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Newt Continues Kamikaze Campaign Against Romney [Video]


Newt Continues Kamikaze Campaign Against Romney [Video]


Newt Gingrich is escalating his kamikaze mission to destroy Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, releasing a brutal new web video highlighting Romney’s worst, most awkward on-camera moments.

The video, which was paid for by Newt 2012, is a guide to Romney’s worst gaffes. It includes all of his greatest hits, such as, “I like being able to fire people,” “corporations are people,” “I’m running for president for pete’s sake, I can’t have illegals,” “$10,000 bet?” and “small varmints, if you will.”

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. kymyah January 12, 2012

    so this A-hole above is running an ad? Really?
    Comment related to the article.

    I don’t like Newt but I must say he pointed out this jerk Mitt Romney and a look inside is thoughts. Romney is so *ucking STATUS QUA for Washington, and people it’s the Romneys of the world that got us here in this big ass financial mess.
    He reminds me of Obama, in that he will do just as he is told by the people that sold us down the river. HE’S ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE! CORPORATE AMERICA. Money and power and he thinks we people work for him.We don’t need a PRETTY-BOY as President, we need someone that will DO for the people. You know the ones…WE THE PEOPLE, not Corporate America that out-sourced all the jobs to China.Here in the U.S.A. it is reported by use of the 2010 census report we all filled out says that 50% here in the U.S., of the people are low income to poor..50%, in the so called richest country in the world?People starving on the streets, living on the streets, of America. You already saw what they did to the housing market. Who do you think that benefited? THE ROMNEYS OF THE WORLD.
    Aren’t you people getting a little tired of getting defecated on?
    People you need to also ask yourself what with Obama signing the NDAA, Romney seems that he’ll have a good time locking people up and throwing away the key.After all, HE LIKE TO FIRE PEOPLE. Yeah he’ll fire us all off to the FEMA Camps.But really does America exist anymore. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights defined us as Americans. So think now, what with the NDAA they did away with America.Just by SUSPICION,of the vague definition of TERRORIST, the military can and will pick you up and detain you indifferently with no lawyer, no trial,no real charge, and they can even torture and assassinate you, and it’s all legal.
    Georgia Guide Stones first commandment is there shall be no more than 500 MILLION people on the PLANET.Can you say, “Kiss your ass good-bye?” Check all I’ve written, not a conspiracy theory…FACT! Look it up..you owe it to your family.

  2. LisaJohnson January 12, 2012

    So, what is Newt’s end-game in all of this? Does he think this will make him the top candidate? Or is he just that ticked off at Romney that he’s hell bent on destroying him? I don’t like either Romney or Gingrich and believe they would both destroy anyone who gets in their way of attaining what they want. However, the dirt slinging is not a good tactic or strategy to employ either (IMHO).

  3. tailback34 January 12, 2012

    Kymyah – seriously ? First of all Romney and Obama are polar opposites when it comes to serving Wall Street and Corporate America. Romney has already said he would repeal the Wall Street regulations that Obama signed into law, and he would also defund the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which Democrats and the Obama administration created to protect consumers from greedy banks/financial institutions. Obama wasn’t born into a rich family like the Republican candidates were, he worked hard to get scholarships so he could get an education. He wasn’t born into privilege like most politicians these days, he can actually relate to the average American. It is the Republican party who are doing everything in their power to prevent the economy from recovering for political reasons. Republicans have shown they have no problem with making the poor/middle class suffer in order to give the rich tax breaks. Tax cuts have to be paid for, and it’s the 99% who end up paying for the tax breaks for the 1%. Also, anyone who wants to see the real power in the Republican party should check out ALECexposed.org. You will see that we no longer have a democracy, we have a country controlled by corporations and the super rich.

  4. GaryDuell January 12, 2012

    As always, Newt doesn’t really care if he wins or not. He’s in it for the power and the money and this is a chance to regain some celebrity so he can charge ludicrous fees to speak in front of groups masochistic enough to invite him, write a few vapid books & maybe score some even younger arm candy.
    There are few more repugnant human beings in the public spotlight than Newt.

  5. dpaano January 12, 2012

    Kymyah: Who do you suggest we vote for? If you don’t like President Obama, and you obviously don’t like Romney OR Newt….who would you suggest the people vote for? As long as we have lobbyists and the Supreme Court calls corporations “People” and allows them to give unlimited funds to Super Pacs…we will NEVER have a government that is for the people, of the people, or by the people!! As for President Obama, I have to agree with Tailback above….totally!!

  6. in.the.flood.zone January 13, 2012

    Is this where the snake begins eating its own tail? For you students of political attack rhetoric, note how Newt takes things out of context and spin them to create certain erroneous impressions. “Who let the dogs out?” was a perfectly fine statement about a bunch of dogs we can hear barking in the background. Just because Romney is posing with a group of black children, does not make that a racist statement except in the minds of racists, who think it is. In other words, this is what a racist thinks a racist statement sounds like.
    As for “small varmints,” that’s a term used all over the West and some places in the East. What’s unusual about that, except that Newt wants us to think it is.
    This is textbook stuff. It’s been done before, most notably by FOX News last year. That one of their own is taking out his frustration on his own kind isn’t even different. Next thing you know, he’ll be complaining about Discrimination Against Newt…

  7. merman January 16, 2012

    Great video. Of course anyone can take excerpts of statements and film clips and turn the meaning of what a person said around 180 degrees. Yet even though this video reflects some of that, it also captures the essence of the man Romney, much like G.W. Bush, who, in his gaffes and freudian slips, shows himself as nothing more than a puppet for the extremely rich and powerful – who takes their money in exchange for making sure their agendas for consolidating more power and money gets voted in.

    What is even more ironic is that Newt is even more of a puppet than Romney to a separate group of Washington DC lobbyists who do bidding from a separate but very similar group of extremely rich and powerful players expecting to get their own personal agendas advanced in exchange for big personal $$$$ payoffs.

    Both Newt and Mitt take vanity, greed and corruption to extremes, although Newt is so in love with having himself the center of attention, he’ll do or say anything to get pubilicity even if it results in a loss of credibility with voters, and even if the attacks cause his fellow Republican candidates to lose votes also.

    If Newt was running against himself he could and would find equal fodder from his own soundbites and film clips to assemble an similar kamikaze attack to make himself appear equally out of touch, contradictory, and a loser in the eyes of the voters.


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