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The “New Right,” Brought To You By Former Allies Of The “Alt-Right”

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The “New Right,” Brought To You By Former Allies Of The “Alt-Right”

Donald Trump and the Alt-Right

Reprinted with permission from MediaMatters.

Online personality Mike Cernovich fabricated the existence of a “new right” movement to downplay his active relationships with “alt-right” media personalities and white nationalist thought leaders. But like the nonsense diet supplements and self-help books that Cernovich hawks to his audience, the “new right” should be treated for what it is: a load of marketing bullshit.

The truth is that although Cernovich and his media pals will claim they don’t advocate white nationalism in the same way that “alt-right” leaders like Richard Spencer do, the so-called “new right” has actively parroted the “alt-right” to build its brands. It is a mistake to give the “new right” a chance to disown the relationships that helped it blossom.

Cernovich coined the term “new right” last year after he banned “alt-right” media personality Tim Treadstone, known online as Baked Alaska, from attending an inauguration party Treadstone had assisted Cernovich in planning called “The Deploraball.” Treadstone had published several tweets about the “Jewish Question” — an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that suggests Jewish people scheme to dominate global media and governments. Cernovich replaced Treadstone with equally terrible “alt-right” personality Milo Yiannopoulos, who had been banned from Twitter for inciting a racially motivated harassment campaign and was later disinvited from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) after a video surfaced in which he appears to condone pedophilia. The drama fractured the “alt-right” media landscape into factions, with some hoping to rebrand and distance themselves from the openly white nationalist fan base they had used to inspire their brands.

After uninviting Treadstone, Cernovich introduced the concept of the “new right” in an interview with Paul Joseph Watson, editor-at-large of the conspiracy theory website Infowars, denouncing white supremacist messages spread by some members of the “alt-right.” After the interview, Watson also peddled the concept of a “new right” to his fan base on social media, claiming that “there are two ‘Alt-Rights’” and that one faction is “more accurately described as the New Right.” Watson claimed the “new right” includes people who wear Trump hats, “create memes [and] have fun.” This group, he wrote, is entirely separate from “a tiny fringe minority” of people under the “alt-right” banner who “obsess about Jews, racial superiority and Adolf Hitler.”

The public relations move worked, and soon many other notable pro-Trump new-media personalities were clustered under the “new right” brand coined by Cernovich. They included Vox Day, who wrote a manifesto on what it means to be “alt-right” that claimed “diversity + proximity = war”; “alt-right” poster boy Milo Yiannopoulos, who praised the group’s membership; The Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich, who made an “alt-right” hand signal in the White House briefing room; and blogger Stefan Molyneux, who receives wide praiseamong white nationalist groups.

Cernovich told The Atlantic that he “for sure” pictured himself as the leader of the “new right” and that he and his media partners “want to do nationalism without white identity politics.” Cernovich explained to New Yorkmagazine that his initial support for the “alt-right” was based on a misunderstanding: He “didn’t realize it was, like, a white, ethno-nationalist thing.” Right Side Broadcast Network (RSBN), which hired Cernovich to host a program on the pro-Trump news stream, defended Cernovich and allowed him to whitewash his track record of vile statements.

But Cernovich and his new-media allies openly pandered to a growing pro-Trump “alt-right” media audience during the 2016 election by publishing media meant to promote fear of Muslims and pieces that attacked “social justice warriors” and others who speak out against the sexist, misogynistic, and racist rhetoric Cernovich and other “alt-right” personalities spew. Cernovich also once announced that his next project would be “part alt-right, part fitness, part anti-cuck,” and he has praised the “alt-right” movement as “sophisticated, suspicious, and combative” and declared it “woke.” The ignorance defense the “new right” is using is soiled by these figures’ year-long track record of employing such rhetoric to bolster one another’s public profiles.

Cernovich and his new-media allies are snake oil salesmen who adopt whatever controversial punditry will earn them publicity and let them promote their bogus products. For example, Cernovich uses his platform to sell copies of his self-help book for men and promote his in-development “experimental nootropic” pills that heclaimed will regrow neurons inside the brain and build a “supercharged mind” that most people can’t handle.

The “new right” is nothing more than a shallow attempt to legitimize commentary that draws upon the “alt-right” philosophy, which has been used to promote conspiracy theories like the “Pizzagate” claim that top Democratic officials were complicit in a Washington, D.C., child sex-trafficking ring run out of a pizza restaurant. Media should not grant Cernovich and his colleagues a free pass to abandon the “alt-right” talking points that they used to force themselves into media relevancy in the first place.




  1. ray April 13, 2017

    Hate groups are hate groups no matter how they brand themselves.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 13, 2017

    “Behold the confusion of the tribes of the defeated” is the way one of the Central Figures of the Baha’i Faith, Abdu’l Baha, described the attempts by various elements in Persian society to eliminate the Baha’is, to disrupt their development, and to foment trouble.

    The phrase is based on a verse in the Qur’an in the Surah of “Saad”, 30:11. In that verse, and following verses, Muhammad is recounting the attempts of the people during Noah’s times to extinguish His Call to a rebellious people in order that they may become ennobled and unified by turning to the One Creator; references to Lot, and Pharoah and his rebellion against the call of Moses are aloso included in this Surah. There is also mention of the “Thamud” and the people of “Ad”, two ancient Arab tribes who had settled in southern Arabia and the Hijaz, and rebelled against the Prophets Salih, and Hud, two Messengers mentioned in the Qur’an(but not in the Bible by those names). Though the names of tribes differed, the underlying cause for their rebellious attitudes was a shared sense of wanting to be disruptive forces in society, refusing to be noble and a unified group of people.

    The political Right Wing is a modern resurrection of this same tendency for divisiveness, and the “Alt-Right”, “New Right”, etc. are simply variants of the same root spiritual malady. A malady that threatens the efforts to resolving conflicts and divisions in world society.

    Enlightened members of society would do well not to be a part of “confused tribes” like the Alt-Right, the New-Right, Nazis, and those in the GOP fold who favor divisions and slowing down the Universal Paradigm of Progress and Cohesion in human society.

    1. Ninardejesus April 14, 2017

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    2. Just A Citizen April 14, 2017

      Actually the Alt Right is not just some group who want to be disruptive for disruptions sake alone.

      They are younger people with attitudes, as many younger people do, who realized they are being marginalized by people who want to control other people. Those who want to impose unity of thought and purpose on the population. Those who operate in contradiction to the “individualism” expressed in our founding documents. Those who ignore the reality of the many threats to our culture and Republic for the sake of being accepted as “civilized”. Meaning suicidal in their tolerance of all things not them.

      I am sure there are idiots, bigots and brats among them. As there are among any group, including the “left/progressive” tribe. But I think you and the author, among many, seriously misunderstand who they are and why they do what they do. They have told you. But you, rhetorically speaking, ignore what they say in favor of your assumptions and stereotypes of anyone who opposes your view point.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 15, 2017

        Your watering down of the alt-right is simplistic at best, and blithely ignore the pernicious effects of racism, which is a major stain on what the alt-right are, whatever you or they may think they are.
        Your cultural profile would lead you to take a namby-pamby perception of a dangerous element in American society, feeds right into the philosophy of Steve Bannon and Breitbart. They tow, as you, see themselves as above religious precepts and standards—for them, their new religion is a worship of self and the belief that they are not subject to the same standards of behaviors as others. They arrogate to themselves the right to do as they please. An explosively dangerous nihilism.

        1. Just A Citizen April 16, 2017


          The racists among the Alt Right are a stain. Never said otherwise and in fact acknowledged they exist. But not because they labeled themselves Alt Right. Others did that for them and they simply stuck with it, as they have no real home. That is why the people who like those cited in the article are trying to ferret them out.

          You assume Racism is real and the driving factor among all these people. You once again stereotype those you do not really understand. Racism is not a very dangerous element to society as a whole. Not in this day and age. It can result in harm to individuals but it is not some cancer in society as a whole.

          But I will tell you that it could grow rapidly and it will be people on the left who cause it. It will arise as a rationalization of a disenfranchised group. Your failure to understand that component reveals your lack of understanding of others outside your circle.

          And once again you assume things about me of which you have zero knowledge. Creating some “cultural profile” in your own mind and using that to attack my arguments.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 16, 2017

            You’re still being blindly attached to your myopic concept of racism. I don’t care that the alt-right would like for you and others to think of them as some fraternal club of ill-mannered snotty-nosed, privileged young males predominantly, who have nothing better to do but sow seeds of dissension, harass minorities and women on-line, show unabashed support for racist ideology. Your assiduous attempt to white-wash the alt-right would suggest that you’re the group’s “den-mother”, deflecting rebukes against this motley and their deranged code of behavior—a behavior satanic with no redeeming features WHATSOEVER!!! We’re not talking about a band of “Leave it to Beaver” ‘s, but a pack of misanthropes who never learned to be moral. Is this your situation as well???

            So, which is it, concerned citizen? Are you for racism even though you purport to be against it? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

            And Happy Easter to you as well.

          2. Just A Citizen April 17, 2017

            Your the bigot in this discussion. Not me.

            Those who think themselves above the masses often find themselves swinging from a tree or lying in a guillotine. It is the usual end of arrogant tyrants.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 17, 2017

            In what way am I the bigot? If you’re going to hurl accusations, at least have the intelligence to justify calling someone a bigot. Just saying what instinctively comes to mind without justification tells me you’re content to be like a reptile rather than a human being.
            And no—your post doesn’t divorce you from being a defender of the Alt-Right. Instead, it only reinforces the sentiments of support you have for this motley and dangerous crew. And if you think that what I just said is bigotry, then you need to learn to use a dictionary,. That way, you may join the rest of the masses, which I am a part of, to some degree.
            Your reference to swinging from a tree—is that something that usually pops up in your mind when you feel animosity towards someone else, especially if they are African American?? That would be in keeping with the Alt-Right mind-set.

          4. Just A Citizen April 17, 2017

            I did not say those swinging from trees were of any particular color. I said they were tyrants.k

            Just read your own posts about everyone who disagrees with your political viewpoint for evidence of your bigotry. For someone who constantly spouts peaceful religious phrases you certainly do hate a lot.

            Your Alinksy tactics will not work on me your poor sole. Just because I can recognize the various kinds of people who self label themselves and I listen to their rationalizations, does not mean I support an entire group. Nor does it mean I support the most radical among them.

            So, as a leftists do you support the fascist tactics being employed by the left on University campuses? How about the leftist now espousing that we need to “regulate speech on social media”? Because you love Democratic party politics you must support these ideas as well.


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