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Fascism is coming back to Europe. The ideology of authoritarian nationalism has seen a resurgence as far-right, anti-immigrant parties have captured a disconcerting number of votes in recent European elections. The shocking video above, showing a politician from Greece’s neo-Nazi “Golden Dawn” party as he assaulted two left-wing women on television two weeks ago, is only the most recent example.

Here are some other examples of the nasty political movements that have thrived amidst the failed policies of austerity. (Hint: They don’t like Jews, Roma, and other minorities.)

Hungary’s Conservatives Officially Celebrate Their Anti-Semitic WWII-era Leader

Shocked at efforts by right-wing politicians to rehabilitate dictator Miklós Horthy, who sent thousands of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz, Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel recently repudiated an award the Budapest government gave him in 2004.

The Villains Of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Continue To Gain Support In Swedish Parliament

Stieg Larsson, the the late author of the famous trilogy, wrote his thrillers to warn of creeping racism and a buried authoritarian streak beneath the placid Scandinavian snow. His books’ blockbuster success hasn’t stopped the rise of the “Swedish Democrats,” an anti-immigrant party that first sent members to parliament in 2010, and now is the third most popular party.

The “National Front” In France Win Their First Seats Since The 1980s

Want to dump the Euro, stop all immigration, and inveigh against the “Islamicization” of France? You now have representation in the French parliament, courtesy of National Front leader Marine Le Pen. 

This Dutch Rightist First Wanted To Take Down Islam; Now He Targets The Global Economy


Geert Wilders, the infamous Christian Union politician in the Netherlands whose anti-immigration and anti-Islam tirades have led to threats on his life, now wants to destroy the EU bailout fund.

Perhaps These Developments Shouldn’t Be Such A Big Surprise

Remember what happened the last time nasty and prolonged austerity was imposed on certain European states?

Other Places Where Politics Have Gone Absolutely Bonkers


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Jimmy Kimmel Discuss baby Formula Shortage

Image Via YouTube

Jimmy Kimmel opened by weighing in on the national shortage of baby formula, which has left many parents scrambling for solutions. “I don’t know – I’m sure the ivermectin and bleach people could figure this out for us,” Kimmel quipped. “Just mix you up some Gatorade and some baby powder, throw in some breakfast sausage and it blends it up real good, the baby should be fine."

He made sure to point out, however, the utter hypocrisy of our right-wing Supreme Court majority forcing women to have babies in times of massive economic insecurity. You know, like a freaking shortage of baby formula! But hey, it's all about worshipping the fetus and hating the actual child for these Taliban Republicans.

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