Mitt Romney’s Five Most Awkward Moments

Republican polling guru Frank Luntz once said, “If you have to assert you are human, there’s no way you are going to be elected.” What is most amazing about this quote is that it wasn’t referencing Mitt Romney. Luntz was knocking Al Gore. The former vice president once jokingly insisted that he was human after a reporter questioned him about being born on the same day as the “Roswell Incident.”

Gore — who before he grew a beard and tried to save the world suffered from what some might call a “humanity gap” — was wise enough to pick Joe Lieberman, a man no one has never been accused of being charismatic, as his running mate.

Mitt Romney, however, chose Paul Ryan, who is the closest thing to a “rock star” the GOP has left since Sarah Palin moved on to reality TV. Tuesday at a rally in Ohio, the crowd was so enamored with Paul Ryan that they were still chanting “Ry-an! Ry-an!” when Mitt took the microphone. In one of the most awkward moments in human history, the GOP nominee for president taught the crowd a new chant that included his name. As you can see in the clip above, just watching Mitt awkwardly coach the crowd nearly gave MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough an aneurysm.

Here are five more Mitt moments nearly as awkward as this one:

Seriously, Guys. Who Let The Dogs Out?

While campaigning in Florida during the 2008 Republican primary, Mitt showed that he’s “down” with black culture.

Mitt Attempts To Prove He’s Anatomically Correct

At a diner in New Hampshire, Mitt pretended that a waitress had grabbed his butt. He showed his excellent sense of humor by deciding not to press charges.

Mitt Proves He Knows How To Drive A Car

Mitt Romney got behind the wheel of a car to show America he still knows where the front seat is. To be honest, he looked as natural there as he does most anywhere.

Mitt Likes Grits

Strange things happened to Mitt when he visited Mississippi. He got all “down home” and told the residents that he likes grits. Mississippi responded by voting for Rick Santorum and extending the primary a few weeks.

Mitt Bets 10,000 Bucks

Before he became a cheerleader, you would have naturally assumed Mitt’s most awkward moment would be when he offered to bet Rick Perry “10,000 bucks” that his book didn’t say he was for individual mandates. It was slightly less subtle than wearing a sweatshirt with “I’m Rich” emblazoned in neon.

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