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Move Over, Obamacare: Impeachment Is The Right’s New Lost Cause

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Move Over, Obamacare: Impeachment Is The Right’s New Lost Cause


Sometimes politics is like high-stakes poker. If you look around the table after a few hands and you can’t tell who’s the pigeon, citizen, chances are it’s you: the guy who plunked down $26.95 for a book called Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office.

Yeah, you with the “Impeach Obama” bumpersticker on your car. The guy standing on a freeway overpass waving a “Honk for Impeachment” sign. You may as well go around in a little bird’s nest hat, like Donald Duck’s eccentric friend Gyro Gearloose.

Because it not only ain’t going to happen, but the people peddling this nonsense don’t even want it to happen. Not really. They’re just making a buck off people who can’t count and running a classic misdirection play.

It’s actually a good sign if you think about it.

Basically because the more Republicans you hear talking about impeachment, the closer the party has come to surrender on the big issues they claim to care about.

Like it or not, the possibility of repealing “Obamacare” ended when the Supreme Court found it Constitutional and the president won re-election. You’d think after 40 — count ’em, 40 — fruitless votes to abort the law, that message might start to sink in. We still have majority rule in this country.

But no, it hasn’t sunk in at all. Like a baseball team demanding to play the eighth game of the World Series, GOP hardliners have come up with yet another plan to force the president’s hand. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has called for something he infelicitously called a “grassroots tsunami” to make Obama relent. More rationally consequent party leaders, however, are fearful of the terrible consequences of shutting down the government or defaulting on the national debt in a vain attempt to kill the Affordable Care Act.

Neither tactic would accomplish the ostensible goal and would doom Republican chances to regain Congress or the White House for the forseeable future. More than 70 percent of voters, including 53 percent of Republicans, oppose a government shutdown. A debt default could have catastrophic economic consequences. However, many GOP politicians are equally fearful of the wrath of Tea Party zealots to whom they’ve made undeliverable promises.

Hence the melodramatic appeal of impeachment, a totally unserious threat its sponsors hope hotheads will see as more decisive. So what if it makes the United States look like a Banana Republic? That’s the form of government that fools prefer to democracy, with its tedious committee meetings, quorum calls and compromises. Just think how happy an impeachment battle would make the impresarios and talking heads of cable news.

Gene Lyons

Gene Lyons is a political columnist and author. Lyons writes a column for the Arkansas Times that is nationally syndicated by United Media. He was previously a general editor at Newsweek as wells an associate editor at Texas Monthly where he won a National Magazine Award in 1980. He contributes to Salon.com and has written for such magazines as Harper's, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Review of Books, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Monthly, The Nation, Esquire, and Slate.

A graduate of Rutgers University with a Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia, Lyons taught at the Universities of Massachusetts, Arkansas and Texas before becoming a full-time writer in 1976. A native of New Jersey, Lyons has lived in Arkansas with his wife Diane since 1972. The Lyons live on a cattle farm near Houston, Ark., with a half-dozen dogs, several cats, three horses, and a growing herd of Fleckvieh Simmental cows.

Lyons has written several books including The Higher Illiteracy (University of Arkansas, 1988), Widow's Web (Simon & Schuster, 1993), Fools for Scandal (Franklin Square, 1996) as well as The Hunting Of The President: The 10 Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, which he co-authored with National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason.

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  1. JD Mulvey August 28, 2013

    The right discovered the US Constitution five years ago and have embraced it the way they embrace the Holy Bible –which is to say they pick a few phrases they like, embellish them with some made-up ideas they heard on tv, and begin using it to rhetorically beat their opponents over the head.

    Ask them what legal basis there might be for impeaching Obama and you’ll get a barrage of nonsense about the 10th Amendment and gubberment overreach and Kenyan socialists imposing Sharia law…

    If it wasn’t for a judiciary packed full of loyal Bushies these ideas would get the ridicule they deserve.

    1. Paul Dobson August 28, 2013

      Great post. I have said for a long time that the right tries to make the Constitution and the Bible say what they want them to say. The Constitution
      and the Bible are not like a cafeteria where you pick what you like.

      1. Mark Forsyth August 28, 2013

        I doubt that these blowhards bother reading either one but rather switch on the tube in order to suck up whatever the fundamentalist,far right,conservative ,republican dolt Pat Robertson has to say.

      2. Yvette White August 28, 2013

        for them it is

  2. Lynda Groom August 28, 2013

    The big problem always been and remains so today… Evidence and a crime. No matter the nut jobs will keep pandering to the lunatic fringe as long as it pays off. If they got no reaction, or worse yet, no funds from the extreme all of this crap would stop in a heart beat.

    1. neeceoooo August 28, 2013

      And the nut jobs somehow convince the lunatic fringe to vote.

    2. Yvette White August 28, 2013

      you are so right Lynda

  3. bernieo August 28, 2013

    I am more interested in why the right wing crackpot Jennifer Rubin dissed Cruz. Wonder who was pulling her strings? Karl Rove?

    1. Yvette White August 28, 2013

      haven’t you hard Karl Rove don’t have no more juice in the party he may as well be on MSNBC

  4. Dominick Vila August 28, 2013

    The far right is going to need a lot more than bumper stickers to impeach President Obama. For starters, proposing and signing legislation the Tea Party does not like is not part of the articles of impeachment. In fact, it may be grounds for impeaching those who are wasting taxpayers monies pursuing quixotic chimeras designed to satisfy their flock even when they know they cannot bring their promises to a satisfactory conclusion. The “IRS scandal” backfired on Issa and the GOP, Fast and Furious, while poorly executed, was a classic sting operation designed to find out who was selling arms to the Mexican drug cartels, and if Benghazi becomes an issue, so should 9/11/01 and the dozen attacks against U.S. diplomatic missions in the Bush era.
    Impeachment is one of the GOP’s favorite threats whenever a popular democrat is in the White House. They might as well add to their daily lexicon because there is a distinct probability of Democrats residing in the WH for many years to come.

    1. Mark Forsyth August 28, 2013

      From your mouth to Gods ears!

      1. Jon Savage August 28, 2013

        DITTO MARK

    2. CPAinNewYork August 28, 2013

      The far right is going to lose the next election.

    3. elw August 28, 2013

      Dominick my mother use to say “From your mouth to Gods ears.” I hope you are right. We will need many years to make up for the harm done by the Tea Party Republicans.

    4. lana ward August 29, 2013

      With Obama in the WH, soon the Islamic flag will be flying over it. Won’t that be great!!!

      1. CrankyToo August 29, 2013

        Gee Lana, that doesn’t bode well for us. When do you think that’s going to happen? How soon is soon? And what does this “Islamic flag” look like?

        1. Russell Byrd August 29, 2013

          It’s actually lana’s drawers. . . .

          1. CrankyToo August 29, 2013

            Well in that case, I say run ’em up the flagpole and let’s see if they fly.

          2. Russell Byrd August 29, 2013

            I think they are already “loaded” too heavily to fly very well.

          3. DurdyDawg September 8, 2013

            Just don’t pay any attention to that brown skid mark in the rear.

        2. lana ward August 30, 2013

          No, it doesn’t bode well for us. So why the hell did you vote for that muslim??

          1. Russell Byrd August 30, 2013

            What an Idjit. . .

          2. Mama62 September 4, 2013

            I believe he is Methodist. Not Muslim. Lana you need a new source for your information, one that does not “make stuff up”.

          3. lana ward September 4, 2013

            You need to venture out–Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. They work for Obama all through our Government

      2. tax payer August 29, 2013

        He may have one in his bathroom by now.

        1. Russell Byrd August 29, 2013

          Stoopid twit. . . .

          1. Ed August 30, 2013

            Russell, you pathetic Odumbo unconditional fan,
            To you lana ward is “an Idjit”; to you tax payer is a “stoopid twit”.
            I get it now: you have a priviledged and very bright mind and everybody else is an “idjit” or a “stoopid twit” !!
            …. or is it the OTHER way around?!
            LOL !!!

          2. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            No, anyone with normal intelligence that does not look at his fellow man as something to be used and discarded, I have great respect for. Unfortunately, those such as lana, tax, and yourself just think anyone that is a not a disciple of your evil is just something to wipe your ass on. So, I just think there is absolutely no value to anything of the tripe you say.

            No, I am not privileged, but I do have a very bright mind. Compared to you I am about as bright as sunshine as you are as dim as the dark side of the moon.

            It really show the depths that filth like you dwells in when you try to make fun of intelligence. Really, for a Teatard, smart is stupid and an IQ ten points under normal is the new “smart.” Sorry, but really, if nothing else, that will be the death of the Teatard party. AND it will come soon. Real soon if the Kock’s money pulls out.

          3. Ed August 31, 2013

            Russell, you poor excuse for a dummie:
            I almost DIED (you wish !!) laughing at your “… I do have a very bright mind.” THAT was very good, Russ !!
            That’s EXACTLY what Joe Biden says about himself, you dummie !
            LOL !!!

          4. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            Yes Deadhead, it happens to be true. BUT if I can help you on your way into the afterlife, give me a clue how I can “improve” my post.

            You have no idea what Joe Biden says, you are a functionally illiterate and mentally challenged sack of shit that is spoon fed your nonsense by Faux or Rush or some other Kocksucker. So all you know is what some other shit sack tells you.

            Think about it, if you came out of your closet, you might actually find a community that actually welcomes you. Yeah, your Teatard cohorts will despise you, but you might find other people that are more reasonable. You could give up all the hate and actually join normal society and become part of the human race. Of course, you are stuck being a frightened, hard-hearted little Kocksucker that has to LIE to everyone and, what is worse, to yourself, and that is all you will ever be.

            Please don’t kick your dog when I rip your ass. He is the only real friend you have. I doubt you would have him except you feed him and he is stuck with you. I pity the dog, alas.

          5. Ed September 2, 2013


            We BOTH know that you are as dumb as a box of nails, but don’t be so hard on yourself. When you say that: “… if I came out of my closet, I might actually find a community that actually welcomes me. Yeah, my “Occupy Wall Street” crazy, filthy socialist cohorts will despise me, but I might find other people that are more reasonable…” , THAT, Russy, took a LOT of courage !! I think you are beginning to heal !!
            Keep it up (I mean, this kind of confession …) !!

          6. Russell Byrd September 2, 2013

            Fucking Liar Ed, you are always talking about something that was never said or about someone that was never here. Do you hear voices?

            Yes, people that care about this nation and our people and our economy will always despise you. For you the world is based on how much you can fuck your neighbor out of. By your own standards, you are a total failure.

            Of course, admitting that all those years you spent back-stabbing, lying, and kissing the bosses’ asses for minimal reward were a waste, would leave you with no reason to live. Well, I guess you might as well take a header. BUT, don’t hit face first. That would not do the job, but it would damage the pavement. We have lost too much infrastructure because of you dickheads already.

          7. Ed September 3, 2013

            Russy: you are a LIFETIME LOSER !!
            You were a loser during the years you worked at robbing your boss. Now, as a 21 hours a day computer “poster” and National Memo SLAVE, you are even more of a loser.
            You are a worthless POS and a sorry, pathetic persona.
            Poor loser !!

          8. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Ouch, I’ve been prickEd.

            The out of control rantings of an angry, untruthful, self-loathing closet queen are irrelevant to me.

            Why is it you are so hateful?

            Why do you hate your fellow human beings so badly?

            Daddy smack you for grabbing another little boy’s peewee? Or was it a big boy?

          9. Ed September 8, 2013

            Russy: Funny how you “answer” ONE post of mine with FIVE of yours. Go see your shrink, Russy, because that’s demented.

          10. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            You want more? It can be arranged.

            I am just filling up your inbox. As well, I am just showing that I can do five times what you do, and in half the time.

          11. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            Maybe, since you wanted to drop by. Offhand, do you know what the topic is? Did you bother to read the article? Or more to the point, do you ever read any of them?

            I already know the answer. I just want to see how fast you lie back to me.

          12. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            Dickhead Ed, you are a fucked up creep that has no idea what having a conversation is about. You only came to cause as many problems as you can.

            I will tell you exactly why you are here. You think you can bully those that have more rationale, reasonable, and thoughtful ideas into giving up their right to free speech. You have a sick creepy idea that you are winning some war. That is all your life has degenerated into. You are the sick one needing Psychiatric help.

            Unfortunately, you are a self-loathing closet faggot that has been driven crazy by your own irrational fear of being found out. I have not been exaggerating on that one, it’s true.

          13. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            The best reason in the world to most even more, is your complaining about it. At least I have something to say. As well, why should I listen to someone that is madder than the proverbial Hatter.

          14. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            You wouldn’t know demented if it bit you on the ass, BUT you would smile.

          15. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            Actually Dickhead Ed, since you cannot seem to make a coherent reply to any of my posts, I guess we can assume that, once again, you took the chicken-shit cowards way out.

          16. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            Posting after the thread has been dead for over a week shows that you are just a small minded sneaky coward that thinks he can get a last word. (Remember, we were the only ones here.)

          17. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            Hey Dickhead, ever hear the old gag about what is the white stuff on top of chicken-shit. Well, the real answer is . . . Ed!

          18. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            For everyone to read. What we have here is a most vicious troll whose stupidit and ignorance is only exceeded by his need to have the last word.

            To really get the last word, he is going to have to make up of one hundred posts. He will never do it, but his intention is to snipe after everyone has left.

            Think of how sick it is to try to destroy an entire blog AND get the last word.

          19. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            I think we already established that you fit the profile for being a thief. Self-important, arrogant, dishonest, and deserving a bigger share than everyone else drives a lowlife like you to steal.

          20. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            When you say I am a losing being on a computer 21 hours a day. Well, I spend about 7-12 on a computer at work. I just hit you when I have a spare moment.

            Don’t flatter yourself, you are not that good. I can do in a few minutes what it takes you hours to do.

          21. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            If I am a National Memo slave, then what are you?

            I can make some claim to belong here, but why are you here?

            Your like a woman in the men’s room. Along with the other proven queens like Lana and angelsinhell. A little out of place I think.

          22. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Looks like poor Ed is about to stroke out. Shame I cannot say it would be a waste. . . .

          23. Mama62 September 4, 2013

            What else is there to say when someone calls President Obama a Muslim?

          24. lana ward September 4, 2013

            Obama is Muslim, Sunni Muslim

          25. Mama62 September 4, 2013

            Its a shame you are delusional.

          26. lana ward September 5, 2013

            Won’t it be great when the Islamic flag is flying over the WH??

  5. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh August 28, 2013

    Right now a bunch of Republicans are taking aim at their collective feet with this one. Yes, impeaching that man who had the audacity to be elected by a clear majority of the people of the United States, and who had the further audacity to be reelected (and not by a less than 1% squeaker like the last incumbent reelection) plays well in the gap-toothed backwaters represented by these clowns. But even someone as hard core as Rush Limbaugh recognizes that this would not be successful.

    1. TZToronto August 28, 2013

      Agreed . . . but they need this hogwash to get their names in the news. They get to show their conservative (read as bigoted) stripes to their fellow know-nothings while their prospective opponents have to get by with no notoriety at all. . . . “Just look at what our Senator/Representative is doing for us! He’s fighting against what that Kenyan Muslim in the White House is trying to do to us with that devil’s tool, Obamacare. Not only that, but he’s a good Christian, just like me. When it comes time for an election, I’ll vote for him because he cares about America and about me! . . . Now let me get back to figuring out how I’m going to pay for my radiation treatments.”

  6. HUNTERVIC August 28, 2013

    Wait Them Out

    Not to worry, in a few years all the old, used up and senile GOP base will be gone and then the country can be operated as a functional interaction of ideals and ideas, and not as a constant pissing contest based on dishonesty.

    1. JD Mulvey August 28, 2013

      If you think this is all about simply waiting for old people to die off and then there won’t be a right wing anymore, you’re in for a rude awakening. As generations before you have found out, it’s not going to be that easy.

      1. idamag August 28, 2013

        No, whackos, like Ted Cruz, Darrel Issa, and Michelle Bachmann are not old.

      2. tax payer August 29, 2013

        Old people die and more old people take their place, and it’s a cycle that won’t ever cease like those that get the Food Stamp Card.

    2. idamag August 28, 2013

      Unfortunately, it is not the old, used up, and senile making the fascist remarks. It is younger people in the government. And if you present them with facts, they just deny them like: If I don’t believe it, facts don’t mean anything.

    3. CPAinNewYork August 28, 2013

      Sounds great, but I think that you’re smoking funny cigarettes if you’re serious. As the old die off, new ones will take their place.

      1. idamag August 28, 2013

        They already have and they are far worse than the old, used up, GOP.

      2. tax payer August 29, 2013

        I repeated what you said and didn’t know you said it first. Sorry! We think the same way maybe.

      3. HUNTERVIC October 22, 2013

        See Current Demographic Information

        It isn’t happening

  7. Mark Forsyth August 28, 2013

    As far as these repubs not wanting to upset their t bag cohorts,I say too damn bad.Choose better partners. They have made their bed,now let the bastards sleep in it.And may they rot themselves into the bargain.

  8. Lovefacts August 28, 2013

    Issa has stated it’s his mission to impeach Obama. Thus, the congressman has subject the public and the administration to a series of worthless, but expensive, hearings. While his stated reason is to expose Obama’s wrongdoing and impeach him, the truth is he likes the press coverage. These Republicans are power-hungry grandstanding, showmen. On the upside, the chance of anyone impeaching Obama are slim to none, with slim on life support.

    Also, while the right talks constantly how the Obama Administration is violating the Constitution, I doubt any of them know much beyond the 2nd Amendment. Forget them having read or understood the body of the document or any of the amendments. If they had, the post office wouldn’t be in the shape it’s in. Also there wouldn’t have been a fight over the Obama Care requirement that birth control be provided free as preventive care.

    Remember what the first thing they cited was? This requirement violated our 1st Amendment “freedom of religion.” Wrong. The 1st Amendment actually says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” which means Freedom FROM a state sponsored or sanctioned religion. Therefore, every time the right has passed laws that ban abortion and/or hormonal birth control they are in fact imposing their religious beliefs upon the rest. Because I can guar-an-damn-tee you my religion allows both abortion and hormonal birth control without comment. FWIW, it’s always surprised me that when these laws are challenged in court violation of the 1st Amendment wasn’t one of the issues cited.

    1. idamag August 28, 2013

      This constant disruption of the government should be an impeachment offense.

      1. Lovefacts August 28, 2013

        Obama hasn’t disrupted the functioning of government. The Republicans who believe it’s my way or the highway and have stopped the Congress and Senate from doing their job are the problem. Aside from wanting to repeal the ACA, or failing that defund it, the Republicans have not functioned as a legislative body.

        The Republicans have a big problem when their only offer for solving our economic problems is to weaken or do away with Social Security and Medicare. What’s ignored is these two programs aren’t entitlements. Given the public pays into these systems, SS is closer to an annuity and Medicare a prepaid medical plan. However, if the Republicans truly wanted to ensure these programs stayed solvent, they’d remove the cap on earnings taxed; so even if you earned a $100M, you’d still pay into SS and FICA. Also, if a person’s younger than 65, unearned income should be treated as earned income re SS and FICA.

        Furthermore, if the Republicans were truly serious about a balance budget and paying off deficit, they would propose the following: stop oil and big agribusiness subsidies, get rid of capital gains–yes, that’ll affect me–and do away with deferred interest along with a host of other special tax bennies for either the super rich or special groups such as hedge fund managers. In fact, there should be no difference between earned and unearned income. These changes alone would help balance our budget. Then if you added in my suggestion re FICA and SS caps, we’d resolve a host of issues.

        1. idamag August 28, 2013

          Boehner made a statement this morning about cutting Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

          1. Lovefacts August 28, 2013

            Worse, Boehner is so frightened of being challenged in a primary, he’s caved to the extreme right and has threatened Obama with the following outrageous choice: dismantle Medicare and Social Security or risk the House refusing to raise the debt limit. IMO, the moment Boehner threatened the full faith and credit of the US in order to get his way goes beyond bullying and crosses over to treason.

          2. Russell Byrd August 29, 2013


          3. tax payer August 29, 2013

            Medicaid, I am for cutting it since ( no one that receives it ) paid for the right to get the Medicaid like those that paid into Medicare.

          4. Russell Byrd August 29, 2013

            I am for tax payer being disenfranchised and expelled from this nation. Maybe, exiled to a nation that he could agree with . . . like North Korea.

          5. Ed August 30, 2013

            Wow, Russell !! Even though I know you are a nut case, I am sure you can do better than: “I am for tax payer being disenfranchised and expelled from this nation.
            Maybe, exiled to a nation that he could agree with . . . like North
            Come on, Russy, give it a try and (partially) redeem yourself…

          6. Russell Byrd August 30, 2013

            Meant what I said, a-hole. When you want to take a vendetta against people that are ill and cannot fend for themselves, then you are an evil, sociopathic, sack of sh*t. And I guess, you are too!

            My, my. How about THAT redemption.

          7. Ed August 30, 2013

            Russy, Russy: You never learn !

            If you want to really see a “sociopathic” POS, go look at yourself in the mirror, you poor excuse for a Fernie Wood Asshole.
            BTW, when you mention “… people that are ill and cannot fend for themselves…”, do you mean YOU?

            … Because if you do, you have to say MENTALLY ill, and MENTALLY DEFICIENT, you old bag of (useless) bones.
            Go and try to get a life, Russell.

          8. Russell Byrd August 30, 2013

            To understand what a sociopath is, get a good medical text, or at least look in a dictionary, and find out what it means. The book I have has your picture next to the definition as an example.

            Lack of empathy is one clue. That is the Teatards in spades.

            I have a life. I do not nor do I need to go places I am unwelcome. I do not need to disrupt the thoughts and free speech rights of others. I do not need to troll. All signs of mental illness AND ALL exhibited by you, and tax, and lana, etc.

          9. Ed August 30, 2013

            Russy: Your PATHETIC response was pretty funny!
            There’s a phrase that betrays you for the hypocritic retard that you are: ” I do not nor do I need to go places I am unwelcome. I do not need to disrupt the thoughts and free speech rights of others.”:

            1) “Unwelcome” you say? Ha, ha, haaa!! I am unwelcome because I am an intelligent guy (as opposed to you, Russ) who dares to call a “spade” a “spade”, something you liberal retards, in your search for the holy grail of “political correctness”, can not bring yourselves to doing.
            2) “Disrupt the thoughts” you say? Ha, ha, haaa!! Your “thoughts” are not susceptible of being “disrupted” because, in order for me to be able to do that (“disrupt”, Russell, don’t wander here; stay with me !), they would have to be real thoughts and well-founded concepts.
            Get a life, you worthless sack of old bones !!

          10. Russell Byrd August 30, 2013

            You made this one easy. Arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand. That is a perfect description of you and the rot generated by you. I guess you get all your “original” ideas from your two brothers, MO & RON.

            You are just a racist, homophobic self-loathing closet queen. Yeah, and I do know why you live alone with your dog. Pity the dog.

          11. Ed August 31, 2013

            Russell, you worthless sack of old bones,
            Your statement about yourself (“I am just a racist, homophobic self-loathing closet queen. And I live alone with my dog. Pity the dog.”) applies, equally well, to that despicable homosexual man you admire sooooo much: Fernie Wood Cock !!
            Get a life, Russy !!

          12. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            Well Dickhead Ed, it’s a pity that you are so full of self-loathing hatred, oh closet queen. I certainly will not hate you, and I know a few gays. They are usually very understanding and friendly. You might even like them. You might even make a few friends in that community. Which of course, would mean you would actually have a few friends.

          13. Ed August 31, 2013

            Russy: Go to bed. Does your mommy know you are at the computer again ?
            Don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow to whip your sorry ass again …

          14. Russell Byrd September 1, 2013

            No Dickhead, I do not take orders from you. And as I only need about three hours sleep a night, I am just getting warmed up. The only thing you have whipped is in your pants, and I am sure the outcome was less than satisfactory. As the old adage has it about “whipping a dead dog.”

          15. Ed September 1, 2013

            Russell, Russell No-Brains !
            NOW we know why you are such a crazy, mean-spirited bastard!
            1) You have no life other than sitting at your computer for 21 hours a day (you should try going to the movies with one of your grown great, great, great grandchildren);
            2) You are sleep-deprived and that affects your (pea-sized) brain, Russy.
            LOL !!

          16. Russell Byrd September 1, 2013

            Dream on. Since I know that I can think AND type faster than you, that must mean you spend the entire 24 hours wasting your time bothering people that are much smarter than you.

            I have plenty of time to do the things I want, and the things I need to do. Like bashing morons like you.

            You still don’t get that you are being played big time. I only mention it for the effect it will have when it finally sinks in to that Teanderthal skull of yours. I have never needed to lie, stupid and mean makes it almost impossible for you to see the obvious.

            Have you ever given any thought to posting on-topic? Yeah, I know, that would take coherent thought that you cannot provide.

          17. Ed September 3, 2013

            Russy: I repeat: You are sleep-deprived and that affects your (pea-sized) brain, Russy.

          18. Ed September 3, 2013

            Russell: I WIN; you LOSE !!
            LOL !!

          19. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Just saying it, win you are the one restarting this, AFTER you gave up, is totally meaningless. Being a repentent chicken-shit takes more than four words.

          20. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Please reply and remain stupid.

          21. Ed September 8, 2013

            Russy: This is a RECORD !! Congratulations ! You “answered” ONE of my posts with ELEVEN of yours !! Good for you, Russell, old chap !!
            P.S. – You can not turn your distorted views on everything into correct concepts even if you “answer” each of my posts with 45 of yours (apparently you have the time for that; I have told you before, Russy, get a life, …. away from the computer, hee, hee, heee!!)

          22. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            I had a very full, very busy day. I even did something for someone else (foreign concept to you), I gave blood today. The Red Cross has Sunday hours. Who would of thought. Then I get to whip up on you again. What a wonderful life.

            Oh, Shitbag, oops, Mr. Shitbag, we have not discussed “concepts” for weeks. Thanks entirely to you. How can we discuss concepts when you do not even read the articles, but just come to disrupt with your LIES. Of course, it is a given, that if something can harm another person while enriching the most evil individuals in the nation, you will be all for it. I bet you have a shrine to Satan in your kitchen. You probably cook breakfast with brimstone.

            If one of the Kock’s wanted you to do “it” doggie style would you supply your own grease, or would you do it dry.

          23. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            The funny thing about that “answering” Ed is I asked you a number of EASY questions that you entirely neglected to answer. BECAUSE you refuse to participate in ANY pertinent conversation, you have given me carte blanche to say and ask anything I please.

            Until you actually come into a blog in order to have a conversation, then no one cares much about any of your drivel.

          24. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            You’re still a self loathing closet queen.

          25. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            You do not read any posts, do you?

          26. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Did you ever read the article?

          27. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Do you ever read any of the articles? Just spew stupidity because you are a bully that is afraid of your own shadow.

          28. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Fern is out and about. Does that not excite you?

          29. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Do you ever post on topic?

          30. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Do you have any other purpose other than disruption?

          31. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            As I told you, I do not post much. I just keep bullies like you tied up, wasting their time. I have been VERY successful.

          32. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            It took me all of three minutes to post these.

          33. sunshine 3 September 7, 2013

            Apparently, you are unable to espress yourself without name-calling.

          34. Russell Byrd September 7, 2013

            Yes, when the other party wishes to forego bullying, racism, lying, disrupting, foul language, etc.

            Try pulling this on Ed and see what the response is.

          35. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            I stress the real difference between me and you is HONESTY. We both find that humorous, but for entirely different reasons.

          36. sunshine 3 September 7, 2013

            Are you unable to express yourself without name-calling?

          37. Russell Byrd September 7, 2013

            Since you defend the disruptor, the instigator, the troll, the liar, the racist, the hater, the bully, etc., then I must conclude that:

            You are likely a similar individual yourself, OR you ARE the individual that has caused all this disruption.

            I notice that even though you seem to be trying to fake open-mindedness, that you only post to me, not to the instigator of this fiasco. Kind of let’s the “cat out of the bag,” sunshine. Or is it Ed, or tax, or more likely, angelsinhell.

          38. sunshine 3 September 7, 2013

            Another example of bullying!

          39. Russell Byrd September 7, 2013

            Answer an honest question. You sound a lot like Ed, and he is not above the tactics you seem to be employing. Your syntax is like Ed’s. At least when he is not yelling and screaming. You take an easily traceable idea, like who said they were a teacher, and act like you do not know who said it. That is another, specific tactic of Ed’s. So I know this could be off-base, but are you in fact Ed, just spoofing the blog again?

            I won’t trust the answer anyway, but I just had to ask.

          40. Ed September 8, 2013

            Russy, Russy !
            Let me give you 2 answers to the question you pose for sunshine 3 (apparently he or she does not have the patience with you that I have).
            # 1 – No, he or she is not Ed and Ed is not sunshine 3 (“frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn whether you believe that or not”; remember Rhett Butler, Russ?)
            # 2 – By the way you talk about me, I think that you, who previously secretly admired me, ….. have actually started to LIKE me !! Good for you, Russ!!

            Get a sense of humor, Russy, …. I like you too !!

          41. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            Sunshine may not be you. I noticed that, and if you had any sense, you would to, Sunshine is no longer sniping at me. Apparently, whoever it was, got the point. Which means they at least had some intelligence. You might take a lesson from that.

            No, I do not like liars, bullies, and general scumbags. So I can have no feeling for you at all, except contempt. As for secretly admiring you, no sense of humor could possibly justify that as a joke. That would be like admiring John Wayne Gacy for his ability to make friends with young guys.

            I have an over active sense of humor. I laugh very easily about just about anything, even tragedy. However, the sickness that IS Ed, is not the least little bit funny.

            The difference between you and me that is most profound, is quite simply that have consistently told the truth, while you consistently lie.

            There is one hilarious part to your post. The posturing that you are “in control” and are laughing is so falsely stupid as to be ludicrous. You have NO sense of humor, but as a person and a poster, you are a childish joke.

            Again,. I like you not at all.

          42. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            I thought I would point out that from a psychological viewpoint self-loathing closet queens often try to “hurt the one they love.” So, I do indeed understand you. However, you confuse my intense contempt for your own pathology. I do not share your psychological profile and its associated problems. I do indeed despise you. There is no other emotion. No hate, but certainly no like or love.

          43. sunshine 3 September 7, 2013

            It was refreshing to read an intelligent commentary written by Lovefacts after all the petty namecalling, four-letter words, etc. Many are concerned with bullying (name-calling) currently taking place in our schools where some students sadly even commit suicide. Where do students see examples of bullying? Just look at some of the previous posts. I was always taught that if one must resort to name-calling and using four letter words to express oneself, it shows a lack of command of the English language. Thanks to those of you who are able to write intelligent and thought-provoking comments.

          44. plc97477 August 31, 2013

            You have my vote.

          45. Ed August 31, 2013

            plc97: “You have my vote”??!!!
            I ask you: Russell the idiot has your vote which is the same thing as when Odumbo the FAKE got your (imbecile) vote??!!

          46. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            When a creepy sack of sh*t says something stupid and over the top, I conclude that the opposite is true. If you were at all reasonable and more intelligent than the ice I just put into my drink, you would know that too. So I am proud to vote for a very good man, a good leader (though he should be busting Pub’s asses more), a good politician, and what is always most important for creeps like you, a WINNER! Sorry to have to say that too you again, LOSER!


            Let’s face it, tax is a treasonable hater of America and the average American. He probably is totally amoral and is likely even politically unreliable. He probably couldn’t care less about politics. He is for anyone that can belittle and cause pain in his fellow man. A true Sadist, and a cowardly one to boot.

            Of course, that makes him just like you and lana. They might even be avatars for you. Of course, I already know who you really are, so I will not push that.

          47. Ed August 31, 2013

            Russy, Russy: I know, I know, you want people to excuse you because of your mental illness. Perhaps some forgive you because of that, but they still laugh at your stupidity …
            LOL !!
            Get a life, poor brainless shithead.
            I can and do “run rings” around you, so go back to your faggot cave and stay there, old bag of bones.

          48. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            Well Dickhead Ed, I am neither worried or intimidated by your LIES as to my status in life. What you carry on about, I KNOW to be untrue. What I have said, I know to be TRUE. Why do you think you always have a bunch of down votes and I always have a bunch of up votes. Proof is in the pudding as they say.

            Oh and you, and lana, and tax giving me a down vote is the same to me as an up. And you sneaking back as a guest is pretty lame, but of course, is just another source of my amusement. I could not care less what a LYING sack of shit like you really has to say. It is going to be a LIE in any case. Why should I be concerned. I am only concerned about people that have a point of view based, NOT on LIES and HATE, but on evidence and reason. You have precluded yourself from that consideration.

            Sorry, I am bulletproof to your stupidity. You can’t run circles around a piss ant.

          49. Mama62 September 4, 2013

            Wow, its always amazing that I share a country with people who think we should let poor people die because they cant afford medical care. That’s a great way to fix the system isn’t it? Maybe they could give tax payer the job of picking up and disposing of the dead people. Perhaps he just doesn’t understand that the majority of people on Medicaid are working poor, disabled or children and the elderly who need assistance to cover the Medicaid co-pays and deductibles. Perhaps he isn’t aware that it is nearly impossible for a poor white or black MAN or WOMAN to even receive Medicaid unless they are the caretaker of a child. Guess he has a set of facts all his own. Wonder who he thinks pays for the care of foster children or children in the care of the state?

          50. tax payer September 4, 2013

            What, if everyone had Medicaid and no one had to pay for Medical Care? Why only a certain group get it free and others have to struggle to pay since they aren’t considered poor. Let’s be fair to the tax payers and let everyone take advantage of this free Health Care too. Those with an Advantage Plan fall into a dougnut hole and have to pay 100% until they have met a certain requirement, so it does get expensive, when you think only the poor should get it free. I feel it’s not fair to you and all the people that have to pay, while others get free Healthcare.

          51. Mama62 September 7, 2013

            If everyone had Medicaid that would be a single payer system. It would be perfectly OK with me. I doubt however that I will see it in my lifetime. I am covered my Medicare and couldn’t be happier with my government run healthcare. Oh, that’s right it isn’t government run, just government provided with the help of the tax I paid for 40 years. Actually, my Dr. runs my care with funds from Medicare. Tax payer, I don’t think its fair that I help pay for wars I didn’t support starting with Vietnam and pretty much everything since or that my taxes fund the Patriot Act. We don’t get to pick and choose all the rules and laws, that’s not how a representative democracy works. You win some and you lose some. I don’t have any children or Grandchildren in public schools and my own son wet to private school which I struggled to paid for as a single Mom. However, at no time then or now did I believe I should get my tax money that supports public schools back or believe the government should take money away from public schools and give it to me. It was my choice and since I believe an educated public and public schools help make us a better society, I gladly support schools. Even though I am now on Medicare I still own a business that pays taxes, some that helps to help support the ACA and I do it gladly. I’m happy that so many people who have been denied coverage will finial be able to buy insurance. Is the ACA perfect, not by a long shot but given a chance to work, it will be far better than what is out there today.

          52. tax payer September 7, 2013

            I am on Medicare also, but chose a Medical Advantage plan such as Humana Gold Plus because those using the Original Medicare have to pay 20% up front to their doctor. A doctor may charge $140.00 and your co-payment would be about $28.00. I pay No co-payment and $30.00 to a Specialist, so it works out fine as long as you don’t enter phase two because you have to pay 100% unless you get Generic Medicine.

          53. Mama62 September 7, 2013

            I have a supplement rather than an Advantage Plan. I pay nothing other than my 140.00 annual deductible, If I go to the hospital. Otherwise 0. The cost of both my Medicare payment and my supplement are for less than we were paying for my coverage through my husband’s plan with his employer. Fortunately I don’t take any medications on a routine basis so thus far, the prescription plan I have, the most basic, works for me and I can upgrade if I need to.. Be careful of the Advantage plans, while you are in the sign up period right now, you might want to look at a supplement. It is more expensive but there are some changes coming down the road next year to Advantage Plans that will make them more expensive or some insurance companies may drop them altogether and offer a revised form of supplements.

          54. sunshine 3 September 7, 2013

            I appreciate your commentary; no four letter words, no bullying, a good command of the English language. Your comments are thought-provoking unlike some of the previous meaningless drivel.

      2. latebloomingrandma August 28, 2013

        I know. Treason is an impeachable offense. It might be a stretch, but working against the constituents you are to represent seems treasonous to me. It’s a blatant breach of duty and can be extremely harmful to the country. So should inciting an insurrection.

        1. howa4x August 28, 2013

          The only ones committing treason are the republicans, acting against the interests of every group except the truly wealthy

        2. idamag August 28, 2013

          I should think this active anti-government movement within the government might can be construed as treason.

        3. Russell Byrd August 29, 2013

          You make perfect sense. So I guess your wisdom will be lost on the Teanderthals..

      3. Russell Byrd August 29, 2013

        Actually the Repub’s intentional disruption of government is seditious and could be interpreted as treason. As such it is an impeachable offense. If we could clean out about 100 Reps. and maybe a dozen Senators, then our government would start working again. Unfortunately there are too many like minded or weak kneed politicians to sustain the charges.

        In other words, the inmates (Repubs) are in charge of the asylum (Congress). In order for the hospital to effectively treat the body politic, those inmates need to be secured back in their rubber rooms in the basement, and forgotten.

    2. Dominick Vila August 28, 2013

      Other reasons for distractions like this are the need to deflect attention from the fact that today’s GOP is devoid of ideas on how to solve our problems, and the need to tell a gullible and hateful base the garbage they want to hear.

  9. mah101 August 28, 2013

    Interesting tactic. By switching to baseless talk of impeachment, the GOP give themselves room to maneuver on the debt ceiling. Perhaps this is a good sign (kind of like stabbing yourself in the foot is a good sign compared to the alternative of shooting yourself in the head)

    1. Yvette White August 28, 2013


  10. howa4x August 28, 2013

    Champions of distraction is the title that republicans should wear. Instead of coming up with an alternative to Romney/Obama care that would rally most voters, or a plan to fix the 60,000 bridges that are in need of repair, with 6000 in need of imminent repair, or our interstate system, or how do we pair down the military after Afghanistan, or how do we replenish FEMA funds or control costs in Medicare, the Tea party can only come up with an impeach the president cry as their rallying point. I haven’t heard one republican plan to fix anything wrong in the country. Other than trying to defund health care reform what has the house actually done to make people’s lives better? Answer Nothing!
    Now not satisfied with the reports on Benghazi, or fast and furious, or the manufactured IRS issue that show no wrong doing, impeachment becomes the latest crusade. Now it will give Issa one more try to pull the president down. So instead of standing around with their pitch forks in hand, this issue will give the Tea party something to do, since they’ve done absolutely nothing.

    1. Yvette White August 28, 2013

      you sure are telling the truth and noting but the truth howa4x, but they(REPUBLICANS) are just like that movie Home alone where those guys try any and everything to rob that kids house, and that kid beat them too bastards like they stole something(WHICE IS WHAT THEY WERE TRYING TO DO) but after the first ass kicking I would have left that dame kid alone but not theses fools they kept coming back for another ass kicking and that kid had no problem giving them just what they wanted, and the Conservatives are like hardheaded kids who will not listen to their mother and fathers, my mom used to say to me a hard head make a soft backside, so come 2016 and they lose another Election may be theses fools be then learn something by then, we can only hope.

      1. howa4x August 28, 2013

        The problem is that the tealiban are some of the stupidest people in this country. They have been convinced time and again to vote against the interests of their children and grand children and each time they have done it. They don’t understand health care or how bad our infrastructure really is. the call climate change a hoax even though they have been presented more evidence than anyone. They believe the lies they are feed over the truth. The repubs are now hostage to these reactionary fools who will drag them to the bottom. Every day more and more groups loathe the tea party and the republican brand that is welded to it. Even seniors are turning against them. They have empty threats since a government shutdown will drive them out of office faster than a speeding bullet or a roaring locomotive. They are turning themselves into Kryptonite and one day no one will listen to them anymore, and the Koch bros will dump them, and that will be the end of the Tea party story

      2. plc97477 August 31, 2013

        With a little luck and a lot of boots on the ground they might learn something in 2014.

    2. Mama62 September 7, 2013

      Oh they have done plenty, just nothing constructive. Not one thing that has improved the human condition in the country or on this planet. Not in the last 30 years.

    3. Ed September 8, 2013

      howa4x: Quoting you: “… the reports on Benghazi, or fast and furious, or the manufactured IRS issue that show no wrong doing,….”
      To you, Hillary is clean as a whistle on Benghazi, Holder is as clean on “Fast and Furious” and the HOODLUMS at the IRS, and their (obvious) leader, Obama, “show no wrongdoing” ??!!
      Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa!!!!
      howa4x, I have this bridge in Timbuktu I want you to buy from me ….
      Oh brother !

      1. howa4x September 9, 2013

        Issa’s committees came up empty. IRS proved just as many left wing groups were investigated as tea party ones, that’s a fact. Committee investigated Benghazi and found no wrong doing by Hillary. Fact. Fast and Furious another Issa committee fell flat with no convincing proof on Holder.
        As a FOX watcher you remain in the bubble where only the news you want, not the real news gets through. Who is laughing now? Not you I bet
        Show me the evidence where any of these people were called in contempt of the House for lying. There is none!

        1. Ed September 9, 2013

          Not YET (remember Watergate?)

          1. howa4x September 9, 2013

            I do remember Watergate very well. It was a break in of the democratic headquarters by a republican president. the only thing you republicans have is trying to manufacture scandals to detract to the fact that the party has not come up with one viable alternative to any policy. What is the republican plan to replace Obama care. Let’s you and I debate it. I spent 10 yrs on the bd of a teaching hospital and 34 yr is public health, and would love to test your knowledge of health care. Or let’s debate climate change, or the draw down in Afghanistan. Let me hear your plan to fix the crumbling infrastructure of this country or to privatize social security. Let’s go you and I. Let’s have at it

          2. Ed September 9, 2013

            I mentioned Watergate not because it happened under any Democratic president (Nixon the crook was a Republican), but because I wanted to address your comment to the effect that there is no evidence (I say, yet !) that Hillary or Holder lied to Congress. The evidence in Watergate developed during a period of 2 years, my friend. That was my point.

            Having cleared that, I will not shy away from discussing with you any and all of the subjects you mention. Specifically in regards to health care, having NOT being in public health, I can offer you some common-sense ideas and alternatives but I am in no position to be “tested”, as you so emphatically want, as to my “knowledge of health care”.

            The only way I would agree to be “tested on my knowledge of health care” would be if you took note of the following facts:
            I have been (still am) a practicing structural engineer for the last 42 years and would love to test your knowledge of stability of structures, the effect of “creep” on concrete cantilevers, time-dependent deflections of post-tensioned slabs, and soil-structure interactions. Do you now see what you are getting yourself into, my friend?

            Since I am not yet retired ( I still have a few buildings to fall down on me !) I can not engage you right now but will do so in the next 48 hours. Fair enough ?

          3. howa4x September 9, 2013

            I would love to hear your common sense alternatives to health care. I mentioned that because all you tea party types want to repeal it. As for Issa’s committees they all have fizzled out. The only new channel that still runs anything about it is FOX so I’m sure you’re a watcher. FOX has become an arm of the Republican party with Karl Rove as a commentator. I remember him as one who helped lie about WMD’s in Iraq and also about him being behind the outing of a CIA agent which is treason. All because her husband on a fact finding trip found no yellow cake in Africa supposedly used by Saddam to build nukes, which undermined Cheney’s assertion that a mushroom cloud would be over NYC. Speaking about impeachment why wasn’t W impeached for that giant lie, or how Cheney who was once CEO of Halliburton gave them a no bid 6 billion defense contract. Both should have been indicted at least. My son who was in the Navy had to buy his uniforms from them BTW.
            Since you know more about Concrete what is your plan for rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, or are we going to let more bridges collapse like Tim Pawlenty did in Minn.
            Notice I didn’t use any insulting language?
            Have a good evening

  11. stcroixcarp August 28, 2013

    Remember when Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker of the House? The first thing she did was take impeachment of Bush/Cheney off the table. These guys really did do some impeachable offences. But she spared the country from a witch hunt. In retrospect, I am thankful for her cool head.

  12. idamag August 28, 2013

    Only further proof, the Republican Party is no longer about government.

    1. CPAinNewYork August 28, 2013

      The Republican Party may well go the way of hte Whigs.

  13. FT66 August 28, 2013

    Is anyone wondering why they are doing nothing? Their thinking is centred on impeaching the President and not on doing something concrete to benefit people. Is this what they were elected for and be paid for? If people can’t be angry of them now, when will it be?

    1. angelsinca August 31, 2013

      “Their thinking is centred on impeaching the President and not on doing something concrete to benefit people.”

      Except for the Biden factor, nothing would benefit America or its people more than an early dismissal of the Clown. But, we can wait out the remainder of this term, as long as there remains solid opposition to anymore proposals that will cause further harm to the nation or world.

    2. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

      Scum like angelsinca can not get it through their heads that they lost the election convincingly. If you take racism and bigotry against immigrants and the poor off the table, the Pub’s would already have suffered a complete collapse. So this nonsense about “solid oppostion” is more of a self-delusion by a really stupid Sociopath than an argument worth consideration. Oh yeah, a rather stupid, RACIST Sociopath.

      As well, I have to laugh over that “Biden factor.” Scum like angelsinca have let Faux Noise convince them of so many untruths that it is ridiculous. And it has hurt the Pubs badly. While Faux tries to make a fool of Biden, as well as Obama, most people I have met like Biden and the way he talks. Bad mouthing him with lies is costing the Pubs votes, not gaining them.

  14. elw August 28, 2013

    They tried impeachment one other time with a popular Democratic President, do they not remember how that worked out for them. They are well on to their way to becoming the Party of “lost causes,” they are past recovering from their many mistakes already. But I would also guess they will not see that until they are standing at the bottom of pit they are digging yelling “How do I get out of this?”

  15. OHGirl August 28, 2013

    By God, if they ever did get any traction with this nonsense, the american public should lay down a little of their own wrath of God onto these idiots for wasting the taxpayers’ time and money on their little temper tantrum.

  16. OHGirl August 28, 2013

    By the way, has anyone ever noticed that all these guys look the same. Wouldn’t surprise me if the entire Tea Party was really one old white guy – probably from Texas.

    1. tax payer August 29, 2013

      I thought you meant the Afro-Americans.

      1. Russell Byrd August 29, 2013

        Still a racist I see. And sooo stoopid it makes me ashamed to also be a white man.

        1. Ed August 30, 2013

          Russy: Still a buffoon I see. So, to you, tax payer is a racist because he says to OHGirl “I thought you meant the Afro-Americans.” But, to you, OHGirl is NOT a racist when she says “Wouldn’t surprise me if the entire Tea Party was really one old white guy – probably from Texas.”
          It becomes evident, then, that you have in you the SAME hypocrisy that has defined the DemocRats for so long now (mind you, the Reps have NOT been much better !)
          BTW, when you really, really want to see someone “sooo stoopid” (as you ascribe to tax payer), … go look at yourself in a mirror…

          And, Russy, before I forget, what you said about being “… ashamed to also be a white man” was THE PINNACLE OF STUPIDITY (no surprise, coming from you, though …)
          Your teacher, from whom you never learn,

          1. Russell Byrd August 30, 2013

            Nothing to explain Ed. Taxi is a racist. You might have more credibility, if you were not white, but as I am sure that you are, then you are out of line. When you denigrate a minority that has always, and still is being slandered and disrespected, then you in fact are a racist. Just like you and tax are doing right now.

            Of course, I realize you are proud of that fact. And I am ashamed that so many white people are bold-face liars. Bigoted, racist, ignorant, arrogant, greedy, and stupid, AND proud of it. Just like YOU are.

            Since you don’t know sh*t, won’t learn sh*t, can’t teach sh*t, but are totally full of sh*t, I refuse to have anything to do with that stew of sh*t you spew. Teacher my a**.

          2. sunshine 3 September 7, 2013

            I don’t know who among you claimed to be a teacher, but I still don’t see proper use of the English language which should be a part of every teacher’s repertoire. It’s easy to understand how our students are resorting to bullying other students to the point of suicide when I read your disrespect of others. There are means of getting one’s point across in writing without name-calling and the use of four letter words.

          3. Russell Byrd September 7, 2013

            We are going to have some problems with you. They are
            entirely of your own making. Ed claimed,
            as an insult, to be MY teacher. Even he did not claim to be a real
            teacher. He claimed that only a couple of posts above. So maybe, I should carry on about something
            that is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than English usage. That is reading
            comprehension. The ability to read and understand is of critical importance here. You do not seem to those abilities.

            You are making a snap judgment based on your failure to gain
            knowledge. Ed and his like came in to these blogs with an attitude of
            “educating” those they do not agree with. They continue to
            troll in a most disgusting manner. They are only here to disrespect,
            bully, and disrupt. They are pleased when a conversation breaks up, and
            especially so, when they get the last word.

            If you have read from the beginning, you would find that I have been totally
            honest about what I am doing, and how, and why. That is certainly not
            what Ed has done. If all you have come for is to be a troublesome waste
            of time, have at. Otherwise gain some knowledge and skill.

            Though I am all for civility and good English usage, these blogs are about the
            exchange of ideas. They are not a high school grammar class with you as
            the star pupil. If you had noticed, I rarely, if ever make a fool of
            anyone over grammar. I do not care as long as they are disseminating
            honest and sincere ideas. If someone can verbally, with the use of logic,
            defend an idea, I am all ears.

            As well, I have increasingly become neutral to the use of ANY language
            necessary to make a point or get the attention of a disrupting bully. I
            took so much hate language from people like Ed, I decided to fight fire with
            fire. The moderators that one would expect to eventually show up and
            restore peace never do. Apparently, they do not exist.

            In closing, I will point out that you are what we used to consider as “anal
            retentive.” Sorry, if you are insulted, but as you came to BE anal
            retentive and BE yourself insulting, then I think it is well deserved.

            P.S.: Why don’t you post your garbage to the instigator of this entire
            episode. Placate him and tell him about how mean I am, and how hateful I
            was to you. He will be eating out of your hand. At least as long as
            you are “sucking up.” When you stop you will notice your entire
            arm has been eaten away. (Sorry, if that bit of exaggerated, dark humor
            is too far over your head.) On the other hand, complain about both
            myself, and Ed, and you might get a pile of lame excuses. YET, tell him
            he is the bullying disruptor, and you might really get blistered. He may
            not use any foul language, but I can guarantee he will follow you to the ends
            of the Earth. He will spew nonsense the entire while.

            Finally, your grammar is not that good. That first sentence of yours
            comes under the heading of “awkward.” Are some of mine awkward
            . . . certainly, but my prime interest is clear communication, not textbook
            writing. Farewell . . .

          4. sunshine 3 September 7, 2013

            Stooped to name-calling again; still unable to make use of the English language without bullying. You’re very sad to be suffering from overwhelming hatred.

          5. Ed September 8, 2013

            sunshine: Your comments about me are pathetic and show the exact same hypocritical attitude of you liberals: When any of you say something stupid (like what Russell and OHGirl said) it’s OK with you; but when such stupidity and close-mindedness is identified by someone for what they are, …. then that someone is “bullying and suffering from overwhelming hatred”.
            Before criticizing my “name-calling” as you did, did you bother to read the things that come out of the mouth of this ignorant fellow, Russell ?
            Gimme a break ….

  17. Allan Richardson August 28, 2013

    As I posted on another blog, impeachment was put in the Constitution to get rid of ACTUAL criminals in office (the old saw, being caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy), when the majority of the PUBLIC tell their representatives they will not wait till the end of a term to do so. And with the EXCEPTION of the President, Congress has mostly used their power to take people off the government payroll who have ALREADY BEEN convicted of a “regular” crime such as bribery, insider trading, or embezzlement.

    But, counting this possible third Presidential impeachment attempt, if it succeeds in getting TO the Senate, it will make a TRIFECTA OF SHAME for Republicans.

    Andrew Johnson — impeached by Republicans for politically-contrived actions (using his Constitutional power to fire the Secretary of War, in violation of an obviously unconstitutional law passed by Congress over his veto), acquitted when ONE of their already-bought votes in the Senate defected (it cost him his political career, but got him a chapter in JFK’s book Profiles in Courage).

    Bill Clinton — impeached by Republicans for showing discretion and refusing to tell the public about his affair with Monica, whose false friend later stole a dress and got a DNA test to “out” her against her will; he was called before a grand jury and asked an irrelevant and improper question, just so they could charge him with something. Acquitted because too many Senators showed some common sense.

    Barack Obama — threatened with impeachment basically for being a black Democrat whom the voters preferred to a white Republican, TWICE.

    The only impeachment with a truly plausible basis, which never got through either House of Congress because of resignation, was of Nixon for the Watergate coverup. And in that case, a Democratic Congress was ready (reluctantly) to impeach a Republican President, for something that he admitted, by resigning, was actually a good reason. If Reagan had not been so charming, the Iran-Contra affair would have been impeachable, ESPECIALLY since Papa Bush’s CIA friends actually made the deal with Iran secretly BEFORE the election, in order to GET elected. But fair minded Democrats, playing by the rules, were satisfied to put some of his underlings on trial (who, having served their time or gotten their convictions overturned, are playing the “martyrs” on Faux News).

    Republicans do not view impeachment as a last resort measure to get rid of a President that most Americans view as a scoundrel and criminal. They view it as a partisan weapon to use for partisan purposes … as long as THEY are the ones using it. Democrats probably COULD have made a reasonable case for impeaching GWB for lying us into a war and using that war to further enrich his buddies, but then Democrats DO consider impeachment a last resort, not a partisan tool.

    1. angelsinca August 31, 2013

      “Barack Obama — threatened with impeachment basically for being a black Democrat whom the voters preferred to a white Republican, TWICE”.

      Dumbest thing presented this month. That he happens to be black or a democrat isn’t even anectdotal . The lawbreaking and deceptions and efforts to block the truth from being examined are the usual grounds for impeachment. With his dnagerously agressive and amatuerish foreign policy, you can add incompetence to the long list of reasons to give Obama the boot.

      1. sunshine 3 September 7, 2013

        How sad to be so uninformed. If you lived in some parts of our country, you would know how overwhelming racism continues to be. There is not one black person in one county because of those who frequently don their white robes and pointed hats. Believe it!

    2. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

      Some creepy people have to come late so they can slander and spread untruth with the expectation that they can smear the topic and get away with it.

      Really sick when all that sack of garbage is about is having the last word.

    3. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

      Unfortunately, all this “law breaking and deceptions and efforts to block the truth” is based mostly on Pub law breaking and deceptions and efforts by the Pubs to block the truth. When asked, it is always about Benghazi or Fast and Furious or one of a couple of made up, contrived Pub scandals. This tragedy, and the joy for the Democrats, is the public mostly knows the Pubs are refusing to do their jobs of governing the nation. Teatards like angelsinc just listen to what they what to hear in their hatred of anyone or anything that is different from their dishonest, sadistic, and perverse ideals.

  18. bcarreiro August 28, 2013

    Obama impeached Osama that’s enough from the right whose objectives are to undermine the next person who crosses their line of corruption. What’s the real deal. Have a system that works for everyone even the selected few who try to stop this country from moving forward.

    1. angelsinca August 31, 2013

      “… system that works for everyone even the selected few who try to stop this country from moving forward”

      Your ‘system’ has transformed America into part timers and disillusioned malcontrents where three quaters of the population is living paycheck-to-paycheck. Nice transformation. Progressives have no clue how to run a country . Forward is the other way.

    2. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

      America has transformed into part-timers and disillusioned malcontents is because the rich have sucked all the joy, and all the income out of our lives. No jobs, but high workloads on those that do work. Low pay, but incredible, record profits. No justice, too many judges have been bought by the rich, or are crazy wing-nuts appointed by elected crazy wing-nuts. “Forward” is not even angelsinca’s care anyway. IT gets joy by seeing people hurting. That is what is at the bottom of IT’s entire platform.

  19. Ed August 28, 2013

    Wow! It IS a good start that Fern WoodCock is NOT posting her (actually HIS !) mental diarrhea on this subject …
    Good start !!

    1. Sand_Cat August 28, 2013

      Now if only you would leave…

      1. Ed August 30, 2013

        Sandy, my boy: I am your nemesis, your “corrector”, and I am here to STAY !
        I am NOT leaving as you wish.
        You want me to leave because I always set you, and your ilk, on the correct path…

        1. angelsinca August 31, 2013

          Good for you, Ed. These liberal pukes like Sand_Cat intimidate and mock until most reasonable people just leave. The pukes think the’ve ‘won’. The only thing they’ve gained is more enemies with greater determination to oppose everyhting they do. Just like Onbama, they aren’t very bright.

          1. Ed August 31, 2013

            angel: I can understand some people voting for Odumbo in 2008, but after 4 years of Odumbo-nomics only complete idiots could have voted for him !!!!

          2. angelsinca August 31, 2013

            They aren’t as much intellectually challenged (some are pretty book smart) as they are gullible and hopeful. The honest ones are admitting their failed choice but feel good about voting for a minority. They rest are going to make excuses for him as the best president they could imagine, just as they are hopeful Obamacare isn’t the awful POS it really is.

          3. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Only a complete idiot could make that statement. Romney was garbage as a candidate and he was the best you had. If you remove racism from the mix, Romney loses by 30 points.

            Hucksterabee would have lost by 30 anyway. Only the stupid would have voted for him. Or that racist Creep Paul, DITTO. You people need to wake up . . . actually don’t. You are going to lose 2016 by 15 points, maybe 25.

        2. disqus_LcxpBv2uzz August 31, 2013

          Don’t flatter yourself, impoverished blatherskite! I’m on the path that leads to the truth, which you would not recognize. Your “correct” path is nonexistent, and thus leads nowhere…

          1. Ed August 31, 2013

            disqus: ” I’m on the path that leads to the truth, …”???!!!
            You are not capable of recognizing or internalizing the truth, …. much less recognizing “the path” that leads there !
            Gimme a break ….

          2. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Dickhead Ed, you are on a path to Hell. Ok, tell me about the fact that you are a non-believer. It’s Ok. My problem with you is you are an amoral sociopath.

          3. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Once again, where is that great philosophical question you made so much of? What a f*cking, ignorant LIAR.

          4. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            You would not know truth if it bit you on the ass.

          5. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            You sexual perversions cause you to fantasize about abusing posters that are not even here.

          6. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            If TRUTH did bite you on the ass, it would turn into a perversion of the truth.

          7. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Have you ever posted on-topic? Ever?

          8. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Do you ever read the articles that you come to disrupt the comments to?

          9. Ed September 2, 2013

            disqus, enriched jabberwocky!!

            1) Between Russell’s IQ and yours, you can’t get to 65, so stay out of this.
            2) Your statement to the effect that “I’m on the path that leads to the truth, which you would not recognize.” is as funny a statement as I have EVER seen on this cesspool of funny liberal (half) minds. I am still ROTFL !!!

          10. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            You do not even know what a jabberwocky is!! Closet queen that would love Fern to be a man. How creepily strange.

          11. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            If you are really ROTFL, that is where you belong. In the shit on the floor of the cesspool that you call home. Some people name their homes. Is yours called “The Sty”?

          12. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            You cannot even count as high as my IQ. And there is nothing here that anyone can be forced to “stay out of.” You brought all this on yourself.

          13. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            You are here to destroy the Constitutional rights of other posters with stupid disruption. Yet, you tell other posters not to interfere with you. How does that work?

          14. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            If this is a cesspool, why are you stooping to bother wasting your time here?

          15. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            A half a mind, compared to zero mind (that’s you) is infinitely more powerful. In fact, it is mathematically impossible to calculate.

          16. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            You have seldom, if ever, told a truth or based your post on the topic or on any facts whatsoever. How can a man that LIES constantly understand the truth?

        3. Sand_Cat August 31, 2013

          I want you to leave because if I want to read comments by stupid people, there are lots of places I can go.

          1. Ed August 31, 2013

            Sandy: Let me correct you: Should you want to read comments by stupid people, ………… just go over your previous posts ….
            I know your ilk; you think that everybody is stupid but yourself, ….and that’s HILARIOUS …

          2. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            No, actually Dickhead Ed, we know very well that there are only about 3-4 stupid people here. You being one of them. And no one wants to read your LYING drivel the first time, much less have a repeat read.

          3. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Once again, what you have written is obviously false. We do not believe everybody else is stupid. We just know that you are.

          4. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Ed even logs back in as a guest so he can vote down.

          5. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Do you understand what the author wrote?

          6. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            So far this entire exchange took three minutes.

          7. Ed August 31, 2013


            First, I am not leaving anytime soon; I am here to stay.
            Second, I agree that if you want to read comments by stupid people, there are lots of places you can go, i.e., posts by Fernie Wood Cock, Russell Byrd, disqus and sooooo many others.
            … you can also read The New York Times or The Washington Post …
            LOL !!

          8. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Dickhead Ed believes that “Ed” equates with using his real name

          9. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Dickhead Ed, has a homoerotic fixation on a poster that is not even here.

          10. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Do you ever post anything that relates to the topic?

          11. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            I guess Sandy, stupid is here to stay. Don’t even think about going elsewhere, that is all his life is centered around. Pathetic, but that gives him great pride and satisfaction. Of course, all the filth desires is to cause pain. But we both know the public has caught on.

    2. old_blu August 29, 2013

      There is a group of people that swear they are going to impeach the president. Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment ran by surprise, WND. So it’s a joke. Interesting you come on here and don’t say anything about the article but attack Fern instead. Grow up man.

      1. Russell Byrd August 29, 2013

        It is a testament to Fern’s effectiveness, like it or not. They remember the spanking they got long after their encounter with her. Even when she is not here.

        Tax payer thinks she is here and Ed thinks she is one of the guys. Who are you betting on? You, me, Idamag, etc.?

        1. old_blu August 30, 2013

          Hello Russell, good to see you my friend, my NM has been screwing up so bad I have a hard time getting in. and seeing everyone, kinda miss everybody.

          1. Russell Byrd August 30, 2013

            And good to see you too friend. I get kind of worried when I see people missing for a while. Of course, I am absent for spells and things do change. I hope you are well and your connection “heals.”

        2. Ed August 31, 2013

          Russy and old_blu:
          You prove, once again, that BOTH of you are as dumb as a box of nails. Anybody that talks about Fairy Wood Cock in terms of “effectiveness” exemplifies the epitome of ignorance.
          Talking about Fairy Wood Cock’s “effectiveness” is like praising Hitler and Mengele for their “thoroughness”….

          1. plc97477 August 31, 2013

            Her effectiveness is proven by the fact that you can’t leave her be. She’s not here and yet you still gripe about her.

          2. Ed August 31, 2013

            Hey pic: I said: “Anybody that talks about Fairy Wood Cock in terms of “effectiveness” exemplifies the epitome of ignorance.”
            You just proved my point, dummie !

          3. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            If you were not so rattled, why would you bring up someone that is not even here. Of course, as a total chicken-shit, you figure you can get away with it.

            And nails are usually very sharp. BWWWAAAAAHHHHH!!!

            Deadhead Ed’s head is as dead as the head on a dead nail in a box of dead nails. Nothing much going on in that block of wood.

          4. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            Only a chicken-shit brings up someone that is not even here. Of course, that is Deadhead Ed in spades.

            As for your leader Hitler, do you still have a homoerotic fixation with him these days? And how is YOUR Republideathsquad Party Surgeon General doing?

          5. Ed August 31, 2013

            Russy: If you were not sooooo dumb, you would actually be funny.
            Get a life, scumbag!

          6. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            Deadhead Ed, you are the piece of shite that came here to spew nonsense. And the irony of it is, not only are you functionally illiterate, at least by intent, but you are too stupid to realize that the spectacle that you put on not only makes you look like a total twerp, or twit, or moron, and any other of a couple of dozen epithets.

            What you can never get through your head, is this is going to end as it always does. When you quit and runaway like a whipped dog. So please continue, dirtbag.

            By the way, do you have pictures of your Uncle Adolf on the wall. You are not exactly one of the “boys from Brazil,” but you certainly are the bad outcome of one of Mengele’s sicker experiments.

          7. Ed August 31, 2013

            Russ: For a guy who never knew who his daddy was, …. you are funny.
            Most people here forgive you for being such a sleazy scumbag.

          8. Russell Byrd September 1, 2013

            You are sick, but oh, so right-wing. What does it matter that a child has no daddy. That is not the child’s fault, oh yeah, like I said, it is very right-wing to blame anyway. The weaker the party to be blamed, the more blame you lay, and the more satisfaction you receive. A fatherless child would be ideal for you. Having a parent without a job and no unemployment benefits, and hungry because, in your perfect world, there would be no entitlements, would send you into ecstasy.

            I my view, Dickhead Ed, you are one sick little bit of nasty work. You can hide behind one or more of your fake names and snipe at people. Unfortunately, you came to me. To paraphrase Truman, the Dumbfuck stops here. Of course everyone, except maybe you, knows who Dumbfuck is.

          9. Ed September 2, 2013

            Russell, Russell, you NEVER learn !
            # 1) When I say you never met your daddy, I meant it as a negative assertion about you ONLY, NOT about normal, decent people who never met their daddy.
            # 2) You dummy, playing right into my hands, wandered off on a silly philosophical tangent.
            # 3) I do not hide behind any other names; I post as Ed because that is my first name. Using a fake (basketball player’s) name I leave to you, “Russell Byrd”, and to that ABOMINATION of NATURE, Fernie Wood Cock, a COCKROACH who hasn’t been “man” enough to show her (his) face anymore around here !

          10. Russell Byrd September 2, 2013

            Dickhead Ed, I think it is plain that you are the one that NEVER learns. Loser. You did lose, but now you want to REDEEM yourself and start this up again. Go for it. You can be spanked TWICE.

            1) Then what you have said makes no sense to anyone. You are a bigot AND a moron. If you were not talking about other people having no daddy, then it cannot apply to me. That is the short, simple version. I do not want to overtax that empty head of yours. And you did mean it as I said, which makes you a good right-wacker, AND of course a bigot.
            2) Actually, as I repeated above, I am right on target with you. Spinning yourself out of what would be a grounds for dismissal, with cause, at any employer in the country, is not going to wash. You meant what you said. Now you want to change it by blaming me. Wrong. Won’t work.
            3) Well, looks like I hit a sore spot. Of course, that is my name, but I do not believe you do not have a few extra avatars floating around out there. AND you are HIDING. All anyone knows is you claim to be ED. OH sorry, I forgot YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR LAST NAME IS.

            AND you are still a faggot. Why else would you be so concerned with Fern? What are you going to do when she shows up and fills your inbox.

          11. Ed September 3, 2013

            Russell Byrd, you who “borrowed” your name from a basketball player whose shoes you are not worthy to shine:
            The fact that you are a stupid idiot has already been established.

            So that leaves that COCKROACH, Fernando Woodcock, who is such a coward that he now posts in Facebook mode only (pathetic faggot).

            I couldn’t care less about Fernie being the faggot he is. What I despise in “him” is the fact that so many of the stupid liberal idiots who post on this forum considered “him” to be a woman (mind you, I didn’t say “lady”) and were courteous and even condescending towards someone whom they KNEW was a stupid idiot, but against whom they did not dare say anything.
            Now it’s your turn, pathetic old sack of stupid bones, to be the laughing stock of your fellow liberals on this cesspool.
            Again, you little turd, get a life (away from the computer, I mean)

          12. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Pretty stupid for a guy that knows I am a lot older than the ball player.

            Really, what are you trying to prove, when we both know everything you say is a lie.

          13. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Really, you drive people away, but you give them the anger to have the resolve to vote against the filth you want to run this nation (into the ground).

          14. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            If you were a Musketeer, in your case, Mustyqueer, you’re slogan would be “one for me and all for me.”

            Fern is a woman. She can be a man if she so desires, to what ever degree she desires. It is her business and her life. NOT yours.

            Like all Conservacons, you assign rights to yourselves that most other people are not supposed to enjoy. You HATE.

            On the other hand, we always suspected that Lana was a man. Your scummy angelsinhell is also a female impersonator. And I know from your posts, that you are a self-loathing closet queen too.

          15. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Odd, that you keep calling me an “old sack of bones,” whatever that is supposed to mean, but then you claim I am impersonating a younger ball player. Maybe, he is impersonating me, of course, that would make me proud, rather than a foaming at the mouth asshole like yourself.

          16. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            I think it is likely that before long, all that money will get the Kockroaches in trouble. You just cannot keep disrupting the American government, political system, our media, and the lives of regular citizens.

          17. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            You pitiful LIAR. Seek some help. You are totally fixated with Fern.

            SHE OWNS YOU. You cannot put it down. Your ass is still own fire after all the times she lit you up.

            My goodness, you have LIED so much, you really do not know what reality is.

          18. Ed September 3, 2013

            Russell: Because of your sleep deprivation, and because of your sexual deviations, you really think that you make sense, … when you don’t.
            Unfortunately, in your case several factors caused the “perfect storm” (in your head and in your “stinking thinking”, dickhead !):
            1) You were abused as a child.
            2) You never met your daddy.
            3) You attended a very, very bad public school and, even there, got terrible grades.
            4) You went from dead-end job to dead-end job (that’s why you admire that faggot, Fern Wood Cock, who made you believe “he” was a nurse (and a woman at that), all the while stealing from your employers.
            5) All that made you want to feel “important”; that’s where you get your pen name of “Russell Byrd”, to imitate the basketball player (and you are as bad a liar as that cockroach, Fernie Woodshit).
            6) You have come to realize that you don’t have any kind of family life and nothing (besides your computer, 21 hours a day) to live for.
            7) The previous item explains why you feel this uncontrollable urge to present yourself as “a bright mind” (YOUR VERY WORDS, DUMMIE !) with PLENTY to do in your “spare” (worthless) time (that is, Russy, 21 hours a day !!)

          19. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Dickhead Ed . . .
            1. All false, not worth the wind to debunk again.
            2. I am not concerned.
            3. What does concern me is your motivation to be such a disruptive LIAR.

          20. Ed September 8, 2013

            ANOTHER record by Occupy Russell Birdie !
            FOURTEEN (14), read them, FOURTEEN posts to “answer” ONE of mine and to vent his anger because I have unmasked him as the idiot he is (did the same to that other coward, Fernie WoodCock).
            Russy, you are PATHETIC …

          21. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            It means that sick little Eddie will have to make at least fourteen more posts to have the last word!


          22. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            You seem to have a fixation with not having a daddy. Shame on you for being so cruel to millions of people. Of course, this behavior is generally do to inner hate from not having one either.

          23. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Obviously, you were abused as a child. That is why you crawled into your fantasy land of self-importance. That is why you post here. You can abuse other, innocent, intelligent people without suffering the consequences you deserve. BUT I am working on that.

          24. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            I graduated ninth in my class from an Advanced Program. No need to embellish. On the other hand, this also seems to be a touchy subject for you.

            After they sent you to bed every night with a good beating, your parents sent you to a sleazy private school the next morning. Talk about irony.

          25. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            If I did work dead end jobs, how does that relate to Fern? Kind of a lame reach. But I guess a self-loathing closet queen has got to get that in there somewhere.

          26. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            I have never said anything to indicate sexual deviations. In fact, except to make an obvious analysis of your drivel, I have never brought up sex at all.

            THAT’S ALL YOU!

          27. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            You call be an “old sack of bones,” but accuse me of stealing the younger man’s name.

            You really should give this up. You are out of your depth and just making a total fool of yourself.

          28. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Truthfully, I am a part-time care giver, still attend school part-time, and work full-time, with extra thrown in. Admittedly, if it makes you happy, I do not have a lot of time to waste on the golf course, but I never like pasture pool anyway.

            Once again, I have done something you are incapable of. Speak truthfully about myself. You need to hide in the closet. Just like you try to pass off Ed as a “real” name.

          29. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            And you still cannot post without defaming someone that is not here. You prove what I said about how I started posting vulgarity. Eventually, people get tired of being reasonable with a trolling bully that just came to disrupt and add nothing to the conversation. Eventually, we just begin to vent, rather than discuss.

            See, telling the truth is really easy. You might try it once.

          30. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            It seems you have presented yourself as a bright mind too. You claim to be smarter than me and smarter than everyone here.

            Yet, you hang around a blog that you claim is a cesspool. Now that is STUPID . . . stupid!

          31. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Have you ever read an article that you made an intelligent on-topic reply to?

          32. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Have you ever read an article and made an on topic reply?

          33. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Have you ever read an article?

          34. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            You should be able to guess this one.

            Can you read?

          35. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Typical Teatard. Ready to take another beating at the polls in 2016. It is going to be worse, much worse, than 2012.

            And I think 2014 is starting to look really bad for your mob of gangsters.

          36. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Played into your hands. That’s a joke, right?

            And what is that philosophical question you claimed you were going to ask me in an earlier post?

          37. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            Deadhead Ed, everyone with half a mind knows that you are the stupid one. Who in their right mind says Fern is not effective, when the first thing you do is refer to her. Your ass is still on fire after the last time she lit you up. You are hitting back because you are still hurting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            BWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! You are one entertaining guy. A LYING, no brain, no fact, illiterate sack of sh*t guy, but entertaining just the same. Don’t get me wrong, we have not been laughing with you, but at you.

          38. Ed August 31, 2013

            Russy, you old useless, brainless sack of bones:
            The differences between Fernie Wood Cock and you are:
            1) “She” is actually a male FAGGOT and you have not yet decided what you want to be.
            2) Her English vocabulary consists of 6 words and yours consists of about 25 or 30, counting your mistakes.
            3) You are BOTH slimy bastards who actually believe that by using ugly words and stupid cries like “BBBWWWAAAAHHH!!” people will not notice how IGNORANT you both are; Russy, people DO notice …
            4) No more differences; that is IT !!!!!

          39. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            1) Who cares, you are a FAGGOT too, you hypocritical self-loathing homophobic closet queen.
            2)Who cares what her vocabulary is. . . My vocabulary on the other hand is about ten times yours. So I guess you have 3 words. Where are the mistakes, Kocksucker?
            3)You are the slimiest Kocksucker to ever come in this blog. And you made a mistake in that statement, anyway,

            BWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! I am laughing at your stupid ass. Name who has noticed. Please name who has noticed. PLEASE. Keep in mind closet queers like you and your friends, lana and tax don’t count. Name some real people with a real viewpoint that came to discuss issues rather that disrupt, bully, LIE, and act an ass.
            4)WTF is wrong with your tiny, pea brain. F*ck you, THAT is IT!!! See you soon, F*ckwit.

          40. Ed August 31, 2013

            You see, Russy? I am able to “play” you at will. And you are starting to lose your (tiny) head and also lose your “cool”.
            Russy, you should NEVER lose your cool, take it from me.

            Look at Odumbo, who never looses his “cool” and his “hipness” and that became the reason why so many brainless ignoramuses like you voted for him; forget something called “substance” because you, my ignorant friend, have no idea what that is !!
            But DO try to keep your “cool”, Russy.
            I am worried about you because you are beginning to “crack”.
            P.S. – Russy, you and Fernie WoodCock (the faggot passing himself for a woman nurse-ha, ha!), of all people, should not call anybody “closet queer”; Tsk, tsk, tsk …
            Go to bed now, Shorty. Tomorrow I’ll give you some more lessons …

          41. Russell Byrd September 1, 2013

            Like I said, you might be happier if you quit hating yourself. That is why you have adopted the Teatard creed of projecting your fear, failure, and dissatisfaction with life onto other people. That is another bit of truth and no exaggeration or error. That is why you bring up the fact that you are a bastard, both in the sense of your birth and your behavior. I pity you. Of course, in the same way that I pity a mad dog. So go ahead an crawl back into your closet, Dickhead Ed.

            No, tomorrow I will give you another thrashing. I understand you self-loathing, closet queens very well, BUT I am staying away from those “lessons” you carry on about. Never know when you will give into temptation. Or do you just like them younger.

          42. Ed September 2, 2013

            Russell: I commend you for having admitted, right in front of your liberal friends (none of which, BTW, as happened with that abomination of nature called Fernie Wood Cock, has come out in your defense) what a complete idiot you are.
            I will be giving you, my poor friend, a chance to partially redeem yourself in a subsequent post by answering a political philosophy question. I know you won’t want to answer it (because you don’t know the answer, or because you are not able to defend your answer), but I will give you the chance anyway.

            In the meantime, try to get some sleep, try to get sober, and try to keep away from faggots like Fernie Wood Cock, the “male” (ha, ha !!) “nurse” …

          43. Russell Byrd September 2, 2013

            You’re a complete self-loathing, closet dwelling, crypto closet queen that just happens to be a total moron to boot.

            Come to my defense, dickhead no one has come to yours either. Guess what, there is no one here to bother with your nonsense. Redeem myself . . . don’t need to. Every time you post you dig a bigger hole. You cannot win. You are the interloper here. I will never give in, so you are just showing that you are not only a racist, homophobic bully, as well as a LIAR, but STOOPID to an alarming degree.

            I welcome you to keep wasting your time. This is what I do faggot. Yes you are, because that is the only reason you would have a fascination with Fern being a man. . .

          44. Ed September 3, 2013

            Russell, Russell, you pussycat:
            It was to be expected of you to defend a human (human?) abomination as Fernie Woodcock, the reason being that you are (almost, buy not quite !) as stupid as “he” is.
            But at least you do not try to pass yourself as a woman nurse; you only pass yourself for what you are: an ignorant piece of shit.

          45. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Ed, Ed, you pussy . . .

            Why are you still picking on Fern? I have no problem with her at all, but then, I do not act an ass either.

            Why the fixation? What does it accomplish? You are showing your mental instability and perversions. As well, you are wasting your time being silly posting nonsense to someone that can work a full day and still intellectually run circles around you.

            All on three hours of sleep. 🙂

          46. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            You don’t have anything except being a “legend in your own mind.” You
            are arrogant and ignorant, with only stubbornness as your strength.
            Persistence is wasted on idiots.

          47. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            I don’t pass myself off as what you are. I have no interest in belonging to your piece of shit club. . . .

          48. Ed September 8, 2013

            Russy: AGAIN?
            SEVEN post of your BS to answer ONE post from me !!
            Get a life, Russ ! Is posting on this forum the MOST IMPORTANT thing going on in your pathetic, worthless life??
            If so, go visit your shrink, Russy girl …

          49. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            I have something to say, Dickhead.

            AND Dickhead Ed, it occurred to me, something I seem to have read somewhere: Is posting on this forum the MOST IMPORTANT thing going on in your pathetic, worthless life??

            You already lost this battle twice. Now you sneak back to stir shit up again, for no other purpose than to have the last word. Laughably, you are already about one hundred posts down. I only come back just to fuck with you. I told you I find your stupidity entertaining.

      2. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

        Exactly, he has been attacking Fern since he arrived and is still doing it. He confirms everything I have ever said about him. He is just a troll. Unfortunately, I think he is serious in his stupidity. If he were clever, AND evil, he would make an outrageous comment and then move off to spoil the next blog. Yet, he stays and runs the same stupid spiel into the ground. There is definitely a pathology here, but beyond an extreme inferiority complex and being a Sociopath, I have no clue what it might be.

    3. tax payer August 29, 2013

      You are wrong. She is here, but using another name and it’s easy to know ( who ) by reading some of the comments.

      1. Russell Byrd August 29, 2013

        lana ward = tax payer turned transvestite

        I want to make your ignorant mistakes as easy on you as possible. In the end, you will fall harder that way.

        1. Ed August 30, 2013

          Russell Byrd: SHAME on you !! By having the gall to say that about a lady (lana ward) you, my friend (just a figure of speech, Russ – don’t get your hopes high – because you are NOT my friend and I respect but do not like faggots), have really, really crossed the line of basic courtesy and respect towards ladies.
          Shame, shame, shame, on you, “sir” …
          Oh brother, what a “gentleman” ….

          1. Russell Byrd August 30, 2013

            Is that all you have? You say something totally stupid and irrelevant and then try to spin it.

            Are you not learning anything here? I am giving you continued lessons in sarcasm and you cannot catch on. Now it seems you are not only a racist, but a homophobe as well. I guess that will give you something new to deny. Bwwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

            Get this . . . As far as I am concerned you and lana can screw your head offs and raise a whole litter of a** hole babies between you. Whatever you two do would constitute unnatural acts.

            Lana a lady . . .BWWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!, indeed.

          2. Ed August 30, 2013

            Russy, you old, worthless (and OLD) fart:
            I said that I “respect but do not like faggots”. So I am not a homophobe. It’s only mental (and who knows in what other sense) faggots like you who get no respect from me.
            And I repeat: Your saying what you say about lana ward makes you the complete and perfect asshole and idiot.
            Your meanness in saying what you said about “the litter of asshole babies” qualifies you for the “FERN WOOD COCK AWARD OF STUPIDITY AND MEANNESS”, you POS (that means Piece of SHIT, Russy !!)
            I do not call that sarcasm, Russell, it is plain meanness and an abominable character trait, you little prick ….
            You are so small, Russell. Go to hell and stay there with Fernie Wood Cock.
            Shame on you, BIGOT!

          3. Russell Byrd August 30, 2013

            According to Deadhead Ed, when he calls people “faggots,” he is not a homophobe. No wonder Teatars will lose the next presidential election and increasingly will lose elections in general. Insulting people is okay as long as he is doing it.

            And when Deadhead Ed says I qualify for the, “FERN WOOD COCK AWARD OF STUPIDITY AND MEANNESS,” he admits the reason he said that is his “plain meanness and an abominable character trait.” I agree. He shows how much a gentleman and a decent human being he is by abusing someone that is not even posting. How fair of him. How typical of a racist, homophobic, self-loathing closet queen, Teatard.

            Let’s see, I did not mean what I said to be appreciated as sarcasm by you. Though somewhat sarcastic, it was not a good example. As well, as a Teatard, your sense of humor is only appreciative of the pain you cause in those you see as untermensch. Or in other words, you have no normal sense of humor, NOR do you have any normal senses at all.

            So let’s just agree. I was dead serious, Deadhead.

          4. Ed August 30, 2013

            Russy, you insignificant mental midget:
            I repeat: Your saying what you said about lana ward makes you the complete and perfect asshole and idiot.
            And your meanness in saying what you said about “the litter of asshole babies” qualifies you for the “FERN WOOD COCK AWARD OF STUPIDITY AND MEANNESS”, you Piece of SHIT!!
            You are so small, Russell. Go to hell and stay there with Fernie Wood Cock.
            Shame on you, BIGOT!

          5. Russell Byrd August 30, 2013

            Deadhead Ed, (or angelinc) you are the mental midget. You even stole that from me, so that shows how smart and original you are. What I said about lana ward I meant.

            Everyone with a brain will be amazed that you even made that a complaint anyway. Especially after the things you have said that triggered such responses. Really, lana is one of the most consistently vulgar people in any of these blogs. She is directly responsible for my use of foul language. I threw in the towel and took off the gloves after dealing with her.

            I will point out again, that I meant every word. You attack Fern, when she is not even here, and then defend one of the most ignorant, stupid pieces of sh*t ever to post in these blogs. YOU ARE A FAKE. A creep like you attacking me for insulting you and that total piece of garbage lana, is a wonderful compliment. If you think you are making any headway with this stupidity you are sadly mistaken. I have, and will continue to respond to you, AND wipe the floor with you, for no other reason than your persistent stupidity.

            Wait until I start posting quotes of your nonsense in the next blog you disrupt. There will be no end to the email notifications flooding your inbox. You will not be able to delete them fast enough. You have no sense of humor, but you are funny as hell.

            So keep making your nonsensical claims. The only person you are fooling is your idiotic self. You have pulled this same sh*t before and you have went down in flames EVERY time.

            So you are still an ignorant, arrogant, stupid, self-loathing closet queen that is dumber than a sack of hammers. So keep wasting more of your time trying to do the impossible. This is what I do and I have always stated so honestly and up front. So even if you stop, I know you will be back to spread ignorance and stupidity again. And I assure you that when I catch you insulting people and disrupting conversations, I will be all over you again.

            So roll right on, you stupid, racist, homphobic, sociopath, lying sack of sh*t.

          6. angelsinca August 31, 2013

            There you go again, Byrdt; blaming others for your behavior. No character.

          7. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            So it’s true. The semantics gave you away. Up for another thrashing. It is entirely up to you. I have never sought you out, but you coming here to smear and disrupt invites replies. I HATE those that HATE. I BULLY those that BULLY. I DISRUPT the DISRUPTERS. I do not need to contrive a fight like you do, trash like you comes running for it. Like a moth to a flame. If you had good sense, you would see I am not even a regular poster.

            I am honest with you about it and I have always explained the motivations that I have. Or maybe putting it this way, I have WARNED you repeatedly that you will never “win” anything from me. You do not seem to realize that this is what I do AND I enjoy it immensely. Too much so at times.

            How’s the family situation working out, you lying, stinking sack of shit? I know now why you use that handle. You are just a homophobic, self-loathing closet queen.

            Just look upon the above as a “free sample” of what you can expect.

          8. angelsinca August 31, 2013

            Whatever flips your skirt Russy-poo.You are making Fern Woody look like a genuine genius. I am so sorry that you live for imaginary wins on a liberal blog. No wonder you are so angry all the time. Please do keep up the conservative hatefest; it only makes the liberal faction appear weaker and more useless in these times when the country beckons for an honest and competent leader when all it got was a pandering Godless fool that isn’t even allowed to practice law in his (supposed) home state.

          9. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            As I told you before, I am not here to win. Just to deny you the win.

            Whenever we have exchanged posts, not only is the consensus that you were sadly, and badly, trounced, but you are the one that quit everytime.

            Not too smart are you? If you actually read someone else’ truth you would know that I told you exactly what was going on. Everytime you engage in one of these LOSING efforts, you are leaving some other decent person in peace. WIN-WIN for me, LOSE-LOSE for you.

            As for the Liberal faction. First, it is not a faction, but an entire system of belief that the human race is actually human. Not the trash beliefs that you can use your lack of human ethics and your animal behavior to get what you want.

            As for being weaker, that is a laugh from an ignorant closet queen. Everytime you show up you make our resolve stronger and you recruit the undecided for our “faction.” So go ahead. You really are just f*cking stupid. Your ignorance does our work for us.

            Go ahead, give me something to do.

          10. angelsinca August 31, 2013

            It is interesting how you alienate all those that cross your path. You must have learned those skills at YouTube. Sad, sad existence to put it all on the table for a pedestrian liberal blog that doesn’t matter much, just as liberals just don’t matter much to anything but the arts and themselves. Enjoy the Obama reality show while you can, foolish one. Since you bought into the other Obama deceptions, you should really enjoy the mayhem from the Sidewinders. And you call GW a ‘war criminal’.

          11. Russell Byrd September 1, 2013

            I could not go through life LYING as you do. And you do it every time you post anything. Off-topic, slander, misinformation are the only things you have. I cannot live like that. I used my mind, in fact honed it, and considered the facts and became Liberal. If I hated everyone and loved to see pain in my fellow man, then I would have become a Pubanderthal like yourself. Laugh, but as always I told you the truth to off-set the LIES you always tell. Really, who are you trying to fool? Me? I certainly am not going to agree with your views that is based on pure LIES.

            So, who have I alienated? YOU? You, that came here, and with your other nicks, in order to slander, disrupt, bully, and LIE? Who f*cking cares? I WANT YOU TO BE ALIENATED. You have bought and paid for it time and time again.

            So, who in the real world of decent, normal people have I alienated? If LIES were punishable by law, you would be right in jail next to that vicious, nasty bit of work, offspring of yours. Except, you would never get out.

            It shows how out of touch and how much of a no-information person you are. Up to 97% of scientists vote Democrat. It was probably in the 40’s when I was a kid. It changed as your party became more insane. Same with your stupid comment about Liberals only matter to the arts and themselves. The greatest number of Pub voters are low IQ, lowno information types that watch Faux because it confirms their hatred of anything reasonable or intelligent. At best these people know how to fleece their fellow man for a living. Look at the rich in this country, especially the Kock brothers. They make piles of money, but innovate NOTHING. They are just salesmen that shortchange their employees for obscene profits. The scientists that create, vote Democrat nowadays.

            The rich, the uneducated, the religious that do not even understand their own deity, they vote for your candidates. Even a lot of them are beginning to see the light.

            GW . . . LYING to the American people about WMD, and a multitude of other intelligence issues , or lack thereof, to start two wars. Let me see, two wars that killed 4000+ Americans, maimed tens of thousands of Americans either emotionally or physically, killed over a hundred thousand civilians, and wounded several hundred thousand more. Caused a massive, on-going refugee problem, including causing that flood of Muslims to OUR shores, spent trillions of dollars we could have used for healthcare, education, jobs, and above all, infrastructure. Spent almost all of this money off the books so the responsibility would not show up on his watch.

            Damn right GW a “war criminal.” You can bet you ass on it.

            What is so funny is I almost never accuse GW of anything. I always blame Cheney for most of this criminality. So even though you are right, GW is a war criminal, I am not the one that claims it.

            You cannot even tell a straight LIE. Too bad, so sad. You are just pitiful.

            And I usually am careful to never predict anything. I am very, very “consevative” in the true sense of the word when it comes to prediction. I am no gambler. BUT 2016 is a no brainer. NONE of your potential mental midget, asylum escapee candidates has a chance against any Democrat that is not in a coma. And if Hilary runs, it will be a rout. So I think your comment about the “Obama reality show” is pretty irrelevant. That “show will go on.” No one with a brain even knows what you are talking about.

          12. angelsinca September 1, 2013

            Too bad you wrote all that malarkey with no one to read it.

          13. Russell Byrd September 1, 2013

            Too bad YOU wrote that malarkey with no one to read it. I win again, because as I have said, this is about getting you to waste your time in futile posting. You NEED the attention. I DO NOT. So I am happy posting into the vacuum.

            While you are abusing me, you leave other, decent people alone. Still haven’t noticed that 90% of my posts are directed at shit suckers like you.

            You are more stupid than I thought. I wrote that for sweet little you alone. I always use the truth. There is no need to ever lie. Maybe, someday you will understand that. Of course, as you are a pathological liar and a sociopath, you are incapable of getting the obvious. That is why criminal behavior runs in your family, but don’t think anyone pities you. You need punishing.

            Anyway, i am just going to cut and paste what I wrote into another angelsinfected blog. Works the same as penicillin on the clap. The clap of course being you. 🙂

            So, stay stupid. I give up on you wising up.

          14. angelsinca September 1, 2013

            Oh Russy, you really are all messed up in the head. Get well soon.

          15. Russell Byrd September 1, 2013

            Oh angelsinca, you really are all messed up in the head. Get back to your rubber room real soon. Maybe, OD on all that hate you spread.

          16. Ed August 31, 2013

            Brainless Russell:
            When you say about lana ward that “She is directly responsible for my use of foul language. I threw in the towel and took off the gloves after dealing with her.”, you are admitting to a common problem you have, along all the liberal retards that populate this cesspool of a forum: TO YOU BRAINLESS LIBERALS IT’S ALWAYS SOMEBODY ELSE’S FAULT, NEVER YOUR OWN !!
            You are PATHETIC, brainless shithead, Russ.
            You want more?

          17. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            Hey Deadhead Ed, you proved my points. IEverything with you is about blame. Just blame, blame, blame SOMEONE else and then bring it up as THEIR fault. Your LIES have no value anymore.

            Everybody EXCEPT a right-wackjob idiot knows what I meant. There is NO USE trying to be civil to your class of garbage. I never said even ONE curse word in a blog, until about three years ago. LIARS, disrupting bullying scumbags like you taught me that a civil discourse was impossible. That is not why you come to these blogs.

            You come because you know that no one is going to kill your cowardly ass for the waste of skin that you are. Especially not one of us Liberals. You feel free to disrupt intelligent conversation and make people think that it is just not worth being here. THAT is the exact same tactic Pubs have used to win elections. Scare people and shout down the ones that know better.

            HOWEVER, those tactics are losing their effectiveness. People are getting tired of bullies. It is a liberated world where people actually have a right to say and do what makes them happy.

            So, even though you are f*cking ignorant and have zero reading comprehension, think about this. Every time you come here trolling and spewing you off-topic LIES, yes, easily proved LIES, you recruit more voters for decency. Go ahead and be a child and corrupt that, but we both know decency has nothing to do with you Teatards.

            So keep telling LIES that piss normal people off, keep bullying people that want their Constitutionally guaranteed free speech, you are only driving them to the “good guys.” That’s us, NOT you.

            That is why I am proud to engage you again and again. You are provably losing your ass, but you are too arrogant and ignorant to get the point. Your mob of gangsters is going to lose the next Presidential election. You will probably be saying bye-bye to that sorry sack McConnell and will likely never get control of the Senate. You have a good chance of losing the House in spite of all the dirty tricks. And you will lose it for good anyway in a couple more election cycles.

            Now here is something an intelligent man would give serious thought too. Your right-wacked noise sources like Faux and Rush will tell you that I am dead wrong. BUT think about it, the same ass-holes were telling you that Romney would win by a landslide. I know, I heard them say it. AND look what happened. A man that is even half-way normal would be worried about the veracity of anything these Kock brother’s buddies predict. Of course, you are NOT normal.

            So don’t misunderstand when I tell a Sociopath like you to go F*CK yourself.

          18. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            Yeah Deadhead, why not. You are not only a moronic, bullying liar, but a hypocrite too. You come in here with no intention of participating in any conversation. You came to stir shit and you start on Fern, who is not even here. I have to listen to lana’s insane, idiotic blurbs and if I say anything, then I have committed a crime. You are a dickhead.

            I told the truth about my reasons and actions. You just LIE, LIE, LIE. You claim that we Liberal’s are always blaming someone. Well go suck a big one. You are against Obamacare. The sick are at fault for being sick and having no healthcare. Food stamps, ditto. Unemployment, ditto. Even lana that is at fault, ditto. Even so I never assigned blame, but merely pointed out that you f*ckheads trolling and LYING are the reasons I changed my posting methods. You are even a hypocrite about that.

            And if this is a “cesspool of a forum,” what are you doing wasting your time here? Speaking of stupid and pathetic, that is an exact description of what you are. Why don’t you be a man and telling me your real name, instead of hiding? You are nothing but a LYING Kocksucker.

          19. Ed August 31, 2013

            Russell, Russell, Russell: For a complete dickhead, I have to admit you are funny. Naive, and easily “played”, but funny …
            Go to bed, Russell !!

          20. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            Well hello again, Dickhead Ed. ” Easily played,” that is arrogantly stupid. I told you what I was about. What is funny is your naive arrogance and false view of your own self-importance. I do not care to win. That is not important to me. Only making you fail, by punitively wasting a lot of your time is all that matters. Using that as a criteria, I HAVE literally won every round, and I am winning this one. By definition, you cannot “win” as I will never stop. So let’s be honest about who is being played. Eventually you will run away like the chicken-shit you are. You always do. Too bad, so sad..

            I am literally laughing so hard I am crying. How stupid a son of a bitch can you be.

          21. Ed September 2, 2013


            3 hours of sleep a night is NOT enough. Look at what it’s doing to your brain …

          22. Russell Byrd September 2, 2013

            Well Dickhead Ed, you are going to practice medicine, too? Caesar Augustus ran the entire Roman Empire on three hours of sleep a night. My personal needs have nothing to do with anything. My mind is sharp and is incredibly sharper than that dull turd you call a brain. Only an idiot can’t figure out the futility of this exercise. So in my opinion, if sleep is need to function normally, then you need to sleep 24 hours a day.

          23. Russell Byrd September 2, 2013

            And of course, Dickhead Ed, I noticed your logging in as a guest to leave double negatives. I get a kick out of that. It just means I am getting through to you. HeHeHe!

          24. Russell Byrd September 2, 2013

            Well, Dickhead Ed, I have read and answered every one of your posts.


            You lie so routinely you do not even know what the truth is. You cannot account for your actions at all. Are you trying to show a pattern of insanity for a criminal defense?

          25. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Not you problem. Of course, as a Republitard, you think you can come into someone’s home and run their life. Yet, bettering the world is a crime in you eyes. What a Hell bound piece of shit you are.

          26. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Don’t really read any posts, do you? Just work like a maggot making up drivel to disrupt thoughtful, intelligent people.

          27. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            For an idiot prick, I have to admit you are rather sad and pathetic.

          28. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            What a brainless fool. He brought stupid to an intellectual argument. Admittedly, he managed, like any good Teatard prick, to destroy useful discussion, but then he had not a clue what to do.

          29. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Oh gosh, you have prickEd, again.

          30. Russell Byrd August 31, 2013

            Go suck another KOCK brother. You cannot live without licking the shit off one of your idols ass.

            You call me a bigot and in sentence before you defame someone by corrupting their name AND THEY ARE NOT EVEN HERE. You flame me for attacking the top LYING bitch is this entire blog AND you came in here bad mouthing Fern. You are nothing but an off-topic, no information, chronic LIAR. How can you even come here when all you want to do is LIE.

            Do you do this to your family? Can you keep a job? Oh yeah, you are probably in management or run your own company, so that would be normal.

            I have repeatedly called you exactly what you are, besides a LIAR, that is a Sociopath. Do you even know what that means? I know it’s true that you are, but I notice that you have never complained about that label. Not even once. Have you been diagnosed? Are you laying low? How much time have you done in jail? I’m serious.

            Once again, go F*CK yourself, you self-loathing closet queen.

          31. Ed September 2, 2013

            Russell, Russell, naughty, naughty Russy:
            Does your mommy know you are at the computer again?
            Go back to your playpen, little bad, pathetic boy…

          32. Russell Byrd September 2, 2013

            Actually yes, she does know. Since this conversation ended with you fleeing on Saturday night, no one really cares a shit about what you say. Chickenshit Ed. I guess your mommy told you some new LIES to post and to “get your ass back in there” for another whipping.

            Keep going, every post you make to a NON-regular poster like me, is one less you disrupt some decent intelligent person with.
            Go right on.

          33. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Dickhead Ed, do you ever write anything that is pertinent to the post. Counting angelsinhell, lana, and you, that makes three closet queens hanging out here regularly.

            Seriously, lana is a guy and angelsinhell talks like a guy that has a gender reassignment problem. You may not be gay, but you are queer. Hey, go on over to the “dark side.” I am a real Liberal and I swear I will not hate you for it. Of course, LYING is symptomatic of the behavior you exhibit. You are untruthful with yourself, so you cannot be truthful with others.

            Unlike yourself, I really can say I would respect you, but not while you are insulting and disrespecting everyone else with your compulsive LIES>

          34. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Well Ed, you do need a room with bars on it. You may even get one.

          35. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            At least Fern is a lady. I do not blame her for her language, because she faces Kock suckers like you every day.

          36. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Fern is a lady, unlike your fellow closet queen, lana.

          37. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            If I am heading to Hell, please keep me a warm seat. You are sure to arrive quite soon.

          38. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Bigot = Ed . . .

          39. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Why do you make obvious, ignorant remarks in some kind of flaky code and then go to the trouble to explain them. Why don’t you just say something that makes sense the first time?

            Oh yeah, “sense” is not something you know about.

          40. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Okay, if I am a little prick, then you are a whopper of a prick. I guess I have been prickEd.

          41. Barbara Morgan August 31, 2013

            Lana Wood is a male, at least that is what he posted last year in March when he got upset about what was being said about her and comparing his statements to what some people were saying about other females.

          42. Ed August 31, 2013

            If what you say is true, THEN I would not have any “chivalrous” consideration towards “him”, …. as I have NONE for that other utter, complete FAKE as Fern Woodford.
            Thank you for setting the record straight. It is now “lana’s” turn to give her side of the story.

          43. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            You see, Dickhead Ed, it does not matter to us what “it” is, excepting that it only comes here to disrupt and say over the top nonsense. Same as you. This is why you are losing elections. The general public is a lot more accepting than a dinosaur turd like you. And it is going to get worse.

          44. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Next, we are going to find the Ed “does” sheep by preference. Probably male sheep.

          45. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Is there anyone in this world you feel you are unqualified to judge? Like any right-wacker, you think you are in charge of everyone else’s life.

          46. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Dickhead Ed, thinks he is hot shit. When in reality he is a little cold turd.

          47. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            HEY ED, while you are tearing on about Fern, your buddy is a real flake. Which is what some of us had hypothesized about all along.

          48. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            So you can run Fern down, but I am supposed to kiss your ass about another of your self-loathing closet queen buddies.

          49. Ed September 8, 2013

            Russy: FIFTEEN (15) bullshit posts to “answer” ONE from me.

            Another record for you in your incessant (that’s “endless”, Russy) but futile (that’s “useless”, Russ) attempts to show that you have half a brain …

          50. Russell Byrd September 8, 2013

            Which means you will have to post at least sixteen to get what you want.

            Why are you back here?

            EVERYONE has noticed that you are a troll. EVERYONE knows I told the truth. EVERYONE knows you LIE.

            But what is most important, EVERYONE knows that you are the one that really does not have a life. That is hilarious, but PLEASE don’t kick your dog, this thread ended over a week ago. Even we ended, for the second time, (WITH YOU LOSING BIG), over five days ago. WHY DID YOU COME BACK AND START THIS AGAIN?

            Think about it, oops, sorry for that insult, you are the sick stupid bastard here. Did you “graduate” from the mental health study program at Western Michigan?

          51. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Ed, I realized you are probably not gay in any conventional sense, but your strange statements prove that you are queer. . .

          52. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Shame on you for hiding in the closet when you could join the real world. We Liberals do not hate you for your sexual orientation, but we do not respect you hiding it and acting out your frustration on others.

            Like most of my posts, that is not really a made up insult, but the TRUTH.

          53. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Yet again, do you ever post according to the article?

          54. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Why do you have to LIE so much? Did your parents indulge you? Were they too ashamed to admit their child have emotional disturbances?

          55. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

            Lana Wood, your bosom buddy, is exactly what you FALSELY accuse Fern of being. What does that make you?

      2. Ed August 30, 2013

        tax payer: When you refer to “Fernie Wood Cock” please be aware of the following FACTS:
        1) AGREED that HE (it’s not a she but a faggot “he”!!) is here but using another name. Hard to tell who, though, because only HE (the faggot) has a 6-word vocabulary (motherfucker, troll, motherfucker, bitch, faggot – mimicking himself – and motherfucker) (Did I mention “motherfucker”?)
        2) Fernando Wood Cock is a DESPICABLE faggot, NOT because he is a faggot (to each his own), but because HE has been passing HIMSELF as a woman (as a woman nurse, ha, ha, haaaa!) all this time.
        3) This half-man, Fernie, actually believes that his fellow “posters” on this cesspool of liberal retards like and respect him when the OPPOSITE is the truth: they despise him, BUT fear his (brainless) tongue lashings.
        4) Proof of the previous item is the FACT that NOBODY came to his “rescue” when I recently gave him the whipping of his life on this forum (ever wonder why this despicable faggot has not wagged his snake tongue recently??)
        5) Last, but not least, Fernando Wood Cock, the stupid and FAKE “nurse” is an abomination of Nature and deserves to be called out for the EVIL “person” (SNAKE, actually) and BRAINLESS RAT that he is.

        1. tax payer August 30, 2013

          I have noticed ( It ) has quiet down , so whatever you told ( It ) it made It stop.

        2. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

          Fern is not a man, but Lana is. Bwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

        3. Russell Byrd September 3, 2013

          Fern is alive and well, chickenshit. She apparently did not read this blog amongst all the others there is to choose from. Unlike yourself, we are not telling her about you. We think more of people than to use them as tools to stir up shit. Of course, that is your favorite device.

  20. Siegfried Heydrich August 28, 2013

    It’s basically come down to the same mentality of someone running out and buying lots of lottery tickets because that’s the only way they can think of to pay their mortgage. A desperate fantasy, some illusory glimmer of hope that they can clutch before the bank comes to change the locks.

    It’s what you do when you’ve got nothing left at all.

  21. tax payer August 29, 2013

    I am getting a big laugh over this clown that actually thinks he will get a direct reply from me, but he seems to forget it’s an indirect comment and never have I mentioned his name like he loves to say mine. How does it feel ( not getting a response ) and I know he wants one directly from me. Keep it up and make a fool of yourself in front of all these people that know by now ( you are being ignored completely ) by someone you really want to verbally attack otherwise you would go back ( under the rock ) you come out from every morning. As he has noticed I let him say what he wants since we all have the right to be here, but ( Off Topic ) is what he is doing now himself. Notice that the more he comments the more angry he seems to be, so ( why may I ask ) since we all have the right to be Racists in this country? No two people are going to think the same way and that includes twins or triplets and so on. I will close for now, but you can be sure this clown will be attacking me again tomorrow and the day after, but he will never get a direct response from me. If it makes him feel good, so be it I guess.

  22. ridemybroom August 31, 2013

    Don’t Forget…. Boycott Verizon begins at midnight tonight Sept 1,2013… don’t buy any Verizon prods after midnight….. Boycott Verizon !!

  23. Lisztman September 2, 2013

    @Mr. Lyons: Quoting you… “That’s the form of government that fools prefer to democracy…”

    Right there. That wording. It absolutely nails the crux of the issue. It defines the asylum. The word fools.

    Somewhere in the whole discussion of two-party government, the radical far-right has forgotten that it’s a two-party government, not to mention the fact that their party is the minority party at the moment. Throwing tantrums in their playpen hasn’t gotten them results. Let’s try something even more off-the-deep-end. Instead of coming together with the left to work out mutually agreeable ways to steer the Nation, they throw good political capital after bad. What Lord Byron sneeringly said of Keats’ poetry — “mental masturbation.”


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