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‘Kiss My Ass’: Fear And Loathing In The Romney Campaign

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‘Kiss My Ass’: Fear And Loathing In The Romney Campaign


If Mitt Romney’s purpose in traveling abroad this summer was to prove his credentials as a potential world leader, the verdict is mixed at best. Neither his tendency to utter bizarre insults nor his shallow, ideological approach to policy inspired much confidence, although he managed to garner support from Israel’s right-wing prime minister and an eccentric former leader in Poland. (Our allies in the United Kingdom may never want to hear from him again.)

On the trip’s final leg, the world saw the most unattractive side of the Romney campaign when the traveling press secretary loudly told reporters to “kiss my ass” and “shove it” in a display of the attitude that trickles down from the top.

Contempt toward the press is an important aspect of this attitude. For most of the campaign so far, Romney has pursued a media strategy that has become increasingly typical of Republican presidential candidates: Speak with Fox News and avoid the rest of the national press corps. That is because Fox journalists (an oxymoron?) are far less likely to ask questions that the candidate doesn’t wish to answer, such as the inquiries shouted at Romney in Warsaw on Tuesday.

Why were they shouting at him? Because during the entire trip, he had essentially refused to engage with reporters at all.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. nursecrd July 31, 2012

    What is loathsome about the Main Stream Media (MSM) is that they distort reality by viewing an issue from a single point of view. Even Fox News does this to some degree or another but the MSM which is very left leaning does this frequently. The “Dan Rather” method is in full play here, namely insert foot into mouth and then blame someone else so you do not have to take responsibility.

    I read both left wing and right wing news outlets. It is time consuming but at least I get to see both sides of an issue.

    1. ivory69690 July 31, 2012

      anything like the anti-christ romney dose by taken Obama,s words out of contexts ?

      1. nursecrd July 31, 2012

        Let us talk about taking things out of context. Could please explain how Solyndra went bankrupt, never produced a single item and wasted $500 million of our taxes? Could you explain how a big chunk of stimulus money to make wind turbines and electric cars ended up in China and Finland? Could you please explain why nothing has been said about Obama taking monetary contributions from Bain Capital for his election to the Illinois senate, the U.S. Senate and also to the White House?

        I think everyone here would love to hear your explanation(s).

        1. johninPCFL July 31, 2012

          Yes, China INVESTS $billions annually in their alternative energy companies, and we invest in our war machine industry. When the fedgov chose $2B in altenergy investments, Solyndra was chosen as one. Their breakeven point was $350 per panel. Just after the loan guarantees were granted, China began selling solar panels into the US market at $275 per panel.

          Any links on the “stimulus money” you’re talking about? The Fiskars factory in the US is still running, and only the luxury Fiskars are being made in Finland.

          Because of their INVESTMENTS in altenergy companies, Chinese windmills cost 1/3 of US models. Should the local governments receiving government grants to set up altenergy sites spend 3X as much for US turbines? Is that how you want your tax money spent?

        2. Justin Napolitano July 31, 2012

          Is that the only thing you can come up with: Solyndra? Every one but you knows that China dumped their cheap solar chips on the market to kill Solyndra’s and other US solar chip manufactures. Solyndra was trying to produce the most efficient chip not the cheapest.
          Why is it a problem when a company that received direct Federal help fails and not a problem when some of the companies Bain Capital gutted, leading to bankruptcies, unemployment and pensions benefits dumped on the tax payers?
          You may say that the 500 million was wasted but the research that Solyndra did will, in time, pay off.
          I guess you short sighted folks think that every time a rocket failed, during the beginning of our space program everything was lost, and nothing was learned.
          Many of the greatest discoveries, in this country, have come from the federal government providing funding. And that funding was, often, for research and development that private enterprise refused to undertake because it was deemed too risky.
          If it was up to the Republicans everything risky would be undertaken by the Government while all of the benefits and riches would be harvested by private companies.
          Simple stated, publicize the risk and privatize the reward; the Republican mantra. By the way the funding for Solyndra was provided by a government program started by the Bush Administration.

  2. Eagle05 July 31, 2012

    Well written.

    1. sigrid28 July 31, 2012

      I agree with you about the idea of Governor Romney being self-centered, yet even self-centered individuals can often communicate brilliantly. I find many world-class writers and other artists fall into this category: think Shakespeare or Picasso.

      The bad combination that affects Mitt Romney, in my opinion, is something different. It is the combination of being self-centered and endowed with an enormous sense of entitlement, the sort of entitlement sometimes bolstered by belonging to an exclusive group, in this case the 1%. He isn’t “forced to listen to feedback or critical examination”; he just doesn’t have to, so great is the insulation of his wealth and the positive feedback he receives from his fellow elites. He is so different from the average American, that we have to wrap our heads around the idea that he has little experience on a daily basis with the normal pattern of give-and-take among equals.

      By sense of entitlement, I mean that Mitt Romney seems motivated almost exclusively by the goal of obtaining whatever he wants. It might be a garage with an elevator, or it might be election to the highest office in the land. The significant idea here is that he wants to “obtain” the presidency. That’s why he will say anything to get elected. The things he says are mostly an appeasement to voters he does not understand, care about, or truly represent. Perhaps he is less opportunistic when he repeats his promises to other members of the 1%.

      Yet this sense of entitlement can be very deceptive to the individual who is dominated by it. He can come to think that if he just throws everything he has at getting what he wants, he will obtain it, because he is entitled to obtain it. His handlers, however, know that it will take much more for Mitt Romney to become popular enough to achieve his ends. My guess is that he treats them like inferiors. No wonder they’re frustrated.

      1. Elisabeth Gordon July 31, 2012

        I am wondering when the Super Pac millionaires/billionaires that are supposedly helping him to “buy the Presidency” will realize that their money will not be well spent….

        1. DurdyDawg August 1, 2012

          Are you kidding? These million/billionaires are just like him, they have their drives and no underling will be an obstacle once they achieve that goal.. They see Romney in the same disdain as Romney sees us.. It has to do with the ladder of power and who’s looking down at who’s looking up and we allowed these ‘elites’ to buy the presidency through anonymity from right under our noses. That it won’t happen depends on when we wake up and how close we watch the voting process.. (remember Florida 2004).

      2. DukeDacat July 31, 2012

        Well said…………..

      3. Eagle05 July 31, 2012

        Well, in my opinion Mitt Romney doesn’t come close to fitting into your example of brilliant individuals. He certainly cannot be accused of being a world-class writer or artist. His self centeredness notwithstanding, I agree with you that he has that sense of entitlement which probably comes from his station in life and religion. Most folks miss the impact of Mormonism on the individual members and it shouldn’t be dismissed.

        1. sigrid28 August 1, 2012

          You’re right. I might have said it better. I agree with you completely, that Mitt Romney does not appear to be a brilliant individual. I thought about the aspect of Mormonism that you bring up as well. It is certainly another elite group that secures his sense of entitlement, like his lifelong membership in the 1%. I wouldn’t say his sense of entitlement derives from either group, however. Think of all the individuals in each group who do not HAVE to have the presidency, as it seems he does.

          1. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

            So…….following your reasoning, you want a person who aspires to be president to be half heartedly involved in reaching that goal, and certainly not driven to achieve it? He should not have a religious affiliation different than yours. He should be brilliant by the world’s standards——a writer or artist type? He should not be wealthy or successful—–that leads to having a sense of entitlement? He should not WANT to be president? That narrows it down to…….oh say……..Peewee Herman on crack.

      4. LadyDeb August 1, 2012

        Amen. You hit the nail on the head. Wake up people!

      5. Watchin' August 1, 2012

        Sigrid – an extremely well stated and intelligently put together piece of information that, if they were to bother reading it, even near sighted Republicans should be able to understand. I’m not expecting that to be the case, but they could and should. I’m copying and keeping this post to share. Thanks.

    2. Dominick Vila July 31, 2012

      Self centered is a polite way to describe the attitude of an arrogant elitist so detached from the realities and challenges the average American faces that we seem to inhabit different planets. I found his explanation yesterday about why he paid less taxes than he was expected to pay bizarre, and a confirmation of why he is so reluctant to release his tax returns.

    3. Toni Anthony August 1, 2012

      wait here guys, and seriously.Romney may have multiple personality disorder.
      or out right dementia.and he is being massively funded by those who have the only pills the keep him straight(sometimes,unless when questioned)
      thats why he he breaks down or flip-flops constantly when questioned..

      koch brothers & co medicines(suppliers and controllers)

    4. jarheadgene August 7, 2012

      He and Montana Bill should be best friends.

  3. adler56 July 31, 2012

    williard is so used to a** kissers he thinks he’s being attacked when he has to deal with the real world.

  4. Joel July 31, 2012

    Kiss My Ass,We should make this his campain logan!!! This is how he felt about all the people’s life’s he destroyed….And they still want to vot for him???

    1. SaneJane July 31, 2012

      Here is another potential slogan from Ann Romney: “We have told you people all you need to know”. This may not be exact wording by close.

      1. Elisabeth Gordon July 31, 2012

        …and, just for the record they have….I, definetely have heard all that I need to hear….OBAMA 2012

        1. Ron July 31, 2012

          Edsanjuan if that is what you want to be called but you are a dummy. I agree with Mark since you like being called mini Mitt

        2. Fred Wilson August 2, 2012

          Say that!!

      2. Dominick Vila July 31, 2012

        I loved firing people, or how about the Romney’s claiming Ann’s dressage horse as a deduction because it could be good for her MS? Maybe I’ll claim my pug next year and hope the IRS has a sense of humor…and fairness!

        1. gnburk2k August 4, 2012

          Sorry humor and fairness are 2 things you can count on the IRS not to have in great quantity

          1. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

            Exactly! And these are the folks, along with a board of bureaucrats, Obama wants to entrust with your personal health care decisions. Think about it.

          2. Joseph Hemphill September 3, 2012

            better than for profit insurance bureaucrats.

          3. Mike September 24, 2012

            I worked for the IRS and I can testify to the fact that they do NOT have a sense of humor. I was joking with a coworker that I am so cheap, I could be the king of all jews. Some born again homo black, sitting three cubicles behind, catches only the second part of the joke, and goes crying to the management that I offended him, so Mr. Jim Pruett, the big?? boss, called a meeting of management and union, to ask me if I am the king of the jews. Then, they asked me to resign. Which I gladly did, for the job paid only $8 / hr, and the commute was 4 hrs every day.

          4. Rodney October 2, 2012

            maybe you should be a born again homo white boy hey whatever float your boat

        2. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

          You may be able to claim your dog as your political advisor and consultant. But, it might be insulted and bite you.

          1. jvaljon1 October 26, 2012

            Sounds like something you’ve tried, firsthand—-are you from a political family, “LindaB64”?

          2. Teena Marie Smith March 28, 2013


      3. LadyDeb August 1, 2012

        At one of his fundraiser, a women said us common people are not educated enough to know how bad Obama is for our country. Like her babysitter, the person who does her nails, her hairdresser.

      4. JackieAllen August 2, 2012

        You made an excellent point. I can say from experience, that lots of money
        and an ivory tower is the best way to disconnect with the people less
        fortunate. Mr. Romney doesn’t have the background that a president needs
        to understand what “common good” means.

        1. SaneJane August 2, 2012

          That is why Romney makes so many gaffes, he simply does not know any better. He is as far removed from average Americans as we would be from pygmy headhunters.

          1. JackieAllen August 2, 2012

            Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! I will be interested to read about the “fall out” as
            it becomes available.

          2. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

            No human dead or alive could survive as negative and hateful campaign as this is without a few gaffes. I suspect that YOU can’t get through a day without a few yourself. And we all know too well that Biden can’t get through a day without several! Google “Obama gaffes” and see how many he has uttered! I think misspeaking himself once in a while puts him firmly in the ranks of average Americans! Pygmy headhunters included. They aren’t perfect either! 😉

        2. ZELDA August 3, 2012

          why do you all idiots like oxbama so much he is the one that scares me stay away from cities election day unless of course he declares marshall law

          1. JackieAllen August 3, 2012

            You, Zelda, scare me. I sincerely hope that you are still in high school, and have
            time enough to “round off your corners”. As an educator, I will have to give you
            an F- in English grammer, and your grasp of American history is “off”.
            The world wide concern over gay marriages, and how to prevent them was ticked off
            at a local chicken drive-thourgh yesterday. All the local Christian fanatics
            showed up to support stupid thinking and accelerated ignorance. One lady was
            present because she was sure the wealthy owner might have his shops taken away
            because of his Christian beliefs. Now, Zelda, have you ever heard of the American
            Constitution? It has kept us from ourselves for a long time now. You might enjoy
            reading about witch hunts, or how our blessed Pruitans went around burning down Indian villages because the Indians prefered their own gods.

          2. Eduardo August 5, 2012

            JackieAllen: Zelda should not scare you; you should be scared of yourself: You state (claim) “As an educator, I will have to give you
            an F- in English grammer,…” 1) grammEr???!!! 2) “drive-thourgh” ??!! 3) “Pruitans”??!! 4) “prefered” ??!!
            NO WONDER our kids are not learning, with “educators” like you … !!
            Your message did not contain any more “grammer” mistakes because it was short enough.
            For now, I will not comment on your obtuse mind for calling all the people who do not share your particular beliefs (proclivities ?) “Christian fanatics” Wow! How insightful of you …

          3. JackieAllen August 5, 2012

            I’m thankful that you are not going to comment on my “obtuse mind” since it
            would make me cry myself to sleep. Everyone is entitled to his own belief, and
            to worship according his “lights.” If you are not among the rank and file of
            Christian fanatics–bully for you!!!

          4. RUKIDENME August 6, 2012

            Obtuse such a big word for you, Eduardo.

          5. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

            And “civility” is so hard for you, Ruki. I suppose you are a nuclear physicist?

          6. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

            “Drive-thourgh”??? Really, Mr. Educator? Your grades are slipping.

            One man’s “stupid thinking” and “accelerated ignorance” is another man’s freedom of speech. And if it weren’t for “Christian fanatics” sailing to America in our history, we’d all still be paying taxes to the British and bowing to the Queen. Why does it bother you so much to let other people who think differently than you have their say? Is it because there are so many of them? Do you think your opinion is the only one that should matter? Are you theatened by others who are as outspoken and passionate about their beliefs as you? Maybe you should be a little more open minded and inclusive?

          7. Angela November 4, 2012

            Inclusive? As a descendant of the Choctaw and Cherokee, we could have done without the English and that includes their religious fanatics. We didn’t fare so well if I remember correctly. LOL!!!

          8. Angela November 4, 2012

            Why do you worship Romney so much? I voted for Obama because I don’t really have much of a selection. There is nothing that Romney honestly has to offer me. As a matter of fact, the GOP has absolutely nothing that will make my life a rollicking paradise so I do with the lesser of two evils. Maybe when this country has a multi party system like most civilized nations, then we can talk.

          9. Teena Marie Smith March 28, 2013


        3. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

          So……..are you saying that all men who have money and are successful, they are disconnected from people who aren’t…….and they are bad people? First of all, Romney has donated billions of his money to charities that feed the hungry and help those less fortunate and the sick. He has used millions of his own money to run for president for the chance to pull this nation from the brink of financial disaster and put him and his family through the Democratic meat grinder of lies and criticism when he could make more money in the private sector and have a much more peaceful life! And secondly, if he can turn this country’s economy around, like he has already done for numerous companies, the U.S. Olympic Committee, and the state of Massachusetts, he will do more for the less fortunate and suffering poor than the present pathetic bumbling president who gives lip service to the poor while he golfs and jets around the world vacationing and hobnobing with the Hollywood elite.

          So…..exactly what does a president need to understand what “the common good” means? Thomas Jefferson was a wealthy land owner and he knew what it meant! George Washington was wealthy and he knew what it meant! Most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were wealthy and they knew what it meant. Maybe YOU don’t understand what it means?

          1. JackieAllen August 26, 2012

            My dear LindaB–

            The one correct statement you made, clearly indicated that you have grasped
            what Romney has done for corporations. Average American workers have not
            been so favored. You must be a wealthy American (1%) who has benefited from
            the Republican plan.

          2. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

            When the corporations do well, America does well. It’s call the Gross National Product and employment. It’s called good economic times. It’s called being able to find decent jobs! It’s called Political Science 101 in high school. This is capitalism and it’s the best system on earth. If you don’t think so, go live somewhere else in the world and see how you like their way of life.
            The “Average American worker” is “favored” when businesses and entreprenurs have the freedom to build businesses that make a profit for the owners and offer good jobs to workers, and are not hampered by excess and ridiculous government regulations that have exploded under the Obama administration, or are penilized by heavy tax burdens that stall growth,investment and risk taking. And if the average American worker is suffering today, in the Age of Obama, it’s because of Obama’s socialist leaning agenda so popular in Europe, (which is failing now, btw) that is holding back businesses large and small and this administration’s anti business stance…..holding them back from investing, hiring, and growing. Obama has never lead a successful business venture in his life…………or created real jobs, not government “make work” jobs with inflated salaries and outrageous “retreats” paid for by taxpayers to exotic and expensive places, like we’ve seen in the last few months, i.e. the General Accounting Office folks! All he has accomplished is to hoodwink the American public with grandiose words like “hope and change” while he hold up in the Oval Office and practiced good old Chicago gangster politics.

            And what “Republican plan” are you talking about that has benefited me? Obama has held the president’s office, and the Dems have had control of the congress for the past almost four years. Their “plan” has been implimented and all I’ve gotten is higher taxes, the looming dark mysterious cloud of Obama care hanging over our heads with cronies and contributors of Obama opting out as soon as they can, chaos in the illegal immigrants department making our border states too dangerous to even go there, a divided and hateful political tone in my beloved country, the disdain of other world leaders, the promise of even higher taxes in the future, a debt so outrageous it’s insane, and lies and twisted rhetoric from the president and his cronies! And I wish I was in that top 1% you’re referring to! We’re struggling just like the rest of our fellow citizens under this failing economy. And we want a new leader! This isn’t working. Duh.

          3. Wokeup flared up September 21, 2012

            New Leader? You cant be refering to Rommey

          4. Del WS October 12, 2012

            I’m sorry that your lot in life is so miserable. My husband and I are middle class and are doing fine, thank you. If you really dislike “a divided and hateful political tone in my beloved country, ” why are you adding to it?

          5. Angela November 4, 2012

            Actually my life is fine and I am not struggling. Therefore I am in favor of keeping Obama in office. Why should I have to deal with economic hardship under Romney if my finances are fine at this point? And there will continue to be political division in this country no matter who is in office. Romney will do nothing for me. Why would I want him in a position to screw my life up? Forget that.

          6. Teena Marie Smith March 28, 2013

            Trickle down never trickles down. The wealthy stash their money in off shore accounts like Romney has. And where are your statistics for all the money he has given to charity?Linda, you sound really ignorant and clueless. I don’t think you are unintelligent but please, do you read anything but the GOP rhetoric? Are you a Faux News fan?

          7. Angela November 4, 2012

            Romney also became wealthy by causing other people to lose their jobs. Those people unfortunately did not become wealthy in their own right.

          8. Teena Marie Smith March 28, 2013

            Post election comment, Massachusetts voted for Obama, hon.

      5. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

        Not even close. “Exact wording” is important to honest and honorable people.

    2. agoffe July 31, 2012

      “Kiss my ass” is Romney’s modern day version of “Let them eat cake!”. Remember, he is endorsed by Barbara Bush who said that Hurricane Katrina was a blessing for the poor because it gave them FEMA tents to live in rent free. If we are fooled into letting this idiot become president, we have no one to blame but ourselves (and the Koch brothers).

      1. Doctor T August 1, 2012

        wow! i didn’t know BB said that! what a arrogant woman…she and Ann R are birds of a privileged feather…

        1. Ed August 4, 2012

          Barbera is peeved that no one liked her son.

          1. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

            Barbara (not to be confused with “Barbera”) has lived decades with her successful sons and husband being in politics and I’m sure she has come to accept the fact that not everyone in this country likes her son. To be frank, being “liked” by some people is not a compliment anyway!

          2. xphild September 7, 2012

            Too bad. When testing his IQ “GW” lost test to a rock.

          3. auggiedoggy September 16, 2012

            GW had two degrees, with grades and paper to back them up. And flew for his country, while O-Blamo was schoomin’ testing what? His crack buddies junk?
            GW? Not bad for a rock, unlike the “Mysterious Losatt documents” at Harvard and the Health Dept in Hawaii.

          4. adler56 September 20, 2012

            dumbya did not fly for his country. He stayed in the National Guard guarding our border with Mexico (while our military fought in VietNam) until he learned to fly a jet like his daddy did- then he quit. He didn’t fly for his country- he flew to match his daddy just like he took us to war with Iraq to beat his no lips daddy at something in his pathetic life.

          5. 1guy2 October 15, 2012

            He also was AWOL for a good portion of the time…Auggie the ignorant.

          6. xphild September 25, 2012

            He hid out in GA. He probably hired someone to take his courses & fly. Remember he is the rocket scientist who started stred up this countyr with his hype searching for “Weapons of Mass Destuction” that didn’t exist. He then plunged us into 2 unfunded wars that started this downturn in the economy. Both the housing market and the financial markets collapsed towards the of his watch. Just because you have 2 pieces of paper that proclaim you know something doesn’t mean you really do. He spent more time on vacation than any president I can remember.

          7. na November 15, 2012

            Have you personally observed GW’s degrees and grades?I think not, just like you haven’t personally observed Obama’s degrees and grades.Why didn’t you request GW’s documents like you demanded Obama’s. I really believe I know, could it be that he is black! I just want to know why the difference.

          8. scp1957 October 9, 2012

            That’s true. Of course, Al Gore finished lower in his class at HLS than George Bush did in his at HBS. We haven’t had two competent candidates face one another since 1996. Correction: We haven’t had even ONE from either of the major parties.

          9. Esther November 9, 2012

            XPHILD, How many people do you employ and will you be able to afford to keep all of them on your payroll and pay the Affordable Care Act taxes?

          10. Zooli November 10, 2012

            Was he aware the rock was competing with him?

          11. KartofflMuter November 18, 2012

            No-I heard the rock refuse to lower it’s standards by being put in the same class with GW.

          12. Anica RO December 22, 2012

            @ the writer Joe Conacio Who is you to speak for the whole world ‘s opinion .I live in Europe I do not agree with you .Just because you have blog does not make a Ceausescu Dictator who wants to enforce his opinin on everyone .Thank God our children are not reding your article especialy the title.Shame!!!!

          13. Esther November 9, 2012

            Ed, How many people do you employ and will you be able to afford to keep all of them on your payroll and pay the Affordable Care Act taxes?

          14. Gilbert November 24, 2012

            I don’t think George Bush was unlikeable… he was just a lousy president. One dumb s.o.b.

        2. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

          You still don’t know it………..I highly doubt she would say that, unless it’s been twisted by the left. How can you judge these two women you have never even met…….or at least researched? She is the matriarch of a successful family of statesmen——can you say that? And Ann is the wife of a very successful business man and father, as well as a mother of five successful sons, and an MS and breast cancer survivor. If it makes you feel better to insult them, then I feel sorry for you. Where has civility, respect, and dignity gone in our society? Who do you look up to anyway? Mother Teresa is dead.

          1. sircedrics16 September 4, 2012

            I do not look up to mankind! Be sure Barbara Bush did indeed
            make that statement I heard her when she said that to a reporter. Her statement have not been twisted by the left or any one else. One judges people by their action and by what
            they say.It is not necessary to meet a person to form an
            an opinion. The wife of a man who caused many people to loose their job to enrich himself. He have 5 sons that are successful,and Romney nor one of his son have been in the
            military. While other people son and daughter are fighting
            for this Country,they are building successful businesses.
            Not because they are so SMART, its because their father stole
            enough money to help them start any type of business they
            desire. They could attend the college of their choosing.
            Where is Romney’s respect for the very country that he wont
            to become president off. He refuse to show his tax return, why
            would he think that he should be treated any different than any other candidate seeking that office. MAYBE BECAUSE

          2. Esther November 9, 2012

            sircedrics16, How many people do you employ and will you be able to afford to keep all of them on your payroll and pay the Affordable Care Act taxes?

          3. adler56 September 20, 2012

            Bug eyed Barbara also said the blacks who had to live in the Astrodome after leaving New Orleans “never had it so good”.
            What an ignorant ugly bitch she is. Google it your self loser.

          4. acs451 October 19, 2012

            showing no respect for her father an atheist, she had him baptised by the mormon church under Romney’s insistance

          5. sircedrics16 October 27, 2012

            LindaB64, Ann R’s successful business man CLOSED plants in this country, caused american workers to loose their jobes, when their jobs were shipped to China. These american workers lost their homes , health insurence and their dignity WHILE YOUR
            successful bisiness man MADE Millions. Some business man!!!!!
            Is that the type of person you look up to, you are a VERY, VERY,
            VERY, SAD person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            THINK ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          6. Letty Bromenschenkel April 30, 2013

            wow you do have a wild imagination

          7. Esther November 9, 2012

            LindaB64, How many people do you employ and will you be able to afford to keep all of them on your payroll and pay the Affordable Care Act taxes?

          8. Teena Marie Smith March 28, 2013

            What has BB done that isn’t connected to a man? And AR is famous for being married & a mother? Lots of women have advanced degrees & are breast cancer survivors, omen who work hard to support their families & communities. Have either of these women ever done much for anyone else? I wouldn’t look up to either one of those women. There are women in my office, church, town, neighborhood & family I admire more.

        3. code October 12, 2012

          Another arrogant one, born w/ a silver spoon in her mouth, is Condoleeza Rice.

          1. Letty Bromenschenkel April 30, 2013

            HEH , RICE born with a silver spoon in her mouth? wow now that is the most extreme wild tale from your wildest imagination. more evidence that the hate peddlers are illiterate.

          2. mchaun July 3, 2013

            Rice bragged that when a sales clerk suggested to her Mother that she might prefer to go to the cheaper line of coats for Condi, her Mother insisted on looking at the most expensive stuff in the store.

            A standard trick that Salespeople use to trap certain vain folks into spending more.

            I believe her Father was Pastor of a Church and fairly well off, but probably not rich.

            Angela Davis was from Birmingham and almost a contemporary of Rice and did more for Race than did Condi, IMHO.

            Monte Haun mchaun@hotmail.com

        4. Anica RO December 22, 2012

          Docotr , if they are …..are on their own merit……or you might expect to put you on the will.

      2. nilperora August 6, 2012

        Marie Antoinette never said “let them eat cake” – she was swift-boated by the French aristocracy due to her Austrian background and Democrat tendencies of talking to everyone … so it really isn’t fair to compare Romney to Antoinette

        1. Peter Mc Taggart August 9, 2012

          Antoinette was never mentioned in the comments below, “let them eat cake” has been a term used since before the time of Marie Antoinette and is quite apt in this case.

          1. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

            If I recall, Marie Antoinette was criticized for indulging in extravagant luxuries while her fellow citizens were starving and barely surviving in hard economic times. And when confronted about it, replied “Let them eat cake”. Kind of like the Obama’s attitude while they vacation in all the worlds luxurious resorts, at our expense,golfing almost every day, and dressing in $6000 designer jackets while their fellow citizens are desperate for a job, food, and are losing their homes by the thousands! When asked about the high gas prices that are burdening so many families, he replied, “Then they should buy a newer more fuel efficient vehicle!” (In other words, let them eat cake, I’d say.)

          2. Del WS October 12, 2012

            You’re not practicing again more of that “divided and hateful political tone” you so dislike so much, are you?

          3. bob converse February 5, 2013


          4. bartskibeat February 13, 2013

            Marie Antoinette did not say “Let them eat cake.” That is false. The aristocracy, however, did conduct themselves with no regard for the ordinary citizens who were poor, & starving. No president has any impact on gasoline prices “that are burdening so many families.” The prices fluctuate under influence of the free market, & today’s equivalent of the Organization of Oil Exporting Countries.
            President Bush took more vacation time than any predecessor in the history of the union. My dear, you are amongst the most uninformed commenters I’ve yet encountered. I am not trying to be insulting or degrading, believe me. But I’d encourage delving into some history, & explore how many conservatives have denigrated President Obama with lies, slander, & defamation, while the political right wing have confounded every program put forth by his people, even if it was from GOP ranks. It’s called obstructionism. Who suffered most, with a downturn in the economy, loss of jobs, & shock by informed western nations who could see what has been happening. The average American, who from as far back as 1980, saw jobs shipped overseas by the hundreds of thousands by conservative business leaders & elected officials with nothing but disdain for ‘we, the people’.

          5. nilperora June 3, 2013

            You are correct that she was criticized for it, but the thing is she never actually did so. This was put about by the French aristocracy because she undermined their position by talking directly to the middle classes.

        2. Dennis August 18, 2012

          Your right Marie Antoinette was better looking

          1. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

            Another example of intelligent life is heard from. Brilliant comeback, Dennis…….and you even spelled it right. Left out punctuation though, but I know you’re trying!

          2. bob converse September 2, 2012

            linda linda linda! such a fool you make of yourself.

          3. Teena Marie Smith March 28, 2013


          4. BlueJoubert October 1, 2012

            Condescend much?

      3. NotSoCommonCents August 24, 2012

        If this news agency is where you get all of your information, then I fear a group of out of touch voters like yourself. Not Mr Romney.

      4. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

        If you want to talk about women of privilege and luxurious lifestyles, let’s talk about Michelle and her lavish vacations and $6000 jackets and such! But then, that is off the subject and a tactic often used by democrats that don’t have a clue to distract voters. When confronted with real issues and problems, they don’t have any intelligent insightful answers, so they make personal attacks on any Republican handy to distract voters……even older women like BB! I don’t think that’s gonna work this time because the country is in such a critical state…….teetering on the brink of bankrupty….. that voters have to see that through the smoke and mirrors of left leaning illustionists and they will vote smart this time…..unlike the last time.

        1. SDIowa August 29, 2012

          What lavish vacations? What $6000.00 jackets? What “and such”? I have a number of intelligent insightful answers for you…… Do you have any intelligent insightful questions? Mrs. Bush has to own what she said about Katrina victims…..just like you and I have to own the not so intelligent things we say…… President Obama has tried to make changes….. you know that….. What has stopped him? He hasn’t stopped himself right? The party you support has made sure he doesn’t change anything or have any success ….that is party’s platform and your party’s main focus….. House Leader John Boehner said his #1 goal was to make sure the President of United States was not re-elected…. seriously that was his MAIN goal!!! Don’t you think that is strange? Couldn’t there have been even 3 other important things that could have helped the people of the United States first before he focused on the President…..this was over 2 years ago???? The forcus is wrong for your party ….. your party should focus on what is best for ALL people not just the Republican polititians……What has your party tried to change for the good of ALL citizens? I am in the other party…..but I am a citizen also….. I am just as American as you….

          1. MYTFine September 14, 2012

            Amen, SDIowa!

          2. MYTFine September 14, 2012

            Amen, SDIowa. That’s it in a nutshell!

          3. Liz Decker September 17, 2012

            Absolutely, SDIowa!

        2. sircedrics16 September 4, 2012


          1. WillyHze September 4, 2012

            It is a fact that Democrats voted majority support for all of Bush’s economic policies that actually passed in the last two years of his presidency. It is a fact that Obama voted against none of them. It is a fact that President Obama has not changed one of Bush’s economic policies. Not one. Although, he has tripled down on a few.

          2. Letty Bromenschenkel April 30, 2013

            your wildest imagination is very impressive

          3. Letty Bromenschenkel April 30, 2013

            Clinton left Bush the dot con BUST ! …
            7 plus days months later 9/11 was the biggest economic assault on this nation since the depression.
            Bush turned it around
            during his last 2 years as POTUS he was ruled by veto proof Dem controlled house and senate.
            Congress spends the money …

          4. Will Hayes April 30, 2013

            Veto Proof didn’t come through until Barry’s first term…when he changed none of Bush’s policies. Barry is Bush on steroids. The avalanche of big government spin gains speed quickly. It is all the lie of free money.

        3. mary September 23, 2012

          She paid for her $6,000 jacket and vacations so what is the argument? She can spend her money any way she wants. Other Presidents wives bought expensive clothes and took vacations so what is your point? Maybe the problem is that you do not understand the intelligent insightful answers the Democrats give. You say the country is on the brink of bankruptcy. Where did the money go? It went to pay for 2 wars we did not need and were never funded. The wars took the surplus money and more. When you go to war you ask Congress to authorize money to pay for it. That was never done. Now Romney is saying we should go to war against Iran. Where is the money? We do not have it and we do not have the manpower. Our soldiers are battle worn,tired and many severly wounded. It is going to cost us millions or more to heal them.

        4. Del WS October 12, 2012

          Oh gee, more of that “divided and hateful political tone.” Tsk, tsk. I thought you stated that you didn’t like it.

          1. Letty Bromenschenkel April 30, 2013

            well then why is OBAMA POTUS, he has this magic wand was going to flip the switch . All he has to offer is hate and blame.

      5. gnburk2k August 26, 2012

        Let me see if I’ve got this straight.
        When the Koch’s donate to PBS it’s ok, But donate to the RNC and no amount of good work can redeem you.
        Is that about right or am I missing something?

      6. kenward42 August 27, 2012

        We already have an incompetent idiot serving as president. Anyone else will be an improvement.

        1. Angela November 4, 2012

          Another incompetent president will be an improvement? Wow, I can’t wait.

      7. auggiedoggy September 16, 2012

        As opposed to four more years of Oblamo’s Champage and $100/lb Kobe beef Press Corps Wednesday luncheons? $450 a plate champage, Cracked crab and lobster at the Waldorf for that oaf of a spouse, claiming only now she’s proud to live off the taxes of others and is proud to act like an American? What country do you libs live in? Fairyland?

      8. thelonegunmanX October 11, 2012

        and much like the eponymous “let them eat cake” comment, it likely never transpired.

      9. Thomas Georgetown November 4, 2012

        I would go for Barbara Bush’s endorsement, even with the questionable quote you give, over the ones BO got from Putin and Castro. LOL

      10. Esther November 9, 2012

        AFoffe: How many people do you employ and will you be able to afford to keep all of them on your payroll and pay the Affordable Care Act taxes?

        1. agoffe November 9, 2012

          Esther, if you actually got your hands on a copy of the Affordable Care Act, you would see that not a single job has to be lost due to financial obligations from providing health care for your employees. The insurance industry and the far right made sure to play every scare tactic because they stand to lose money big time.
          It DOES NOT require employers of small business to pay for health care for its employees. it is the individual who is responsible for procuring health care. if they don’t have it supplied fro them at work they can purchase it directly from an insurance company. The Federal Government will regulate how much an insurance company can charge for the individual mandate. If the individual cannot afford it, the government will subsidize it for them. The 700 billion Romney kept talking about during his campaign, is money Obama reallocated from overpaid providers and Insurance company middlemen to cover such a charge. Unless you employ more then 100 people, you are not going to go out of business. if you do then you already have insurance for you people as the market dictates that already.

          1. Esther November 9, 2012

            Are you talking about your personal experience? It is in the news tonight that companies are already laying off in large numbers here in Texas for that very reason, thus my question to you.

          2. agoffe November 9, 2012

            Really? The Affordable Care Act provisions that affect the individual mandate do not kick in until 2014. So you’re telling me that business are getting ahead of the game by firing people more than a year in advance? Can’t you see that the business that want to free up more money by offloading higher salaries and then replacing them with lower ones created by a bad economy, try to win both ways by blaming ‘Obamacare’? When we the people stop letting institutions dictate to us what we should be thinking, we will once again be the formidable nation we were under Reagan and Clinton.

          3. Esther November 9, 2012

            My point is: What would you do? and do you have the same criticism for the Chinese boss at the black university where I worked, who let the three white Americans go, including me?

          4. Rodney December 15, 2012

            ESTER AS ABLACK MAN that has been let go by a white company to make way for a less then papared white employee i fill your pain but i think your sheet is showing

          5. Esther December 15, 2012

            You mean “prepared” among other things? lol

            I was a science teacher, loon, so I use MS Excel sheets daily. You probably like hitting below the belt. I know the culture. The kids I taught did not need my expertise since they did not have to perform up to the par I had to when I was in college. They claimed “you don’t look like us.” So, they have, after all, affirmative action. lol, I rather have a typing job then teach people of that nature again.

          6. Rodney January 9, 2013

            Ester you say that you know the culture please me which culture are you talking about i was always under the impression that we america,s shared the same one .It could be that your student preceived that you didn,t care about them and repaid you in kind I MEAN YOU ARE OF A DIFFERENT CULTURE

          7. Esther January 10, 2013

            I attended some really different, but all difficult schools (three of them) in my discipline, each did require high marks on entrance exams,otherwise one does not get accepted. I believed all universiries were the same way in America. After I received my Ph. D. and worked two years in my post-doctoral work, with several years teaching and tutoring in my field of expertose, I took a job in a university teaching. It was extremely difficult to teach practically anything to about 50% of the incomig freshman. After struglling with this problem for several years one of the teachers who had similar experiences happened to attend a meeting on standards in the university. I was astounded to hear the report from that teacher that many of our students cannot tead when they enter our university. This information had never been divulged to us.

          8. Rodney January 14, 2013

            youdid not answer thethe question the question was and remains what do you know about black culture not about your ph.d

          9. Esther January 14, 2013

            I did.

          10. Teena Marie Smith March 28, 2013

            So why did you take a job like that? Were you getting a reduction on your student loans by teaching those “black kids”?

          11. Teena Marie Smith March 28, 2013

            Well said!

          12. Esther November 9, 2012

            AGoffe said, “Unless you employ more then 100 people, you are not going to go out of business. if you do then you already have insurance for you people as the market dictates that already.”

            What are you talking about “you people”? I was restructured out of my job for being a white American 5 months ago after teaching and working like crazy for low income, badly prepared black kids, in an all black university for almost 10 years. When push came to shove in their very tightening budget, they had to “let me go.” Of course they kept the Muslims, Chinese, India Indians, Turks, Egyptians, Russians teachers. Good Americans are paying Obama’s high price also. Are you kidding me?

          13. Victour69 December 18, 2012

            Ok !! The Truth comes out Esther ! You are nothing but a full Blowen Racist !!! Who keeps repeating her self…

          14. Esther December 18, 2012

            What are you talking about… me? Racist? lol! I spent most of my professional life dealing with all the problems of my students being black-americans. So don’t play that race card on me. I do not deserve it. No Victour69, the people who “restructured” are racist. It works both ways. It always has. I never said the same thing before, but I have mentioned that the economy stinks. And Obama is never going to do anything about it. He doesn’t have the training, neither does his staff.

    3. Betta July 31, 2012

      This is exactly what Romney will say to the people IF he gets in. It will be no different than what presidents before him have done.

      Romney: To the people of the United States who helped me get elected. Kiss My Ass!

    4. NWBill August 1, 2012

      Which means, of course, that Barack Obama has done NO wrong during the past four years; the economy is motoring along, students and parents are debt-free, employed, and happy; debt isn’t increasing in any segment on the population; the people are thrilled with the work Congress is doing; the price of gas pleases everyone; there is a warm, close relationship between the races; the rule of law is obeyed and respected; Brian Terry is actually alive somewhere; those hundreds of Mexicans who were killed as a result of Fast and Furious are actually catering at the Olympics … and everything is just peachy in America.

      What exactly are you and your liberal friends smoking, Joel?

      Do you REALLY think that the voters are dumb enough to re-elect Barack Obama; easily the most incompetent President of the modern era?

      I say thee, NAY!

      We’re planning on putting an adult in the White House this time. Stay tuned – you’re gonna love it come January, 2013!

      The executive orders that will be flowing out of THAT White House will be legal, and will start to rejuvenate the country (and correct the errors of the past four years).

      You’re welcome.

      1. Toni Anthony August 1, 2012

        Romney isn’t president yet and he may well have taken that title.
        and you find excuses for him by blaming Obama for fictitious ramblings
        about half truth’s and out right lies..
        debates..tick tock ..tick tock..
        coming soon

        1. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

          So……what are the lies about Obama you’re referring to? I can list several lies that even the mainstream liberal media has exposed as lies from the Obama camp!
          You’re right though——–debates are coming and I can’t wait! Obama will have to think on his feet without teleprompters and written talking points! This will be very educational, if not embarrassing for him.

          1. Teena Marie Smith March 28, 2013

            He won, honey.

        2. Suzana J O'Malley October 19, 2012

          Toni I admire the patience you and several other kind souls are showing in attempting to explain facts to Linda. She obviously isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier and reading her posts and responding to one of them, I’ve sadly come to the conclusion that the GOP’s war (one of many from the criminally insane) on education has in fact worked in their favor as planned as displayed by Linda and her ilk, un-educated people are a much better electorate for the GOP.
          I have also sadly come to the conclusion that one cannot have an intellectual and informed discourse with these type of individuals, it is not within their ability. It is akin to attempting to speak to lint.

      2. LadyDeb August 1, 2012

        You have got to be joking. Show your tax returns, show your Bain records, since that qualifies you to run our country, answer some questions. Quit embarassing the United States of America.

        1. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

          Romney DID show his tax returns……..just as Obama did. And what they showed was definitely embarrassing for Obama and Biden. The ones that try to make us believe they are for the poor and disadvantaged made quite a lot of money and gave a pittance to charity, compared to Romney! And that old wind bag Biden gave a paltry $300 to charity last year!!!! I gave more to charity last year than the Vice President of the United States!!! And I assure you I am not wealthy by any means. Biden is the poster boy for embarrassing the United States!!!!!

          1. Joel Sorenson September 10, 2012

            Tithing 10% to the Morman Church,widly regaurded as a cult, is not the same as giving to charity. Charities help people regaurdless of their beliefs and don’t fund vicious lie filled campaings against citizens who just want equal rights. The mormon and catholic churches are eyeball deep in ploitics and it should and hopefully will one day be illegal for a church, which pays no taxes on money “Donated” that money is now non taxable for the donor as well, to turn around and spend their tax free money to influence politics. This is just one more example of religion parading around on a high horse demanding I believe what they believe. Freedom of religion means YOU get to worship as YOU please not stuff your shit down my throat by buying elections.

          2. Teena Marie Smith March 28, 2013

            I’m confused. How did the Mormons “influence ” politics?

          3. Del WS October 12, 2012

            He only showed returns for a couple of years and much of the donations he gave were to charities related to his church, which would be expected from a higher-up in the church, plus there’s the tithe thing, not to mention the tax deduction. (And you’re still doing the divided and hateful thing you claim to hold in such disdain.)

          4. Suzana J O'Malley October 19, 2012

            That a girl Linda, proudly show your ignorance and stupidity for everyone to see.
            No dear Romney most certainly DID NOT show his tax returns.
            And giving to his cult is most definitely not charity…if you need assistance with the meaning of “charity” don’t be afraid shout out for help any one of us will be happy to post definition and explanation so you understand what is very patiently being attempted to explain to you.
            And Romney is worth 250 million(which he stole) whereas President Obama and Vice-President Biden are not anywhere in that stratosphere of wealth, gave to LEGITIMATE(you know that word y’all love tossing it about) charity.
            You are aware of what Jesus said when the wealthy men were laughing at the one who didn’t give as much?
            By the way I am curious to read what you have to say about all those jobs that were promised by the baggers went? Seems to me they are way more obsessed with legislating vagina’s (what is their fascination with women’s sexual organs…they seriously need mental therapy)

          5. Linda Bettinger October 19, 2012

            Oh my, Suzana, …….a little hostile today are we? First of all, you are so wrong——I think you’re wrong——-I googled Romney’s tax return and read them over on several sites. He released all of his 2010 return and the firm that handles his tax preparation gave an extensive estimate of his 2012 return. Look it up. He is not required to release any more than that and why should he——it would just give those Democratic vultures something to pick over trying to find something they could use to take him down. Obama didn’t release anymore than he had to. We know a lot more about Mitt Romney than we ever did about Obama to this day! Obama sealed so many of his and Michelle’s records, we know very little about him before he started his political career.
            Secondly, why are you so intolerant of someone else’s religion? There are many fine Mormons in Congress, including Democratic majority leader Sen. Harry Reid. Mormons are very charitable and giving and are a legitimate charible deduction according to the IRS. Just because you don’t think it’s a “legitimate” charity doesn’t mean the IRS doesn’t. And if being sarcastic and rude is your idea of “patiently attempting to explain things” to me, you’ve got real problems.
            Third, I’m sorry but I cannot accept your accusation that Romney “stole” his millions……it’s baseless, undocumented and unfair. Your vicious accusations makes me wonder why you are so prejudiced against wealthy people. Are you having financial problems? Are you jealous of someone else’s wealth that they worked for and earned fairly? Did you want a poor unsuccessful person to lead this country out of the financial crisis we’re in? Or do you just hate all rich people? Maybe you’d be happier in a communist country? They have wealthy people too, though, they’re just not so visible.
            Fourth, your analogy comparing the widow in the New Testament that did not give as much as the “wealthy men” to Biden and Obama is askew. Jesus commended her because, even though she didn’t give as much as the others, she gave ALL SHE HAD! Neither Biden nor Obama gave anywhere near all they had, so your analogy doesn’t hold up. In fact, since while he worked for the Olympic Committee, ” Romney donated to charity the $1.4 million in salary and severance payments he received for his three years as president and CEO, and also contributed $1 million to the Olympics,” (according to Wikipedia) he fits your Jesus and the widow analogy better than Biden or Obama. And he served in several positions during his career taking a $1 salary. (BTW, that Bible story about the widow who gave all she had is in Mark 12:43 and Luke 21:3. You seemed a little sketchy on the details of that passage.)
            As for your question about “the baggers”, I don’t understand who you’re talking about. Who are the “baggers”?
            And if you think pro lifers are obsessed with legislating women’s vaginas, you’re sicker than I thought. No one wants to legislate your private parts, they just don’t want to pay for your birth control, subsidize your promiscuity, or allow you to murder any child you happen to conceive by mistake because you are irresponsible. Seems to me YOU are obsessed with your own vaginas if you think anyone else cares what you do with it. We just don’t want to pay for it. Grow up. Maybe you need some of that therapy you mentioned.
            Ya know, I didn’t think I was personally nasty or rude in my post above that you responded to. Yet you were insulting, sarcastic, and mean spirited. And I suspect you don’t really want a civil discussion of issues. You just want to spew your hatred on anyone who happens to disagree with your views. Are you happy now?

          6. Angela November 4, 2012

            These men are rather infatuated with pregnancy and abortion and rape. That does seem to what’s mainly on their minds. And quite frankly I am getting pretty revolted by it. So yes they are obsessed with vaginas. Living in a bit of denial aren’t you? Expecting women to mother the children of rapists and Uncle Bob is pretty nasty and sick in my book.

          7. 324516 October 13, 2013

            shit why dontyoumind yours and leave mind alone

          8. Linda Bettinger October 19, 2012

            Oh my, Suzana, …….a little hostile today are we? First of all, you are so wrong——I think you’re wrong——-I googled Romney’s tax return and read them over on several sites. He released all of his 2010 return and the firm that handles his tax preparation gave an extensive estimate of his 2012 return. Look it up. He is not required to release any more than that and why should he——it would just give those Democratic vultures something to pick over trying to find something they could use to take him down. Obama didn’t release anymore than he had to. We know a lot more about Mitt Romney than we ever did about Obama to this day! Obama sealed so many of his and Michelle’s records, we know very little about him before he started his political career.
            Secondly, why are you so intolerant of someone else’s religion? There are many fine Mormons in Congress, including Democratic majority leader Sen. Harry Reid. Mormons are very charitable and giving and are a legitimate charible deduction according to the IRS. Just because you don’t think it’s a “legitimate” charity doesn’t mean the IRS doesn’t. And if being sarcastic and rude is your idea of “patiently attempting to explain things” to me, you’ve got real problems.
            Third, I’m sorry but I cannot accept your accusation that Romney “stole” his millions……it’s baseless, undocumented and unfair. Your vicious accusations makes me wonder why you are so prejudiced against wealthy people. Are you having financial problems? Are you jealous of someone else’s wealth that they worked for and earned fairly? Did you want a poor unsuccessful person to lead this country out of the financial crisis we’re in? Or do you just hate all rich people? Maybe you’d be happier in a communist country? They have wealthy people too, though, they’re just not so visible.
            Fourth, your analogy comparing the widow in the New Testament that did not give as much as the “wealthy men” to Biden and Obama is askew. Jesus commended her because, even though she didn’t give as much as the others, she gave ALL SHE HAD! Neither Biden nor Obama gave anywhere near all they had, so your analogy doesn’t hold up. In fact, since while he worked for the Olympic Committee, ” Romney donated to charity the $1.4 million in salary and severance payments he received for his three years as president and CEO, and also contributed $1 million to the Olympics,” (according to Wikipedia) he fits your Jesus and the widow analogy better than Biden or Obama. And he served in several positions during his career taking a $1 salary. (BTW, that Bible story about the widow who gave all she had is in Mark 12:43 and Luke 21:3. You seemed a little sketchy on the details of that passage.)
            As for your question about “the baggers”, I don’t understand who you’re talking about. Who are the “baggers”?
            And if you think pro lifers are obsessed with legislating women’s vaginas, you’re sicker than I thought. No one wants to legislate your private parts, they just don’t want to pay for your birth control, subsidize your promiscuity, or allow you to murder any child you happen to conceive by mistake because you are irresponsible. Seems to me YOU are obsessed with your own vagina if you think anyone else cares what you do with it. We just don’t want to pay for it. Grow up. Maybe you need some of that therapy you mentioned.
            Ya know, I didn’t think I was personally nasty or rude in my post above that you responded to. Yet you were insulting, sarcastic, and mean spirited. And I suspect you don’t really want a civil discussion of issues. You just want to spew your hatred on anyone who happens to disagree with your views. Are you happy now?

          9. Teena Marie Smith March 28, 2013

            Romney didn’t do it on his own, his dad was wealthy, paid for his education, bought him a house. And the wealth he accumulated was amassed at the expense of many “common” American people. How can you defend him?

          10. Angela November 4, 2012

            Personally I’m not all that impressed with charity contributions. We all know that crap is tax deductible and that’s why people do it. To deduct money from their taxes.

      3. Watchin' August 1, 2012

        Bill – I had to put my gas mask on in order to read your piece of horse shet. And ‘I say thee, NAY!’ Who the he77 do you think you are, a friggin Romney? If you and your kind had a brain (and I mean literally ‘A brain-amongst you’) (see, you’re not the only one who can, when they want to, use idiotic wording) you’d still be stupid. Get over yourself and get prepared, because baby, as the lady said, ‘it’s going to be a bumpy ride’!

        1. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

          Well, this is how to have an honest illuminating and edifying political discussion——talk about your need for gas masks, call other people’s opinions horse shit (and learn how to spell it while you’re at it), and lump folks together by calling them “your kind” in a condescending manner, sprinkled liberally with vulgarisms, insults, and baseless predictions. You are an example why polite and insightful political discussions are impossible these days. What is really frightening is that you have a vote. Thank God it’s only one vote though.

          1. Suzana J O'Malley October 19, 2012

            What is truly frightening is you and ilk are voting.
            If there was truly justice in this land voter I.D. laws would be placed on the wayside and I.Q. tests would be mandatory before being allowed to enter a voting booth along with a test to determine level of knowledge of facts and history not gleaned from Faux “News” and tall lies…we would never hear from “you people” again and this Nation would be free of the American Taliban.

          2. Linda Bettinger October 19, 2012

            Whatever. I’ll be voting Nov. 6th.

            (BTW, your second sentence was badly run on. You need to use commas to separate your thoughts so they don’t all merge and people can understand you better. It’s fifth grade English.)

            My, you certainly are an angry person.

          3. Suzana J O'Malley October 19, 2012

            I stooped to your “intelligence” level. I knew you would understand. 🙂

      4. Jeffrey August 2, 2012

        kiss our asses

        1. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

          Wow! How concise and insightful. How many other words do you know from the bathroom wall of your school…….if you went to school. Is this the calliper of commentors CNN attracts?

          1. Suzana J O'Malley October 19, 2012

            Calliper? Really? At least he knows the words he is using and their meaning. Honey I think the word you were reaching for is caliber, so dear before you question someone else’s education you may want to obtain one yourself, just a suggestion.
            Imbecile traits are so embarrassing especially on the grand scale at which you are displaying it.

          2. Linda Bettinger October 19, 2012

            Wow! I missed it by one letter. And you can use spell check. Amazing.

          3. Suzana J O'Malley October 19, 2012

            No sweetie, it is known as intelligence, literacy and a higher education.
            But since you,against all odds, know about spell check, perhaps you should utilize it in the future.

      5. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

        You have given the most intelligent and most thoughtful reply on this board, Bill. Most of the others resort to name calling and vulgarities when they can’t come up with a single legitimate point! Which pretty much describes most of the Democratic party right now. It’s all lies and twisted talking points and desperation to get the “Welfare and Food Stamp President” reelected. They don’t want the goose that laid their golden egg to die!

      6. Wokeup flared up September 21, 2012

        If you yhink Obama is incompetent wait til you see Rommey in action

      7. Suzana J O'Malley October 19, 2012

        Awe Linda you poor poor low I.Q. amnesia afflicted teabag racist.
        I knew you people were not known for your math skills (among other idiocies y’all have displayed oh so proudly and abundantly), so be a dear and explain how 8 years of Dubya’s regime of destruction and terror President Obama was supposed toand fix in 4 years and with a/obstructions and treasonist GOPBaggers Congress?
        Vetoed jobs bill…vetoed jobs bill for veterans, you remember them? You know the brave men and women who were sent off to war by Dubya and his war criminal co-hort Cheney.
        And where was your concern and anger when Dubya didn’t listen to the CIA and 3,000 American lives were lost on American soil?
        Where was your anger when under Dubya American embassies (yes honey plural nota embassy)

        1. Suzana J O'Malley October 19, 2012

          where 72 American’s died (do you know their names?)
          Or how about when the CIA agent was outed?
          When he secretly made the decision to spy on American’s?
          Or say how about when he took our rights away and trampled our Constitution (you know that document, the one your ilk can’t seem to grasp but sure like to twist)
          Or gosh dern it what about his bailouts and passing that tab to the middle class
          And of course there were those unfunded wars he conveniently forgot to put on the books along with that disaster of Medicare Part B?
          I am sure that I have missed a lot…8 yrs. of his fuckups can’t all be written down here.
          So sweetie what say you?
          I’ll tell you where I stand as do my friends…we the educated, sane and Alzheimer free electorate are voting OBAMA/BIDEN 2012.
          So lovey do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself but more importantly stop making this Nation a laughing stock, we had enough of that with Dubya.
          Kindly take your KKK racist self and your addled BS and shove it up your uptight arse.
          Have a Blessed day.

      8. Teena Marie Smith March 28, 2013

        Post election comment, he did get elected, lol

        1. NWBill March 28, 2013

          Good for you. You must be SO proud! By the way … mind answering the same questions I asked Joel? Are things in the 2nd term any better than they were in the 1st? Do you have any real expectation that, by the end of Obama’s Presidency, that things will turn around, and we’ll be out of this recession? Think your friends and family will be in better economic shape, working, being productive, anytime soon?


          Or are you going to reply to me, listing all the ways Republicans are to blame for this mess – and for standing in Obama’s way, and preventing him from getting things done.

          Cause, really, Teena …. I’ve heard it all before.

          Fact is, Teena, he got elected because the media’s in his pocket, he sucked during his first term … the media helped reelect him again, with the willing obeisance of low-information voters – and he’s STILL sucking as President! Every promise – a failure. Every initiative – a mockery. Every attempt to even try to do his job, a hilarious clown circus of effort. THAT’S the last 4 1/2 years, and it won’t change during the next 3 1/2.

    5. Ed August 4, 2012

      It is also how he and his wife feel about “you people!”

    6. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

      Some uninformed and unread folks like to simplify this race by making it a “rich” v.s. “poor” issue, which is just what Obama wants! That is the Democrats false but workable mantra to the masses. Obama is rich too, ya know. Seen his tax returns? And what about the lives of border patrol agents he’s ruined by tying their hands and not letting them inforce imigration laws that are on the books while criminally minded illegals cross the border and kill our citizens and take their jobs? Or the lives of families that have lost their homes because of his failed economic policies? Or the military families that he’s proposed to charge more for their health care—–do you think that can’t ruin lives? Romney took failing companies during his tenure at Bain Capital and turned them around, restoring jobs, making more jobs, and boosting the nation’s economy making many lives better. Yes, I’ll vote for him ANYDAY! There are people who SAY they are going to make your life better, but they are thinking only of themselves and keeping their highly paid high power job as president. And there are folks who will actually DO IT, and they know how because they’ve done it before! Whose life has Obama made better?

      1. Joel Sorenson September 10, 2012

        Mine …HE’s made my life better…there you get that…me right here a real person. I went from a struggling to pay rent business owner to completely broke under BUSH’s rule. And now am making close to 200k a year due to an education I was able to attain with the small govenment retraining loan which I completely paid back. That and a bunch of long hours and hard work, late nights reading texts that would put a crack head to sleep. So yeah there’s me he helped me.

        I know this isn’t popular but it needs to be said there are many places overseas that have solved this problem. They ALL did it with education. There is no future without education. Soon in all industrial nations robots will be doing all the labor in factories and quite possibly even on construction sites. an educated work force that can manipulate and repair the machines that do the actual heavy lifting in industry is the only way we will ever keep up. but currently 3% of GDP is spent on education. We still spend 18-25% of GDP every year for defense. This is the main reason for our economic woes. In places where there are a high concentration of educated workers there is almost no sign of the “Recession” In fact housing prices in silicon valley are rising just like they always have, new start-ups are emerging just as they always have innovation is way ahead of the governments ability to effect it just as it’s always been. There is no need to keep spending a quarter of our budget on defense, it’s rediculous….some quick facts, we spend more on our navy every year than our next 11 compeditors combined, and wait it gets even dumber we are already ahead by about 50 years and pulling away faster than ever. If you had a neighbor collecting tanks in his back yard and investing 25% of his income into ammo but he told you it was just incase. Would that make you comfortable?? That’s how the rest of the world sees us.

        We should be leading with our desire to educate the country first and then the world. But we consistantly lead with shut up we have guns.

    7. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

      I keep hearing about “all the people whose lives he destroyed”, talking about Romney and his tenure at Bain Capital, but I also heard several high profile Democrats, including Bill Clinton, say to their fellow Dems to quit trying to use Romney’s service there for political points since he actually saved numerous companies, including the Olympics, created countless real jobs, and was a resounding success at it! There’s been only one person claim that he was hurt by Romney that I’ve seen——-from that political ad about the woman who died of cancer and her husband was blaming Mitt for it—-which proved to be groundless and dishonest, even by main stream media standards!!! Some people will say anything to keep the Food Stamp and Welfare President in office.

    8. D_evil September 7, 2012

      Yes. KMA sums up the attitude of the Mitt Romney campaign. This shows that Mitt Romney is born with a calculator instead of a heart. This is not the man who we can trust to make the right tough decision. Vote for him? You gotta be kidding.

    9. streach October 5, 2012

      Kiss my ass! No way Mitt Mitt is full of shit!

    10. Esther November 9, 2012

      Joel, How many people do you employ and will you be able to afford to keep all of them on your payroll and pay the Affordable Care Act taxes?

  5. tokoloshi27 July 31, 2012

    The “fear & loathing” that jumps out at me is the writer’s fear of Fox and his self-loathing for being a biased lib hack.

    Other than that a normal candidate’s stress at being sniped at by an ‘impartial’ press pool – doesn’t seem abnormal given the circumstances.

    1. Independent1 July 31, 2012

      Sorry, but being ‘sniped at’ by the press is part of being a political candidate, and if you’re not prepared to handle that effectively then you’re obviously not prepared to be president of a country. Mitt Romney is the most lame presidential candidate in recorded history. What’s unfortunate, is that too many conservatives are in denial of Romney’s total ineptitude (as is clear from many of the lame/childish comments being made on this article).

      1. tokoloshi27 August 2, 2012

        Yes, but it wasn’t even the candidate, it was a press assistant and the article front-loaded that as a draw down from the candidate…in effect a “by association” trickle-down flaw.

        Bias by supposition or speculation as it were.

    2. rustingdreams July 31, 2012

      I am always amazed when the entire press core (except Fox) is labeled liberal. I too try to watch several accounts of current events, and it seems to me that most questions that are asked, are for the most part unbiased. Of course there are a few exceptions that lean hard left ( Martin Bashier ?sp)for example, and some that lean hard right (most of the Fox folks) also. But taken as a group it seems fair. If you’re a serious candidate who hopes to become POTUS, you have to be able to answer all questions. If you can’t, or won’t, you should not win!!

      1. tokoloshi27 August 2, 2012

        Please see also my reply to independant1; my comment was not intended to label the entire press corps, that came from the hack that wrote the piece. His position was a kind of “all of us except Fox..” please direct your thanks to his sturdily ‘un-biased’ work-product in which he took the attitude of an assistant and extrapolated from that a fantasy of the candidate’s attitude. Then he wrote an article that a number of our commenting-colleagues agreed with.

        1. rustingdreams August 2, 2012

          Good point, but do you think candidate Romney’s views are different than the speaker? I am a registered Republican and am completely frustrated that, having watched most of the debates, as well as many of his speeches, I don’t have any idea where he stands on most issues. I get the feeling he’s hiding things we should know about him, and says what he thinks his audience wants to hear. I’m also frustrated that the Republicans can’t come up with a better candidate. Don’t you agree? I’ll be voting for Obama this time around!

  6. ivory69690 July 31, 2012

    the traveling press secretary loudly told reporters to “kiss my ass” and “shove it” in a display of the attitude that trickles down from the top.///the press should of said sure we,ll kiss ur a$$ just move ur nose .. the smart anti-christ romney is doing just what his plan is . one thing he thinks is a good thing is open his mouth . witch he has to pull his pants down and bend over to do . but realy the only reason he went on this trip .was because its showing how much a greedy bastard he truly is . for this way he can take his hair-bag wife on a trip and spend campain money for it . but he should of kept his pants up and not said anything

  7. Joyce Monroe July 31, 2012

    Joe Conason, National Memo, quit your whining…

    1. Independent1 July 31, 2012

      Sorry Joyce, nobody is whining…Joe is simply pointing out that the candidate you apparently support is a childish snob who treats others who he feels are beneath him as trash. While you’re adoring the GOP, just give a thought to what the GOP has ever done for you or America. What has the GOP done to really help anyone, aside from the rich over the past 100 years? (Oh yes, their taxcuts have probably put a few dollars in your pocket but thousands and maybe millions more into the pockets of people like Romney) They’ve virtually passed no legislation to improve America’s infrastructure (the interstate highway system Eisenhower promoted doesn’t count because Eisenhower wasn’t a Republican..he was an independent who ran on the GOP ticket because he didn’t like the way Truman was running things). If you’re near retirement, there would be no Soc. Sec. or Medicare, the GOP fought hard against both as they’re doing with Obamacare; and if you have a 401k, the balance in it would be worth less than the money you put in it if the GOP had been in power for the entire time. The NY Times did an investment study and found that for the 35 years when the GOP was in power since 1929, the average yield from the stock market was less than .5%, which means 10,000 invested after the GOP created stock market crash in 1929 would have accumulated to $11,733, but because of inflation it would have a purchasing power of less than $,1000. So anyway, what great thing has the GOP done for America other than to pass tax cuts that favor the wealthy and let them stuff more taxpayer dollars in their pockets or budget cuts to cut programs that helped people that really in need or programs that support research that find cures for diseases.

  8. Joyce Monroe July 31, 2012

    quit your whining!

    1. ChristoD July 31, 2012

      Joyce, do you know any other words but whining ? As for whining, the biggest whinners are the right wing bigots who play the press like a fiddle. All they/you do is whine until the press apologizes by writing absurd crap to placate the true whinning right. The problems that exist today in ploitics are the DIRECT result of the right getting its’ ass kicked so often that they declared war on anyone who disagrees with them on ANYTHING. After we kick your asses, yet again, in 2012, I expect some serious hissie fits from the juvenile acting nitwits on the right. Now Joyce, whine away.

    2. old_blu July 31, 2012

      @ Joyce– Wake up you are repeating yourself.

    3. Joseph Hemphill July 31, 2012

      broken record…. whining…whining…whining…whining…

  9. Joyce Monroe July 31, 2012

    quit whining lefty…

    1. Doug Thomas July 31, 2012

      Governor Romney surely understood going into the process that hard, even mean questions would be fired at him by the press. Those working for him should be politically savvy enough to realize that, too.

      Unfortunately, Governor Romney seems to think he is above answering questions he doesn’t like, something his press secretary apparently feels enables him to think “kiss my ass” and “shove it” are appropriate responses to questions HE doesn’t like.

      I think the candidate needs to review that individual’s suitability for the job. It makes Governor Romney look bad, fairly or unfairly.

    2. jarheadgene July 31, 2012

      Nice Joyce…did you read the transcripts? This guy is not good for our Country.

  10. ram1020 July 31, 2012

    If you have ever been to the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington, you would know the kind of respect that is expected. Are we so parochial that we don’t respect the same thing in foreign countries? So an arrogant, pushy, inappropriate reporter getting dressed down becomes a problem for the Romney Campaign? You should be ashamed to even publish this twisted garbage.

    1. Jacqui July 31, 2012

      Reporters showed no disrespect by asking questions of a presidential candidate. The disrespect is shown by the Romney press secretary in his “dressing down?” remarks to the reporter.

    2. old_blu July 31, 2012

      @ ram– You do know that telling someone to kiss my ass would not be tolerated at Arlinton too———Right?

  11. ivory69690 July 31, 2012

    Gorka: “Kiss my ass. This is a holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect.”/// and that respectfu saying that on a polish holy site ? ur discrspecting polish,s holy site like that . did ur mother teach you to talk that way ? gorka move your nose and the press will kiss ur butt . the anti- christ wants respect? he,s the most disrespectful person there is . he respect nothing but his gready bastard ways

  12. old_blu July 31, 2012

    Well Mr. Footinmouth, good thing you have fake news to help make our greatest allies hate us.

  13. frankallen5 July 31, 2012

    False News takes statements and cut so much out of them they become bare faced lies. They call it para phrasing.

    1. Leroy Crume July 31, 2012

      You must be ONE, AND i DO MEAN, one OF THE ONE PERCENT PERCENT !!!

    2. Debbie Kiesel-Ryan July 31, 2012

      You mean like FOXNOTNEWS??????

      1. frankallen5 July 31, 2012

        I mean False Mews because you simply believe what they say.

        1. LVSUNSHINE July 31, 2012

          Wondering what was deleted out of “Kiss My Ass” or “Shove it” to make it a bare faced lie?? Maybe I will force myself to watch Fox News for the answers. I am sure they can answer that question!!! Oh yeah, if you want the whole truth without any deletions or changes, watch the whole truth channel “FOX”!!! LOL

      2. Edsanjuan July 31, 2012

        Debbie: No, he means CNN and MSNBC … Ha, ha !!

  14. nhr July 31, 2012

    And this guy is running for President and is unable to answer questions? Shouldn’t that give us a great concern for him holding the office of President? He seems to have a quick temper. That is scary. I have never seen Pres. Obama show any sign of stress or a temper. It would be understandable that if he does get stressed, he keeps it private. He gives the face of someone more confident for the highest office.

  15. daddym July 31, 2012

    He can not handle unscripted questions. How would he act in a real crisis( like Bush,ignore it)
    He is not in his sheltered area where he only needs to deal with what he wants, he is in the big leagues of politics now. I hope the debates with Obama are not as scripted as the Reb candidate debates were. They need to take questions from audience who are not plants.

  16. ykhalim July 31, 2012

    Mitt Romney is not even employable because he is a compulsive, pathological, serial liar. Romney is a gaffe machine – who is the presumptive Republican nominee because he basically only went on another lying-machine: Fox News. The Republican leadership has become synonymous with Satan. And this modern Republican Party should be viewed as an Anti-Christ movement.

  17. Bigspender July 31, 2012

    Do Americans need any more evidence of Romney’s unsuitability for public office? Do we really want this guy in charge of our national foreign policy? Of course the answer is obvious.

    1. Edsanjuan July 31, 2012

      Hey Bigspender ! Substitute the names Obozo-Biden-Pelosi-Reid for Romney in your first sentence and you will have told the truth …

      1. awakenaustin July 31, 2012

        Ignore edsanjuan. He is merely an agent provocatuer and neither a very good one or very smart one. His capacity ends at whistles and hoots.

        1. Edsanjuan July 31, 2012

          awakenaustin: Way to go ! If you cannot argue intelligently with the “agent provocateur” (NOT “provocatuer” – if you cannot write/understand a word don’t use it …), just ignore him ….
          That means you can “dish it out” but you can’t “take” it !
          You are sooo funny…. and that’s GOOD !!

          1. rustingdreams July 31, 2012

            Dear Eddy: It’s nice that you had your dictionary handy, but I’d say awaken did a fine job on you. What turned me off about your comment is that you have associated yourself with the town idiot, Obozomustgo. You’re better off on your own, believe me!

          2. Edsanjuan July 31, 2012

            Dear Rust: What really turned you off about my comments is that you cannot possibly understand them. And that, sir, is YOUR problem, not mine. I refuse to dumb-down my arguments so that you can grasp them….

          3. old_blu July 31, 2012

            Yeah the only thing different is you forgot to say “have a nice day” as if you like us, and want us to have a nice day. (which is a crock)

          4. rustingdreams July 31, 2012

            Dear Eddy: You should have taken my advice to heart, rather than resorting to hurling rude comments back. I hoped you’d be a tad higher intellectually than your friend. You can learn from these discussions if you keep an open mind. It’s like a parachute, “works best when it’s open”.

          5. RUKIDENME August 5, 2012

            Dumb down your comments. You are kidding right…Next joke…HA, HA, HA……..

      2. Mark Esche July 31, 2012

        THat’s it? That’s your devastating reply? ED, head back to the propaganda machine and try tio get some sort of clever comment. Otherwise, people may refer to you as the “mini Mitt”

        1. Edsanjuan July 31, 2012

          Mark: Contrary to your “cute” and inane comments, I never intend mine to be “devastating” (your word, not mine), nor “clever” (again, your word, not mine).
          I would be honored if people referred to me as “mini Mitt”, but I would be offended if people called me “Obama” or, for that matter, “maxi-Mark” …
          BTW, that is PRECISELY why you libs are always so shallow: because your brains are satisfied with cute, clever and superficial “explanations” of very complex issues whose in-depth analysis completely eludes you (like believing that American society can be categorized with such foolish simplifications as “the 1 %ers versus the 99%ers”, just because our mainstream “journalists” force-feed such ridiculous terms).

          1. Joseph Hemphill July 31, 2012

            pseudo intellectual wanna be ……

          2. Edsanjuan July 31, 2012

            Hey, Joe Hemp: You are not even that.
            Small business owner, wait and see what Obummer will do to you if (God forbid) he somehow manages to “win” a second term …

          3. Ron July 31, 2012

            Obama 2012

          4. Debbie10 July 31, 2012

            If that wasn’t so SAD, it would be FUNNY! Oh forget it, I can’t help myself, ROFLMAO!!!!!!!

          5. Edsanjuan July 31, 2012

            Debbie: What is so SAD??

          6. DurdyDawg August 1, 2012

            ” superficial “explanations” of very complex issues whose in-depth analysis completely eludes you.”

      3. LVSUNSHINE July 31, 2012

        Edsanjuan, substitute your name for stupid or perhaps idiot!!!!

        1. Edsanjuan July 31, 2012

          LV”sunshine”: Your “SUNNY” disposition, so adorable, really comes through…. You disgrace yourself, sonny boy …
          Tsk, tsk, tsk …

    2. LVSUNSHINE July 31, 2012

      I certainly do not need any more evidence. Romney is out of his league and knows it. Maybe he will move to a foreign Country before he involves the USA in a World War!!! After thinking about it, after all his insults, I wonder what country would accept him. Oh well we would be rid of the stupid, lying, flip flopping, inconsidered of the middle and lower class, idiot!! Please someone take him and give him a good home out of the USA.

  18. wilskip July 31, 2012

    Elitist, Entitled, Arrogant..This is what most Americans see when they see Mitt. The silver spoon is stuck so far up his ass it’s coming out his mouth. His handlers know this and that’s why they feel that they can tell someone to “kiss their ass”…it’s shameful…

  19. douglas July 31, 2012

    As far a I am concerned, HE (ROMNEY) CAN KISS MY ASS. If I had any doubt about not
    voting for him this trip convenced me that he is not Presidential at all. He is all about himself
    and his family. I am sick and tired of him talking about his father and his wife. They are not
    running for president.

    1. Mark Esche July 31, 2012

      Now, Douglas, go out and convince people to vote with you to elect Democrats. Democrats aren’t perfect, but at least they aren’t mean!!

  20. bcarreiro July 31, 2012

    Obama puts the ass in class.

  21. CarolynMastich July 31, 2012

    I feel Romney is a danger to this country. Traveling around the world trying to act like a president already. Does he know what it’s like to live below the poverty level? Seniors who can”t afford dental work, can”t afford suplemental Ins? I think not. America, take a good look. Romney has no clue what it is to B middle class, or lower for that matter. At least President Obama knows what it is to struggle….I’m just sayin’

  22. howa4x July 31, 2012

    Romney is just showing the contempt that the 1% has for anyone beneath them. In his veiw :how dare they question me don’t they know my status in life

  23. lostinmi July 31, 2012

    Does anyone remember when Bush/Cheney were first running – and they whispered over a live mic about a reporter.. There’s that A**HOLE from the _ _ _

    I am sick of the fakery that the Republicans demonstrate when it comes to being two-faced to everyone! Romney is a mental midget, and his gaffes prove it! Anyone with a brain and ANY political experience at all would know NOT to do what he has done – especially his meeting the MI-6! He can’t be trusted to keep anything to himself as he is desperate to be liked!
    He is simply a continuation of the right-wing bunch of money grubbing thieves who are stealing from the poor and giving more to the rich! AND he has surrounded by those who want to insulate him! AND HE WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT?? MITT CAN RUN, BUT HE CAN’T HIDE!!!

  24. lkreu July 31, 2012

    Gorka tells them to show some respect – yet he says “shove it” at the holy site. That’s showing some respect, I tell ya.

  25. 2hheels2 July 31, 2012

    We need to send him back to Bain, If he goes abroad he is liable to start a war. Let him make money hurt Americans taking their jobs. This is what he is good at. He has no idea what he is doing.

  26. Leroy Crume July 31, 2012

    This man is pathetic. How in the world can ANYBIODY, even the far, far, FAR RIGHT, even give him the time of day? I’ll answer that, It’s because they know he don’t have a mind of his own, he haven’t a clue as how the presidency is suppose to work, (did you hear any of his insults abroad?) They Know, by some miracle, if they get him elected, it’s just like electing one of them. They will dictate every move he make. He won’t be able to do anything on his own. To be honest with you, I think he’ll be glad when all of this is over over, Win Loose, or draw.
    I think he want to go back home, and play with his wife, and children, and enjoy TRYING to count his BILLIONS $$$$ Why not, the man is out of his league !!!

  27. jarheadgene July 31, 2012

    That’s not fear….fear of FAUX…ha..ha…It is contempt you hear. The only one I can think of at FAUX news that even tries to give a real reporters report is Shepard Smith ….the rest of them are so slanted it is truly pathetic, especially O’Reilly and Hannity. yuck….Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews, Ed Shultz, Lawrence O’Donnell make them [the FOX news team] look like puny, puny, puny, extremely biased, brains. had to identify who “them” was since the Romney folk have trouble with [“that”]. I for one am sick of the blowhards coming out of the woodwork ….saying ” I did that !” Give me a break. Did you build the roads? Did you get the trees and garnish to pulp to make the paper to make your contracts? Did you put up all the phone lines and interconnected swithces accross the world for your phone calls? Do you call up your own standing Army to protect your rights and you from enemies? Do you inspect the planes, you fly on, for business meetings, yourself? Did you make the leaves on trees to produce the oxygen you breath? Self Inflated delusional A$$holes who have managed to put a few dollars together via a business think they are “ALL THAT”. Humble yourselves for the Day of the Lord is coming.

    1. Edsanjuan July 31, 2012

      “Jarred”head: I notice (with a smile) that you are still struggling to grasp and understand the obvious (the entrepreneurs did not build the roads themselves – their taxes did …) and will sometime in the future attempt to understand the concepts and the principles that made this country great.
      Keep it up; You’ll get there… I am rooting for you !!

      1. rmarqua2921 July 31, 2012

        What taxes? Most corporations pay a less percentage of their income in income taxes than you do! No one is belittling entrepreneurs! Many entrepreneurs are belittling those who have helped them be where they are! With Romney its all about him! No, companies or corporations in the USA makes money because of millions of Americans working together! Many Americans are fine with their bosses making more money than they do! You’d be nothing if there was no one who would buy your products and services! Americans used to work together to make this a great country! Now a days, too many CEO’s and business owners are only interested in filling their pockets not the economy of the USA! They so often don’t give a s**t about the health care of others! You must be one of those! YOur type always feels they are the job creators! No way, the people who buy your products and services are the job creators! I have lived for 70 years in this country and in our great days, business owners and CEO’s understood this! They were not greedy slobs like your kind!

        1. Edsanjuan July 31, 2012

          rmarqua: I am such a greedy slob (YOUR description of me) that I didn’t get it at first but now I do, thanks to such an enlightened person as you. Please correct me if I am wrong:
          When an entrepreneur puts his capital at risk and creates jobs he is a greedy slob (as you say, like me !)
          Wow, rmarqua, you should be sooo proud of yourself !!

          1. RUKIDENME August 5, 2012

            Not a greedy slob, but out of touch with reality and forgetful of all the support you got along the way. Police, fire, National Security, free market system, roads, infrastructure, clean air, safe food, clean water, safe cars, safe planes, safe trucks, reliable electricity, stable environment that is safe from conquering nations, phone grid, cell phone towers, ability to purchase raw materials, educated work force, education, schools, colleges, trade schools, licensed professionals, tools for your workers.
            I am sure you built all this by yourself.. In that case I would like some of your profits, since tax dollars also pay for these items. If I share in the cost of you doing business shouldn’t I also share in the profits!

          2. Eduardo August 5, 2012

            Ruki: Again, although you do not deserve an answer, I will enlighten you anyway (for the laaaast time, ha, ha) by quoting a letter sent recently to our completely clueless President Obama: “My last business lost $1.5 million of which $750,000 was personally guaranteed by me. Please give me a call, Mr. President, and I will tell you where to send the check for your fair share.”
            Ruki: Do you get it now ??
            P.S. – I can explain it further if you so wish.

          3. RUKIDENME August 6, 2012

            U must be so frustrated that the socialist US govt. (your claim) didn’t bail u out… U say u lost 1.5 million of which $750,000 was guaranteed by u. Who’s money was the other $750,000? How much did u decrease your tax bill that the rest of us paid on your behalf?
            So your a bad businessman and left someone else holding the bag for $750,000.
            I arrested a lot of crooks for stealing a lot less.
            Enlighten me..
            That crack about me not deserving an answer is right out of the Republican play book, (Anne Romney, “We’ve given you people all you need to know”.

      2. RUKIDENME August 5, 2012

        All our taxes did and we are not profiting as much as they are.

    2. jarheadgene July 31, 2012

      To Edsanjuan…. I’m not sure if you know what I meant, some of it “tongue in cheek”….Obviously no business owner gets their start, without help, completely on their own. That was my point and President Obama’s unedited point as was Elizabeth Warren’s before him as was Thomas Paine’s over 200 years ago, and haha….even Romney’s point in a speech he made after Obama. But his commercial ads are so filled with lies and misleading. Do yourself a favor, if you are not making $250K annually …vote Obama. If you are rich, then go ahead vote for Romney; however, be forwarned. “…the Love of Money is the root of all evil.”
      As for what has made this country great, other than displacing and destroying millions of Natives to make room for the “Great White Race” [which is shameful], is the men and women that have sacrificed much in the way of service to our country. Not only is my family made up of many Native Americans, but we have served honorably in Wars for this country since World War 1. We have put on the uniforms that protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
      We do not come from families of huge trust funds and then dodge drafts and by corruption and lobbying force tax breaks to ourselves and take full advantage of the resources of this country and then belittle them. Stating we did it ALL on OUR OWN! Romney your arrogance will be your undoing.

      1. DukeDacat July 31, 2012

        Bravo….. Well said….

    3. Dmullins84 July 31, 2012

      I don’t think i’ve ever heard a better evaluation of the facts regarding the Foxies.

  28. Debbie Kiesel-Ryan July 31, 2012

    Here’s a man that can’t take the heat, so why would he run for president when he knows the road to the title is nothing but heat???? Americans already know he has a “Kiss My Ass” attitude, just look at his refusal to produce his tax returns. But, I can’t understand what anyone running for American office is doing having fund raisers overseas. It makes me wonder how much money was given to Americans living abroad to contribute. This is just more of the republicans trying to buy the office. And of course, now we have Mitch McConnell saying it’s OK to hide the contributors. Really makes me trust him much less than I already mistrusted him!!!!!

  29. poppy66 July 31, 2012

    This is the real Mitt Romney. The only difference between him and Sarah Palin is Gender. She could’nt answer questions either. Her pat answer was,”all of them”. When asked? Which one of the founding fathers do you like best? Her response,”all of them”, unqoute. Which tabloids or magazines do you read and which one do you like best and why? Her response, “all of them”,unquote. Romney is pretty much the same. When will you release your tax returns? “I dont know that I will”. Are you going to release multiple returns?”I might, we’ll see”. So far he has managed to insult people in two of the three countries he just visited, and pretty much said he’s ready to bomb the shit out of Iran. Damn the sanctions and diplomacy, just bomb them. This is his foreign ploicy? The world already hates us, he is just throwing gasoline on the fire. I dont know who is advising him, but they should rethink their strategy, it’s not working.

    1. old_blu July 31, 2012

      You know someone has to be advising him because he can’t think on his own, very well said poppy I like the way you think, we could almost be related.

  30. poppy66 July 31, 2012

    I guess, ” KISS MY ASS AND SHOVE IT”, is going to be his new and improved pat answer and slogan.

    1. old_blu July 31, 2012

      I think it would be a great campaign slogan for him.

  31. Nenny July 31, 2012

    Shame on Mitt Romney! His campaign strategists are so frustrated, they are also stumbling over their tongues. Guess who such attitudes rub on? Mitt Romney. He started the abuses and bullying long time ago. His camp is only copying.

  32. Edsanjuan July 31, 2012

    The National Memo and all of you liberals for Obummer are soooo pathetic !!
    You cannot bring yourselves to defend Obummer’s record so you can only criticize Romney as a person and as a leader. It’s OK, he will kick your fannies come November ….

    1. Stella53 July 31, 2012

      He’s going to kick your fanny too, unless you are just as rich as he is. Maybe you are one of Robmoney’s rich cronies? Robmoney is not a leader and he has proven that with the fiasco he has created in London and Israel. Robmoney is not even a good tourist, let alone a credible candidate to be the leader of the free world. He’s an embarassment and unqualified to be Commander-in-Chief. He’s a greedy venture capitalist who’s hiding millions and millions of dollars overseas so he can avoid paying taxes. You are praying that hatred and racsim of Obama wins the day for you. I think America is better than that. The Obama team is doing a good job of hammering this point to millions of Americans. I want to know more about what Robmoney did at Bane Capital; I want to see his income tax returns for the last 10 years at least. You think Robmoney’s going to wn. I don’t think he is going to win because he already lost. “Oh beautiful for spacious skies……” LOL!

      1. Edsanjuan July 31, 2012

        Stella: Ha, ha, ha !! You ARE funny !!! That’s good !
        Congrats !!

        1. jarheadgene July 31, 2012

          Stella….I hope you’re right; however, the racism in America never ceases to surprise me.

    2. rmarqua2921 July 31, 2012

      We don’t need to defend Obama’s rcord, it is a matter of record! He has taken a country from hear disaster to breathing again The problem with the press and Romney is he has a miserable record of lies, and no plan! You are the one who is pathetic, you can’t even spell the name of the president of the USA! His name for your information is O-b-a-m-a! Either you are stupid or you can’t spell!

      1. Edsanjuan July 31, 2012

        rmarqua: You are right: I am stupid and can’t spell. The name is Obozo; NOW I got it.
        Do YOU “get it” ??

        1. rmarqua2921 July 31, 2012

          Anyone can make a mistake once, but making the same mistake over and over again, is stupid, you are right!

          1. Edsanjuan August 1, 2012

            marqua: Get over it ! It wasn’t a mistake !! LOL, LOL …

      2. Linda Shortt August 2, 2012

        no, just a typical repug, they can’t show this president any respect!

  33. BettyBenson July 31, 2012

    Romney’s campaign is not about impressing the Press or the American people. He feels he is already assured of his success because of the millions beng poured into his campaign coffers and those of other Republicans across the board. The egotism and lack of concern for the Americans who are in poverty because of the Republican policies and their obstructionism against any efforts to improve the lives of our citizenry are obvious. The Republicans are only concerned about the welfare of their paymasters and corporations who are vultures preying on our country. So what else do you expect from the Republican machine but “Kiss My Ass” to the press and all the rest of us.

    1. DurdyDawg August 1, 2012

      You know of course that their main platform is, “Anybody but Obama” and their depending on that (rebel) yell to win them the presidency.. the millions are merely plan ‘B’ ..

  34. rockinthebayinFlorida July 31, 2012

    The “kiss my ass” statement is, generally, the Repubs attitude any way…this is nothing new!

    1. DurdyDawg August 1, 2012

      Now this, “Kiss my ass” gaffe will make the rounds for days to weeks just like the controversial quotes and accusations of the past since this three ring circus began.. Anything but the issues and BOTH sides are doing a bang up job keeping us enraged. I think it’s all been planned this way and during the actual presidential debates it may just be confirmed.. But don’t pay me any mind as I’m one of those conspiracy buffs.

  35. Sweeeny July 31, 2012

    Suspected that this was policy within his campaign but I’m surprised he expects it from everyone.

  36. Cynthia Robinson July 31, 2012

    why Romney don;t step down now before the hotter bottle start when the heat started to get hotter each time Romney opening up his mouth is more problem he getting himself in,i wonder when they started the rebated him how will he stand up to it all,he is rich and powerful but that do;es not make him to be a president and able him to run a country and the world,Romney can only run the rich people like himself but the poor like myself will suffer suffer and die before their time ,he never know nor feel how poor life is he never will understand how to worry where the next meal or how to pay for the cover over one head ,i do hope all the middle class will open their eyes clearly before they vote on November ,because if Romney win this election dog eat our supper people please don;t vote for Romney you will regret it only if you are rich.

    1. sigrid28 July 31, 2012

      What you say is eloquent. This is exactly what Romney will never understand.

  37. johnzimmer July 31, 2012

    Serves “Willard” the Vulture Capitalist right…. he represents only the 1% and if elected will finish Bush’s job of destroying the Middle and Working classes of America.

  38. ladibug July 31, 2012

    Why does Mitt Romney shy away from the media? because like Fox News Mitt Romney is racist.

    1. Gammaanya July 31, 2012

      Bain Capital is the Owner of Clear Channel Communication that owns Rushie, Beck, Hannity, now you know why they do not show the negative, bad and off script comments.
      ROmney can not speak on his own from the heart, he doesn’t have one. They are making fun of Obama telepromted, THEY ALL use it. I talked with friends from Poland – they say he is an a… ole and truly a wimpy looking and his is not sincere /truthful at all and know squat. He is a phony.
      If he wins they say Americans are stupid. Endorsement from obnoxious know nothing expresident (Walesa) means nothing anyway. Walesa own Union Party denounced him. He have no say i Gov. matter but desperately trying to get his name in a limelight, sort of like Sarah and Michelle B. Union buster met with former so called Union Leader. What a combination.

  39. Lynda July 31, 2012

    ‘show some respect.’ Wonderful words, too bad this idiot did not follow his own advice. What a class act. Of course the members of the press far too often are equally quilty of being rude. Later Mitt’s man apologized for his remarks. That is the usual standard practice after making an ass of ones self. It is amazing what passes as discourse these days and coming from a presidential campaign that is disjointed and amateurish. All in all another great day in American politics.

  40. Lynda July 31, 2012


  41. Angel J. Perea July 31, 2012

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: is that I now suspect that Romney can not meet the ten year or any other standard to release and make public his tax statements. The truth is now that Romney as many us have suspected that there are years that he paid NO taxes or certainly less than the one year he has disclosed. Those Cayman Islands, Swiss Banks and Bermuda HIDDEN tax shelters have served him well just they do for the the Drug Cartells! Romney understands that it would be too embarrassing and damaging for a millionaire to ask us intelligent thinking voters that paid our taxes to vote him! However, this will make watching the Presidential debate both entertaining and more interesting!

  42. ExPAVIC July 31, 2012


    What no smart response from Mittens’ American Taliban Republican handlers? This guy is turning out to be more asinine than Sarah Palin.

    Remember, who we are dealing with. Recently in Naples, Florida, 1,000 Tea Partiers anted up $600 per head to hear Sarah flap her gums about zilch. So with the right wing, you can expect the illogical.

  43. PMom_GA July 31, 2012

    “…his handlers cannot trust him to cope with unscripted questions. ”

    Handlers? Romney don’t need no stinkin’ handlers, after all he’s supposed to be a big boy! He needs a muzzle, as do his handlers.

  44. nomaster July 31, 2012

    His secretive nature is not good. What could you expect if he won, where would any transparancy or truth ever come out of his lips. Questions not answered are food for thought, that there must be a reason to deceive. The Chameleon he is, is not good for our country. We don’t need Willard the rat man and his bag of rats and tricks.

  45. Angel J. Perea July 31, 2012

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: is that I now suspect that Romney can not meet the ten year or any other standard to release and make public his tax statements. The truth is now that Romney as many us have suspected that there are years that he paid NO taxes or certainly less than the one year he has disclosed. Those Cayman Islands, Swiss Banks and Bermuda HIDDEN tax shelters have served him well just they do for the the Drug Cartells! Romney understands that it would be too embarrassing and damaging for a millionaire to ask us intelligent thinking voters that paid our taxes to vote him! However, this will make watching the Presidential debate both entertaining and more interesting!

    1. SaneJane July 31, 2012

      There may something in his tax returns that could endanger his being nominated. If he waits until after the convention they would probably stick by him. He thinks he has the election sewn up but he has to be nominated first.

  46. orangeman65 July 31, 2012

    Unh Unh Unh! Temper Temper, Misfit Romney! Choose your words very wisely! What you say can hurt you in the long run!

  47. LVSUNSHINE July 31, 2012

    It is time everyone opens their eyes and ears to what is happening everywhere Romney and his crew go. So far everywhere Romney has gone on his foreign policy trip he has insulted someone. Guess someone told him to keep his mouth shut so now his press secretary is doing the job for him. How embarassing for the Americans that a press secretary would use such language. Gorka, you show some respect!!! Do you think shouting “Kiss My Ass” in a Holy Site for the Polish is showing the Polish respect!? I think not!!!

  48. seriouslybent us July 31, 2012

    He’s NUTS!

  49. seriouslybent us July 31, 2012


  50. gargray July 31, 2012

    And He is running for president? He is not even smart! Cheese!

  51. oldibtgdy July 31, 2012

    Let me get this straight. The GOP is going to appoint someone who they can’t trust to take unscripted questions from a reporter to represent them in the national election. I wouldn’t vote for a republican if he were Jesus hisssownself, but my goodness, this reality TV show we’re suffering through is embarassing.

  52. jarheadgene July 31, 2012

    KISS MY ASS ….and SHOVE IT!….they should give that to Ann Romney…that answer suits her better than “We’ve given ‘YOU PEOPLE’ all the tax reports we’re going to give you.” It seems more the Romney’s style.

  53. LadyDeb July 31, 2012

    MITT THE TWIT, is making the whole world laugh at us. He’s following George Bushes path. What is so horrible, Mitt thinks he can say such stupid things, and not have to answer for it. What is going to happen at the debates??????????

  54. Robert A. Williams July 31, 2012

    Romney hates the press? That is almost impossible to believe, given the fact that the press has always been overly kind to him. We certainly need another 4 more years of Obama, given the tremendous successes he has had so far.

    In fact, let me list all of Obama’s successes off to you…
    1. Ah, let me get back to you on that.

  55. Barbara Marple July 31, 2012


    1. Edsanjuan July 31, 2012

      Barbara, Barbara, Barbara!! How can you call ANYBODY an idiot when you have on your side: Obozo, Joe Biden (Mr. Gaffe himself), Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Michael Moore (he’s a GEM!), Bill Maher (the perfect idiot !), Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, George Clueless Clooney, and Hugo Chavez ?? !!

      1. old_blu July 31, 2012

        I notice the list is getting longer. GOOD!

        1. Edsanjuan August 1, 2012

          old_blu: There you go! I rest my case.

  56. daniel bostdorf July 31, 2012

    The CNN transcript says it all.

    Contempt toward the press is a sign of internal panic on the part of a political campaign. It reflects the mindset of the candidate and his advisors. I know first hand about this. I helped manage a gubernatorial campaign for a businessman in Maine in the early 1980’s who self destructed in front of the media as well after a reporter kept pressing him for tough answers. His angry tirade and bizarre behavior at the Democratic convention after that was even worse. These factors made him, as well, unfit to govern anyone let alone the people of Maine. Myself and three others resigned that day of the convention rather than blame the press.

    it was the candidates fault pure and simple.

    The trip to Europe and Israel has been a PR disaster for Romney, and his press secretary all the way down to his supporters know it. The rats are feeling the pressure of a sinking ship as the flood waters of incompetence and arrogance surround them all.

    He simply is not fit to be the President of the United States in my opinion.

  57. clacy July 31, 2012

    i think mitt romney is a phony. he is also too cagey about his tax returns, which makes me all the more suspicious of this butthead.

  58. William Deutschlander July 31, 2012

    When you are an arrogant, self centered, pathalogical liar, like Romney is, you are above reproach and your veiw is hell no you can not see what a low tax rate I paid, hell no I do not have to answer any questions, hell no I do not have to tell you how I would govern, you just trust me and the Republican Cartel and we will do what is best for us. By the way, us does not include you or you or you, etc.

  59. Elarenal July 31, 2012

    Mitt the Twit, please don’t come home.

  60. Debbie10 July 31, 2012

    Honestly, I am a Democrat and proud of it. Therefore, knowing how Jaded Fox News is, I don’t watch it. My question to you is if YOU feel that the National Memo is so Jaded, WHY do YOU read it? I think you do not really know how to think for yourself so you come to sites like this to simply stir things up. It is really a very sad statement that you present of yourself and you really look silly to those of us that use our thinking brain.

  61. SAKhader01 July 31, 2012

    What a guy, he wants to become President, he do not know anything about the world or its politics. What a shame on these Republican Candidates with exception of Ron Paul. Romney is male version of SARA PALIN. He do anything to get elected, if he gets elected I am ashmed Americans have lost intellectualism.

  62. SAKhader01 July 31, 2012

    What is wrong with guy M Romney, just because he made his millions or billions by hooks or crooks he thinks he owned the world and do say anything he wants what a cocky attitude him and staff has. If he gets elected it is shame on us one time is enough getting George Bush in the White House. mission accomplish, seems like all Republicans have is wealth no intelligence. Syed Khader, Atlanta. GA

  63. Betta July 31, 2012

    Romney is no good for this country. Obama is ineligible because he is an illegal. Will anyone, who can be properly vetted, step up to the plate to represent the American people and our Constitutional Republic?

    1. daniel bostdorf July 31, 2012

      Obama is not illegal. Period! He is not Muslim. He is the President of the United States, contrary to what you believe. Stop posting here.

  64. emadis41 July 31, 2012

    A jackass will always be ajackass; do you want Romney to answer questions, or any of his supporters for that matter. Romney has avoided media scrutiny, avoided releasing his taxes, and avoided the truth at all cost. He is the same guy who did not know that Israel is a socialist country.

    Santrum today also supported his remarks about the Palestinians being inferior culture. Romney and his surrogates do know that the our Western Culture is based on Islamic Culture that florished in Spain for seven centuries, while Europe was still in the dark.

    Also, what if the US give the Palestinians $7 Billion year, does he think that the Palestinians would be still poor? Remember that they are under occupation that is financed by our tax dollars, yet they managed to have the highest number of PHDs and they are the most educated in the Middleast. Sorry Mr. Romney, you should know better.

  65. emadis41 July 31, 2012

    Agree with you, Mr. Kiss my Ass for President, whay a slogan.

  66. daniel bostdorf July 31, 2012

    Oh—-mention…the person that posts here ANONYMOUSLY as a coward called “Obozo”….has no original though whatsoever!

    “Obozo the Marxist Clown” is a character for a board game that is meant to mock President Barack Obama…..shameful…

    YOU…whomever you are… are the real clown here along with all of your Teaparty, right wing, wing nut friends…who have the education and IQ level of your shoe size…

    Simply do a search for ‘Obozo” and see the “intelligence” that is behind it..

    Pathetic display of how the American education system has failed us.

    It is embarrassing.

    At least Mr. Conason has the guts to speak the truth, using his own name, to hold the “political matrix” accountable.

    Dead one with his quote:

    “The emerging truth about the man who will soon accept the Republican presidential nomination is that – like Sarah Palin – his handlers cannot trust him to cope with unscripted questions. ”

  67. rmarqua2921 July 31, 2012

    Interesting how you completely ignore and fail to understand what I am saying! Why are you creating a problem here? As long as the entrepreneur understands that without people to buy his products and services, and respects them as such, everyone is successful! Romney would never have filled his pockets if it had not been for others! He used others to fill his own pockets but did not reward those who made his success possible! He didn’t even reward his country, instead he sent his money to the Cayman Islands and Switzerland to avoid paying the taxes the little guy pays!

  68. acinderellastory July 31, 2012

    I think Romney speak for him self, he was a bully went he was young and still a bully as a man, right along with some of his co-worker. Some of them are what he is, a Bully and they can’t help them self. I think they all need to be put in some kind of program like anger management treatment right along with his co-worker or this world will be in alot of troblem if he win. We will stay in wars all over the world went he get mad at someone. That so sad went the war is right here in USA already again each other, we need to fixes the problem here first. I know all about anger the hard way.

  69. Ed July 31, 2012

    If the “media” was as qualified as the journalists of forty years ago we would be saying “Mitt who?”by this time.

  70. neverworked July 31, 2012

    You have a bunch of a$$holes yelling at a Polish War Hero site acting like complete morons. If they had pulled this at the tomb of the unknown in Arlington they would have knocked out.
    Another example of how manners and respect isn’t something taught in journalism school

  71. NOT GONNA TAKE IT July 31, 2012

    We would be glad to kiss his ass…but first he must remove his hat.

  72. Ayaya Worenwu July 31, 2012

    Yes!!! Anything Romney says, we should yell “kiss my ass.” Romney is not a material for president of America. America is way better than having Romney as president. God save America.

  73. ridemybroom August 1, 2012

    Rick Gorka…Mitt Romney….Kiss My Ass you douchbags and show some respect in answering questions….Rick Mitt needs to fire yo dumbass !!

  74. joceandre August 1, 2012

    That European trip title was ” MEET ROMNEY” , A REAL CHARACTER, with no class. I guess at the republican convention they will have to zip or tape his mouth.

  75. momwithcommonsense August 1, 2012

    What a stupid, one-sided article!! The press has over-exagerrated the so-called “gaffes”. I guarantee you every world leader he met with would rather see Romney, than Obama in the White House. The articles reporting of bribery in the SLC Olympics are unfounded and nothing has been linked to Romney and everything that was said has no proof. What a shame that the author of this article uses his opinion and desire to make Romeny look bad as fact! Shame on you! Nothing President Obama has done in the last 3 1/2 years has made anyone more self-reliant or more financially stable – and his plan is to do the same thing and spend more money in the next 4 years? I’m not putting any more debt on my children! At least Romney knows how to turn businesses (and the Olympics) around to become profitable – Obama hasn’t a clue how to run a business, and is so determined to make more people rely on the government that he is killing the American dream. Why should people work harder to make a better life for themselves so that the government can turn around and tell them that they didn’t do that alone and they need to pay more of their money to help out? THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!!! The rich already pay most of the taxes in this country and in our communities. Don’t you understand – they are the ones that eat at the restaurants you eat at, they buy cars at the dealerships you buy cars at, they buy clothes and furniture at the stores in your town – the more money the government takes – the less they will spend in your town and the higher the prices will be for all the rest of us. It really is that simple. Obama’s verocious appetite for power and continual desire to oppress the people of this country with debt is sickening! Anyone who thinks that rich people owe them or this country more than they already give in taxes( and in many cases the jobs they give to the people in their communities) needs a reality check. The majority of people with money worked hard, long hours and/or spent years in school, sometimes running up big college loans, to get where they are. Why should those who choose to not work hard and not go to school think that those who did owe them something? That is messed up! People need to do more introspection into their own lives if they don’t have what they need and find their own way out – not ask Obama to take from hard working Americans and give to them!! Romney is the only canidate that has a record of knowing how to take broken budgets and fix them – that is why he has my vote this November!

  76. Stevan Fagan August 1, 2012

    good for him

  77. NWBill August 1, 2012

    You bet there’s fear and loathing in the Romney camp; fear that, in his increasing desperation to win a second term, the man-child Barack Obama will precipitate a war somewhere in order to seem like a real leader; while our servicemen and women fight and die in order to make him look more competent.

    The loathing comes from Romney’s people, and it is directed at the lamestream media and their lackeys in the DNC (or is it the other way around? I forget sometimes …) – and, other than lawyers, the one group of human beings on this planet who SHOULD be loathed!

  78. susanai August 1, 2012

    Vote to re-elect President Obama. A good, honest and forthright man.

  79. Nelson E. Peebles August 1, 2012

    Romney’s overall attitude is “shove it” – to women, to the middle class, to seniors. He is self centered, entitled, and for those who are hurt by his arrogance, well “kiss my ass” is what he says and believes. And, we stoop to call him Mormon. Shame on Romney. Shame on him.

  80. Darling Amedee August 1, 2012

    You’re going down Romney!!! Obama 2012 baby

  81. Don B August 1, 2012

    This is an apporporiate response from this Candidate’s minions. This is what you can expect from a Romney White House—-much like the Bush/Cheney White House.

  82. Johnny Thomas August 1, 2012

    I see that NELSON E PEEPLES has knows what is going on as most everone else .The few that are blind and want the rich richer and women suffering with some one that believes he has the right to be President he should be appointed by other worlds are have trouble seeing the world as it is We the people elect our leaders and other country leaders do not run our country this is why we have the ammendment for us to bear and carry arms for self survial from out forces to run over us .Romney and his people think in terms of rights to lead or dictate but we still elect and is protected so that some one like commonsensemom can live as a common sense mom and still have her say even though she is not seeing the world as it is.And Hillary did not favor gun contral at world level she said that she would not be addressing the our constitutional rights as we all had the right by constitution to have and bear arms and she would not addressit it so she did stand up for us against all other nations inspite of the heir say or republans politcal lies .I thought it against the law to lie for personal gain with the law levels but I guess republical lawyers are immune because they are republicans.
    Johnny T.

  83. Suzanne Levinson August 1, 2012

    I was going to post my comment here, but I decided all you readers, whether Democrat or Republican, Old or Young, male or Female, can kiss my ass.

  84. tammy August 1, 2012

    Well, that was shitty of Mitty…he has a responsiblity running for the highest postion in this country to answer the difficult questions..they all can’t come from safe haven Fox. If he can’t do this, it’s better to know now if he is just not the guy for prime time..:)

    1. Blaze Stryker August 1, 2012

      Nice tagline for Romney, but unplayable in public. The sobriquet “Empty Mitt” works better, I feel.

  85. mathew August 1, 2012

    I’m surprised that voters don’t realise why Romney hates the press and is so qiock tp avpod questions. This is a basic concept of his religion. For example, any sane voter who looks at Mormon beliefs would find more substance in worshiping the “Great Pumpkin.”

  86. Fern Woodfork August 1, 2012

    What’s Amazing To Me Is A Bunch Of Broke Ass People Will Vote For This Thug!! He Not Going To Do Anything About Jobs Hell He And His Rich Friends Been Shipping Jobs Overseas For Years Now For The Cheap Labor!! Romney Already Promise To Go To WAR With Iran And Like Palin Got His Eyes On Russia!! What In The Hell Is Wrong With The People In The United States Where They Vote In These War Mongers And Give Welfare To The Wealthy!!!

  87. Decdicated Fan August 1, 2012

    So what else is new? That is the total attitude of all these arrogant filthy rich conservatives. How can you expect them to care about the Middle Class who made it possible for them to amass their non-taxable wealth. But gullible, scared of the black President people will vote for him even though he has always felt poor people have got to kiss his ass.

  88. Demetrius Kirkland August 1, 2012

    Remember, the olympics are the focus point of the world,his (Romney) being there ,the eyes of the world was on him also. He in essance insulted the world ,told the world to kiss his ass and shove it. TRULY YOU PEOPLE CAN’T STILL THINK THIS SHOULD BE THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD I PRAY NOT OR THIS COULD BE THE BEGINNING OF THE END. GOD BLESS YOU AND PRAY BEFORE YOU MAKE THE HUGE MISTAKE OF PUTTING ANOTHER IDIOT IN THE WHITE HOUSE……G.W.BUSH REMEMBER HIM

  89. Jack Cluth August 1, 2012

    “ROMNEY 2012: KISS MY ASS!!” What an EPIC campaign slogan. It’s basically Romney’s attitude toward the 99%.

  90. LadyDeb August 1, 2012

    Someone explain to me how anyone would want to vote for Mitt the twit?

  91. Justin_Fair August 1, 2012

    I agree with what “agoffe” said. “If we are fooled into letting this idiot become president, we have no one to blame but ourselves (and the Koch Brothers)” Wake up America! Think about it! Do you really want a man who’s worth 250 Million dollars telling you what to do with your money? I know what he feels you should do with it, put it into his pocket with more tax breaks for the wealthy. If you’re not making $250,000 or more a year, you’re a moron if you vote for this guy. I can’t understand how this race is even tight. If you take out the millionaires, the racists, the republican machine, and the retarded, it’s a landslide!

  92. Knia August 1, 2012

    “Kiss my ass” is a great bumper sticker for the Romney campaign. No doubt the campaign aid learned it from his aristocratic teacher. “Kiss my ass” is essentially what we/”you people” (to Mrs. Romney) will get every time we ask for “no taxes paid” tax returns!! What else could he be hiding. Hell, we already know about the galloping, Olympic horsey.

  93. Justin_Fair August 1, 2012

    “Kiss my Ass”. Is that the kind of foreign policy you are going to have if you’re elected president, Mr. Romney? We true Americans must make sure that doesn’t happen!

  94. Knia August 1, 2012


  95. Knia August 1, 2012

    Get off the crack, NWBill. Get some help, quickly!

  96. Margaret Fairchild August 1, 2012

    Romney sucks, Obama sucks, the Media sucks. We need FDR!

  97. WSA August 1, 2012

    Romney is an irritating, pompous, elitist who believes in executive privilege and the Golden Rule when comes to talking about himself, his money, and his time as Governor and at Bain Capital. His version of the Golden Rule is “He who has the Gold makes the Rules.” He does not like answering any questions about anything anytime. When he is “off the cuff” he makes absolutely no sense whatsoever on any topic. He is going to lose due to his cockiness, arrogance, and being totally unprepared to deal with issues that affect real people and not the stiff millionaire robots in Romney World.

  98. Robert P. Robertson August 1, 2012

    We should show Romney our asses in November. He’s showing himself as the elitist white supremacist he is and is giving America a hint of what to expect if he were in the White House. For all you so-called Anglo-Saxxons, remember serfdom, vassalism, and fuedalism, where the elites owned the land and everything on it, including you and your children and their children. they enslaved their own brethren for over a thousand years before they moved on to Africans. What do you think outsourcing is: a search for serfs and vassals. Check it out.

    1. SaneJane August 2, 2012

      Soon they can bring the jobs back home as they will have successfully created a huge supply of serfs right here.

  99. pyrrhic_victory August 2, 2012

    Blantant disrespect for the middle class and below. A wolf in wolf clothing, it is frightening that he is even considered to be a candidate for the Presidency.

  100. iriskern August 2, 2012

    The Romneys’ comments would be hilarious were they not so frightening. He is
    SERIOUSLY running to be president of the US!

  101. Gilbert August 2, 2012

    L.O.L. Mitt Romney! What a character! I’ve got the feeling his gaffes will only multiply from here on, that the best {or the worst} of Romney is yet to be revealed. This guy is good for one thing. He is an effective corporate raider who has made a lot of money for himself and his partners, often at the expense of everyone else. That is not a Presidential. The sad part is that he, Romney, is the best the republicans can come up with.

  102. Jackmack August 2, 2012

    this is funny how Romney keep talking and more crap that comes out of his mouth I wonder if as he says ” kiss my ass meaning his own ass ahah

  103. Jose Garcia August 2, 2012

    Romney on showing his tax returns; I’ve paid my taxes according to the law, I’ll get back to you on that, no, you know what “Kiss My Ass”. I think Romney is a dangerous man to be President of the USA. I don’t think he should be trusted. Please Vote for Obama.

  104. keith August 2, 2012

    Romney wants to start another war in the middle east by provoking the Iranian’s and the Palestinians. War is great for the rich so they can make more money while the sons and daughters of the poor and the middle class go die. You don’t think Romney’s sons will go fight, they’ll go off and do missionary work some place safe just like their draft dodging father did in the Vietnam war. Bush started two wars which cost the American tax payer over 8 trillion dollars and killed and wounded over 40,000 American sons and daughters. These republicans want to take care of every two bit country but won’t give their own citizens health care, or take care of our homeless or protect the citizens against these greedy banks and insurance companies.

  105. keith August 2, 2012

    Romney wants to start another war in the middle east by provoking the Iranian’s and the Palestinians. War is great for the rich so they can make more money while the sons and daughters of the poor and the middle class go die. You don’t think Romney’s sons will go fight, they’ll go off and do missionary work some place safe just like their draft dodging father did in the Vietnam war. Bush started two wars which cost the American tax payer over 8 trillion dollars and killed and wounded over 40,000 American sons and daughters. These republicans want to take care of every two bit country but won’t give their own citizens health care, or take care of our homeless or protect the citizens against these greedy banks and insurance companies.

  106. Phyllis Rogers August 2, 2012

    You should fill sorry for him, he has had a life filled with decisions to make 1 group suffer and another rich, down size to prosper, it is hard keeping up with all of them foreign accounts made possible by our brothers and sisters suffering, as we were taught 1 leads to another, its great for some one to become rich, but not at the suffering of common people, but I am sorry that is what is called good business by the republicans, better keep a good copy machine handy

  107. Dick Hayes August 2, 2012

    Romney and all those idiots(Republicans, Tea Partyists are enemies of the State. Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, Dan Quayle, John Mitchell, Dubya, his daddy…….they all hate a free America. And our electorate tell us how they are all birds of a feather. S–t on M–t. Dick Hayes

  108. Janet Cooper August 3, 2012

    Hey, Mittykins & Annie-Poo:
    In the words of “ALIAS”‘s Sydney Bristow: “E.M.E.T.I.B. – Now Reverese it!”

  109. Marina Roberson August 3, 2012

    kis my ass too –i do not like anything gop–they have ruined the country–and black people with all their racist hate towards a race that they kidnapped and brought here to be something they continously wipe their feet on

  110. Robin O'Brien August 3, 2012

    Can’t wait for the debates in October!……..
    Romney’s ‘blah-blah’ will be very entertaining and he won’t have Fox News to hide behind 🙂

  111. .. The EvilBushies/Romney & Co. hate any news source that may speak the real truth about anything…

    .. I used to like Barbara Bush/’The Silver Fox’… until I actually heard and saw her speak/comment on TV one day… then I didn’t like her after that… she should have stayed ‘seen and not heard’…

  112. schiry August 5, 2012

    It is exactly the opposite–the mainstream media doesn’t report the truth about Obama. Obama has no clue about business–no experience and no ability to obtain results. Immel, his man from GE, is sending jobs and training to China. Don’t tell me about the past –I’m talking right now when we are going downhill very fast and no jobs in the USA. Wake up and smell the coffee and vote for building up America not bowing to foreigners. It is our young who will suffer in the future. Don’t you get it?? You are talking through your ass, Joel.

  113. harry brown August 5, 2012

    Obama man of dignity,pride,faith , guts and endurance
    “Go for it brother, Gob Bless you.

  114. Eduardo August 5, 2012

    Ruki: You ask for the “next joke”? OK, I’ll oblige; here it goes:
    Come November 6, the American voters (the LEGAL ones, I mean …) will defeat the worst President in history, bar none…. and it won’t even be close as so many people think.
    Stand by !! Liked it ?
    P.S. – It wasn’t a joke; this will happen…

  115. Eduardo August 5, 2012

    ykhalim: You are talking, of course, about Obama the liar who won’t release his academic records for some strange reason, and about the real lying machines: MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC.
    And with Nancy Pelosi on your side (thank God!!) you dare state that Satan is not in YOUR corner ??!!

  116. Eduardo August 5, 2012

    Marina: Wake up and smell the coffee (besides whatever else you are smelling …).
    The ones that have kept black people dependent on, and subservient to, the State, are the Liberal Lefties with their “social” programs and “social” magic that have castrated so many black people by making it a new paradigm to make your living from “the system” (read our tax dollars).
    Wake up, baby !! Wealth and self-reliance is something that can be created with hard work and the willingness to “pay the price”… ask our Olympic champions …

  117. Eduardo August 5, 2012

    What ??!!! Obama and FDR are “birds of a feather”!!
    The difference is that people in the 30’s and 40’s were naive and did not realize that FDR policies actually DELAYED the recovery from the Great Depression. People now are less naive and will now (come November) give the boot to the worst president ever…

  118. Eduardo August 5, 2012

    Demetrius: “… PUTTING ANOTHER IDIOT IN THE WHITE HOUSE …” You mean another OBAMA ??!!
    You’ve got to be kidding …

    1. K August 7, 2012

      Nobel Prize winner or a Mormon Felon/Crook, choice is yours…

  119. Eduardo August 5, 2012

    emadis41: You, sir, are a complete LIAR and I am here to tell you what the rest of the Obama unconditionals that write on this forum would not (in their criminal political correctness that will exterminate Western culture if not confronted) dare tell you: 1) Western Culture IS NOT BASED on Islamic Culture; 2) Our Nation, the United States of America, was founded, whether people like you like it or not, on CHRISTIAN (read Jesus Christ) PRINCIPLES and PRACTICES (although, I have to admit, that “political correctness” is killing those principles and those practices); 3) Palestinians DO NOT HAVE “the highest number of PhDs”, NOR are “the most educated in the Middle East”. That is ANOTHER LIE, Sir !! (You MUST be a member of Obama’s re-election team and MUST have been coached by Pelosi, Reid, Holder and Joe Biden). The JEWISH people, by far, have the largest number of PhDs and have obtained, BY A LANDSLIDE, a greater number of Nobel Prizes than the handful obtained by the Palestinians.
    And last, but not least:
    4) The Jewish people (and, let me make clear, I am not one of them) have NEVER strapped an innocent woman with BOMBS underneath her clothing and set them off in a CROWDED shopping center, killing INNOCENT men, women and CHILDREN indiscriminately. Only Palestinians, Sir, have done that diabolical, BEASTLY kind of action.
    You stand corrected, emadis 41, Sir, WHOEVER you are …
    SHAME on you and on LIARS like you !! SHAME !!

  120. Barbara Halter August 5, 2012

    when he says” kiss my ass.”…where do we start since he is all ass and spewing shit these days.

  121. kbcab August 5, 2012

    OOOH, catchy phrase but maybe someone in his campaign crew don’t like being dis-respected or rudely confronted…

  122. K August 7, 2012

    Nobel Prize winner or a Mormon Felon/Crook, choice is yours…

  123. Doris August 8, 2012

    Romney is contemptable as soon as he opens his mouth. He is one of the biggest liars ever to run for office. He ruined the state of Mass. and now he is trying to ruin the country. It is typical REPUBLICAN, if they cannot find fault, they will just make up something. He has put more people out of work to achieve his own ends, than he has put people to work. WHAT??? IS WRONG MIDDLE CLASS AMERICA??? Can’t you see what’s ahead for us if this Moron gets elected. Obama may not have done the best job, but from day one, the REPUBLICANS vowed to make him a one term president, What don’t you get????

  124. Jim A August 10, 2012

    Just a thought-why don’t the rest of the media simpply ignore him and stay away? It seems like Fox can handle all of his needs, right? 🙂

  125. marc6174 August 13, 2012

    Give me a break. The main stream news media is so overly slanted to the left that you can’t call them journalists either. Start drinking some hard news coverage and let the kids drink your kool-aid.

  126. Byron Wood August 13, 2012

    As a committed Christian, I plan to vote for Mr Obama. He shows more Christian-like behavior and attitudes than his opponent. And Ryan makes no difference.

    1. SallyG August 18, 2012

      a Christian would never vote for someone that believes in abortion

  127. TwittleDee August 13, 2012

    Sorry——————–laughing too hard to type……………..!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. PaulCindy August 15, 2012

    Everyone knows the mainstream media is very favorable to Obama and will twist & spin anything Romney says in an unfavorable light. Let us all just have the truth, both sides of the story, like Fox does, and sometimes CNN. MSNBC is “completely” biased towards Obama & Liberalism.

    1. dadgumtooten August 18, 2012

      That you Sarah? Question for you: If your candidate dodges questions from the main stream media, then what chance do you think he has of getting elected if he doesn’t get votes from the majority of the people who enjoy main stream media sources?

  129. Beatriz Vargas August 16, 2012

    Dumbass reporter. Romney Rullez, and when compared to MFMPOS B.Hussein O. Mugabe Jr. MR is a Rolls Royce and other is a dead donkey.

  130. In 1942, the Democrats raised taxes to fight a war. When it was over, they still had money to pay for the GI Bill and the Marshall Plan, plus their economy was booming.

    In 2003, the Republicans cut taxes to the wealthiest, went to war on two fronts (same as 1942), broke the bank and now these silly buggers claim they can fix the problem?

  131. Dennis August 18, 2012

    Well isn’t that something,oh mitts done it again.And how about those koch brothers ,what a clan I just can’t express the worries these people cause me and should cause every American in this great country.Are these men out of their minds are have they just lost all touch with reality?I suppose greed of money can make a human being lose all insight into right and wrong.Believe me folks ,if you are a working man are woman in the U.S. you definitely do not want any involvement with these people in politics.They will begin by doing away with minimum wage ,privatizing social security g.w,bush and by lowering taxes on the top two percent and raising the everyday working mans/womens taxes.Just vote no for none of the above.Let’s keep our country growing and prospering not turn it in to Poland in the 1930’s.Besides do you really think president Obama is really doing such a lousy job?Look what he started with and then express an honest opinion.Be honest

    1. pbrown85355 August 20, 2012

      Dennis, here you are dreaming about keeping the country growing and prospering, when that isn’t happening. Where are all those jobs at, obozo promised, and how about that 8.3% unemployment (fake number), should be 14% or higher.

  132. two4T August 20, 2012

    I understand why Romney would not reply to the comments. These days the press does not report the news, they make it up to suit their own personal opinions….no impartiality at all! Also, why don’t they ask questions the American people are interested in…that are of importance to us? We don’t care about his ‘gaffes’, or ‘mishaps’ and any message he might have to the Palestinanians means nothing at this point! Why not ask him his opinions about certain US international policies or even better, what he plans to do to get the US economy working again…maybe about healthcare…ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE????

  133. NoBama_NoMore August 20, 2012

    Gee Joe, maybe you’ll blame Bush next.

  134. EAT THE RICH August 20, 2012


    1. pbrown85355 August 20, 2012

      What money will he give to anyone, did you forget the USA is broke. Unless Obozo has more paper printed and gets more loans from China.

  135. oregon13 August 20, 2012

    He doesn’t want to talk to the press what makes you think he’ll talk to us. What does it take to make regular Americans see he doesn’t care about the poor,the middle class ,seniors,gay people,Blacks,Hispanics,anyone of color,and most women unless their rich an republicans! An for that matter has anyone seen Mitts birthcertificate since he was born in Mexico.

    1. pbrown85355 August 20, 2012

      You smoking weed again. Mitt Romney was born in Michigan. Get the facts correct. No one wants to talk to the left leaning main stream press.

  136. Mark August 21, 2012

    Who doesn’t have contempt for the press?

  137. EyeOfTheTiger August 23, 2012

    full of it, nuts,trouble-maker, bull,and mormon!

  138. Robert August 24, 2012

    The remark by the traveling press secretary is symptomatic of a Romney presidency. If he should happen to become elected this will be a normal occurence.

  139. LindaB64 August 26, 2012

    Did this reporter just say, “That is because Fox journalists (an oxymoron?) are far less likely to ask questions that the candidate doesn’t wish to answer….”??? When I haven’t heard one hard hitting interview of Obama by the main stream media……it’s more like, “What is your favorite food……or song……..or vacation spot!” Come on! At least, Fox asks hard questions of everyone……that is WHEN and IF a Democrat has the courage to make an appearance at Fox! Why do you think so many high profile Dems won’t go on FOX? Because they are afraid of what they’ll be asked and they don’t have an acceptable answer! For that matter, there are some Republicans that won’t go on Fox either for the same reason. They ask the hard questions on Fox and they have no patience for spin!

  140. DennisO33 August 27, 2012

    Hey Joel- show how many lives has Obama has improved? Get real folks- someone writes something that might or might not have been properly vetted and you want to jump all over it?

    Funny how Biden can f–k up oodles of times with “Put ya’ll back in chains” or “Stand up so we can applaud- Oh s–t that’s right…you can’t!” yet everyone LW’er wants to puke about what a tyrannist Romney is.

    Reality: he’s a businessman and a successful one at that. If we would have been runnign the USA like a business for the last 20 years we wouldn’t be where we are today. Don’t react to some article by someone named Joe Conasen and think it’s gospel.

    Think logically.

  141. A j CARIAGA jr August 28, 2012


  142. Cattruck September 2, 2012

    typical dumbocrats, they feel the noose tightening around their necks so here come MORE lies and deception. OMG has a new meaning OBAMA MUST GO

  143. WillyHze September 4, 2012

    Fox news is a massive government pander station, just like the rest of them.

  144. xphild September 7, 2012

    I am from the state this pargon of virtue nearly bankrupted while practicing playing Governor. The only thing he left us with was “Romney Care.” This is the only thing he did of any worth in my state. It actually seems to have worked and costs to consumers have stabilized or in some cases come down. Now he runs against Obamacare a plan based on his. Typical of things he did here. If you think things are bad now wait until you see what happens if the repugnicans manage to get Mitty elected as president. By the end of 4 years with Mitty at the helm the Middle Class will only be a memory. There will be only 2 classees The Rich (Mitty’s budies who have it all) and the Poor ( whose ranks will swell, as middle class has joined their ranks, who have nothing). I for one will not be voting for Mitty I watched what he did here while practicing for the big stage. It was not pretty.

  145. Ken Smallwood September 9, 2012

    kiss our ass obama and y’all stupid liberals bah bah bah no jobs fools

  146. blu4u September 9, 2012

    MITT THE TWIT’S PRINCIPLES ….. for all u “non-white” voters leaning towards the flip-flopper mitt the twit ……… KKK ???? IF YOUR NOT WHITE YOUR NOT RIGHT(EOUS) ????

    In the years since the repeal of the priesthood ban, a number of official steps have been taken to correct prejudice within the Church. The Church published a new edition of the Book of Mormon in 1981, replacing a promise that the righteous would become “white” with a promise that they would be made “pure” (2 Nephi 30:6), but leaving intact a handful of other Book of Mormon scriptures correlating dark skin with spiritual accursedness. In 1990, Helvecio Martins, an Afro-Brazilian Mormon, became the first man of African descent to be ordained as one of the Church’s General Authorities.

    1. Eleanor November 17, 2012

      Now we have an expert on Mormanism. When are we going to learn what the Islamic Brotherhood stands for???I have never once seen anything about that online. Since our president stated that if he had to make a choice he would stand with Muslim. How about that. You think this is great from a president of the USA???? Gives me shivers of fear, because we are getting close to that, then what happens to all us Christains??? Get rid of us???Then have no opposition and he can transform the USA the way he wants. He hates America and all her godfearing prople.

  147. Willy See September 9, 2012

    “like Sarah Palin – his handlers cannot trust him to cope with unscripted questions”– this statement provide a feeling that the person in quesition is to be controlled like a dog.

  148. Clever Bob September 10, 2012

    Kiss my donkey and vote for Pres. obama is what he’s saying . . .

  149. busbycat21 September 10, 2012

    President or just plain Mr…Mitt Romney will not be welcome in Britain anymore.

  150. busbycat21 September 10, 2012

    So Republican supporters haven’t claimed President Obama is a Muslim, and was not born in the United States. And is responsible for unemployment that was caused by his predecessor. Come on!

  151. blu4u September 11, 2012

    Mitt-da-Twit … flip flopper believes the following (LDS)…. u seriously think he’s a candidate for the presidency of USA … seriously now … or do u reside in kolob …. lol

    Mormonism includes many other unusual teachings which you will probably not be told about until you have been in the church for a long time. These teachings are not revealed to investigators or new converts because those people are not yet considered ready to have more than “milk” as doctrine. The Mormons also probably realize that if investigators knew of these unusual teachings they would not join the church. In addition to those mentioned elsewhere in this article, the following are noteworthy:

    God was once a man like us.

    God has a tangible body of flesh and bone.

    God lives on a planet near the star Kolob.

    God (“Heavenly Father”) has at least one wife, our “Mother in Heaven,” but she is so holy that we are not to discuss her nor pray to her.

    Jesus was married.

    We can become like God and rule over our own universe.

    There are many gods, ruling over their own worlds.

    Jesus and Satan (“Lucifer”) are brothers, and they are our brothers – we are all spirit children of Heavenly Father

    Jesus Christ was conceived by God the Father by having sex with Mary, who was temporarily his wife.

    We should not pray to Jesus, nor try to feel a personal relationship with him.

    The “Lord” (“Jehovah”) in the Old Testament is the being named Jesus in the New Testament, but different from “God the Father” (“Elohim”).

    In the highest degree of the celestial kingdom some men will have more than one wife.

    Before coming to this earth we lived as spirits in a “pre-existence”, during which we were tested; our position in this life (whether born to Mormons or savages, or in America or Africa) is our reward or punishment for our obedience in that life.

    Dark skin is a curse from God, the result of our sin, or the sin of our ancestors. If sufficiently righteous, a dark-skinned person will become light-skinned.

    The Garden of Eden was in Missouri. All humanity before the Great Flood lived in the western hemisphere. The Ark transported Noah and the other survivors to the eastern hemisphere.

    Not only will human beings be resurrected to eternal life, but also all animals – everything that has ever lived on earth – will be resurrected and dwell in heaven.

    Christ will not return to earth in any year that has seen a rainbow.

    Mormons should avoid traveling on water, since Satan rules the waters.

    The sun receives its light from the star Kolob.

    If a Gentile becomes Mormon, the Holy Ghost actually purges his Gentile blood and replaces it with Israelite blood.

    A righteous Mormon will actually see the face of God in the Mormon temple.

    You can identify a false angel by the color of his hair, or by offering to shake his hand.

  152. Johnny L Thomas September 11, 2012

    Bush was no hero to us and I didn’t vote for him the second time .When he was suppose to go after Osama Ben Laden instead he proudly announced we got him and when he was talking about Sadam Husaine who had threatened his family .I have felt we were used ever since that day and seldom to never mentioning Ben Laden at all.Mitt Romney make’s me think of that kind of better than you, knowingly using people for personal gain

  153. nancysnead25 September 12, 2012

    i have talked to i am blue n the face believe juswt dont want to believe they still trust numnuts they must b hard of hearing or just not listening i cant i have a good mind i guess most of those people dont if they want to destroy there country imwouldnt care but this is my country and i dont some rich bigots taking away all that i have worked for they dont care about anyone unless they r filthy rich romney cant run the country his rich cronies and fella bigots will b doing that for him. he cant take care of the easiest task without a lot of help

  154. Katrina Stewart September 12, 2012

    Wow, I can see that this article was written by a Democrat.

  155. LeftDestroyingWesternCulture September 16, 2012

    Joe Comason this might be the dumbest opinion article I have ever read. Has the Liberal media including CNN ever asked Obama a tough question. NO!!! All you do is kiss his ass and bend over backwards telling lies to America to get him re-elected. If I was Mitt I wouldn’t talk to you either because your bias clings to your skin like a bad odoor..

  156. auggiedoggy September 16, 2012

    Fear and loathing – that Obama will give us four more years of blaming W for his own failed policies and pilfering the Treasury. Communism – a great idea until you run out of other people’s money.

  157. common sense1 September 16, 2012

    To kiss Romney, or Ryan’s ass one would have to kiss their who bodies. Bush’s election they used police car’s to block certain voters from voting. My daughter from Florida said she is told that if she wants to vote she must have a driver license, get a new social security card, and know her parents social security card numbers. She can do this but there’s millions of people that have never seen their mom, or dad, or both, and wouldnt know how to find out their number’s either. So what I’m wondering, this is the gimmick the Republicans are using in Florida this time will spread to other states or are they going to have a new gimmick in each state? Looks to me that this is not legal denying the rights of Americans to vote by trickery. It’s time for every American that don’t belong to the upper 3% to raise some hell and restore some real democracy right here in our country.

  158. common sense1 September 17, 2012

    Ryan wants to give vouchers instead of medicare. The vouchers won’t be worth very much and will require people to spend their money on high priced insurance. These two, Romney and Ryan are a disgrace to the human race, and sure as hell not going to help the 97% of us that don’t have two or three billion dollars. Our forefathers,you know, the ones with the 97% in mind must be rolling over in their graves if they can see whats happening to America. I wonder who paid that jerk to make that film that has the middle east all stirred up? I hope it’s not against the law to wonder. Not accusing anyone, just wondering. —–They assassinated John F. Kennedy when he tried to help the little people. They assassinated Robert Kennedy when he tried to help the little guy. I wonder why they didn’t assassinate Roosevelt before he got Social Secuity in, or Bill Clinton, because he sure had everyone working, and left three trillion dollars surplus when he left office. When they compare Bush to Obama’s defcit, they never count that three trillion dollars in what Bush spent. The only way Republicans will win this election is by trickery in the voting process.

    1. Eleanor November 17, 2012

      Hope you and your elder relatives like the health care they won’t get in OBamacare. I am doing research on it as I am a senior and won’t like what I am learning. They DO have the “death panels”. anyone who is a senior, a disabled, or whatever they choose, is diagnosed with a serious disease,as cancer will be denied treatment. They are all useless, so just give them a pain pill and let them die, they were going to do that anyway” Great way to treat those of us who worked hard paid taxes, loved our country and honored our presidents. I cannot honor this one as I see his agenda against the USA. Sorry folks, we will be say a sad goodbye to the USA as we have known it, and greet a United Socialist country. Like it or not, that is the direction we are forward on.

  159. ignore the facts September 17, 2012

    If you think for one minute that the “kiss my ass” statement was NOT a view of the attitudes of Romney, you are blind. This kind of thing ONLY comes from the top. Arrogance is Mitty boys’s middle name. He showed it all though his school days and classmates have testified to his behavior. If you REALLY want to see the world hate us, he’s your boy. I say boy because his actions are those of a child.

  160. Decdicated Fan September 17, 2012

    The Middle class will always have to kiss a republican President and his administrations ass,whether we like it or not. Mutt’s advisor was just telling it like it is.

  161. FnTBaggers September 17, 2012

    Now this explains how this Moron would talk to other countries as well what he constantly thinks of the american people!.

  162. Fran September 18, 2012

    I am so glad that a lot of things that have been hidden about “Mitt’s” narisscistic personality”
    is really coming out…everything is going to come out to the light…what comes out of your mouth…especially his and his coherts..is revealing what he is like..and how he can dish it out…but, you better not talk back to him when you disagree…he cannot handle anyone with a different opinion…or people criticizing him…his own sons don’t want him to be president and that is pretty bad..isn’t it…oh, well wait till the middle of October..when it is really going to all come out…you can’t hide forever what is true about certain people…he has a really bad mouth..on top of it..poor little “Mitt”..the big bully…

  163. Herb Thacker September 18, 2012

    Romney thinks he is above the Law, 99% of the Americans, all repoters (except Fox News) which is banned in Canada for not be truthful. I cannot for the life of me is why any American would want to vote for this flip-flopper, rides the wind that blows in his favor. He has just come out and planly stated he would add poor, and middle class people a bigger burden by raising their taxes, while cutting the Million and B illionaires Taxes. So when you vote for Romney you are voting to increase your taxes, cut your entitlements, give you a voucher for Medicare, which would leave you having to pay approximately $6,OOO.OO out of your pocket for insurance. Why would U vote to hurt YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY, etc. Better think!!!

  164. ClydeC September 18, 2012

    He was talking to all you democrat Obama loving@%#* KMA

  165. ChowT September 20, 2012

    Mitt Romney is a crook hiding behind religion.

  166. batavier September 21, 2012

    Only in America……at least in some quarters!….is it possible to substitute LOTSA $$$$ for the lack of…….. common sense, grace under pressure, and likeability!
    Is it Education, Genes, or Environment?

  167. faster September 23, 2012

    Funny, isn’t it? Romney can’t cope with unscripted questions. Have any Republicans in his “base” noticed that he uses a teleprompter? Why is it okay for him and other Republican candidates to use them, but when Obama uses one it’s supposed to be a sign of low IQ?

    Come on, Republicans, explain this.

    Shoot, if I had to address the public on national TV, I’d want a teleprompter, too. So I wouldn’t forget any parts of what I wrote, when I was at leisure to think clearly, and so I would say what I thoughtfully and carefully wrote, so as to communicate the fullness of my thoughts. There’s nothing whatsoever wrong with using teleprompters. I do not hold it against any politician who uses one, even the ones I like the least. Romney uses them, and so what? Why shouldn’t he? Equally, why shouldn’t Obama?

    But that’s because, you see, I’m not racist. Until the ’08 election, I had no idea there were so many racists in America. I’m not disillusioned any more. And the hate is intense, too, worse than any of the racism I bumped into when I was young. When I watched the conventions in ’08, and this year, the racism was undeniable. The GOP’s audience was a sea of white faces, with a VERY occasional dot of black or brown. The DNC’s audience was a sea of diversity of color, and moreover, they didn’t cluster with those of their own tint. They mixed thoroughly, and nobody cared that the people next to them weren’t of the same shade. That group represented America, in all its diversity. The GOP’s group represented the whites who want to remain supreme politically. I can say this with authority, because I AM white. I grew up in a very Republican and wealthy burb, too, so I know precisely how these people think. It’s disgusting and loathsome. It’s also thoroughly ingrained in them – DEEP. I was lucky enough to have a father who detested prejudices.

    We have a very serious problem with our racism and sexism. Hate is something too many people are in love with. They don’t realize that hate profoundly corrodes the HATER. It makes them rub off many of the best human attributes that they were born with, and the effects of that corrosion infiltrate most areas of their lives. Poison is still poison. Loving their own hate doesn’t change that by a hair. If they weren’t so malevolent, they’d be pitiable.

  168. PounceT September 24, 2012

    I always suspected people voting republican to be masochistic, now i am sure of it.

  169. Supersapper September 25, 2012

    I think if we are unfortunate enough to see Romney as the next President we will bear in mind his comments about the Brits ability to put on a good show ( the Olympics )- unlike him we are really good at it !

    we may no longer be the world power we once were – maybe that s a blessing as we should be spending more time sorting out our own country that running around the world blindly trying to support the US dreadful foreign policies based on republican and democrat political ambitions chances at home that not only make all sorts of trouble around the world and while the the Great American public go down the drain.

    after all we Brits have had 1000 years of surviving quite well . And surely the American Politicians could take note of our mistakes in policy and try not to do the same thing only bigger and better ( worse)

    I seem to recall comments reported that when one of the Captains of one of our Aircraft carriers sent to work with the American navy asked the question ” what can we do to help ” was told “just stay out of the way”
    this just goes to show the true appreciation of our contribution in blood and money . frankly the right thing to do was to pull out all our Military immediately and let you lot get on with it after all our forces are insignificant compared to the US military even I an ex soldier fail to see what on earth we have to offer militarily – but our politicians are the poodles to the USA and have no courage – yes our fault for voting them in. and it will be you the people’s fault to vote in the next bunch of wasters and pocket liners unless you get some established unbendable manifesto written in stone.
    Good luck to all of us.

  170. patuxant September 26, 2012

    Hey. Did anyone read Vince Flynn’s book “Term Limits”? Romney’s press secretary is a lot like the character Stu Garrett.

  171. ca19th50 September 27, 2012

    Glad he is showing his true self. Hope the public has their eyes open to this jerk

  172. sshon September 27, 2012

    hahahahahahah You American ……. hahahaha You have no choice you have to VOTE one of this,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  173. Mike Allred October 1, 2012

    George W. Bush’s tragic presidency should have taught us that it is never a good idea to elect a president that has never known what it’s like to have to be at work on Monday morning.Romney eaned his money the “old fashioned” way;he inherited it.
    He really does not care about the americans who have to work for a living.That concept is so foreign to him that he just cannot relate.If you are an American who has to work for a l iving,you had better vote for Barack Obama.
    Mike Allred

    1. Eleanor November 17, 2012

      Obama has never held a 9-5 job, so he sure cannot relate to the common man. His positions have all been bought by Sosos, Chicago Thugs, David Axelrod’s thuggery, and Communist/Marzist believing people, so he certainly cannot relate to me. I’ve socialized with the “Rich” white people and black people and find they are as human as I and appreciate the fact that I work for a living, I was never made to feel as if I was inferior to them. Obama has a look of arrogance when he looks down his nose at his adoring supporters, but they can’t see that, They are still mesmerized by the poor black man they voted into office. Poor, my ass, why was he paying taxes on over a million above his prez salary, and he ain’t rich, too and relates to common working man????Jeeze people are so blindsided by BHO they attack anything or anyone in his path.

  174. jjrjon October 1, 2012

    “Kiss My Ass” is the new Republican Presidential War Cry. If you can’t or don’t want to answer a question just say “Kiss My Ass”.

  175. seethroughurlies October 8, 2012

    Wow! Just goes to show the true heart of Wacky Willard and his minions.

  176. geoelb October 9, 2012

    Look who’s calling Obama un-presidential. What a jerk~!!

  177. scp1957 October 9, 2012

    “Contempt toward the press is an important aspect of this attitude. For most of the campaign so far, Romney has pursued a media strategy that has become increasingly typical of Republican presidential candidates: Speak with Fox News and avoid the rest of the national press corps.”

    Pardon me, but President Obama has been dodging the national press corps since he took office. Reading from a teleprompter certainly doesn’t qualify as engagement. His contacts have otherwise been confined to softball “interviews” with TV “personalities”.

    I’m no admirer of Romney, but the One’s shine has long since lost its luster.

  178. OLD NAVY VET October 9, 2012


    1. thelonegunmanX October 11, 2012

      it could potentially be just 4

  179. Giblets Fatback. October 11, 2012

    Ya gotta love a man like Romney who can piss off the press so deeply. I’d like to answer those questions for him.

    “no, left my gaffs at home till I go fishing again”

    “I understand all my gaffes were greatly appreciated, especially by reporters”

    “what’s so magical about 3 questions?”

    “I haven’t seen any Palestinians. Have you?”

  180. code October 12, 2012

    We need a “show-us-your-taxes” movement like the birthers did to Obama. And keep up the pressure; don’t let up!

  181. WillH October 15, 2012

    I think this is fascinating. Recent presidents have started with around 40% of US citizens believing everything they say. It took Bush about six years to really begin losing the trust of his base. Obama has lied far more than Bush did. Every time he says he created millions of jobs, that is a lie. He has lost more jobs than he created. ‘Created or saved?’ Orwellian lie. The economy creates and loses about 200,000 jobs a month. Barry only counts the jobs ‘created’ while ignoring the jobs lost. When he says he is for individual rights, while raiding California doctors who distribute medicinal pot, that is a lie. When he says he is for free trade while continually sacrificing trade and jobs to shore up union support, that is a lie. When he blames the policies of George W, after having changed none of them and just tripled down on Keynesian massive government spending ‘stimulus’ economics(Bush had three such plans), that is a lie. We can’t keep giving our presidents six years of lying.

    1. nobsartist October 17, 2012

      You top the President in your one paragraph of drivel. In fact I will bet that you voted for the AWOL cuke head that lied us into 2 wars, was convicted of war crimes and tried to bankrupt our country, twice.

  182. nobsartist October 17, 2012

    willard treats everyone that works for a living like that. So do all of his supporters like the kochs. you see, willard is a spoiled racist John Birch Society supporter.

  183. diablostruth October 18, 2012

    A republican is a republican, no matter if they say they are a different type than the last one. The G.O.P. has always supported and been supported by the Oil Industry. Thats why gas pricies in Cali. are 1.30 a gal. on ave. more than in the mid-west. There are a lot of electorial votes at stake in Cali. and by the way gas was not even near 1.86 a gal. when Barack took office, but it was in the low 2.00 pus range. Of course another political ploy by the oil co. to get you to vote Republican as they brought the price down right before the 2008 vote, as it was 5.oo a gal. just a few months before the elections. It doesn’t matter what Mitt has to say to any reporters as most of what he says are lies. That is the only way the republicans can get into office, because not many people are down for the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer plan ecept for the rich. Have you ever noticed that all rep. pres. canidates are rich. Certainlly not middle, or low class,but they insist that the know how the poor feel and they will help us out of our bad sittiuation that they created. It’s too bad most people can’t remember much past 6 mos. as that is what politicians rely on. So wake up people use your own head not the spoon fed info. by the federally controlled media. By the way I don’t think Baracks done a supper job either, but he did have a tough task and he is the lesser of the 2 evils, which always seems to be the case at pres. election time. Sorry about the misspells but I’m to busy for spell check.

  184. Fran October 19, 2012

    Mitt is showing what he is really is on the inside..that narcissistic personality..that he has..what is that saying..that whatever is hidden will come out to the light..I predicted that by the middle of October..he was going to have a really rough time..up through December..that is because of so many things…he has sent so many jobs over to China..and he loves to fire people…and for each person he gets $20,000 for each head…he and his dear wife is just about money…and no matter how they make it..they don’t care…anything about the american people just themselves…and wait till he loses the election…you will not believe his mouth, believe me…I have said…that Obama, will win the election…so, far…my predictions are true…I appreciate Joel’s comment …and agoffe and the rest of the comments on this page..these are people that can see through people..and that mask he wears is coming off…I have called him the “Mask Man”…with several personalities..can’t never tell which Mitt you will see each day.

    1. ASSSC720 October 21, 2012

      Fran, I guess you would prefer this record;

      The Obama Economy
      The economy is and was what this election is all about.
      The Obama record is dismal. He did not prevent a depression; there would not have been one. We were in a bad recession that ended in June 2009. What did not happen was a robust recovery. Here is his “Economic Record”.
      Employment Growth: 1.9 million (139.9 million average employed 2009 – 141.8 million average employed 2012)
      23 Million Unemployed or Underemployed
      $4500 Drop in Household Income
      GDP Growth: 2012 1.3% (2009 – -3.53%, 2010 – 3.02%, 2011 – 1.7%)
      $5.5 Trillion of New Debt
      100% Increase in Gas Prices
      Four more years of this? Your kidding right!
      Now look at Foreign Policy – The wheels came off the bus or maybe it is just not “Optimal”.

  185. Suzana J O'Malley October 21, 2012

    CCONservative Teabagging Repukes= Insanity and ARE America’s Taliban.
    Need confirmation? Look at their comments.

  186. ridemybroom October 24, 2012

    speak for yourselves….im not voting for romney and had no intentions to do so …not this day, nor this time, or ever !….i saw what he was like from the debates in the rep party and i still think they would like to see him lose this election….those in the tea party seem to see him as something else…what i dont know …maybe a tea leave reader or just maybe an ass kisser…whatever he is …as i like to call him…a tax invader and a scam artist…and anyone who saw that disgusting look on his face in the last debate ….why in hell would you vote for someone like this to begin with…what are you thinking …do you live so far off jump street you have to vote for someone like this…he is one arrogant bastard….and he needs to be disposed of…

  187. kbcab October 30, 2012

    Don’t you just love the left-wing media , if nothing else they are consistent…

  188. zeldaq October 30, 2012

    the election of GWB should have taught us all a lesson about the GOP. to all you people who will be fooled by the GOP, and vote for romney, and ryan, your thanks will be the ending of SS medicare, medicaid, higher taxes, lower wages, loss of womens reproductive health care. and possibly more of our sons and daughters sent off to war. of course the romney’s won’t go to any battle zone, but your family will.
    everyone should really check romney’s speeches and promises before cast a vote.

  189. JOAQUIM November 1, 2012

    Listen to this guy: This is a holy site, show some respect. Kiss my ass. Shove it!

  190. JOAQUIM November 1, 2012

    isn’t BB a teacher? That’s what they tech in Texas!

  191. KartofflMuter November 1, 2012

    I liked his latest one that left my husband with his mouth open. “So,whe’re packing up these cans and putting them in boxes so we can send them to…New Jersey isn’t it? ”
    Hey Romney-should we get you the map real quick??

    1. Eleanor November 17, 2012

      Where has BHO been after his photo-op, promising he would be sure that everyone was taken care of, and many are still cold, hungry, ill, needing meds, I can go on and on, but BHO has been visibly absent. Guess it is not a good photo-op, like being on Leno or Letterman is. Just sayin’ Mitt gave a million to Red Cross, have not heard about any Dems. giving anything at all, Oh well Obama won either by people’s choice or by fraud, It is there, so we need to unite and get rid of the racism, hatred, class warfare. We are the United States of America, let’s behave like it and try to improve our status in the world once again.

  192. truthisreal November 1, 2012

    Romneys entitlement views have convinced him that his poop smells good…and the 47% can eat his poop because they are not worthy to be listened too

  193. Ronnie Patrick November 3, 2012

    Obama will win case closed.

  194. Ronnie Patrick November 3, 2012

    obama will win case closed.

  195. Thomas Georgetown November 4, 2012

    I have another take on it. Romney is the candidate who has actually run a business and knows how to create jobs. BO only has ever spent others’ money and seem completely like a failed community organizer advanced up to be completely out of his league. I say retire him and let him spend it traveling our ’58’ states. 🙂 That will keep him busy trying to find those extra ones he thinks there are.

  196. cwalter911 November 5, 2012

    Let us see if the American public has learned its lesson from Bush and gives Romney the pink slip. After all he likes to fire people. May the public should fire him?

    Statements like, “kiss my ass…” demonstrate that money does not equal to class. What I have wittnessed is a candidate that is ignorant, crass and vulgar.

  197. nobsartist November 8, 2012

    Hey willard the rat-


    Now go home.

    Wherever that is.

    I heard its nice in Hangzou, plus you can spend the money you have stashed in China.

  198. eazye4 November 8, 2012

    Romney wanted to be the steward of American taxes yet he hides his wealth in tax havens in the Caribbean islands & Switzerland. Romney has some guts wanting to be the president of these the United States and did the unpatriotic thing of hiding his money in off shore banks to evade taxes in the United States. Romney only pays 14% taxes here in America, and maybe none for at least 5 years while we the 47%ers have to pay between 17 to 20% on our earned retirement funds and paychecks. Even though small we also have to pay tax at the same rate when we our income file taxes at the end of the year on the interest earned on money we have in the bank even though we already paid taxes on it. People were thinking on these things before entering the voting booth and did not vote for him and Paul Ryan who wants to turn our earned benefits into a voucher system!!!!!

    1. Eleanor November 17, 2012

      Well, maybe Romney could have stopped foreign aid to the muslims who delight in killing Americans. Romney lost we are one country. Like it or not. The repubs as well as the Dems are not going anywhere, so STFU.

  199. Khamfonh November 9, 2012

    America is broke. Too many lazy people don’t want to work, but they are waiting for the free checks every month from terrorist sympathizer, communist bastard, narcissistic and egotistic imposter. Come on man! keep borrowing more moneys and keep printing more moneys and give out more money to 47 millions people on welfare every month and they will vote for you every time. Sooner or later America is going to change the name to Democratic Republic People of America (DRPA). When 1 dollar is equal 1 peso then America is not going to have anymore election. It is new world order: the rich become the poor; the poor become the rich; the weak becomes the strong and the strong becomes the weak; the master becomes the slave and the slave becomes the master. The earth will be roaming by the evils and devils who devour the human flesh because they have the greed of Power, Money, and Sex. Human species are declined and influenced by illusions and delusions.

    1. Elisabeth Gordon November 13, 2012

      Wow dude, I’d definetely seek some help were I you….or at least put down that pitcher of kool-aid….I honestly feel sorry for you, but there is an organization in the south that would welcome you with open arms….can you say “KKK”?

      1. Eleanor November 17, 2012

        Racist. I don’t call Obama names, but I certainly do not like what is happening to our countrymen. I have lived through and voted in MANY elections, but this has been the most hated, devided, vile, atacking, acusing, racist, fearmongering, campaign I have ever witnessed. First it is because one has money, next, he was a bully at 18, he lies about his taxes, he and his sons are draftdodgers, when we have not had the draft for years. Other side, he is not American born, he spends too much, he lies, associates with Communists/Marzists. Did drugs in college, has no experience (true, community and 180+days as senator) etc. etc. Neither one could run on a record. Mitt’s was company orientated. BHO’s was a failure to deliver on promises. tho he did deliver one. He promised the USA would be changed into something we never knew, and we are quickly getting there, and may be there at the end of another four years.

  200. bucktoui November 12, 2012

    Yep, Romney got what he had done; karma rule always work sooner or later.

  201. Nina Bartoletta November 13, 2012

    Kiss my ass, eh? Romney was and always will be nothing but a cocky, arrogant, very stupid jerk. He never deserved the presidency, our respect, nothing. Glad he is back on Kolob where he belongs. Forever.

  202. Diane Ribbentrop November 13, 2012

    Its Mitts contempt & dismissal of 47 % of Americans as takers / victims & his refusal to stand up for any position and to denounce people like Birther Trump & Rush ‘s vile comments about women. That’s what really infuriates people . Fact is Red states ‘take ‘ much more than Blue states They get most in tax dollars . Far right followers – Bible belt gets MOST Taxpayer paid assistance. Fox has NO journalists They have far right hacks who get paid millions to spread misinformation Never the whole story Just revised twisted history .

  203. Diane Ribbentrop November 13, 2012

    You Baggers- far right fans never learn Still same old Vile names, smearing Obama Blocking everything for 4 yrs. And GOP vows to make Obama fail
    Thats an elitist arrogant attitude Just like MITT dismissing 1/2 of Americans as takers when fact is MITTS Base ( Red states ) get the MOST tax dollars Blue states get less. So much of MItts base are takers / bums By your definition . Thats why MITT / GOP LOST !

    1. Eleanor November 17, 2012

      No one has to help an inept person fail, they do it just great all alone, or with their minions. The election is over when is the hatred racism going to go away. We are America, let’s work together as United we stand, Devided we fall. We are quickly getting there, I fear. Both parties are to blame. No one is perfect, at least not politicians.

  204. Danny Ballard November 14, 2012

    No, you guys kiss President Obama ass…ha ha ha ha!.

  205. Goose November 17, 2012

    What did you expect from a ‘Vulture Capitalist.’

  206. Annette Palmer November 21, 2012

    That’s how main stream media treated him when he was campaigning so that’s what they get.

  207. william jackson November 22, 2012

    seems funny you whites and some blacks knows what mitt romney is about, and you stil want him
    to be president, anything anybody, just to get obama out, most of you guys are showing what you
    about a black president, it is not his policys, but more the volor of his skin, theres no other reason
    some of u peoples realy shows you’re color side, you and i and others has got remember things
    changes for the better, but skin color doesn,t real f+”<k ing pitful , this day and age, racist agendas
    skin color, some where i read , it said love one another, wonder what happen to that statement.

  208. Isaac Schneider November 22, 2012

    Journalists who aren’t objective, are propaganda spoke-holes. Anything they got, they spun negatively. EVERY time. A good reporter doesn’t reveal their bias.

    Curious..the head anchors over at NBC ABC quit because network owners wanted them to politically slant stories….hmmmmmmm

  209. Ed November 23, 2012

    “Cannot cope with unscripted questions”. He joins a long line of the GOP candidagte, from Reagan to Palin.

  210. Hugh W Buckingham November 25, 2012

    A good little Momon is Romney, who in a fit of chagrinned rage utters “Kiss my ass.” Talk about Romney’s ass. Ha. There is nothing tighter than Romney’s ass in a prison shower room.

  211. Hugh W Buckingham November 27, 2012

    Romney’s true color has been shining brightly post-election DEFEAT. Get a life! You got manhandled…beaten…whipped…. Essentially the good majority of voters just did not like you. Look at it as an unappreciative stake. You cannot be such a shifty, switcheroo, say this one day and say that another. And, to think you were the best of the pathetic lot of Republicooties. Don’t hear much from Carl Rover these days…only Grober Norcurst, the stuffy little beared man…of does he just not shave?

    1. Will Hayes November 27, 2012

      I feel the same way about Obama. Very few people turned out for him either, but less showed up for Romney, who tried to go as far left as Obama. The Republican primaries had the highest turn out in history. Republicans will never win without the Libertarian and tea party vote.

  212. Ronnie L November 29, 2012

    I’m asking. Where do the GOPers go from here? It appears they have not learned a damn thing from the election and are commited to going over the”Fiscal cliff” and taking the majority of Americans with them.

  213. gloria December 12, 2012

    Uh….why is this news? Is he the President of the US? Is this the twilight zone? Why do we care whether he ever opens his mouth to say anything else again; it was all lies and malapropisms before; what – you were expecting, maybe, something different – intelligent even?
    Get real! You guys are such masochists, and Romney gets a secret pleasure out of the fact that you’re trailing in behind him asking for a quote – to what end?
    At this juncture, with so many more things going on on the Obama-front, let’s use the time to bolster and cover the good the President is doing, not how many ways you can vetch over mitt-twit Romney.

  214. Canistercook March 4, 2013

    Guess you have run short of things to write about!


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