ve got more issues than I can help you with if you don’t know the answer to that.

          9. itsfun August 2, 2016

            I know how raises are determined, you don’t have a clue.
            I asked you that question to test your knowledge.
            Congress passed a automatic COLA raise in 1975. So just keep on passing out your nonsense and lies about the Republicans. You definitely have issues with the truth.

          10. Gerry Francis August 2, 2016

            The COLA does not cover the cost of living and since the Republicans control Congress and want to privatize the system there will be no change to the 1975 law. Stop being so blind about the evil that exists in a Republican heart.

          11. itsfun August 2, 2016

            COLA means Cost of Living Adjustment. Just what did you think it means? The Republicans never wanted to privatize the Social Security System. The proposal was to allow citizens to put 10% of their Social Security payroll deduction into a account they had the option to decide how the 10% would be invested. That was to be a individuals choice not forced on them. The other 90% would have been the way it always was. Personally I would have loved the chance to decide where my money would be invested. Democrats were against it because people like me would have made a bundle of money and proved how incompetent our government is with our money.

          12. itsfun August 1, 2016

            great; I can use some help.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 1, 2016

        You must be in junior high school. Are you related to Otto the Goat? He too likes to show childish visuals.

      3. itsfun August 1, 2016

        great visual, only problem is the nose is too short.

      4. The lucky one August 1, 2016

        And Trump’s not??? LOL

    5. King of America August 1, 2016

      Trump, of course, was actually 100% in favor of the war. He didn’t get to vote for it, however, as he has no political experience whatsoever.

      1. itsfun August 1, 2016

        Not being part of the political establishment is a good thing. We don’t need any more career politicians selling us down the drain as Hillary will if given the chance.

        1. King of America August 1, 2016

          Yes, what could possibly go wrong with putting a unqualified serial bankrupt wife-beating child molester in charge? Especially when you consider all those debunked conspiracy theories about his opponent believed only by mouthbreathers!

          1. itsfun August 1, 2016

            More will go wrong with a lying, crooked politician, selling out to Wall Street for personal riches, selling out to foreign countries for personal riches. allowing national secrets to be read by her lawyers that didn’t have any clearance, allowing national secrets to be hacked by foreign enemies.

          2. King of America August 1, 2016

            I already covered your moronic beliefs about Hillary in my second sentence, but thanks for reiterating them.

          3. itsfun August 2, 2016

            What could go wrong with crooked Hillary in the WH. You talk about conspiracies, then call Trump a wife-beading child molester. What about Hillary’s husband being a sexual predator, and going to private retreats to be with underage girls?

  8. AgLander July 31, 2016

    Hillary Clinton is famous for being opaque in only allowing her message to be delivered under tightly scripted and controlled conditions. Hillary Clinton has not made herself available to the press for general media questioning since Dec. 4, 2015 when she nervously answered only 7 questions before being rushed away by handlers. This has become a source of consternation to the media as well as voters who wonder why she is hiding, or perhaps what she is hiding. American citizens deserve far better from Hillary Clinton.

    1. A. D. Reed July 31, 2016

      Hillary Clinton sat for 11 solid hours of questioning and badgering by the GOP “special committee to investigate Benghazi”; why should she waste her time with badgering from the press, which only repeats the accusations of the Trump campaign and each other.

      This is only a source of consternation to the media because they have to accept that they’re totally irrelevant.

      1. AgLander July 31, 2016

        It is revealing that Clinton supporters automatically conflate press conferences with Congressional hearings! Clinton holding a press conference with the media asking her questions about the topics of the day in her presidential quest would normally not bring up such a comparison but for them to do so is an an admission on their part that even they think she is so scandal ridden that the only questions anyone could possibly want to ask her about are criminal investigations!

        1. A. D. Reed July 31, 2016

          What BS, AgLander. Nobody conflates press conferences with Congressional hearings. I pointed out that you people whine and whine that Hillary hasn’t held a press conference for months but not because she won’t answer questions: she’s constantly asked questions everywhere she goes, and she answers them. Unlike Trump, who never answers a question but simply makes up another lie.

          Hillary has answered questions in television interviews, from reporters, from the public, in debates, and in Congressional hearings, among other venues; she answers legitimate questions directly and honestly.

          You people are now invoking “press conferences” as some magical event that can be used as a cudgel against her. If she started holding pressers, you’d complain that she wasn’t appearing on the Sunday talk shows as much as Trump, and “not even calling in like he does.”

          We see right through your empty tactics. Trump lied three times in the past two days about the Khans, the NFL, and the debates. People can’t even keep up with the lies. He uses press conferences to state that the NFL “sent me a letter” complaining about the debate schedule — and then refused to retract it even after the NFL said “WE NEVER SENT HIM A LETTER.” Period.

          But as Mark Twain wrote, a lie goes around the world while the truth is still lacing up its boots. If Hillary did hold a presser and made a claim like that, you’d be screeching your dishonest little lungs out. But Trump holds “press conferences” and therefore that’s the gold standard.

          Truly, you are pathetic. Facts mean nothing to you, nor do history, or American values, or the Constitution, or anything else that makes this country great. I’ve lived here since 1953, and believe me, what makes this country great AIN’T Donald Trump.

          1. AgLander July 31, 2016

            Bottom line: If she wants to be president she needs to make herself available to all venues. To avoid doing so indicates she is either not confident in her abilities to face a crowd of reporters where she’s not setting a scripted and rehearsed agenda, a weakness we certainly don’t want from one who will be facing pressure every day as a president . We want our president confident and self assured under unpredictable situations. Or another possibility is that she’s hiding something and trying to play out the string to November 8th by refusing to risk having to face a question that might reveal something she doesn’t want known. Either way, she has to engage and put herself out there or she is has no right to ask for our vote. PLAY OR SIT…….her choice!

          2. A. D. Reed July 31, 2016

            I literally burst out laughing when I read this one. “not confident in her abilities”; “refusing to risk having to face a question that might reveal something she doesn’t want known.”

            First of all, no, she doesn’t need “to make herself available to all venues.” She needn’t answer tweets, or Reddit accounts, or TV call-in shows, or late-night comedy shows, or any of the other media outlets, unless she wants to. , She needn’t appear on Fox, which is one of those “venues” — in fact, the one with the highest ratings. But they have refused to invite a Democrat on in years, because they’re scared to let their viewers hear a Democrat speak unfiltered. Yet Mrs. Clinton has asked to be on, and has accepted the invitation. That’s one venue. There are many others. Press conferences with self-important beltway reporters are another, and a very minor one that she can choose or not as she likes.

            A few years ago her husband was criticized for appearing on Arsenio Hall; then Obama was blasted for doing a comedy show. But Trump lives on Twitter, because his mind can only accommodate 140 characters at a time. So, your first and fundamental premise is, frankly, bullshit. “all venues” are in the eye of the beholder.

            Second, you must be a newcomer to the United States. Mrs. Clinton has faced “a crowd of reporters” for 35 years, and a crowd of hooligans behind Congressional plaques, and a crowd of angry senators in public venues challenging her over Hillarycare, and hundreds of reporters asking about Monica and murdering Vince Foster and every other imaginable (and imagined) crime. And she has faced them all with confidence and self-assurance and poise, without any of the bluster and lies that your hero Dumpster uses.

            Mrs. Clinton has lived for 35 years in the public eye without a “scripted and rehearsed agenda” and has never displayed (or suffered from) any weakness.

            It was the donald who wouldn’t face a debate with Megyn Kelly because she refused to be intimidated by him. If you think that Mrs. Clinton would be intimidated by anyone, whether the Star Chamber led by Trey Gowdy or the debate stage facing Trump, or a “a crowd of reporters” asking the same stupid questions over and over, you truly are beyond rational thought. If, instead, as seems clear, you are just parroting this week’s meme of “why won’t she hold a press conference,” then you might as well give it up, because your handlers will have a new meme for you next week.

          3. AgLander July 31, 2016

            You are correct. She doesn’t have to make herself available where we can measure her for the “right stuff”, therefore she doesn’t need be be president either. And she won’t be if she continues to hide and only show up for events she feels “safe” at. That’s not presidential…..a president has to show up for everything, even when it’s not comfortable to do so. She’s apparently an incomplete candidate who is proving by her intransigence that she is lacking in an important attribute needed for the office she seeks.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 1, 2016

      Trump is famous for being conceited, childish, and narcissistic. But those are cool things to you in your alternate universe.
      Are you undergoing a gender-transition? Maybe that’s why you’ve chosen that image.
      The world deserves far better than a selfish maniac with ADD.

      1. AgLander August 1, 2016

        Gender transition! You have a sense of humor! Good for you, now let’s work on your racism exposed in numerous past posts.
        P.S…….Can you imagine waking up next to something like that!? That’s a horror situation we both can agree we’d avoid at any cost!

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 31, 2016

    To Khizr Khan and family, I say well-done for shedding more light on the hypocrisy and forked-tongue logic of Constitution-thumping Conservatives.

    The conservatives have been stealthily borrowing ideas from others while masked under a cloak of purported religiosity for decades now, breaking every moral code of their religion with each passing day.
    The conservatives vainly imagine that the rest of us don’t see into the blackness of their inner core; they deceive themselves into thinking that by diverting the conversation to emails and Benghazi that we’ll forget about the demonic possession that has gripped Trump and his servile robots.

    What a pathetic lot the Conservatives have become, with Trump in the vanguard leading the lemmings towards an edge beyond which an abysmal pit lies below. A number of those puppets have infested this forum with dulled senses and irrationality.

    1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

      Khan family what a disgrace and HORRIBLE political STUNT BY THE Dnc=Democrackhead racist party! Horrible !! Crooked Hillary belongs in Jail!

      HILLARY IS mia always!!

      Throw the wicked crooked lying witch in Jail!

      1. A. D. Reed July 31, 2016

        “What a disgrace.” Yes, a family that, just like Trump’s, immigrated to the United States in search of freedom and opportunity. And then had the audacity to let their son join the U.S. Army and sacrifice his life to save his fellow soldiers; and the gall to read and believe in the U.S. Constitution; and the chutzpah to stand up and tell about their sacrifice and their grief, and participate in the American democratic process.

        And the pathetic first-generation Trump who has never given anything to his adopted country, including paying taxes like the rest of us, can only lie about what Mr. Khan said, claiming (falsely) that “He said I haven’t read the Constitution” when, in fact, Mr. Khan ASKED “Has he even read the Constitution?”

        The real disgrace is the coward who won’t even use his own name but pretends to be a patriot by tagging himself “GodBlessRealAmerica” without having even the foggiest notion of what the real America is all about. I would bet GBRA has never read the Constitution, either, and doesn’t have any idea what the Founders wrote, thought, argued about, or decided in establishing MY country.

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

          Crooked evil lying sick demented Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 1, 2016

            Were you abandoned and shunned by your schoolmates? Your incessant reliance on these foolish visuals suggests a person whose unable to hold a job and was ignored by mom and dad.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 1, 2016

        God Blesses the World, my myopic, isolationist friend. Your sense of Christianity is so corrupted and skewed that you actually think that God smiles favorably only on America. Trump has you on a string like a puppet, and as a result you know nothing anymore about the reality of your own Religion. Snap out of your lethargy Van Winkle.

        It’s people like you who keep America in the Stone Age. America will never reach its full potential as long as an insane nationalism, which you seek to thrust down our throats, rears its ugly head.

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016


  10. W. Coyote July 31, 2016

    Before anyone reading this article gets too self satisfied, it might be prudent to remember some basic truths. Trump supporters are too “dug in” to their positions to care about Mr. Kahn. For almost all of them, facts don’t matter. And when Hillary says “Donald Trump is not a normal candidate”, his supporters love it. They are voting for him because he is not a normal candidate. Regardless of how offensive he is, his supporters report “He tells it like it is” and “He sounds like what I think”. The real cause for concern is not so much Trump himself, but the millions of people who love him and the thousands of commenters who demonize Hillary on right wing sites, as opposed to the tens of commenters on this one.

    1. charleo1 July 31, 2016

      My neighbor who is about as unqualified to be President as Trump. Or indeed, most of us, would not be a “normal, candidate. We would probably not seek out an unordinary oncologist, or heart doctor. So why Trump, who does not know about foreign policy, NATO. the nexus of international terrorism, nor how to best to address illegal immigration, that is not as he describes it, “open borders, allowing the free flow of criminals, rapists, and drug dealers into the U.S. requiring a wall. But an administrative problem requiring nothing more extra-ordinary than Congressional action, due to an overburdened, and out of date system. And not a unconstitutional, Nazi like rounding up of, “undesirables,” as he proposes. The millions of people in support of Trump do so because they prefer to believe not in the real America, but in the failing one he describes.

      1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

        Wrong typical Liberal Ignorance Now go wav dat Liberal fist on high because President trump will WIN!!

        1. W. Coyote August 1, 2016

          GodBlessRealAmerica- You didn’t respond to me directly but to another commenter. And I couldn’t help but notice your other comments. “..trump will WIN!!”. Maybe you are right. Maybe not. We will see in November. Just wondering though- how do you feel about a candidate who dodged the draft in the 60’s and who is now passing judgments about everyone from John McCain to the Kahn family who made sacrifices for our country?

          1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

            How do you feel about crooked evil lying Hillary Im sure you support lies Bernie supporters do!

          2. W. Coyote August 1, 2016

            Godbless- Thank you for your response. First of all, you didn’t answer my question. Second “you support lies”? No, I am in a constant search for the truth. I’m giving you the opportunity to provide me with a true response. Considering that Donald Trump was an entitled son of a wealthy New Yorker and avoided service, what do you think of him passing judgment on anyone who has sacrificed for this country?
            Third, I could address your pictures and cartoons point by point, but I don’t have the time to do that. But I’ll will ask you one question about something you present in your demonization. “I…..murdered an ambassador”? Really? Could you please fill me in about that one. Which ambassador? And how did that escape the news?

      2. W. Coyote August 1, 2016

        Charles- Thank you for your response and for taking the time to share your views.

        1. charleo1 August 1, 2016

          You’re welcome. Thanks!

  11. FT66 July 31, 2016

    The Khan family has gone in history books of conventions. The message Mr.Khan gave was a take away and a moment to remember of the entire convention. Nothing I can try to remember from the other side (GOP) during their convention except the nonsense chant of “lock her up” which made a lot of watchers to clinge.

  12. Gerry Francis July 31, 2016

    With all his bullying and angry rhetoric, I wonder if Trump really wants to be the President. I hope that there are enough reasonable people left in this country that understand the meaning of Clinton’s commercial that shows children watching as “the Donald” acts like the most un-presidential candidate in American History.

  13. Debra Kuzma July 31, 2016

    I am sad for the Khan’s family loss. My OWN family members have served/are serving in this STUPID war, which was started by the BUSH FAMILY. And as far as I am concerned, Obama & his syncophant Hillary Clinton, have only made things worse.
    FYI: I am permanently disabled and suffer from chronic pain, due to a vicious attack by a thieving, trash LEGAL immigrant, who never worked a day in his life. Now *I* am on public assistance, too.

    1. CrankyToo July 31, 2016

      I’m sorry to read of your troubles. Truly. But it feels to me like the hopelessness of your situation has as much to do with what’s going on in your head as what’s going on outside it.

      And thank God for public assistance, right? Wrong! Thank Democrats.

      1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016


      2. Debra Kuzma August 6, 2016

        Oh really?? Have YOU ever dealt with chronic pain? Have YOU ever sat in your home, waiting to die because YOUR life is over??

        1. CrankyToo August 7, 2016

          I’m 65 so, yes, I’ve dealt with chronic pain. But no, I’ve never sat around “waiting to die”, and never will. Death’s going to have to come and find me.

          Like I said, I feel bad for you. But you’re not going to find any comfort here. You need professional help.

          1. Debra Kuzma September 28, 2016

            Are you put together with metal, head-to-toe? Do you have to take painkillers and get shots every 3mos. just to get out of bed? Do you trip and fall constantly, even breaking your teeth and more bones? Please do me a f******g favor and mind your own f******g business.

          2. CrankyToo September 28, 2016

            Uh, hello? This became my business, and the business of everyone else who reads this rag – when you hung your a$$ out over the balcony for the whole world to see. If you don’t want people commenting on your posts, then do the rest of us a f*****g favor and STFU!

    2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

      Democrackheads are all liars its political theatre wake up!!!!

      1. Sand_Cat August 1, 2016

        For those who don’t want to wade through your lies, what follows is a summary:

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 1, 2016

        Good boy. The republicans have programmed you very well with those special cranial implants.

  14. truliberal July 31, 2016

    Found a really interesting Audio book “Two Americans: Truman, Eisenhower, and a Dangerous World” by William Lee Miller.

    Maybe Hillary can emulate Truman’s 1948 campaign (he called them a “do nothing congress”) Truman ended up (as we know) winning that election and both houses went back to the Democrats – Go Hillary

  15. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

    This Liberal wacko was paid & scripted By the Clinton Crime family what a disgrace !! TRUMP was right!

    1. CrankyToo July 31, 2016

      Gee, I wonder at the type of person who’ll read your post and think, “Yeah, it’s that Kahn guy who’s the disgraceful wacko. Not that solid citizen, GodBlessRealAmerica!!!.”

      You do have one thing going for you, though: you’re an apex POS. Granted, it’s a dubious distinction….

      1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

        Gee, wow do us all a favor, Go suicide Bomb your Ass!!!

        You low energy hateful pos!!! anytime Punk!

        1. Gerry Francis July 31, 2016

          Keep posting your stupid remarks. You, “The Donald”, “The Junior” and all of the other angry idiots who post on this site are the best electioneers Hillary could get. Most level headed, sane, Red Blooded Americans wouldn’t want to be associated with your type in any way, shape or form. Seriously, you should look for help with your mental health issues.

          1. Oddworld July 31, 2016

            Nah, let them post. The anger and ignorance their side displays is probably a good sign they know they’re going to lose. Would you be pissed if you thought or knew you were going to win? They’re worried.

        2. CrankyToo July 31, 2016

          Just when we thought they didn’t come any more disgusting or
          contemptible than Otto the Goat or Aglander, the king of the lowlifes emerges from the swamp.

          1. Siegfried Heydrich July 31, 2016

            Given that it’s a brand new account and I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Otto, my guess is that this is him, in a towering rage over getting the banhammer lowered on him and acting out. However, he’s really off the rails this time, so I just put him on ignore so he can rant into empty space.

          2. CrankyToo July 31, 2016

            I don’t know, Bro. This new arschloch doesn’t exhibit the same M.O. (posting pix instead of video clips). And he/she seems to be even more unhinged than OTG (if that’s possible). I think we may be dealing with a whole new breed of arschloch here.

          3. Siegfried Heydrich July 31, 2016

            That’s what Killfile is for. I already put that one on hush. However, where’s Otto? In the absence of Otto, I’d say that this is him engaging in a furious trumper tantrum.

          4. CrankyToo July 31, 2016

            What’s killfile?

          5. Siegfried Heydrich July 31, 2016

            Blog Killfile – it’s an attachment that gives you an ignore button if your browser doesn’t have one. So, when Otto’s new identity posts, all I see is Comment by GodBlessRealAmerica!!! blocked.

          6. CrankyToo July 31, 2016

            Cheers, Bro. Thanx for the info. I’ll give it a whirl.

          7. Oddworld July 31, 2016

            Funny how the right wing use such vitriol but accuse everyone else of being hateful and intolerant.

          8. CrankyToo August 1, 2016

            Wingdings are famous for projecting their character flaws onto those who disagree with them. It’s their go-to defense mechanism against indefensible behavior. And it’s despicable.

          9. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016


          10. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

            Iam kicking your liberal ignorant ass good!!! VOTE TRUMP!

          11. CrankyToo August 1, 2016

            I don’t want to hurt your feelings, Dickweed, but your kicks feel more like kisses.

        3. Thomas Martin August 1, 2016

          Back to you, you bigot wacko. Go join Benito Mussolini’s brown shirts. You have resurrected yourself from the banned life into new form you cretin scum. When is the last time you said something worthwhile. I am surprised Trump hasn’t asked you to be his campaign manager, you think alike. Go join the Russian army.

          1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

            The only racist liberal Democrackhead is you…look @ you pathetic, low energy, weak and liberal..how sweet you are!!!

            Go join the obama racist zombies wav dat fist with Hillary POS!

          2. Sand_Cat August 1, 2016

            Project away. Pretty much everything you say about Hillary and us ism clearly more true of you and your fellow wack jobs.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 1, 2016

            Don’t get out of the cave much—what a waste. Are you able to write and think in a coherent manner? So far, you’ve displayed a dazzling array of 6th grade trickery.

          4. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

            PRESIDENT TRUMP whether you Liberal wackos like it or not its going to happen!!!

  16. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

    Be proud a well rehearsed Script by the DNC!

    1. Siegfried Heydrich July 31, 2016

      Hey, Otto! Did you just get banned from National Memo, or did Disqus cancel your account?

      1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! July 31, 2016

        Hey, Democrackhead did they ban your ignorance!!! I bet you will be deleted soon Hey!Keep hope alive!!

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 1, 2016

      This is what I posted earlier for another mentally hamstrung person. I recommend you read it and reflect:

      “One of these days, the WingNuts of the Right will have to ‘fess up, be a man about their proclivity for being bigoted, and profess their willingness to attract the most spiritually deformed members of American society—usually the very ones who profess that they are “holier than those of other Religions as well as holier than other Christians.
      This groundswell of racialism has been itching for legitimacy to openly spread their bile, and Trump and far too many under the GOP tent are eager to provide an outlet.

      It’s a waste of time implying racism and pussy-footing—now is the time to be sincere as George Wallace, Strum Thurmond, Senators Theodore Bilbo, Eastland and Stennis from Mississippi were, to be less of a coward, and lay bare for all to see the cancer that lies within.

      Why not boldly assert your tendencies such as the likes of “Otto the Goat” do???”

      You once used the identity of a deceased person, then assumed the identity of a herbivore, and now you go by a new identity. Multiple-personality-disorder afflicts Trump as well.

      1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

        I sent you a Wicked Wasserman blow up doll now enjoy!!!! I ll send you in the next subscription Crooked evil Lying Hillary doll telling you more jive talkin lies!!!!

        1. Sand_Cat August 1, 2016


          1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

            Moron, Liberal liar, Democrackhead hater, loser, lies…how does it feel….I thought Liberals come from Love not hate?

          2. Sand_Cat August 1, 2016

            Your overreaction is revealing! Keep projecting though. We all need a laugh now and then.

          3. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

            You be crying in November and we will be Laughing at you Liberal racist pigs when President Trump wins!!!

            PRESIDENTIAL Donald J Trump 2016!!!

        2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 1, 2016

          Looks like you’re going insane with the visuals. Reminds me of that clown on Howdy Doody, Clara Bell(sp?), who couldn’t speak except by using two horns: One for “Yes” and one for “No”.
          Hopefully, you’ll be able to graduate to the point of forming cogent sentences

          1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! August 1, 2016

            Aaron whats wrong did I hit a Liberal nerve? Did Crooked Hillary stick that nose up your liberal Ass! Howdy Doody my liberal ignorant low energy racist enemy!!!

            That nose looks Big…wow its getting bigger and bigger from all of Crooked Evil Lying Hillary lies!!!

  17. greenlantern1 July 31, 2016

    Ever hear of Lawrence of Arabia?
    What did Sir Winston Churchill say about him?
    General Eisenhower was of German heritage.
    Did that stop him from smashing Hitler’s Atlantic Wall?
    Ever hear about Mexico’s AZTEC EAGLES?
    They were part of the UNITED STATES ARMY AIR FORCE!
    They helped a great American general, General Douglas MacArthur, to return!

  18. Siegfried Heydrich July 31, 2016

    Someone need do make a GIF of Drumpf shaking his fist and screaming to the sky “KHAAAAAN!!!!”

  19. Apostol Pappas August 1, 2016

    A sad yet very patriotic story, but some unfortunate irony there. Who was the enemy? Is that not who Trump is talking about? I do not for one minute believe that Trump would ever reject an individual like Mr. Khan who clearly is a gentleman and an asset to any society. It is unfortunate that he was used and that his criticism towards Trump was so misguided.

    1. Sand_Cat August 1, 2016

      You bet.
      Can’t face the fact that the guy you back is a heel and a bigot, can you?

    2. Insinnergy August 1, 2016

      Your cognitive dissonance is showing.

  20. Godzilla August 1, 2016

    Poor Mr. Khan, duped by the Liberal disinformation machine. Had he actually heard what Trump actually said, he would not have been on that stage. This is typical of the shameless hussies running the DNC and especially Corrupt Clinton. Even yesterday the witch LIED in a Sunday morning interview. The Washington Post gave her 4 pinnochios, and she earned them, which is how she has earned everything in her life, by LYING!

    1. Sand_Cat August 1, 2016

      Yes, it’s all too much for your lizard brain.

      Why don’t you go back to clapping your hands, wagging your tail, and throwing boulders? These obviously suit your mental capacity far better.

    2. Insinnergy August 1, 2016

      Of course listening to Trump’s rambling racist word salad would have fixed things.
      Of course.

    3. itsfun August 2, 2016

      She is now lying about her lies. If elected how could any world leader believe one word out of her mouth? I think it is something like 56% of the citizens believe she is nothing but a liar.

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