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Latino GOP Organization President Rips Trump’s DACA Decision: ‘It’s Insulting And Sad’

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Latino GOP Organization President Rips Trump’s DACA Decision: ‘It’s Insulting And Sad’

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Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.


Shortly after Attorney General Jeff Sessions broke the news that Trump would be ending the “Dreamers” program, also known as Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Alfonso Aguilar appeared on CNN to voice his disgust.

“It’s insulting and sad,” said the president of Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles. “If the goal of the President of the United States is to deal with ‘heart,’ as he said, with DACA recipients, then the president failed miserably.”

Aguilar contends that the original implementation of DACA was not constitutional, but that today’s action was an inhumane solution.

“If you care about them, the president should make a commitment to support permanent status to DACA recipients and ensure that Congress passes legislation,” Aguilar said. “It’s not enough to punt to Congress and say it’s your responsibility, it’s a legislative responsibility.”

Watch the full segment here.


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  1. dpaano September 6, 2017

    Trump doesn’t understand that although he “punts” this to the Congress to settle for him….if it goes wrong, he’s the one to blame, not the Congress! He’s just up to his tricks of trying to divest himself of any blame for his actions or the consequences of them! We all know, however, where the blame lies if this doesn’t get settled and these American children are kicked out of the only country that they know.

  2. Thoughtopsy September 6, 2017

    He just wants leverage to get his wall.
    That’s all.
    He has no concept of suffering or understanding of empathy. He’s just worked out that if he removes DACA then he thinks the Democrats will grant him concessions on his wall and stupid immigration changes to save the children he’s just thrown to the wolves.
    He has not considered how bad tearing good hard working people from their families will look… and he has not considered that the Democrats may refuse to deal, because it would be political suicide for them to agree to the wall…

    To him, the destruction of 800,000 peoples’ lives is simply a retarded bargaining chip and a bonus round of red meat to the shrinking moronic bunch of knuckle-draggers that worship him.

    1. FireBaron September 7, 2017

      His narcissistic megalomania will never allow him to have empathy with anyone.

    2. InformedVoter September 7, 2017

      What about the 240,000 DACA “kids” who have violent criminal records? Do you favor allowing them amnesty?

      1. JPHALL September 9, 2017

        As usual you are full of sh-t! To become and remain in DACA you cannot have a criminal record. Get some real info sometime.

        1. InformedVoter September 10, 2017

          Sorry jp, but you are mistaken (what else is new). There are hundreds of cases of DACA “kids” who have committed murders and rapes. The number quoted for having committed violent crimes is 30% of the DACA “kids”. You do the math!
          Just like you’re not supposed to be on government assistance and be a DACA “kid”, but the number there is 40% on some form of public assistance.
          Just because they’re on the DACA list doesn’t mean they haven’t committed violent crimes. How many collect unemployment and claim they actually looked for work, yet they didn’t and they still are on the rolls.
          Grow up. A little truth goes a long way. Why would these illegals not commit crimes at the same rate the non-DACA “kids” do? Duh? Of course you’ll only believe the FAKE MSM sob stories that ALL the DACA “kids” are working and paying taxes.


          1. JPHALL September 10, 2017

            I understand that simple truth is hard for you to comprehend. By definition, once you get a criminal record, you are no longer covered by DACA. That is right, once a criminal you no longer qualify for the program and are kicked off. Where do you get you information and statistics? Limgbaugh? Hannity? Jones? Or do you just make it up as you go? Sad!!

          2. InformedVoter September 11, 2017

            Sorry jp, but you demonstrate your naivety. Yes, the “kid” should be removed upon committing a crime, but they weren’t. They should have been removed when they agreed to accept government financial assistance, but they weren’t.
            If I recall, you earlier claimed that you had to produce picture ID to vote and thus voter fraud didn’t occur.
            I proved that in MI, that HilLIARy got as many as 100,000 illegal votes.
            OK, now it turns out that over 6000 MA residents, after voting in MA, went to NH and, producing their MA driver’s license, voted in NH too! This is just like your FAKE claim that if the “kids” committed a crime, they would no longer be DACA eligible.
            So, you can quote “your definition” all you wish, but the reality does not follow the definition. Grow up!

          3. JPHALL September 11, 2017

            As always, what are the sources for your statements? Since you give none, you must have made them up also as usual.

          4. InformedVoter September 12, 2017

            Sorry jp, but you just love to demonstrate how poorly informed you truly are. The only thing you’ve posted that’s correct is that there have been thousands of DACA “kids” removed for committing violent crimes. The problem is that most who have committed the violent crimes have not been caught or tried yet.
            The FAKE MSM is hiding the truth, just as they did with their FAKE polls leading up to the election. You would think that you lefties would have learned your lesson.


          5. JPHALL September 12, 2017


          6. InformedVoter September 13, 2017

            Sorry jp, but you just can’t handle the truth! You are still in self-denial that HilLIARy and the Dems lost the vision and forgot about the working class and middle class voters.
            Bernie made those statements and indicated that the Dems should be embarrassed. He further added that the Dems focused on who was using what bathroom and ignored what was important to the working class and middle class voters.

            You low information sheep, who believed that HilLIARy was leading in the polls, just can’t handle the truth.

            Thus, POORly informed jp, it is you who are in self-denial.

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 9, 2017

    Will the Latino community leaders of thought ever get the message that Trump has the OK to wreak havoc on the lives of Latinos? Those Latinos who are members of the GOP must be incredibly thick not to have realized that the GOP never had their best interests in mind—just seeing them as political cannon fodder to push an agenda which benefits a small segment of American society. Did they think that Donald’s smearing of the Latino population would just slide away like hot butter off a knife, with no lasting effects??


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