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Minor League GOP Candidates Take The Same Line At Warmup Debate: ‘Go Backwards’

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Minor League GOP Candidates Take The Same Line At Warmup Debate: ‘Go Backwards’


There were no fireworks at the first Republican debate of the 2016 election: a warmup event created to catch the runoff from the uniquely crowded GOP field. The debate played like a chamber piece opening act for the main event.

Rather than take potshots at each other, the seven candidates relegated to the second-tier debate seemed to be wrapped up in honing their own audition for the big league, and united in a tacit pact to take aim at safe targets: illegal immigration, radical Islam, marriage equality, and legal abortion.

And if any GOP contender in the so-called “minor-league” had suffered a loss in confidence from their low poll numbers, none of them showed it.

Former Texas governor Rick Perry, former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, former New York governor George Pataki, and former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore took the stage before the virtually empty Quicken Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland to condemn President Obama’s entire legacy, the Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, and the “elephant not in the room,” Donald Trump.

Fiorina burned with conviction, claiming that she was exactly as high in the polls as Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama had been at this phase of their respective elections, and seemed to set the tone for the entire debate with her assertion that the next president needed to “begin by undoing” the current one’s record, whether “EPA regulations or the Iran deal.”

Each candidate took the tack of characterizing the last two terms as an utter failure, and each asserted in his or her own way that the only way forward was backward. They promised to reverse, void, tear up, and cancel President Obama’s policies on every issue.

Obama, Jindal said, lacked “moral honesty and clarity” in his negotiations with Iran and his manner when discussing radical Islam in general, dismissing Obama’s “hearts and minds” approach for a hard hawkish line: “Sometimes you win a war by killing murderous evil terrorists.”

Graham echoed his own hawkish line, swearing that he would do “whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to defeat” ISIL.

A smirking Perry vowed to bring a bunch of Wite-Out to the Oval Office on his first day to erase Obama’s executive orders. “The first thing I will do is tear up that agreement with Iran,” he said.

Graham said he would restore the NSA’s domestic spying apparatus, which he said had been “gutted,” repeal Obamacare, rescind Dodd-Frank, reverse Obama’s veto on the Keystone XL Pipeline, and restore American ground troops to Iraq (and Syria as well).

On the subject of Planned Parenthood, each candidate expressed moral outrage at the notion that the nonprofit women’s health organization was, in Graham’s words, “harvesting organs in little babies” — echoing claims made in deceptively edited videos released by an anti-abortion group.

Jindal declared that he would unleash the full force of the executive branch — including the Department of Justice and the IRS — on Planned Parenthood. He voiced his support for shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood, although he said that if the government were to shutter, it would be President Obama’s decision for not bowing to congressional Republicans.

Jindal touted his success slashing and burning through Louisiana’s budget — even though his approval ratings in his state are at a dismal low.

Many of the candidates expressed an intention to enshrine “religious liberty” rights — a gloss on legislation designed to protect the right of Christians to discriminate against gay couples.

On immigration, Perry trumpeted his success as Texas governor who could secure the border, denounced Amnesty and so-called “sanctuary cities,” and said that all immigration policies were moot until the border could be effectively secured. Santorum echoed his hard line: When asked what he would say to a child whose family was broken up by his harsh immigration policies, the former Pennsylvania senator said that America is a country whose compassion is reflected in its laws, and that “America is worth the wait.”

Each candidate was asked to reckon with the force of nature that is Donald Trump — currently the GOP frontrunner.

Fiorina mentioned the mogul’s connection to the Clintons and history of donating to Democratic candidates, while Perry excoriated Trump for once supporting a single-payer health care option. Fiorina said that his flip-flopping on a number of issues was alarming, but claimed that The Donald’s surge in support was due to widespread outrage in the political class and Trump’s success in firing up passion: “He’s tapped into that anger,” she said.

An unlikely feat for this crowd.

Sam Reisman

Sam Reisman is the former managing editor at The National Memo, where he still writes the weekly "This Week In Crazy" column. His writing has appeared in Flavorpill, The Huffington Post, Columbia Daily Spectator, and Bwog. He was the publisher of the 2010 edition of Inside New York, an annual guidebook to the city for students and young professionals.

Since 2011, he has co-curated and hosted Peculiar Streams, a showcase for NYC-based writers, musicians, comedians, and filmmakers. He is a staff writer at Mediaite, and blogs at SamReisman.com.

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  1. Dominick Vila August 7, 2015

    I admit I am biased when it comes to the GOP, but a debate between ideological zealots whose agenda is limited to higher fences, confining gays to second class citizens, sending overweight women to a remote planet, replacing social programs with unspecified placebos, sacrificing the lives of women in an attempt to save the unborn, and preservation of the foreign policies that produced so many wars and the 21st century crusades, is beyond irrational. That these people enjoy the support of millions of Americans says more about our society, fears, and prejudices, than anything Democrats could ever say about Republican ideology and its enforcers.

    1. mike August 7, 2015

      The only irrationality I see is you and your ridiculous statement..
      What the 24 million who watched the debate saw was a vibrant group of men and a very good woman that will run circles around an old worn out woman who is untrustworthy and dishonest, an old socialist, and old Buffoon Biden should he enter. The left should be concerned with the image of their candidates. It won’t be the left wing ignoramus on this site or people like me that will elect the next president it will be independents. Not a good sign for your side.
      The network that pampers Republicans provoked them last night and produced good television and politics. The questions were so well researched and so barbed, the television audience sometimes learned more about the candidates from what they were asked than how they answered.
      Can’t wait to see Hillary Clinton, Sanders, maybe Biden, debate and the low viewership and boring dialogue.Yawns are already beginning.

      1. Bob Eddy August 8, 2015

        Yes keep telling yourself that, Alice, and it is sure to come true! The Democratic debates may prove to be boring, but at least you’ll get a chance to see a future president in them…something you can’t say about the Republican debates!

        1. mike August 8, 2015

          Only in your mental midget mind do you see Hillary as presidential. She is tanking in the polls, is a lousy candidate and white women now have an unfavorable 53%, but she is presidential!!! LOL!!! Then you have the Buffoon Biden if he chooses to run, he is even more ridiculous.
          The dreaming and delusion is all yours, Roberta.

      2. Dominick Vila August 8, 2015

        Looks like the clarifications offered by some of your vibrant heroes is too much for even conservatives to digest…

        1. mike August 8, 2015

          Keep trying, Dom. Your parties image is old, tired and has put all their eggs in a candidate that is dropping in the polls. White women now view her unfavorably by 53% a complete opposite from the month before. She won’t hold the Obama coalition together so easily, she ain’t that good or as smart as you think. All the negatives are brought on by her poor judgement, her lying, and people see her for what she is and are now walking away.
          Keep your head buried up your a$$, it has in the past fit perfectly.

          1. TheSkalawag929 August 8, 2015

            It was entertaining, momentarily at least, to watch the republican field of also rans take the stage to see who could A: Out Trump Trump and B: out zealot the previous zealot who is not going to be President of the United States.

          2. mike August 8, 2015

            Surprise, Surprise another comment from a leftie with his head up his stern. You are incapable of seeing the forest for the trees.
            What normal people saw on Thursday were many, not all, candidates more qualified than Hillary, Bernie, Buffoon Biden and even Kerry.
            Keep trying!! You have a bunch of old and tired looking candidates, one a liar, one a joke, one a socialist, all with the consistency of silly putty.

          3. TheSkalawag929 August 8, 2015

            I know I’m right when all you have as a rebuttal are insults. Your fear is palpable. You’re trying to convince yourself that you’re right. And it’s not working.

          4. mike August 8, 2015

            LOL!!! So Clinton hasn’t been caught lying about the server? Right? Bernie isn’t a Socialist, Right? Biden isn’t a buffoon with all his misspeaks, Right?? Kerry didn’t lie to Congress about Iran General Suleimani never having his sanctions lifted to leave Iran according to the Iran deal but yet he was in Russia while Kerry was testifying. Just shows how naive Obama and the left is when it comes to the real world.

            Go back and play with you little sword.

          5. TheSkalawag929 August 9, 2015

            Show the credible proof that Hilary Clinton lied about her server.
            No news flash there. Bernie Sanders is a self proclaimed Socialist and you’re terrified of him. Just as your are terrified of Hillary Clinton.

            If an example of buffoonery is what you were looking for then you must have been glued to your television for the double feature clown show called the “republican presidential debate”.

            If you had reliable evidence rather than wild-eyed accusations you would have listed listed it. I wonder if that’s because your information sources are just as suspect as your “thinking”.

            It’s not naivete on the part of President Obama and the Left that is on display. It’s your gullibility. You’ll believe anything that agrees with your distorted reality.

          6. mike August 9, 2015

            “Credible proof” nice try. Inspector General has proven she lied. She could prove everyone wrong, see her favorable ratings soar, all she has to do is give up the server. Very simple unless she is guilty. Again get your head out of your mangy a$$.
            “Terrified of Sanders”, far from it which makes another one of your comments even more laughable. I would love for him to be your candidate because it will be a rout on election day by Republicans.

            “Terrified of Hillary” another asinine comment from you. Wake up she is tanking in the polls. The people who should be “terrified” are you idiots on the left-SHE IS ALL YOU GOT.

            Here is one of many. Listen to a very left winger when she says: “You have a brain, and you’re told we’ve given you all the emails,” co-host Mika Brzezinski said. “Well, they haven’t, so why do they keep saying that?”

            No, your thoughts are as worthless as your name “low-grade farm animal”, better yet “corrupt”.

          7. TheSkalawag929 August 10, 2015

            Yes credible proof. Something that it appears you have had little or no contact with.

            The Inspector General hasn’t proven anything. As far as giving up her server is concerned, the right-wingers have proven time and time again that their appetite for conspiracies is insatiable.

            Yes you are deathly afraid of both Hilary and Bernie.

            As I said in a previous post the only rebuttal you have is insults and let me add misinformation.

          8. mike August 10, 2015

            You really are an idiot.
            The two IG’s found classified information was transmitted in her emails and therefore through her server. Yet, she denied in her press conference at the UN that classified information was never in emails or on her private server.

            Think about this, if nothing was found on her server would that almost insure her Victory in 2016? No, she can’t give up the server/servers because she knows she is guilty and that is why she is tanking.
            Keep living in fantasy land.
            As to so called insults, you deserve them for being just a nudnik.

          9. TheSkalawag929 August 10, 2015

            You are worried about emails that contained content that COULD be considered classified but weren’t marked as such.

            You think about this. There could never be enough evidence presented to quash right-wing conspiracy stories. So republican demands for Hilary’s server are nothing but a ruse designed cover the fact that the republican party has no solutions, answers or plans that will move this country forward.

            No I’m not the one living in a fantasy land and as to the insults that you say I deserve it is just more evidence that you have nothing substantive to add and are therefore a waste of time.

          10. mike August 10, 2015

            Oh, but you are living in the world of fantasy.

            There is no ruse but attempt to know the truth. A truth that Hillary does not want to see the light of day. She is guilty and knows it. She used a private server and emails which went against her Boss(Obama) directive. Release her server and if nothing found, watch her numbers rise.


            Your life in fantasy land is so complete you can’t even see how far her numbers have tanked in all Polls. Hell, even PPP the very liberal pollster has her unfavorable in double digits.


            Your problem is the leaders of the Democratic party know she is in trouble, look at Bernie’s numbers increasing, but you lemmings have no clue.

          11. TheSkalawag929 August 10, 2015

            What is this so called truth that Hilary doesn’t want anyone to know about?

            She is guilty of what?

            The directive of which you speak didn’t go into effect until two years after Hilary left the State Department. There has been no reason given by you right-wingers for her to give in to your demands for her server. Satisfaction of the morbid curiosity of conservatives definitely doesn’t rise to the occasion.

            Her numbers in polls this far out don’t matter. As long as she continues to batter all the republican contenders on the issues her numbers will take care of themselves. Meanwhile you have nothing but wild eyed conspiracy BS and cheap shots.

            As to Senator Bernie Sanders he is another thorn in your side. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Hilary or Bernie. You guys are in deep DO DO. Look at your contenders. They ore only popular in your conservative circle. And that circle is shrinking.

          12. mike August 10, 2015

            Wrong again low grade farm animal!!

            No, the directive was signed January 21, 2009 by Obama, that stated ALL GOVERNMENT BUSINESS MUST BE ON GOVT. SYSTEM for reasons of FOIA. Also in 2009 the National Archives stated that “Agencies that allow employees to send and receive official electronic mail messages using a system not operated by the agency must ensure that Federal records sent or received on such systems are preserved in the appropriate agency record keeping system.” Hillary didn’t!! Hillary deleted over 30,000 emails which she was unauthorized to do. What was she hiding? Who did she email that she didn’t want America to know about.


            March 2015:
            White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday there was no doubt that some of the data in Clinton’s email would have been of a “sensitive” nature.

            “I would stipulate that there is a substantial amount of sensitive information that is included in her email. I would stipulate to that,” Earnest said. He did not specifically address State’s SBU category.

            This all boils down to Hillary believing she has her own rules and to hell with the rest of America.

            Didn’t you mean Deep DOO DOO???

          13. TheSkalawag929 August 11, 2015

            The same article that you cite also points out a timing issue which is “Registry information indicates that the domain clintonemail.com, which was used for some of her personal e-mails,was created on Jan. 13, 2009 — one week before Obama was sworn into office and the same day Clinton’s confirmation hearings began before the Senate.”
            Also while the content of her email would have been sensitive they were not considered classified. Which is what this tempest in a tea cup is all about.
            What it all boils down to is that republicans have nothing and are good at doing nothing but wasting time and taxpayer dollars.
            Apparently you knew what I meant. So I got my point across.

          14. mike August 11, 2015

            Are you really this stupid. Her Boss comes out a week later and says that govt. business must go through the Fed. Govt system and yet she ignores his directive and does her own system.

            Former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton appears to have operated in violation of what the White House said Tuesday was “very specific guidance” that members of the Obama administration use government e-mail accounts to carry out official business.

            More importantly the NARA 2009 guidelines stated: when there are situations where personal e-mail accounts are used, it is important for those records to be PRESERVED, consistent with the Federal Records Act.”She did not preserve them, she actually deleted 30k of emails. She used exclusively personal e-mail accounts AND A PRIVATE SERVER for the conducting of official U.S. foreign policy.” You don’t know, Obama does’t know who she was communicating govt. business with.
            The rest of the country is smart enough to know this is a big deal unlike you with your head up your a$$.
            The rest of the country and the leaders of your party know she is untrustworthy and dishonest.
            Stay in denial mental midget.

          15. TheSkalawag929 August 11, 2015

            You are (yawn) boring. Just as with Benghazi you right-wingers are trying to make something out of nothing.
            You will still be trying to revive this dead horse even after President Hilary Rodham-Clinton’s Inauguration.

          16. mike August 11, 2015

            The only reason you are yawning is because your grasp of the subject is far above your MENTAL CAPACITY and reasoning. Poor baby you just can’t comprehend the facts.

      3. TheSkalawag929 August 8, 2015

        Mike the only thing you got right in your post was that republicans will be running in circles.

        1. mike August 8, 2015

          The only people running in circles are you and the left who continue to try and circle the wagons around a loser, Hillary.

          1. TheSkalawag929 August 8, 2015

            You right-wingers are scared spitless that you’ll be facing Hilary in the 2016 Presidential election.
            I can tell you’re scared by the vehemence of your posts.

          2. mike August 8, 2015

            My remarks were vehement!!! Really??? You really are a mental midget living in the another century.

            No , my remarks are far from vehement, only stating the facts, Hillary is tanking, your party looks old and tired, your front runner won’t answer why she used such poor judgement with her personal server and deleting emails she was not authorized to delete.
            Keep living in the 18th century if fits you.
            You really are a joke.

          3. TheSkalawag929 August 8, 2015

            Yes vehement: to act with vigorous impetuosity.
            I say this because you are placing a lot of credence in one poll that is more than a year out from the election. You were probably part of the clamoring crowd in 2012 that believed the polls that had Romney winning the Presidency. How did that work out for you?
            I am not the one in the backward moving time machine. Look at what you and your party are all about. Going Backward. Your fear of the future drives you to the past. That is why you are becoming extinct.

          4. mike August 8, 2015

            The fact that she refuses to address her poor judgement on a personal server, deleted emails that were the property of the the Fed. Govt. and the fact that the FBI has started a “criminal probe”, her tax returns, just shows she will have a hard time relating to the rest of the country, other than the dolts like you. She has lied and has been caught in lies but yet in your eyes means nothing.
            Keep trying and please continue playing with your pirate sword to make up for your inadequacies mentally and physically.
            Your ignorance just shows how your little pirate sword is dominating you. It isn’t one poll but 10 showing just how far and fast she has fallen.
            I think you need to also work on your vocabulary. Impetuosity?? Really?? Not surprised how big a joke you are.
            Thanks for the good laugh.

          5. TheSkalawag929 August 9, 2015

            Still no facts or proof, just hyperbole and insults.

          6. mike August 9, 2015

            Keep living under a rock. Actually you are so far up her a$$ you can’t even think for yourself. You are a perfect lemming. LOL!! The fact you don’t believe she used poor judgement shows how much you don’t live in the real world.

            IG has already proven she lied. She is untrustworthy, dishonest, and sadly for the left, she is all you have.

            As the New York Times reported:

            “This classified information never should have been transmitted via an unclassified personal system,” Steve A. Linick, the State Department inspector general, said in a statement signed by him and I. Charles McCullough III, the inspector general for the intelligence community. …

            The discovery of the four emails(out of 40 released-10%) prompted Mr. McCullough to refer the matter to F.B.I. counterintelligence agents, who investigate crimes related to the mishandling of classified information. On Thursday night and again Friday morning, the Justice Department referred to the matter as a “criminal referral,” but later Friday dropped the word “criminal.” The inspectors general said late Friday that it was a “security referral” intended to alert authorities that “classified information may exist on at least one private server and thumb drive that are not in the government’s possession.

            She received intelligence from 5 different Intelligent Agencies, she lied.

          7. JPHALL August 9, 2015

            You are still so far behind the curve. Even the NYTimes has admitted their article was wrong. The investigation has nothing to do with a criminal investigation of Clinton but on whether to release the info to the public. Another example of the opaque nature of government. Too bad for you!.

          8. mike August 9, 2015

            “Me out of touch”, now that is a funny!!!

            Look in the mirror to see who is out of touch. NYT retracted the initial misleading insinuation but the FBI is still investigating.

            The FBI is calling it a “criminal probe”, brought on by 2 Inspector Generals investigations of security breaches on the Clinton unauthorized server. Federal investigators have begun looking into the security of devices on which Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private email was stored when she was secretary of state. The FBI doesn’t do this on a lark, this is serious. And her numbers keep dropping all done, not my right conspiracy, but her poor judgement and lying to America.

            More ignorance on your part again. Your third sentence shows how stupid you are. Wrong on all counts douche bag.
            Pathetic!! Do your research before regurgitating Clinton talking points. A probe is going forward.

          9. JPHALL August 9, 2015

            Once again, catch up. They both have said it is not a criminal investigation. It is a Freedom of Information investigation before the Emails can blears per a court order. Subject: Re: Comment on Minor League GOP Candidates Take The Same Line At Warmup Debate: ‘ Go Backwards’

          10. JPHALL August 9, 2015

            Since the NY Times was forced to rescind its story about a criminal investigation, it has been stated many times the the investigation into the possible exposure of secrets (not while Clinton was SOS), see: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/hillary-clinton-email-igs-urge-probe-private-account/story?id=32660377, as an example. This has been the case since July 24, 2015. Like I have said catch up with the news.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Minor League GOP Candidates Take The Same Line At Warmup Debate: ‘ Go Backwards’

          11. mike August 9, 2015

            You are either one of the most dense individuals or delusional individuals ever.

            The FBI probe is a result of referrals by Two Inspector Generals that discovered classified intelligence material on Clinton’s server and emails WHILE SECRETARY OF STATE. I gave you many articles to such.

            The FOIA has nothing to do with the probe concerning security of the server and thumb drive(held by her lawyer). The FOIA is all about the emails that a Fed. Judge forced the State Department to release by next year.



            New York times August 8th,

            But exempting herself from the practices imposed on the 24,000 Foreign Service officers and Civil Service workers she oversaw has led to resentment from some former subordinates. And by holding onto the official emails until the State Department was prompted by Congress to ask for them, and then deciding for herself which to preserve, Mrs. Clinton may have provoked mistrust even as she asks American voters to send her to the Oval Office.


            Two different scenarios, one possible security breach of her private server while Sec. of State and one by Federal judge demanding that emails be leased. Wake up douche bag.

          12. JPHALL August 9, 2015

            Subject: Re: Comment on Minor League GOP Candidates Take The Same Line At Warmup Debate: ‘ Go Backwards’

          13. mike August 10, 2015

            The lack of critical thinking is all yours.

            Once again!!

            You posted an ABC article but ignored the first paragraph.
            “none of that is a criminal investigation YET” !, your words.
            Here is the first paragraph of the ABC article you so loved.
            Federal investigators have begun looking into the security of devices on which Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private email was stored when she was secretary of state, Clinton’s attorney confirmed Wednesday. Only you would believe that the FBI would just decide to do an investigation on a whim. Two Inspector Generals have referred to the DOJ and FBI that classified information was transmitted on her emails and therefore her server which she said never happened.

            You also lied or were so ignorant to the facts when you said “not while she was SOS”. It has everything to do when she tried to lead the Department of State.

          14. JPHALL August 10, 2015

            You ignorance is showing. Re read the article or listen to the report. They do investigations all the time and most are not criminal until they find something. As most people know, it is called covering the bases. If something turns up then the investigation becomes criminal, if not it is dropped. These investigations are now required since the FOIA request because some of the info became classified after she left office.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Minor League GOP Candidates Take The Same Line At Warmup Debate: ‘ Go Backwards’

          15. mike August 10, 2015

            The FBI is investigating because of a referral of two IG’s and you really believe it means little. Baloney!!! As you usual you have your head up your a$$, remember when you were so sure “the investigation into the possible exposure of secrets (not while Clinton was SOS), you were wrong then and it continues. Ignorance is all yours. The investigation has everything to do with her tenure as Secretary.
            What makes your comments laughable is the emails were sensitive/classified then and still are now or State Department wouldn’t be redacting so much of the emails. What make you even more ridiculous is the fact we don’t know just how compromised her server was during her tenure.
            What you totally forget or refuse to acknowledge is that Sidney Bloomenthal’s account was hacked. You remember Sidney, who Hillary called an old friend and who Hillary’s sent and received emails from, communicating with during her stay at the SD, especially on Libya and Benghazi, you know the same guy paid by Clinton Foundation during her time at State and the person Obama refused to allow in his administration. So all those emails from Hillary more than likely have been compromised also. Expect that to come out in the probe.




            Oh, there is much more and while the investigations is on going the likely hood of more damage is just beginning.

          16. JPHALL August 11, 2015

            Nice synopsis, however, where is a statement from
            the IG’s that they are conducting a criminal investigation against Clinton. I have worked with law enforcement for nearly 40 years and when there is a criminal investigation, as opposed to fact finding, it is announced.

            Subject: Re: Comment on Minor League GOP Candidates Take The Same Line At Warmup Debate: ‘ Go Backwards’

          17. mike August 12, 2015

            However Nothing, the IG’s did investigate and having found very questionable conduct by Clinton referred suspected criminal/illegal activity to the DOJ and FBI they in turn investigate and then take the appropriate action.
            I know you can show where I used criminal investigation and not probe.
            The FBI is the process of taking Cheryl Mill and Huma Abedin email, Abedin had her own email on the Clinton server/servers.
            Clinton has now signed a statement stating she turned all Govt. Business emails over. So the servers have either been cleaned or destroyed to keep her from committing perjury. When the servers are taken and if there is nothing on them the guilt of Clinton will even more be exposed.
            Clinton is in real trouble. Sanders ratings have almost doubled in Iowa and don’t be surprised, as more revelations against hillary are exposed, Biden doesn’t enter the race.

          18. JPHALL August 12, 2015

            Why are you making things up for. I have already asked you right wingers to prove it is a criminal investigation instead of the usual FOIA and judge required release of government info. Speculation of the motivation of the probe is not proof of anything. By the way, this seems to be a continuation of twenty plus years of Repub accusations against the Clintons. The final score thus far 1 (cheating on Hillary) vs 12 for nothing.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Minor League GOP Candidates Take The Same Line At Warmup Debate: ‘ Go Backwards’

          19. mike August 12, 2015

            “Making things up” really?? Not one comment in my last post is made up.
            FBI is investigating and has expanded it probe, Yes!!!
            Clinton associates, Mills and Abedin, are turning over their emails, absolutley!!! Why if this means nothing do they want more information?
            Clinton in trouble?? Absolutely!!!
            The FBI is expanding their investigation. Only you and your ilk think that FBI just investigates for the hell of it, like they have nothing better to do.
            What you and your ilk keep denying is the fact the FBI is investigating IG referrals as a criminal investigation. Even reporters are calling it criminal investigation when trying to question Hillary.The IG for the Intelligence Community has said the emails did contain Top Secret documents that were marked such at time Clinton received them and are generational.
            Her campaign is dying from a thousand cuts. Her greatest vulnerability is that the majority of Americans don’t trust her saying she is dishonest and untrustworthy. If the server/servers that she is turning over has any more secret or top secret documents she is toast. At this time 2 of the 4 of 40 emails they have looked at have classified documents designated TOP SECRET documents, the other 2 have low classified documents. 10% emails had national secrets. How many more will they find in the remaining 30k it they find 4 in such a small sample. Wake up!! You can play dumb or be intellectually dishonest. Maybe you just want to emulate Clinton, you know the liar.
            What we do know that one to three weeks after making a statement about her illegal server or emails she has been proven a liar.
            keep that head buried up your a$$.

          20. JPHALL August 12, 2015

            Subject: Re: Comment on Minor League GOP Candidates Take The Same Line At Warmup Debate: ‘ Go Backwards’

          21. mike August 12, 2015

            Your problem is that you can’t prove it isn’t a criminal investigation.
            What has been acknowledge is that Top Secret documents designated so when Clinton received them as SOS, not after the fact, by the IG for the INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY..
            What is known is the FBI has expanded their investigation to Mill’s and Abedin close aides to Hillary
            What is known is that she has had to relinquish control of the server to the FBI she vowed not to do.
            Keep dreaming, stay in denial and watch the Clinton campaign die of a thousand cuts. More sh$t is going to hit the fan and it will all be the fault of one person, Hillary and her arrogance believing she is above the law and the American people.

          22. JPHALL August 13, 2015

            WHY DO I HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING? YOU ARE THE ONE TRYING TO MAKE A POINT! As usual you can’t prove your accusations!
            Subject: Re: Comment on Minor League GOP Candidates Take The Same Line At Warmup Debate: ‘ Go Backwards’

          23. mike August 13, 2015

            But you can’t disprove anything. Proof is being provided everyday and yet you are in total denial.
            You can’t disprove the IG Intelligence Agencies that stated that TOP Secret documents were in her emails and on her server. He(IG) stated what was designed Top Secret during her tenure(aerial photos for one, etc.) were not after the fact.
            You can’t disprove that Mill’s and Abedin emails are under investigation.
            Keep your head up your a$$ and continue to be intellectually dishonest as are most democrats.
            Now why are her polls tanking and Sanders rising. OH, that’s right, she is untrustworthy and dishonest.

          24. JPHALL August 13, 2015

            Go away troll. It was never my job to prove or disprove your accusations. It was your job to prove your accusations. I see you still cannot prove anything. Go away loser.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Minor League GOP Candidates Take The Same Line At Warmup Debate: ‘ Go Backwards’

          25. mike August 13, 2015

            Poor little baby!! You can’t prove me wrong, so sad. BTW they aren’t accusations they are compilation of reports from IG’s made public.
            Only loser I see is a person living in denial and lacking intellectual honesty when it comes to the facts surrounding Hillary’s self inflicted wounds because she felt she was above the law.
            Oh, if you could prove me wrong you would jump at the chance but alas, you can’t.

          26. TheSkalawag929 August 10, 2015

            You really are terrified by Hilary Clinton. So much so that you will jump on any bandwagon that tries to discredit her.
            The New York Times piece that you cite has been revised and in a manner which is much less damaging than when it first appeared.
            This is just another shiny object that the right is using to distract it’s base and give them false hope that one of the multitude of candidates they have running has a chance to win the next presidential election.
            So much sound and fury and yet it is of no significance.

          27. mike August 10, 2015

            Why should I be terrified of Hillary when she is tanking in the polls??? She is discrediting herself, all the negatives were started by a liberal paper, NYT. She is her own worst enemy.
            Yes, the NYT did retract “their wording” but the facts are still there. Two Inspector Generals from two different agencies have referred their findings to the DOJ and FBI for investigation. The FBI is at this time reviewing the findings of the IG’s.
            The Significance is Hillary has gone from High Favorable to High Unfavorable in every poll. The Right didn’t do this it was the liberal media exposing her poor judgement and lies.

          28. TheSkalawag929 August 10, 2015

            The reason you’re terrified of Hilary and the Left is because, whether you are willing to admit it or not, you continue to find yourself and your party on the wrong side of the issues. Your fear is the knowledge that with every passing day you are becoming less and less relevant.
            The right-wingers continue to fabricate scandals where there are none. Much like they did back in the nineties with White Water and more recently Benghazi.
            You go ahead and persist in your poll watching and fake scandals. Hilary will win the White House and you will be left doing another party autopsy that you will ignore.

          29. mike August 10, 2015

            Keep dreaming and making wrong assumptions, it fits a mangy low life farm animal.
            Thanks, enjoying the good laughs.

          30. TheSkalawag929 August 10, 2015

            What are you in the fifth grade?

          31. mike August 10, 2015

            Far from it!!
            Since you are a mental midget just trying to make it understandable for you.

          32. TheSkalawag929 August 11, 2015

            Come back when you grow up. I’m not going to participate in your school yard antics.
            You’ve got nothing. You’re about nothing.

          33. mike August 11, 2015

            Unfortunately for you you have the capacity to reason much like a newborn..
            You admit Hillary set up her email address one week before Obama’s directive to use govt. emails and system which she totally ignored and doubled down with her own personal server but you think that is fine and dandy. What a pathetic imbecile you are. She deleted emails she was unauthorized to do by NARA REGULATIONS, but again in your vacuous mind that is fine and dandy.
            The polls show people believe she thinks she is above the law. and therefore untrustworthy and dishonest, but you think the polls mean nothing. What a joke you are.
            Go ahead a leave, I couldn’t care less because you are nothing more than a lemming with little capacity to understand the consequences of Hillary’s poor judgement and actions.
            Now why is Bernie doing so well?? Could it be Hillary isn’t that good??

          34. TheSkalawag929 August 11, 2015

            “You admit Hillary set up her email address one week before Obama’s directive to use govt. emails and system” This part is common knowledge.

            “which she totally ignored and doubled down with her own personal server but you think that is fine and dandy.” This part is you trying to introduce supposition. You don’t know what her reasoning was for using her private server.

            “The polls show…” As I said previously, THIS FAR OUT polls are meaningless. Polls also show Trump with a commanding lead over his nearest competitor. But as I have said THIS FAR OUT polls don’t matter.

            “Go ahead a leave, I couldn’t care less…” Yeah right.

            Bernie is doing well because his message is resonating with the people much like Hilary’s and I believe that their messages are so similar that their numbers will also be close. But as I keep trying to tell you”THIS FAR OUT poll numbers don’t really matter.

          35. mike August 12, 2015

            As I have said before your inability to comprehend is remarkable in a negative way.
            She set up her email a week before Obama’s directive to use the govt. system that is required by NARA. She then totally ignored the directive of HER BOSS and did just the opposite by using her own private email address and then compounded it with a private server that was unique and unprecedented.
            But you see nothing wrong, so you are either delusional or as corrupt as Hillary.
            Her reasoning was to control the content of her emails!!!! Duh!!

            “Meaningless polls” what an asinine comment. Politicians can survive the political ups and downs in the polls but when your character is in question and the polls are showing that you are untrustworthy and dishonest and your favorable dropping every month, then you are in real trouble. When that trust disappears it is very very hard to bring those people back.
            Why would anyone vote for a person who ignored her boss directive, that was to bring transparency to his administration, for her own ends, broke Federal Regulations to maintain records which she again ignored, deleted what she wanted deleted even though she was violating Federal Regulations, was caught in lying about it, American people have the sense to know she thinks she is above the law. In March she refused to give server to a neutral person but today she announces she will and now has lost all control of the server/servers. She has signed a sworn statement that all govt. business has been returned with the understanding of possible perjury, if not. So she either knows there is nothing of value in the emails or that the emails and server have been permanently destroyed or deleted and gone forever.

            No you imbecile, you said you were leaving. My gosh you are an idiot.

            No, Hillary is in real trouble, In the eyes of legal experts a FBI investigation is a criminal investigation. Yesterday the reporters asked her about “criminal investigation” which she refused to address. The potential violation of Federal criminal law and the potential breach of National Security Secrets(Top Secret documents were found) and that she failed to protect national secrets in a manner required by law on a non-government server found with top secret documents leaves her very vulnerable legally. If one National security secret is found breached or violated she will be gone.

            This will continue into 2016 and makes her look more vulnerable each day as more comes to light. There is no end in sight to her poor judgement when it comes to her conduct as Secretary of State.
            PS: not by the right but by the NYT, WP, FBI and DOJ.

          36. TheSkalawag929 August 12, 2015

            You’re just repeating the same debunked BS.
            Come back when you have something new to add.

          37. mike August 12, 2015

            “Debunked” LMAOROF!!!! You are either intellectually dishonest or a dodo bird. I think the latter.
            As I have said previously you are one dumb idiot.
            I can hear the sucking sound of you being pulled into Hillary’s BLACK HOLE. Quite fitting!!!

          38. TheSkalawag929 August 12, 2015

            All your LOLing and LMAOROF!!!! explains a lot.
            Just one question. Are the nurses at your facility aware that you have computer privileges?

          39. mike August 12, 2015

            All my LMAOROF are from your post that show you are a BOOB to the ninth degree.
            Love the sound of the Hillary Black Hole sucking you in. So long mental midget.

          40. TheSkalawag929 August 12, 2015

            John Cleese explains your problem quite directly here;


          41. mike August 12, 2015

            Gleese epitomizes your intellectual depth. Very low!
            Why should I waste my time on a video that I know fits you best.
            You must be getting closer to the Black Hole that Clinton wants you to go down with her.

          42. TheSkalawag929 August 13, 2015

            All you have left in your life is FEAR. The mind killer.

          43. mike August 13, 2015

            I see you are still thinking and acting stupidly. So sad!!!
            Thanks for another good chuckle.

          44. TheSkalawag929 August 13, 2015

            What you see is that I’m correct in my assessment of you. You are in denial.
            Your laugh is a nervous one. You are afraid.
            You probably own a number of firearms under the guise of needing them for protection.
            Your gun ownership is directly proportional to your fear. The more fearful the more guns. And I would say that you probably have a whole arsenal.

          45. mike August 13, 2015

            No, your assessment reinforces the fact you continually act and reason stupidly.
            You are still a low grade farm animal is your name indicates.

          46. TheSkalawag929 August 14, 2015

            Come back when you grow up.

          47. mike August 14, 2015

            I am the only adult in the room.
            You best look for a real brain not the one that fits a low grade farm animal.

          48. TheSkalawag929 August 14, 2015

            You may be chronologically an adult. However your mental development lagged way way behind.
            As I said come back when you grow up.

          49. mike August 14, 2015

            I see you are having another mental midget moment.
            Keep thinking Hillary doesn’t have a problem. Keep trying to change the subject but you can’t refute the facts. Hillary continues to drop in the polls, her aides Mill’s and Abedin are having to turn over their emails, this continues to grow no matter how it pains you.
            Today we have learned that Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan has verified that Hillary will not certify that she has handed over to the state department all of her work-related records, in the FOIA 2013 case by Judicial Watch. The drip drip drip continues.
            Only your mental midget mind does her problems not exist. Now that is worth a big LOL!!!
            You should have looked the meaning before you used such a stupid name on NM. Maybe you would like liar and traitor better? In any case you are still a low grade farm animal of little worth.

          50. TheSkalawag929 August 15, 2015

            As I have said previously polls THIS FAR OUT don’t matter. The only reason they matter to you right now is because you see them as backing your bogus claims.
            No matter what material is turned over it won’t be enough to satisfy you right-wing conspiracy nuts.
            I think Hilary is rope-a-doping you republican zealots. She has you dolts whining about e-mails that will turn out to be inconsequential after she turns over her much sought after private server while she and the rest of the Democratic field are spanking the collective asses of the republican clown show on the issues.
            Now you’re jealous of my moniker. You are easily distracted.

          51. mike August 15, 2015

            Jealous of your moniker more delusion on your part.

            If you had researched your moniker you would have seen it means, a low grade farm animal, a liar and traitor,a person who behaves badly. Nothing to be jealous of on my part.
            Hillary will have a hard time recovering from the negative character numbers. White women are walking away but not old low grade farm animal who has his head up his a$$.
            She has a serious problem and serious questions are being discussed if she should be the lefts next candidate.
            What makes you such a joke is after all these serious revelations you think she up for the job.

          52. TheSkalawag929 August 15, 2015

            My My!!! Your envy of my moniker runs deep.
            There is more than a year before the next presidential election. This republican conjured “scandal” will just be one of the many shiny objects right-wingers trot out to distract their base.
            As far as Hilary moving down in the polls, wait until the republican instigated smoke screen clears. What is happening now is not new. Conservatives have been trying to smear Hilary for decades and the best they have been able to accomplish is to look stupid and out of step with the rest of the country.

          53. mike August 15, 2015

            My My!!! More diarrhea of the brain from you.

  2. TheSkalawag929 August 7, 2015

    I turned on the Happy Hour Debate and the Big Kids’ debate last night and was totally underwhelmed.
    I didn’t realize, until last night, that there were so many ways to repackage the same old BS. But the bottom line is that it is still BS and republican politicians keep serving it to their base and their base laps it up and demands more.

    1. CrankyToo August 7, 2015

      Repugnican voters are like so many Chip Dillers, being paddled mercilessly by Doug Neidermeyer and pleading, “Thank you master; may I have another?”

  3. 788eddie August 7, 2015

    I think it was interesting to note that some of the debaters, like Trump and Cruz, used the term “wall” when referring to controlling illegal immigration, and some others, like Rubio, referred to a “fence.” Definitely a difference in tone, once again highlighting a divide in the GOP.

    1. Bob Eddy August 8, 2015

      But at least they were in agreement on what to do with the war on women! Yep, make them have babies, destroy any hope they have of getting health care and hope women are smart enough to realize that “they were doing it for their own good.” Some how I get a feeling that the 20% or so the Mitster got in the womens vote and the Latino vote is going to be looking pretty good after this election. At least the won’t do much worse than the 5% he got of the black vite!

  4. Patricia Robertson August 7, 2015

    It seems it doesn’t matter which debate one watched last night, it was just like watching all the debates from 2012 except different people singing the same old song. Offering the same old ideas that don’t work and blaming everything on the president for the mess they help created. They ACA yet they have no plans for help care but go back to the old system while we watch hospitals closed. They are against PP even though they know the abortions that are perform are not used or being paid for with tax payer dollars. Who can say that those tapes was scripted for a price to try to make PP look bad, you can pay people to lie,we seen this play out before.

  5. Robert Cruder August 7, 2015

    The Republican party would only change if not already perfect. Such perfection could never have fairly lost the Presidency.

    It committed itself to opposing every effort and every action of a President who must have been elected by fraud. After opposing everything, retaining anything admits to prior error unacceptable to the base of the perfect, old, white, fundamentalist and bitter.

    The base can be ever more motivated by AstroTurf but is dying without replacement. It can no longer swing Presidential elections and is unlikely to see another judicial coup. Senatorial seats are at a competitive balance but are next to fall.

    The House will be interesting. Districts so carefully gerrymandered after 2010 are becoming more independent, secular and average”. How long will they tolerate representatives who no longer do anything for them?

  6. Sand_Cat August 7, 2015

    Just more crap from the deservedly marginalized, by their own party, no less.

  7. Bob Eddy August 8, 2015

    None of these geniuses seem to understand that the Iran agreement is not an exclusively American agreement and even as President they can not just “tear up” a international agreement. Why do we waste time on nonsense like this?


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