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Mitt Romney's Latest Flip-Flop


Mitt Romney's Latest Flip-Flop


Stop if you’ve heard this one before: Mitt Romney has reversed his stance on a core conservative issue. Today’s position switch? Romney now supports a flat tax, a policy that he has spent almost a decade criticizing.

The flat tax, which has become a centerpiece of Herman Cain and Rick Perry’s platforms, is a very popular policy among the hardcore conservatives that Mitt Romney needs to assuage to win the nomination. The emergence of Cain, the brief bout of enthusiasm for Michele Bachmann, and the looming Perry threat means that it makes sense for Romney — who once criticized Steve Forbes’ flat tax plan as a “tax cut for fat cats” — to reverse course and tack hard to the right.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. StephenBarlow October 24, 2011

    When there ARE no exemptions, there is equality. 65% of the GDP is consumer spending. NO!!!! 65% of GDP is CORPORATE REVENUE. Corporations should be shouldering 65% of the tax burden (if the 16th ammendment is truly granting the same rights and privileges to corporations as citizens have). We need a bill of responsibilities added to the Constitution. All corporate and personal revenue taxed as income @ 10% until the debt is paid in full, 7% in surplus years. ALL spending, including business costs of goods sold AND costs of asset maintenance be taxed @ 7%. States add what they need for their operations. We will be debt free in 4 years. Do the math.

    ALL Revenue earned in America by ANY business is to be taxed the same. All foriegn businesses pay a 15% surcharge across the board for the privilege of access to the Amerian consumer. all cars, wines, cheeses, shoes.. EVERYTHNG (that’s what equality means.) An amnesty period of 90 days for all citizens and entities to report and pay taxes on all assets harbored abroad. Any violation of tax responsibility beyond that date = forfeiture of ALL ASSETS, rights to do business and CITIZENSHIP. No exceptions. you don’t wanna share the cost of being an AMERICAN, you aren’t an AMERICAN.

    The National Guard should be guarding our borders. DUH! Customs and Immigrations should be manning our ports. EVERY container gets checked.

    OH, all those IRS investigators and processors out of work, IMMEDIATE DUTY WITH I.C.E. hunting illegal immigrants. A 90 report and register policy for modified ammnesty and after: Confinement in 1 of 2 detention facilities. (Each trespasser flips a quarter) heads in Alaska or tails in Nevada. No exceptions,that includes all your blood relatives in America.

    Bankrupt Columbia and Afghanistan by legalizing all drugs and taxing them for infrastructure and Social Security/Universal Healthcare funding. Students who don’t pass, don’t come back next year. Pay teachers, cops, firefighters and nurses like lawyers and pay lawyers like dog catchers. Pay Congress like waiters, 1/2 of minimum wage + tips. Better service means more earnings.

    Flat tax is an age old functional wisdom. Biblically, a 10 % tithe of all income for the poor and the church. The koran calls for 2% of gross assets for the poor and the mosque. 10% of income for the community. Let the religious buffoonery of the KKK (korrupt khristian konspiracy) argue against GOD’s WILL if they dare!


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