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Lewandowski Isn’t The Only Trump Employee Who Can’t Speak Out

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Lewandowski Isn’t The Only Trump Employee Who Can’t Speak Out

Corey Lewandowski appears on CNN's "OutFront" to comment on the Republican nominee's potential VP choices.

If you work for Donald Trump and don’t watch what you say, chances are you will be sued.

Employees for the presumptive Republican nominee’s business empire must sign strict non-disclosure agreements that prohibit them from revealing confidential or disparaging information. What that includes, though, is up to Trump himself.

According to copies of non-disclosure agreements obtained by the Associated Press, Trump employees may not publicly release information “of a private, proprietary or confidential nature or that Mr. Trump insists remain private or confidential,” both during and after their employment.

But it doesn’t stop at business, and it doesn’t stop at The Donald himself. Employees are also prohibited from making disparaging comments on “any member of Mr. Trump’s family, including but not limited to, Mr. Trump’s spouse, each of Mr. Trump’s children and grandchildren and their respective spouses,” according to the agreement.

As the Trump Empire enters the world of politics, the same goes for campaign employees.

These aggressive policies most recently drew scrutiny when newly-minted CNN political analyst Corey Lewandowski — formerly, Trump’s campaign manager — lost a $1.2 million book deal from HarperCollins after refusing to show the publisher the specifics of his NDA.

HarperCollins was one of several organizations that expressed concerns over how much Lewandowski would be able to say openly about Trump.

Indeed, Lewandowski told Erin Burnett, during his very first appearance as a paid commentator on CNN, that he had signed a document that meant he would have to keep information confidential — but that he would also “tell it like it is.” That contradiction was heightened when Lewandowski refused to disclose what exactly he was not allowed to disclose.

Lewandowski’s case is the latest in a long history of secrecy. While Trump has boasted before about the lack of unauthorized disclosures about his businesses, his campaign, and himself, that’s because he has done a lot to ensure that those who speak out are punished.

As per the confidentiality agreements, Trump — and others protected by his lawyers — may choose to settle disputes regarding unauthorized disclosures through arbitration, meaning that the disputes themselves remain out of court and out of the public eye.

Photo: Corey Lewandowski appears on CNN’s “OutFront” to comment on the Republican nominee’s potential VP choices.



  1. Joan July 1, 2016

    Strange that CNN did not inquire into the specifics of that agreement. Surely they did not expect their new political consultant to “tell it like it is” without saying anything disparaging about the GOP’s nominee for President or his family. Do they also expect Corey to be ” fair and impartial when covering Mrs. Clinton? What exactly does this relative political novice bring to the table if he cannot dish on the Trump? The bar for consultant and expert is set lower and lower every year.

    1. dpaano July 1, 2016

      So much for “free speech” if Trump is nominated!!! We’ll be kept in the dark about EVERYTHING that is going on with our government! Hell, he won’t even produce his tax returns and says it’s none of the American people’s business…..and it definitely is our business since we’re the ones who are actually going to be “hiring” him (heaven forbid)!!!

      1. Teresalrichardson3 July 2, 2016


  2. Thomas Martin July 1, 2016

    Keep all these Trump bozos off the air. Ridiculous.

  3. dpaano July 1, 2016

    I would NEVER work for someone that makes you sign this type if ridiculous statement. I totally understand confidentiality about certain things, but this is above and beyond! Is this what Trump is planning to do when (and if) he gets into the White House? Is he going to swear EVERYONE to secrecy……what happened to “transparency” in our government? Apparently, that will be out the window if he’s made president! Also, choosing Newt as his VP would only make that even worse since Newt is the one that caused the major split between the parties when he was the Speaker that has continued to this day and is the main reason why the Democrats and Republicans no longer work together in the House, the Senate, etc. Between the two of them, the American public will NEVER know what’s going on! This just smacks of someone trying to keep important things out of the hands of the people who elected them and pay their salaries!!! It stinks!


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