Greene Touts Her 'Common Ground' With Anti-Semite Farrakhan

Greene Touts Her 'Common Ground' With Anti-Semite Farrakhan

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who repeatedly has used Nazi and Holocaust rhetoric and has been labeled antisemitic on Monday declared she has found "common ground" with the hate group Nation of Islam, founded by the far right wing extremist, anti-LGBTQ activist, and anti-semite Louis Farrakhan.

The Georgia GOP congresswoman in a series of tweets discussing her recent visit to a Washington, D.C. jail to support January 6 defendants claimed the "DC Jail offered Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam newspaper." She posted an article that claims Ivermectin, a horse dewormer that is also used to treat lice infestations in humans has been "overwhelmingly successful" in treating COVID-19, which is false and a lie.

Promoting dangerous anti-science extremism, Greene says she "found out that the Nation of Islam sees the use and benefit of Ivermectin and is very angry that our media, Democrats, and Dr Fauci have attacked the drug and refuse to save people's lives by not promoting it and shunning the use of it. We have common ground there."

Noting "more common ground" with the hate group, Greene says the "Nation of Islam is also strongly against the #COVID19 vaccines," and "the Nation of Islam is very against children being given the #COVID19 vaccines."

"More common ground," she tweets, promoting an advertisement and article from that paper. "Children should NOT be taking covid vaccines, as all data shows they are hardly at risk."

That's false. Greene is not a doctor, scientist of any kind, immunologist, or virologist, and has no medical training. Children are "hardly at risk" for polio yet to ensure the disease remains wiped out they are vaccinated against it.

Citing the extremist religious hate group Greene declares "we MUST ensure that Religious Exemptions are allowed for Vaccine Mandates."

Courts across the country have refused to support religious exemptions for vaccines. No major organized religion formally supports religious exemptions from vaccines. In fact, Pope Francis has called for the world to be vaccinated, calling it an "act of love."

Greene's support for the Nation of Islam goes just so far. She defends January 6 defendants by declaring "the Nation of Islam newspaper was not found in the Patriot Wing with the J6 defendants."

"Most of them have Bibles and pray and do Bible study daily," she claimed.

She did not stop there, attacking the media as well:

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