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New York’s Politicians Overwhelmingly Endorse Clinton

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New York’s Politicians Overwhelmingly Endorse Clinton

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign rally at Carl Hayden Community High School in Phoenix, Arizona March 21, 2016. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

New York’s primary is still two weeks away, but Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have already brought the full force of their campaigns to the Empire State, opening offices and staging town halls and rallies heralding the upcoming vote.

Clinton, as the race’s frontrunner and a former two-term U.S. senator from New York, has been able to rely on the endorsements of nearly every established Democrat in the state, among them Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York’s two most prominent political figures. She also has the backing of most of the state’s super delegates, party fixtures including (obviously) former President Bill Clinton and Senator Chuck Schumer, who many predict will become the next Senate Democratic leader. Kirsten Gillibrand, New York’s junior senator, also endorsed Clinton.

Sanders’s supporters aren’t nearly as high-profile.

Luis Sepulveda, the Bronx Assemblyman who spoke at Sanders’s rally last week, told the New York Observer that he was opposed to Clinton’s support of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Bill Clinton’s tough-on-crime legislation, the Defense of Marriage Act, and the trade agreements of the 1990s.

“I’ve never really understood the Latino and African-American population’s fascination with the Clintons,” Sepulveda told the Observer. “All these things she’s supported I’ve found very disturbing.”

Sanders has also collected the endorsements of Bill Perkins and James Sanders, Jr., two popular state senators from Harlem and Queens, respectively. Perkins was also the first elected New York official to endorse Barack Obama in 2008. Rafael Espinal, a New York City councilman, echoed comments made by Sanders’s other endorsers that the Vermont senator is the best choice to make his constituents’ voices heard.

The state’s primary could make or break either campaign. If Clinton loses in New York, Sanders can claim victory in the second biggest Democratic primary of the season, in his opponent’s own home state. If Clinton wins, it will give her a delegate advantage Sanders can’t hope to recover from, all but finalizing her claim to the nomination.

As political commentator Van Jones explained during a recent interview with Democracy Now!, “New York City is the war to settle the score inside the Democratic Party. The Clinton forces understand there is a rebellion in this party. Under ordinary circumstances, it would already be over, because the big donors would have taken the checks back. There are no big checks. This is a people’s movement. They are going to have to bury this movement in New York City, and they know it.”

The latest polls show Clinton leading Sanders by 11 points in the state. In a closed primary like New York’s, only registered Democrats can mark a presidential preference — tougher conditions for Sanders, who has relied on his popularity with independent voters to bolster his polling numbers. Nevertheless, the Vermont senator started off more than 20 points behind Clinton in the state, and with two weeks of heavy campaigning ahead, a lot could change in the meantime.

Photo: Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign rally at Carl Hayden Community High School in Phoenix, Arizona March 21, 2016. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni



  1. Moose Man April 7, 2016

    Yes, as usual, the dem establishment endorses Hillary to keep their pockets lined at the expense of 90% of the population.

    As a New Yorker now retired in AZ, I appeal to all registered NY and future primary state Democrats to realize that your votes can change for the better, the future for our grand-kids and their families.

    This is probably, for us seniors, a last once in our lifetime opportunity (and possibly all voters) to truly have the power to do the righteous and democratic thing to take back our government. The status-quo needs to go. The well being of the many far outweighs the few who already live very comfortable lives. By the people, for the people is our Republic’s mantra. Yes, you can make this happen by joining the tsunami. It is time for progressive change which only Bernie can stimulate. He can be elected and if elected to WH he will carry other Democrats to Senate and House majorities where his platform can be implemented.

    1. JPHALL April 7, 2016

      If you really want change stop sitting on your hands and promote those electable candidates that will represent you. You hate the pros, then find new people. One man in the White House will not change much of anything. Those other Democrats do not share or support his plans except in your dreams. Observe the last 7 years of Obama without the full help from fellow Democrats and Repug obstruction.

      1. dtgraham April 9, 2016

        How do you feel about Bill Clinton dissing the Black lives matter movement and defending his mass incarceration policy from the 90’s? He only said later that he “almost apologized to them.” How about that JP?

        Bernie wouldn’t stand for that. Not when it comes to our African-American bothers and sisters, as Bernie likes to put it.

        1. JPHALL April 9, 2016

          Try again. He spoke the truth. They were putting on a show. At least he did not run and hide unlike Bernie. As to the Bros and Sistas, where are they in a Bernie speech. The back room? At least the Clintons have Blacks front and center and we notice things like that. Where are his speeches to a Black audience?
          Subject: Re: Comment on New York’s Politicians Overwhelmingly Endorse Clinton

          1. JPHALL April 9, 2016

            Like I have said many times, most Black people could care less about photo opts. Show me Bernie talking to a group of Blacks, not a few “leaders”. With the Clintons you can see them with ordinary people in their own neighborhoods. Where is Bernie?
            Subject: Re: Comment on New York’s Politicians Overwhelmingly Endorse Clinton

          2. dtgraham April 10, 2016

            Where is Bernie? In his neighbourhood of Vermont. That’s not a fair comparison in that way.

            Seriously though,
            he needs to get Black Americans who support him, in those rows of people behind him at speeches if this matters so much.

            He should have had you as one of his advisers.

          3. JPHALL April 10, 2016

            Like I have said, look at Clinton’s backdrop and compare. She is at Black churches and events. Bernie is meeting with Black “leader’s” some of whom met with Trump. The next problem, as I related to Hawaiian Tater, is that no Congressional leaders are feeling the “Bern” so who will push his agenda? The President cannot rule by fiat, though Obama has been blamed for doing this. Subject: Re: Comment on New York’s Politicians Overwhelmingly Endorse Clinton

    2. charleo1 April 7, 2016

      While I agree with your sentiments, your characterization of establishment Dems. is at best not helpful, you don’t garner support by insulting those who’s support you need. And at worst, not true. If these awful establishment NY Dems were only interested in selfish personal gains, there is a virtually perfect Party for lining one’s pockets they could have just as easily joined. So, let’s keep our politics civil, our eyes on the prize, and our big tent Party, decidedly un-pure, but united.

  2. Dominick Vila April 7, 2016

    The fact that Hillary is leading by just 11 points, and losing ground, in her home state highlights her vulnerabilities, and the appeal of Bernie Sanders. As opposed to Trump, who according to polls has the support of 70% of New York Republicans, Hillary is fighting and spending money in a state she should not even have to campaign in.
    Hillary is, by far, the most qualified candidate running for President. She has the most relevant experience, which contrary to what some believe, matters. And she has been the victim of relentless vicious attacks by an opposition that considers her as formidable a candidate as we have all seen in a very long time. Unfortunately, this time around what matters is not the qualifications of a candidate, but his/her charisma, and the perceptions the voters have of that candidate. An unwillingness, or inability, to fight back, lousy Democratic strategists, and a media more interested in ratings and profits than journalism, have allowed the not so Grand Ole Party to damage the credibility of a person who, had it not been for all the lies, distortions of the truth, and hyperbole, would have already won enough delegate to claim the nomination of the Democratic party, and would enjoy such a level of support nationwide that the outcome of the 2016 election would be nothing more than a foregone conclusion. Instead, she is fighting for political survival in her home state.

    1. FireBaron April 7, 2016

      Don’t worry, Dom. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz already has the fix in, so even if Bernie takes 85% of the vote in New York, Hillary is still guaranteed to get 90% of their delegates.

    2. SEAN PAN April 7, 2016

      We know her as Madam Secretary Hilary ” E-Stop Button” Clinton.

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