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Newt Gingrich is escalating his kamikaze mission to destroy Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, releasing a brutal new web video highlighting Romney’s worst, most awkward on-camera moments.

The video, which was paid for by Newt 2012, is a guide to Romney’s worst gaffes. It includes all of his greatest hits, such as, “I like being able to fire people,” “corporations are people,” “I’m running for president for pete’s sake, I can’t have illegals,” “$10,000 bet?” and “small varmints, if you will.”

It also lives up to its name — “For The Dogs” — by highlighting the episode where Romney tied his Irish Setter to the top of the family station wagon, and the time that he tried in vain to connect with a group of black Floridians by asking “who let the dogs out?”

The main thrust of the ad is that the awkward, occasionally bumbling Romney would get destroyed in a debate by President Obama. It’s unclear how, exactly, Gingrich thinks that “who let the dogs out” would help Obama, but it’s certainly entertaining to watch.

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