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Mexico President Cancels Trump Summit As Wall Taunt Deepens Spat

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Mexico President Cancels Trump Summit As Wall Taunt Deepens Spat

Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto

MEXICO CITY/PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – Mexico’s president on Thursday scrapped a planned summit with Donald Trump in the face of insistent tweets from the U.S. president demanding Mexico pay for a border wall, a deepening spat that threatens Mexican efforts to salvage trade ties.

However, the White House left open the door for a possible rapprochement. White House spokesman Sean Spicer said the United States was keeping open lines of communication with Mexico and looking to reschedule the meeting.

Taking a page out of Trump’s playbook, President Enrique Pena Nieto fired the salvo on Twitter, after Trump’s call for Mexico to foot the bill for his planned wall prompted a groundswell of calls in Mexico for next week’s meeting to be called off.

Trump said in a Twitter message earlier on Thursday that his Mexican counterpart should cancel his scheduled visit to Washington if Mexico refuses to pay for the wall that he has ordered constructed along the border. Trump views the wall, a major promise during his election campaign, as part of a package of measures to curb illegal immigration.

Mexico has long insisted it will not pay for the planned wall.

“We have informed the White House that I will not attend the working meeting planned for next Tuesday with @POTUS,” Pena Nieto tweeted. “Mexico reiterates its willingness to work with the United States to reach agreements that favor both nations.”

Trump, who took office last Friday, signed an executive order for construction of the wall on Wednesday, the same day that Mexico’s foreign minister held talks with Trump aides in the White House aimed at healing ties.

Relations have been frayed since Trump launched his campaign in 2015, characterizing Mexican migrants as murderers and rapists, and pledging to build a wall that he said Mexico would pay for.

Trade ties are in the balance after Trump vowed to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement and slap high tariffs on American companies that have moved jobs south of the border.

Mexico’s peso, which has fallen sharply against the U.S. dollar in the face of Trump’s stances on trade and immigration, extended losses to 1 percent after Pena Nieto fired off his tweet.

“The U.S. has a 60 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico. It has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of NAFTA with massive numbers… of jobs and companies lost. If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting,” Trump said in his Twitter message.


Leaders of the Republican-controlled U.S. Congress said on Thursday they planned to move ahead on funding the border wall, which they projected would cost between $12 billion and $15 billion. Trump said in an interview with ABC News on Wednesday evening that Mexico would eventually reimburse the United States for the wall.

“So we intend to address the wall issue ourselves and the president can deal with his relations with other countries,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said at a news conference in Philadelphia, where Republicans were holding a retreat.

Trump signed the executive orders, including one authorizing the planned wall, on Wednesday just as a Mexican delegation led by Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray arrived at the White House.

The timing caused outrage in Mexico, with prominent politicians and many on social media seeing at as a deliberate snub to the government’s efforts to engage with Trump, who has for months used Mexico as a political punching bag.

House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, asked if lawmakers were worried about the U.S. relationship with Mexico, said, “I think we’ll be fine.”

Trump ruffled feathers with Mexico from the start of the presidential campaign that led to his election victory on Nov. 8.

Former foreign minister Jorge Castaneda said the Mexican government should have canceled the planned summit earlier in the week, when it became clear that Trump was going to go ahead with measures to build the wall and clamp down on immigration.

“There is an atmosphere of crisis in the United States and it is going to last a long time. We are going to have to get used to living like this,” he said on Mexican radio.

(Reporting by Steve Holland in Philadelphia, Roberta Rampton, Doina Chiacu and Susan Heavey in Washington, Anahi Rama and Dave Graham in Mexico City; Editing by Simon Gardner and Frances Kerry)

IMAGE: Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto gestures as he delivers a message about foreign affairs at Los Pinos presidential residence in Mexico City, Mexico, January 23, 2017. REUTERS/Edgard Garrido



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 26, 2017

    OK—This is how you deal with Donald who is part bully and part impudent child, by telling him in clear terms that there is no sense in talking with an emotionally disturbed man.

    If any of us had to speak with an adult who insists on being a child, would we bother to do so? And this is the tact other leaders should take when dealing with Trump—ignore Trump and insist on speaking with the VP, or someone else who is capable of acting like an adult—although I don’t have confidence in Mike’s intellect. He seems to lack depth and perception as well.

    President Enrique Pena Nieto did the right thing by being the adult, leaving Trump to play in the sand box with Twitter and his marbles—the marbles that no longer are in his head.

    1. dpaano January 27, 2017

      The unfortunately thing is that most of his cronies, etc. are afraid of him!! Even member of Congress, especially those who will be up for re-election during the midterms in 2018, are afraid of what he would do to them if they had the audacity to talk back to him. He could ruin them for re-election in a heartbeat! We can only hope that people will see Trump and the GOP for what they are and elect Democrats to replace these idiots in 2018! If we could only gain back the majority in Congress, the Senate, or the House, we’d have a chance to stop much of what he’s trying to do!

      1. Jmz Nesky January 27, 2017

        Fact is, we are not the minority voters.. We do have a chance at regaining a good bit of sanity IF the minority of us will stop listening to the majority of them and get out and vote, if not for democrat then against a republican.. Forget third parties as they are there to split the majority democrats.. Go full democrat even if you don’t agree with some of their ideas because if the pubs win in 2018 they will think their unbeatable and even some weak minded dems will want to join the winning side. We as the majority political voters must stand together. I believe within this next year that what I’ve just said, what I’m pleading for will not be necessary.. Many, even on the other side will have a better idea of what this administration and congress is doing to all of us and our childrens futures.

    2. Independent1 January 28, 2017

      You got him pegged:

      The leaks coming out of the Trump White House cast the president as a clueless child

      Time and again, the image of Trump pushed by his “aides” is one of a clueless child — someone who acts on impulse, disregarding the better advice of people who know better. We know he needs to be managed or else he will say and do stupid things, the message seems to be. We’re working on it.


      And yet millions of Americans bought into a con job perpetrated on them by a man with the mind of a child.

      1. dpaano January 30, 2017

        I know children who are more intelligent than he is and behave better!!! I think it’s time for Congress to give him a “time out!”

  2. I of John January 27, 2017

    Let’s see now, we’ve insulted one of our two neighbors in just a few days of Trump. Mexico and Canada are the easier countries, diplomacy wise. What is it going to be like when we deal with China, North Korea or about anyone else?

    1. dpaano January 27, 2017

      Oh, he’s already pissed them off, along with Syria and Turkey. Won’t be long now before we’ll be battening down the hatches and dodging nuclear bombs!

      1. I of John January 27, 2017

        True, but nothing is officially screwed yet. He is on track to way outdo the damage George W did in his eight years.

        1. Independent1 January 28, 2017

          He’s already ticked North Korea off enough that they’ve started up again creating plutonium which is needed to make more nuclear warheads and bombs (I believe against international sanctions).

          North Korea appears to have restarted plutonium reactor: think tank


          1. dpaano January 30, 2017

            That’s not a GOOD thing since their fearless leader is as mentally unbalanced as ours!!!

      2. pisces63 January 27, 2017

        There is also scuttlebutt that leaks are springing like the Dutch boy’s dam. He is clueless. Doesn’t know how anything works, won’t listen and his people are as nervous as hell.

        1. dpaano January 30, 2017

          I read this morning that Congress was starting to have problems because he’s failing to come to them to discuss his actions before he signs the executive orders. For some reason, they thought that since they now have a Republican president, he would work WITH them to get things done in lieu of working only with his cronies! They are not happy about the situation!! This should be interesting!

  3. Wolfesgang January 27, 2017

    For the time being, Trump is still doing damage mainly to himself. It won’t take long before the damage gets through to the U.S. too.

    1. dpaano January 27, 2017

      Unfortunately, if anything happens to Trump, we’ll be stuck with Pence, who is somewhat worse; however, I think Pence would at least be more apt to listen to reason…..he’s not a megalomaniac or a narcissist like Trump! But, if someone does away with Trump AND Pence, we’ll get stuck with Ryan…..MUCH WORSE!!!

      1. Wolfesgang January 27, 2017

        Yes, you have pointed out the obvious difference between Trump and Pence. Pence has enough humility to listen to experts; Trump believes himself to be the only real surefire know-all on this planet: great, fantastic, etc.

  4. Kennick January 27, 2017

    We are rapidly losing our world leader status under Trump. And there are countries that will gladly try to fill that void.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 27, 2017

      Kennick, if you heard China’s president speak last night, you would be certain of it. He sounded so much more democratic than the Emperor Trump and the Republicans. Our last hope is to vote out EVERY Republican. But, the problem there is the election they already so deftly rigged. Now, no US election can be trusted on the local, county or state levels.

      No one questions how 270 ALL Republican electoral college votes happened. Smell the money the RNC paid those electors? If they had to put their hands on a Supreme Court bible and swear they accept no political bribes, they couldn’t. So The Egomaniac in Chief has an ego problem with losing the popular vote but that’s because his and the Republican Party’s guilt is so massive, all they have are lies they hope the public will buy.

      He goes berserk because the US media refuses to censor his lies and publishes his Tweets as is. Hitler did that too.

  5. greenlantern1 January 27, 2017

    A wall?
    When Mexican bandit, Pancho Villa, murdered Americans; President Woodrow Wilson did NOT commission a wall!
    He dispatched General Pershing in pursuit!
    Patton was his aide!
    What did IKE and Patton do to Hitler’s ATLANTIC WALL?
    What did Joshua do to the walls of Jericho?
    Ever read of Mexico’s AZTEC EAGLES?
    They were part of the UNITED STATES ARMY AIR FORCE!
    They helped another general, General Douglas MacArthur, to return!

    1. jakenhyde January 27, 2017

      Pershing’s incursion into Mexico in order to capture Villa was an abject and colossal failure. It involved up to 10,000 American troops. Villa was never captured and was eventually assassinated on his own ranch in 1920. Had it not been for the fact that WWI was in progress in 1916 when Woodrow Wilson ordered Pershing to pursue Villa, his incursion into Mexico would probably have started a war between Mexico and the USA.

      1. dpaano January 27, 2017

        Hang on to your hats….Trump may start a war with Mexico any day now! Personally, I think California should secede and go back to belonging to Mexico rather than staying with the U.S. Seems like a plan to me.

    2. dpaano January 27, 2017

      Trump wouldn’t know about any of this….unless it shows up on FAUX News or in the National Enquirer, he doesn’t know about it!

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 27, 2017

    this is the beginning of the DUMPSTERS war with the world ok people you tell me how close this truly is >> after WW 1 the Charlie Chaplin look alike Hitler was on the losing side at the start of his evil hateful racist sick ways . then the Chaplin clown got his evil ways put back together. forming the Nazi party and his swart sticker sign . putting together his nut house SS . GANG OF WACKO’s . and with that started his terror rage believing only what was in his own deranged head on the world with a WW2 . when he needed something or wanted something he went into other country’s beat them to nothing and then took every thing from those crushed country’s . (DOSE THIS SOUND LIKE ANYONE IN TODAYS TIME ? ) the 2017 HITLER is none other then DONNY DUMP himself . today’s 2017 rerun of the HITLER days ( when the DUMPSTER was ask at one time how he felt about people comparing him to Hitler he said it didn’t bother him im sure this surprise’s no one ) he talks in the same form of Hitler . wanting to block any and every thing the press says (because you know he hates the truth just as Hitler did .) today the DUMPSTERS staff is the SS his inner cycle./////I guess one could see his Nazi party and or army would be his brain dead followers . he talks about (him and his SS staff talks about telling every one and trying to make all SHUT UP . he talks about going (BACK IN MIND YOU ) to Iraq and taking their oil . seems too scary that its his rise to the 3rd stance of HITLERS NAZI PARTY . 1ST ONE WAS WW1 2ND WW2 and now the (and his )3RD run at the cup DONNY DUMP THE DUMPSTER TERROT CLOWN SHOW IN THE WHITE HOUSE . if ever a time this country and the world needs the secret workings of the CIA to save all . all this is so close to what is being played out today and way to scary . with the DUMPSTER its worse then Hitler for if Hitler had NUKE’s I don’t believe we would have an earth today . surely at leas not one of today . who knows its said if Hitler got what he wanted we all would be speaking German today .

  7. opinioned1 January 27, 2017

    Baghdad Sean Spicer is now peddling the meme that Twitter Dumb canceled the meeting and not only that the liar is now claiming Twitter Dumb never suggested a 20% tax on mexico imports to pay for his worthless gd wall. These clowns tell so many lies so often they need a secretary of lies to keep pace.
    We have a stupid gd “narcissist sociopath” setting in the WH people!!!

    1. dpaano January 27, 2017

      All they have to do to prove he said this is to watch the news, the ones who report what he says and has a recording of it!!! Do they really think we’re THAT stupid?!!!

  8. pisces63 January 27, 2017

    My thing is his twittering while meeting with a diplomat. really? That sounded like kids in school, smiling at someone while friends sign behind their backs. Now saying it was a mutual agreement to cancel their meeting, when it wasn’t. I am also waiting for crystal Night American style sense attacks and threats against Jews have ramped up. HMMMM!! Wonder how Netanyahu feels about that if anything at all.

    1. dpaano January 27, 2017

      As I’ve said before, he’s already pissed off China, North Korea, Syria, and now Mexico. There’s a war in our future, folks, and we can thank the orange-haired idiot for that! And, it would be blind justice if Mexico stopped importing to the U.S. and made a deal with China. That would be INTERESTING!!! I’d like to see the “alternate facts” that Trump comes up with for that one!

  9. FT66 January 27, 2017

    Trump and his aides are not thinking or rather they are incompetent. They invited the Mexican President. They knew he was coming in a matter of a week for, of course a discussion. What was the rush for signing an Executive Order to build the wall? I also don’t understand why Mexico has to pay for the wall. Under what criteria? Did they ask to be built or because Trump said they have to pay? There is no logic on forcing Mexico to pay for the wall.

    1. jmprint January 27, 2017

      It’s called distraction, and blow hard for his followers, hopefully they follow him down the cliff.

      1. dpaano January 27, 2017

        Like lemmings….the blind leading the blind!

        1. Jmz Nesky January 27, 2017

          Well don’t feel sorry for any of ‘um.. They’re sorry enough on their own. Let ‘um fall along with their messiah, it would be the best thing that ever happened to this nation since the Obama presidency.

    2. dpaano January 27, 2017

      Definitely….why does Mexico want to pay for a wall that they don’t have any use for! We are already working jointly with the U.S. Border Patrol AND the Mexican government to curtail illegals from coming across the border (which, by the way, has seen a major slowdown since 2009). If Trump wants a wall on our land, why should Mexico be expected to pay for it? It’s totally ridiculous and makes absolutely NO SENSE!!!

  10. Eleanore Whitaker January 27, 2017

    Be very, very careful folks. The Liar in Chief cannot be trusted to tell the truth on ANY level for ANY reason. This lunatic is trying desperately to prove insanity is sanity. In his bizarro world, only HE makes all the rules. Only HE knows what’s best for the whole world. Megalomaniacs have no concept of reality, much less truth or facts.

    So, they do insist, pull tantrums, make wars, isolate those they want held captive to their insanity and then, turn children against their own parents by teaching them to lie like the Liar in Chief does. After all, if you call lies, “Alternate FACTS,” kids figure those “alternate facts” will work just fine with parents and teachers or…any authority figure.

    No US president has EVER in 6 days taken over in such a brazen, ruthless way. His battle with Mexico is going to hit Texas and Arizona state economies the hardest. Good. These are the states who were too stupid to know what we up north ALL recognized years ago about the Liar in Chief…he is mentally deranged.

    What this Liar in Chief needs most? For all Americans to hang onto every lie, never EVER dare challenge him in a court of law and just blithely accept everything HE, the KING of the World does.

    The problem now is that XI Jinping, China’s new president has already offered to help Mexico out with a multi billion dollar trade deal. Just what we want. China right next door outbidding all American trade. OH gee, I guess the Liar in Chief never figured on that Art of his DEAL, did he?

    When I listened to President Jinping’s speech last night, he sounded more democratic that the Republicans and the Liar in Chief. THAT IS HOW YOU KNOW THIS COUNTRY IS IN TROUBLE.

    1. dpaano January 27, 2017

      Agreed….so far, Trump has pissed off Mexico, North Korea, Syria, and China….I foresee a war in our future (at least within a year or so). I’m not sure how many other countries he can piss off, but he’s doing a great job so far! Maybe we can let these countries know to aim their nuclear weapons at the Rust Belt because they are the ones to blame!

  11. Eleanore Whitaker January 27, 2017

    The question Trump will never answer unless we hang him upside in front of Trump Tower is “HOW are YOU linked to Putin?” Get the answer to that and you see how every single act of the Liar in Chief during the campaign and last 6 days is Pure Putinesque bravado. With the same rotten results.

    Not to worry. BBC had a reporter in Moscow. They have an election coming up. You’ll get to see just HOW Putin handed a US election to the Liar in Chief. Because, Putin rigged his 2012 election and Moscovites are not entirely happy with Putin. Happy or not, Putin, like Trump, will never leave office.

    1. dpaano January 27, 2017

      Personally, I think Bannon is Trump’s Russian handler and is the “go between” between Putin and Trump. Trump seems to listen to every word that Bannon says or tells him!

  12. TCarlucci January 27, 2017

    Are they really so stupid that they believe a tariff on Imports from Mexico is paid by the Mexican government? It is paid by the importing company and that cost is passed on to the consumer – the American people.

    By the way, expect any US initiated tariffs to be immediately matched by Mexico – and higher consumer prices again will result. Another added result will be many lost jobs in the auto industry that rely on a fully integrated supply chain that includes MX plants.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 27, 2017

      Texas and Arizona are already in a furor because it is their states who rely heaviest on undocumented workers.

      China has already met with the Mexican President and plans to work out a deal right in our own backyard.

      Right now the Asshat in Chief is gloating how the DOW hit a new high. How do we know that’s a fact? Unless you see the results of that in your investments and ROI, it can be more of the Bannon BS lies. Nothing anymore can be trusted to be truth. And even if you HAVE proof it is truth, what good is it? The Asshat in Chief will just play his childish denial and distortion games to turn truth in “alternate facts.”

      1. jmprint January 27, 2017

        Since I don’t invest, I don’t know, so I have a question. Let’s say I invest 1000 in Dow Jones and with todays reading, I would have tripled my investment. The question is where does that money come from, if there is no activity or production other then speculation.

        1. johninPCFL January 27, 2017

          Most of the run-up has been due to zero-interest money being borrowed and used for stock repurchase. The CEO payment packages are generally tied to stock performance, so borrowing money at no interest to prop up stock prices has become the new bubble.

          When the fed raises rates, that will become unsustainable and the market will correct, just as it did with the dot-com bubble in the late 1990s, and the mortgage bubble in 2008. Once again, the Dow will drop below 10,000 and the small investors will be wiped out.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker January 28, 2017

            Recently, I was doing some research into Trump’s plan to offer another devastating Repatriation Tax Holiday. Of course, you know why. This was part of that CEO ONLY meeting he had with top CEOs who have international companies offshore.

            His idea is to create a balloon of tax credits for companies who return their untaxed trillions to the US. The last time that was tried, Bush got back only $435 billion of the $67 trillion that was sitting untaxed offshore. And, it didn’t bring back jobs to the US since the DOL reported that 8 million plus were out of jobs in 2008.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker January 28, 2017

          It’s a Ponzi scheme is my guess. What you described is exactly what the Enron boys did. First, the loaded up their employees 401Ks with Enron stock (it’s no longer legal to do that). Then, they fudged the value of those stocks so they were inflated on Wall Street. When Arthur Anderson, their chief accounting crooks, went along with that, one of the AA accountants for Enron questioned the inflated value. She was immediately fired for even asking the question, “why.”

          Right now, since we have a pathological, egotistical liar at the helm of Wall Street who also has an army of potentially dangerous accountants and investment managers, your post makes clear what the prospects will be…Collapse of the market for no reason other than fudged numbers and packs of lies.

      2. dpaano January 27, 2017

        It would really be a slap in the face if Mexico aligned with China and stopped importing completely into the U.S. Just think, we use their oil, their parts (for the auto industry, etc.) and most of our produce during the winter comes from So. America. That could all go now to China, and we’d be left with nothing!

        1. Independent1 January 28, 2017

          If Trump insists on starting a trade war with China, China has said they will as best they can, selectively target retributions to impact GOP-run states. Like cancelling orders for planes that they know are set up to be manufactured in a GOP-run state. And similarly they will prevent the shipment or orders of autos from U.S. manufacturers (remember the GOP governs Michigan). And they may cancel business transactions that are in process if say they are involved in the purchases or creation of companies in GOP-run states. I don’t think the Chinese are too happy that the GOP let Trump take over their party.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker January 29, 2017

            I have to say I have rarely ever paid attention to Chinese government speeches. When I listened to their President, Xi Jinping’s speech on Thursday of this week, I was shocked that his speech sounded more Democratic than the combatant Hump.

            What President Jinping did was to avoid direct mention of Trump in any way. I found his speech to be amazingly tolerant.

            As we all know, China is a product of thousands of years of history and culture. If China is right now being tolerant for the moment and Trump continues to try to make Russia the No. 1 World Economy by sabotaging China, China will retaliate both Russia and the US. And let’s face it. China has a population of 1.35 billion people.

            However, Trump knows boots on the ground even with Russia’s meager population and of the US, he can kill two birds with one stone and cut off the Internet and use an executive order to shut down computer systems if he so chooses. That would silence not just the media he loathes, but the rest of the country and keep us isolated from the outside world. Do you doubt for one minute this wasn’t a topic of discussion in Trump’s phone call yesterday to Putin, who authorized the hacking of our elections? Trump has Russian hackers Putin will lend him to create a better CYBER WAR against his dissenters in the US and the rest of the world.

          2. dpaano January 30, 2017

            I agree, and I think it would be funny if China did as they said…..not funny for the vendors, but it certainly wouldn’t make 45 (as I’m now calling him) look as wonderful as he THINKS he is! If ANY country can come back at 45, it’s definitely China! They are BIG and we owe them LOTS of money….if they ever decided to “call in” their loans, 45 would have to file bankruptcy….something he’s already very good at!

      3. Independent1 January 28, 2017

        The Dow was flirting with 20,000 for months before Trump got elected. The fact that it finally crossed the 20,000 mark has little to do with Trump and in my mind, complete nonsense given that Trump’s idiotic projections for boosting the economy are going to drive it into at least a recession. But of course Trump was going to pretend that it was his election that’s driven the market that high – pure nonsense.

        The 4th quarter of 2016 was the lowest quarter in the past 5 years at 1.6% annual growth;, making the annual 2016 GDP growth rate for the year 1/9% which is the lowest rate since 2011. And that sudden drop in the GDP in the 4th quarter is just the beginning of what will turn into another GOP created recession if Trump and the GOP keep on with their idiocy of fear mongering and uncertainty. (Note that no recession started under Obama. Since 1900, only LBJ, Clinton and Obama served their entire terms in office without a recession starting.)

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 29, 2017

          Of course. The only way for this faker to get ANY credit for anything is to steal it from Obama all with Republicans condoning lies and distortions.

          I would not trust this nut to coerce Wall Street into fudging numbers to make him look successful. This is Enron all over again. Trump always said that Enron was just doing business. Sure…so we threw Skilling and Fastow in prison for just doing business. Wonder if The Hump has a statue of Ponzi he worships too.

    2. dbtheonly January 27, 2017

      Funny how tariffs work that way. The consumers pay and the home grown manufacturers profit.

      So Trump’s trying to avoid the word tariff. “Border Enhancement”? As if it might work differently.

    3. dpaano January 27, 2017

      As I’ve said all along, if we allow Mexico to continue the small manufacturing plants in their country that make such items as parts for autos, automobiles for overseas sales, etc., it adds to the Mexican economy and gives Mexican workers decent jobs to feed their families. As long as they have these jobs, they don’t come across the border to the U.S. So, to take away many of these manufacturing plants in Mexico, you’re just making it more and more difficult for them to survive in their own country, so they come to the U.S. Does anyone realize that the immigration from Mexico to the U.S. has dropped since 2009 when it was above 175,000/year and is now as low as 75,000/year. As long as the Mexican economy is doing well and their people have jobs to support their families, they don’t need to come here to work. But, apparently, as I’ve said before, this is just TOO logical for most of the Trump followers to understand!

  13. PatrickHenry January 27, 2017

    All of the anti-American leftists complain about how we treat “poor” Mexico, ignoring how they have very unfair tariffs on us, like many other Countries. Mexico has allowed Millions of their undesirable Citizens, as well as Citizens from other Latin American Countries, to flow right through their Country, into ours. The costs of Millions of Illegals are a huge drain on American Citizens & Legal Immigrants. The WALL will pay for itself in a few months by what Americans save from unemployment, health care, education, crime, & welfare by them.

    The President of Mexico is talking tough, he knows how his Country has taken advantage of the U.S., like so many other Countries. He is not very popular in his Country. Our manufacturing & wealth has been allowed to leave OUR Country for decades. Now it stops under President Trump & the wishes of MILLIONS of American Citizens. America First!!!

    1. jmprint January 27, 2017

      Mean while Trump’s products are still being manufactured overseas. You say: “The WALL will pay for itself in a few months by what Americans save from unemployment, health care, education, crime, & welfare by them.” You are dealing us fantasies and expect a high five, but you are wrong. There are undesirables in every country even ours, most illegals are honest hard working people and contribute to our economy. They pay taxes, you are not taking into account the monies we will lose. If we have 15 to 20 billion dollars to throw away on a wall that will only be good for graffiti, why don’t we invest in ourselves. Think about what 15 one billion dollar grants to a manufacturing entrepreneur would do for OUR economy, plus we could go back to basics of manufacturing things at home and not having to buy all things made in China.

      1. dpaano January 27, 2017

        Another thing that most people don’t understand is that even the illegal aliens pay Social Security and Medicare taxes, but they don’t have the ability to access them when they retire. So, they are paying into accounts for ALL of us that they will never have access to! Take away the workers coming into the U.S. and you lose money going into the Social Security and Medicare accounts. I guess that doesn’t seem to bother most of them because they apparently are too stupid to understand this.
        Additionally, they also pay taxes whenever they purchase gasoline for their vehicles, groceries for their families, rent for their homes, utilities, etc. So, they DO add to our economy quite a bit.

        1. jmprint January 27, 2017

          Not only that, Mexico has a lot of rich people. They cross the border and do massive shopping at Macy’s and Dillards, I have seen many spend thousands and thousands of dollars on merchandise, kiss those sales good-bye.

        2. Jmz Nesky January 27, 2017

          The people are stupid as that’s obviously how they like to be recognized but not so the political cut-throats.. By deporting these ‘paying’ customers, it’s just one more stunt on how to eliminate social security and medicare and put their partial plan into motion.. These empty suits do nothing that won’t benefit them through their wealthy masters in the end.

    2. johninPCFL January 27, 2017

      Won’t it be interesting when the American public finally sees through the bullshit and realizes that we’ll be paying for the tariffs in the form of higher prices. Mexico could give two shits what Agent Orange tacks on to the prices we have to pay.

      1. Lisa Harrison January 27, 2017

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      2. dpaano January 27, 2017

        Neither could Paul Ryan give a rat’s ass!

    3. Aaron Zanzibari January 28, 2017

      PatrickHenry, your parents like Trump’s, were immigrants. Even Jesus Christ was an immigrant but you’re clueless as to this fact, and have painted yourself into a corner with nationalist nonsense. And there’s plenty of paint for that still left over, so keep painting yourself in your isolationist little corner. The rest of the country and the world will leave you to yourself. Make sure you build that moat around your house and fill it with right-wing sharks—they’re the real mean types.

      1. PatrickHenry February 8, 2017

        We just need the Border WALL & enforcement, no need for a moat around my house. Besides, all of my neighbors and myself, have many ways to protect ourselves.

    4. Aaron Zanzibari January 28, 2017

      And one other tidbit for your consideration. Had you never ever heard of Jesus, and given your mean-spirited and inhospitable nature, and had He traveled to these shores, then Jesus would have been barred from these shores by you and Trump, simply because He would have come from the Middle East.

      1. PatrickHenry February 8, 2017

        Jesus would have been easily vetted, so no, you are incorrect.

    5. jakenhyde January 28, 2017

      I’m a liberal and I’m anything but anti-American. I spent nine years in the US Navy. How have you served your country. You’re probably a draft dodger like Little Donnie. He his behind college waivers and invisible bone spurs in his heel.
      I’ll put up my patriotism against yours any day, bub. All you do is sit back and piss and moan.
      But, if Donnie has his way, you’ll soon be paying higher prices for produce and other goods that are manufactured in Mexico. Then you’ll REALLY have a good reason to bitch. But you’ll probably blame Obama or Clinton because you’ve had the wool so tightly pulled down over your eyes that you can’t see the forest for the trees.
      I’ll wager the pink slip for my house that Little Donnie will avoid a tariff on good that he, himself, has manufactured outside the USA. WANNA BET? He’s already exempted immigration from Muslim countries in which he has a large financial interest. He’s so two-faced that it amazes me that people like you can’t see it. Open you eyes and tear the wool away, bub.

    6. Independent1 January 28, 2017

      Are you ready there clueless for the recession/depression Trump is setting us up for. And if you really think illegals are costing us more than the benefits they provide to our economy you are dumber than a rock.

      Experts have predicted that if Trump deports even 1/3 of the illegals in America, it will not save anyone money, it will drive our economy into a recession similar to the Great Recession of 2007/8 with 10,000,000 lost jobs. Immigrants, including illegals are the backbone of the U.S. economy: from farm fields, to construction sites, to hotels and motels, to running 35% of Americans small businesses, immigrants, including most illegals, do the hard work that keeps thousands of farmers growing produce which creates jobs for truck drivers, warehouse people and store clerks and on and on across the nation.

      And their hard work is what supports the construction of many commercial buildings and even private homes that create jobs for electricians and plumbers and carpenters and truck drivers and lumber yard people and on and on across the nation. And the same goes for hotels and motels and country clubs and other businesses that hire immigrants to do the major hard work they need done.

      It’s idiots like you that refuse to understand that if you cut out even 1/3 of illegals in America hundreds/thousands of small mom and pop operations and even big Agribusinesses would go belly up and America would end up in a BIG WORLD OF HURT!!!!!!

      Wake up clueless!! Trump is setting America up for a disaster. America’s GDP already plummeted in the 4th quarter of 2016 because Trump has built so much fear into people’s lives that they’re holding back on spending. If he doesn’t wake up, he’s going to gread a Great Depression in less time than Hoover back in 1929 – it only took another Republican named Hoover 7 months to drive America in the Great Depression!!! Are you looking forward to standing in that breadline?????

    7. Independent1 January 28, 2017

      And let’s get one other thing straight, when I was talking about immigrants being the backbone of the American economy by doing the hard work which creates millions of jobs for truck drivers and carpenters and hotel clerks and on and on – those were millions of jobs for native-born Americans. And even intelligent right-wingers understand that illegals DO NOT take the jobs of native-born Americans – they in fact create jobs for native-born Americans.

      The CBO projects that not only do illegal immigrants cost America very little for the services we give them than what we pay anyway to provide those same services to native-born Americans, and as dpaano pointed out below, illegals contribute 12-15 billion to Social Security, as lthe CBO projects 55-=70% of illegals pay their payroll taxes; and therefore, they also pay billions in Medicare premiums which they cannot qualify for unless they become citizens; and they pay billions in income taxes too; and on top of all that, just the illegals economic activity, keeps around 8 million native born Americans working.

      So Trump’s efforts to round up and deport any large group of illegals (and Obama has already rounded up and deported the vast majority of the illegals causing trouble in America), with his efforts, Trump will only be disrupting the American economy even more than his fear mongering already has!!!

      From Yahoo news:
      Left and Right Agree: Immigrants Don’t Take American Jobs

      That immigrants take the jobs of American-born citizens is “something that
      virtually no learned person believes in,” Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration expert at the libertarian Cato Institute, said at a Thursday panel. “It’s sort of a silly thing.”

      Most economists don’t find immigrants driving down wages or jobs, the Brookings Institution’s Michael Greenstone and Adam Looney wrote in May. In fact, “on average, immigrant workers increase the opportunities and incomes of Americans,” they write. Foreign-born workers don’t affect the employment rate positively or negatively, according to a 2011 analysis from the conservative American Enterprise Institute. And a study released Wednesday by the liberal Center for American Progress suggests that granting legal status to undocumented workers might even create jobs.


      1. PatrickHenry February 8, 2017

        ILLEGALS cost Americans MUCH more in benefits than in what they contribute. When you add all the health care, education, welfare, unemployment, low wages, & crime, the burden to us is many Billions of $$$.

    8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 29, 2017

      Patrick, the amount of ignorance you’re displaying is becoming the stuff of legend. Right now, you’re neck-in-neck with Donald on the race to be Most Ignorant. And you’re right there with Donald in displaying an anti-Christian view of your fellow human beings—members of your family whom you treat with the disdain and callousness of a minion of Satan.

  14. dpaano January 27, 2017

    I’m sure glad that Paul Ryan thinks “it’ll be fine,” since it won’t be HIS money that will be subsidizing the building of this stupid wall!!! If Trump tries to levy a tax on goods coming in from Mexico to the U.S., it will end up being the taxpayer that’ll be paying for the wall by having to pay higher costs for the goods coming across the border! Apparently, that’s just too logical for Paul and the president to understand! His followers are too stupid to understand it also! As Trump would say…….SAD!

  15. Rebecca Lawson January 30, 2017

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