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Louisiana Debate Erupts Against Vitter: ‘You Are A Liar, And You Are A Cheater’

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Louisiana Debate Erupts Against Vitter: ‘You Are A Liar, And You Are A Cheater’


Sparks were flying at the hottest debate in the country Tuesday night — and it wasn’t the Republican presidential contest.

The real action was in Louisiana, where Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter and Democratic state House Minority Leader John Bel Edwards seriously ripped into each other. The big topic was Edwards’ new TV ad, which contrasted the Democrat’s service in the Army Rangers with Vitter’s notorious involvement in the “D.C. Madam” prostitution scandal — declaring that Vitter “chose prostitutes over patriots” when he neglected his official duties.

“You act holier than thou, ‘Oh, we don’t do negative campaigning,’ when in fact you have the most vicious negative ad up right now, that veterans have been offended by and asked you to take down,” Vitter said. (His campaign initially responded to the ad with a statement from a veteran supporting him.) “And somehow you have nothing to do with the trial lawyer PAC that has been running negative campaigns in the millions of dollars for months. I mean, isn’t that just completely disingenuous — somehow you have nothing to do with that.

Then, Vitter challenged Edwards’ own patriotism and military honor: “You’re not living by the honor code, John Bel — you’re living by the lawyers’ code, trying to parse words and create technicalities that don’t exist.”

During his rebuttal, Edwards responded: “With respect to the negative ad — if it’s a low blow, it’s only because that’s where you live, senator. It’s 100-percent truthful. The fact of the matter is, you didn’t say it was untrue. You want me to take it down because you don’t like it. I understand that you don’t like it — it hits you where you live.”

The key exchange beings at just after the 54:30 mark below:

Vitter said that he wasn’t objecting to the ad — veterans were.

Edwards shot back: “Hundreds of veterans have contacted me, and they wanted to know that you were missing out on your public performance of your duties in Congress, in order to engage in those extra-curricular activities that you don’t want to admit to… You will say anything at any time. You are unconstrained by the truth, you are unconstrained by the law.”

When Vitter again accused Edwards of not living by the honor code, Edwards said: “With respect to the honor code, senator, the last part of it is, ‘I will not tolerate those who do’ [violate it]. You are a liar, and you are a cheater, and you are a stealer, and I don’t tolerate that.”



  1. prsteve11 November 11, 2015

    Edwards was sure mean-spirited in this debate.

    1. Mr Corrections November 11, 2015

      Nonsense. Vitter deserves far worse than to be called by names he has fully earned.

      1. prsteve11 November 11, 2015

        And so does Edwards – the grubby guy that he is.

        1. Mr Corrections November 11, 2015

          I know nothing about him, but there’s nothing wrong with calling out a genuine liar and cheat – such as Vitter – in public. Edwards is an Army veteran, and Vitter’s treatment of veterans was cavalier at best; I wouldn’t blame Edwards for being genuinely mad at Vitter, and I wouldn’t call that mean-spirited.

        2. DAK27 November 12, 2015

          Oh my. Did someone speaking the truth hurt your feelings? Too bad, so sad. In the grown-up world where politics should live, if you lie cheat and steal why is it wrong to be called a liar, a cheat and a thief? They are all true statements and as they say, the truth hurts.

          1. prsteve11 November 12, 2015

            The only thing that I’ve heard that Vitter ‘cheated’ about was a personal detail in his marriage. I haven’t heard of a bunch of lying or stealing. What Edwards is doing is wrong to go after someone on their personal life. And it may well backfire because he’s being so sanctimonious about it.

          2. johninPCFL November 12, 2015

            “Personal detail in his marriage”? Isn’t prostitution illegal in your area? Isn’t lying to law enforcement illegal in your area?

          3. prsteve11 November 12, 2015

            When did he lie to law enforcement. And as far as prostitution is concerned, get real. How many Democrats thought Clinton should have been prosecuted for the far more serious crime of perjury?

          4. oldtack November 12, 2015

            Clinton was a liar (Lewinsky) and a cheat (on his wife) . I supported him in his two elections but I still see him as a liar and a cheat because that is what he was. Hopefully he has made contrition but I want him to show me by his actions – not empty words..

    2. Alana November 11, 2015

      Mean spirited to point out that Vitter is a liar, a cheat and a hypocrite? Did Vitter defend those accusations? No, because they are facts … How the people of LA can take him seriously, is beyond belief. #diaper-man

      1. prsteve11 November 11, 2015

        No he was just mean. You don’t call someone a liar, cheater and thief to their face and expect the people watching to not see you as a dirty guy.

        1. Mr Corrections November 12, 2015

          What if that guy IS a liar, cheater, and thief (and is wearing adult diapers)? I’m just asking, because it turns out Vitter is a liar, cheater, and thief, and is also known to wear diapers.

          1. prsteve11 November 12, 2015

            So you aren’t willing to forgive someone’s past?

          2. kentallard November 12, 2015

            I forgive the past up to hypocrisy on such a vast scale that it involves wearing diapers with a hooker, seeking an abortion for a girl friend, and committing adultery, while trying to pass himself off as a family values conservative who promotes legislating the morality of others. Vitters is a special case, a person so odious as to defy comprehension, a fiend who passes himself off as a moral Christian.

          3. Mr Corrections November 12, 2015

            Plus if you’re supposed to forgive people, then why not start by forgiving Edwards, who has committed the far less serious – in fact, non-existent – offence of being rude to someone who deserved it?

          4. Mr Corrections November 12, 2015

            What does that have to do with anything?

            Sorry, but Vitter not only lost that debate, but deserved everything he got.

          5. prsteve11 November 12, 2015

            He didn’t lose the debate – just because Edwards didn’t have good manners doesn’t mean he won the debate.

          6. Mr Corrections November 12, 2015

            Wrong, and irrelevant.

          7. jmprint November 13, 2015

            When you want to impose your ideology beliefs against adult American women tax payers of sound mind that can make decisions on whether they want to abort a fetus or acquire birth control, you better be walking Jesus ‘walk, or shut up.

        2. jmprint November 13, 2015

          Sometimes the TRUTH hurts. But when YOU judge, YOU will be judged. Those that live in a glass house shouldn’t be throwing stones.

          1. prsteve11 November 13, 2015

            John Edwards is the one doing the judging.

          2. jmprint November 13, 2015

            No sir the whole GOP are the ones doing the judging. They are paid to legislate laws that help ALL Americans, ie, infrastructure, job creation or tax overhaul. They are not paid to mingle with the religious cult, or get into people’s bedrooms and dictate who should sleep with who.

  2. 1Zoe55 November 12, 2015

    This Vitter, a so-called pro-life candidate, wanted his girlfriend to have an abortion when she revealed she was pregnant. How’s that for hypocrisy. Close Planned Parenthood because of the abortions performed there, but when it’s your friend on the side you then want abortion. It’s not like Vitter and his wife don’t have children. No, Vitter, you were found out and you should be called out for your sickening behavior. No more “let’s move on” mantra.

  3. DAK27 November 12, 2015

    Its about time someone grew a pair and told those self-righteous GOP idiots exactly what it means to say one thing and do another. What it means when you lie, cheat and steal to enhance your own political career. When you don’t care about the journey, only the end result and when you only serve the 1% (and yourself) instead of The People.

  4. kentallard November 12, 2015

    Gimme some more of this approach to dealing with sociopathic hustlers hiding behind the hem of Jesus’ robe and fictitious military members.

  5. Bill November 12, 2015

    Only the GOP could accuse someone of doing what they do, only difference is these adds are true.

  6. oldtack November 12, 2015

    Vitter did what many if not most of these philanders do. When he was caught he “confessed” the errors of his way and asked for and received “forgiveness ” From God -amen. God has forgiven me and now I am above reproach from Mankind and his CRUEL words.
    B S – If you are a cheater,girlfriend”, a liar, to his wife and church, and to his constituents on his “stand against abortion” then have enough intestinal fortitude to stand up, admit your “sins” and get on with your life and job. Your may seek forgiveness from you wife and you may seek and receive forgiveness from your “GOD”. But be a man with your constituents. Admit your “sins” and work hard to regain their trust in you as a person.

  7. jmprint November 13, 2015

    Oh great another adulterer, in the christian cult realm, wanting to throw stones. I think the church that sponsored him as a speaker, needs to pay taxes. Politics need to stay out of churches.


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